May 25

Looking for a term for a particular experience

I'm hoping to find out what people would call the experience of being... temporarily socially acceptable, for lack of a better term. I find it very disorienting how now, in my thirties, people are usually pleasant, kind, and accommodating to me. They weren't when I was a child, and I know they won't be when I'm elderly. [more inside]
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SUV buying help - USA

Help me find SUV models we should be considering. In the US. Details inside. [more inside]
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LLM users: How have ChatGPT and friends been useful for you?

When LLMs first arrived there were a lot of aspirational uses presented. It's 18 months later and if you've adopted an LLM into your workflow it would be interesting to know what has actually worked out. [more inside]
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Walkable, fun neighborhood in Dallas for a weekend trip

This is sort of a funny question since I have family in Dallas and have gone there my whole life but I'm wondering whether I could have a fun vacation weekend there. [more inside]
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App to save and order photos on Android phone?

When I meet somebody, I might want to show them, on my phone, a certain photo of my cat [more inside]
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Seeking informative but riveting programs to watch during exercise

Due to a running-related injury, I recently switched to riding a stationary bike. I've been watching shows like "The Walking Dead" while I ride, but I want to switch to something that will be informative and intellectually stimulating while also being suspenseful. Or, if not exactly suspenseful, then at least interesting enough to shift my focus away from the unpleasantness of exercising. [more inside]
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New old Macbook

I have dug out my wife's elderly Macbook Air, I think it's probably from 2013? It's a lovely bit of kit, but it's on OSX 10, it's clunky to use the internet because it claims to be unable to make a safe connection etc. But "no updates available". [more inside]
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Any Youtubers? Looking to restart, have some Qs

I would like to start a new YouTube channel on my main account, rather than use an old channel last uploaded to 2 years ago, on an entirely separate Google account. I'm just looking to re-start uploading painting time-lapse videos and maybe find and/or help other artists. I'm not trying to do a channel that is maximizing followers or trying to monetize asap, etc. [more inside]
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Dentists in Manhattan who are actual skilled medical professionals?

I've got MetLife PDP dental coverage through my new employer. This is probably a long shot, but does anyone have a recommendation for a participating dentist that you really like AND have built a long-term relationship with, including at least some sort of restoration work done that you are satisfied with? I'm in fairly good dental health but I have a bit of health anxiety and want to establish a relationship with a medical professional dentist in case I ever need a crown or root canal. Out-of-network dentist recs for Manhattan also welcome, since it seems kinda rare for dentists to accept insurance outside of the "dental spa" storefronts. Thanks!
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nonfiction books about criminals

I'm really enjoying Homegrown, about Timothy McVeigh. Am seeking other recommendations. [more inside]
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The god of small things

I'm wondering if there is a name for the concept that looking after something small can help cultivate your desired qualities on a larger scale. [more inside]
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Poll Positions?

What percentage of Americans are aware that Biden and Trump will be their options on the ballot in November? Of voters? [more inside]
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Sibling with mental health and housing issues, far away

I need a whole lot of help on a whole lot of levels. This touches on sibling relationships, homelessness, mental illness and logistics. There is so much [more inside]
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May 24

Shabbat, but not?

Help me come up with a name for a weekly (or semi-weekly, or monthly) ritual of rest and togetherness. The vibe: candle-lighting, friends, food, libations, an invitation to bring a penguin pebble to share (tea, music, poetry, art, a story, a comic strip, a sticker, a plant or flower or leaf or rock -- etc.), maybe a witchy ritual or two, perhaps a chill tabletop game or coloring pages or art supplies provided. I want to set aside a special time to connect with loved ones in a slow-paced, gentle, in-person format, suffused with the sublime. [more inside]
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Tricks and tools for time-blind ADHD teacher

I am a pre-service teacher on my professional placement. I am teaching students age 6-8 y.o., so imagine students who need very explicit guidance on daily routines and managing their time and resources. I am a highly motivated and thoughtful teacher. I also have ADHD. I need tricks, tools, routines, strategies and apps to improve the way I manage my time - and theirs. [more inside]
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How to add color or highlight tasks in Asana?

I just started using Asana. I have ADHD and its AMAZING for me. So far, I am using the List option for my team. But, like I said, ADHD, is there a way to highlight tasks or the Sections?
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How to strip outer plastic from very skinny wire?

For a simple (ha) DIY home lamp repair project, I need to figure out how to strip a few centimeters of plastic from a very skinny wire. Is there a fairly easy and foolproof way to do this? [more inside]
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Shoulder pain suggestions

I have some pain in my shoulder that won't go away... [more inside]
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What is this weird book

What-is-this-book filter: written by a woman, mostly or partly about a bus journey (???), famously strange. Very few helpful details under the cut, sorry! [more inside]
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Creative Commons BY-NC-SA hypothetical

There's an Arduino library called Mozzi. Its license is CC BY-NC-SA. I'm curious about the NC (non-commercial) aspect. Mozzi is a library for generating sound. If one were to build a sound synthesizer around an Arduino running Mozzi, could one sell that device? [more inside]
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Thinking about Fire Island (NY) this weekend... pointers?

