December 2

What movie features a long, long line of traffic accidents?

I think the action takes place in the l960s. There’s first a banquet at a long table, with lots of conversation. Later, the dinner party take a walk along a road with a seemingly endless line of wrecked cars. The movie is either French or Italian. Please put me out of my misery trying to remember the name of it!
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What's your Check Please hand signal, and what does it signify?

I was just out with for lunch with a friend at a busy place and did my usual eye-contact-hand-signal request to clear out to the passing server, and that turned into a conversation about what, exactly, that hand signal actually means in like semantic terms. [more inside]
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What is this song reminding me of?

The title track of Beach House's Once Twice Melody, about 30 seconds in. The synth arpeggio reminds me of something so much that I thought it was that song playing. [more inside]
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"Jewish lizard DNA" has been debunked but I can't find a source

There's a story and a video of a man saying he sent "lizard DNA" to 23andMe, and got results saying the lizard was 50% Jewish. Naturally, every antisemite in the universe reblogged it. I know I saw something that said it was debunked, but I can't find a single source for that (not even snopes has it). Can anyone point me in the right direction? [more inside]
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Vegan Latkes

We would like to include vegan relatives in our latkepalooza this year. Anyone tried them with success and want to share the recipe or process? [more inside]
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Travel Tips for Latvia and Lithuania

What would you tell a first-time Baltic traveler about Latvia and Lithuania? [more inside]
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Remodel 101

We have owned our 1913 era home for more than 25 years. We need to pretty urgently completely gut and remodel the only full bath in the house. I don't know where to start. Help. [more inside]
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Learning how to use OpenRefine

I'm learning how to use OpenRefine and would love your suggestions on videos, courses, or other tools that you've found helpful. Thanks!
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Please be gentle in consideration of the context.

I find call-outs deeply triggering of a long trauma history and they activate so much shame that I can barely even absorb whatever was the subject of correction. Please help me address this without retraumatizing myself. [more inside]
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Which language should I learn first?

I have three languages I would like to learn in the coming years. Which should I prioritise/which order could potentially benefit me the most? [more inside]
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Wrong address on deed in trust

My parents established a trust, and the deed listing their home has the wrong address. The attorney says this isn’t an issue, but is it? YANML - more details inside [more inside]
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Can someone create a mnemonic for a series of letters?

I need to remember these letters in order: d i m e s e p d s d l a h h b. If anyone is feeling clever, can you come up with a mnemonic phrase/sentence to help me remember them? [more inside]
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Your favorite toys from the 80s/90s?

Trying to stir up some nostalgia and revisit some toys from my childhood in the 80s/90s. I have thought of a few and was delighted that they are even able to be found on Amazon, like this penguin slide toy, this fiber optic light wand, and this pin hand mold thingy that was all the rage. Any other fun suggestions/memories?
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Best way to quickly write a cover letter with least amount of effort?

I have a great cover letter layout, and I know how to write a cover letter, but how do I write one that is as much of a copy/paste quickly repeatable formula as possible? [more inside]
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How to deal with a sexually active underage child?

I have semi-accidentally, but semi-snoopy if I'm being honest, discovered that my son (15 in a matter of weeks) is sexually active with his girlfriend (same school year). They have recently had a pregnancy scare. How should I handle this? Ideally: how did you handle this, and what specifically worked, and what would/could you have done differently? [more inside]
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Fixing a surface flaw on a mirror

Can these 'splotches' on the mirror be fixed, or do I need to replace? Brand new mirror, not even sure what to call this type of defect. Image here [more inside]
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Non-dairy replacement for yogurt - savory edition

I'm trying to cut down on dairy, mostly for environmental reasons, and one thing that I feel like I *should* be able to replace but I'm having trouble with is yogurt as an accompaniment to savory food. I've found a couple of brands of coconut-milk-based yogurt that I enjoy in sweet contexts but the main way I enjoy yogurt is in savory sauces or as a dollop alongside e.g. roasted chickpeas and veg, and the coconut versions seem too sweet for this. [more inside]
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Comparing apples and oranges

My wife has a copy of Oranges by John McPhee next to "oranges are not the only fruit" by Jannette Winterson. What cheap paperback fiction books could I buy her that could add to this conversation? [more inside]
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Helping a friend who's apparently becoming a flat earther?

