December 15

Things That Were Demonstrated

You know how in the old days people would demonstrate their new inventions or technologies (like Galvani "reanimating" dead frogs or Edison's electricity experiments )? For poetry research, I want to find out other things that were famously demonstrated. I think I am set with ones related to electricity, but anything else would be awesome.
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New or obscure mystery novels set outside the U.S. and UK

Hi, I'm finishing up shopping for my wife and I'd like to get her a really good mystery novel. That's the type of book she seems to enjoy reading most. In the past, she's particularly enjoyed novels set outside of the U.S. and UK (tons of Scandinavian stuff, but also books set in many other countries), but she's read so many of them that I'm having trouble finding something for her this year. So, can you suggest something that is obscure or new?
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Like Metafilter for Instagram -- Seeking Niche Social Media Feeds

Simply asking the hivemind to share any standout niche social media accounts (Current preference to Instagram) that provide well curated content. Realms accepted: ALL++ arts, diy, natural history, craft production, science, mindfulness, intersectional feminism, critical theory, funny stuff, construction, yoyos, jump rope, annnnnd the list goes on and on. Similar to this askme about Artsy Beautiful Interesting Facebook Pages to Follow
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Please give me ideas for a good Secret Santa gift for a vegan?

My secret Santa recipient at work is a vegan and I'm thinking I'll give them some good spices and other things for a gift. What would you recommend? I'm in Brisbane, Australia.
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What is the best way to read James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake?

What is the best way to read James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake? [more inside]
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Please share your knowledge on cryptocurrencies

I want to get into trading cryptocurrency in a small hobbyish way. I'm looking for your recommendations on what to read, who to follow on twitter, advice on good currency exchanges, storage options, and anything else you think my help me get up to speed.
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Everyday formulae

I'm reading that chapter in Daniel Kahneman's 'Thinking, Fast and Slow' about the surprising accuracy of equally weighted formulas. Looking for more examples. [more inside]
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December 14

Gift ideas for soccer-crazed teen boys?

Looking for gift ideas for two pre-teen nephews who eat, sleep and breathe soccer... preferably under $20 each. [more inside]
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Does this sofa exist outside of pinterest?

I saw a pic of the perfect full/queen sofabed on wheels. But google image search leads to pinterest and spammy websites. Where else can I look, in order to buy? Here's a pinned image
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What font(s) does Craigslist use?

There seems to be at least two different ones - one sans serif, one serif. Is the sans serif arial? What's the serif font? I'm displaying it on Chrome, on Windows, if it matters. What font sizes does it typically render as?
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Clever wine & literature pun here

Can you tell me the names of wineries in famous works of literature? [more inside]
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Resources for copying Japanese line drawings or patterns.

A client gave me a gorgeous leather-bound blank book as a present. Oh, I love it! I already have a dandy drawing pencil, so I want to draw in this book, not journalize. [more inside]
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Artificial rose garlands in Portland, OR?

Friend's wedding is coming up pretty quick and they want a few more garlands (~5 ft) for decoration. The original style they bought off Amazon is out of stock. There are others available there now, which might be the route they go -- but is there anywhere in the Portland metro area that would carry this kind of thing? We checked the big craft stores but everyone's in holiday stock mode.
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Desperately Seeking URC-1160 (Sorry, Susan)

My Spectrum (formerly TWC) cable box works via RF with a particular remote that comes with it in some areas. Not mine. I've got the IR remote and need the other sort. Can't find it on Amazon or eBay... [more inside]
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Help for a month without added sugar.

I’d like to try and go without added sugar for the month of January. I love all sweet things. If you’ve done this (or not), can you give me some guidance? [more inside]
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Parenting a new puppy without buying all the things?

