January 16

Is a one-year olds birthday a big deal?

At odds with my co-parent over inviting family over for my son's first birthday. [more inside]
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How do I work with a two-faced, bullying manager who ignores me?

The manager that I work with is giving me the cold shoulder. Every time I try to talk to him, he pretends that I'm not there. If I need help finding something, he'll just sit there and says he doesn't know. He's only acting like this around me- he talks to everyone else in our department. Snowflakes inside... [more inside]
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Womens Clothing Sizes: WTF

I'm male, but I think that gendered clothing is stupid generally. And I really don't understand the sizing of gendered "women's" clothing. [more inside]
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Any HR people here know if a former name can be discovered by employer?

A relative had a name change done and it is not public record because the change was done for her safety in regards to a dangerous person that was in her life. She was recently hired at Company "Y" but as it turns out- the heads of Company "Y" keep in touch with the heads of Company "Z"- which was where she interned several years ago. [more inside]
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I want some Christo and Jeanne-Claude prints.

But there are so many sellers. I went to the Christo website but prints are not available there. Where, who is dealing in good reproductions? I want to encourage good work, not shoddy.
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Contacting a psychologist directly to help with daughter's needle phobia

My 9-year old has a big needle phobia and so can't get the COVID vaccine (or any vaccine). So I've been looking into getting a therapist for her, which is all kinds of fun (/s). [more inside]
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Watching "Pink Cloud / A Nuvem Rosa" with English Subtitles

Is there any way that I can watch The Pink Cloud (Portuguese: Nuvem Rosa) with English subtitles? I do not see the film anywhere, including methodologies one would not normally legally recommend. If people similarly find nothing as I do, is there any information available as to future VOD/etc. release dates?
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Copy editing certification

I have a friend who enjoys copy editing and who is looking at the UC SD 1 year online certification to open doors as well as to provide a solid foundation. Tell me what you think about this. Yes, this is a pretty open inquiry, but interested in reactions.
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Help me find a RGB LED light bulb upgrade

I'm trying to replace my existing physical-remote color LED light bulb setup with something higher quality. Help? [more inside]
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Help me clone the New Mexican style papas of my childhood

I no longer live anywhere near a legitimate New Mexican restaurant. I desperately would like to learn how to make the papas of my youth. [more inside]
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Texas 529s and 529s in general

We are moving to Texas later this year and I want to use some of the proceeds of our home sales in our current state to start 529s there for our kiddos. But I am OVERWHELMED with the information. [more inside]
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Chaos isn't a pit. It's a game I want to play. But like, literally.

Suggestions for video games where the sole purpose is to restore order to a messy place? [more inside]
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To be young and in love (and in Europe)

I’m looking for novels of people moving to/living in continental European cities (London and New York work too), navigating relationships, work, and so on. Think a literary, nuanced version of Emily in Paris. My city is essentially in lockdown so I cannot do much at the moment and would love recommendations.
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My new iphone is blocking two-factor authentication texts

I just bought a new iphone 13 running iOS 15.2.1 on the ATT network. Because it's a new phone, many of my apps are requiring a new round of two-factor authentication. But something is blocking the authentication texts. I get regular texts. Calls to both Apple and ATT result in each one blaming the other. Help! [more inside]
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Particularly cool Circle of Fifths poster?

Are you aware of a particularly cool poster representing the Circle of Fifths? [more inside]
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What's the best Discworld Podcast?

Other than Desert Island Discworld. Specific things I'm looking for below. [more inside]
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What gives you hope for the future, in 2022?

These are difficult times, everywhere. The bad news feels all-consuming and inevitable. What gives you hope for the future? How are you staying hopeful? [more inside]
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Boys dress shirts XL

So I discovered that Calvin Klien Jean's has boys dress shirts XL 18-20 fit me absolutely perfectly. Can you recommend other brands dress shirts that will too? Bonus points if you find a brand with a significant range of clothes in that size. [more inside]
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Meal delivery service in Toronto or other ideas?

