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December 15

How to compensate family for hosting our daughter?

My daughter will be travelling abroad and might be able to stay with family for a few days. I'd love for her to be hosted by this cousin instead of staying at a hostel. How would I go about compensating my cousin? [more inside]
posted by Coffeetyme at 8:08 AM - 13 answers

old family and business records - would anyone want them?

I have the financial records for an insurance salesman during the 1930's, 40's, 50's. in a southern city. Would this type of material be of interest to anyone? What sort of researcher or library collection should I be looking for? I don't have a lot of time before the house will be taken down.
posted by egk at 6:51 AM - 6 answers

Best books about same sex parenting

I'm looking for some good books about same sex parenting to give to a lesbian couple with an adorable baby boy. They say they want something to prepare them to address the good, the bad and the ugly (ex: bullying, homophobic slurs, etc). Same sex marriage and parenting are legal in our country, if that makes any difference. Could you give some recs? Thanks in advance!
posted by lost_lettuce at 6:35 AM - 0 answers

December 13

Good nonfiction books about Medieval England?

Does anyone have any good nonfiction book suggestions about the Normans, Henry III's reign, or the Wars of the Roses? [more inside]
posted by JamesBay at 10:33 AM - 9 answers

December 11

It's 1979-82, you're 19-25, you live in a small Midwestern city...

...but you're not in college, and you're middle to lower class. If this was you, I want to hear your recollections concerning your daily life: hobbies, habits, patterns of socializing, etc. [more inside]
posted by CheesesOfBrazil at 5:07 AM - 17 answers

December 10

Should I subscribe to my friends' Patreons?

Me: sellout tech job. Friends: fulltime artists. Cool or uncool to support their patreons? [more inside]
posted by hishtafel at 2:09 PM - 25 answers

Facts About Social Justice Activists Not Related to Their Activism

We are trying to integrate stories about civil rights and social justice activists in ways that go beyond the "textbook" narratives. For example, each year we will celebrate Rosa Parks on her birthday by making her pancakes (recipe here) (and we eat them on many other days, too - peanut butter pancakes, who knew they could be so delicious (and easily made vegan)). [more inside]
posted by anya32 at 8:58 AM - 6 answers

Pension explainer

Conservatives and neoliberals say pensions are a "crisis" that will bankrupt our cities and states. Progressives say... [more inside]
posted by latkes at 7:49 AM - 16 answers

December 9

Starting a local writing group - 101

I want to start a somewhat social / productive writing group with some friends & acquaintances of mine where I live who are all women. I could use some advice on how to get it started. A bit more information below. [more inside]
posted by hillabeans at 6:57 PM - 4 answers

December 8

How did Ricky Jay perform this "Sword of Vengeance" trick?

Now that he's gone, I'm re-watching many of Ricky Jay's videos, and his skills were of course out of this world - What a loss. You could ask the same question about any of his tricks, but here is a simple one: it's called Sword of Vengeance: He basically spins a shaggy dog tale of misdirection, and eventually lets his mark pick a random card out of a deck, the same "Two of heart" he had prepared at the beginning of the skit. So how did he really do it? [more inside]
posted by growabrain at 4:28 PM - 10 answers

December 5

Helping a Syrian Refugee Family

I've recently started volunteering with a local charity who've put me in touch with a Syrian family. I'm struggling to find online the info I'm after, because searches are just bogged down in politics and war, so if you know anything about Syrian culture, or have experience of teaching English to Arabic speakers I'd really appreciate your help! [more inside]
posted by sarahdal at 2:22 PM - 5 answers

What is Christmas?

Can you recommend a book about Christmas (as in, the story of Jesus being born) for young elementary kids that does NOT lean heavily into the idea that Jesus is going to save us all? We are not religious people at all but we do celebrate Christmas, and I'd like my kids to have a basic understanding of what the story is that underpins the Christmas holiday. Ideally my kids' takeaway -- underscored by our family's other actions and words -- is that there actually is room at the inn and there is hope for the future.
posted by stowaway at 12:00 PM - 12 answers

Using fashion for dating old photos?

I have a two part question about using fashion to help date photographs. [more inside]
posted by ryanshepard at 8:39 AM - 23 answers

resistance/activism without social media, and not in big cities

If a person does not use social media, what is the best way to find activist groups to work with? How do you know if a groups is something you can contribute to, if you don't have special skills? [more inside]
posted by heatvision at 4:04 AM - 12 answers

December 3

Faith Restored

Is the "restoration of faith in humanity" a contemporary meme? Have people/media outfits in other periods of existential despair tried to "restore [others'] faith in humanity" through sharing proto-memes about inspiring events/people? [more inside]
posted by waninggibbon at 6:43 PM - 5 answers

Holiday card alternatives--could we just send a bunch of Valentines?

I'm wondering whether we really need to send holiday cards to family and friends this year, and how weird it would be to do a mass mailing with news from our family in, say, February. [more inside]
posted by witchen at 10:06 AM - 22 answers

Dingbat court? No...

MetaFilter taught me about dingbats and bungalow courts, but is there a name for this common 50's / 60's apartment/motel style? [more inside]
posted by qxntpqbbbqxl at 9:59 AM - 3 answers

Pronouns 101: they/them

I'm sometimes in meetings where people will go around the room and introduce themselves and say what pronouns they use, e.g. "I'm Chris and I prefer she/her," or "I'm Jo and I use they/them" or "I'm Brook and I use he/him/they/them." [more inside]
posted by The corpse in the library at 9:08 AM - 29 answers

November 27

Good books on the history of intelligence testing

My 17yo is looking for a good book to read on the history of intelligence testing. Recommendations? [more inside]
posted by Orlop at 10:44 AM - 7 answers

November 19

Boyfriend of 8 years possibly hinting at marriage

My boyfriend of 8 years seems to be hinting at marriage. Should I wait in the next couple of months to bring up the topic of marriage again? [more inside]
posted by Asian_Hunnie at 8:41 PM - 17 answers

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