Mefites with puppy-raising experience, what’s the critical short-list of must-haves for parenting a new puppy? What can I skip buying as just consumerist clutter? What do I need on day 1 vs. can wait and see? [more inside]
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replacing bottom of cabinet under kitchen sink due to water damage

How should I fix the bottom of a cabinet under the kitchen sink that's got water damage? [more inside]
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RegEx Help - Domain, Subdomain, Rest of String

I need the help of a regex wizard. I'm close, but not all the way there. [more inside]
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Help my brain please

People with good project management/calendaring/planning skills: can you hope me? I need to move my parents from a large house to a small apartment and would like to create a calendar, start calling moving people, etc... [more inside]
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Heated vest for cycling?

I'm a devoted year-round winter cyclist in Boston, and as it's getting colder, I'm evaluating my cycling options. Have any of you tried heated (battery powered) vests? [more inside]
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Absurd Photoshop Website/Book

Looking for a website/book featuring a guy's photoshop creations, which included bizarre food, strange books, animals (Birds with hats?), maybe smut, presented in a slick, high-end style? The image manipulation was very well done. The project may have been called something like FOO Corp. or something? I believe it was just one fellow, it wasn't SA goons or Paperback Paradise. It probably was featured on the Blue, and I am very annoyed with myself for not being able to find it.
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Firefox addon - discourage visits to twitter/reddit etc

I use an addon in Chrome to limit the time I can use Twitter, Reddit, etc (even metafilter , gasp) . I'd like something similar for Firefox. [more inside]
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Prime rib to go, please.

My relative naivete with meat is on full display here. I am flummoxed on the best way to procure beef for Christmas dinner. [more inside]
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Help Me Move: ADHD Version

I am leaving my apartment in a week. There is clutter everywhere. Complicating factors: ADHD (which means limited focus), no car, work deadlines, limited storage. Help me prioritise and/or figure out a method for keeping my sanity. [more inside]
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NYC ACA signup

In NYC, need to sign up for ACA Insurance plan today. I’m out of spoons (tired, pain, anxious, ashamed). The library I was going to go to (thompkins square park branch) doesn’t have someone coming in today (when I called this morning at 11 they said the person would be in at 2, that person is unable to go in today). I’m locked out of the online portal. Who should I go see? [more inside]
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Edinburgh on Christmas

My wife and I will be stopping over in Edinburgh for one day, which happens to be Christmas. We're excited to see the city, but we don't celebrate Christmas, and we're concerned that everything will be closed. Any suggestions of things to do, and practical concerns of which we should be aware? [more inside]
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Help Me Create My Southwest Road Trip Itinerary!

I'm planning a road trip through the american southwest for the last week of March 2018. I would love some input in making my intinerary! Details inside. [more inside]
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High maintenance?

Am I being too much in this dating situation, or is this as annoying as I think? [more inside]
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Searching for an obscure MLK photo

Are you good at searching for historical images or searching Getty Images using non-obvious terms? I'm trying to find a high-quality copy of the photo on the left side of this image about Martin Luther King, which is just credited "" (and Getty bought Corbis). Here's another low-quality copy of it (my photo of the airport display where I first saw this photo, but I haven't found out yet who designed the display). Based on Bernice's apparent age here and her early-1963 birth, photo's date is probably 1966?
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Why do I start to feel sick when I read medical information?

I am interested in learning more about a couple of medical conditions that I may have, but I keep getting light-headed and feeling a bit sick or nauseated when I read about them; I have to stop reading. Can anything be done to reduce the effect? [more inside]
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Marriage and Family Therapy and/or Nursing or Massagy Therapy advice

Needing help...! Single mom here. 6 months away from graduating with my masters in marriage and family therapy, thought that I would be done with school forever after that but suddenly I'm getting this restless feeling that this may not be enough! [more inside]
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New 1099 Consultant and writing off for taxes in the current year?

New 1099 employee, and cannot figure out if it matters that it will be less than a month when I try to write off expenses for 2017 [More Inside] [more inside]
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Are offshore or Swiss accounts a real thing?

Partner and I have modest assets we want to protect from the possibility of either of us experiencing an illness/medical condition that would destroy a reasonable retirement for the other. [more inside]
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So much lint on my wool coat!