A friend in Toronto is a healthcare worker and is beyond exhausted. This is not a situation where a nice cup of tea and a hot bath will make it all better. I'd like to do something to lighten the load and was thinking meal delivery might help (not the kind they would need to cook, just reheat) but I'm not located there and don't know what service would be healthy and flavourful for someone with an adventurous palate. [more inside]
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What Are the Best News Aggregators in 2022?

I've largely unplugged from social media over the past year. This has been mostly good, but I am trying to rebuild how I get my news (used to be Twitter). [more inside]
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global context for every little question?

Is there a good place to find news and updates that inform people in the USA/western/liberal bubble about how other countries are doing? I'm particularly interested in how other cultures might have different conceptions, different responses to, and different outcomes for: (A) COVID (B) housing and homelessness (C) mental health (D) the economy, small businesses, and workers rights (E) quality of life (F) racial equity (G) pragmatism and resiliency [more inside]
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help me prepare for a smooth move the the USA as an expat

My partner and I will be relocating from the Netherlands to the USA in 1 to 2 years for work reasons. We will stay in the USA for about 3-5 years. What steps can I take now to make this process easier? If you're an expat, what did you wish you had known/done before your move? [more inside]
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Are there natural limits to how much weight you can gain from a feast?

To balance maintaining a healthy weight and the pleasure I get from food, I'm wondering about the wisdom of following a "4 big feasts a year" type strategy. So, wondering if, at some point, excess calories will stop being stored as fat by your body. Any other harmful effects of occasional feast?
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"Help me find" filter: stylish small lamp; difficulty: cordless

Losing hope that it exists, but I am seeking a cordless/battery-operated or rechargeable lamp according to these parameters. [more inside]
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What are funny, smart, quirky 13 yr olds reading these days?

I've always loved my niece, but the older she gets the more everyone is starting to say "she's just like you!"  If I tell you what I'm like can you tell me what books she'll like? [more inside]
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Help me find a (Poe? Lovecraft?) story on cliffs and creeping biomass!

Thank you in advance! Friend is into mycelium themed horror. Poe or Lovecraft wrote about a craggy village by the ocean (of course) that was being routed by a massive-and-sentient root or mushroom network. It's been so long I can't remember the name! Extended story detail inside. [more inside]
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January 15

What to do with a dead video card?

So 6 months or so ago, my Radeon 6850 card seemed to have died. Finally got a replacement. Now I have this card. At the windows boot up, get two large green vertical bands on screen. Once windows boots I get nothing. So what to do with it? Garbage? Give to the local repair guy? Is there anything about this busted card that has value to anyone?
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Why did Hy-Vee stop carrying distilled water?

I buy gallons of distilled water for houseplant purposes. Lately I haven't been able to find it at any of the Hy-Vees in town (and the shelves appear to have stopped being tagged for it). I was at another one today and asked customer service, and that person said they stopped carrying it (I'm not sure if that was true or a way to get me to go away). If it is true, why, and is this a broader change than just my Hy-Vees? [more inside]
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Help me brainstorm covid-safe outdoor activities for kids

I live in Australia, where it is summer and we've been on and off in lockdown for almost two years. Kids are still unvaccinated (thanks slow government rollout!) and I'm desperate for any new ideas of things we can do that are reasonably safe (i.e., outdoors) and do not involve sitting around the house. [more inside]
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How protective is one dose of the covid vaccine?

My five-year-old got his first dose over the Christmas break and is not yet eligible for his second dose. School re-opens on Monday and I am terrified. In this 'pandemic of the unvaccinated' how protected will he be as a half-vaccinated person? [more inside]
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I think I need to cut off my family, but I'm heartbroken at the thought

Please help me navigate the dynamics with my family and unprocessed grief from my childhood. Logically I keep concluding that I should cut ties with my family, but emotionally I can't bring myself to do it. [more inside]
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Muscle pain after hip arthroscopy - can you relate? Or help me advocate?

