January 17

Classic French/Spanish-language literature that is also short

I want to read more books from the French/Spanish-language literary canons, but I don't have the stamina to read something like Les Misérables. Which books are on the shorter side? 300 pages-ish or less?
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Book suggestions for experiments I can do at home with my son

My province has switched school to online learning. I've noticed my kindergartener son is especially interested in the science experiments he watched his teachers do. Whether it's a vinegar and backing soda volcano or testing whether a column with a square, triangle circular base can support more weight. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a book of experiments that I can do at home with my son. He's four years old in junior kindergarten.
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Stylish clothes for petite women with hourglass figures?

I'm clothes-shopping for a woman with not-always-covered-by-stores dimensions (5'1", 32F/30G bust), and I'm at a loss as to how to go looking for things. She typically shops vintage (and loves more classic aesthetics), but I'd love to find modern designers/outlets that have things that fit her and look good. My question is simple: how can I find nice and not insanely high-end clothing for her, whether it's via specific designers/stores or some kind of searching mechanism?
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looking back at the 90s

I'm currently going back and listening to the Slow Burn season about the Clinton impeachment, and it's scratching an itch I've had occasionally. I'd like to find some other media that scratches that itch. [more inside]
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Help despairing multi-cat household find peace before new baby arrives

We’ve got 3 cats, and 2 of them are in relentless violent conflict. We’ve tried so many solutions (including recommendations from a consult with a cat behavioralist), and we’re at the end of our rope. We also have a baby coming in about 4 months, and can’t imagine continuing on this way with a newborn. Something needs to change — what is it? [more inside]
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Radical chic cartoon

Help me find a cartoon showing a wealthy couple in a convertible carrying home their newly-purchased art: a large hammer & sickle. 15+ years ago. New Yorker-type irony, but I can’t find it there or anywhere.
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Give me something to sing about

This stupid year, December 48th 2020 edition. My mom died on Christmas, a victim of corona. We buried her on 12/31. As you can imagine, times are grim on a micro level as well as the macro. Give me your ideas on celebrating something during the "yo, the holidays are over, man" period of the bleakest winter days. [more inside]
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Help me not be SAD

I finally decided to get a light therapy lamp (the Wirecutter-recommended Boxelite) for my Seasonal Affective Disorder for years. I feel like it just ... doesn't do anything. Am I doing something wrong? Should I try another model? Is there any hope for me? [more inside]
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Back off!

FIL is giving his bereaved nephew a hard time with his anxiety...any advice for my husband? [more inside]
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How to write a novel the old fashioned way?

My creative writing process has been pretty derailed by screen burnout during Covidtimes. I want to shift gears and write it out longhand but am having a bit of trouble imagining a good set-up for doing so. I'd like to have some kind of system for organizing both the actual draft and things like outlines, character notes, worldbuilding notes and am looking for examples and suggestions of both physical things (like maybe some sweet Trapper Keeper kinda deal) as well as organizational systems that other novelists use (like maybe bullet journal style tools and frameworks for writing novels long hand). Open to blog posts, videos, essays, books, etc.
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I need a new phone. Work is buying.

My iPhone 5S is dying - or rather, the (second) battery is, and the OS can't be updated to the newest version. I want to replace it. My job will get me a new phone (that I'll be able to keep), but I don't want a new iPhone. What kind of (Android?) phone should I ask for? Priorities are: Audio jack, small screen, safety, ease of use, and long battery life. [more inside]
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what are the benefit of smart speakers?

Specifically any differences versus hooking echo dots to stereo speakers by aux cable? [more inside]
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Level a concrete floor for subfloor installation

I’ve got a 10 yr old detached garage that was built on a driveway pad. I’d like to convert it into shop with an insulated floor. I’m trying to figure out the best way to level the existing concrete - as the structure was built on a pad, there’s about 5” slope across the existing floor. I’ve assumed self-leveling concrete is the answer, but 5” is a lot to concrete to add, and it will “climb” the wall in that lowest corner (not sure how else to describe it). What do ya’ll recommend? [more inside]
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Why would full body massage cause these symptoms?

