June 24

the skinny on fasting

I would like to hear about your experiences with Intermittent Fasting and Fasting Mimicking Diets. I have some specific questions... [more inside]
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Help me find a replacement for Movie Maintenance

I loved the podcast Movie Maintenance and am pretty sad that it's ending. I first learned of it through an AskMeFi thread and so I'm turning to y'all for potential replacements. What are some other podcasts that might scratch the same itch for me? [more inside]
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How do we set up two-way, handsfree communication while biking?

My partner and I are looking for an inexpensive, handsfree way to communicate while we are biking (other than shouting), so the sytem will need an earpiece or be mounted in the helmet. [more inside]
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How does Fortnite work?

I'd like to get a basic understanding of how a game like Fortnite / World of Warcraft was designed / developed and ultimately works at scale. Are there any books / videos / blogs that can get me up to speed on how modern multiplayer video games are made / work? I'd like to understand how some of the magic works, e.g. real time game play over the internet, how maps are made, how the physics works, how loot is created, how ultimately a game goes from a hair brained idea to making $300 million a month.
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Can I eat this: Raw chicken

I bought some raw chicken from a different grocery store on Friday evening and stuck it in the fridge. Today I started to skin and de-bone it and gave it a sniff, as I often do. It smells like hard-boiled eggs. Not rotten, not bad, just not typical for my experience. [more inside]
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What other company names or logos have hidden meanings?

There's an ad for Oreida potatoes making the rounds and it seems not everyone was aware that Ore-Ida comes from "Oregon-Idaho." A similar revelation about Arby's Roast Beef (RB = Roast Beef) made the rounds a few weeks ago. The arrow in the Fed-Ex logo is something not everyone knows about. What other logos and names have these hidden meanings? [more inside]
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actually my second impulse beef question

I impulsively bought a pound of top round steak in the Fred Meyer sale meat section and want to turn it into some lunches for the week, preferably as a stir-fry. I'm still pretty new to cooking meat, and have also fallen into a stir-fry rut, so I want both advice on this particular piece of meat and also all of your stir-fry advice, tips, tricks, favorite sauces, etc! [more inside]
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Summer shirts?

Help me fill out my summer wardrobe. I'm looking for inexpensive, casual, cotton, short-sleeved, button-down men's shirts with patterns. Where can I find some? I know this is easy-mode stuff but I am just awful at anything clothing related. [more inside]
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Over-ripe strawberries and no time

I have six punnets of strawberries and lots of cream left over from a wedding yesterday. As the strawberries were left in a hot car for a few hours they are going to be too ripe to give to friends as originally planned. (The cream was refrigerated.) What to Do? More limitations inside... [more inside]
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Help me figure out the mystery of the tripping electric circuits.

Starting a few weeks ago, when it rains, one of the circuits in my house trips off. I've tried everything I can think of, including hiring an electrician, without success. Please help me figure it out. [more inside]
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What is this type of survey called?

I'm interested in performing a survey to get people to rank 10–15 items. I would like them to be presented these items in randomized pairs, choosing the one they think has a greater value of the variable I'm interested in. This would be repeated over and over until a stable ranking is achieved. What is this kind of survey called? [more inside]
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Your best vegan loaf recipe

Looking for a great recipe for a vegan meat loaf. Not looking for your awesome Google skills. Please — only recipes you've personally tried and loved and only recipes that are vegan — unless you've made it vegan and it's still turned out great. Online and cookbook recipes are fine — I can get most vegan cookbooks at the library. Looking for something that is good hot or cold and holds together for sandwiches. No vegan fake foods (yogurt, cheese, Earth Balance). Low or no oil a plus, but great taste a necessity. Thanks!
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Grab webpages for offline viewing from an instapaper export list?

Now that Instapaper has shut out EU customers stating GDPR compliance, I am worried about losing the thousands of links I have saved there. I can of course export their csv but I would like to be able to properly grab the pages so that I could read them offline and have a permanent copy on my own machines. I have looked at Wallabag but it is very flakey (refuses importing my Instapaper) . I would like it to be available from my iPad so any ios apps that would be useful would be great too What would you use to do this?
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June 23

A Card Conundrum

I have sixteen first cousins once removed, ranging from 1-18 years old (I'm 28). I've seen most of them many times but I'm not close with any of them. The oldest just graduated high school! That got me wondering: what decisions should I make regarding cards or other recognition of life events? [more inside]
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ICE is taken – what should I call it now?

