May 25

Seeking Canadian cloud service

My backup harddrive just died, and I'm thinking that I should finally put my backups in the cloud. I am in Canada and would prefer a service where my data is on a Canadian server. Any recommendations out there? I'm willing to pay reasonable costs. [more inside]
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Does this charger/case combo exist?

Wanted: a bag or pouch that plugs into the wall on the outside, has three or four USB ports on the inside, and has spaces for three or four USB devices to sit inside while charging. I want to be able to charge my devices in a tidy, contained way on my home bedside table — and then I want to be able to unplug a single plug from the wall, pick up the bag, travel to my destination, plug in a single plug, and have my devices charging in their guest bedroom. [more inside]
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20 pounds? Really?

I sleep with three(!) conventional blankets, not for the warmth, but for the weight. Seems like I'd be an ideal candidate for a weighted blanket. But based on my weight (~235 lbs.) the interweb recommends a 20-25 lb. weighted blanket for me. My current three blankets weigh ~10 lbs. combined. Doubling that seems like overkill. Is it? [more inside]
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how i learned to stop worrying and enjoy cooking

Does anyone else get 'cooking anxiety' and how do you handle it? [more inside]
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Is there a specific name for when a banner is unfurled dramatically?

I'm looking for examples of when a big physical banner is unrolled to reveal something but can't seem to find many examples. Am I looking for it under the wrong name? Is there a specific name for this?
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I am overwhelmed by tape. What tape do I buy?

I keep misplacing tools that I set down in the dense forest and/or grass where I'm using them. I have ADHD--don't tell me to put them somewhere sensible; it is hopeless. I need some BRIGHT waterproof tape that will stick to plastic and occasionally handles. Must also be able to handle sun. I googled, and there is a lot of tape, there is too much tape, ahhh. Please recommend some tape for this purpose.
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Treat windows 10 laptop like a surface pro

Could a Windows 10 laptop be set up in such a way even if it means installing a new OS what allows the company to view it as a Surface Pro and proceed to onboard the device as one? [more inside]
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Help my brother track down two SFF novels

My brother wants to find two SFF novels he read at one point, but can now no longer remember the titles or authors of. I told him tales of the fantastic novel-finding skills of Ask Metafilter, and he sent me the details. Help me prove that my boasts of this site were not mere vainglory? Novel descriptions inside. [more inside]
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May 24

Scat scat!

What animal pooped? [more inside]
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What are some healthier alternatives to creme anglais?

Weight gain and middle age means no more creme anglais on my signature raspberry bread pudding. Still, for the dessert to work, the tartness and acidity of the raspberries needs a dense, creamy, sweet counterbalancing sauce, only one that isn't as bad for you as CA. Suggestions?
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Covid #s without New York

I would like recent/up-to-date numbers of covid death/cases/etc for U.S. and U.S. without NY. Where can i find this, without having to compile the data myself [more inside]
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My cat has hepatic lipidosis. I need urgent help decision-making :(

2 weeks after my primary vet told me our 8 tear old cat had elevated liver enzyme/ALT levels and sent me home with dry food (for metabolism...) and told me to call him in a month, I took my cat to the ER yesterday (Saturday) and I was told he has hepatic lipidosis and would need immediate hospitalization and a feeding tube to fully reverse his condition and get him back to health. The cost is incredibly high. Please help me chart a course given my current understanding and options. [more inside]
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erasure of Ancient Egyptian trans history?

Sometime before the pandemic (a couple months maybe?) I read a Twitter thread where someone was talking about a case of erasure of Ancient Egyptian trans history. I'd love to find that thread again. [more inside]
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I am unsure whether I should study abroad in Germany

First, I'll start by explaining who I am. I live in Latin America, in particular Costa Rica. You can live pretty well here for the most part. However, it isn't enough for me and I want to leave. I feel stagnant and I feel that if I stay here I may never achieve my goals. [more inside]
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Looking for non-dairy chocolate candy

I have always wanted to go dairy free and now my body is forcing me to. Happily, I've discovered violife non-dairy cheese. Now I am trying to find a good substitute for chocolate candy, especially peanut M&Ms. I do not like the brand Coconut Cloud. All suggestions welcome. Thanks!
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1st person narrator mystery recommendations (with special requirements)

