April 19

Recommendations for CBT-oriented therapist in NYC

Spouse is looking for a CBT-oriented therapist in NYC who also has expertise in sexual issues. We have some questions. [more inside]
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Best method or tool for capturing user testing feedback

We will be running user testing sessions with groups of young people for several different online games. We have a testing protocol with a series of questions we want the kids to answer and need an easy way to capture their feedback, ideally directly from them and without too much adult intervention or supervision. [more inside]
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Computer Headache/eye strain

All serious causes of my new headaches have been ruled out, now need (non medication) solutions [more inside]
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April 18

We (also) need a (Jewish) baby girl name!

Our baby is due in 2 weeks and we've been trying to settle on a name for 9 months! Please help! [more inside]
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Seeking nontraditional queer narratives

Nearly every queer character in every work of art I've experienced seems to figure out that they're queer easily and effortlessly. They fall in love or are hopelessly attracted to someone of the same gender, and quickly settle on a label (bi or gay or pan) to match. It's assumed that the romantic orientation matches the sexual orientation. Asexuality doesn't seem to exist. "Questioning" your sexuality is really just the process of coming to terms with the fact that you're not straight. But I want to experience works, in any medium (film, novels, comics...), fiction or nonfiction, where a character doesn't find it all so simple. [more inside]
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Cheapest way to ship, and pay for, t-shirt from Canada to US

I recently talked to an artist in Canada about buying one of their shirts. Postal office quoted them $18 to ship from Vancouver to New Mexico, almost doubling the price of the shirt. Is this the price of international mail, or is there a cheaper option? [more inside]
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Fairly severe difficulty concentrating at work

I've always had a ton of difficulty concentrating at work. I don't think I have ADD or executive function disorder, because I'm fairly good in other areas of my life. How do I fix it? [more inside]
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Writing at Work/The Ol' Sneakaroo

Easy, under the radar methods of sending myself non-work documents-in-progress to and from an increasingly monitored work account? [more inside]
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Like juice, but better

I love orange juice. My favorite brand is Tropicana, and I can easily drink a gallon or more per week. But my nutritionist said I should stop drinking juice because of the high sugar content. What can I replace it with that will satisfy the same craving? [more inside]
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How to keep dog happy when you're gone all day

I just got a new job. HOORAY! The biggest drawback will be that for the first time in years, no one will be home with our dog during the day. Please help reassure me she won't be horrendously bored and depressed. [more inside]
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Is this the first instance of the flashcard trope?

Is this music video of Bob Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues the first instance of this flashcard trope? I realize there's going to be some ambiguity in answering this; just hit me with whatever observations you've got.
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Help me pick a new computer?

My eight year old laptop isn't keeping up with what I'm doing now, and I'm worried it won't be able to handle what I'm working on doing in the future. I'm utterly overwhelmed by all the options out there. Help me figure out what I want? Blizzard inside. [more inside]
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What visual art can my friends reenact?

This week, about twenty of my friends will head for a vacation together on an annual trip. We try to replicate a famous work of art or two while we have everyone together. Any ideas for good paintings/photographs or sculptures, once the easy candidates have been accomplished? [more inside]
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Help me identify this Don Knotts sketch!

My dad is trying to track down a half-remembered Don Knotts sketch, in which a barbershop trio never quite get started on their song for numerous physical comedy reasons, finishing with one guy swallowing the pitch pipe. Does this ring a bell with anyone?
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What is this stuff in the toilet?

