November 11

Getting my foot back in the door with Apple, and other job-hunting tips?

After being laid off from my previous job, I have tried to get back in the door at Apple Retail, but seem to be hitting a brick wall so far. Also running into brick walls with my job search. [more inside]
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Preview won't delete pages from a PDF (OS X Mojave 10.14.6)

I've opened up a PDF of a practice ACT test I got from Prep Scholar here. I want to split it up into the separate test categories, rather than having one single document for the whole test. I opened it in Preview, clicked on a thumbnail of a page I wanted to remove, clicked the delete key -- nothing happened. The "delete" feature from the Edit menu is grayed out. Is the PDF saved in such a way that the user can't edit it? If so, does anyone know a workaround?
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How do you get into the "don't even care if I have sex," state?

Sometimes when I'm with new potential partner, I'll *really* want sex. Other times, I can get into a sort of compassionate, caring state where there's much less internal pressure to have sex. It's very distinct. And it makes relating go much better. I don't know how to reliably do this, though. [more inside]
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Need iPhone app to listen to MP3s at variable speed and make bookmarks

Looking for the best app for listening to MP3s of interviews on my iPhone. Requirements inside. [more inside]
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How do I get the hair I had in India?

I recently spent a month in India, where my hair was all soft and wavy with lots of body. My hair is usually stick straight, fine and thin, and often quite dry (but so fine that any product makes it look limp and even thinner). My best guess is the high humidity was what made my hair look so nice. How do I replicate that back in dry Australia? [more inside]
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Help me easily track my water intake

I need something that will stick on the side of my refrigerator, and allow me to track the number of glasses of water I drink. What is that thing? [more inside]
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Do I live only so that I may die?

What is the purpose of my life? - this is a question I have been thinking a lot about. [more inside]
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Fun shows set in the past

My husband and I are looking for a series to watch on Netflix or Prime that we both enjoy. This is difficult. We've narrowed it down to a) must be set in the past and pay attention to historical details, and b) should have interesting characters you can root for and intelligent plot. Humour is also good. So far we have enjoyed Mad Men and Life on Mars (British version) as well as House of Cards (British version). [more inside]
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Help me decide where to live

I'm moving out of my apartment next month and trying to decide between three different places I could potentially move to, each with their pros and cons. I have to make a decision in the next day or two - help! [more inside]
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How to handle this? Newly anxiety-inducing relationship with SIL.

Metafilter has always been there for me when I am in an anxiety spiral about something. I would not say I am in one now, but I was recently and upon reflection could still use advice about how to deal with this new situation with my sister in law. I never thought there was any conflict in our relationship until recently. I'll try to keep it from being too wordy but snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Funky commercial investment for personal use

There is a commercial building in my neighborhood for sale and I'm interested in purchasing for personal use (i.e. art studio), but need advice on how to go about looking into it. Details below. [more inside]
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MusicBrainz Picard tutorial?

Could someone point me to a tutorial, please? I've looked at the ones on, howtogeek, and, all found by googling, and I find them all not basic enough. I thought I was computer-savvy enough, and music-savvy enough, but I feel defeated. None of the screenshots of interfaces seem to correspond to what I see in my version (2.2.3). [more inside]
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How to take handwritten notes on Surface

I am going back to school and I have a Surface. I understand that I can take handwritten notes on the tablet and I am very excited. What app do you recommend? It looks like there is a lot you can do in OneNote. How do I get started? How can I get organized with OneNote? [more inside]
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Should I get rid of my toxic friend? How?

Hi everyone. My friend and I are both 30F and have been friends since we're 4 years old. Here's a brief description of my friend and our friendship. The positive: My friend and I can talk about pretty much everything and she's my go to when things get rough. I do believe she genuinely cares about me. When I'm down, she doesn't kick me down further and has reassured me and complimented me in the past. [more inside]
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Hack for making cold brew coffee and lattes at home

We would are working on getting financially fit and we need to cut our coffee budget. I am interested in making cold brew coffee and lattes at home so that we can ditch Starbucks. Any tips on the best cold brew system to buy? And, an inexpensive and easy to use latte maker? I heard about Aeropress, any thoughts and advice? [more inside]
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Flying Seattle to Heathrow with BA—can I put hand luggage in the hold?

