September 19

What's a good novelty way of sending a birthday message?

I was going to use JazzKeys but it doesn't seem to allow me to save and send my message any more. (Jazzkeys creates a jazz tune synched and shaped by your words and your typing speed). So I'm looking for a cool/goofy way of sending a Happy Birthday message (jazz not mandatory :).
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German websites you follow?

German-speaking Mefites - what German language blogs or (non-news) websites do you follow? SFW preferred. [more inside]
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Simple(ish) instrument building ideas

What are some great ideas for musical instruments that grade 4/5ers can make? [more inside]
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September 18

Planning around supply chain issues

I am seeing more and more supply chain issues. Our preferred grocery store had basically no cheese last time I went. I'm seeing articles like this one. I wonder how bad will it get, what supplies are impacted, and how can I prepare with common sense? [more inside]
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Where can I get monoclonal antibody treatment in Columbus Ohio?

I got the vaccine, and I don't have COVID now. But I am at high risk for COVID exposure, and due to other health issues, high risk for COVID complications. I don't have COVID yet, but I'd like to plan ahead. Where can I get monoclonal antibody treatment in Columbus Ohio? How do I go about setting this up now? I don't mind paying a lot of money. TIA!
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Looking for info about 2-week sprint style management

At my last job, there were meetings that relied on 2-week Sprint cycles. We made a list of the things that need doing. Each person has X points, and self-evaluate and volunteer points towards item based on its effort. [more inside]
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Looking to acquire a traditional Lebanese headwrap w/o wrong message

Looking for historical headgear for a Lebanese person, without accidentally sending a modern or political message by choice of cloth / pattern. [more inside]
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Cheapest way to send candy from Denmark to the US?

When I lived in Denmark, I fell in love with one particular salmiak-infused type of Haribo candy that I cannot buy in the US. What's the least expensive way for me to get some? [more inside]
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Accepting the fact that I can't physically appear/present the way I want

There's a gender/sexuality angle, but advice need not take that into account 🤷‍♀️ [more inside]
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My twenties are ruining my thirties

I spent most of my late teens and twenties stuck at home, suffering from depression and severe social anxiety. Now I'm in my thirties and things are a lot better, but I'm spending all of my time ruminating about things that happened back then. [more inside]
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How to protect the bottom of a new computer

I'm getting a new MacBook Air. My current machine, from 2012, is badly scratched on the bottom - what's the best way to protect the new one? [more inside]
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Saturday Night Live ticket lottery - who has this worked for?

I signed up on the first available day (at the first available hour), for tickets to see Saturday Night Live in person. They say they'll send an email if approved, which could come almost any time throughout the season. Has anyone here successfully gotten tickets this way -- if so, can you share some of the contents of the email so I can make sure it isn't filtered to my spam or other folders? [more inside]
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Apres moi, le deluge

Bathroom sink countertop annoyingly wet ALL OVER. Do I need to make miniature sandbags to redirect the flow? I'm looking for a solution, or ideas to lead me to one, for the problem where water from normal use of the sink (turning faucets, reaching for soap) gathers and spreads to the far corners of the countertop under which the sink is installed, setting everything else on the countertop in water. Difficulty level: rental apartment [more inside]
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Cracked shower pan repair question

We are buying our first house, and one of the things we need to have fixed (or possibly fix ourselves if it turns out to be really easy?) is that the shower pan has a crack in it. We could use some help in figuring out if it’s repairable and if so, how! [more inside]
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Combining and curating 16 years of bookmarks

I have 16 years of bookmarks scattered across over 20 Firefox and Chrome browser export files. I would like to combine them, remove duplicates, delete dead links, and then organize them (and even tag them?). What is the easiest, most automated way to do this? [more inside]
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Another illegible artist signature

My sister bought this watercolor in Belgium sometime in the last few years. Nobody can figure out the signature. Here is a photo of the whole painting. Can you help decipher it? The waterscape looks like Holland to me.
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Persimmons: I have too many and some questions

I greatly underestimated how many persimmons would come in this box from Miami Fruit. I will be giving some away, but I also have questions about storage and please give me your vegan (or easily veganized) persimmon recipes. [more inside]
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Can We Do the Dew?