Recently I’ve discovered a mystery subgenre I really enjoy—clever, witty first person narrator (often a woman) who gets drawn into a twisty, slightly dark (but not too dark) mystery and decides to solve it. Please help me find more like these! The ones I’ve read and enjoyed recently: Elly Griffith’s The Stranger Diaries, Sophie Hannah’s Perfect Little Children, Nicci French’s The Lying Room, Anthony Horowitz’ Magpie Murders and The Word is Murder. [more inside]
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Help us explore financial structures for one-house intentional community

Friends and I are looking into buying a house together to live together informal coop style. We need to figure out how to structure the agreement around how people leave down the road, ideally such that they can get their money out ideally without forcing everyone else to sell also. It would help us to see examples of other small intentional communities' agreements and financial structures. Do you have one you could share, or can you recommend a resource along those lines?
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Small apartment cardio fitness equipment for a fat n00b?

I'm absolutely not looking to get skinny, but I really want to move my body more, with a big emphasis on cardio. I will admit I might be looking for a piece of equipment that doesn't exist, but I come to the fit folks of MeFi for advice! I do have some significant restrictions, and that, paired with me being a bit exercise-phobic - - I'm floundering, afraid to make an expensive mistake. [more inside]
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Sewist-filter: Tiny Irons

I need a new iron, but since I bought a steamer I ONLY use it for sewing, primarily using the point for pressing seams and corners and other targeted uses. Should I just buy a tiny iron? Are they good quality w/ settings and durability or mostly cheap/novelty? Will I regret not having a full sized iron? Reccomend me an iron please!
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So many (boneless, skinless) chicken thighs!

Because we have a fondness for Country Captain Soup and Fire Chicken, we always keep boneless, skinless chicken thighs on hand. But now, for Reasons, we have far more packages of them than we can use in a reasonable period of time making just these two dishes. Please share your favorite recipes for boneless, skinless, chicken thighs!
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Recommendations for a cheap, goof-proof printer

The last printer I bought couldn't/wouldn't talk to my laptop. In frustration I finally gave the printer away (that I was moving and it was a $40 printer didn't hurt). I've upgraded my laptop, sort of, this HP (15-dy1xxx running Windows 10) seems to have issues of its own but returning it may be problematic in this day and time. I am definitely a Luddite, feel free to explain to me as such.
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Pandemic Risk Assessment: Food prepared at home vs Takeout

Why does the following chart from Vox warn against food sharing during the pandemic when getting takeout is widely practiced? [more inside]
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Why do vacuum seal box containers lose their seal?

If only I did better in science class. [more inside]
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Whom do I contact if I want to find people who need medical fundraising?

I’m developing my side business in medical fundraising, working with people who need a closed-ended amount for medical and personal expenses due to a life-altering medical diagnosis. I am currently emailing and calling patient navigators at cancer centers in the Triangle area ( I currently live in Cary, NC and spend time in Asheville as well). What other segments of the community should reach out to, who work with people dealing with financial stress due to illness?
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Do people in Ireland still care about poetry?

Somehow, I've gotten the impression that Ireland is the last place in the English-speaking world where normal people still read poetry. Is this accurate? [more inside]
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visualizing complex data sources

I am working on a project that will help key stakeholders visualize and understand all of the sources currently being used in an enterprise (a big one) and then drill down to the source, how its being used, by whom, for what in multiple dimensions. [more inside]
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Book Search: A Book About Recording Rock Music Written in the late 80s

The book explored how various artists used the recording studio to sculpt music as opposed to how it's played live. I recall there were specific chapters on the works of Martin Oldfield and Jimmy Page. [more inside]
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Taking Advantage Of Stand Mixer

I'm temporarily staying with my sister, who has a stand mixer. As someone who loves baking I've always wanted one but never had the opportunity to use one. Before I move to my new apartment, I'd love to make some recipes with the stand mixer that really take advantage of it. [more inside]
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Gamify my inbox

I used to love a site called "The Baydin Email Game by Boomerang" where you gave permission for the site to access to your Gmail inbox, and it gamified the task of emptying the inbox. But it's gone. Does anything like this still exist? [more inside]
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No really, I don't need any more filters

