March 4

Where in LA is that one location that appears in every single LA movie?

You know the one I mean: high up in an overlook on a hill, looking down from it you can see all the city lights. It's paved, there's parking for two or three cars maybe, and there's a bench. [more inside]
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Where to view April 2024 solar eclipse within a day's travel from Boston

I have booked tickets for April travel to Boston, from which I hope to travel to a location where I will have a good chance of viewing the 2024 solar eclipse. Boston itself is well outside the path of totality, but there appear to be a bunch of suitable locations one could reach within a day's travel. If you wanted to see the eclipse, what would you select as a destination that maximizes the chances of good viewing conditions (primary consideration) and is also perhaps a nice place to visit for other reasons (secondary consideration)? [more inside]
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What words or phrases are immediately recognized as Quebecois slang?

I'm looking for local words or phrases that I can use in relation to a family trip to Quebec province. A plus if it's kid-related (should be kid-friendly), but it doesn't have to be. [more inside]
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Unbrand a t-mobile locked Samsung phone

I received a Samsung Galaxy S23 as a gift from a relative. It's network-locked to T-Mobile, and it also has a really obnoxious pink startup screen. I want it to act more like an unbranded phone. How? [more inside]
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Typewriter or word processor?

My eleven-year-old niece who wants to be a writer would like a typewriter for her birthday. What should I get? [more inside]
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looking for a tech demo of a parametric font software

i stumbled across a blog post exulting the virtues of a font software*. in the 240p YouTube demo it showed how a given font can be morphed to a new one with sliders controlling weight, family and other metrics. [more inside]
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Can someone give me direction on career path when I'm tired?

Or maybe permission to not stake my whole life identity on this? [more inside]
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Covid immunity in 2024?

What do we know about Covid immunity nowadays? I just had Covid two weeks ago. Am I safe for any appreciable period? [more inside]
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How to keep a tent cool in the summer? No electric outlet

I'm going to be living in my car/a tent during the summer. I would like to keep it as cool as possible. Only difficulty: Texas, couple of hundred dollars budget, and it's a Chevy Spark. Help please. [more inside]
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What helps your anxious dog during thunderstorms?

What can I do to help my dog? More details inside. [more inside]
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March 3

Why are windows shortcuts so dang slow?

When I map a desktop shortcut to a folder or file, like Control + ] to open my F:\ drive, it takes several seconds for Windows 10 to react. My PC works normally and pretty reliably, tons of RAM and HD space. Is there some way to speed this up?
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Not the Kelvin universe I'm used to

I have an Elgato ring light that has an API that uses a weird number for the color temperature. What is it?? [more inside]
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Okay to include badges in media mail package?

I'm shipping a book (with no correspondence) to someone via USPS Media Mail and was going to include about 20 punk badges in the package. Can I still then send the package media mail, or would I have to send it Ground Advantage?
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How do I work on being less casually dismissive in conversation?

I’d love practical tips for noticing this when it happens more often and ways to reframe my responses to be more kind and open to what the other person is saying. [more inside]
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Where was this opinion column about book banning?

I remember reading SEVERAL years ago, an opinion column sparked by an anti-censorship event at a public library. Here's how long ago this was: the columnist was complaining about the event and calling it pointless because book banning attempts NEVER HAPPEN, there were only (some miniscule number) of events in the past several years. Does anyone else remember this column? Where did it appear? [more inside]
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I got approved for medical financial assistance. Is this taxable?

Upon the encouragement of nurses when I got my immunotherapy infusions in January, I applied for, and was approved for, Kaiser's medical financial assistance program. Would whatever payments they make for my medical services be taxable (ie, me report them on my taxes) next year? [more inside]
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Stopping unwanted contact from ex

My college ex-boyfriend continues to reach out every few years since we broke up. It's going on 15 years now. I don't want any contact with him and have remained silent. I want him to leave me alone. I am looking for suggestions to help stop the communication. [more inside]
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Online/LA support groups for ADHD/neurodiverse, job hunting focus

