November 27

Help with basic management skill

How do you make sure employees have enough to do without being a jerk? [more inside]
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What's up with the new healthcare disclaimers?

In the past few weeks I've spoken with 2 RN's on my local nurse line as well as a pharmacist, all about different issues. In all three cases, the person gave a disclaimer that they couldn't tell me what to do, that what they say isn't medical advice, etc. They've all repeated it several times. (They are saying things like "If this was me...") This is new. I figure something must have changed re malpractice laws/insurance etc recently to bring this on. Anybody know more? I'm in VA if that matters.
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Looking for cryptic crossword books geared towards someone new

Can anyone recommend a book containing a collection of cryptic crossword puzzles geared to someone who is new to cryptic crossword puzzles? [more inside]
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What could have happened to our dog and how do I forgive my mom?

We live in the country and our 16-year-old chihuahua has disappeared. I blame my mom for losing him. What could have happened to him and how do I forgive her for losing him? [more inside]
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To Cross-stitch or Not to Cross-stitch?

I love knitting and I'm considering picking up a new crafty hobby. I think I might like to try cross-stitch but I have a couple small questions/concerns. [more inside]
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Who was this male photographer featured in a documentary film?

His iconic photos included a woman in a motel room with a baby lying on a bed, a winter night at an intersection in a small town, and a woman in a room filled with water. Searching on photographer documentaries hasn't produced it yet.
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Seeking therapist or psychologist, Portland OR

See inside. [more inside]
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Looking for the finest, cheapest Chromebook (or other laptop)

Hi folks. I am looking for a low-price Chromebook or regular laptop as a gift. This needs to be new in box, so nothing refurbished or used. [more inside]
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Depression antidotes in small doses

I'm looking for brief positive things to share with friends who are having a tough time. [more inside]
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How do I counteract these cleaning product fumes?

We just moved into a new apartment and the landlords cleaned the crap out of it earlier today with bleach, Fabuloso, and Clorox bleach-free wipes. I have chemical sensitivities and the fumes are so bad I don't know if I can sleep here tonight. We have all the windows open and a fan going, but is there something we can rinse the cleaned surfaces with to get rid of any residue? Besides just water?
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Where can I buy lye?

Where can I buy food grade sodium hydroxide for making pretzels? Can buy online or in person in the SF Bay Area (East Bay). I read I should buy food-grade lye - not the kind marketed for drain cleaning. [more inside]
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No-Script Alternative

I installed No Script the other day. I uninstalled it today. I need something like it, but easier to use. [more inside]
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Vitamin D Dosage for COVID19 Preventative Assistance?

There seems to be strong anecdotal evidence (layman's definition) that Vitamin D is helpful for prevention of COVID19, or at least can't hurt, especially given our seclusion. What I've not been able to determine is what dosage to take for it. If it is weight-dependent, I'm unfortunately a rather big guy (about 350). You are not a doctor (although any Mefite physician advice is definitely appreciated, and if so, I acknowledge you are not MY doctor). [more inside]
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I'm looking for a simple music player for MacOS that queues songs

I'm finally upgrading to the last of the Intel MacBook Pro models and the newest MacOS. Unfortunately, this means giving up the music player I wrote back in 2006. I could write a new one, but I'd rather do other things in my spare time. [more inside]
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Semi Colon

There is a quote from I think a Turkish scholar, in the second world war. He was admonished for caring so much about the placement of a semi colon in the time of war, and he replied about the world depending on the well placed semi colon. Can someone remember the quote?
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How should I frame this watercolor?

A friend who is an artist -- an actual, known, professional artist -- gifted me a watercolor. It's been pulled out of a spiral-bound sketchbook, so one side of the paper has the row of punched holes with the ripped edge. Adjacent to that is the line where the paper has been lightly scored so it could have been ripped out more neatly. Now I'm going to have the watercolor framed. Should I include the ripped edge? [more inside]
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Clothing for an older woman with limited physical range (gift)

I am looking for Christmas gifts for my mother who lives independently but is in her 90's and should be easy on/off. I am thinking pant suits suitable for doctor appointments and church, but with the ease of sweats. [more inside]
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What are some date-limited natural events worth traveling to?

