April 17

Should I eat this: Bread Pudding Edition

Bread pudding left in oven over night. Can I eat it? [more inside]
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April 16

Google Sheets data: how to input, how to extract data.

How can I set up a Google Sheet in order to extract a certain data set? There are many more details inside... [more inside]
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Who designs the funky fountains at malls?

Who designs those jazzy fountains/water features at parks, malls, airports, etc? [more inside]
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Variants and the vaccinated

Can you point me to some actual evidence-based recent thinking about the risk of getting sick from a Covid variant after being fully vaccinated? [more inside]
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Can you ID this Puerto Rican arts television show?

A little more than a decade ago I used to watch a Spanish-language arts TV show from Puerto Rico that aired on my local PBS station. It would feature interviews with writers, visits to the studios of painters and other visual artists, performances by guest musicians, and the like. I remember it being called La Hora de las Bellas Artes but google is showing nothing for that. Anyone know what it might have been?
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Please help me sell a small boat on Craigslist

A family member is trying to sell a 16 ft O'Day sailboat. I've had an ad on Craigslist for months with no response, despite living in an area with numerous lakes. Can you provide a lively, interesting script? Or direct me to resources for writing an ad that will capture attention? I'm open to suggestions on how to get this sold asap. Thanks!
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Which of these trees have pretty flowers in the spring?

Do you know a lot about flowering trees? Can you tell me which species have traditionally pretty flowers in the spring? Northeastern US (New England). [more inside]
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Fighting Misinformation One Meme At a Time

Some members of my extended family keep posting anti-COVID vaccination shit on their Facebook pages. What are some good pro-COVID vaccination memes, articles, arguments etc., that I could post on my own page that might help them reconsider, or at least make me feel like I tried to help them see the light? The material I am looking for needs to be accessible for people with a high school education or (functionally speaking) less, so technical articles from medical journals won't work for my purposes.
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How Can My Dad Checkmate This Woodworking Problem?

Dad Swan is an accomplished woodworker who also has a fairly severe case of rheumatoid arthritis. He'd like to make his own chess pieces to go with the chess boards he makes, but the process is too fiddly for him to manage. He read in a 2004 book by Mike Darlow that there are chess piece tops on the market that a woodworker can buy and attach to their own turned bases, but I can't seem to find anything like that on the net. Woodworkers of MeFi, do you know of such a product?
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quick way to cover dvd case with fabric ?

i have an old dvd case i'd like to cover with some minecraft fabric for my friend's son .. im good at hand sewing, but would prefer to avoid bc it seems time consuming .. but i have doubts about a fusible web solution that would be workable over the nylon ish material .. any ideas ?
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Would one dentist/periodontist be willing to finish another's work?

I recently had dental surgery and was supposed to go back next week for follow-up. However, due to some major issues with the dentist's office afterwards, going back might be awkward to say the least. I was just wondering if another dentist/periodontist would be willing to do follow-up work on another dentist/periodontist's work [more inside]
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What awesome things can I do with my 3d printer?

I have a 3d printer available, and am looking for some fun project and volunteering ideas! [more inside]
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Airfryer + Oil

What kinds of oil do you use with your air fryer? I'm confused! [more inside]
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Camp It's Among Us

Does anyone remember a muppet video meant to educate kids about about HIV/AIDS released in the 90s maybe called "Camp It's Among Us" I've recently learned this wasn't a universal childhood experience and I'm looking to see if I can find a stream of it. [more inside]
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Mice mice mice, and not the good kind either

Over the winter some mice got into a closet full of stuff. I need advice on cleaning and disposing of things. [more inside]
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To marry, or not?

People of MeFi who've remained un-married: how has it worked out for you; what have been some of your greatest challenges/rewards; and what advice would you have to give someone who might be headed down a similar route? [more inside]
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Wet cat food efficiency.

I wish to regularly provide my two cats with 'wet' cat food on a regular basis without the waste of endless tiny cans. Is this probable in an efficient and affordable manner?
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Free image hosting 2021 edition?

A friend/acquaintance needs help putting several thousand images online for all to see and share. [more inside]
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How to explain that you know how to do something but can't explain it?

This could be any skill and not just my immediate example. I had a job interview and the data analysis person asked me about my data cleaning and merging several sources together for analysis techniques. I had no clear answer. Literally, my technique is to look at the data and their sources and go to work based on what needs to be done. I like to think that I'm good at it. [more inside]
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Trail making standards

Trail making standards, either federal (US) or state (New Mexico)? [more inside]
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Sand in the backyard - what could go wrong.

