June 19

Extended Weekend in the UK for Family with Baby, No car

We're looking for a town or village in the UK, which is near the train station, walkable, some shops for food, trails for family cycling (note that we will have a baby so easy routes only). Key is that we do not have a car so day-to-day activities have to be walkable. [more inside]
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Can you identify this font?

Can you identify the font in this (cleaned up) image? The person I'm asking for swears the PE is a built-in ligature and this font has a lot of ligatures. [more inside]
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June 18

Activism Supplies

I'm going to a protest in San Francisco tomorrow. What should I bring? What should I do for prep other than "bring stuff?" [more inside]
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Music playing apps that "watch" folders

I have all my music files sorted out in a folder system. I'd like to find apps for OSX and iOS (it could be different apps) that watch these folders and add/remove songs from the collection. They can be pretty basic—I just need to be able to sort and to make playlists. [more inside]
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How to deal with flatmates' houseguests who are also common friends?

I [f/29] currently share a house with two friends (who also happen to be married to each other). The living arrangement is quite comfortable. I have my own room and private bathroom (as do the couple). We share a common living area and kitchen. I get along great with my house mates and we have reasonably well defined boundaries and house responsibilities. However, there's a recurring situation regarding houseguests that I'm uncomfortable with and do not know how to politely work around. Details follow. [more inside]
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Wireless Printer?

I need a new wireless printer. I'd prefer to deal with it this week, but with a minimum of actual work to pick one. Tell me which one -- details inside. [more inside]
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Help me how do I do this?

What is the best way to get a car that maximizes low monthly payments and reliability? [more inside]
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Creating an Emoji

I want to use this clipart as part of a submission to Unicode to create a new emoji. It asks for a certificate or statement but there is nothing. What do I give Unicode or can I even use this clipart? [more inside]
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What are the leftist proposals for borders and immigration?

I am in agreement with the majority of leftists who think the current situation with ICE and border control in the United States is horrific and inhumane. However, I'm not familiar with realistic alternative approaches to immigration. I want to be able to answer the question "if we don't stop people at the border, or deport them if we find them later, what do we do instead that won't lead to unchecked immigration?" I'm looking for articles and essays; I'll be honest and say I'm not going to read a book. [more inside]
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Visit to Washington DC - how do I speak to an elected official?

I will be visiting Washington DC for leisure in July. When I told my friend about it, he recommended trying to visit my elected official as Congress would still be in session. I do have some things I'd like to advocate for... I could use all the advice on how to go about doing so. Details below. [more inside]
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Help me choose a pet health/wellness insurance!

Maybe I shouldn't have been surprised, but healthcare in the pet world is as difficult to navigate as in the human world. Can someone point me to a brand/plan/course of action that would roughly fit my needs? Details and pictures of my cats inside. [more inside]
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How long will cut peaches last unrefrigerated?

My mother cut some peaches up and placed them in water for me to put in my deep freeze when I got home. I forgot and left them in the car overnight. I put them in the freezer this morning. Are they still safe or should I just dump them? [more inside]
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Is there a white vinyl picket fencing option with a wood texture?

We desperately need to replace our picket fence, but I don't like the flat shiny vinyl fences in my neighborhood. Does white vinyl picket fencing come with a wood texture? I haven't been able to find it searching online--it seems to be a thing, since I see some vinyl privacy fences with it, but I don't see any textured vinyl picket fences. [more inside]
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Everything about the job sounds great...except the Glassdoor reviews

I’ve been really excited about a possible new job opportunity I interviewed for, but the company’s Glassdoor reviews are giving me serious pause. How to proceed from here? [more inside]
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Police set up a tail-light bust and ...

