July 23

Still no/little sense of smell/taste... advice?

YANMD. I emailed my doctor a few days ago, but didn't hear back; probably because of lingering impacts from CrowdStrike. I've been trying smelling items and have taken Flonase everyday for the last week+1/2, and Sudafed on/off when I feel congested, but nothing, nada. I'm getting worried. Have I permanently lost my sense of smell/taste, do you think? [more inside]
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Audible kids account on android

The internet unhelpfully tells me about Amazon households but no way on how to actually link them. Help? [more inside]
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Experiences with APS

If you or a loved one had experience with Adult Protective Services, can you tell me more about what that experience was like? [more inside]
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What is rest actually for?

I have a pretty bad cold, but my responsibilities are making it hard to rest. I feel overwhelmed and guilty when I think of my pets. I feel inadequate and anxious thinking of other care duties like visiting elderly family members or supporting my husband (who is more or less on bed rest because he just had back surgery). Overall, I feel resentful and fragile and very sad. I think it might help me to understand why my body needs so much rest right now. [more inside]
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Roommate A/C issue - any other solutions?

My roommate and I each have a room on the third floor of a house. It's a half attic and the rooms are across from each other and almost identical, aside from the windows. My window won't hold a window A/C unit, hers will. I have a portable A/C. She insists on using a portable A/C anyway, and when we have them both on, it trips the breaker. [more inside]
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Best way to do Maya Riviera in five days

What's the best approach for a dad and daughter to spend five days in Maya Riviera in late August? [more inside]
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Places to buy jigsaw puzzles NOT designed by AI?

What it says on the, erm, "box." We are a dedicated jigsaw puzzle family, and it's become incredibly difficult to find puzzles that don't have an AI-generated feel. We do not like the hyper-bright colors, or compositions that feels generated, not intentionally designed. I miss the days of photos of real, beautiful places that haven't been made cartoonish through hyper-color saturation. Another family member enjoys the Americana style paintings (Jane Wooster Scott); in general, things that look natural or painted by a human. Where can we still find these??
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Creative Commons: what am I not thinking about that I maybe should be?

I'm thinking seriously about releasing a feature length animated movie with a Creative Commons License, specifically one that allows for reuse (in whole or part) for commercial ends, though I would have to be credited (attributed), and any reuse would need to be shared under the same terms (see link below). I'm comfortable with the decision. I haven't taken it lightly. But is there something I'm not considering that I should be? Is there some Creative Commons (Copyleft) horror story that you're aware of? Maybe it happened to you, maybe someone you know. [more inside]
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Where to buy a bottle of wine in Berkeley?

I'm in North Berkeley CA for a brief spell, but I don't live here. I want to pick up a nice bottle of white wine, under 25 dollars. Nice, but neither I nor my friends are wine aficionados. Planning to go to Berkeley Bowl in any case, so would I find something there? Or should I go to a wine shop, in which case, please suggest one. Thanks!
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Help me stay hydrated!

I have a silly question as well: where do you find good water bottles, and (separately) for cheap water bottles? My collection of cheapies is running low, and now the one nice water bottle has gone astray. [more inside]
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Need advice/ombudsman for a Medi-Cal hospital discharge situation

I'm trying to help a friend who lives in California, is on disability and is covered by Medi-Cal, but I don't live there or understand the intricacies of the system. She's being told she will be discharged from the hospital where she is now, but she cannot walk or do any ADLs and she doesn't have any support at home. What can she do? [more inside]
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bent pans, bent coils. Questions about electric cooking.

Get outta here, gas cooking ranges, we're going electric. My rental house has an electric range, which I prefer over gas. However, there are gaps where the bottoms of my pots and pans don't touch the heating elements. How does this impact heat transfer, and how do I fix it? [more inside]
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Dumbest AskMe ever.

Fellow real estate looky-loos, why do super expensive houses have more bathrooms than bedrooms? [more inside]
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Can I listen to the audiotapes of Rigoberta Menchu's testimonio?