How can I help talk to my friend (via email) who's been pulled down the conspiracy routes of the earth is flat, chem-trails, etc.? [more inside]
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A vegan equivalent for slow cooked meat Feijoada?

Has anyone a favourite vegan feijoada recipe that tastes close to the street cafe recipes in Rio? [more inside]
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I want to listen to some orchestral music sets...give me some!

I want to listen to orchestral music but don't want to have to think. So give me performances etc that you think are particularly good! More details within. [more inside]
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December 1

Where can I find a nice-looking 120V AC to 5V DC power supply?

I am working on an art installation using 100 WS2812b RGB LEDs (will draw about 6A at 5V at theoretical max brightness). The project is mounted on a wall (like a picture frame), and so the power cord is visible. Right now it is powered by a very plain looking 5V power supply with a black plastic cord like this one (you know, the type of power supply that every printer, router, doodad comes with). I would like to find a more aesthetic way to get power to my project! [more inside]
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Ancient History Magazine Recommendation

I want to give a relative a subscription to Ancient History magazine by Karwansaray Publishers. Do you have experience with this publisher? If so, I'm interesting in your opinions about their work, how academic the articles are, if at all, and whether you picked up on any political or religious leanings. [more inside]
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Filtering out Gamergaters

Are there innocuous questions that will identify young men who have been infected by regressive and repellent engrams? [more inside]
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Can I teach an old dog new tricks?

Mainly going potty outside. I may adopt a senior. [more inside]
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Do you have pictures of goats you would let me use for gifts??

Back story!

This past year, I have been blessed to be part of an eclectic online Movie Club group. Our ages span three decades. Our backgrounds are all radically different. We cross three time zones. And yet, for the past 12 months, we gather every Wednesday night to talk about a movie that one of us has chosen for the group to view. They have become cherished members of my world. [more inside]
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Sick as a dog all week. Head hurts, cold, cough, everything. YANMD.

Headache is bad, want to take Ibuprofen for the headache, then NyQuil severe tonight, but not sure if it's safe (seems the baseline is ~4 hours?)? Took a full 30ml DayQuil earlier this afternoon. Kaiser advice nurse was useless — asked what the ingredients are in NyQuil. After Googling this, was told to call. I'm Deaf, so calling is a hassle. I'm annoyed, cranky, in pain. Please advise, and yes, I know, YANMD, but this should be a simple straightforward question. Tried Googling but Google sucks these days.
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is this affiliate marketing company a scam?

My friend wants to sign me up to help people sign up for Employee Retention Credit from the government. We get commission by getting companies government funds to pay for employees or something. We get 2.5% commission. He showed me a statement that he made over 20k recently. He said if he signs me up, he gets equal share of my commission but it comes out of the government's pockets. Is this a scam?
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Paying my rent

My landlord wants me to electronically transfer money to his account each month for rent, and he has given me his bank name, company name, account number, and routing number (ABA number). How do I do this without paying a wire transfer fee? [more inside]
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Makeshift external lock ideas for interior door?

A friend is moving soon (likely within 6-8 weeks), but is living with a roommate who has shown concerning behavior. This friend needs to take a trip and will be gone for10 days, and would like to lock their room to protect their belongings. The doors have no locks, and the letting agency has refused to add any. A local handyman they contacted estimated 250€ for putting a lock on the door. I'm trying to come up with a makeshift solution for them, and would appreciate ideas. [more inside]
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Where to watch an old kids show called Square One?

When I was much younger, I watched a show called Square One on PBS. I've managed to find an episode or two on Youtube, but I'm wondering if there's anywhere to access the complete series?
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Coming back from a flubbed interview question in a thank you email?