We recently adopted a greyhound. He's wonderful. He likes to run, unsurprisingly. He is tearing up our back lawn, which was already in crappy shape for various reasons. Is sand and pine straw a workable solution? [more inside]
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Free or inexpensive very basic PDF editor that is NOT open source

Recommendations for a PDF editing program that can merge PDFs, delete individual pages, and rearrange page order? Doesn't need to be able to edit text and might even be better if it can't. NOT OPEN SOURCE and not web-based. [more inside]
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Help Me Convince Earthlink this is THEIR problem

I have been having a frustrating issue with my own Outlook account connecting to my ISP's incoming mail server. I am going to attempt to get on the phone with someone tonight and resolve it. Please help me prepare for battle and convince them to take me seriously. [more inside]
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Cooking 101: Is there a "spices and seasonings starter pack" I can buy?

Watching too much America's Test Kitchen and SortedFood (and Mythical Kitchen) during lockdown made me realize I don't have many spices in my pantry, just your basic salt, pepper, and a few other odds and ends. So, is there a "starter set" that one should get? That comes with, say 10-20 of the most frequently used ones? [more inside]
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Russian Dance

A friend shared this video with just a comment about the sleeve length, but I'm transfixed by it. It looks full of symbolism and I'd love to know more, is it traditional? modern? what does it mean? Is it Russian? Can anyone help?
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Virtual art classes for 9-12 year olds

We did some virtual art classes during spring break for my daughter and she really likes them. Can you recommend drawing classes for kids that cover realistic drawing and perspective, and are weekly or biweekly? Ideally these classes would be in the Bay Area in case we ever get back to in person instruction, but could be anywhere. We would like a class with other kids but if that fails an art tutor would be ok. The main complication is that we would like the classes to start before the end of the school year, or at least be some type of class where kids can drop in midway. They are not interested in drawing cartoon characters/anime or doing a single illustration, they are more interested in learning the principles of drawing at this point.
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April 15

How hard is it to taper off of an SSRI?

I have taken this type of medication for almost 20 years now and am on a high dose. (Yes I will be tapering gradually, and under the supervision of my psychiatrist) [more inside]
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Growing up with depressed parents.

Resource request. [more inside]
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Why does tax filing service say I owe no taxes?

Just filed my taxes online. Typically I pay a few thousand dollars. But this year I owe nothing? [more inside]
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Buying a house inhabited by a long-term tenant: process and ethics

My family is on the way to buy a home, something we never thought would be within our reach. Yay! The home is inhabited by a tenant, who has lived there for several years. They’d like to stay. We plan to live in the home. Can you help me think how to work through this process legally and as compassionately and ethically as possible? [more inside]
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Please help us choose some plants for this outdoor dining structure.

Helping a friend figure out plants for their outdoor dining structure in New York City. What would thrive outside in bright-ish light from spring to fall without being too cumbersome/bushy/expensive? Said outdoor dining structure pictured here [more inside]
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Rocky Mountain Thai--good delivery or other ideas in Denver?

Hello Mefites. I just found out that pretty much the whole family of a good friend in Denver has tested positive for COVID (her husband and three kids). They are quarantined in their house and our friend group wants to help by sending meals but none of us live there, so I'm looking for suggestions. [more inside]
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Is there such a thing as a water draining pump?

Specifically to drain soapy water from a tub? [more inside]
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Hair loss: which drug, or both?

Two simple questions, anecdotes welcome [more inside]
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How can I make sure I'm the only passenger in my Uber or Lyft ride?

I'm confused. I don't use ride sharing services often, but I'm vaccinated now and sometimes I have to take transportation to go to an appointment (like today). [more inside]
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Watering can recommendations? (Large, for outdoor use)

I'm looking for recommendations for a large watering can (ideally ~2 gallons) with a comfortable grip for outdoor use. Further details inside. [more inside]
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Did I imagine this band?

Years ago I was standing at the magazine rack of a bookstore reading about a band called DECRE. The name stood for Decreationism, the philosophy that God was de-creating the universe. They had a song "(HE Gives Me) Satisfaction" Everytime I read a post about DEVO I try to look them up DECRE. Google searches always come up blank. Did they exist, but were they, and all evidence of them, de-created? Am I the only remaining person who remembers them?
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How to foster a future politician/policy maker?

Our thirteen year old was *activated* by the horrors of the last four years. He wants to start working towards a better tomorrow—now, right now! What first steps should he take as a budding politician/policy maker? He’s doing research into becoming an intern at our state capital (Colorado) and reaching out to progressive candidates for volunteering opportunities. He’s also contacting the state arm of the Democratic Party and the DSA. What else?
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A storm door that can handle actual storms?

Needed: recommendations for heavy-duty storm doors. I have two doorways opening onto deck. The deck is exposed to some intense weather, e.g., 30mph gusts that blast rain horizontally at the side of the house. [more inside]
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What are these crystals from our kettle?

We have an electric kettle that we use to boil water that we later transfer to a thermos bottle. The other day, the water that came out of the bottle looked milky. Under a microscope, the "milk" looked like this (x 125). What is this? [more inside]
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How an I cast my chromebook to my roku?