I want recommendations for an Android picture editing app that does at least two things easily: crop and add text. I'm tired of downloading apps only to find they basically do filters and drawing brushes but not cropping or text, so I'm looking for help. Bonus points for open source and/or free.
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My name, PayPal, and IDs

I have a PayPal check waiting for me and I have to verify my account so I can deposit said check in the bank. My first name on my PayPal account doesn’t match the first name on my bank account. [more inside]
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Human appreciates other human in an unclothed context; desires advice

I am a guy who likes fat women. I've recently gotten involved with a woman who happens to be fat. I want to make sure I don't treat her as a fetish object (or make her feel like one). [more inside]
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I swear I started this channel way before COVID

I have a tiny YT channel for the mobile game Design Home. This is the headset I use to record and this is what the output sounds like. How much can I improve the sound output with minimal fuss, and should I? [more inside]
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How to clean dusty plastic sheet protectors?

I left a few dozen clear plastic sheet protectors in an uncovered box and now they are covered in dust. Is there a way to clean them quickly and efficiently? [more inside]
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May 23

New to RV: Reliable internet on the road?

My spouse works in an industry severely affected by Covid, and has leave over the summer. I work remotely in IT. My job requires a stable internet connection, though I can deal with intermittent patches here and there. Spouse wants to buy or rent an RV and tour the US this summer, in places that are open and safe. It goes without saying that we, and our children, will practice safe social distancing, etc. I am more concerned about how to ensure a reliable internet connection - and sometimes I need serious access, if I am encoding a livestream (I am not a blogger, this is for corporate work). [more inside]
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Tesla Model 3 vs Honda Insight vs ???

I need to buy a new car. Because I drive a lot, I want a safe vehicle that will do lots of the “driving” for me (lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, etc). Obviously Tesla has Autopilot, and Honda has Honda Sensing. How do they compare? And am I missing any other good tech suites? [more inside]
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Catification without drilling?

I would like to install some floating "cat shelves" for my guys, James and Rory to enjoy. However, I live in an apartment with old fashioned plaster and lath walls, and my lease expressly forbids the use of screws, although it specifies that nails are acceptable. Is there a way to do this? [more inside]
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New iPhone SE 2020. Essential apps?

I just got a new iPhone SE 2020 and my previous smartphone was never my friend so I didn't do much with it. Suggestions for apps that might be useful or fun or distractions, that are essential, cheap/free... and other ways I can be friends with my fabulous new hand computer? [more inside]
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Car care in the time of Covid

I have a low mileage car that's gone about 7 months/2000 miles since its last oil change. I usually try to get one every 6 months regardless of mileage because it's an older car and I use it for a general checkup. Currenly I'm only driving about 20 miles a week thanks to social distancing. Can I wait a while longer for the oil change trip to the mechanic? I'm still trying to avoid unnecessary interactions with the public.
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Please help me help my post-operation cat not absolutely reek. Please.

My cat had PU surgery on Tuesday, and must wear the cone of shame for three weeks. Obviously, this is so he doesn't lick his butt and undo the surgery. Unfortunately, this means he can't lick his butt, which was apparently a major aspect of him being a pleasant creature to be around. Do you have any advice or experience in getting my post-surgery cat to smell less incredibly awful? [more inside]
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Closest analog for Icelandic hotdogs?

I like Sláturfélag Suðurlands hotdogs. Does anyone know what might be the closest substitute that's available in North America? [more inside]
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News image of stacked, shrouded coffins

I'm looking for a photo that illustrated a recent COVID news article, probably about overwhelmed mortuaries. The photo shows several (probably three) stacks of shrouded/cloth-draped coffins. The short end of the coffins are facing the viewer. There are say 12-20 coffins in the picture. Google-fu is failing me. Can you help me find this image?
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Ideas for what to do with leftover middle eastern flatbread

Help me repurpose a large amount of flatbread so that it does not go to waste. [more inside]
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Bike Etiquette: Mask Edition

My work will re-open relatively soon. I want to return to bike commuting. Of course I wear a mask whenever I'm outside or at the office these days. But what's the expectation when on a bike? [more inside]
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Who can help me factory reset a Chinese phone with a borked recovery?