I am aware that they are likely in a Spanish that would be difficult for me to understand although I generally understand Spanish. [more inside]
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Is there such a thing as a high-end drinking bird toy?

Are there fancy versions of a drinking bird toy for sale somewhere? Ones with... metal parts? Blown glass? Anything that makes it a bit less "classroom science demo"? I'd also be interested in other solar-powered art objects/design pieces that would make good gifts.
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how do you block screens for someone else at their request?

Kidlet has agreed they need screens blocked at night. We have a house full of other people's screens that they will 'borrow', plus their dataplan mobile phone, wifi-ipad, and a smart TV. Other people in the house need to have net access so just turning off the router won't work. Kidlet is smart and has previously bypassed locks by e.g. figuring out how to download 24h of youtube content to view via system app. HELP, I am so tired.
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How to plan the minimum effective dose of internal meetings?

Is there a tool, methodology or approach that has helped your organisation to plan the least possible number of cross-functional and/or team meetings? [more inside]
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July 22

Is it worth testing for black mold?

I'm concerned we may have some black mold in our house. Is it worth testing for it (money is a issue) or should we just go ahead and deal with it as best we can? [more inside]
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Room needs to be Goldilocks temperature

There is a room in our one-story house (Midwest, US) that is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. The temperature can vary up to 10 degrees in the wrong direction, depending on the season. We're looking for the biggest bang for our buck for mitigating these two problems, with several key constraints. [more inside]
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and you get paid. and YOU get paid!

how prevalent is apple pay in paris and london? [more inside]
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Pretend you're a six year old. What is tomorrow?

Every day my daughter (six) asks me when tomorrow is. Every day I say "after we sleep". There is some premise underlying how 'tomorrow' works that she has wrong. What is it? [more inside]
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I have stumbled onto some syllables that may unlock the secret to my dog's original name. What conceivable dog names might rhyme with DOIN'? [more inside]
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Rituals for working at home?

As someone who feels sluggish and demoralized when working (alone) at home all day, I am wondering what tips you all have for working from home effectively and happily? [more inside]
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Seeking very simple website template for static site

I would like to create a simple, static website (not a blog) with a total of about eight pages. I'd like it to work well on both desktop computers and mobile devices. More info below the fold. [more inside]
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London for the not-so-mobile

My mom and I are going to London in September. Mom's mobility is limited. She can walk 1/4 mile (400 meters) or so then has to pause or sit for a few moments. She will not use a mobility aid of any kind. Given this, can you help me understand accessibility at the following sites: Tower of London, British Museum, and Buckingham Palace (specifically the tour that includes the state rooms). I'd also appreciate any other notes you have about visiting London for someone with limited walking ability.
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Wedding Verbal Jujitsu

Please help me develop a polite, pithy, and positive response to the inevitable questions that I will likely receive at my half-brother’s upcoming wedding regarding why I am not in the wedding party. [more inside]
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How to Prepare a Child for Public Elementary School?

My wife and I have never attended public elementary school, so we have no idea what to expect or how to prepare. Our 6-year-old boy will be the youngest in his 1st grade class, and holding him back was not an option. [more inside]
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Adulting Task List for Independent Living

My cousin (22 years old, nonbinary) is getting started with independent living. They are very smart, but have been delayed in achieving independence because of chronic health issues. They are also not neurotypical (ADHD and on the autism spectrum). They LOVE lists. I want to make them a list of the tasks they need to think about now that they are living in their own apartment and are responsible for their own car. The tasks I’m most concerned about including are the things that are both PERIODIC and REQUIRED, like changing the oil in your car. [more inside]
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Help me get rid of any traces of cat-pee smell

I have a sunroom (concrete floor, glass sliding doors) that used to be where the litterboxes lived. It no longer has litterboxes; and the floor has been vacuumed and mopped with water and soap - is there anything else I can do to make sure that when I hang my clothes to dry on an indoor washing line in there, they don't end up smelling faintly of cat pee? [more inside]
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I Need a Car, For Once a Week Use, For One Year