I looked all over online and can't find anything conclusive. I tried using a screen mirroring app, they all sucked and wouldn't work well at all. I really prefer roku and already have one so I don't want to buy a chromecast. How can I cast my chromebook to roku ellegantly? THanks!
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On rest, productivity, spontaneity, and balance; how to schedule time?

Hello. I am curious to know how fellow humans balance their time. Do you purposefully plan rest days? Do you work your butt off and only rest when you burn out? Do you set aside a chunk of time each day to relax, or every week? Month? How do you turn off the “productive” / hustle mindset when there’s always something to be done? [more inside]
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What should I cook in my giant new pan?

I recently cashed in my Amazon points on this ridiculously oversized pan. So... what should I cook? [more inside]
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Where can my sister buy in RI for 150-200K?

My sister has been pre-approved for a $150K mortgage. We may be able to find her another 25-50K. She works in Providence, daycare is in Pawtucket. What are her best options in terms of what areas to look in? [more inside]
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Canine conundrum

My neighbor relies on me to help him take his dog outside for walks but I'll be moving away soon. How can I be of help to him after I leave? [more inside]
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I cannot get the words out of my head and into my mouth...

I have a problem that I'm getting really sick of. My mind is always teeming with thoughts and I have a constant internal monologue, but I have a lot of trouble *speaking* them. How can I begin to explore what this is all about and possibly improve? Do you experience this? [more inside]
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Calm my baby brain

My partner recently dropped a metaphorical bomb on me. Early in our relationship, Partner and I discussed, and seemed to agree on, the Big Things – e.g., marriage (yes), kids (no). However, about a month ago, Partner let me know that their feelings towards having kids has changed and they feel they would deeply regret never being a parent. I've been planning for a childfree life since I was young. [more inside]
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Art of beginning and feeding a conversation

I need ideas for starting, extending, deepening, and sometimes salvaging a conversation. [more inside]
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Recommendations for Zoom video backgrounds?

There's a ton of Zoom background sites out there, but searching them feels spammy and it's a bit overwhelming to find good ones. What are your favorite sources or examples? I'm particularly looking for video backgrounds (beach/forest/office etc.) Thanks very much for any tips!
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Help me import a previous Thunderbird calendar into a new profile

My Windows 10 computer was having issues. Tech support said the solution was to wipe it clean and start again. Before doing so, I saved a full copy of my existing Thunderbird profile. Now, the question is, how do I import the calendar into the newly created profile? [more inside]
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Paid recycling services - verifying what they do, and best total impact?

Is there any way to verify that recycling services like Ridwell and GreenDisk actually keep stuff out of landfill? Should I put money and effort into better landfill policies rather than my own individual trash? [more inside]
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mortgage refinance paranoia

I'm late to the refinance but submitted a request online which was followed by about 100 calls and emails from different lenders. How do I verify that the person I'm about to give my personal details to is legitimate? [more inside]
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microfiber trap for washing machine?

We're looking into getting a microfiber trap for our washing machine. Any recommendations (or ones to steer away from)? Tips? We're in the US. [more inside]
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Who's the worst musician to become famous as a musician?

This is a silly question that I keep thinking about when I've got nothing else on my mind. Who is the worst musician to become reasonably famous or successful as a musician? Some examples and caveats inside. [more inside]
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Communal Watchlist

Is there an app anywhere like Letterboxed that will let me and a small group add films to for a regular watch party? [more inside]
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April 14

How is bathroom vanity formed?

The vanities in both bathrooms are in poor condition and weren't great craftsmanship to begin with. Where does a USian find a vanity cabinet and top/sink that won't fall apart in a few years and how much should I expect to pay? 30" and 36" widths. [more inside]
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Reaching out to an ex friend when they've told you not to

My longest, closest friend has dumped me, or at the very least, has declared we are on a break. This whole situation has completely blindsided me, and while I understand this is mostly out of my control, I want to do the right thing and let my friend know they are important to me. I have been told to respect their boundaries by not contacting them, and I totally will if that's the right thing, but I can't help but feel like I should try one last time. [more inside]
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Organizer for flash drives?

Looking for recommendations for storing / organizing flash drives [more inside]
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Rewiring Traction Control System Button on a Honda Fit

I'd like to install a control panel for controlling custom interior foot well lights, dash cam, and other accessories in the bottom left of the drivers dashboard in the spot where the Traction Control toggle button is since there's a few empty button spots. But I don't want to lose the TCS control, how do I add it's functionality into the control panel? [more inside]
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Dualboot Set-Up Assistance

After putting a new SSD in my PC I installed Linux Mint & Windows 10 on it with the intention of using the old HDD as storage. Installation went well, but after mucking with stuff I ended up deleting the Linux partitions, assuming a reinstall would make it easier to avoid the issues I created and give me an opportunity to set things up better. [more inside]
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