I bought a used e-ink Android phone from someone on eBay. It's got a numerical passcode on it. I want to wipe it, but the recovery menu is skinned and in Chinese and none of the buttons cause a force wipe. Is there another way to reset the device? Or can you suggest a subreddit/forum where someone more-tech-than-me can help? [more inside]
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I don't know anything about home security. Please help break me in!

The "home security basics" websites I've seen mostly seem to be sponsored by or aligned with some preferred solution, so I'm not sure where to begin. [more inside]
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Employer suspending retirement match. Should I do the same?

I work at a private, non-profit University in the US where one of our best benefits is a 2:1 retirement match up to 5% (meaning, I put in 5%, they put in 10%). It was a no-brainer to max it out as soon as I was eligible. However as part of a cost-cutting measure, our uni is suspending match for the next FY, beginning July 1. Is it foolish to consider cutting mine back as well (or cutting it entirely) until match returns at least in some form? [more inside]
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Caturday cabin-fever-filter

If you were going to carry a chill largeish cat in a sling like a baby, how would you go about it? [more inside]
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Unidentified application window - visible for 100th of a second

I have a window that pops up very briefly, probably for less than a 100th of a second. It does it about maybe 15 times a day and interrupts some actions, like if I'm typing. How do I find out what it is and kill it? [more inside]
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Shopping for rollerblades in 2020

Looking to get back into rollerblading after a 20 year gap. But what should I look for? What brands/models are good quality? How can I compare models online while a pandemic is going on? How much should I budget for a good quality pair? [more inside]
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Seeking quality Scandinavian (synth) pop

I love the eponymous album Sin Cos Tan, by Finnish duo Juho Paalosmaa and Jori Hulkkonen which came out in like 2012 or so. For one thing, it’s a great soundtrack for driving around an urban city at night. Sample track: Sooner Than You Think; Spotify link. It made me curious what other quality Scandiavian acts I’ve been missing in the same genre. An initial search yielded nothing of merit. Any recommendations?
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Window air conditioner that filters out cigarette smoke etc.?

We live in a ground floor apartment and our only windows face a walkway where people like to gather to smoke cigarettes and sometimes use as a toilet. [more inside]
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Is a breathable face mask a thing?

I have a cotton face mask, and I am a naturally sweaty person, so it's fairly miserable to wear for long walks or extended periods. Is there a better option? [more inside]
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Books like The Good Soldier

I am listening to the audio book of Ford Madox Ford's The Good Soldier for the second time in as many months - can you help me find more books like this? [more inside]
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How do you handle confrontation with strangers?

I'm not a confrontational person, but sometimes it seems necessary. How do you approach and handle this? Details below the fold. [more inside]
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Can Marijuana Impact Efficacy Of Serotonin Drugs?

I have OCD, anxiety and depression. I'm working with a new Dr who specializes in OCD. I'm not getting better and he thinks that the marijuana may be the problem. Is this lazy psychiatry? [more inside]
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Genderqueer self-evaluation resources

I am seeking safe spaces to explore non-traditional gender issues. Not necessarily transgender issues but non-normative gender identity questioning. So less "I'm a man trapped in a woman's body" and more "the gender that goes with this body doesn't fit right but I'm not sure exactly in what way it doesn't fit right and I need questions to ask myself to help me figure this out." [more inside]
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Washington State Unemployment for Full-Time With Side Job?

I think I might have reported my side job incorrectly on my unemployment benefits application, and now I'm concerned it might get in the way of my receiving benefits. Do I need to amend my application? And if so, how do I do that? [more inside]
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Guardian crossword and iPad capital letters

Recently had to reset my iPad for other reasons, and now it fills the Guardian (UK) crossword puzzle in lower-case letters. I don't like it and want my caps back. [more inside]
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High Quality, Body-Positive Fitness YouTube?

I've been doing fitness videos on Jitsi with my mother and I'm on a quest for some reasonably body-positive quality fitness videos (ideally available on YouTube, so we can do the simultaneous viewing on Jitsi). Richard Simmons is providing good music and actual people instead of fitness models, but is hard to follow. Kathy Smith's videos are high quality, but dull and have these comments about how you're doing the video to be "toned" rather than for general fitness. [more inside]
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