My husband gets a full body massage every five weeks. He is a pianist, so there’s some emphasis on his back and shoulders, where he tends to “hunch.” Upon returning from the massage, he always takes a long nap. That evening and through the night, he’ll be beset with chills such that the whole bed shakes. The chills taper off by late the next morning, but he’s still pretty wiped out the next day. [more inside]
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What are practices/processes by designers that need to be transparent?

Business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who solicit professional design and branding services: What are some of the things that designers do that could use less mystery and more transparency? [more inside]
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vaccination station trepidation

I'm getting my first vaccine dose in a week, how do I be preemptively less stressed about it? [more inside]
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Seeking essays on the politics of "contemptuous despair"

I teach an undergrad seminar on the politics of hope, especially re: the climate crisis, and am seeking articles exploring the notion of "contemptuous despair" (which I could assign to my students) [more inside]
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Wapshot's Demon

Where can I find an ebook that contains the Frederick Pohl story "Wapshot's Demon?" It's a story I read as a child and I want to give it another read.
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Cleaned too much - stained bathroom sink

We tried to clean out a slow drain with a pink heavy duty drain cleaner (the bottle of which is now out in the garbage and irretrievable but it was a clear bottle with text printed directly on the palstic). Unfortunately it left a faint yellow stain on the white ikea sink. Anyone got any tips or tricks to clean or repair?
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Cat allergies, did I do the right thing?

Gave my cat to my daughter, well it was her cat originally, am feeling sad and guilty...will the cat be okay? [more inside]
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Mad Scientist stories

Recommend me Mad Scientist stories you have read. More details inside: [more inside]
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Recommend me hobbies that as a side effect expand/change your worldview

Drawing changed the way I see the world, making everything beautiful based on the lines/play of light and shadow/transitions of color etc. What else is like that? (more examples of what I mean inside) [more inside]
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Basic questions about international (US to Europe) money transfer

My father (not internet savvy, no smartphone, etc.) in the US needs to make some large payments in Europe over the following year or so, and I would like to help him figure out an easy way to set up economical transfers. [more inside]
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January 16

Is getting a puppy the safest choice with a toddler?

Our home is dogless for the first time in 16 years. I think we have to get a puppy for safety reasons as we have a toddler. [more inside]
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thredUP for Canadian sellers?

Is there an online consignment store that I can just mail my stuff to, like thredUP, and have them take care of all of the details - difficulty level: Canada? [more inside]
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replacement ecotoothbrush?

I used to get ecodent toothbrushes, the ones with the replaceable bristles. But they seem to have been discontinued. What's the next-best thing? [more inside]
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Absorbing, family-friendly documentaries?

What are your favorite absorbing and family-friendly documentaries (movies or series) of the last few years? [more inside]
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Toms's of Maine Baking Soda Peppermint Toothpaste Out of Stock

Toms's of Maine Baking Soda Peppermint Toothpaste. I love it. I can't find it. [more inside]
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Does a fitbit still make sense?

After some deliberation, last week I ordered the fitbit sense. I wanted a device that had heart monitoring features and it seems the ECG feature will soon be available in Canada. I also like the fact that it has a 6 day battery. However, I have just learned that fitbit has been acquired by google. Given this acquisition, I am wondering if Google are going force Wear OS on me or even stop sales or support of existing devices in the near future. Then there is also the issue of privacy - not sure I can trust google to keep my data private. Should I return this device and get something else? I have a 45 day return window. My other option is the Apple Watch but I know the short battery life is not going to work for me. In Canada FWIW.
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Crop circles - How to crop many rectangular jpg's to a bunch of circles?

