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September 27

Is it normal for home buyers to contact the sellers after closing?

Is it a normal thing for home buyers (who are not new to the area) to directly contact the seller (after obtaining seller’s cell # from their new neighbors) after the closing with questions about recommendations for repair people, questions about which appliances do & don’t work (when that info was clearly spelled out in the contract), & requesting other information? Especially when the buyers & sellers have never met, all details were handled by respective realtors, & the seller didn’t specifically invite questions? Is this strange, or is this actually expected, acceptable behavior from home buyers?
posted by bookmammal at 3:41 PM - 32 answers

September 23

Hello, we are your (not new) neighbours…

My spouse and I were chatting about this last night. We live in a neighbourhood in our city that used to be a very eclectic, multicultural neighbourhood. It still is to a large degree — but now it’s become increasingly trendy. While it’s somewhat nice to have new shops and restaurants — it’s quite unpleasant too with all the chains moving in, and the old places we love getting squeezed out year after year. That’s not the issue I am asking about though — it just sets the scene of where we live. [more inside]
posted by Lescha at 10:52 AM - 10 answers

Books on Southwest Native American History?

Looking for books on the history/culture of the tribes of the SW.
posted by ebesan at 6:25 AM - 8 answers

September 21

English Suburbs

Can anyone point me to writing about English suburbs? How they developed, cultural history, etc. [more inside]
posted by kittensofthenight at 2:56 PM - 7 answers

September 20

Searching for a Letterman show wherein Tom Hanks rants about musicals

I'm pretty sure this was from the CBS years, but I suppose it could be Late Night. In my memory it's the Late Show set. Tom Hanks is a guest, and he goes off on a rant about how much he hates musicals. [more inside]
posted by chazlarson at 9:19 PM - 2 answers

September 17

Please give me the name of a certain "degrowth" community

Trying to remember the name of a community that was either in England or in the eastern US, where there were primarily blocks of row-houses dating to the Industrial Revolution that were mostly lying vacant and decaying. There were still, though, a certain number of people trying to continue living there, and they were assisted by an architecture firm recently to re-use many of the vacant structures either as semi-outdoor spaces, or as semi-indoor spaces. So, all the derelict properties, which were mainly constructed in brick, were capable either of functioning as something like 'garden walls' or they were still strong enough that collapsed roofs could be inexpensively given coverings that allowed more use of the space (though it wasn't heated, etc.). [more inside]
posted by cmp4Meta at 6:44 PM - 2 answers

September 16

Managing a large wedding guest list in VA. Venue suggestions?

Trying to get married near Harrisonburg, VA. Need venue suggestions that are affordable and can fit a guest list of 100+. [more inside]
posted by mr_bovis at 2:35 PM - 6 answers

Connotations of the name Miho in "Love and Leashes"

In the Korean Netflix movie Love and Leashes, a kinky young guy buys a black leather collar for himself with MIHO written on it in Roman letters. Miho isn't his name. The English subtitled dialog suggests it's SOME kind of name, and he bumblingly tries to pass it off as the name of a dog when a coworker sees it, but its real significance is never explained. What would its connotations be to a Korean audience?
posted by nebulawindphone at 6:19 AM - 3 answers

September 14

Old Masters in NY Galleries in the 1960s

Would Hieronymus Bosch paintings have been displayed at a SoHo gallery in the 1960s? (Specifics inside) [more inside]
posted by Literaryhero at 11:39 PM - 4 answers

How do the Scottish generally feel about being in the UK?

Generally speaking how do the Scottish people feel about England and being part of the United Kingdom? Do the Scottish (again generally speaking) consider themselves part of the UK or think of themselves as sort of separate, even though they are a country within the UK? For what it's worth, I'm American born and raised, so may be missing some crucial context. [more inside]
posted by Brandon Blatcher at 7:19 PM - 21 answers

Did Dr. Martens ever address their past?

My girlfriend just learned that her favorite boots were created by a Nazi. I knew this already, but I'm curious: did the company ever address this, post-WW2? [more inside]
posted by pelvicsorcery at 4:46 PM - 7 answers

DC: Concert at the Anthem vs. Cap One Nosebleeds

This is a more a question on how to spend and value splurge purchases. I would like to see The Killers in DC in mid October. Randomly, they have two shows- one at the huge Cap One Arena, where get in price is around $75 (For nosebleeds), and one at the Anthem- a much more intimate venue that I haven't yet been-where it is $175 (these are all secondary market prices). I'm not going to both --how would you make a decision on something like this? [more inside]
posted by sandmanwv at 8:24 AM - 19 answers

September 11

Confusing a shepherd’s pie and a chicken pot pie in Canada?

I was reading this article and I as an Aussie agreed with alot of it but this statement jumped out at me "(Have you ever confused a shepherd’s pie and a chicken pot pie in front of a white person? You should. It turns into a whole thing.)" How can you confuse them? [more inside]
posted by Lesium at 4:14 AM - 16 answers

September 10

Best sources of local news in the North Seattle metro area?

I recently moved to an area a bit north of Seattle (Everett/Marysville/Lake Stevens area) and I'd like to get some good sources of local and state news, preferably as an email digest to my inbox. I'm willing to pay for a subscription. Any suggestions? [more inside]
posted by Aleyn at 4:21 PM - 2 answers

September 7

Article/blogpost/thread about How Not To Kill Yourself?

This may have even been posted to Metafilter in the early to mid 2000s. It was a well-written list of all the ways various suicide methods could fail, created at least partially as a suicide prevention measure. It wasn't Dorothy Parker's poem. I recall reading it sometime between 2004 and 2007. Sound familiar?
posted by juniper at 2:27 PM - 3 answers

September 3

Another tipping question

Am I supposed to tip the tech at Guitar Center? [more inside]
posted by smashface at 8:37 PM - 3 answers

Have a Taste

Origin of the (maybe Baltimore-specific) phrase "have a taste" to mean getting a drink/alcohol? [more inside]
posted by Ndwright at 2:31 PM - 6 answers

August 29

Tactic for finding movies w/o exposing self to any spoilers?

I happened to randomly watch this old Japanese movie and found that one aspect I enjoyed was not having seen any previews or read any reviews beforehand. (These days, I find both give out too much of the plot.) For contemporary movies, I've tried to find critics I generally agree with and just look to see if the title of their reviews are positive or negative, but that only goes so far. Does anyone have any other clever strategies?
posted by Jon44 at 5:38 AM - 4 answers

August 28

Should I stay or should I go?

I've been living in a new city for six months now. While there are so many things I love about it down here, I also find myself constantly aching to go back home. How do you know if something just is not right for you? [more inside]
posted by Amy93 at 5:33 PM - 26 answers

We are groot

I am looking for examples from pop culture of sentient plants, and carnivorous plants. Or even better, examples of sentient, carnivorous plants! [more inside]
posted by keeo at 8:24 AM - 50 answers

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