December 8

Is it worth annoying my doc by requesting Covid antibody titer?

I am due for bloodwork on Monday, routine stuff. I have had my two vax shots and should get my booster now (prior two were Pfizer). I have MS, diabetes type II, a boatload of autoimmune diseases -- I had a heart attack and triple bypass surgery followed by DVTs in both legs and multiple pulmonary embolisms. [more inside]
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Websites for collaborative writing

In a nutshell I am full of eventful prose and fiction story lines but can't come out of my busy tax examiner mind enough to put the first words on a page and get a book written. Are there websites that I can find other writers with whom to collaborate on our ideas and actually go the distance ? I don't mind if they charge a fee i just would like some help
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COVID shots for someone with metal allergy

I recently learned that a neighbor of mine (older lady, smoker) has been unable to get any COVID vaccine because she has an allergy to surgical steel. Does she have any options? [more inside]
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Vanquishing time thieves without becoming the villain

Per Mr. Honeybee413: I work at a large university, about a 75-minute commute away from home. I have two dogs who are wonderful but very needy and don't do well in a group setting. These factors together severely decrease the amount of focused time for research and project management. I'm at my wit's end and am looking for help gaining some of my time back, but I don't want to neglect the creatures I love or add to labor exploitation. Help! Snowflakes below. [more inside]
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Would Bruce Wayne of the 21st Century take Wayne Enterprises public?

If only this was for a fanfic, but I'm just really curious. Imagine you had the corporate accounting knowledge and got tapped as a 'consultant'. Would modern Batman take the risk of making WayneCorp a publicly listed entity, and either way, what's the implications of his moral character? Considering the amount of public discourse we've been having these days, I guess I'm trying trying to have my cake and eat it with regards to a rich man superhero. I'm imagining a few scenarios below. [more inside]
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What to do in Philadelphia: Winter No Car Edition

I've been wanting to visit Philadelphia since about forever and finally have 4 days/3 nights January 29-Feb 1, and editors interested in stories! (I'm a food and travel writer.) No car; I'm happy on public transportation but don't want to stand freezing at too many bus stops. I saw this recent Ask and am looking for further recommendations, particularly things located in the nice warm indoors. [more inside]
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How can I stay logged in on a website that logs me out for inactivity

My work requires me to do a lot of banking transactions throughout the day. My bank logs me out after a laughably short period of time and then forces me to go through a song and dance to log back in that takes several minutes, seriously slowing down my productivity. What can I do to extend the session? (I am fully aware that it's a security measure. For the purposes of this question, please assume that I am ok with the risk of staying logged in, and that I would only do this on a secured network with no possibility of anyone else accessing my account.) Thank you for your suggestions!
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How to tell distanced sister (39F) I (29F) am engaged?

I originally posted about all of our issues here. This shouldn’t be that big of a deal but it’s stressing me out, because I feel like if I do it “the wrong way” she will be very offended. [more inside]
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What cuisines (if any) might an American living in Hong Kong miss?

Hong Kong is obviously one of the world's major cities, so this question may be completely pointless. But I've never visited there, so I'm wondering if there are any cuisines someone from the U.S. might not typically be able to enjoy there but could here? Asking b/c I have a friend who's lived in HK for 10 years visiting soon (and I'd like to surprise him, so I don't want to ask him). If the answer is "None, they've got everything you can imagine in Hong Kong," then that's the answer! Thanks so much.
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Glycemic index. What counts as processing food?

I want to learn how to eat so that I don't get hungry so quickly, and don't spike my blood sugar. (I'm not interested in losing weight). Most articles say that the more processed a food is, the higher its glycemic load. [more inside]
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iOS Mail Autocomplete no longer works on new phone

Mrs. TheCoug was forced to get a new phone after her old one died. Now when composing an email, the Mail app no longer autocompletes addresses from before the update. Is there a way to import the autofill cache from an old backup? Or force it to build a new one? iOS 15.1 GMail via iOS Mail
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Blanket recommendations, please.

