January 19

Your 6 year olds favorite books

My kindergartner has decided most of the books we own are now 'boring'. He still likes books with pictures on every other page. (It doesn't have to be at his reading level, we have plenty of simple books to practice with. This is for bed time.) Minecraft is currently a big hit (building etc) and he enjoys telling elaborate stories. Taking him to the library is also on the list, but sometimes favorites don't have cool covers.
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Did I hork my monitor? Or sheer coincidence?

Would an unseated video card be enough to fry the logic board on my monitor? Or did it happen to go bad at the same time? [more inside]
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How does poor pupil dilation affect recovery from cataract surgery?

Someone I know is getting surgery to remove a cataract in one eye. She tells me that, because her pupil has trouble dilating, the surgery will be more complicated than usual, taking about an hour rather than 5-10 minutes. She has had trouble getting in touch with the doctor to ask questions about details and the name of her condition, so I'm finding it hard to research how unusual this is, whether recovery will be different from recovering from normal cataract removal (e.g., longer), and what to particularly watch out for during recovery. Help? [more inside]
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New York Times delivery how does it work?

I live in the Raleigh/Durham area. I am interested in receiving the NY Times Delivery to my address. I am not interested in delivery by mail. Who delivers the NY Times in areas such as Raleigh? Is it private contractors? The same people who deliver the local papers? The reason I ask is I tried to get delivery of the local daily paper and they could rarely get a paper to my door. I don't think it is people stealing the paper and my address is right in the middle of the Triangle so I am not in a rural area. If it's the same people delivering the local paper I don't even want to bother.
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Let us get together, right down here

I'd like to find a way to communicate with groups of friends/workmates/acquaintances about upcoming potential trips/meetings/etc.. Would like to avoid many email forths and backs, and not interested in using facebook or other such. These would be along the lines of "we're thinking about a soup and bread potluck on a Sunday afternoon in Feb. Are you interested? (and maybe "how interested are you?"), and which one would work for you?" Not a Meetup, but similar. Doodle seems most like what we're looking for, but what else have you?
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When you say "keep a Jewish home," what does that mean?

I recently said in the context of conversion that it was important to me to "keep a Jewish home" but then when I was pressed for what that meant, I realized that there was not one universal definition even though it seemed very obvious and self-evident in my head. I'm interested in hearing yours. If you "keep a Jewish home," what does that mean to you? [more inside]
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Canine Massage

Following on to my question last week, I want to ask about Canine Massage. I am thinking of getting certified in this as another part of the business. [more inside]
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Help onforwarding an internet purchase from the USA to Australia

I know there are onforwarding services that will receive parcels from backwards American companies that only ship to the USA / NAFTA, but would prefer to help out a fellow MeFite first, if that appeals... [more inside]
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I'm getting fumble fingers, I don't want them.

I've been dropping more and more stuff lately. Utensils, plastic cups (I don't trust myself with glass) and car keys. I dropped them in a parking lot the other day, and miraculously they didn't fall into the sewer but balanced on the grate. Any thing to be done about this? I'm almost 60, been tested by a neurologist and he found nothing. It's not horrible (yet) but I can see bigger problems in the future.
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Resources for the clumsy mathematician

I want to be less clumsy with numbers / be more fluid with maths - are there any games / websites / drills that could help with that? [more inside]
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January 18

Yet another 'can I eat this' question, starring foreign expiry dates

I have some ladyfingers I bought a few months ago. The package has a 'best before' date I can't decipher: L.FEE07JN7, and, on a separate line, 0715826. I would guess that indicates an expiry date of 7 June 2007, but again I bought these a few months ago. Maybe this isn't actually a best before date (despite being labeled as such)? Or maybe it just follows an Italian convention I'm unfamiliar with? Can I eat this?
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FL:Can I get my money back for car that odometer has been tampered with?

In the State of Florida. How can I get as much of my money back as possible after owning the car for 8 months and adding 10,000 miles, then learning that the odometer was rolled back 100,000 miles? [more inside]
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No cold water through the kitchen sink

The cold water pressure in the kitchen was low. I checked the shutoff valve to make sure it was open, and now there's no cold water pressure at all. What happened, and what can I do about it? [more inside]
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Can you help guide us with post-fire cleaning ?