What's it called when cops set up a traffic bust with a bigger agenda? [more inside]
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Donating money to oppose Australia's border control policy

Seeing what's been happening on the US border has made me angry all over again about Australia's "border control" policies. Just for once, rather than feeling helpless and uselessly wringing my hands, I'd like to financially support organisations that are working to end our detention policies. Who do I send money to?? [more inside]
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Looking for replacement for obsolete WordPress theme

I'm on the board of directors for a non-profit, and it turns out that our WordPress website is using a theme which is no longer supported, BusyBee. So we'll have to migrate to a new one. [more inside]
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Dental hygienist recommendation in LA/Orange County area

I'm looking for a thorough dental hygienist for a person prone to periodontal disease [more inside]
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Reducing contact with abuser when you're empath

What books, websites and other resources can help with reducing contact with an abuser when you're an empath? [more inside]
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A big list o' environmental/law groups

Title kinda says it all. I'm trying to compile a large list of environmental organizations that do at least some legal outreach/work in environmental law. Obvious big names would be Sierra, Greenpeace etc but smaller, regional, and more niche groups are fine and even encouraged. [more inside]
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Reducing Boob Sweat

I have large breasts. Both in my cleavage (impossible to fully separate due to size) and under my breasts. I've heard deodorant clogs your pores, but it's the only thing that at least kinda works. Would different material help? Any ideas to reduce the sweating would be great.
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Help me prepare for this vet appointment

What happens after a pet is put to sleep? [more inside]
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A tiny fridge or something else?

In my ongoing quest to transform my bedroom into a veritable pleasure palace, I'd like to keep some things cool. But how? Details after the jump. [more inside]
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The only thing we have to fear is....

I have a history of anxiety issues, for which I take medication. That history has included previously not-too-frequent panic attacks, usually while I'm driving. For the past couple weeks, they've not only been not-infrequent, they've become a daily occurrence when I'm driving to/from work. I have a doctor's appointment scheduled for late next week, but I need some tips in the meantime. [more inside]
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Word to describe "X Make Up Y" word relationships

Is there a word or phrase that refers to what I can only describe as “organization level” word groups (AKA things that make up other things)? i.e. cells->tissues->organs is an ideal example, but another one would be atoms->molecules->compounds(?). I’m having trouble coming up with others that follow this structure, or when flipped is "is made of" (organs are made of tissues). [more inside]
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Redwood deck: what sort of sealant/stain should I use (if any)?

I recently had my front porch and steps cleaned up, sealed, and covered with low- to mid-grade redwood decking ("construction grade"). What's the best way to decide which sealant and possibly stain to use on the redwood boards? [more inside]
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Roughly 24 hours in Miami (or South Beach?) - Help me decide?

We will be taking a cruise that departs from the port of Miami in the spring, to celebrate a big wedding anniversary. The cruise line recommends two hotels, a Marriott in South Beach or the Four Seasons downtown, for pre/post cruise stays. We'll be flying in the day before the cruise (early morning) and will have roughly 24 hours in town before we board the ship. I see us having two paths - which would you recommend? [more inside]
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When was the Munich printing company Baurengarten Kunstanst in operation

I have an old olive oil label (printed in German), seemingly from the first half of the 1900s. The printer's name appears in small print at the bottom "Lit. Baurengarten Kunstanst, Munchen". I would like to know when this print shop was in operation to get a better estimate of the label's age. My Google searches have come up empty.
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What's The Wii That We Can Use Now?

I am looking to replace a Wii that had been in use in my skilled nursing facility. We used a Wii on occasion for resident activity and exercise. We'd like to start the same kinds of programs, but Wiis are old and graphics are bad. I would love to get a similar system that is controlled by motion, is accessible to people who have never played video games, and can be used by people with dementia. Things that are challenging include finger or hand dexterity, complicated controllers, and hand-eye coordination. What would you use, savvy gamers and helpers of Metafilter?
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Online resources on early American theatre? (Frances Ann Denny Drake)

I have a friend who is researching the life of Mrs. Frances Ann Denny Drake (1797-1875), a noted tragedian of the 19th century in America. It's tough finding primary resources about her life and her work; typically, my friend has come across information by scouring old newspapers, if she's lucky enough to find ones that have been preserved. I guess my question is: what might be some online resources that we might be unaware of? Thanks!
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How can I replace feelings of anger for ex with compassion/acceptance?