Following common best practices, for a long time I've had an entry in my mobile phone called "ICE" for "in case of emergency". And now it occurred to me that a phone entry named "ICE" may be misinterpreted. Is it still considered best practice to call it ICE, or should I change it to something else? [more inside]
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Mystery novels to distract me

Hit me with some well written, page turning mysteries. All sub genres welcome but queer, POC centered, women, or genre bending especially of interest. [more inside]
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What's tiny, brown, lives underwater, and looks like a mushroom?

I went scuba diving at Clear Lake, Oregon today. I saw a ton of tiny, medium-brown unidentified biological-looking... *things* attached to some of the rocks. What were they? [more inside]
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Name of queer-centric indie artist/talent agency circa 2009-2011?

Sometime between 2009 - 2011 there was a group in the US that did talent agent work for indie queer artists, with a very activist/community-oriented ethos. Their name was something like Philomena but Googling that gets me something different. Which group was this?
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Tattoo planning

Hello! My birthday is coming up, and I'd really like to get myself a new tattoo, but I need a little help figuring out what/where. Details/preferences inside. [more inside]
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how can i easily swap between three computers using three monitors ?

Is there a gadget that costs under $200 that allows me to easily connect three monitors to my Macbook when I'm working, switch them back over to my desktop when I'm looking to play Overwatch at night, and for bonus points connect to my Surface Pro when I feel like it? [more inside]
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Sunday night in Cardiff?

We are two Americans planning to walk on the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path in Wales this summer, but that part is pretty much figured out. We end up in St David and will need to travel to Cardiff on the first Sunday in August in order to get a 7am Monday flight out of Cardiff International Airport. I have a few questions. [more inside]
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Did a boat land on Lard Lad's donut?

It is surprisingly challenging to find specific images from The Simpsons via Google. If you know what episode featured a boat getting stuck on or inside Lard Lad's giant donut, I would appreciate it!
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It’s NJ, of course they have Taylor Ham!

Early breakfast spot near Liberty Landing Marina Sunday morning? [more inside]
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Calling All Art Detectives (pt 2)

I'm looking for an art print/poster that I got at Chicago MOCA sometime around April 2008. Lame attempt at a description inside. [more inside]
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Chrome keeps crashing on my Mac

Since yesterday I have not been able to open Chrome on my Mac. It starts to open but then closes and I get a message that Google Chrome closed unexpectedly (duh). I don't know of anything that happened between Thursday and Friday that would have caused any issues. Any suggestions for fixing this? Things I have tried inside. [more inside]
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Examples of incisive / sharp thinkers please!

I keep thinking about the distinction between a 'diffusive' thinker and an 'incisive' one so I would like more data [more inside]
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Seeking a salt solution

Is it possible to dissolve more salt into water, by weight, than the weight of the water? [more inside]
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Driving cross-country - should I take the 10 or the 40?

I'll be traveling from Louisiana to CA and am trying to decide which route to take, particularly with regard to border patrol. [more inside]
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Laying out a short story collection - might use LaTEX

I have to layout and prepare a short story collection for printing and binding. Any general suggestions for style guides, or top tips would be much appreciated. I am also thinking this would be a good opportunity to learn to use LaTEX, so any specific suggestions on where to start with that would be really useful in terms of resources, templates, and which programmes/editors to look at. [more inside]
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Really really really really really hard minerals

Ok, so this is the first Metafilter question coming from my daughter, who is six. According to DK's My Book of Rocks and Minerals, "Diamond can be scratched by two known rare minerals". The book does not elaborate. What are these two minerals? Google is confusing me today.
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What car should I buy for my mother?

I know nothing about cars. I don't drive and have never owned a car. My mom's been wanting to replace her Nissan Altima and I want to buy her a new car. Budget is $30K. Help? [more inside]
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Can I use my milk temperature as a proxy for my fridge temperature?