I'm not going anywhere for a good while, of course, but I'm dreaming of traveling again at sometime in the next few years. I'm interested in natural phenomena worth seeing that happen on a specific schedule or within a relatively limited time span. [more inside]
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best meat grinder?

thinking of getting a really durable meat grinder for a dear friend as a holiday gift. have never really considered meat grinders before.. could you guys share some stories of .. your favorite home meat grinder? was thinking I might be able to score a deal today or monday.
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Android app blocker which allows longer passwords?

I like to lock myself out of apps like Google and Chrome so I can only get into them if I really need to. I used to use one called AppLock from DoMobile Labs, which allowed you to put a really long password in (got the idea from this post). Now it won't work on my phone, and the other apps I find only have 4-digit pins. Are there any other app lock apps which allow at least 16 digit passwords?
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Unemployed and Job Hunting

Should I take a job I don't want? [more inside]
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how to do a personal time audit

I'm taking a goal intensive and need to do a time audit of how I spend my time. What are some ways to do this? [more inside]
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Cookware recommendations, please!

It's the time of year when kitchen goods are going on sale and it's time to replace our cookware but there's a dizzying array of options and I'm dividing by zero trying to make a decision. [more inside]
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Advice needed for DIY project--how much of this desk should I paint?

I'm having trouble deciding whether to paint the entire desk or just the wood parts, not the metal legs. [more inside]
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Bathroom smells, not our fault!

What is wrong with our bathroom sink drain? Can we fix it? [more inside]
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Does your robot vacuum wake up your crated dog at night?

If your dog, who sleeps in a crate, predates your robot vacuum, which you run at night, how did you introduce it? Dog tax.
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Chromebook and browser fingerprinting

If you PowerWash a Chromebook and give it to someone who starts using it with their own Google account, will it have a new browser fingerprint?
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Read aloud book suggestions for 4 and 5 year old boys?

Well. Our libraries have all closed now. We have been reading picture books but I think now its time we try to move to chapter books for me to read aloud. I would prefer enough pictures to keep the boys interested, like one per page, or one per every other page? We don't have an e-reader for kids. [more inside]
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Help me tell time

My old watch has slowed to a halt and the band is falling apart. I’d like to replace it with something not too cheap or expensive. [more inside]
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Best Coop games for PC

I'm having an old friend over for the weekend and we want to play some PC-Games! We talked about it a bit and we like to play Coop instead of against each other. We both have laptops, but would prefer to playuse on my big TV. I guess I have to purchase a pair of controllers for that, which is no problem. I am also very open to use Emulators and, for example , play some SNES classics, whatever brings the most joy! [more inside]
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Kneeling chair with adjustable seat and knee pad

I'm looking for a kneeling office chair with an adjustable seat and kneepad. At the very least an adjustable seat. One would think this would be a very basic feature to add to a kneeling chair, but I cannot find any that satisfy these conditions. Do you have any leads? Or any kneeling chairs you especially like? [more inside]
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Journaling to help ease anxiety. How?

My therapist has suggested I try journaling to help ease anxiety, especially my tendency to get stuck inside my own head and think over the same things again and again. Our session ran out of time before she could explain more though so I'm hoping to get some help here. I'd love to hear from people who journal for mental health reasons. How, exactly do you do it, and does it help? [more inside]
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November 26

I need a coffeemaker WITHOUT all the feature bloat

My darling cats knocked my coffeemaker off the counter tonight and broke the hinge on the basket. It's a Braun KF400 Aromaster 10 cup drip machine and it's faithfully served me since the '90s. (I wish that replacement parts were available, but that doesn't seem to be the case.) But I digress... [more inside]
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Tools for easy housecleaning

What tools, products or items make housecleaning easier? I'm bad at cleaning and don't enjoy it. I'm looking for products that will make it easier, more efficient, and less annoying. Cleaning the floors (particle board and tile), scrubbing the bathtub, dusting, vacuuming, vacuuming behind the bed or under the couch - blah. Perhaps a better toolkit would help me.
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When will .ss domain registration be available?