I went through an arthroscopic surgery in early 2021 to repair slight damage to labrum and reshape bone of both the femur and pelvis in the hip joint. Months later I am having daily muscle tightness and pain and don't know how to start advocating for myself more directly or how normal this pain even is. [more inside]
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Baffling eyeglass problem

Do you have an especially thorough understanding of optics? My new progressive lenses supposedly have the same distance prescription as my old ones. The optician insists they're the same. They are not the same. [more inside]
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Help me get someone else to help me with my life

I think all the time about having some kind of organizer or assistant to help with tasks that I find really difficult (as a person with a cognitively demanding job and ADHD). But I also have a paralysis of choice and struggle to take even small steps towards this. I want to spend money to save time and improve my life. Can you help me, with clear and simple steps, figure out how to get this to happen? [more inside]
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Please explain the origin & meaning of "Stewart Lee has let himself go"

I'm a big fan of British comedian Stewart Lee, and have watched many of his videos on Youtube. There's a weird meme in the comments sections of people writing endless variations of "Stewart Lee has let himself go", usually (apparently) having something to do with increasingly unlikely similarities and comparisons to other people and/or things (Ex: "Louis van Gaal, the former manager of Manchester United and AZ Alkmaar, has really let himself go.") What is this about? Can someone explain it and put my excessively curious mind at rest? Thank you!
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Show me great articles/books about running restaurants, stores and more

I love reading about the practicalities and experience of running physical stores, restaurants, etc. and would love your favourite articles or books written by people who have done so. [more inside]
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Door curtains in Sweden

I'm watching Bonus Family on Netflix. The show is set in Sweden and all of the houses have curtains in the interior doorways. Surprisingly I cannot find any information about this custom online. Is this a Swedish thing? A Nordic thing? They seem to change pretty often on the show--is that something people do, like seasonally? Are they ever pulled closed? The ones on the show are mostly from lightweight fabric so they seem to be purely decorative and not for stopping drafts. Do you only have them on doorless doorways or also on doorways with wooden doors? Tell me everything you know about door curtains, please!
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What is this weird (scam?) email?

I just got a truly baffling email, and I would love for you all to tell me what this is! It appears to be an order (that I didn't place) with no company name, but that actually contains my full name and address in the text. It's for a not insubstantial amount of money, and it has me freaked out a bit. [more inside]
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Explain to me like I'm first-year university: Age of cosmic background

My Google-fu is failing me on this. I've found many articles for laymen saying that the cosmic microwave background radiation can be used to date the universe, and I've found the occasional math-heavy paper or Wikipedia article assuming that I already know how the CMB is used to date the universe. The explanation I can't seem to find is the one in the middle: Explain to a first semester physics or chemistry student how the CMB is used to find the age of the universe. [more inside]
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Remember this episode of This American Life?

Can anyone identify an old episode of TAL with the theme of 'learning from mistakes'? I have searched their website, and googled, using terms like 'regrets' or 'mistakes,' but this episode was more nuanced - how making a big mistake and living with recognition of it can shape someone's life for the better over time. One part featured a kid who had betrayed a friend?
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Is this a scam, and how should I prove it to Paypal?

I foolishly ordered a suspiciously low-priced, suspiciously in-stock pair of Euro-made shoes on this site, but realized afterwards that a lot of elements look scammy and fake. When I opened a dispute with Paypal, the seller sent a tracking link to this shipping site, which... also looks fake? How can I tell for sure, and how do I then demonstrate that to PayPal? [more inside]
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Potted plant help, please

I left some potted daffodils outside on my terrace and to my surprise they're sprouting. (I am pretty ignorant about plants). There are green shoots several centimetres long! Temperatures in the last weeks have varied between -5 degrees Centigrade (at night) and +10 degrees, with occasional light snowfall. There could be colder spells coming, though. What do I do with them? Will it kill them to stay outside? Do I bring them into the unseasonally warm apartment?
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Partner has been taken in for domestic violence - help

Please trust me when I say that my partner is not a threat to me - I am a large male and they are small female and we had an altercation and a mark was left on me. They were taken into custody tonight because I was worried they might harm themselves and called the cops. Cops saw the mark on me and arrested them. [more inside]
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Believers: how does prayer work?