I have a lovely new black wool coat. It has a very soft hand and consequently takes souvenirs in the form of lint from just about every other fabric it encounters. It's driving me nuts. [more inside]
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Broken Arm, PED-MVA, irritated by well-meaning 'lawyer up' advice

I was hit in as a pedestrian in a crosswalk recently by an (apparently!) inattentive driver. Online or in person, about 30% of the well-intended remarks by people whi hear this news either congratulate me on an aticipated settlement or advise me to get a lawyer. My medical insurance is excellent, and I do not expect to pay a penny. I hate lawyers and while I understand they are needed in certain situations, can't see how this is one. I'm not missing work or permanently disabled, and feel more anger at this set of well-intended advice interactions than the driver. What the hell? Do rhey live in a different culture than me? How can I get them to shut the fuck up? Additionally, are they right? Like, a million bucks is worth two days hanging out with lawyers. Five grand ain't.
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How to improve gender balance at outreach activity for children

My colleague is running a computer science outreach event at a science fair. Any tips on how to increase participation amongst girls? [more inside]
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Looking for mysteries involving the stuff found on mountains

I'm looking for mysteries that AREN'T murders that involve stuff found on, are a part of or even involve the whole mountain itself. Like "okay that's random. What's THAT doing on this mountain?" "No idea." Or "why did THAT form that way? No? No idea either? Okay." Ideally still unsolved.
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Qutting smoking

How did you quit smoking cigarettes successfully, and for good? [more inside]
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Why are people using me as their Gmail recovery address?

Several times a week for the past few months, people have created Gmail accounts and chosen my Gmail as their recovery address. I then get security alert emails that someone is trying to log into their account, as well as password reset emails. Is this some sort of attack vector for breaking into my account? I unlink the accounts when possible, but there doesn't seem to be a way to see all linked accounts for my Gmail.
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YANourD, Workplace Air Quality (?) Edition

Two weeks ago my boss started feeling nauseous while in our shared office, but the symptoms would let up when she went outside. Two days ago, a number of people (me included) started feeling weird, and today it got really bad. Someone is coming in to test the air tomorrow, ops is putting workstations for some of us in a different room, and HR told me to go to Urgent Care if I start feeling sick again. What's going on? [more inside]
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Help me devise a recipe for sugar free marzipan

I have ground almonds, almond flour and almond essence. I do not want to use any sweeteners. Any suggestions? [more inside]
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December 13

Internet Service in Manhattan, or, Ethical Consumption under Capitalism?

I just moved to a new apartment in Manhattan and, like many other normal human beans in this city, I would like to set up internet service. But, a moral question has me stalled on which ISP to pick! Special snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Oculus Rift with a low-spec graphics card

So our office has won a brand new Oculus Rift. Unfortunately, the best graphics card we have isn’t on the list of minimum requirements. What we have a is a GeForce GTX 960A. All we really want to do is watch safe-for-work VR movies or apps, play around with this thing and see what all the fuss is about. We can spend a little money on software if that’ll help, but we can’t upgrade the computers we have, nor can we donate, sell, or take home the Oculus. [more inside]
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Examples of movies (or tv shows) that deconstruct a genre

Last night while watching Logan for the first time I reflected that it reminded me of other movies that subverted and deconstructed the genre they ostensibly belong do, such as Chinatown, Frozen, Scream, and Unforgiven. This sort of thing really appeals to me, particularly if the deconstruction is cynical or fatalistic, or you get the sense in the end that watching any other movie from "genre X" is a waste of time until the genre is reinvented. Got any other examples? (vague and minor spoilers for Logan inside) [more inside]
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iOS bluetooth podcast audio tech support question

Sometimes when I press the play button on my bluetooth headphones, my iPhone launches iTunes and plays random music at me, and that is not what I want! [more inside]
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Looking for a mental health counselor that takes Medicaid insurance

