June 12

Combining Word Docs, PDFs, and Spreadsheets in One Report

[This is a planning/strategy question.] I need advice about how to combine hundreds of pages of Word documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, and more in a single document that will ultimately be delivered as a PDF. I've done it before, but never for a report of this size, and I've got a looming deadline. Help! [more inside]
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"Busy bag" ideas with three levels of difficulty

I'm creating a set of self-contained activity bags for a set of siblings, ages 2, 4, and 6. I'm looking for ideas of activities I can create with three different levels of difficulty, to keep each of the kids engaged for a short time at their own level. Some examples inside. [more inside]
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Where are the David Sedaris haters hanging out online?

I just read the newest David Sedaris essay in the New Yorker about his experience going on safari, and I found it annoying. For many reasons, including the general narrowing of his viewpoint over the decades, his "humorous" description of cultural appropriation as sort of a shrugging, oh I've never known what it really is, like putting blue cheese on tacos, etc. Are there any comment sections or threads or recent essays criticizing his later work? [more inside]
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Narrow sporty mens flip-flop?

I just need a flip-flop to walk from the locker room to the pool and I had a pair of Reef sandals that worked well for my very narrow, flat feet, but they finally fell apart and no longer exist. It's been impossible to find a replacement--every sandals advertised as "narrow", even in women's version has been too "high volume". Can anyone recommend something?
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My website has disappeared - what do I do?

Today, I went to my website, all of 10+ years old and receive the message: "Page not found. Sorry, the requested page could not be found." I went to my domain host, but have received no reply....I can still use the site's email address and send and receive email, but no access to the site. Any suggestions on quick resolution. Many thanks.
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Please Help Me Buy Stuff in a Large Self-Serve Bakery

I'm staying in a non-tourist area of Hanoi, and every day I walk past an *amazing* large bakery, but I never go in because... TBH I've never been in this type of self-serve bakery before. I *think* you just get personal tongs and put stuff on a tray which you then take to the checkout (maybe specifying eat-in or take-out?), but I don't speak Vietnamese so my brain thinks any incorrect assumptions could spark an international incident, and so - so far - no pastries for me (I know how ridiculous this all sounds, yes). [more inside]
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June 11

Any advice on scaling up home drink recipes to production (infusion)

Long story short: Been making homemade nocino for several years, always at the couple jars level. Last year, got my grain neutral spirits from a distillery in exchange for some of the liquor. He liked it; we're scaling up to make it a legit recipe. Thing is, like many home cooks, my measurements were super loose—how do I adjust "to taste" into a solid purchase order? [more inside]
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Meta Quest 3 for the fun-seeking nauseated person

I got a Meta Quest 3. Please recommend fun things I can do where I move through the virtual world as I do in reality. Moving through the virtual world differently is giving me terrible motion sickness and I don't want to just basically watch tv through it (i.e. I want to DO something). I have access to squash courts (i.e. a large space with nothing to trip over or bump into). Please recommend cool things.
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Fresh Lime

I'm reading the Miss Marple story, A Caribbean Mystery, and am currently stumped by my own mystery, what is the "Fresh Lime" she keeps ordering? [more inside]
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Harmonic Convergence

What is your favorite music featuring vocal harmonies? All genres welcome here. [more inside]
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Neurodivergence and/or having disorders

When I view myself as being neurodivergent, I feel happy about who I am. On the other hand, thinking of myself as having certain personality or psychiatric disorders makes me feel unlovable. In fact though, it’s at least as likely that I have those disorders as that I’m neurodivergent. [more inside]
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Online Classmate Is Making Me Uncomfortable

I started an online graduate program last week, and a classmate reached out to me on social media. I have no problem with this in general, but he's been extremely forward about wanting to build a relationship with me, and I just wanted to be friends (now I don't even want that). Any and all advice is welcome! Thank you. [more inside]
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Give me some examples of loving fathers

I'm pretty sure my father was emotionally neglectful but I can't really articulate how. I'm in treatment for CPTSD related to this and can sort of reverse engineer that things must not have been great given how much of an effect on me it had, but it's hard to understand what I didn't get so I'm struggling both to grieve and to do reparenting work. [more inside]
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Does everyone convicted get to appeal.