I want a .ss domain because the last 2 letters in my last name are "ss" and I think that would be a cool looking personal URL. Things like or or are already available, but all I can find online about .ss is ".SS top-level-domain is closed for now and will be made available at a later stage." Does anyone have any insight on this topic?
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What can we do about this cat?

One of our cats periodically gets violently aggressive and we’re not sure what to do anymore. [more inside]
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Inspire my Christmas tree

Thanks to the magic of 2020 I will spend my first Christmas in my own apartment with my own tree. Apart from a small number of assorted dangly things with personal significance I utterly lack decorations for the tree and am in search of inspiration. Willing to spend some but not exorbitant money and / or try some simple crafting ideas. Very open minded on style of decoration. Tree is traditional green Nordmann.
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Partner on HRT; side effects are not unwelcome, but complicated. NSFW

This will be NSFW. I can’t stress this enough. Anyways, my (basically-cis F) partner has been on a testosterone replacement regime for about a year. There have been some side effects; nothing major,, but we may be at a bit of a crossroads here. [more inside]
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We cannot come get your pie

Is this weird or not weird? Mother-in-law behavior. [more inside]
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Spooky TV shows with a team element

What are some serial TV shows/miniseries which are genuinely scary/in the horror genre, and which follow an established or official team of people investigating a series of scary supernatural occurrences? Not looking for sci fi (a la X-FILES, DARK) or a cop show devoted to investigating one supernatural-tinged crime (a la TWIN PEAKS.) And no anthologies, please - just serials. Thanks!
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App Icons - They are driving me crazy

This is such a silly thing, but I can't be the only one with this problem. I have trouble distinguishing app icons from one another. My brain does not like pictures. My brain likes words. And yet the world is becoming more and more image-oriented. [more inside]
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Cake Delivery in Stuttgart

Very specific question. I want to deliver a small birthday cake to a family member who lives alone in Stuttgart. I don’t speak or read German, and the English internet doesn’t show me any leads. Are there any DoorDash type delivery services in Germany that will transport a cake from a bakery? Or good bakeries that deliver?
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18 and vegetarian in London

What do you think is the best, most vibrant vegetarian and/or vegan guide to eating out in London that a college student would like? So, not a book whose sensibility pretty much shouts being Gen-X- or Boomer oriented. Which is all my algorithm wants to show me. It doesn't have to be youth oriented exactly, just not assuming a middle aged tourist. [more inside]
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Thanksgiving has been postponed until tomorrow

I mis-remembered how long a turkey needed to defrost. It's been in the fridge defrosting since midday yesterday. ("An hour per pound" -- NOT.) For a 12-lb turkey, it apparently needed three days to thaw! I have many questions about this! [more inside]
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Assume that I am isolating/masking and encouraging others to do so.

Is there anything I personally could do to help nurses in my area? Or even, like, one nurse? [more inside]
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I need to do some excercise before bed, I think

Right now I'm under homeworking and homeschooling pressure. While I don't spend any time thinking about work once I'm off the clock, my body hasn't gotten the message. It takes me more than an hour to fall asleep because I'm still tense, my heart is beating faster etc. I would like to get the stress response out of my system by doing something with my body. Please help me, who generally dislikes excercise, find three or four things I can do to help my body reset so I can settle down to sleep? [more inside]
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Jarred fruit mince expired. Can I still use it?