Had an interview today for a (mostly admin) coordinator role working the the state I reside in (Southeast USA). I flubbed a fairly easy question at beginning, tried to reference it a little at the end, and left not feeling good about the result. Because it’s a state position, I know there won’t be a second interview, it’s just interview, (decision), reference check and offer. A thank you email is the only way to address it. Should I? And if so, how? [more inside]
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Stollen: How-to

I want to bake stollen. I have baked yeasted bread before, just nothing like this. The recipe I have has a step that goes "work butter and remaining flour together; knead into risen dough." I have no idea of the correct way to do this step. [more inside]
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Meet the parents etiquette

I (45F) have been together with my partner (44M) for nearly three years. He's never introduced me to his parents. [more inside]
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Help me trust my vet and/or learn to ask better questions?

Yesterday I took my cat Harley into the vet. There were a lot of recommendations and I don't know how well I did fielding them. This question is about (a) making better decisions under pressure at the vet's office and (b) generally does my vet seem to be acting more or less reasonably. Not asking for vetinary advice. Details inside. [more inside]
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🎵 "It's a city of strangers..." 🎵

I have an either too-specific or too-vague request for art/media about the feeling of imagining the many lives of people one sees as one passes through a busy street, or generally in a dense place... [more inside]
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Do cyber criminals really leave infected USB drives in parking lots?

My workplace’s cybersecurity training provider heavily emphasizes the problem of cyber criminals sneaking around companies’ sidewalks and parking garages, leaving malware-infected USB drives on the ground. This is supposedly meant to trick unsuspecting employees into plugging them in and giving the bad guys access to the company’s network. I have never heard of this happening in real life and it seems like a really inefficient way to do crime - is this a genuine risk or a creative hook to keep trainees awake?
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Gorgeous photos of soap?

I have a friend who makes soap. I'd like to give her a book with pretty picturesof different kinds of soap, perhaps in a "soaps of the world" kind of way. Searching for this gives me either soap-making or soap opera books. Do you know how to find what I want? [more inside]
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Investment Advisor X has some tax liens and misdemeanor charges

My friend looked up a potential Investment Advisor on the SEC Investment Adviser Public Disclosure website and Broker Check/FINRA. [more inside]
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Combination bullet journal and monthly agenda/planner?

I really like bullet journaling, but I also want a monthly view with actual dates that I do not have to draw/fill in myself. Is there anything like a blank journal that has a separate section that is monthly planner for the actual year? I suppose I could DIY it with a binder and a print-out of the months, but would prefer to buy something pretty for inspiration.
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Funk/Soul Night in New York Next Weekend?

This London Explorer Girl will be exploring New York City for a long weekend next weekend (Thurs - Mon). Looking for a spot of dancing, ideally a funk/soul night - any night of my stay. Basically I'm after some funky music with good vibes. I'm not LGBT+ but open to anywhere with nice atmosphere! Staying in Brooklyn but ok to travel by metro. Know a good spot? [more inside]
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"hi, wanna be friends?" - graduate school edition

i (25 F if that matters) recently moved to another country for graduate school. i've met people i'd like to befriend but am not sure how to do so for reasons both to do with myself and the circumstances. please help! [more inside]
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Software for a small private podcast

I am assembling a podcast that will be available to a small, private audience. I have access to web space, so I was planning to host it locally and share an RSS link. So the challenge is updating the RSS feed each time an episode is added. I'm familiar with the syntax and could code my own tool, but this has to be a solved problem. Is there software (preferably free) that can generate the RSS files easily?
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Maybe I Am This Dumb ...

I have been messing around with photo editing programs for 20 years. I can basically follow the menus and change shapes, insert text, copy and paste, mess with hues and maybe use a matte. But their deep magic still eludes me. [more inside]
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November 30

Behind the scenes media about World War II

I'm looking for more media about behind-the-scenes or little-known aspects of World War II. [more inside]
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Car accident woes: at-fault driver ignoring insurance?