On the way over from Heathrow to Seattle I screwed up and had a few toiletries that were 150ml (where the max was 100ml). Luckily I had the option to stow my hand luggage in the hold. Will I have the same option on my return journey, also with BA? I want to keep my toiletries and avoid paying for extra luggage.
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How to find a part-time nanny/childcare/general help in San Francisco?

My San Francisco-based friend has a 4 m/o daughter, and has had a very very tough time with pregnancy, birth, and the first few months of her baby's life. She needs help, but she's too overwhelmed to figure out where to start. Do any of you SFers have tips or resources for finding a nanny or other childcare help? [more inside]
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Windows update can't connect and other issues

I'm having a host of Windows 10 issues that I think are generally related to a corruption of user account control, and I can't figure it out. I first discovered this when trying to run Windows Update and it cannot connect, having last successfully updated in March 2019. Details inside. [more inside]
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Picture books for toddlers I should not miss

My three-year-old has, overnight, lost interest in baby board books and wants real paper, and stories. Yay! Reading with him is so much more fun now that it’s not just pointing out all the fire trucks. Where do I go from here? [more inside]
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Portuguese-language documentaries about community climate response

I'm looking for Portuguese-language documentary films that show how a Portuguese-speaking community has come together in response to a climate event. [more inside]
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Larger photo of cat

I'm looking for a larger resolution picture of a cat (a tabby, not necessarily orange, either classic or mackerel pattern is fine) in the exact position found in this piece of stained glass. Different pictures for head/body/tail are acceptable but not ideal.
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Selling your home to buy a new home (UK)

We are considering selling our London flat in order to buy one that will better suit our needs. We've never done this before. (We were first-time buyers when we bought our current flat.) I have questions about the timing of selling and buying, as well as choosing an estate agent. I'd also love any general advice from people who have been through this process in the UK. (UK-centered answers only, please) [more inside]
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Flashcards for LinkedIn?

Is there an app that will slurp in my LinkedIn connection photos, and quiz me about their names/job titles/organizations?
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Google is useless

The company that administers my mortgage charges a $20 "pay to" fee. What the heck is a "pay to" fee? [more inside]
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Job interview prep to lessen anxiety

I have a job interview coming up at the end of this week (yaaay), but I have become filled with anxiety and almost dread about the upcoming interview. I've been avoiding preparing for it, or even thinking about it... how can I best prepare for it? [more inside]
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Checklist for viewing a prospective house?

We might be moving and thus looking for a new house. But it's been close to 2 decades since we've been house hunting and we're feeling kinda lost/overwhelmed with what to check for when viewing a prospective house. Anyone got a link a good checklist to use as a starting point? [more inside]
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The US immigration border crisis - where to donate?

In order not to feel so helpless, I want to donate to organizations that are mitigating ICE policy at the border: detention, forced separation, and deaths. [more inside]
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Should I move forward with getting engaged?

I'll make this intro short. I've been dating my girlfriend for the past 2.5 years, and she talked with me yesterday about how she wanted to get engaged. I want to as well. The problem is that I don't feel financially secure enough in my career growth. The reason this is an issue is because gf's parents are strict Indian people who have told me that they want me to be in a certain place before accepting me and moving forward.
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Is all work "a pie-eating contest where first prize is more pie" now?

This phrase used to be how lawyers joked about what it was like to advance in their industry, but it's starting to feel like all work is this way. Are there exceptions? [more inside]
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Can I even lift bro?

I recently started working out with a personal trainer but she missed so many sessions I need to figure out how to move forward without her. I wanted to begin a starting strength program, but she expressed concerns that I wasn't ready for the most common beginner weightlifting programs. Should I begin a training program on my own or find a new personal trainer? Or something else? [more inside]
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D&D etiquette, or how can we become a better team?

We've been playing D&D for a few months now - all us players are beginners, (not the DM, he's experienced). I'd like to know about ways to ensure that we have the best group dynamics possible. How to avoid players getting too frustrated with one another. Slight complication, the DM is on Skype, but all the players are in the same room. [more inside]
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Another Brexit Question OR where to go w/5 yo in Feb 2020

We’re making plans for school vacation week, 2/17-21/2020. The next Brexit deadline is 1/31/2020. We’re trying to decide where to go, and are a bit torn. [more inside]
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managing travel receipts for Xledger(is there an app for that??)