I recently ended a toxic relationship and I have so much pent up anger and want to get rid of these feelings or replace them with other feelings, such as compassion and acceptance. Please give me tips to help reset my frame of mind so that I can feel more thoughts of compassion and acceptance and be able to function. For those of you that have been through a similar experience and made it to the “other side”, I would love to hear some positive stories about your experience, and some things that helped you to get through it. [more inside]
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Podcasts about Victorians behaving badly

I recently started listening to podcasts, but I'm having trouble finding ones about historical crimes or mysteries. Suggestions for something British, set any time between Burke and Hare and the Krays, would be much appreciated.
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Giving a post-wedding celebration party that special wedding feeling

My sister getting married in Colorado where she and her husband’s family live and then having another reception a month later for our friends and family in Illinois (their venue is too small to invite everybody, not everyone can travel, etc) What can we do to give this 2nd party that special wedding feeling? [more inside]
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How to confirm a story

A good friend has asked me to verify the background story of his fiancee. I'm not sure how to start. [more inside]
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Are there any discussion forums left?

I know a lot of forums have migrated onto Facebook or shut down altogether these days, but I still prefer the interface of forums. Can you recommend some forums or other discussion spaces online, such as blogs with lively comment sections, that have intelligent, high-quality conversations? [more inside]
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Compelling audiobooks with spy or crime investigations?

I need to use up some Audible credits, so I want your recommendations for audiobooks about investigations, especially if they are spy/espionage/intelligence related. True-crime investigations also welcome. [more inside]
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What are some articles I should download before I lose my library VPN?

I have my university library VPN for only a few more weeks, and I want to take advantage of it while I still can. What are some journal articles (and similarly restricted stuff) that you'd recommend in the social sciences or history? [more inside]
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Options to expedite delivery of a US passport whilst abroad

I have US citizenship and urgent need to travel to the US ASAP. Apparently my passport renewal application has been approved, but the local Embassy staff I have been able to speak to have been unhelpful in providing information or options beyond waiting the 1-3 weeks it will take for delivery. [more inside]
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What does the crosshatch arrow mean in macOS?

What keys on the keyboard do these symbols correspond to in macOS? (The menu in the image is from Preview, but I've seen it in other programs.) [more inside]
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GDPR Workaround?

Since the European GDPR rules kicked in last month, I am discovering a lot of US news sites that won't let me access their content from Europe. Unfortunately, my client is American and I really need access to those sites for research. Do I need a VPN or can you think of any other workarounds that would make these sites think I am in the US? I am not trying to defraud anyone, btw, just trying to keep my gig going.
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Archive of the Brunching Shuttlecocks?

Does anyone know of a reliable archive of Lore's "Brunching Shuttlecocks" website from back in the day - was always hilarious but seems to have been offline for some time. I would love to re-read some of the stories I remember
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Appetite loss in the elderly: is there anything else we can do?

My mildly depressed, intensely private, hypochondriac and cynical but otherwise physically healthy 82-year-old dad got sick in early April, and has been in a steep nosedive ever since. The immediate threat to his recovery seems to be loss of appetite; he eats and drinks a fraction of normal, is dehydrated and has lost a bunch of weight. Is there some strategy or specialist we should be applying that we don't know about? [more inside]
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Best camera for macro photography for a very stingy person?

I want to take some photographs of coins. However, every time I go to buy a camera I end up thinking wow, for that price I could have [insert coin here]. So, despite needing and wanting a camera to take macro photography of my coins, I'm really struggling to bring myself to spend money on it... so... what is the best camera for taking good close-up photos for the minimum cost? [more inside]
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Short hair, don't care? Except I do.

Last year I gained 30 lbs and cut my waist length hair off. My slim waist and lovely hair were apparently the main things that made other people think I was pretty, and now that those things have changed, my self image has tanked. I want to feel beautiful again. Hell, I'd like to feel sexy, too. What should I try in order to see myself now as being just as "good" as I was before?
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June 17

UK-based children's books aged 3-5, light peril, diverse leads?

Llight peril' = monsters, getting lost, scary pop ups, or adventure themes; ideally without overt moralising (because it's boring for the parents); if the lead could be a girl and/or non-white that would be fab; super bonus for images of gentle interaction with animals or other children; no religious themes. UK English crucial, ideally ones I can get outside Amazon....
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bluetooth speakers with a power cable?