I'm searching for a cotton blanket (to reduce static electricity) that's warm/cozy, but not hot. [more inside]
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How to cover a cat's hot spot?

A couple of times a year my cat Zzyzx will lick a particular spot on her hind leg right above the knee (I guess it's actually her ankle, cat anatomy is weird) until all the hair is gone. How do we protect the area? And how can we prevent this behavior? Details inside. [more inside]
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1960s/70s single-artist song scores

I’m working on an article about music in Harold & Maude. What are some other films of the era that feature single-artist soundtracks? I can think of The Graduate, McCabe & Mrs Miller, and Skidoo... are there others? [more inside]
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New house renovation, close date 1/15. What can I do *now*?

I’m buying a house and have a close date of Jan 15. I’d like to do some renovations before I move in (bathroom remodel and interior painting are the most disruptive to moving in). I’m wondering what I can do now to speed up the process so that I can move in as soon as possible. Thoughts/suggestions? [more inside]
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We need better connectivity.

Help me decide between a range extender and a mesh network. [more inside]
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Perfectly good Chinese tea for less-than-"gourmet" prices

Looking for loose-leaf tea in Chinese styles, but for less money than "gourmet" tea shops like Adagio. [more inside]
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All in one remote control suggestions

My older parents got a new TV and it is great, but the remote is not working like their old one used to and they are back up to 4 remotes. They have an LG TV, Dish Network satellite box, Samsung dvd player, and some kind of sound receiver thing. Ideally, there'd be One Remote to deal with all four items. Better than what they have now would be one remote to power on the tv, do volume, and select channels. Suggestions? [more inside]
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MUSCLES. Bowflex? Other?

My 14 year old wants to build muscle. He plays rugby, and wants to be stronger by training season. [more inside]
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Help me fix an obnoxious dynamic

Me, female, stay at home parent with loads of health problems and few spoons. Spouse, male, works from home. One child, age 3. Take it on faith that we all love each other, we work hard, everyone is very tired. Sometimes when things need to get done around here, things get tense. [more inside]
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Question about missing teeth and orthodontics

Went for a dental checkup recently and asked the dentist about options for some missing molars. The dentist suggested I could get orthodontics to shift my teeth back into the correct position and then perhaps get implants to replace the missing molars. My question is, is this process something that orthodontists actually do/are familiar with? More details inside. [more inside]
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Vegetarian Appetizers?

Vegetarian MeFites! Please hope me appetizer! [more inside]
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It's a game changer: Product Recs 2021 edition

What's a product that you swear by and you would totally recommend to anyone? How has it changed your life/day/way of doing things? [more inside]
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What symptoms should I expect after I get a Covid booster shot?

This will be my third dose. All Moderna. After the 1st shot, I felt no symptoms at all, except a sore shoulder. After the 2nd shot, I woke the next day feeling like I got hit by a truck. I felt awful for 24 hours, but by 48 hours later, I was feeling 100% A-OK. What should I expect after I get a Moderna booster? I'm asking because I'm debating when to schedule it.
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December 7

Hypefilter: What non-crypto blockchain products/services are successful?

Trying to get a feel for the current prospects and future promise of blockchain technology. What companies are doing well with a blockchain-based product line/service? What are those products/services? [more inside]
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Choosing a zoom Spanish conversation provider

I keep almost doing one of those things where you pay a native speaker to teach or do conversation with you (my grammar's ok so I mostly just want conversation) but never quite pulling the trigger. I looked again recently and there are LOTS of them. Is there a good way to choose from among them? (And, incidentally, is it reasonable to expect conversation rather than grammar lessons? It seems actually harder for the provider to come up with things to talk about than to go through grammar lessons.)
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Can you educate me about California's educational reform proposals?

Recently I've seen a few articles about CA's proposed new math framework, and how some school districts are doing away with D/F grades. I don't feel like I have a good grasp about why and what exactly reformers are proposing. [more inside]
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is there someone I can pay to put air in my own tires for me?

