June 16

Modern approach to music theory

Is there a curriculum that teaches music theory starting with something like serialism or the 12 tone scale, then goes back to classical Western music as a special case? I want to learn assuming that dividing an octave into 12 frequencies is the basis of Western music and then treats things like scales and keys as special cases. [more inside]
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Sff or romance novels with "political" plots

I'm craving genre fiction with a plot centered around machinations, manipulations, diplomacy, maneuvering, campaigning [more inside]
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Is my dog hunting or herding my chickens?

We have a mini-Aussie, he's 8-months-old. He's got a lot of predatory instincts. He caches food/treats by burying them. He does that kill-shake move with toys. And he's actually caught and killed four things in the yard so far: a mouse, a rabbit, and two wild birds. He's currently obsessed with our flock of chickens. [more inside]
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My Garmin 645 Watch Is A Lying Liar Who Lies

I’ve been tracking my running with a Garmin watch for the last year or so, and have found it very useful. This week, though, I’ve been staying with a friend who tracks his with an Apple Watch, and on two runs together, we have significant differences in elapsed time, distance, and speed when we were running right next to each other for exactly the same time and route. [more inside]
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Current best practices for contacting senators and congressfolk?

Call instead of email? Single issue per call? What are the best practices these days, and will they change again as offices re-open? [more inside]
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Is there an award for most uses of the word magnet in an ask?

I need to demagnetize a section of my aluminum door and frame. Does a product exist to help with this? [more inside]
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How would you hang up this whiteboard?

found a perfectly sized whiteboard on the street- pictures inside! [more inside]
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Becoming Proficient with MS SQL Server

As a follow up to this question, what are the best resources for becoming proficient with MS SQL Server as thoroughly as possible? [more inside]
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My FitBit is driving me nucking futs. Help!

I recently got a Fitbit - the Inspire 2 to be exact. One of my favorite features is how it reminds you to get up and move every hour while you're working. Except this feature (and notifications in general) will randomly stop working for me as often daily. [more inside]
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Help Me Hack My Reluctance For Cooking

I hate cooking, but I’d like to hate it less. Help. [more inside]
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Podcasts From a First-person Perspective?

I'm considering an audio project that covers my own experience in a subject, from a first-person perspective, and I'm seeking recommendations of existing podcasts that do the same. [more inside]
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I would like to not rent everything listeny.

How do i rip my audible files to mp3 (or whatever) before i bail from the service? thx!
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Foam bed topper - the forgetful variety, please

I'm having a hard time finding a new bed topper. I find memory foam too squishy and unsupportive. Relatively UNsnowflakey details follow... [more inside]
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Do most other women get physical pleasure from penetration?

I find penetration psychologically erotic, but basically don't find it physically pleasurable at all unless my clitoris is involved. I'm not even talking about trying to orgasm - I know most women can't without clitoral stimulation - but I really don't find the act of penetration physically enjoyable. Do other women have this? [more inside]
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HTML5/Angularjs dates with PHP

I have an html5 date field in an angularjs application which I'm trying to send to a php script to save but what the field is coming back with is not something I can use. eg. Thu Jul 01 2021 00:00:00 GMT+0100 (British Summer Time) [more inside]
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Kitchen organization... help

I feel completely incapable of organizing my kitchen. How can I get a handle on this? [more inside]
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June 15

Fostering a kitten

As of this evening, I am fostering this little kitty. He's four weeks old (weaned) and has "a kitty cold" for which I'll be giving him an antibiotic. I've never fostered before, or cared for a kitten at all, but I have had adult cats. I'm reading everything I can, but I would love your advice on caring for and socializing a little bitty kitty, and being the best foster mom possible. Thanks!
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What is my best option for selling sterling flatware?

I have a set of Kirk Stieff sterling (not silverplate) flatware, 8 place settings plus a few serving pieces, in virtually unused condition. If it matters, the pattern is Old Maryland Engraved and the pieces are unmonogrammed. What is my best option for turning this into money? Replacements.com? Ebay? Bulk silver buyer? Something else?
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Please just listen to me

Is this a conversation I can/should have with my boss? [more inside]
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Podcasts similar to CBC's Ideas

I'm looking for a few podcasts that are similar to Ideas, is there anything you'd suggest. The CBC describes Ideas as "deep-dive into contemporary thought and intellectual history. Anchored in a powerful legacy and expansive archive spanning over five decades, its topics are boundless. The nature of consciousness. The history of toilets. The roots and rise of authoritarianism. Near death experiences. No idea is off-limits." [more inside]
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TTRPG Actual Play Podcast recommendations

Do you have any role-playing Actual Play podcast recommendations? I'm specifically looking for AP shows that have audio-only formats available. More details inside. [more inside]
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Quick online teamwork exercise for ELLs?