I'm thinking about a solo trip to Fire Island this weekend, and wanted some pointers/tips. [more inside]
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Why don't you get smart with me

The Imitation Game, Twister, Apollo 13 - these favorite movies of mine all have in common teams of smart people working together to solve problems. While this is not the only type of movie I like, I'd like recommendations for more of this kind. I realize that I may have seen some that you'll recommend but don't worry about how old the movie is, I might watch it again anyway.
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Need copy of Sherman Alexie poem

I'm looking for the Sherman Alexie poem "Good Times." I'm completely willing to buy the book it's in, but I'm getting inconsistent information. It has to be the published version - I found it on a Facebook page, but I need something more official. [more inside]
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Les petite annonces

I want to help my dear friend & French teacher get more clients — does your local rag, mag or newsletter offer free adverts? Where should she post? [more inside]
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Seeing double

How do you handle navigating a purchase when you find multiple examples of an item online, sometimes using the same photos? Example inside. [more inside]
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html hidden text - can it stay hidden on highlight?

I'm trying to help a colleague with their experiment: adding hidden text to exam questions to foil copy/paste chatgpt operations. Our rudimentary efforts can hide text (we found a few ways that work okay), but it still shows up on highlight. Is there an html-only way around that? [more inside]
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Where to propose marriage in Amsterdam or Copenhagen?

Fellow Mefites, help me with my marriage proposal! My girlfriend and I will be visiting Amsterdam and Copenhagen in June, and I’d love to pop the question to her during the trip. But I’ve never been to either city before, so would really appreciate your ideas on potential memorable/romantic proposal locations. [more inside]
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Ok, is *this* worth a long commute?

While I'm trying to step into my own decision making skills, I would love some more thoughts on a job offer + the same long commute situation. [more inside]
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Do I need to learn how to use AI?

So far, I haven't bothered trying ChatGPT or its equivalents at all. I assume that in the time it takes for me to figure out how to tell it what to do (compose an email, write snippets of code etc), I could've done the task at hand myself. Am I wrong? Am I missing out? Do I need to get on board and catch up, or risk being left behind?
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Am I being irrational about fear of being let go at work?

I've been at my company for a few years, in a niche mid-senior level role that was created just for me to assist with a variety of projects that were very specific to a certain type of program/tech that we use for clients. The rest of my department is engaged in very complex work that I am not and have never been good at. The niche tech and programs that I specialize in however are sort of being phased out as the industry and technology changes, and I am struggling to keep up with the changes, as well as with the incredibly complex data/engineering work that the rest of my team does. [more inside]
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Horror/creature features where the monster's form changes?

I'm looking for examples of horror films where there is a single monster/demon/alien (the less humanoid-looking the better) who drastically changes its physical form based on whom it is attacking or the circumstances under which the attack occurs. [more inside]
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I love my spouse but I hated living in their hometown

I have been really, really struggling with how to manage my spouse wanting to be near her family in Baltimore and me really hating living there. [more inside]
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Males who have experienced a ureaplasma UTI?

Has anyone, particularly male, experienced a rough ureaplasma UTI? Can you share what your recovery was like? [more inside]
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Sourdough starter 5 days old - fridge or room temp?

I started a sourdough starter from scratch 5 days ago and we now have a last-minute plan to go away for 2.5 days. Should I: [more inside]
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Death cleaning some old (well loved) underground comics.

I'm looking for a low/zero effort way to get rid of a box of comics from the early 80s-90s (Weirdos, Raw, etc). If not for (typical UG comic) sexual content, I'd dump them in little libraries or give them to my nephews. They haven’t been preserved in a way that would make them valuable. I don’t want to itemize or field questions on a marketplace site but I still have too much affection for them to just bin them.
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Need the correct word for a shape transformation

If I draw an outline around a shape and delete the original shape, what have I achieved? I’ve been saying “embiggened” but I’m pretty sure that’s not right. [more inside]
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These 2 songs sound similar. More please.

I really like the atmospheric, dreamlike, futuristic vibe of these 2 songs coupled with the calming female spoken word lyrics. Do you know any other songs with a similar kind of feel? Is this a specific subgenre? The songs are Steven Wilson - Harmony Codex and L'Impératrice - Balade Fantome
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Recommend me an indigenous history of the Pacific Northwest

I have lived here for a while and am interested in learning more about both the history and current politics. [more inside]
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May 23

is there anything at Doors Open Toronto that a 9-year old kid would like

Asking for a 9-year-old kid [more inside]
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Bird Bath Bowl Help

I am hunting for a bird bath bowl or a bowl that can be used as a bird bath. I'm hoping to find something larger than 24 inches in diameter - would be thrilled to find something 36 inches diameter! It needs to be shallow enough for the birds to like it... [more inside]
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Retirement Gift Ideas

I need suggestions for a personal retirement/leaving gift for a treasured employee. They are a dog lover/owner, are looking forward to sitting poolside with a cocktail, transitioning to part-time work outdoors or with animals, and possibly moving out of state. Ideas? Budget is $100-200. [more inside]
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Dried Yogurt in carpet—solution must be fragrance-free

I have discovered an aged spot of dried yogurt in a room of my home. I need to clean it up, but cannot use any products with fragrance in them. What are my best techniques? [more inside]
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vegan potluck desperation!

my ex-girlfriend has invited me to a vegan potluck. i need a recipe for something easy to prepare. (foolishly scheduled too much on the same day so i only have about 2 hours to cook) [more inside]
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Do I need a new therapist?