I'm looking for a somewhat odd thing: active speakers which take input over bluetooth and power from a cable. 1/4" or 1/8" would be a nice backup; XLR would be useless. Good bass is important: when I'm listening to a cello, I want to feel the cello resonate in my chest. However, it doesn't need to be very loud. Enough for a 15x15ftx10ft room with some conversation or a faucet running. [more inside]
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Seattle Filter: Name of Divorce Attorney

A friend has reached the point of filing for divorce. Because of a lot of previous mess, we would really like to see her do this with an attorney, and are willing to pick up the tab, since she's basically broke. [more inside]
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Name that song, limited info - next chapter

So yesterday I was in a Starbucks in an airport, and the song they were playing was kind of a medium tempo funky thing. I liked it. [more inside]
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Sassy, sentient mecha suits?

What are some examples of sentient mecha suits in film and television (specifically ones with real personalities!) that have both agency and are able to operate separately from their pilot?
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Calling Runner 5

What is the storyline of Zombies, Run! at the end of season 1, the race episodes, and the beginning of season 2? [more inside]
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iPhone 5SE will not stay connected to home WiFi, pls help

Since Thursday, my iPhone 5SE, bought March 2018, drops my home WiFi, although other electronics are having no problem. Verizon has checked the line, good to go. Says it is my phone. Is this something I can fix from home? I am not entirely mobile so a trip to Apple/Verizon is a … difficulty. Did all the unplug/plug in stuff, checked the pwd, network shows up in queue for selection. Help? Ask me anything, speak slowly. ;) [more inside]
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How to make a rpg?

I have internet, and a not new laptop. I wish to make a pretty simple, 16 bit style RPG. No programming skills to speak of. What's the best tools to do it with? [more inside]
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How much money can parents gift to adult children tax-free?

The gift in question would be about $100,000 from the proceeds of a house sale. If a parent gives a gift of cash to an adult child, does the adult child pay income tax on it? Is there a special tax rate on such gifts? I don't think inheritance tax would be an issue since the parent's estate is not even close to the inheritance tax threshold.
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Zero to astrophysics

A young woman who I know in Ontario wants to become an astrophysicist, but so far has only finished a mix of grade 11 and grade 12 level science and math courses. Obviously she will need to take a lot more of the standard curriculum, but I suspect it generally isn't designed with future astrophysicists in mind. What other math or foundational skills are necessary or useful for this field? Can you think of any other ways of building toward it? Are there institutions to know about, either in the Toronto area or more broadly?
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I just want shorts!! [sobs]

Where do I find some stretchy, super high waisted, denim shorts for pear shaped ladies? Help! It's hot here!! [more inside]
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How to fend off early stage root rot?

I've got a lilac tree in my backyard that isn't growing like it should.Mushrooms grow in clusters in that area if left unchecked. The area around it smells like mushrooms even when there aren't any. Digging around the tree, I found its root are waterlogged, which makes sense since this area of the yard gets pretty saturated. There are rotten bits of a long gone tree underground nearby. What is the best plan for what to do next? [more inside]
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Where can I watch Get Over It?

My life is a disaster and the only thing I can think of that I want to do is watch the stupid teen movie Get Over It with Kirsten Dunst, but I can't find it online anywhere (Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, YouTube). Admittedly I'm not functioning at a super high level, so there may be something obvious I'm missing. Is there anywhere I can see this dumb movie?
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Where to stay in Berlin and Prague

We're heading to Berlin and Prague this year. Looking for advice on which areas we should stay in. [more inside]
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Name that flower, European tourist edition

What is this big crinkly red-orange flower that has been made into a table centerpiece? Is it even a flower at all? Could it be aquatic life? Where is it from? [more inside]
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Where does a timid refashionista go for feedback?

I love the idea of refashioning beautiful-but-ill-fitting finds from the thrift store into cool "new" things I'll actually wear--but I'm paralyzed when it comes to cutting them up. Is there an active online forum of like-minded people who share pictures of the original item and give one another ideas for the refashion? or weigh in on an idea here... [more inside]
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