Is there a Diet Mountain Dew shortage? My sister can’t find her drink of choice. [more inside]
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Short fiction and poetry about girlhood

Looking for fairly short (< 10 pages) fiction, essays, or poetry for high school sophomores. Don’t overestimate how much these 15-year-old readers can take in; good clear narratives or vivid imagery are necessary. [more inside]
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Gastritis flare up. How to judge cause?

I have gastritis, probably caused by anxiety. I suspect some foods might be exacerbating it. I've gone on a bland diet. How can I judge whether a certain food might be irritating my stomach? Pain minutes after eating? Pain only starting the next day? Please don't suggest alternative diagnosis to gastritis for my problem, if you don't mind. [more inside]
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September 17

"Network Error" when using iPhone Google Translate app

I've been getting a "Network Error" when trying to translate text using the iPhone Google Translate app. This started about a week ago, about the time it was upgraded to version 6.23.0. [more inside]
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Good toppings for roasted sweet potatoes

Looking for suggestions on vegetable-heavy toppings that can be made in advance and would be good on roasted sweet potatoes. [more inside]
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I cannot believe I am asking this

Facebook's algorithm is getting to me. Does anyone here own one of those DB Method machines? Do they work? I keep getting fed ads for them and I keep getting more and more intrigued and yet I feel like maybe this is dumb of me. [more inside]
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How can I, forgetful/scatterbrained, remember/do household stuff?

I'm incredibly bad at remembering to do shit about/for the house. This is annoying to me and more annoying to my wife. It's not that I want to procrastinate, it's just that stuff falls out of my life, stuff that's easy to do -- for example, it took me a whole month to call a sprinkler repair guy, and the call took half an hour, and my wife was annoyed at me for that whole time. Not optimal! We've tried systems for this before; whiteboards, note cards, email reminders... But systems fall apart. Any suggestions?
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Car broke down on road trip. What to do?

We just bought a used car in Bozeman, MT and we’re planning on driving it to San Francisco. The car is having difficulties and we think it can’t make it, plus all the auto shops are now closed for the weekend (and potentially longer). We’re trying to figure out our options. [more inside]
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Future Optimism

What on or offline media or outlet makes you excited for the future? [more inside]
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cordless/battery operated light fixture for UVB

I would like a small lamp that's easy to move from place to place that produces the correct UVB wavelengths for reptiles and amphibians. There are UVB bulbs that fit standard fixtures, but I can't find a battery-operated fixture like that (or 5v/USB, or 12v even maybe with a power tool battery pack - but that's going to be expensive). There are battery-operated lamps, but I can't find one that produces UVB (except for nail lamps? Maybe?). I'd like to spend not much money. Does what I want exist?
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What type of art frame is this?

I recently saw this art print hung on a wall of a store, 12 inches square (I tracked down the print by Caitlin Keegan here). I would like to buy the print and hang it in a similar frame, but don't know the words to Google for it. What type of frame is it?
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Tips and books for starting bullet journaling?

I would like to know more about bullet journaling. Is there a website or book that you have found to be particularly helpful for doing this? I am less interested in stickers and more interested in approaches to being productive.
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Decision making website app / site with hidden preferences

When 2 or more people are faced with an unimportant or fun decision, I would love a thing where we can each enter in our preference for it, hidden from the other, and the oracle on the computer end tells us what to do based on the averaged preferences. Example: "Should we go to that party tonight?", on a scale of 1-5, X enters 2, the app hides their entry, X hands the phone to Y, Y says 1, gives it to Z, who says 4, but since the average was under 3, the computer says no without explicitly revealing the numbers or who entered them, and we're free. I feel this must exist but I'm having trouble finding one. Can be an app, site, a way to do this with a piece of paper, whatever. Any ideas? [more inside]
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Stupid zoom