Recently diagnosed ADHD, most likely otherwise neurodiverse person in LA is seeking support groups (in person or online) where he can get more understanding of what he is dealing with. He is especially looking for help with how he can best represent himself when job hunting, but any tips on how he can get the most out of life while being neurospicy would be helpful. (He is a developer, if that is helpful.) Any recommendations?
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Helping 75-year-old hoard safely

My mother is 75 and lives alone in assisted living in a different state. She uses a walker and/or wheelchair. She is a hoarder. She cannot be convinced to stop with the resources and time available to us, so I'd like to focus on making her hoarding less harmful. Primary problems are papers, plastic food containers, and cheap clothing that she orders. I'm here for a 2-week visit; what can I do? [more inside]
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Am I misreading the situation or is my friend being a jerk or something?

A "friend" (not sure if we're friends anymore) has been less than supportive towards me. He claims it is because of a medical issue, but that's not making sense to me. [more inside]
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Which streaming device has the least onerous terms of use?

I woke up this morning and tried using my Roku streaming stick, only to find an update to the dispute resolution portion of the terms of service that had only an "Agree" button and no way to close it without clicking on that button. What choice do I have? [more inside]
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iPhone SE and iOS 17 Battery Life Issues?

Recent Battery Life Issues with my iPhone SE. Not sure if its iOS 17 related, or just getting old and nearing end of life. Any tips? [more inside]
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March 2

Kid-friendly, neurospicy-friendly escape room in Seattle area, please?

My kid turns 10 in October and the most "tween-y" birthday party theme she could think of was an escape room. We live in Seattle. Attendees would be in 2nd to 4th grade and some of them are various manners of neurodivergent. Please help me figure out how to do this, as the only escape room place I know of is way too creepy AND involves math and geography these kids haven't learned yet. I'm open to something packaged that we can do at home as well. Thank you!
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Hotel recommendation in Copenhagen, please

Mr. Blah and I need a hotel recommendation in Copenhagen that's not too expensive, not a dump, and has decent access to the central train station, Köpenhamn H, as well as centrally located to tourist stuff. The only thing we need to avoid: a ton of stairs. (I don't know if it's common for Danish hotels not to have an elevator?) [more inside]
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Fixing a dumb U.S. tax mistake

I filed my 2023 taxes with the free online H&R Block as usual. It calculated a $2 return for federal and no balance for PA. The returns were sent electronically and quickly accepted. Unfortunately I later realized I had never uploaded any of my 1099 forms; I must have missed the prompt. Is there any reason why I shouldn't go ahead and file federal & state amendments? [more inside]
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Questions about intubation

I've been scheduled for this breast biopsy (wire) If that image weren't enough... [more inside]
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Looking for stand up comedy bit that ended with: Let the boys play, ref!

Somewhere around 4-10 years ago I heard a great set on the podcast Put Your Hands Together. The episode was hosted by comedian River Butcher under his previous name. A male comedian did a well-received set, the highlight was a long bit with some of the following: [paraphrased elements inside] [more inside]
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How did you recover from burnout? Walk me through the steps.

I am beyond burnt out. No energy to do anything. Never feel rested--all the signs and symptoms, I have them. I am also unable to take time off work to recover (incidentally, work is also the main source of my burnout), nor can I afford to see a naturopath. I can, however, get massages, and I regularly see a therapist. I have had my levels tested by my family doctor and all come back in the normal range. [more inside]
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Clothes blog or website inspiration-like Apartment Therapy for clothes?

Can you share your favorite blogs/websites for style inspiration for size 6-10 women? [more inside]
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I need a manual egg beater that doesn't jam more often than not.

Every manual egg beater I've personally used and can find online have reports of jamming except this one which instead has reports of breaking after a couple of years of use. [more inside]
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March 1

Does this kind of not-a-TV TV exist?

My primary method of watching shows (a 17” MacBook Pro) has recently aged out of the OS the main streaming sites require. I don’t follow tech advancements, but I know many of you do! What are my options when I want something in the realm of 17-20” that I can put away when not in use? [more inside]
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What's like MetaFilter but different?