OK, I cannot believe I am using a question for this but it bothers me at least once week. You go to a public bathroom. A nice, clean. well-maintained public bathroom. The toilet has a weird cloudy clump of what looks like dissolved toilet paper. But it’s like shredded. [more inside]
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Interactive Horror Films and Videos (for living bodies)

Hivemind brainstorm needed! I'm putting together a party where I want to have a screening of a horror film that ENCOURAGES people to interact. All suggestions accepted, even if never done before. [more inside]
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I need 3 names that flow

I need names for 3 categories that have a clear order to them. A group of us are trying to come up with this list and we have been having problems. [Fast, Medium, Slow] and [Large, Medium, Small] are examples, but none of them quite work. [more inside]
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Doormat no more

Any mind/behaviour tricks to help an almost pathologically conflict-avoidant person become less of a doormat? [more inside]
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When the John Smith of India meets the Jane Doe of China

For work reasons I need to come up with a list of about 20-30 fake names. They need to be immediately visibly fake, and yet easily and clearly distinguished from one another. Names that would not instantly be associated to any real or fictional person but instead feel as generic as John Smith does in English. [more inside]
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Planning a group fishing trip

I'm planning a one day fishing trip for 3-4 guys. Originally wanted to try a guided fly fishing tour, but with the learning curve and cost ($200-300 per person) it doesn't seem worth it. Any other suggestions? [more inside]
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Audio headset to computer question

I'm trying to get one of these Pyle Headsets into a computer. I have a MBP along with a USB beherdynamic DAC - more or less like this. What do I need to make this work? [more inside]
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What SIM card do I need for my smartwatch?

I have an NFC brand smartwatch from China. After charging for a couple of hours, first switching on says: "Insert SIM". What size SIM card do I need? At the moment it is not pairing with my Samsung S7 phone from ATT running Android 7.0. Any help or advice welcomed as the "User Guide" is very minimal.
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“Casual” yet weighty philosophy to read before bed?

I enjoy reading philosophy after a “tall glass of water” or two, but more in the vein of Sartre’s “Being and Nothingness” than Kant or Hegel. [more inside]
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Show to me all of the dips! [more inside]
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What is going on with this phone?

Yesterday, I called my father-in-law several time about something boring and unimportant, and everything is fine. I also sent him one text message. Today, I got a response to this text from someone who is not him who is wondering why I am texting him. This new text from the mystery person is in the same text thread as years of conversation with my father-in-law. What on earth is going on? I have no reason whatsoever to believe he would have changed his number. [more inside]
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Massive media spectacles like Hands Across America in 1986?

In 1986, 6.5 million people formed a chain by holding hands across America: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hands_Across_America I can't imagine the feeling of love and unity from participating in that. Where can I find other examples, like Hands Across America, of life affirming media spectacles? [more inside]
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Homeless friend needs temporary boarding for pets in Austin area

Hello, a friend of mine is living out of his car in the north Austin area (Round Rock, Georgetown). He has two cats and is unwilling to give them up - they are very important to him. He is looking into low cost Airbnbs and motels for potential short term housing, but he needs to find alternative housing for the pets ASAP. The days are getting hotter, and they are already showing signs of distress. I've offered to help pay for pet boarding if we can find something under $150 / month. Suggestions needed urgently--thanks!
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Not great, Bob!

Help me win an argument with my boyfriend! Is the phrase, "Not great, Bob!" from the season 6 finale of Mad Men, anachronistic? [more inside]
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job change best practices (CEE edition)

More experienced people of Metafilter: how do you switch jobs and do it right? What to do in the place you are leaving, how to adapt fast to the new place? Difficulty level: multinational companies in Central Europe. [more inside]
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Sharing part of my bookmarks between Chrome profiles.

So, because of the nature of what I do, I sometimes wind up screen-sharing with someone else while I'm coding. I like having all of my code bookmarks on my usual personal Chrome profile, because I really don't want to juggle Chrome windows back and forth all the time. But when I'm screen-sharing, I'd like to be able to switch to a profile that ONLY has my code bookmarks, and not, for example, all my fandom stuff. Is there a way to sync just, say, one folder between the two? [more inside]
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Recommend a new Mac computer

My trusty old 27" iMac is on its last legs so I need to buy a new computer. What should I get? [more inside]
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Moving from ancient MoveableType to ... what exactly?