I am not religious or spiritual, but I find it interesting. I don't understand how prayer is supposed to work. I do understand that praying can be a way to help you get your thoughts centered, and that expressing gratitude can be good for your mood. What I don't understand is the idea that praying for something might cause that thing to happen, that wouldn't've happened if you didn't pray. [more inside]
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Seeking Online School Recommendations for 8th Grade Student

I'm looking for recommendations for online school for my 8th grade daughter. She is experiencing extreme depression and anxiety, and has been hospitalized twice since September, though is doing a bit better now and is back in normal school. However, she is having a lot of trouble making it to her normal school and has requested to try online school. Any questions for me can be sent to mfanon42@outlook.com Thanks for your help Mefites.
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January 14

Hello darkness my old friend

Please help me find an excellent blackout curtain for my doorway! [more inside]
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LED MR16 GU10 2700K lightbulbs compatible with Diva DVCL-153P dimmer?

I'm having a hard time finding replacement LED MR16 (type) GU10 (base) 2700K (color temp) 90+ CRI lightbulbs compatible with the Diva DVCL-153P dimmer. I'm in California so it needs to comply with the title 20 regulations as well. [more inside]
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Decora-compatible multi-outlet?

Are there multi-outlets that can be attached to outlets using top and bottom screws instead of using a central screw? [more inside]
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Looking for a piece of music from This American Life

Any idea which song is playing in Episode 647 of This American Life? [more inside]
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Gaining Access to my Deceased Husband's Google Account

I've been desperately trying to get access to my deceased husband's google account (gmail, Drive, etc.) for the past few months. I filled out the requisite form on Google's site, uploaded the needed docs, and received a reply that the account didn't exist. It's complicated, but he basically had an email domain he was forwarding to another gmail address. In any case, I replied with the actual gmail address. That was 3 months ago. I've heard nothing since. [more inside]
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How to keep hope when you know how bad it can get (hopeful replies only)

I'm 32, and I've had health issues since I was 21. I'm running out of steam. How can I stay hopeful and not give up when I have nothing left. [more inside]
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How to sync two folders in Windows 10?

I have two nearly identical folders of files on my Windows 10 PC. I want them copied to a single location using the most recent version of each file (in cases where there are differences). How do I do this? [more inside]
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How do I make peace with being child free

I'm 36 and because of various reasons [economy, covid, climate change, take your pick], it seems increasingly unlikely I will have children, no matter how much I desire them. I'm interested in hearing how other people conquered their own feelings of longing? [more inside]
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I would like to not be so worried about being “wrong.”

I have a fear/intense dislike of being or feeling “wrong” or “bad.” I would like to temper this and live more calmly. [more inside]
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Confusion on dental insurance and etiquette issue (plus, bonus shame!)

My partner (late 30s) and I have been tryin to sort out his dental situation, which is not great, due to a mixture of poverty, neglect, etc. resulting in pain, tooth loss, cosmetic issues. Over the past year and change, he's pushed past the shame to start dealing with it, yay! I asked a neighbor (a dentist, who we are no longer in contact with) to suggest some options for who he should talk to, and he referred us to the top Prosthodontic dentist in town. We met with her and she did a great, thorough evaluation of the situation and suggested a realistic path forward with her referrals. She doesn't take insurance at all, but the eval was a fair price. We were able to do step one before money and time (and COVID!) became and issue. We REALLY need to get back to addressing this, as it has become worse for my partner. What now? [more inside]
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I Get Rid of My Books and Regret It

Does this book ring a bell? I am searching for an illustrated/graphic memoir about the breakdown of a marriage. The husband is cheating with his personal trainer or running partner. [more inside]
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Switching to An Induction Cooktop

How does it work to switch from a gas to an induction cooktop? Questions inside. [more inside]
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Rituals for starting work

Do you have any habits or rituals for starting work in the morning? Things that help your mind focus and get the ball rolling?
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How do horses or oxen deal with bringing heavy loads down a hill?

I can't picture how you would get a wagon or sleigh both up and down a big hill. How do they do it? [more inside]
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Your favourite malicious gargling

I just listened to an audiobook of the "Dunwich Horror" from Lovecraft and it had some outstanding audio design, especially the monster sounds of Yog-Sothoth. What are your favourite horror monster garglings / ramblings / rendings / moanings / incantations / manglings etc., intelligible or not?
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