I'm moving back to the US for a year and I'll need a car, but only to drive up into the mountains early on Sunday mornings: for skiing in the winter (90 mile RT), and hiking in the other seasons (50 mile RT). Is there a way to do this (excluding public transport) without the high cost of buying a car and the hassle of selling it essentially less than 12 months later?
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AI tools for efficient slide deck design

What AI-based tools can reduce time-consuming fiddling with design and layout in Powerpoint? Ideally, it'd be great to take a bunch of fairly standard slide content, either in text format or already on (ugly) slides, and effortlessly redo it in a more elegant and usable design. Canva and MS's native Slide Design tools promise this, but don't seem to deliver. What else is there? [more inside]
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Where can I buy more durable summer basics?

I'm looking for women's shorts and tank tops that are durable enough for hiking and travel but don't look too sporty for casual social gatherings. The ones I buy from places like Target and Old Navy always fall apart, and I'm willing to spend more to buy higher-quality pieces that I can repair as needed. Does anyone have recommendations? [more inside]
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How to dispose of cross stitch samplers?

I need to dispose of a couple of cross stitched samplers commemorating a couple of life events. Before they eventually end up in a landfill, is there a better way to dispose of them? [more inside]
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July 21

Where is the best place to sit for a baroque choral concert?

Just starting to get into choral music. There is a baroque concert happening in a local church and it is general admission. Where is the best place to sit for something like this? Front row? middle? behind the conductor? On the left or right? I do know that I love the soprano voices the best.
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Best journals for computer science?

Is there publicly accessible ranking of CompSci peer reviewed research journals and their relative importance? [more inside]
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Seattle coffee for picky coffee snobs?

I'm going to Seattle soon and have already gotten great suggestions from previous AskMes. What I still need: recommendations for coffee. I was last there years ago and Vita & Vivace were the top recs, but... I am a picky coffee snob and those do not meet my high bar. Surely there are better options now. If you're also as picky as me, what modern craft coffee do you like? Obv taste is subjective but if you already have a strong opinion about a specific newer cafe being better than the classics, I want to hear it.
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How to get resin off of flatware?

Because I am an idiot, I boiled the contents of my silverware drawer. Something was in there that wasn’t silverware, and some kind of brown goo melted all over my flatware. Now it has hardened into some kind of resin or shellac. How do I get this off? [more inside]
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Where to host a session-based PDF or image that users can "annotate"?

I want to provide a link that someone can click that takes them someplace where they can type onto an image or PDF file in a unique session — if someone else clicks the same link, they'll be taken to a different session. [more inside]
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How do you let people know your iPhone and iPad are yours?

I have been using iPhones and iPads for many years, but I've never understand how someone identifies the owner of a lost iPhone that they find in a restaurant or on the street or something. How do you tell, "this is Winnie's iPhone, and here's how I contact them"? [more inside]
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Could shower water inflame my skin? Are there filters to help with that?

Is it possible the water in my apartment is making my face break out? Is there a specific shower head filter that might help? [more inside]
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Give me your most arid hand towels

I want hand towels so drying that plants wilt in their presence. I want hand towels that after you use them you need lotion to stop your skin from cracking. Or at least I want hand towels that work at least half as well as paper for getting my hands dry. [more inside]
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Conflict resolution roleplay ideas for kids

I'm doing an activity with middle school kids (age 10-14) to roleplay solving conflicts. In most examples I can think of, there's a clear "wrong" person. Instead, I'd like examples of conflicts where BOTH kids need to change or compromise. [more inside]
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Slacklining for kids: how important is it to have a second/top line?

I see that most parents introducing their kids to slackline add an auxiliary top line for arms to hold on to. How important is this? [more inside]
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SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT request for science fiction book recs.