We had a fire and everything is heavily smoke damaged. What can we try to salvage on our own? What can we expect from cleaning companies? Difficulty level: 1-year old baby. [more inside]
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Real simple, yet maddeningly complex: I cannot get a Brita or Pur faucet-mounted filter to attach to my kitchen faucet. Our tap water tastes like frog pee. I've tried a bazillion adapters. HALP. More inside. [more inside]
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Shoe buying advice

I'm looking for the perfect pair of men's shoes, with a potentially incompatible array of constraints below the fold. [more inside]
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Off-season honeymoon in Kennybunk, ME

I'm getting married in just a few weeks and we're going to Kennybunk, ME for our honeymoon. I'm not familiar with the area especially off-season, and was wondering if some locals would share secrets in the area, including Portland, ME. We'll be there for three days. Thanks in advance for your awesome and fun suggestions.
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"Matt Lieber is a weekend with good weather and no plans."

Some podcasts have odd credits for staff at the end of each episode. MeFi favorite, "Reply All" is the most consistent with this, as at the end of every episode, producer Matt Lieber is [something really pleasant]. I've also heard this on other podcasts--"Snap Judgement" is the example that immediately springs to mind. I get that this is a nice kind of tribute to someone who is instrumental in creating the podcast. What I want to know is, when/how did this start?
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Which title is best?

For a short story I'm working on (for my own amusement), I have two potential titles that have equal bearing on the story, but I can't decide between them. So I'd like your opinion. [more inside]
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Broken Plate with Cat Faces

I broke a cute plate with sleeping cat faces, and I need to find a replacement, or my SO will be sad (and very, very mad!) [more inside]
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Is "non-binary" the correct term to report non-binary gender?

I have to report on a survey. For our gender question, it was open-ended, so we had a variety of answers. For reporting, we need to combine these. The majority responded as some variation of "male" or "female"; some people identified as a non-binary option (e.g. only as "trans" without any other gender indicator). For the sake of privacy (and practicality), I need to combine these into one category. "Non-binary" is the first category name that strikes me (identifying as neither male nor female), but I wanted to check whether this is appropriate. [more inside]
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More choral issues, this time about cultural appropriation

Back to questions about my chorus. This time we're performing a work I'm pretty uncomfortable with for reasons I'll state below. Short version: it's about the Underground Railroad and we're pretty much all white. [more inside]
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Advice on coursework before applying for a masters in Statistics

I have a non-traditional background, but want to apply to statistics programs soon. Would taking Complex Analysis be more beneficial than taking more computer science classes? [more inside]
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Cozy mystery series sought, with requirements

Specifically, books without first-person narrators and featuring fantasy or magical elements. [more inside]
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What's a good computer program for improving ADHD / working memory?

My ADHD is a constant problem in my life, and I expect that will continue, but I've heard that there is software that can improve working memory and that, in turn, can improve ADHD over a course of five or six weeks. I'd like to try this! Do you have any recommendations for software?
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Help me figure out my first all inclusive vacation...

My best friend and I want to spend 3-4 days at an all-inclusive resort in March. We are picturing being warm, laying on a beach, drinks with umbrellas and good conversation/reading/doing-nothing. We are not picturing loud club-like environment or cruise-style planned activities. Difficulties: She is coming from Montreal and I'm coming from Boston. We have never done anything like this before. All previous travel done together or separately has involved more...effort/adventure. We want neither. (Please see aforementioned umbrella drinks and lounging.) Advice? Planning tips? Great ideas? Details and questions below. [more inside]
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2010 Honda Minivan with 70k totaled when the driver in the oncoming lane lost control on an icy road and we briefly shared a lane. Seeking advice on how to deal with the insurance company so we are fairly compensated? Minnesota Edition. [more inside]
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filling foods that do ok unrefrigerated. for the plane.

