January 27

Jesus died for us! But he got better.

I have never understood why Jesus' ressurection was as big a deal as everyone assumes. Yes, he suffered on the cross, but many people endure worse daily. Yes he died, as people also do; but he came back to life, and knew he would. Enduring a humiliating and painful surgery under general anesthesia is about comparable. Why is this all that was needed to save humanity from "sin"? [more inside]
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Cardamom, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Allspice should also be a folk song

I have this sense that spices like cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon and allspice have something in common in terms of how they taste and I'm wondering if there's any chemical or biochemical similarity between them that might go part of the way towards explaining that affinity. [more inside]
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If I do a factory reset of a PS4 will I lose Apex Legends data?

My son's PS4 only boots up in safe mode currently. If we do a factory reset and he loses his progress in Apex Legends, it would be very very bad. He's level 170 or so currently. It seems like all of the progress is stored on the cloud in his account, not on the individual console. But since I can't get boot up normally and save his progress I'm nervous. Help!
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What are some piano songs that are more evocative than complex?

My wife likes to play piano to relax. It is satisfying for her when she gets it right, but it's not primarily a technical exercise for her; she hasn't had (piano) lessons and it's not mostly about the challenge. The main criterion is that it's pretty and relaxing. So, for example, the first movement of Moonlight Sonata = very yes! Third movement, no. She also likes the Emperor Concerto. What else should she play? [more inside]
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How is a new virus identified?

So there is a bunch of news about the novel coronavirus and it got me wondering. How do doctors (scientists?) identify a new sickness? Like wouldn't they just assume that it is the flu or something?
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Instant pot brown rice cooking time confusion

My brown rice package says it takes 25 minutes to cook conventionally, but most brown rice is supposed to take 40-60 minutes. I'm cooking it in an instant pot. I'm concerned about overcooking it, and wonder if I should reduce the cook time. [more inside]
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Looking for a long lost short comedy on HBO maybe the late 70's?

Back when HBO was a baby service I saw a short comedy about an ATM that talked and questioned the person's use of his funds. The voice implied it was in communication with another ATM and fact checked the man as to HIS use of the funds. Ended up by stealing the man's watch and offering it to the next user instead of funds.
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How to clean the woodstove after a visit from a squirrel?

A squirrel fell down the chimney and into my woodstove. We caught and released it. Now I'm wondering if we have to do anything to clean the woodstove (is squirrel poop dangerous? not that I see any, but it was in there for two days) or if just the cleansing action of fire is sufficient.
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Looking for a '70s-era futurist documentary

I'm racking my brain trying to come up with the name of a documentary, I believe from the '70s although it could have been from the early '80s, in which futurists were asked for their predictions. I remember them saying that the most valuable assets in the future would be drugs (in the sense of performance-enhancing, I think) and information. It's not Future Shock. [more inside]
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Ain't no rule about a dog playing soccer

I'm looking for a good soccer ball for my dog, do you have a recommendation? [more inside]
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CycleFilter: Any advise on riding Way of the Roses this summer?

I'm planning to ride the Way of the Roses in the UK this summer to commemorate my 50th birthday (or, at least, I'm using that as an excuse). It occurs to me someone in this community may have done this, or something like it, so here I am. [more inside]
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Please help me get online! What modem should I buy?

We're moving and we're going to be taking our Comcast Xfinity internet with us. Currently we have a fiberoptic connection at our apartment (we're forced to rent the equipment from Comcast). However we're going to be switching to a more normal modem/router set-up. Please help me choose! [more inside]
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Miami transportation on Super Bowl Sunday?

6 months ago I booked a flight and a hotel to go to Miami, and now I find out I'm landing in the middle of Super Bowl Sunday. How can I get from the airport to my hotel? [more inside]
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Beating myself unnecessarily? A 20 year old feud reignited