The governance committee of the MetaFilter Interim Board is collecting some sample bylaws. I'm looking for bylaws from groups that are roughly similar. So far, I have samples from: * Free Software Foundation * Open Education Consortium * Organization for Transformative Works * Wikimedia Foundation [more inside]
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On the number of Mozart sonatas

I have this Schirmer's Library book of Mozart sonatas. It seems to use a different convention for numbering sonatas than the rest of the world. For example, it identifies k.300i as Sonata 16, but it's conventionally known as Sonata 11. Meanwhile, the famous k.545 is called Sonata 3 in my book, but elsewhere is Sonata 16. Why the discrepancy? [more inside]
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Serenity now?

My family is going through a positive change. We've done about as much leg work as we can to prepare. Now we have to wait. We don't know for sure if the change will come to pass, but we are hopeful it will. I find myself wanting to keep researching, searching, training, but I sense that this is about anxiety and control. It's ruminating in a way that is not good for me. How can I handle waiting? [more inside]
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Finding a mystery MySpace song

Help me find this song from MySpace. [more inside]
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iOS phone app for vocal or instrument music transcription.

A friend is looking for an iOS app where they can hum or sing notes or melodies and have the app record/transcribe the notes and chords into music notation, and/or other useful info. [more inside]
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Some tips for adopting a more androgynous/masculine of center style?

I'm a young-ish queer nonbinary AFAB person who recently started dressing in a less feminine fashion (no dresses, no purses, no super form-fitting tops) and have found it incredibly freeing and wonderful. I am looking for resources or potential retailers that might have clothing items that fit my new style--specifically looking for nice slacks, button-downs in fun prints or bright colors and shoes. [more inside]
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My Brother 1610W printer won't connect

I have a Brother printer that won't connect either by wireless or USB. I've tried the push button wps setup, attaching it with a usb cord, putting the printer next to the router, nothing seems to work, turning both off for a few minutes - the printer is invisible to the computer. It can't find the SSIDs from local wireless connections, it just sits at 'looking for WLAN' for a few minutes then prints an error sheet. I've reset settings a few times, no change. I will reinstall drivers on the computer, but i feel like the issue must be with the printer as it can't find any wireless connections at all. Is there a reflash option for printers like that? Does anyone have any ideas on this one? The printer is a few years old but was working ok a few days ago.
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What to consider when starting a new meetup group?

What do I need to know about starting a new meetup group? My specific interest (standup paddleboarding) is not currently represented on in my area, or with any other clubs I can find nearby, but I do believe that there are folks locally who would be interested in joining such a group. So, I am thinking about starting it myself. What do I need to know? [more inside]
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Selling concert tickets

What is the best way to sell tickets to tomorrow’s Stardew Valley concert in Seattle without getting scammed? [more inside]
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What does getting a Master's Degree look like?

I'm finishing up my Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology this summer. YAY! It only took me 30 years. I'm throwing around the idea of continuing to get my Master's degree, but I don't even know what that looks like. Is it just taking more classes? Is it project-based? I guess each program varies, but in general, what does a Master's degree entail?
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Resources around the concept of trusting yourself

For the first time, I see clearly that the common denominator of almost all of my problems in life has been that I don't trust my own perception. I know what I think and feel and want, but convince myself that I'm hormonal, or have unrealistic expectations, or am imprudent, etc., ad infinitum. Needless to say, I'm a woman. This feels like a knot hole in the fence through which I can see a whole other version of my life. What can you recommend on this topic? Novels, self-help, movies, your own experiences, whatever. I'm hungry for more perspective.
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Looking for an ANC bluetooth headset for Microsoft Teams & music

Looking ideally for Teams certified bluetooth headset with ANC, good quality sound (microphone and output). I can see offerings from Jabra, Bose, Sony, Sennheiser.... what do people recommend? I would just go with Jabra but I suspect I wouldn't be thrilled with the sound quality for music but maybe I'm wrong? [more inside]
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5G Hotspot for reliable wifi at meetings

Can a 5G hotspot cost-effectively serve wifi to a meeting of 30-40 people in a larger US city? Is it possible to purchase the hardware but only pay for the cell service for the one week every three months that it's needed? [more inside]
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Recently verified outdoor places for 2 to eat in Manhattan

Going to be in the Chelsea area overnight to see Sleep No More. Looking for recently verified outdoor places where two people can eat in Manhattan, hopefully within a 30 minute walk/walk+transit from 10th Ave and W 27th. Heating is preferable but we will do without if needed. Definitely need someplace for an early dinner; a place for breakfast would also be good. Ideally someplace that serves food suitable for vegetarians.
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You hate me. I have to manage you. How?