Can I eat this, expat edition. I was very excited to discover a jar of fruit mince for Christmas mince pies in my cupboard. This stuff is hard to come by in the us. BUT I bought it last year and it expired in July. It’s completely sealed and unopened. Can I still use it, knowing it will be baked into pies? Or will I need to to brave the local fancy supermarket to get a new jar?
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Frank Zappa’s cinematic legacy

Apart from 200 Motels, what were the most essential/important feature films Frank Zappa was involved in making? [more inside]
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I am never horny

I feel like if I never had sex in my life again, I could be totally fine. But is something wrong? Am I missing out on life? [more inside]
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Long distance Judaism

Ashkenazi background, Jewish mom, raised totally secular, no bat mitzvah, I live in a country with very few Jews, is there an online, asynchronous, adult Jewish education or conversion class for me? [more inside]
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Citeable source on the growth of higher ed digital presence?

I'm working on an essay for a law course I'm taking on information privacy; attempting to trace the evolution of "privacy in public" theory in the context of photo consent, and contrast it to both Canadian legislation and the growth pressures people in higher ed marketing are facing. I'm looking for information on how much higher education presence online has grown in the last decade -- increasingly large websites, more social media presences, etc. -- and it's been surprisingly difficult to find anything definitive, but I figured maybe y'all would have some ideas? [more inside]
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What show should I watch next?

Little to no violence, please, but beyond that, I'm open. LOVED Succession, This is Us, Mad Men, Veep, Fleabag, Friday Night Lights, The Wire (back when I could handle more violence). Didn't love: Mrs. Maisel, West Wing, Sopranos. Ideas welcome!
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Page flipping the internet

I have long covid. The neurological effects vary a bit but for the past few weeks I've been experiencing something like vertigo, which means my brain doesn't enjoy all the scrolling involved in internet time. I'm optimistically wondering if there is an app or extension that enables an alternative to this - something like page flipping in the Pocket app, but for the whole of the internet. I have a MacBook and an Android phone, and usually use Chrome on both, but definitely don't need to.
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November 25

Umpteenth mask question: what are the best masks for exercising?

I need some better masks for working out: mostly running (outdoor and treadmill in my apartment gym) and bodyweight training. Needs: fit is good for a woman with a somewhat small head, and with fabric that won't choke me (like my mask almost did today). [more inside]
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Piano duet books for moderate players.

Let's go beyond Heart and Soul or the Real Book. Please recommend piano duet books / pieces where *both parts* are moderate (2nd year piano skills). In "teacher / student" books, the "teacher" part is sometimes too hard.
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ID this nocturnal bird (probably)

This bird in Minnesota seemed to be crepuscular and/or nocturnal. It was first noticed in July and it was still around as recently as early October, audible at dusk and for a few hours after sunset. I don't know if it was active at other hours as well. In summer the calls were spaced roughly 5 seconds apart, while in October they were about 30 seconds apart. It was kind of like a screech but with a shift in tone that gave it a slightly drawn-out, plaintive quality. What was it? Audio links and additional details inside: [more inside]
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Is a paywall a type of firewall?

I am having a debate with friends. None of us are computer experts. Is a paywall a type of firewall? [more inside]
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Usable, scriptable singing text-to-speech?

I am looking for a cheap or free speech synthesis/text-to-speech tool that (a) can control the pitch and timing of syllables for a janky "singing" effect, (b) can be invoked straightforwardly from the command line, and (c) runs more or less out of the box on a modern Mac or Linux machine. I don't need any level of acoustic realism: it could sound like Jingle Cats with English syllables as far as I'm concerned. [more inside]
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My actifry broke. Help me pick a new air fryer.

I had a first generation actifry. It broke. I want a new air fryer for Christmas. I'm intrigued by the new models that don't have a whole in the middle (and are thus presumably more versatile), but I'm concerned that they don't (Seem to?) stir/move the food as it cooks, like the actifry did. Do they not stir the food? Do the fries get properly crispy if they're not stirred? Taking into account my non-negotiable need for crisy fries, what air fryer should I ask for? [more inside]
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Are these "smart" LED downlights faulty? Or am I the faulty one?

I bought some "smart" GU5.3 6V LED downlights for my living room. When I install them and flip the switch, nothing happens — no solid light, and no flashing light for "pairing mode". The old "dumb" LEDs work fine. What's the problem? [more inside]
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