I love science fiction stories in which it turns out that everything we know is wrong. A big discovery, a big secret, or a big truth is revealed... [more inside]
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Help me stick things to other things

I'm printing images onto 8.5 x 11 photo paper, then peeling off the back and sticking them to 8.5 x 11 pieces of cardboard. I would like to get 100% accuracy (paper lined up exactly, no cardboard showing) but for dexterity reasons I frequently end up rotating the paper by a fractional degree. What's your secret?
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Just to say..I passed my last exam! Career advice please

I passed my penultimate ACCA accounting exam! I now have one left. I'm not sure what type of accounting to do, or whether to move into an adjacent field. I am very shy, anxious and introverted and I want a job that would fit me. [more inside]
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How to be an awesome grandparent

I'm living near my grandchildren now, and I want to be an awesome grandparent. If you had awesome grandparents, please share what made them awesome. How did they make you feel safe, loved, and happy in their home? What did they do that made you really want to visit them? [more inside]
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What printer should I get?

My almost 90 year old mom needs a new printer. She's got some specific needs. Can you help me find the right one? Special snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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What's the MOST slippery furniture foot attachment I can get?

I'm getting a new dining room table and chairs. I have hardwood floors. I want not only to not scratch the floors. But say, I want with a touch of a finger to send my furniture careening across the room (but still not damage my floors), what should I put on the bottom of my furniture. Currently I have felt pads and I mean they don't stick or anything, but I would call them more "non-stick" than "actively slidey". Is there something actively slidey? Like you know how you're not supposed use pledge on your floor? I'd like the effect you get when you use Pledge on your floor. But just for the furniture. Not wheels. Oh and not ugly. [more inside]
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Call from contacts go straight to voicemail

Calls from other numbers go through and if I delete a contact their calls will go through. Android phone. No issues with text messages. [more inside]
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ISO movies depicting happily married couples

I need to watch some movies about people, fictional or not, who fell in love, got married, and had genuinely happy, healthy marriages for as long as they were together. I'm especially eager to see scenes of married couples having supportive conversations and moments of sweet, non-sexual affection. Examples inside. [more inside]
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Recovery After Full Dental Implants

I am having ALL my teeth replaced with implants. This will involve a day without teeth, and I'm assuming several days of pain/discomfort. Help me recover without going insane or starving to death! [more inside]
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July 20

Rural Living Blues

I am stuck living a 45 minute drive away from all of my social activities for the foreseeable future and am really struggling with this. Please help me figure out ways to make this situation easier. [more inside]
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Recommend me a good drinking vessel for my daily smoothie!

I need a vessel that will keep my smoothie cold, will be easy to clean, and won't invade my body with microplastics, (but a mason jar is too dangerous because I am clumsy). I can't find one that is easy to clean (the hard-to-clean areas get moldy, or the vessel is too narrow for my brush/dishwasher). I'll buy the best recommendation! Thanks!
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Instead of frozen pizza, let's have ...

We (two adults) usually have frozen pizza on our movie nights. But now, we would like to lower our cholesterol. Do you have any suggestions for what we might have instead? We'd like something that is easy, a bit of a treat, less cholesterol, and somewhat the same ballpark in price.
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11 hour layover in San Fran airport. Where can dad (84) & I rest?

My dad (84) and my son (20) and I (54) are returning from NZ in a few days. Just realized we have an 11 hr layover in San Francisco. Can we pay for a few hours in an airline lounge that has beds, showers, etc? Is this still a thing?
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If I pay for a prescription will it be harder to get reimbursed?

I have a pending new prescription and a pretty good US prescription plan. My doctor warned me the insurance companies frequently try to avoid paying for this particular medication, and then suggest poorer options instead. Sure enough the pharmacy received a request for justification from my doctor. The pharmacy has submitted the needed paperwork for my doctor to fill out, but it's been 3 days and I still don't have the medicine. [more inside]
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How to win friends and influence people, hard mode

When my nervous system is well regulated, people love me. I can have a good conversation with anyone, and people like to give me things and bend rules for me. When it's not, people don't seem to like me at all, and even seem to want to pick on me. [more inside]
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Business lunches for messy eaters

I am a messy eater and 5/7 days I will have food spots on my shirt by the end of the day. What are the best strategies for eating in a business context? [more inside]
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help make me un-doxxable on X?

Looking to start an anonymous twitter/X account in which I can share candid political opinions. I don't want my employer (or the public in general) to find out it's me. [more inside]
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