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May 30

Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race for non-white?

Is “Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race” still THE book I should read as a non-white? [more inside]
posted by like_neon at 10:17 AM - 2 answers

ISO book that celebrates black girl power for precocious ten-year-old

My mission, as the auntie who loves books, is to distract my ten-year-old niece with escapist fiction that ideally celebrates black girl power. Books where black girls triumph over injustice is ideal. [more inside]
posted by angrycat at 8:26 AM - 13 answers

May 28

Anti Racism for Brown People Resources

Are there good resources like this for someone like myself, a privileged Asian Indian American who is married to a white person and lives in a white world with basically all white or east Asian friends? This is in regard to police violence against black and latino people. [more inside]
posted by sandmanwv at 9:04 AM - 5 answers

May 27

How to find people who were rescued during Hurricane Harvey in Houston?

For a research project, I'm trying to track down people who were rescued during Hurricane Harvey in Houston in 2017. Especially people who were saved by Coast Guard rescue divers--those folks who lower out of helicopters. I'm already in touch with the Coast Guard, but their records are surprisingly spotty. Any other avenues?
posted by gottabefunky at 11:33 AM - 6 answers

May 26

Irish Lit: identifying a short story

In about 2004 I took an Irish Lit class. We read a short story about two women, who go one to become lovers, who meet when one of them helps the other wade across a river. [more inside]
posted by CMcG at 9:54 AM - 5 answers

May 24

erasure of Ancient Egyptian trans history?

Sometime before the pandemic (a couple months maybe?) I read a Twitter thread where someone was talking about a case of erasure of Ancient Egyptian trans history. I'd love to find that thread again. [more inside]
posted by johnofjack at 6:51 PM - 4 answers

May 23

Genderqueer self-evaluation resources

I am seeking safe spaces to explore non-traditional gender issues. Not necessarily transgender issues but non-normative gender identity questioning. So less "I'm a man trapped in a woman's body" and more "the gender that goes with this body doesn't fit right but I'm not sure exactly in what way it doesn't fit right and I need questions to ask myself to help me figure this out." [more inside]
posted by crunchy potato at 9:15 AM - 13 answers

May 22

Apple News+ (Or similar subscription bundles) - Worth it?

I’m considering subscribing to Apple News+. If you have it, would you recommend it? Are there similar site subscription bundles I should look into? [more inside]
posted by SisterHavana at 10:49 PM - 1 answers

When did the "yellow jack" flag change meanings?

Historically, a vessel coming into port would fly a yellow flag -- called a yellow jack -- to indicate the presence of disease on a ship, to warn port authorities not to board. Yesterday, I learned that the meaning of the flag has reversed, such that in modern times a ship flies a yellow flag to indicate that there's no infectious disease on board. When did it change and why? [more inside]
posted by chrchr at 4:02 PM - 3 answers

May 21

Non-Celebrity, Non-Anything Trump, Non-COVID Podcasts?

Since the pandemic kicked into high gear I’ve become addicted to podcasts like the fabulous In Our Time over on BBC Radio 4 — (which also streams on Spotify). [more inside]
posted by zenpop at 6:21 PM - 25 answers

Short rebuttal needed

Short rebuttal needed for people who claim "I don't have to wear a mask because it's a free country." I know philosophically that freedom doesn't extend to everything, but quick, precise rebuttals to that person would be nice, Particularly ones that don't incite anger.
posted by Rad_Boy at 12:26 PM - 66 answers

Pick your own truth

I'm looking for essays, articles and the like discussing or explaining the rise of people outright denying scientifically backed/evidence based things, and vehemently choosing to believe whatever they want to. contributing factors, history of such movements etc. are a megabonus. [more inside]
posted by speakeasy at 10:09 AM - 11 answers

May 20

Where was this photo taken?

I was looking at this photo of David Berman in Pitchfork and while the city in the background looks to me like Berlin, I have no proof. Anybody recognize this city and/or spot?
posted by Beardman at 3:57 PM - 3 answers

May 19

Staycation a la Cornteen

We are people who love to travel. But our Memorial Day holiday is going to be our umpteenth weekend in a row at home. Help us find a sense of occasion and not go crazy. What are some fun, vaguely vacation-themed things we can do at home? [more inside]
posted by DirtyOldTown at 9:54 PM - 13 answers

May 18

How to share maintenance of private road?

I live on a two mile dirt road shared by about 30 families. I thought the repair costs should be shared by people who drive over a spot. Not "everyone takes care of only in front of their house". Who is right? [more inside]
posted by cda at 6:05 PM - 13 answers

SIngledom 2020

Any books or advice for women who plan on staying single for current times? [more inside]
posted by chrono_rabbit at 5:03 AM - 17 answers

May 17

What did this story mean for US readers of 1899?

This allegedly true story (the one titled "Woe is her portion") was published in many regional US newspapers between November 1899 and January 1900. How should it be interpreted in the US context of that period? [more inside]
posted by elgilito at 3:55 PM - 7 answers

May 16

How many people are rude?

I know this presents many difficulties... but have there been any studies done on what percentage of the population is unpleasant in public situations? Like, rude to customer service people, cutting people off in traffic, unpleasant on public transport, etc. etc. I'm not talking about acts rising to the level of criminal abuse and harassment of others (although I'm sure many of those people would be captured in the stats). But how many people are just rude? (Goes without saying but I am NOT looking for anecdotes. Just sources of research.) [more inside]
posted by reshet at 8:09 PM - 8 answers

May 15

How to ask my WhatsApp group to cut out the fatphobia

I belong to a choir-based WhatsApp group that is (by accident, not design) almost all middle aged and older women. They are lovely people. The lockdown has spurred a lot of sharing of videos, fun stuff, some inspirational, some rude, some religious. And A LOT of fatphobia. As the fattest member of the choir, how can I ask them to stop doing this? [more inside]
posted by Samarium at 5:56 PM - 19 answers

May 14

summer prepping, COVID-19 edition

I am of the opinion that the second wave coming soon due to premature reopening in many states will be an unmitigated disaster, and many states are going to turn into New York. I feel we are in a brief bubble of respite due to SIP. How are you preparing for the summer mess? I'm assuming it will not be a good idea to go anywhere during the second wave, but am not assuming any complete collapse. What are you stocking up on and attempting to prepare? I know reopening could be done reasonably safely with lots of contact tracing and testing but I don't see the USA getting it's act together at all.
posted by benzenedream at 11:57 PM - 24 answers

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