My personal website with it's own domain has been using MoveableType 2.something for years. When my server last upgraded, perl updated along with it to 5.24.1, and now the MT CGIs don't run. [more inside]
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Help, I accidentally bought a weird cheese

I bought Yancey’s Fancy Maple Bacon Cheddar thinking it was just bacon cheddar. I put it on a cheese plate and everyone was pretty sad about it. What can I do with it? [more inside]
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Should I drink this?

Suspicious water that's been through a filtering system. [more inside]
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I'm looking for recommendations for a basic minivan

I realize minivans aren't super sexy but they are what I need; something that can transport cargo but also more than one or two passengers. I've been reading for days and I can't come away with any decent ideas of what to look for or what to keep in mind. [more inside]
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Help me understand guitar and ukulele sizes, please

So I am a very, very amateur guitarist with tiny hands and in the market for the smallest guitar possible. Details within! [more inside]
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Looking for job/career suggestions - help me start pivoting

I'm not sure about the long term prospects of my current job and I wanted to know what others options I might have. What kinds of jobs can a PM skillset get you? [more inside]
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Decoding my glasses prescription!

I'm putting together an order for some new glasses at Zenni. I have my prescription, and I've filled in all the relevant boxes on the form at Zenni. So far so good. But I'm completely stumped by the final 3 lines of my prescription. Please halp! [more inside]
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April 17

Which SUVs have the biggest passenger windows/most visibility?

It’s a strange way to shop for cars but my kids like to see outside. [more inside]
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Is this transphobic-filter

Help me think aloud around a bathroom sign my boss just installed. She asked what I thought so I told her; I'm not crazy about it, here's why, but that's just me. It's one of these "mermaid/cenetaur/whatever, just wash your hands" signs. [more inside]
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Got fired for "Performance Issues" at IT job. Are all IT jobs like this?

Long Story I got fired from 2 temp Jobs in IT for the same reasons " Performance Issues" . The jobs I was hired for was IT desktop support jobs . I need something more Slower Pace or figuring out if it's me or the company? [more inside]
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My Boyfriend's Anxiety

My boyfriend of seven months is lovely -- except when his (clinical) anxiety flares up. Which is pretty much all the time lately. He is receiving no treatment and seems to have lost perspective on how disturbing his current behavior and state of mind actually is. How do I have a productive discussion with him about getting help? Because, frankly, either the anxiety goes or I do. [more inside]
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No, YOU’RE gorges.

My wife and I will be taking a little road trip in late April/early May from Detroit to the Finger Lakes area of NY with a two day/one night stop in Buffalo. Neither of us has visited before. Looking for recommendations on food/activities in these areas. We are interested in nature, delicious foods, hidden gems. [more inside]
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Name that b-movie!

Hivemind, I come to you begging for your kind help now that Google's failed me. Circa 1940-60s, obscure, black and white, low budget film about a *female* psychopath/serial killer with a knife and hypersexual personality, almost NO dialogue! Not being able to remember the name of this movie is driving me bonkers. Help! [more inside]
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Can I back out of an apartment lease I signed a few days ago?

I recently moved down to San Diego, and found what I thought was a nice apartment, but upon moving in discovered that I can hear literally everything going on in the unit above me - footsteps, TV, sex, you name it. Does this give me grounds to back out of my lease, and what would be the best way to handle this situation? [more inside]
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Source for this quote on nuclear deterrents and the value of the arts?

I have a half-remembered anecdote that I read somewhere that goes something like this: At a congressional hearing on nuclear deterrence, someone says this to a prominent nuclear weapons scientist: "We all see the value of nuclear weapons for protecting our country. But why should we be supporting the arts?" The scientist responds: "They make our country worth protecting." The details are probably all wrong, but I'm fairly certain that it involved Americans in some kind of government hearing. Can anyone help me find a source for this half-memory?
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Is it possible to have a "cold" without upper respiratory symptoms?