I hate putting air in the tires of my car. I am not good at it, I frequently have trouble managing to get the air in all the tires before the air machine comes off, I am always out of quarters, the ground is cold and uncomfortable, and I can never find an air machine when I need one. Is there someone or somewhere I can pay to adjust the air in my tires so I never have to actually fix it myself except in direst extremity? [more inside]
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Caretaking: How to deal with parents' rapid joint decline from afar?

My dad has suffered major health problems forcing him into early retirement and pushing my mom into an abrupt caretaker role. He was a high earner and his income supported my mom's "vanity" business which will now need to close in the near future. My mom is NOT taking this well and rapidly descending into serious depression, anxiety and alcoholism. [more inside]
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Looking for in-drawer knife block that fits ~6" knives in the upper tier

We're looking for an in-drawer multi-tier (example) knife block that will store knives with ~6" blades (such as the Wustof Classic Utility 6") in the upper tier. Any suggestions? [more inside]
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Suddenly separated for the holidays - how to not lose my shit

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to the holidays apart to "think things over about our relationship". I thought we were on the same page about our long-term goals and plans but he has been having some second thoughts. I leave tomorrow and won't be back until after the new year - how do I stay sane and not lose my mind with worry and relationship angst over the holidays? [more inside]
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Online folder of searchable pdfs?

I would like people to be able to search the contents of pdfs in an online folder. It is proving to be surprisingly difficult to find a way to do this. [more inside]
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My Mac has started importing duplicate photos from my phone

I know the Photos app is supposed to detect duplicates and not re-import them, but for some reason that is not working for many of my photos/videos so now my Photos library on my Mac is getting tons of duplicates. Is there an easy way to detect dupes and delete one copy?
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Aclara Power Meter // Solar Energy

I want to better understand the display of the Aclara I-210+c Power meter. Here is a sequence of displayed information. [more inside]
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Help me resist a $60 webinar that is aimed directly at my craving heart.

Noted sufferer of ADHD Steven B. Johnson has been regailing me for years with tips about integrating technology with the writing process, often using different applications to create semantic connections between his notes. Now he has a $60 webinar that I desperately want to purchase but can't afford and that won't help at all. Please talk me down. [more inside]
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Where can I find an attorney to quickly review a job contract?

Where can I find an attorney with relevant experience to review a software development job contract? [more inside]
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Bisexual cravings for women is making me frustrated, what to do?

I am a young female in a straight relationship with a man of many years, and I have only been with one woman before my current male partner, and my attraction for women is growing more and more for some reason. I am not sure if I should let the cravings ride out, or actually do something about it and my straight relationship? [more inside]
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Help us celebrate our invented holiday with our friends

We invented a holiday with our friends in 2017, and celebrate this holiday every year by sending each other a silly/delicious gift. We need help with ideas this year. Strict stipulations inside. [more inside]
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pulling out my hair

I normally print out my SS statement late each year. This year, I noticed my 2020 earnings had not been updated. I waited a few weeks and tried again. Same thing. [more inside]
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Best Laptop for Music Production?

Which laptop has the best combination of computing power, audio quality and large screen size for live music production? [more inside]
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Looking for a book I read as a kid

Hi. I had a hardcover children's book that I loved and am trying to find again - I don't remember too many details but it featured a beautiful dress for a little girl that came tissue wrapped in a box, and somehow ended up flying off with the wind. It was eventually found stuck on a clothing line and was delivered (in the nick of time) to its intended recipient. I think the setting was winter/cold. I had it in the mid-90's. Any ideas as to what it was called?
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Yet another "travelling in the time of Covid" question

Looking to hear your experiences of changing travel plans as a result of testing positive for Covid. What did you do? How did you know when to rebook your flight for? This hasn't happened to me (yet), but I'm curious as to how to manage such a situation should it arise. [more inside]
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Weird Ask: Calling out for smooth jazz fusion fans skilled in Japanese?