Me and my best friend's friendship was abruptly ended by her when we were eighteen (17 years ago!), because of what she saw as a betrayal of trust but what I saw as a potential lifesaving act (talking to her mum after she had told me she had tried to commit suicide several times, and also - crucially - that her mum knew about this, amongst other disturbing things which led me to feel, rightly or wrongly, that she was in immediate danger). She then badmouthed me to our mutual friends, saying she had never really been my friend, hated me, wanted me to have a terrible life, that I was selfish, made everything about me etc. It took me about ten years to really get over this, as she was very dear to me, and then she got in touch when my dad died three years ago to say she was sorry about that and did I want to reconnect. I (respectfully) told her that now wasn't a good time, and that her dumping me had really hurt me and that I thought it was too emotionally intense time to open things up again. She responded with.....well, a hell of a lot of vitriol, and it's continuing, and I'm worried that some of it is true and I really am this awful attention seeking, selfish person. Please help me sort through this, or at least cope with being attacked like this. I guess my biggest concern is that I'm a 35 year old woman, having her day ruined - and confidence undermined - by messages from someone who essentially seems to be as angry as she was when our friendship broke up about 17 years ago. I don't have to allow this to affect me so much, do I? [more inside]
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How to manage a reading list for multiple libraries?

I have Overdrive from 3 libraries, Hoopla Digital from 2 libraries, and I guess I could have Libby from them as well if I wanted. I'm tired of checking all of these places for books, audiobooks, and comics. I also don't like that my wish list basically lives in one library and not the others. Is there a way to better manage all of this? A justwatch.com for books? [more inside]
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Fell and hurt both feet. Do I get an x-ray today?

I really screwed up this morning and fell while taking my bike down the stairs. My right ankle and my left foot are both swollen. I've been icing them for an hour, but now I'm a bit concerned I might have broken something in my left foot. What do I do? I'm in Hawaii. [more inside]
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Help non-profit hone their technology beacon

I'm a member of a modest-sized organization that's looking for ways to organize and expand its public outreach through effective use of technology. [more inside]
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Can or should I still negotiate?

Interview coming up and I finished round one. I’m super excited about the job except for the pay, and wondering if it’s reasonable to negotiate in this situation. [more inside]
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More games like this

I really enjoy the text-based "logic puzzles" on Sporcle (e.g. Carmen Sandiago puzzle). There's only a handful of them on Sporcle. Googling "logic puzzle" yields different logic games, not the specific type I'm looking for. Do these have another name I could search for?
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Record vinyl records from non-USB turntable to computer USB

I have a 50-year old Luxman turntable and Luxman receiver/amplifier. They have all sorts of RCA-type in and out holes in the back and they are connected to each other with no problem. My newer computer (like this: https://store.hp.com/CanadaStore/Merch/Product.aspx?id=3LC32AA&opt=ABL&sel=DTP) has almost nothing -- three USB ports and an earphone-out port. I want to record some vinyl. When my older computer had all the sound card doodads on the back, I could do it. That was years ago. [more inside]
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Looking for a searchable calendar app for android

I need to be able to search my calendar to see a list of when I've say, serviced the car or what x-rays I've had done at the last 2 dental appointments. [more inside]
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Maybe a modern alt-weekly?

What are the best ways to learn about local live performances nowadays? [more inside]
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SFO: Luggage Cart Cost

I'll be departing SFO. I can't find the answer on official sites. Unofficially, it's $5, payable by cash or debit card. Is that true in 2020?
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Accidentally glazed the bathtub

So I’ve accidentally transferred the glaze from a Corelle bowl to my bathtub (with fire). How can I remove it without damaging the tub? [more inside]
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Legalfilter: What's the legal status of non-laundered illegal money?

I'm curious if there is a legal state of non-laundered money that gets put into a depository institution? Now that cannabis is decriminalized on the left coast, if a cannabis company gets an account at a credit union and puts the money into the institution, those funds are derived from illegal activities. When they pay PG&E on their electric bill, is the money that PG&E has in their account illegal? [more inside]
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I don't normally look like this...

I have an opportunity to get a headshot done. But I have a hair color right now that isn't my usual. Should I do it or not? [more inside]
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Fort-hopping without a car?

I’d like to visit Fort Ticonderoga and Fort William Henry sometime in May or June. I’m coming from NYC but I don’t have a car. Getting to Ticonderoga seems easy enough on Amtrak, but getting between Lake George and Ticonderoga, other than by Lyft/Uber (yikes!!), is proving trickier. Has anyone tried this before? I’d really like to do both in one trip if possible.
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Can I order a shelf cut-to-size online. For Canada

I want to order a shelf (as in a piece of somewhat finished wood-like or not-too-plasticy-plastic) cut to size. Is there somewhere that does that? MDF, laminate, etc. fine. Size is probably 11" wide and about 23" long, so nothing crazy. I know I could go to home depot, but I think they only cut length (not width) and also I would have to go and carry the shelves back, etc. ugh.
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Moving Fiancée's Stuff Across Canada US Border