The thought entered my mind that every convicted criminal [more inside]
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What is the best Bluetooth speaker for city bike rides in 2024?

Do you listen to music while riding a bike? What is the Bluetooth speaker available in 2024 that rules, considering volume, battery, portability, cost, and other factors? [more inside]
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Trying to get my student loans waived (TPD), need help with a snag.

As I am totally Deaf (100%, cannot hear at all), I have many Deaf friends who signed up for the permanent total forgiveness of student loans and were successful. I decided to do the same thing, but my doctor is saying that my Deafness doesn't qualify because it doesn't prevent me from doing substantial activity. [more inside]
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Modern equivalent of framing business's first dollar?

My spouse is opening a store! I love the tradition of framing the first dollar the business earns, but it's 2024, and the store will be cashless. What do new businesses do these days?
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Help me creatively give paper money to a teenage prankster

This Friday, a 16-year-old family friend is finishing his GCSE exams. He is a known prankster and loves magic tricks, weird notes, and any chance for silliness. (For example, he was dared to find a way to make a calculator disappear, so he broke it down into its component pieces and glued them under a desk. Maths teacher was secretly impressed, but Goofy Kid still got in trouble.) [more inside]
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Is getting a Commercial Real Estate Broker worth it?

So we're looking for a small 1000 sq ft retail location. Is it worth it to engage a CRE broker to help us? [more inside]
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What language was this poorly translated from?

I’ve been reading a fan site where the text is obviously machine translated with poor results. It keeps me on my toes trying to understand things, but I’ve gotten curious what the original language was. I’m hoping someone can look at the translated text and make a good guess. [more inside]
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Help me find cool, weird, rare edible herbs for my garden

I have installed a new herb garden in my US Midwestern yard this year and I am looking for suggestions on interesting perennial edible herbs to add to it beyond the obvious culinary classics (rosemary, sage, thyme, etc.). What should I grow? [more inside]
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Short readings in philosophy

I have no attention span. I would like to learn a little about notable moments/movements in philosophy. What should I read? [more inside]
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Chairs similar to Secretlab?

I tried a friend’s Secretlab gaming chair, and it was one of the most comfortable things I’ve ever sat in. Better than a La-Z-Boy. I'm wondering if there are other brands that make ergonomic computer chairs that recline and are extremely comfortable and luxurious feeling?
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TravelFilter: Drive from Zion, UT, to San Luis Obispo, CA.

This leg is part of our summer adventure and I'm looking for info/recommendations. We don't want to meander too much, and Google Maps routes us through Las Vegas, the Mojave Desert, and Bakersfield, Routes 1I5-58-I5. Anything special worth stopping for? General advice? Alternate routes to suggest that don't lose several hours?
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Supporting a parent in search of their biological family

My mother was adopted by my grandparents. She wants to search for her biological family. How can I support her? [more inside]
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Test for estrogen receptors if you DON'T have breast cancer?

I went to a psychiatrist because, after a hysterectomy and removal of ovaries, I have a lot of possibly hormone-related symptoms (hot flashes, irritability, anxiety) and he suggested I go to a gynecologist and get an estrogen patch prescribed. But [more inside]
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import { inspiration } from "askme"

Where do you get your inspiration for hobbyist coding projects? Alternatively, do you have an idea for a little web app you'd like to see? [more inside]
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June 10

Squeaky clean

How do you wash your dishes wearing dish gloves and actually get them completely clean? [more inside]
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Two-player turn-based iPhone games for Dad and Teen

I'm looking for two-player turn-based iPhone app games, ideally with a little bit of chat and that don't require sharing information or logging in. [more inside]
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Google Docs for dictation plus hundreds of pictures?