I have a folder of .jpg's that I want to be able to change into circles (circles of content with a 100% transparent surround) - and want to maintain image quality. The .jpg's are a mix of squares and various aspect rectangles and I want the circle to have a diameter equal to the shortest dimension of the rectangle (to get as much content as possible). [more inside]
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What is the most stain resistant white tee shirt you can buy?

I love white tees. Ringer tees especially. I look good in them. And within five wearings of each one, I get a permanent stain that makes them into gym shirts. And by seven, I add enough more that they turn into dishrags. What white tee is the MOST stain resistant out there? I don't care what it costs. It's gotta be cheaper than replacing them.
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Ground Meat Treats

What can I cook with 1 pound quantities of ground beef or ground pork that doesn’t use tomato sauce or hot/spicy ingredients and isn’t “heavy?” [more inside]
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dealing with wood discoloration after surface treatment

I have a wood tabletop (IKEA Gerton) that I'm going to use as a work surface. After sanding from 120 to 180 grit and applying a preliminary coat of water-based polyurethane (Minwax brand clear satin wipe-on) several large light spots appeared on the wood surface. What may have caused this, and can it be fixed? [more inside]
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Friendship feeling unbalanced

Would I be wrong to walk away? [more inside]
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Marketer Seeking Marketer: Executive Job Search Edition

I'm in the middle-management/early-executive career band with a skill set defined by flexible generalist soft skills. Where can I find legit career coaching and high-end job search collateral creation help? [more inside]
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What's the best of the alt-social-media?

There's Mastodon, Scuttlebutt, Briar, and various others that seem like they might be up-and-coming. Have you tried some of them? What's your impression? [more inside]
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Where have all the cats gone? Adopter in need of an adoptee!

My parents are looking to adopt a cat, ideally yesterday. Their much loved and extremely senior cat passed a month ago, and there's a huge cat-shaped hole in their hearts. My mom has never ever not had at at least one cat her entire life. They are really good, loving cat owners! But they cannot find a cat! Looking for ideas or avenues to chase down. [more inside]
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Mediocre kids movies please

Looking for non-dramatic movies for sensitive 8-11 yr olds. [more inside]
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If you missed the original deadline, can you get the $600 payment now?

Can someone who did not apply for or receive the $1200 original stimulus check get added to the list, or is the recovery rebate credit the only option? [more inside]
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How do I get Zoom calls on my iPad?

Asking for a friend. The speaker on her macbook doesn't work. She has a macbook, an iphone and an ipad. Only the macbook and iphone talk to each other. So when she has a Zoom meeting, she has to use her phone but would rather use her ipad. Is there a setting that would enable this? I can answer any questions. They all use the same AppleID
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What is going on with my digestive system?

I have a gastroenterologist. You are not him. But I hope someone can shed some light on unusual changes that have occurred recently with my gastrointestinal tract. Content warning: Some gross descriptions of my GI function. [more inside]
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Prozac in order to manage severe SSRI discontinuation symptoms

I have previously posted here about my endeavor to taper off of 40mg/day of Viibryd (vilazadone) while experiencing extremely severe discontinuation symptoms. I’m seeing a new and very helpful psychiatrist who suggested I take a small dose of Prozac during this process. [more inside]
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House Plants - The Deep Dive

You love house plants. I'm looking for your favorite websites/ books/ vendors/shows etc. about house plants. Information on caring for house plants, house plant porn, information about types, basically anything house plant. [more inside]
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Microgreens query for kitty

In summer my cat nibbles on grass. For some reason I haven't had much luck growing oatgrass for my cat this winter so she's taken to nibbling on houseplants best left alone. The food delivery service I use offers some growing microgreens. Which one do I get for kitty? [more inside]
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Please help identify this song

I only have this fragment. Would love to know what it is!
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Water in my fireplace when the rain is sideways. How much of a problem?