I both tend to lose receipts, and even if I've kept hold of them, fail to hold attention all the way through the tedious xledger entry process to actually get the reimbursement form submitted. Does an app exist where I could snap a photo and QUICKLY code it for easy upload/entry later? Bonus points if it specifically works with xledger! [more inside]
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Teen books where friends are imperfect

My 11-year-old son is struggling with new friendships at a new school. He is very loyal to his friends, who can be difficult and get in trouble, and that can lead him into trouble. I would like to find teen fiction books that address these kinds of situations -- for example, where the kids have friends, and those friends are imperfect and do bad things, and kids have to decide how they will respond. I'd also be interested in teen fiction that addresses issues of troublemaking, independence or loyalty more generally. He is a fairly mature reader for his age, so books aimed at 10-14 year olds might fit the bill.
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Finland fun! Difficulty level: cold and rainy November

We have a couple of weeks in southern Finland. Most of the recommendations on here have been for summer. We are looking for recommendations for November. What are your top tips?
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November 10

Anyone has experience with the minimally invasive hallux valgus surgery?

Hi all, I'm curious to your experience if you've had the new style, minimally invasive hallux surgery, Percutaneous Bunionectomy, where they make several small incisions instead of 1 to 2 large ones? If yes, what was your recovery like, do you have loss of mobility, and overal, are you satisfied with the results? [more inside]
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Has animal behavior study led to direct understanding of human behavior?

What examples of studying the behaviors of animals led to breakthroughs in understanding the behavior of humans in a direct or correlative way? As in, has a Jane Goodall of some species study (like meerkats) been like "Eureka! Meerkat behavior for how they don't want to take out their trash is exactly like teen males!" Or is there some discipline in behavioral studies that is dedicated to finding these common links?
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Green tomatoes while nursing

I ate raw green tomatoes. Can I breastfeed? The Poison Control hotline confirmed that there can be toxins like solanine that theoretically can pass through breast milk, so to be safe, i should give the baby stored breast milk and "pump and dump" for a day. Really? [more inside]
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Allergic to new puppy. Looking for advice / success stories

Hello fellow sufferers. So the title is pretty explanatory. My family wanted a puppy so after a lot of research we identified the breed etc. I (the potentially allergic person) even had a skin allergy test done. The tests came back negative, but the allergist cautioned me and said basically they only test for major proteins and it was possible I was reacting in the real world to proteins that they dont test form. [more inside]
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Help Identify (indie?) Card Game Like Set + Memory

This year at XOXO Fest I played a card game that had elements similar to Set and a basic memory game. You placed square cards upside down and then took turns either viewing, flipping, or sliding cards IIRC. The object was to make a set of cards in a row. [more inside]
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Boys vs Girls

A question just came to me as I was looking over legal papers. Is there any research that says that men who father mostly girls do or don't get along with men who mostly father boys? [more inside]
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Buffet Recommendations in Las Vegas

Are there any Vegas buffets that will have no wait? This is for a weekday (breakfast, lunch or dinner). We want whatever the best options are that won’t have a wait. Thanks!
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This one is kind of a necessity

My landlord is refusing to fix a broken toilet, claiming it's my fault that it keeps clogging and therefore it's *my* responsibility to hire a plumber and pay for the subsequent repairs. Meanwhile, my toilet keeps clogging up so badly I can't use it and it's only a matter of time until it floods the apartment and rains shit water on the shop downstairs (sorry but it's true). [more inside]
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Learning to read tarot - first steps?

Looking for suggestions -- books, websites, personal anecdotes -- about what to do once you realize, "I want to learn to read tarot." (Like, other than "Buy a deck," what are the literal next few steps?) [more inside]
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Soft Skills courses for introverts

What are some great "soft skills" management courses (especially geared to deep introverts, socially anxious, low EQ type people) that I can ask my job to pay for?
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Can Someone Offer Me Any Kind of Explanation of this Behavior?

There is a man I just cannot get out of my head, so I made a bold move. His response has been...puzzling. Can someone offer insight? [more inside]
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Where to eat in San Juan

I’ll be spending a few days at La Concha resort in San Juan, PR and would like to eat amazing food that locals eat. The nearer to the resort, the better. Where should I go?
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What's a non-Apple replacement for an iPod Nano?