I'm a huge Steely Dan fan and wish to make an art print shirt based on this really weathered (but very cool) Japanese cassette of the classic Steely Dan album Aja. [more inside]
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when to give notice

This isn't rocket science, but there is a complication... [more inside]
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Playing a bass like it's a regular guitar

I'm slowly making my way through the "Get Back" documentary series. In the first episode, there's a scene where Paul McCartney is strumming his bass as if it were a regular guitar. I'm curious about this technique. [more inside]
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Looking to have an amicable divorce with my partner. Where do we start?

Both my partner and I want a mutual and friendly divorce and don't know where to start or what the process is. [more inside]
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Beyond Kindle and Kondo: nuanced thoughts on downsizing books

I've decided to accept that I just love books and will have a lot of them. Nonetheless, I've gotten rid of about twenty boxes of books and would like to get rid of more. Help me with your nuanced thoughts and suggestions for letting go. Snowflakes within - if you don't have time to read them, maybe skip this one. [more inside]
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Lightweight OS for old laptop

What OS should I put on this old laptop? [more inside]
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December 6

Your favorite upcoming online auctions for good causes!

I recently missed out (by a few hours, arggg) on an online auction for a local cause I care about that had some really great items (especially things that were more in the "services" arena, eg virtual music lessons or piano lessons, editing help, massages, stuff like that.) Do any of YOU all know of any great online auctions for your favorite causes coming up? i'd love to hear about them! Location not so important, I'm thinking, as I wouldn't bid on anything that had to be sent or picked up far from me. Thanks : )
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A professional to help navigate health insurance decisions, claims, etc?

I would like to hire a person to help me figure out health insurance for myself, figure out medicare stuff for elderly relatives and deal with signing up, and also deal with paperwork on claims/payments/preauth/etc. [more inside]
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Seeking specific spoiler for The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty

According to my Kindle, I’m about 25% through The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty. There’s a particular subplot that is disturbing to me and I’d like to know if it will be resolved positively. If it’s not, I’d rather quit now. [more inside]
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What happened to the Cummins Aeos electric truck?

About four years ago, I remember a short time where there was a lot of hype around this beast that some considered a legitimate threat to Tesla's Semi aspirations. It was supposed to go into production in 2019, according to press releases. Yet searching for it reveals no articles newer than 2017. What happened?
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Clinical research study cost breakdown?

I'm curious where I can find resources explaining the costs that go into running clinical medical research studies. [more inside]
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speech recognition engine with adjustable confidence threshold

Is there a speech recognition engine with an API where I can read how confident it is in its interpretations, adjust the confidence threshold below which it refuses to interpret speech, and maybe be able to access multiple interpretations of ambiguous input? Ideally running locally rather than as a cloud service, and with free or low cost noncommercial use.
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With an up-to-date firewall, do the OSs behind the firewall pose a risk?

Say you have an updated firewall, how would having older obsolete versions of operating systems behind the firewall post a security risk? [more inside]
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Excel help - auto-generating table rows from another table

I need help in understanding how (if possible) to get Excel to update an existing table to have the same number of rows as another table. [more inside]
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How can I get people to stop partying on my sidewalk?

We live in a crowded Brooklyn neighborhood, right next to a large apartment building. We bought our house several months ago, and since we've moved in we have people on the sidewalk right below our bedroom window playing music, drinking, and smoking weed until late at night, including opening our front gate to sit on our stoop. Not in front of any other house on the block - just our house. [more inside]
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Tell me about your experiences with Storyworth?

Considering purchasing a Storyworth—or perhaps a similar but different service—subscription for my family, and asking them to contribute to it over the next year in lieu of traditional presents (to me). I have some questions, though… [more inside]
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What companies would you recommend to teach or tutor online?

Can you recommend any companies or websites to teach or tutor online? I have a Bachelors and Master's in social science. There seem to be a near infinite number of companies, and I am wondering if anyone has recommendations for lots of work available, flexible schedules, decent pay, etc.
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Is my new keyboard a lemon, or is there something I'm missing?

I just bought a new Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop kit. The mouse and most of the keyboard works just fine, but the backspace key doesn't work. What gives? [more inside]
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