I think my refrigerator is not cold enough but I want to be sure. I don’t have a wireless thermometer, but I do have an instant-rest thermometer. If I sumberge the thermometer probe into the milk jug or a quart of yogurt or something similar, shouldn’t the temperature of the milk/yogurt be approximately the temperature of the refrigerator, assuming that the door has been closed for a number of hours, the milk/yogurt has been in there for several days, etc.? Cause the milk is 42 degrees, which strikes me as too warm. Thanks!
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Help Me Make a Playlist of Songs with Sax Solos

So far I've only got Julia Holter's Sea Calls Me Home and of course Lou Reed's Walk on the Wild Side.
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"Illegal" entry into the US by a US Citizen

Are there any statutes regarding re-entry by a US Citizen to the US without going through customs/border control ? Is there a penalty? What's the statute of limitations for punishment if it is a crime?
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Albums that never were, yet are.

I've often been fascinated with albums that were completed or almost completed, only for the same songs to be re-recorded and re-sequenced into an album similar to but extremely different than the original. The transmutation of the Beach Boys' SMiLE into Smiley Smile is probably the best-known version of this. What other albums were scrapped and ended up having a completely or nearly completely re-recorded alternate version released first? [more inside]
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Looking for life-affirming film and tv about making big positive changes

I recently happened across Queen Latifah's Last Holiday, about a woman who gets a terminal diagnosis and goes off on a life-changing adventure. It reminded me also of the movie Yes Man, about a man who changes his life by saying "yes" to new opportunities. Can you find me some more movies like this? [more inside]
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Know any more Andy Goldsworthy public installations in North America?

Can you add to / edit this list of permanent installations in North America by the land art artist Andy Goldsworthy? Flickr link
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Crossing the US/Canada border with minors

We're happy that the US-based teenage niece and nephew are planning to visit Canada this summer. But their parents aren't coming, and we have to meet them in Buffalo. We've done some prep, but please help us not be a sad little border fail story [more inside]
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Improve my bran muffins

I just made bran muffins for the first time and they came out okay but next time I'd like the mix to be denser, rougher and crumblier. What do I need to do to improve these muffins? [more inside]
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Historical precedents for the events in The Handmaid's Tale?

Margaret Atwood famously said that she hadn't made up any of the horrific crimes in the Handmaid's Tale, that everything she described had been done SOMEWHERE at some point. Now that the TV show is in season 2 and going beyond the scope of the novel, I'm wondering whether the show's writers are keeping to that rule. I"m especially wondering whether anyone has ever compiled a resource online for these references (from the book and/or the series). I'm in a dystopian mood and I want to read about, e.g., forced adoptions in Argentina. Thanks!
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Why Do My Legs Cramp So Easily?

My legs seem to cramp very easily, particularly when I am sleeping/lying down. It is mostly my calves and mostly when I point my toes or bend my ankle in the other direction. It will often cause me to leap out of bed due to pain. Standing up will alleviate it. This has been a problem most of my life, but particularly in recent years. I don't know if it is related, but I also get lots of cracking in my ankles
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Best Way to Approach Former Work Acquaintance Now at 'Menial' Job?

I used to work with this guy who was a 'professional' manager and just saw him working behind the counter at a retail shop where I like to buy specialty items. He didn't look like he was doing too well physically. If in fact he's fallen on hard times personally and professionally, I'm wondering what the most considerate attitude to adopt is if/when I enter the shop? [more inside]
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How to Format a Self-Hosted Graphic Novel

Seeking advice for formatting a long-form electronic comic / short graphic novella for distribution on the web. Best practices, known pitfalls, presentation tips? (Details below.) [more inside]
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Books, crafts, etc. for a kid obsessed with spinning toys?

My 7 year old has moved from being obsessed with Beyblades to a bigger interest in tops and spinning toys generally - making them, reading about them, and looking at pictures of them. Looking for suggestions of interesting / niche / small-manufacturer / historic reproductions / etc. of cool related toys and books that I might have missed.
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I Already Ate It Don't Worry I'm Fine

I was cleaning some shrimp for dinner tonight and one of them had a whole bunch of clumpy white beige looking stuff all along the vein and down through the tail. Moreso than it seemed like should be inside the space it took up, like it had been under pressure somewhat. What was it?? [more inside]
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June 22

Pushups - each set to trembling exhaustion or more sets of less reps?