It finally happened: my iPod Nano 7 bit the dust. I bought the Nano 7 as a replacement for a previous Nano 5, even though the 7 was the obviously inferior model, lacking the scroll wheel. I see that the Nano is no longer manufactured in any model, leaving only the iPod Touch, which has all the drawbacks of the 7 and is also way too huge. It's clear that Apple no longer makes products I want to buy, so where do I go from here? [more inside]
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What is your chill vibe?

I'd like to know what environment/mindset really resonates with you--is there an awesome place in your head that may or may not exist in reality that really ticks your boxes re: safety, comfort, relaxation, and empowerment? Do you know why it resonates with you? And if not have you considered it? As much detail as you're comfortable giving is welcome. Example inside if this is abstruse; I guess it's sort of like the idea of a "happy place" but specific. [more inside]
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should I stay or... you know the gist

My job isn't fulfilling me creatively, and is causing me a lot of anxiety, but I can't really decide once and for all whether I should stick around and suck it up and know I'm getting a good salary in a sector that is meaningful to me, or whether I should leave and risk ending up with a worse salary or an equally toxic job elsewhere. I feel like this question has been asked a thousand times, but I just need some help getting over the hump. [more inside]
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Gaining Perspective on Unrequited Something or Other

When we were 21 years old, a friend had a crush on me and I rejected him. 12 years have passed, and we have kept in touch despite living thousands of miles apart. We've traveled together, were roommates for a time, etc. Neither of us has made a move since that one rejection, and I doubt he is interested anymore. But I am. I miss him a ton and fantasize about us being together. And then I get sad. Should I dismiss these fantasies or should I make a move? [more inside]
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Really really long audio recs needed with no sexual violence content

I’m working on a several month project that involves listening repeatedly to conversations about sexual trauma for long hours. I use audiobooks to unwind while I do chores and craft and I have run out of non-sexual violence content. I’ve tried only YA audiobooks but so much coercion! Loved The Magnus Archives but maybe less nihilistic. I hate true crime. I need at least 20 to 100 hours of content In one books or podcast, something I can sink into.
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Favorite stops along I-70, St. Louis to Limon, please!

Asking for a friend: What are your favorite places to stop/eat/shop/browse/stretch your legs along I-70 from St. Louis, Missouri to Limon, Colorado? Long road trip ahead, looking for places to take brief pauses along the way. Thank you! [more inside]
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Wherefore art thou pawpaws?

I would like to acquire some pawpaw fruit in time for Thanksgiving. Is this possible? [more inside]
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I need legal help with my taxes in NY.

A few years ago I owned a business. As part of the business dissolution, I received a relatively hefty sum in personal goodwill separate from the sale of the business assets and customer list. Unfortunately, at the end of the business sale process my life took a real turn and I never got everything handled with the IRS. I need to know who to talk to and in what order. [more inside]
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Another Name my Blog Question - Women's Health Edition

I'm planning to start a blog that focuses on managing Endometrial Cancer, PCOS, and infertility. These are three separate issues that are linked. There are many blogs out there that focus on PCOS and infertility, but fewer that focus on Endometrial Cancer, so that will be the primary focus in the beginning. [more inside]
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Help Me Give To Teachers

Mr. Westridge and I would like to give some assistance to teachers in our area this Holiday season. We don't have kids, and so are pretty clueless regarding whats needed and how to get it into the right hands. Details follow. [more inside]
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Where to vacation (with swimming) in Feb/Mar?

I’d like to make a long list of possible vacation options for a long weekend in February or March. Details inside: [more inside]
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Limits of time on a 7”

I’m working on an EP that I planned to release on a 7”. I’ve read that 7” records have a limit of seven minutes a side, and one side is coming out to eight-ish minutes. Is seven minutes at 33 the hard limit for time on one side of a 7” record?
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Smoke alarms in basement

I’m a first time home owner. My basement has furnace, water heater, and laundry (all gas powered) and the electrical panel. Should I put a smoke alarm in my basement? If so, how will I be able to hear it in the middle of the night? My bedroom is in the finished attic 3 floors up.
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