The fireplace in our 1961 ranch gets a little bit of water in it during very heavy rains, but only heavy, gusting, sideways rain. We had a cap put on this summer, and while they were assessing for the cap they said that we'd have to waterproof and address the flashing at some point in the next five years, but that it wasn't a huge problem. Today it's raining sideways and there's a slow drip. How worried should I be? Snowflake inside. [more inside]
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All day SAD lamps - dangerous or not?

Is it a bad idea to get a SAD lamp for my desk? Should exposure to them be limited? [more inside]
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Does this style of architecture have a name?

Is there a name for the style of architecture (1980s-1990s) that features lots of glass (or transparent plastic pretending to be glass), curved or circular lines (especially semi-circles), with strips of plastic or metal in between the glass that are more likely to be white or primary colours than black/metallic in colour? Examples inside. [more inside]
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What can I do with defrosted Greek yoghurt?

I froze a big tub of Greek yoghurt because I was going out of town for a few weeks. I've now defrosted it in the fridge and it's gone from thick and creamy to a watery soup. Can I put it to good use? Perhaps in baking or in a curry or something... Or should I just throw it away?
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Suggestions for clue formats for an alternate reality game.

Looking for creative ways to hide information online and in the real world. [more inside]
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dealing with career resentment

I'm out of work and narrowly losing job offers because I can't disguise my resentment over my past workplaces and disappointment with the state of work in general. I need coping strategies and mental hacks to reframe this when I interview. [more inside]
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January 15

How do I sell a domain name?

I have a question about offering to sell a domain name to a business. [more inside]
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Replace my fascist pillows!

A few years back I was lured in by a deal on My Pillows at Costco and came away with a couple. Shortly after I started using them I learned about the fascism. Are there near-identical replacements for this product? [more inside]
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tipping cleaners

The cleaning service I use sent a text to all customers about COVID-related measures, including a bit about asking people not to leave cash tips for their cleaners. Since the pandemic started, I have been leaving a cash tip (15-25% of the overall cleaning cost) for the cleaners each time they come. What should I do? [more inside]
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Paper conservation recommendations in NYC?

I have a 1920s lithograph poster I would like to have linen-backed and ~possibly~ restored. The most obvious NYC business doing this (posterfix) has very sketchy reviews so I would like some recommendations (or anti-recommendations) from people who have used other services.
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Good inaugural High School Senior class gift from students to school?

My High School senior is part of a three year-old school, and a member of the first-ever graduating class. The school is part of a well-known California university, sort of a "public" private school. Given this is the first class, we're thinking of ideas to give something back, and to start a new tradition. Given this is a class in COVID-19, we're wondering what we could do that would capture the spirit of this distributed, school-at-home moment. [more inside]
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Getting both PUA Unemployment and a PPP loan

I am self employed and in Spring 2020 I applied for PUA unemployment (in NJ) due to reduced work from Covid. I was approved, although only was paid for 2 weeks when my income dipped below the threshold to allow me to receive benefits that week. I kept the claim open and have been reporting hours should I fall below the threshold and qualify for more weeks. [more inside]
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RecommendationFilter: Deep secrets slowly revealed

I love books and shows where a minor mystery leads to a major mystery - especially if the major mystery turns out to be far deeper, weirder and more sinister. Help me find more! [more inside]
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Apartment lease and the 1978 lead paint rule

My apartment lease states that the apartment was built after 1978, and thus my landlord didn't need to provide a lead based paint disclosure, however, after signing the lease I've found old photographs of the building from the 1950s. [more inside]
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What is the name of this contemporary graphic design style?

Good examples include (a) The Gentlewoman magazine (b) The Cherry Bombe Cookbook (c) Reformation Clothing. At the risk of revealing my own opinion of it, I would characterize it as "Boring bold sans-serif typefaces used where they shouldn't be, mixed with a color palette that's somehow both garish and muted at the same time, plus photos that looks like they're lit by Terry Richardson." Bonus question: how and why did this style become so pervasive, dare I say popular? [more inside]
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