Hi! I have a tech-averse friend of a certain age who needs to generate reports with potentially as many as several thousand photos with associated descriptions. There is a proprietary software that generates the reports from the raw material of text and images. She has an employee who uses this proprietary software. This question is about her gathering the raw material. [more inside]
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Remote therapy employer that doesn't suck

Mrs. Thief had an accident and is working remote under doctors orders. Long term, she is looking to work remote full time. She's a LCSW and licensed in a couple states. For those who do this kind of work, which sites would you avoid/recommend? She'd like to be equitable to her clients, so those that do a good job helping their clients is a bonus.
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Folk mash-up song?

It's a solo male artist with a guitar singing a mashup of folk songs. I think his last name is Black but I'm not sure. The song ends with "Well it's hard, but it's harder to ignore it. The answer my friends, is blowing in the wind, and rockabye sweet baby James." [more inside]
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oh what a tangled web unreliable narrators weave

Someone told me an elaborate whopper, representing a wish fulfillment fantasy as reality; I would like to understand better the mental and emotional state that can produce that "genre" of a lie. Details below. [more inside]
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what terminal is my flight at?

I am flying porter airlines from SFO to Toronto. My email from porter says I am at terminal i (not 1). But I do not see a terminal i. Some sources say porter leaves from international terminal A, some say from Harvey Milk. Anyone know what's up?
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Basic physics question

I’ve managed to confuse myself (it’s not hard) about objects supposedly accelerating at the same rate when you drop them. More inside. [more inside]
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Self-employed tax credits for sick and family leave during Covid?

A freelancer friend just told me about a relatively unknown Covid-era tax credit that may be still available to folks like us. I'm wondering if this it worth pursuing. [more inside]
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What's up with E-Cards these days?

Need to coordinate getting a card signed by people across the state. What is the best in e-cards these days? [more inside]
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ID a specific monument location in Père Lachaise Cemetery

I want to find a specific monument from a photo in Pere Lachaise Cemetary in Paris so I can find it in person. [more inside]
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Education funds across countries

My husband and I would love to start education funds for our niece and nephews. We are in the US, his family is in Canada (Quebec specifically). We're happy to set aside the money in a regular ol' account here, but maybe there's a better way? I don't believe the parents have this figured out on their end yet, but if there's a way for us to contribute to something they'd need to open, we're totally happy with that too. Anyone familiar with what our options may be? [more inside]
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What made me ill in my meal-prep?

Made some frozen burritos last week, all were fine - except after one which made me super nauseated. What the hell happened there, and is there something with meal prep food safety I'm missing? [more inside]
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What to buy the office with excess supply money?

Our office is budgeted about $10,000 a year from big evil corporate to spend on "supplies". Things like batteries, keyboards, mice, chairs, etc. This year, so far, we have spent about $3,000. And you know the drill, what you don't use, you lose! Last year we bought a grill, a mini fridge, etc. People generally have comfortable standing desks and chairs already. What open-office-supplies would be nice to have that would fit this spending amount for a team of ~30 people?
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Can I still find a puffer jacket in Calgary?

We're from Atlanta, Georgia (where it's already warm), and we'll be travelling with our children to Calgary next week. The problem is that our kids have outgrown this year's winter jackets and the stores around us all have beach gear for sale instead of any remaining winter apparrel. Can anyone tell me if there's any place in Calgary where we might still be able to buy puffer jackets for them? I've checked Wal-Mart's website, but it doesn't look like they're still in stock :(. Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks!
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How to delete files from Adobe Cloud storage?

I accidentally saved a file to Adobe Cloud Storage in Acrobat. I want to delete it, but when I sign in to https://assets.adobe.com/cloud-documents with the same email. I don't see it there. Where can I go to delete this file? It still says "successfully saved to Adobe Cloud Storage" in Acrobat.
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Mother-Daughter Getaways Near Baltimore?

My five-year-old daughter and I have ten weeks of summer break stretching out ahead of us. I stay home with her, and much of the break will be spent at swim lessons or running in sprinklers while eating popsicles. However, I'd like to organize a couple of Mother-Daughter overnight trips to break up the routine. Berkeley Springs was a big hit when we went before. We like outdoorsy, but not super challenging, waffles, donuts, lots of downtime, and cool playgrounds. Museums and cultural type destinations would be too much stress - my kid wants to touch EVERYTHING. Any suggestions?
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Is my landlord breaching "reasonable enjoyment"?