I am teaching an online high school class for ELLs, and tomorrow's topic is "teamwork." As a "mind's on" sort of activity, I wanted to give the students a quick, light exercise where they would work collaboratively on something in Google Meet. [more inside]
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You did what? Coping with youth risk taking

My almost 13 year old, recently made an objectively bad choice with numerous health/safety risks to them and others. I need help coping. [more inside]
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Destiny and 239 Tadpoles

A few days ago, I scooped up some frog eggs. Now I have at least 239 Cope's gray tree frog tadpoles. [more inside]
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firestick short on storage can't d/l software needed to read usb storage

i have a firestick that i've been using on my TV... the problem is i have run out of storage... Yet, i haven't downloaded hardly any apps... & it tells me critically low on storage, 175mbs left of 5.25 gb... The handful of apps that are on there apparently are permanently there..& it won't let me delete anything. The only apps i've downloaded are my cable/tv app (Dan's Cable cutter) & another app that uses dan's to put the channels in a nice guide... (tivi)... but that's it. i tried to clear all the data & cache for all those existing apps (under the manage applications).... but it's not doing anything. I bought the cable the goes in between the power source & the firestick that allows you to add an external usb storage device... but it's not plug & play... Everything i read says d/l a app to allow the firestick to see/read the USB device... But how do i d/l the app without having space to do it?? Please help & all questions will be answered...
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Shampoo recommendation -- that's non-synthetic re scents

I still have hair on my head (winning!) but it is thinning (boing) as I age. Asking the hive for their favorites for a shampoo that's most likely not a 'major commercial brand' (or maybe it is) with no scent or if it is scented it's derived from natural oils or whatever, as long as it's not overpowering. Something light and pleasant is fine, but nothing that would blow out my olfactory system. [more inside]
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Podcast and Audiobook suggestions, please!

I am about to drive 14 hours from VA to FL and need podcast and audiobook recommendations! I like mysteries, true crime, and absolutely hate podcasts that consist of hosts chatting a ton (think My Favorite Murder). More details on what I’ve liked in the past inside. [more inside]
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Apple watch app that has an alarm when heart rate goes over threshold

I need to stop and rest whenever my heart rate gets over ~110 bpm. I'm looking for an app on the Apple Watch that can help me do this. It should - continuously monitor heart rate - allow me to set a heart rate threshold at which point it - has a very obvious notification [more inside]
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Meal delivery without the trash

I was wondering if there's such a thing as meal-kit or meal-tray delivery service that I could cope with as someone who doesn't have unlimited-volume trash pickup? [more inside]
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Smart tv more like fart tv

Tell me about professional displays in lieu of TVs for home use. [more inside]
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Area Rug Decision Fatigue

My partner and I are looking for two area rugs, one for our living room and one for our bedroom. Inspired by this question I thought I'd come here for some recommendations. Photos of both rooms here. [more inside]
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What is this delicious "spinach cream" and how can I recreate it?

A Scandinavian brunch place near me offers, as part of their brunch board, a "runny egg with spinach cream." It's a soft-boiled egg in a puddle of green liquid and the spinach cream is so good I lick the container. It's a homogeneous liquid (sometimes a bit of the fat separates out) that tastes like the essence of spinach and butterfat. I'd like to try to recreate it but searching for "spinach cream" brings up nothing but creamed spinach and spinach cream sauces. Are you familiar with this and can help me find a recipe?
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Taste in mouth just before/beginning of period

Does anyone else get a taste in their mouth just before (like hours) their period and at the beginning? I've always described it as "tasting as though my saliva is stale." I'm looking for anyone else who gets a taste and can describe it and holy-grail...any idea what exactly causes it?
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Travel Writing Where Stuff Goes Wrong

What are your favorite travelogues, books, stories, magazine articles, anthologies, blogs, whatever, about people having a bad time travelling? (Preferably with an emphasis on bad things of a more humorous nature rather than tragedies or disasters -- think "embarrassing cultural misunderstanding / crummy food / getting lost" rather than "plane crash" maybe?) Also, I prefer 'hapless' to 'smug' but I'll take whatever you got! I love travelling and since I haven't been able to do it lately, I want some stories of people being annoyed or flummoxed so I can be vicariously vexed. Thanks!!
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Acting exercises + job interview

I am interviewing Friday to teach a Theatre Arts class in high school. Job interviews at this school always involve a 10-minute demonstration lesson using the interviewers as students. What engaging and meaningful 10-minute acting lesson can I demonstrate with 5–7 non-actors who may prioritize keeping their composure? [more inside]
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Gift for Bridge Player?