I've had a few bouts of illness this year that feel like a cold (fatigue, head ache-y, maybe some minor muscle aches, a bit of brain fog) without much (or any) upper respiratory symptoms like cough, runny nose, etc. or a fever. Is this normal? [more inside]
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Is an MFA in Creative Writing worth it?

I am deciding if I should pursue a second graduate degree in MFA Creative Writing. Is it valuable for writer that wish to improve their writing and publishing? Does it look good on one's resume? Or is it a waste of time mostly? I have only taken two creative writing courses and two english courses during my undergraduate studies as well. I know that the art world and literary magazines respect writers with MFAs. I am not sure if it is a waste of time or if it is something of extra value and help.
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there's so much that we share now it's time we're aware...

Can you please explain here, (or point to streamlined sources), the wave of economic globalization that took off in the 1970s and 1980s? [more inside]
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In search of the perfect jogging stroller for a canine passenger

I'm looking for recommendations for an extra-large jogging stroller for a senior English bulldog. She can't walk very far, but she loves being outside and loves car rides. I'm hoping to take her out this spring and summer for some nice jaunts along paved outdoor paths. I will either be jogging or inline-skating behind the stroller. [more inside]
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Advice/recommendations for Vancouver jewelry (coin too?) appraisers

Should I seek appraisal before selling my mother's jewelry for its melt value, and anyone have any recommendations for appraisers or metal/gem buyers in the Vancouver, BC area? [more inside]
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Can I use oven without its door gasket?

The rubber gasket around the edge of the door on my oven has come off. It fell down and caught fire on the electric heating element, which we quickly caught and put out. We had to throw the gasket away, of course. The landlord can replace the gasket next week. In the meantime, can I bake a pie without burning the house down?
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Thinking about Rainlender

Yahoo has just added a new privacy screen before I can get to my calendar which said, in part, its purpose is to protect the developer. I have been thinking about switching to Rainlendar. It's been around for awhile, but seems simple and is very customizable. It goes on the desktop. Can I get it on my phone?
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Portland, OR dust cleaning and landlord issue

I’m having a peculiar issue with my landlord in regard to getting a room cleaned, and I don’t really know where to turn to get it done. Details inside. [more inside]
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Help me come up with vegetarian make-ahead breakfast ideas?

I'm trying to reduce dairy and grains in my diet, while increasing fruit/vegetables/fiber/fermented foods. To give you an idea of my tastes, my favorite breakfast ideas so far are berry/almond/quinoa salad, and egg/veggie "muffins" with israeli side salad. Savory is good: I am not opposed to eating sauerkraut with breakfast. Difficulty level: microwave/slow cooker available, but no stove or stovetop.
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Help me figure out how to vote in GA-6!

I am having a difficult time deciding which candidate to vote for in the Georgia 6th District Democratic primary (The former Handel/Ossoff district). All of my searches turn up old articles about that high-profile race last year and there's not a lot that I can find comparing the current candidates. There are four candidates and I've been to their websites, but they are all pretty similar as far as policy goes. And, more generally, how do people research local and state elections? What about ballot initiatives, constitutional amendments, etc?
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What are the best tools to record a cell phone interview ?

I intend to interview somebody for an article through a cell phone and wonder what are the best tools to record the conversation. I have an iPhone.
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Technical Help for a Watercolor Nature Journal

Where should I go online to find help finishing my Master's Project? It is an 8.5x5.5 journal for outdoor education students with watercolor illustrations, and it needs to be scanned, touched up, and formatted for printing. [more inside]
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How to write personal letter as a single home buyer?

If you sold your house to a single, childless person who submitted a personal letter with their offer, what did they write in that letter? Or, on the flip side, if you as single, childless person wrote a letter which helped you get your offer accepted, what did you say? [more inside]
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Identity theft, bots, and the seamy side of the internet

How do I know if, and where, my identity has been appropriated on the internet? [more inside]
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