Finding a therapist is already a challenge. But fortunately, I have done pretty well with the search function on Psychology today in the past. In the past, I worked with therapists that helped me reframe an issue and get to action. However, it seems like no one takes Maryland Medicaid. I did find two, and they were really bad. I actually felt worst and more frustrated after seeing them. They seemed not to listen. I lost my job, and I think to go to counseling could really help with the ups and down. I want to give up in finding a counselor, it is so hard, and even my primary dr is no help. It would be AMAZING if anyone has a recommendation for a therapist that takes Maryland Medicaid. I like CBT and mindfulness modalities. thanks so much
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How do I regain control when I feel like my body is failing me?

I am 11 weeks pregnant and I feel like absolute shit. I need to deal with the nausea and exhaustion without loosing my fucking mind because I am close. [more inside]
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How to extract just the cereal?

Best practices for separating the remaining cereal from the dust that collects at the bottom of the bag? [more inside]
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Metal detector for a 9-year-old

My kid wants a metal detector for Christmas. The prices range widely. Does anyone with greater familiarity with this have some suggestions? [more inside]
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ELI5 Credit Card Interest

Please explain credit card interest to me like I am five years old. [more inside]
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Best *soft* insoles?

I need some soft insoles to put in my ice skates, because the bottoms of my feet are killing me when I skate. I've tried "sport gel" and I've tried Superfeet's skate-specific model, but neither of those actually feel soft underfoot and they're not helping. Recommendations? [more inside]
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Online options for buying nightguards

I'm in need of a new nightguard after chewing through my old one and rather than paying my dentist's exorbitant price again, I was wondering if anyone has had success with one of those online companies that make it for you. Would love some recommendations if you have. Thanks!
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Space Heater Recommendation?

I'm fortunate enough to work from home these days, but my home office is not terribly warm and, since I'm in an old apartment building, I don't have access to the heat controls myself. I'm looking for recommendations for a good space heater to heat a room that's about 110ft square with 9ish-foot ceilings. [more inside]
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How can I find a nurse to deliver an injection around Santa Monica?

Several months ago I started taking a delayed release psychiatric medication that's delivered via an injection every 4 weeks. The first several injections were arranged by the facilities I was in at the time; then I was in New Orleans for three months, where I had a fairly easy time arranging to receive them at a community clinic. Now I'm back in Santa Monica, CA, and not having such an easy time finding a means for this. Where should I turn? [more inside]
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Building Ident: What/Where is this building?

I would like to know the name, location, and purpose of this building (and whether it is extant). I acquired this photo in a large set. Most of the photos were from the Toledo, Ohio area, but I have no indication whether this is true for this particular photo or not. I would love a contemporary photo of this building in exchange for bonus internet points. This seems like a long shot, but you guys have done more with less. I scanned this photo myself. The back has no additional information.
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Being pregnant while fat

In this, my second pregnancy, I am starting off about 40 pounds heavier than I was with my first. I have questions. [more inside]
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Where should I ride my bike next?

I'm looking for a new long-distance organized group ride in 2018. I've enjoyed both RAGBRAI in Iowa and The Bon Ton Roulet in the Finger Lakes, but I'm interested in other destinations. Can you recommend another tour? [more inside]
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Public librarian seeks statistics input

What information and statistical tests do I use to find out if moving biographies to their own special display actually increased their popularity? I want to take a rigorous approach that includes confidence levels. [more inside]
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Police probably lost accident report after an accident

A friend of mine was in an accident last week, and it was bad enough that he was taken away in an ambulance and his car was totaled. The police arrived on scene and supposedly took down the report, but the police have been "searching" for the report since then. What's their next step here? [more inside]
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Loose Oven Insulation

Yesterday I turned on my wall oven, and a bunch of fuzzy stuff started blowing out from the underside. There's a sort of vent on the bottom there and when I got down on the floor and peered inside I found a big chunk of loose insulation material. Googling this leads to many results about mice or rat infestations. I have no idea how to proceed. [more inside]
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