I have the BEST DAD EVER and want to get him an awesome Father's Day present. He's a total Bridge dork. I know nothing about Bridge other than it involves doing math in your head for an extended period of time, which sounds awful. I'd love some suggestions for presents.
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Help me find the most interesting and cool/unique ways to tote my stuff

What’s the coolest luggage or every day carry you have found (or any other bag or storage or organization for that matter.)? [more inside]
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June 14

Replacement LED Fixture for 4' Single Bulb Fluorescent Fixtures

Can someone point me in the direction of the type of fixture I want to buy? [more inside]
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Abx vs chance improvement in cognition in senior w UTI @ vasc dementia

What are the odds a senior with vascular dementia and chronic bladder outlet obstruction (high PVR) would *randomly* show *significant* improvements in cognition on days 3-5 of an antibiotic for a UTI? [more inside]
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Thanks for your gratitude practices and rituals

Do you have a daily or semi-regular gratitude practice you follow? [more inside]
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Dated fashions for 'millenials'? (Or other)

Truly a critical post: I just noticed a buzz article for dated fashions, skinny jeans were among those listed. I personal think black skinnies are timeless and I'm possibly going to wear them until my late 40s. Other insight to burgeoning fashions considered 'dated'? Particularly for 'millenials'?
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How do we handle a swearing kid?

Our kid is 8 and plays with a 7 year old neighbor who swears. A lot. How should we approach the mom? [more inside]
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My computer tried to give me a heart attack, what now?

My computer didn't start this weekend. It's OK now, but what's is my next step. [more inside]
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Tracking planned expenses

Do you have a tool you use to track planned expenses and wishlist items? I've been using Pinterest and the Notes app on my phone, but I'm hoping to enhance the experience somehow. Thanks!
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Having a difficult time setting my fees as a new professional

I am a newly minted psychiatrist in a major city with a large market for cash-pay mental health services. I can't figure out how to set my fees for private practice and actually go through with it because market rate seems so exorbitant. [more inside]
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USA Walking Trip, where?

Let's say I and Mrs J0 want to do a weeklong walking trip in the continental USA. We would carry our clothes and necessities and just stay in hotels or bnbs each night. This would not be a hiking trip - we would not carry tents, extended days' food and water, etc. Where could you recommend we do this? [more inside]
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One-time fees that are worth it?

What have you paid a lifetime/one-time fee for that was worth it? (Previously, but now pretty old.) [more inside]
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When your local representation knows they can afford to ignore you...

How do you bug them to better represent you??? [more inside]
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Uses for velcro

I have ~30 uninterrupted feet of 3/4 inch velcro that can't be returned. What are some useful/creative/fun things I might do with it?
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I need a new car. Difficulty level: car(!), awkward cargo

We (MrR and I) have recently begun the search for a new car. We will be buying a new car, because I want to keep it for at least a decade. We'd prefer something predominantly US-built (I know this includes some foreign nameplates). We'd like a hybrid (pure EVs are not an option - I don't want the 600mile trip to see my mother turn into an epic 24hour charge station-to-charge station quest). What are we looking for? [more inside]
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Sorry A, we're switching to B

What are some tactful, kind scripts for ending a long-standing tutoring relationship, when the reason is that you're switching to the same service with someone else? [more inside]
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Is there a chino that will actually work for me?

I'm looking for a men's chino that is similar to the J Crew 770 but fits me slightly better. It's very difficult to find a full stock of anything to try on in a retail store these days so I'm curious what folks thoughts are. [more inside]
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Female hair loss doctors in NY/NJ area?

I need some help with unexplained female hair loss. 30s, no known contributing health issues, suddenly losing a ton of hair all over the head. It stopped for several moths and is back with a vengeance this week. Does anyone know of any good physicians in the NYC/NJ area who specialize in female hair loss? Ideally someone who is not trying to sell me on a transplant/wig as seems to the case with a lot of these specialized women's hair clinics. I went to one random dermatologist who was terrible and extremely dismissive. Would be particularly great to find someone who takes Optum health insurance. Thanks!
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Fossil hunting near NYC/Philly

My 4.5-year-old loves fossils. Can you recommend any sites for fossil hunting within a 1-2 hours' drive from NYC or Philly? He's been to Big Brook in NJ but interested in finding other sites, too. Thanks!
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Dating with your parents in mind

I am preoccupied with finding a partner whose family of origin compliments my own. This is a difficult task as my parents are a little unusual. Have you navigated this before? [more inside]
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What browser extensions are you constantly recommending to others?

I just came across an extension that is going to change my everyday browsing for the better. What browser extensions are rocking your world?
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Age-appropriate feminist books for 8th grader?

Seeking feminist book recommendations for my niece! She is 13 and a good reader. I would like to introduce her, in an age-appropriate way, to feminist ideas, but also to race, gender/sexuality and social justice issues. [more inside]
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Cant make use of it but cant throw it out?

Ok. Picture the scene: conversation between two people in a dating/friendship that has just blossomed over two months time. They have three dates and four phone conversations and on the fourth date (more to follow) [more inside]
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Pros and cons of making in internal job change

Seeking help about making a job change inside the same company. [more inside]
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3D printing hobbyist gift?

My dad's birthday is coming up. He recently got himself a 3D printer, and I was wondering if there are any accessories or maybe subscriptions that would give him access to cooler projects than he can find for free? I don't know what his specific printer is yet, I'm just looking for general ideas about what a new hobbyist might like.
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