I have a paid, "licensed" zoom account. Per these instructions I should be able to set up a registration link for my scheduled zoom meeting. Yet when I click "Schedule a Meeting" I see no "Registration" section in order to set up registration. How can I create a registration link for my meeting? [more inside]
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Possibly stupid video game question

I recently acquired a bunch of games on PC. Yay me! Unfortunately I keep running into the same dumb issue. Seriously, it's really dumb. So dumb that googling hasn't helped. [more inside]
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Vast vat of vittles: recipes with many servings

What are your favorite recipes, pots & pans, and secrets for making a lot of food at once? Share with me your giant casseroles, swimming pools of stew, buckets of beans. What enormous caldron of plenty or just-use-frozen-instead-and-this-recipe-is-in-the-oven-in-ten-minutes secrets help you make a lot of food at once? [more inside]
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Cafe curtains for daytime privacy which let in light

I'm looking for curtains which will cover a 36 in x 36 in area of four windows which let in as much light as possible but do not let people see into my room during the day. [more inside]
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Should a dermatologist remove the milia on my face?

I recently had a facial, and the esthetician said that the white dots on my face (on my forehead and below my eye) are milia. She was not able to remove them and said that I should have them removed by my dermatologist. [more inside]
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What's the oldest thing I can buy, just to have?

What's the oldest human-made thing I can buy, just to have? I really want to own something that is hundreds or thousands of years old. [more inside]
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What employee benefits can you give yourself?

If you are your only employee, what benefits does your company offer its employees (i.e. yourself)? [more inside]
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From the Mixed Up Metals of My Bathroom

I need to replace the sink faucet in my bathroom. The metals in the bathroom don't match, probably because things have been replaced haphazardly over time. What to choose? The old faucet is shiny golden brass, as is the light fixture, rim of the mirror, and tub faucets. The shower head, tub stopper, tub cleanout, and toilet flush lever are chrome. The toilet paper holder is rubbed brass. The knobs on cabinets are clear "crystal" and some kind of fake tarnished silver. [more inside]
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Apartment with Dogs and Broccoli. Pls Help.

I just moved into a one-bedroom apartment with two dogs (about 20 lbs each). I tend to steam broccoli (and cauliflower) a lot on the stove, usually twice a day, and this is what the apartment smells like every time I enter it. The kitchen does not have a window. In fact, there is no window near the kitchen. Can you help? [more inside]
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Who owns my ear canals?

After 18 months of using headsets for umpteen hours of video calls daily, my ear canals are unhappy--itchy, flaky, angry. My GP said it could be a dermatitis, eczema, or something else. Who is in charge of my ear canals--a dermatologist or ENT? [more inside]
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Advice for bowel dysmotility (long-shot, I know)?

Asking this on behalf of my dad, who is in his 70s, and who hasn't managed to have a bowel movement in 27 days despite taking laxatives daily. He got a diagnosis of dysmotility, and is on the waiting list to see a neurogastroenterolgist, but that will likely not happen until next month, hence this long-shot question. More below the fold. [more inside]
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Music machine that crimps paper?

I watched a video of a flower arranging demonstration. Florist uses a large piece of paper shaped like a fan palm leaf and says it's made by a machine that plays music. I want such a wondrous device. I cannot find this wondrous device. This feels like it might be too arcane a question, even for MF, but I hope I'm wrong. Please hope me, MeFites! [more inside]
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Help me make this LED light up!