About two months ago I thought to get back into some pushups. Everything has been bicycle and it's time to add in some upper body. I started slowly, now at three sets, sometimes four but usually three sets, taken to exhaustion. To build strength, is it best to do as I am IE take sets to exhaustion or would it serve me better to have more sets of less repetitions? [more inside]
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Boots that don't fit in a variety of ways

I'm cleaning out my closet/wardrobe, and realize I own several pairs of boots that don't fit or are uncomfortable in different ways. I'd like to see what I can do to make them fit better before getting rid of them. Issues include: slightly too big, rubbing at the heels, worn down insoles. [more inside]
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👍🏼 or 👎?

I am white. When interacting in public, should I use the emoji skin tone that most closely matches my own, or should I stick with yellow? [more inside]
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Advice please on best approach to deal with this failing garden wall

These 3 images: #1, #2 and #3 show the current state of my front garden wall which is about 7 years old. It's not looking good, and so I need some advice. [more inside]
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Is there an service that can print and ship a booklet from Colombia?

I need to send two small booklets to Bogota, Colombia from the United States by next Wednesday. To reasonably expect it to arrive on time I would need to send them tomorrow. Is there a vistaprint like website or service that operates in Colombia that I could send a file to on Monday and have it printed and shipped locally? I assume this would be available in most counties, but I am told by my contact there that this type of thing does not yet exist in Colombia.
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It's going to be a long summer

My summer intern is a nice guy, but his work performance is sorely lacking. I'm seeking advice on how to handle this situation. [more inside]
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Help me preempt a call to the cops.

Help asap please. A coworker wants to call the cops on a family across the street from her house. I think that is a terrible idea that can only end horribly. [more inside]
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NY24 Democratic Primary - How to vote?

I am asking for advice on how to place my vote in the Democratic primary for New York US Congressional District 24, between Dana Balter and Juanita Perez Williams. If you are familiar with this race and have an argument in favor of one or the other, please let me know. Thanks, all NY24 experts. [more inside]
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Is house buying in Maine really all that different?

We sold our home in California. We moved all our stuff into a moving van (with the help of you MeFi) Now we are buying a home in Falmouth, Maine and have some questions? [more inside]
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Is this control or compromise?

Asking for a friend. She’d been with her partner for six months before they moved in together. Prior to that, he’d been a weekend toker. Once they were settled, he wanted to smoke more often. They compromised, agreed on a certain # of days per week. The issue remains contentious and they are now veering towards a breakup. Should they let that happen or continue to try to compromise? [more inside]
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Turmeric Grinder Recommendations

We have some dried turmeric roots that we would like to grind to a powder. Can anyone suggest a good electric grinder for doing this. Ideally it would be compact and useful for other grinding tasks as well - perhaps crushing almonds to a coarse power or grinding flour from sorghum . This is an appliance that would probably be used a few times per month.
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Old Kombucha

I have 5 bottles commercial kombucha which have been continuously refrigerated since purchase. They have an "Enjoy By 11/12/17" sticker on the cap. Should I drink these? [more inside]
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Can You Help Me Weigh These Two Job Offers in Washington?

Advice/input desperately needed, please! I have two job offers in Washington state but the pro’s and con’s of each are tough for me to compare. Now, I’m overthinking and too close to the decision. Details of both offers inside! [more inside]
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Will wood furniture placed under air conditioners be damaged?

I am interested in putting a dresser under an air conditioner (a mini-split ductless, what is essentially a window a/c). The a/c is run 8 hours most days and there will be 3-5' of clearance between the a/c and the dresser. Will a wood dresser develop damage over time due to mildew, condensation or something else?
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Small Printing Press, 1980s

I was just remembering back to the printing shop my junior high school had back in the 1980s, and I can't find links or descriptions of the processes I remember, mostly because "printing," as a subject, has changed a lot in the past thirty years and it's difficult to filter through all the noise with the generic terms I remember -- details inside. [more inside]
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