My fiancée and common-law wife is a UK-Canadian dual citizen. I'm a Canadian citizen. She's contracted to work as a theater actor in NYC for 14months under a P-2 visa. We've already moved the bare essentials by plane. I plan on driving down several bins of her stuff to her from Toronto a couple weeks from now. This includes lots of clothing, home wares, bags etc. How do I minimize friction at the border? [more inside]
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OK Boomer needs a new smart phone thingie

Help a smart phone Luddite in finding the right smart phone and plan. [more inside]
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Hypnosis for Fruit/Vegetable Preference

Would hypnosis, which has been studied and shown to occasionally work to get people to get past mental blocks to stop smoking or engaging in maladaptive behaviors, work for me? I have some learned-really-young behaviors around aversion to fruits and vegetables that I'm still struggling with in my late 30's and growing increasingly concerned for my long-term health. [more inside]
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Workshop activities for navigating "midlife crisis"

Have you experienced a "midlife crisis"? Did you find some type of group retreat/workshop/course that was helpful? [more inside]
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How was I still able to hear?

I have a dumb and kind of gross question involving ear wax and hearing. To save you all from the horror I will keep most of it below the fold. [more inside]
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Make my chicken interesting.

I'm trying to modify my diet to low carb/high protein, and for various boring reasons my protein sources are essentially chicken and eggs. I've been having the eggs in boiled and omelet forms, and chicken (boneless) usually marinated in lemon juice/garlic/pepper/oregano. I like these versions, but I can tell boredom is around the corner. Can you suggest nice non-oven cooking styles for chicken and/or eggs that are healthy and not too complicated? Thanks in advance!
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Evaluating train noise (decibel measuring device?)

How can we know how much louder and more frequent train horns will be if we move closer to a train crossing? We've spoken to a neighbor, but I wish for something less subjective. [more inside]
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Let me in the house!

I am fascinated by pictures and descriptions of what people have in their house. I loved the UCLA study and book and the pictures of people outside their house with all of their stuff. Can you send me more like that? [more inside]
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What does Apple do with stolen devices?

I ordered a new iPad Pro — think $900 - to my work address, on a corporate (education) account. It was stolen during the last phase of delivery. Apple sent me a new one. What can or will they do — if anything — to the stolen one? Details below the fold. [more inside]
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dump it and forget about it recipes

I am seeking your favourite, single-step, 'dump it all into a pot' recipes along the lines of Marcella Hazan's famous tomato sauce. [more inside]
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January 26

Despotic Leadership Game Plan

Has there ever been a study or a report (by someone like the Rand Corporation) that explains how a despotic American presidential administration would or could gradually move the US toward martial law. Or, second best, has there been a fiction novel that treated the same topic?
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Attractive form web app that allows for file uploads by users?

I am looking to make a website for a research project that would have something like a simple landing page, contact page, and a page that is essentially a form for uploading a file among with some other optional fields that the study participant can fill out. I have coding experience but no relevant experience with contemporary web development stuff, so building something from scratch is out of the picture. Something like Typeform might be perfect, but they only allow 10MB file uploads, even when the uploads go to your personal Dropbox. Darn. The files my study participants are uploading will be around 20-25MB each. [more inside]
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What do I need to know to get my employer to offer daycare benefits?

I'm pushing my employer to offer daycare subsidies for parents, and I've told HR that I'll do some research myself. What do I need to know? [more inside]
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My new 15W bulb doesn't put out as much heat as my old 15W bulb

I have a nightlight that has a little pan on top, where I put scented wax... nuggets... to melt, and they make my bathroom smell nice. The bulb in the nightlight blew out. The bulb has "15W" stamped on it, so I went online and bought more 15W bulbs. Now the wax doesn't really melt correctly, it is technically a liquid but is opaque and flaky looking, and the smell doesn't really come off of it the way it used to. What are my options here? Are there multiple types of 15W bulbs? [more inside]
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Where in DC can I get this specific style of Afghan/Pakistani kabobs?

I used to be able to find spicy Afghan kabobs when visiting DC but for the past few years I've only been able to find their milder cousins. Where should I try the next time I'm in the area? [more inside]
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What's a good music library for a good price?