Juniors at work are indignant about the fact that I (younger woman) have authority over them and are acting out. I’m frustrated. What the hell am I supposed to do? [more inside]
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What is this object?

Helping a friend clear out her garage, which contains decades of family stuff, and we've found this. Possible scribing tool or measuring equipment? (And subsidiary desk function question.) [more inside]
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February 29

What has helped with your Morton’s Neuroma?

Recently diagnosed and looking for any advice on treating and managing MN, from acupuncture and anti-inflammatory diets to zero-drop shoes, injections and surgery. Please hope me! [more inside]
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Leaking blood from rectum

A family member went into urgent care because they have been leaking blood from their rectum for about 48 hours. Trying to understand context and what the doctor said. [more inside]
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so I was told I have Parkinson's disease last fall

What should I expect? I know I have another neruological problems with my legs. And yes, I know there is no cure. And yes, I am old. /shrug
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felting newbie

I just fell in love with felting (wet felting was fun, making felt balls delightful and especially delightful when we cut them in half to see the squishy swirly patterns we made inside, and needle felting straight up therapeutic). This is my first textile craft ever and I am a little muddled as to what I do next. [more inside]
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Looking for a sight for a traditional recurve bow for target archery.

I practice target archery and am looking for a sight for aiming with my traditional recurve bow. I am not a hunter. Please recommend. Many thanks.
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Can people see me through the slats of my blinds?

The apartment I live in has wood-style blinds, which are nice, but don't seem to completely close up, so there are still narrow slats. Can people from higher floors see through those and see what I'm doing in my bedroom? [more inside]
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Tips for Dealing with Other People's Jealousy

Does anyone have advice or resources (such as books, articles or really anything that isn’t a google search) that helps in dealing with people who are jealous or envious of me? [more inside]
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News For Roku Cable Cutters

My 70ish dad decided to become a cable cutter - he bought a Roku and turned his media bill to internet only. So far he's loving it - except he liked having CNN on, which he can't really replicate. Search for anything with "news" in the search gets news about the thing, not what I'm looking for. [more inside]
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What foods did you notice in this year's Oscar-nominated films?

I'm looking for help identifying foods that appeared in Academy Award nominees for this year, especially Best Picture candidates. Food doesn't have to be eaten on screen if it is visually prominent. Basically the same as my question from 2011! [more inside]
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Jupyter Notebook formatting in Pressbooks

Technical Question: I have a series of Jupyter Notebooks (.ipynb files) that I would like to import into a Pressbooks page. For now, I've been converting files to html, and importing them into Pressbooks that way. This works, though dealing with any image files is tricky, however the formatting is lost. [more inside]
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They say it's your birthday...

What fun, silly lyrics can I use with the traditional Happy Birthday song? [more inside]
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Marking Slides for Easy Removal in PowerPoint

I am combining several PowerPoint presentations together into one. These presentations cover one machine with several different combinations of widgets. Some machines have A widget and others have B widget, some have both, some have none. I will not be giving these presentations. Is there any way to mark the slides about these widgets in the slides pane so the presenter will know that these slides can be removed if they're not in that particular configuration? Add a border, shading, something? I'd prefer not to add anything to the actual slides.
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Book recommendation - Parenting Disagreements

My wife and I have a fair amount of disagreements on how we parent our toddler (sleep, discipline etc). I'd like some recommendations on books/workbooks/websites/youtubes/social media accounts, that would help us navigate this better? I'm not sure the write keywords to search for.
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