A few weeks back a car merged into me without warning, tearing up my back driver's side panel and door. Now they won't respond to their own insurance company's attempts to make contact and their insurance wants me to "prove" that it was their fault. The situation was a hit-and-run. What can I do? Pennsylvania. [more inside]
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Elora Danan's Green Shawl

Can anyone come up with a source for the shawl pattern that Elora Danan is wearing in episode 2 of the new Willow series on Disney+. [more inside]
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Resources for new School Library Collection

I’m an elementary school librarian and will be receiving a brand new collection of books next year. The books will be supplied by, um, a very large vendor, and colleagues of mine who’ve recently received new collections curated by this vendor have not been entirely pleased. I’m in charge of what books we’ll receive, can request specific titles, veto the vendor’s choices and otherwise control the process. What resources will help me curate the best elementary school library collection ever? [more inside]
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DiscoFilter! Name this tune?

Lead singer was male and reminded me of the singer in "Disco Inferno". Lyrics were in English, primarily about dancing. Female backup singers interjected "Dance!" at regular intervals. I have attempted to reproduce the main beat that repeats through the song: vocaroo link. Hope this rings someone's bell. [more inside]
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How to fix broken pixels on a tv screen?

My beloved 2007/2008(?) model 37" Sony Bravia tv has developed a line of broken pixels along the left side of the screen, top to bottom, and getting larger by the week like a run in a stocking. Have you, personally, fixed this issue? And if so, how? [more inside]
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Is there a way to flatten an Excel chart?

I have an Excel graph, and I want to put some lines and circles on top of it (using Draw.) I then need to export these graphs as PNG files and then convert them to EPS (for an academic journal.) Help me flatten this into one layer. [more inside]
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Alexa Together: Pros and cons?

If you are using the Alexa Together service to help facilitate daily life for an aging, not-technically-inclined relative who lives some distance away, can you please tell me how it's working for you and your family? [more inside]
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Prof. Adrian Vermeule and Republican election denialism

What, if anything, has conservative Harvard law professor Adrian Vermeule said about the J6 insurrection and/or Republican election denialism since 2021? [more inside]
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Help me reframe this artwork

I love this piece of art (image 1, image 2) but not the oh-so-groovy 1970s framing/mounting. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with any sort of creative aesthetic sense so I turn to you all. How would you make this look more modern? [more inside]
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Help me find this pan!

A long time ago I had a pan that I used for jam tarts. It had six or twelve depressions that were VERY shallow and each probably 3 inches wide, which each had a small flat bottom and (relatively) long sloping smooth sides. The tart cases it produced were nearly but not quite flat disks that held only about a tablespoon of jam or lemon curd despite their diameter. [more inside]
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Adult Roller Blades

I want to buy adult roller blades for my 12 year old nephew. Adjustable if possible but that's not mandatory. Just good quality and not heinously expensive. Thanks!
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Mini coffee-table books?

I have an oddly-configured bookcase with a narrow shelf I've never used for books (until now). The shelf can accommodate volumes no taller than 175mm / 6⅞". I have enough little volumes to half-fill it. I'd like to get some more that will look appealing & intriguing on this shelf and feel good in the hand. These would need to be items readily-available in the UK. In other words, if you had a miniature coffee-table, what books would you put on it? [more inside]
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In a Creative Rut (Thanks, COVID)

I’ve been struggling mightily with maintaining a creative life the past few years. Any insights you’ve picked up? [more inside]
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Outdoor cat seems more depressed every winter

What can I do for my 5-year old outdoor cat, who is less willing to go outside every winter, but also more depressed about it too? [more inside]
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archiving texts from Burner app?

Looking for a more efficient and manageable way to copy or export texts from the Burner phone app. Either an app that will help or (more likely) workflow tips to help manage and stitch back together a zillion screenshots. [more inside]
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