So I make little videos for digital only, mainly for myself. I was using a service called Audioblocks for like 50 bucks a year. But I didn't love their music selection so I stopped. Then I started using free music sites but it's really hit or miss. Is there some library that you love that doesn't cost a ton?
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"Concierge" freight packing - Atlanta?

I want to buy ~500lbs of gear on eBay – but it's local pickup only near Atlanta, GA. Is there a service that will pack a pallet for freight pickup? The items range from 40lb - 140lb, and would almost certainly require two people to safely lift, secure and cushion for shipping. Does this service exist?
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Does my kid need occupational therapy?

My five-year-old is a little inflexible and a lot shy with her peers. Her other parent thinks this means she needs occupational therapy services. I do not. I’d like some informed feedback about who’s right. [more inside]
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Myy cellphone was compromised

My Samsung S7 phone (provider Consumer Cellular) was hacked/compromised/spoofed last night when a friend received two text messages subject "Help" and "SOS" with a nvg photo of me and a nvg Google map. She called the cops who came to my front door at 1.30 am to find all well, Confusion all round ensued. I have changed my Google password although I have had two step security for two years or more, so how has this happened and what further steps can I take to prevent this happening again?
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Radial Neck Fracture, surgery or no surgery?

I fell and got an acute fracture of the radial neck. Does it need surgery? Please share your insight and experience if you’ve undergone this fracture. Details below. [more inside]
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On a scale of A+ to F, how American is "spirit week"?

To what degree are the concepts of "school spirit" and "spirit week" localized to US schools and colleges (elementary to undergrad)? Why is that the case if so, and how did that came to be? Or can anyone outside of the US speak to their experiences of this concept? [more inside]
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State of the art for photo albums

I finally finished a long-term home project of organizing thousands of loose photos from the pre-digital era. I now have them all sorted by year taken, and now plan to edit them down as I decide which are worth going into an album. I haven't bought a photo album in 20+ years. 4 X 6 sleeves, vs. magnetic sticky pages? "Photo album" vs. generic three ring binder with 3-ring inserts? If I use pocket inserts I'd like to be able to have both portrait and landscape photos orientated correctly. Is that even possible? If you have opinions or links to products that have worked well for you please share.
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Concerns about grad school professor

I just started a part-time certificate/master's program for analytics. It meets once a week on Thursday nights because we all work. The professor hasn't posted anything for the coming class and it's been half the week... help! [more inside]
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Elderly Parents, Failing Health (or is it)? What to do?

While my elderly mother's (82) marriage has always revolved around her husband's (86) various "illnesses," there has been increased concern about the decisions she is reporting (refusal to take meds, refusal to see doctors). No offspring live nearby, and we are unsure how any of us help when mom is actively refusing any assistance, as she always has. We also don't know how real any of these illnesses are. [more inside]
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Film: Woman taking tickets at porn theatre goes into world pursuing man

Anybody recall a film where the premise is: Woman taking tickets at porn theatre goes into world pursuing man
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Please recomend a product that will lessen my potential nasal congestion

Can anyone recommend me a good product I could use long term? The only requirements I have for it would be that I'm in the UK and the product needs to have not been tested on animals (more inside). [more inside]
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Math Problem Please Hep!

I would dearly love an answer to this math question, but I'm far too mathematically ignorant to figure it out. [more inside]
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Do the Right Thing

There are things I regret. How do I do better and notice my blind spots? [more inside]
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Bipolar teenage son at home daycare

My two year old has been at a wonderful home daycare for the last 6 months. But the owner has told me that her 16 year old son will be moving home from boarding school and that he is bipolar and ADHD. Yikes. How concerned would you be? [more inside]
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Enlarge fonts in easus mobimover?

I installed easus mobimover on my Win10 PC so we could transfer files to my daughter's iPhone. It works fine, but the fonts in the interface on the PC are nearly microscopic. I know I can use Magnifier to increase the size of everything in all windows, but I find that annoying. Is there a way to increase the size of fonts in just the mobimover interface?
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Shipping china from the US to Ireland

I need to ship 15 pounds of breakable china from the US to Ireland. What mailing service should I use, and what box should I buy to pack it into? [more inside]
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Keep Win 7 computer off internet, but available to Win 10 computer

Rather than upgrade my Win 7 PC (which had programs and hardware I figured would break) I bought a new Win 10 machine, and a KVM switch so I could work with both. How can I keep the Win 7 machine off the internet but available over the network to the Win 10 machine? [more inside]
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