After living in unsafe environments my entire life, I finally have moved to a place that I thought was going to be safe. However, there are some things that have happened in the (just over) month I have been living here. Due to a history of traumatic experiences, including living experiences, resulting in anxiety/PTSD, I am not sure if I am making mountains out of molehills, or if these occurrences are actually not okay. I have a great therapist, and we are working on boundaries, and trusting my gut, but currently, I still struggle with these. [more inside]
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Seeing a neurologist for migraines later. I have a headache. Suck it up?

I have an appointment for later today to see a neurologist about migraines. I have a headache now. I don't know if it's a migraine, yet. Should I throw my usual pound of OTC pills at it, or is there some benefit to actually having the headache when I go? To further complicate things, if I take medication now I may be able to forestall anything absolutely terrible and I have to take my son to baseball tonight (out in the sun) and it would be absolutely miserable to have a migraine tonight.
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Dog-centered readings or perspectives on pet loss/grief?

We lost a beloved, much-too-young dog under traumatic circumstances last week, and we are having trouble processing the loss. A friend pointed me to this Blair Braverman piece, which I found helpful, and I'm looking for similar ways of thinking about our relationships with our dogs. [more inside]
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Still Covid-positive on home antigen tests on Day 20

I’ve heard people can test positive for weeks or months, but that seems to be on PCR tests, and/or people with underlying health issues or who had severe symptoms. It seems unusual for someone like me. Is it? What might it mean? Data and anecdata both welcome. [more inside]
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Are these really otters?

We were hiking with our dog this morning around a loch in a remote area of northwestern Scotland and came across a sight we'd never seen before. Were our eyes playing tricks on us or could this really be hundreds of otters swimming in the loch? Otters??? [more inside]
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How common is this sexual dynamic?

I am trying to get a feeling for how common particular pattern that is present in my sexual relationship with my partner, and whether her or my (or both) of our reactions are reasonable. [more inside]
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"Invisible" phone/ wallpaper

There's got to be a non-scammy app that feeds the camera live to the background image, right? Android. [more inside]
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June 9

Free resources to improve my singing

I’d like to improve my singing. [more inside]
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I sailed my ship of safety til I sank it

The confluence of circumstance, inertia, and an unexpected hearing of that certain Indigo Girls song led me to wonder about other such songs, poem, stories (incl. your stories). Interested to hear or read of other reflections on recovering from having become lost or diminished or paralyzed in a fear that we'd thought was serving us, but ends up being much more of a detriment & brings us to rob ourselves of possibilities. Would love to hear whatever you've got, no matter what or how small. It's only life, afterall. [more inside]
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Loving your child with ex's traits

I'm childless and never married. I've always been curious if as a divorced parent, and you see traits of your ex,physical or otherwise, in the child as they grow up, [more inside]
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"What is this?", episode elebenty-billion

I'm still playing Real Estate Scavenger Hunt, and have come across yet another item (or, in this case, multiple items) I haven't a clue what they are. Can you help? The image is here.
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What's a good, ideally free replacement for Photoshop Mix

I used to use Photoshop Mix for iphone for very basic things, erasing background on one photo and plonking it into another photo for comic effect. It has vanished in a puff of capitalism. Is there a good substitute for this kind of thing?
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"Gas money" in 2024

How many cents per mile should I ask my friend for, after a carpool trip using my car? [more inside]
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Automotive Electronic Display Gone Glitchy - Gremlins?

I'm trying to diagnose why my car's touch screen has been losing it's mind lately, and need brainy or experienced people to help me figure it out. Bonus for figuring out how to make it stop. [more inside]
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Airline Ticket Refund Policies

I am considering a flight via Delta to visit a dying parent. If the person dies before my visit, is the ticket refundable? [more inside]
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Recouping taxes paid on casino winnings as a non-resident

Asking for my parents: Any info on recouping taxes paid as a Canadian on casino winnings in the US? [more inside]
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