My therapist lambasted me for "judging someone by their past" and said I was "dead wrong" for not totally believing people can change. [more inside]
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Guys peeing in movies: examples? ... and why??

(CW: discussion of, well, male-bodied people urinating in films) Yesterday my film club got on a riff about men peeing in movies. It seems to happen more than you'd expect - guys peeing behind a truck; men peeing in public restrooms; men peeing on the side of a road; men peeing in hotel bathrooms. We're trying to collect of list of movies that have this, and more importantly - why?? What's the cinematic benefit? Is it to convey a long passage of time, or manly-mendom, or humanization, or...?? All examples and all theories welcomed!
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Can I download a Google Workspace shared drive to a local HDD?

I use Google Workspace for work, and would like to start backing up some of the shared drives to a local, physical, 6TB backup drive. Is this possible? How? [more inside]
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Excel question - possible to generate image previews from a URL?

If you're a freak in the Sheets, this is the question for you! [more inside]
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Tell me about the economics of bridal fashion

I am interested in the relationship between bridal designers and bridal shops and samples and orders. I have never been a bride or a bridesmaid or a bridal shop owner. What can you tell me? [more inside]
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Nutritionist - tell me about "Net Carbs" please

Lately I am seeing this food label; "2gm Net Carbs" and then in smaller type; "14 gm Total Carbs - 12 gm Fiber = 2 gm Net Carbs." What does this mean in relation to glycemic index? Has this been the way carbs and fiber have worked forever? Is this some strange magic? Is this just a scam?
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Gift advice for my Dad's birthday

You're a retired guy in your 70s. Your interests are travel, golfing, music (mostly top 40), movies, and wine. You watch a lot of sports and finance news. You're a big fan of tech and gadgets. You like reading, but golf-related books have been your standard birthday/Father's Day present since your kids were toddlers and are a little played out. What do you want for your birthday from your now 30-something child? [more inside]
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Please suggest more jazz *albumsI* like this

I'm quite smitten with the theme music from the show "Monsieur Spade". I know the score is by Carlos Rafael Rivera, but the rest of the soundtrack, nor his other work that I've sampled, isn't a similar enough style. Is it jazzy blues? Bluesy jazz? [more inside]
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Advice on traveling to Edge Esmerelda in Healdsburg, CA.

A friend of mine is going to be attending a multi-day event in Healdsburg, CA. in June. They are trying to figure out the best way to travel from San Francisco airport to Healdsburg, CA for the event, and then to travel from Healdsburg to Berkeley, CA after the event. What's the best (most time efficient and cost effective) way to do this?
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Division of property

How to batch personal property when dividing an estate? [more inside]
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Reflecting on friend's new boundary

I could use some help and perspective in thinking about a conversational boundary a friend of mine has set. It seems reasonable, but it's a big shift in our friendship and emotional connection, and I am having some feelings about it all and trying to figure out if it's worth a conversation or something I need to instead process on my own and with my therapist. [more inside]
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Car unexpectedly accelerated. Next steps?

This morning while turning into a space in a public garage, my car suddenly accelerated. I smashed into the concrete curb at the end of the space, damaging the front end of my car and damaging the curb. What are my next steps? [more inside]
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How to download campaign creative assets from Google Ads

Non-technical management people want to see all campaign creatives for over 200 campaigns. I am hoping there is a way to generate this that is not manual. Anonymous since my manager may want me to spend 100s of hours doing this as busywork. [more inside]
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Looking for suggestions for a UK fundraising platform

I have started a volunteer group of residents who help with the upkeep of a local cemetery. There have been various expenses, which I've so far just covered myself. I'm thinking of starting a JustGiving or similar fundraising campaign where people can contribute towards expenses if they wish. We are not a charity or association, so I would be the only beneficiary at present. [more inside]
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May 22

Looking for a shih tzu video

This question is very dumb. It involves finding a specific video of a specific shih tzu. [more inside]
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Help me replace my busted hammock

I have a metal hammock stand with a padded fabric hammock that has steel spreader bars and attaches with two chains at each end rather than the more typical 1. The fabric is shot so there's a real risk of making a high speed descent if we use it. How do I find a new one without replacing the stand which is fine? [more inside]
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How do my spouse and I take care of each other during dual crises?

Through some recent hard times, I’ve found the concept of “comfort in, dump out” to be massively helpful. And in the last few months, I’ve been in the middle of the circle, with very strong support from my spouse. Now he is entering a very similar crisis, while I still struggle with the day-to-day. Please help me navigate this. (Content note: parental death) [more inside]
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