What do you like to bring on planes for LONG flights that is non-smelly, tastes good cold/room temp, and is safe to eat after 10-11 hours unrefrigerated? I'm taking the family on a transatlantic flight that doesn't serve food. Need four dinners, four breakfasts, X# of bored snacks. Complication: no ham. [more inside]
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Raising Happy Confident Kittens

I recently got the opportunity to foster a Momma and her three kittens. We believe they're about eight weeks old. Poor Mom is in rough shape and she's at the vet getting IV fluids and antibiotics. They're all feral-ish. How do I best get them ready for adoption? Details inside. [more inside]
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Low-rise pants

I am about to replace some old pairs of pants and I really want something low-rise. Mainly looking for sweatpants and shorts, pajama/lounge pants, and Levis. [more inside]
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I’m a job hopper... but is that really so bad (for me specifically)?

I’m having a bit of a job / life crisis and would love some outside insight beyond just ranting to my husband. I am not good at office jobs and feel like I am broken. I have had two “real” office jobs, and invariably they have ended the same way: about a year in, I get frustrated, wildly bored, and start making moves to leave. Advice from any other creative types who’ve struggled with this same issue would be particularly useful!! [more inside]
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Enormous Download from Dropbox.com

I have a seldom-used 500g dmg file in DropBox that's not mirrored on my drive. I need to grab it for a sec, but don't have room on my hard drive, so I'm downloading to an external drive. But I haven't been able to complete the d/l in Safari or Chrome (for reasons explained below). [more inside]
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Plant that smells exactly like ripe apricots

Every so often I’ll be outside and smell apricots when there are no apricots in view. I believe some plant is giving off this smell — not an apricot tree, probably, but something with flowers or pollen that smells exactly like apricots. What might it be? [more inside]
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I used to use Readability to send Longreads to my Kindle. It was absolutely seamless, one click, no effort. I hit "send to Kindle" and the article showed up--in a readable format--on my Kindle. My search-engine searching is not turning up an alternative that has this functionality. Any suggestions? [more inside]
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Help me stem the tide of off-leash dogs in my town

Please help me brainstorm ways to get people in my town to stop walking their dogs off leash in violation of the leash law. All ideas welcome; even if they seem crazy, they might lead to a more practical solution. My on-leash dogs have been charged by off-leash dogs twice already this week and I've had it. I'm specifically focused on people walking dogs off-leash on the sidewalks in town. Things I've thought of so far after the jump, in increasing order of rage-fueled irrationality. [more inside]
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Prague - good central places to stay?

I have a conference in Prague in late May and I want to take my family along. Where should I be looking for AirBnBs that meet our needs? The conference locations are near the Florenc metro and the second location is immediately next to Náměstí Republiky metro. [more inside]
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Fragrance-free Shampoo for gray, dyed hair?

I am looking for recommendations for shampoo, for my specific hair. It needs to be fragrance-free and sulfates-free. I have naturally gray hair that I dye brown. More hair details inside.. [more inside]
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Rehoming a high-energy cat

A couple of days ago I asked what to do about a wild child cat who we just weren't clicking with. I must have jinxed myself by stating in the question that he was not being aggressive towards our older cat, because right after asking the question he started bullying the old guy. It's time to find him a new home where he will be happier, but this will be an uphill climb. Would it be best to simply take him back to the shelter? [more inside]
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I'd like some Wensleydale cheese, please.

It's pretty simple. I don't live in the UK and I'd like some Wensleydale. Any suggestions? [more inside]
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Angelenos, help me walk the walk

I'll keep this brief. I'm currently visiting Los Angeles and would like to participate in the Women's March here on Saturday. I'm a tourist staying in Venice Beach with a rental car and a bike. What would be the best way to get downtown and back for the march? I've asked around and heard horror stories from last year about the transit options: impossible parking and traffic, trains too crowded to board, overstressed Uber and Lyft systems. Are there shuttles I should know about? Better times for the trains? Any ideas would be welcome! Thanks!
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Adjusting to future shift work?

I was just hired for a well-paying p/t time in my regional hospital system. That's great, but it's shift work. How do I stay sane, healthy, and motivated to continue work on my side hustle? And oh, advice for working in the hospital system too, please. [more inside]
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How can I get this Airport Express to do what I want?

I’ve been given an unused Apple AirPort Express. Great! Maybe I can finally network my printer and print wirelessly from it. Given the specifics of my current WiFi configuration, can you help me figure out the best and/or easiest way to do this? [more inside]
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Depression Is Awful. On The Cusp of Trying Meds Again. Help!