I am trying to get this project to work so I can do it next week with kids at my library, but I can't seem to do it right.  The LED doesn't light up. Can you take a look? [more inside]
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Switching Verizon Postpaid to Verizon Prepaid

Looks like we can make a huge cut on my phone bill by switching my Verizon post-paid account to a verizon prepaid ($135 to $85 in month 10). Complication: We have three lines, one who lives in another state and want to keep our numbers. How do we switch without double paying, with as little tears as possible? Or anything else to keep in mind? What is the catch anyway?
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baobab tree powder - How to use

I was given 200g baobab tree fruit powder. I don't drink smoothies, ideally I'd like to use it up in one or two cakes. All the recipes I've found so far have been vegan/gluten free or similar, with need flours I don't want to buy, and only use a tablespoon or two at a time. Can you help me?
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LTE fast on iPhone 12 but slow on other devices (band 7?)

The iPhone says it is using "band 7" An LTE router reports "mcsDownCarrier1Code0:5 mcsDownCarrier1Code1:30 PLMN 45400" An Android phone says it's using "lte band 1800+" The specs of the Android phone and the router says that they support LTE 4G band 7. So why are they so slow compared to the iPhone? [more inside]
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What to do with extra apples?

What can I make with an extra 3 lbs of apples? [more inside]
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September 16

Custom fields in EndNote

How can I set the EndNote Custom Fields to different things for different libraries? For example, in library A I want custom fields 1, 2, and 3 to be red, blue, and green, but in Library B I want custom fields 1, 2, and 3 to be yellow, orange and purple. [more inside]
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Best tips for starting DASH diet?

I am starting the DASH diet for high blood pressure and I'm interested in how you made the transition to cooking a lot more/eating so many vegetables and fruits easier if you've done a similar change. [more inside]
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Why is brassy hair bad?

Why is brassy hair considered bad? [more inside]
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clothing donation bins

What is the best (or least-bad) drop-off donation box where I can leave a bunch of clothes in the Boston area? [more inside]
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What is the easiest job that will earn me a modest salary?

I've spent my entire working life as a punching bag (retail, food service, teaching) for bosses, parents, and often the public at large. Now in middle age I am done being a punching bag. I do not need to make very much money. I don't really want to go back to school. What are my options? [more inside]
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Filter my spam vs. possible ID theft (notorious e-lance site)

I've received strange e-mails persistently offering translation jobs -- but in languages I do not know -- from a member of a well-known electronic freelancers' clearinghouse. I am not using the company's name for obvious reasons, but it's one of the big ones. Has someone stolen my identity or is this. a spear phishing attack? [more inside]
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You must have gone to a Catholic school!

My grandmom, who is proudly left-handed, says that twice in the past few weeks, people have asked her if she went to Catholic school after they saw her signing her name. Is there a video about writing left-handed in Catholic schools circulating online that went viral recently? If so, I'd like to share it with her. [more inside]
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Sisterhood of the traveling knee surgery

I'm getting on an airplane and flying to another city for knee surgery. Have you done this yourself? If so, any pro tips or recommendations that I might not think of? [more inside]
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Searching for a short story about identical twins on a train

Probably around 10 years ago I read a short story about a pair of identical twins. The bulk of the story took place with the twins traveling together on a train. One of them falls asleep, and ends up meeting someone (?) and abandoning her twin. I think that maybe the person they met claimed to have some sort of opportunity that only one person could take, but I'm not positive of that. I'd like to read it again, but I have no idea what it's called — anyone know? [more inside]
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New House! Redo Kitchen Now or Wait?

I'm about to buy my first house - yay! The kitchen is pretty new but not very functional. Fix it now or wait a while? [more inside]
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calling all annoyed helpdesk people

My mother-in-law's very old laptop died. She took it to a local repair shop and they replaced the hard drive for around $200. When she got the computer back, her Yahoo mail "didn't work." This is on the website through a browser; she doesn't use a separate email client or software or anything. [more inside]
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How Do I Search For These Things

What are these pieces attached to my glasses called? [more inside]
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Help me remember weird noodle-people indie sports game

I saw a trailer within the last ten years for a 2D computer game involving a ball and two noodle-people. I'm struggling to find any information about it. Here's what I recall about it: [more inside]
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