I will try to keep this short. I have had lifelong OCD/Anxiety/Depression. I tried meds in the past. I have been in therapy for a decade. I’ve done it all, including ketamine infusions. Docs want me to try meds again. Info inside [more inside]
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Not-quite-splitting Digital Optic Audio

Need advice on optic audio splitters... [more inside]
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Southeast Asian literature in translation

I'm going to Thailand and Cambodia this spring. I'd like to read novels and poems about these places, ideally in translation. [more inside]
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Mexico City during Holy Week?

Is traveling to Mexico City during Holy Week (Semana Santa) a bad idea? [more inside]
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Flip phone for my kid

What's the best option for a flip phone for my kid to use mostly for emergencies? Requirements: Cheap so he can lose it, would probably make 1-4 calls/texts a week, no plan, just non-expiring minutes [more inside]
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A Robot Uprising! Human Resistance! What Rhymes with Orange?

I recall reading a very short sci-fi story (perhaps in an anthology) about humans on a moon colony? plotting resistance against a robot uprising. The entire story (to my hazy recollection) centers on a meeting of the human resistance debating how they can defeat the powerful robots. What is the name and author of this 50s or 60s era? short story? [more inside]
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Can I file taxes before I get this form?

I need to file asap because of identity theft. I have my W2, but haven't gotten a tax form from an IRA yet. I didn't take any money out of it, but don't really understand how it works- if there was a "dividends reinvestment" and capital gains reinvestment, do I need to report that somehow? It's a very small account.
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Getting to Santa Monica from LAX

Arriving early afternoon Wednesday, should I get a cab or just take the bus? [more inside]
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Office Supply Item: No Idea What to Name This, And Thus How to Find It

I am looking for a one-unit grid of document holders, but I have no idea what to call this and thus how to search for them. I know they exist. Extra points if you can link me to where they're being sold. [more inside]
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Quietly Job Hunting

I plan to start looking for a new job soon. I haven't even logged into LinkedIn since shortly after being hired at my current job. I'm worried about how my employer will react if/when they see I've updated my LinkedIn profile. [more inside]
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Can you help me find sources of information about advertising activity?

My company sells its advertising services to Fortune 1000 companies. We are trying to create a more comprehensive list of sources of information about companies' advertising activity. for example, we learned through an article that an old brand was about to be revived, we pitched them and signed a big deal. What other sources are we missing? Familiar with AdAge, Ad Week, looking for more sources like that. Thanks!
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Broke vegetarian, in winter, dislikes beans

Hi! I am a vegetarian on a tight budget and I do not like beans (or lentils, or other legumes). I will tolerate dal or refried beans if they are served in a restaurant or something. The only exception is chickpeas or black beans in a cold salad, which I enjoy, but how many salads can you make?! [more inside]
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What should I do with my time before I get made redundant?

I'll be losing my job soon, but have a few months to pass before I get there. Aside from all the things I know I should do, what would be a wise way to use this time? What would you do? [more inside]
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Brisket in the Instant Pot

I have a 2.5 beef brisket to cook today. Complications, I have walking pneumonia and I'm just exhausted. I would love to throw it into my Instant Pot and have a nice meal at the end of the day for my family with minimal effort [more inside]
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Savoury rice porridge recipes

Looking for nutritious grain or rice porridge recipes that I can make in my rice cooker. [more inside]
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Heat pump hot water

I have a heat pump compressor unit (air source) that's meant to be piped into two air output units. Can I use one of the outputs to run a hot water tank? [more inside]
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Dimmer controlled light never gets more than 95 volts. Is that bad?

Working on my basement wiring, mostly older Romex. Light in center of living room is controlled by a Lutron dimmer. Even when that switch is on and at full power, it never reads more than 95 volts on an ammeter. Is that just dimmer's being dimmers? Or a signal of a more pressing problem. The dimmer switch literally has no screws for the neutral (white) wires at all. I plan to replace it with a binary switch, but wonder whether the low voltage is a sign of a deeper problem.
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January 17

everybody needs a hug, or maybe I just need one

Major, major life upheaval at the moment. This too shall pass, but I need tips for hanging in there until it's over. [more inside]
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