October 26

Looking for short(ish) term housing in the Twin Cities

We'd like to stay in the Twin Cities for a month or two to evaluate if we'd like to relocate there. Snowflake details follow... [more inside]
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Should I report medical staff for laughing it up at a drugged patient?

My 88-year-old mother was diagnosed with a meningioma (non-malignant brain tumor) many years ago. She undergoes semi-annual MRIs to track the growth of the tumor, even though her neurologist doesn't recommend surgery at her age. They apparently are mainly tracking its growth to determine the type/amount of pain meds they prescribe. Before she gets the MRI she has an Rx to take beforehand: one pill at home, and then one pill while en route to the clinic. (Is this typical? I don't know.) [more inside]
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What song did I hear?

I heard this song a few days ago, in a noisy area where I couldn't hear perfectly, but it sounded great and I want to know what it was. The words were something like, something something but "you'll never be a rock star." [more inside]
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Lovely holiday card quote/poem for my small plant business

Inspired by this question, what are your favorite non-religious short poems, quotes or otherwise lovely texts to print on my holiday cards I send each year to my (B2B) customers? My business is related to plants so bonus points for something plant-ish. [more inside]
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How to make a (very) large flat mask smaller?

Sewing experts of Metafilter, help! I found a great face mask that I just had to have (adorable bunny face pattern). Unfortunately, it is much too large for me, and I am struggling to figure out a way to make it fit. It's a standard "flat" type of mask without pleats. Link to the general idea included below. [more inside]
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What Happens to Documents Sent to Offline Printers?

I sent a bank document for printing to the library using an address which queues files for a paid printer which - it turns out - is not being used for the current COVID printing process. The library assistant released the file - I believe in PaperCut MF - but it didn't print at any of the current (free) branch printers, so we're guessing it's been sent to that paid printer (physical location unknown). Can this job be cancelled/ will the file print out if/ when the printer comes back online?
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Is shopping low risk for COVID?

I'm trying to understand why shopping is often listed as a low risk activity for COVID exposure. If COVID is transmissible by aerosol as the science seems to indicate, shouldn't spending time in an indoor, semi-ventilated space be considered a higher risk? Or is it because of the lower concentration of people and expected spacing and movement (compared to say, sitting in a restaurant)?
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Yes, kids, it's another recommend a video game question!

I have a PS4 and would like another recent-ish (2015 and after) 1st or 3rd person shooter type game, that's my jam. Cool weapons and good story doesn't hurt. [more inside]
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Best pillow for multipurpose neck-resting?

I need a new pillow. I mostly sleep on my front or my side. I lie on my side or back and read. It needs to smooshily support my neck. Further details inside. [more inside]
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Roasted lentils shelf life

Made some rosemary roasted lentils to add to salads, and left in the pantry in an airtight container. How long can they keep this way, and what can they do to me if I eat them past that time? [more inside]
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How can I save my text messages to another device?

I have a Samsung and would like to save my text messages on my PC or in Google Drive. I don't need to back them up for transfer to another phone. I want them saved somewhere else so I can delete a bunch of what's on my phone to free up storage.
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Can you help me communicate better with my possibly ADHD boss?

I find it hard to get him to concentrate on more than one issue at a time – so if I send an email with three questions in it, he may only answer one of them. I feel like I am nagging having to repeatedly email the same questions to get a clear answer. I don’t think he is doing this deliberately/maliciously, and with other tics in his behaviour I wonder if he has undiagnosed ADHD. Can you recommend approaches that will help me get and keep his attention? [more inside]
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Family has planned nothing for my birthday

My birthday is tomorrow. I flew out to visit my parents, and so far nothing is planned. I asked for a specific restaurant and after reminding them they said it was booked. And....no effort to figure out something else. I'm feeling disappointed and considering flying home early. [more inside]
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Printing out a digital cartoon for permanent display

I've got digital files of some bright, cartoony artwork that I'd like to print out in the most permanent and beautiful way possible for display in my home. A little googling suggests that I want a giclée print on some kind of acid-free paper -- but even with that info, I'm overwhelmed with the possibilities. Help me do this right! [more inside]
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Want To Subscribe To Kindle Store Magazine But Don't Have Kindle

Does the choice of ereader matter when you subscribe to a magazine in Amazon.com's Kindle store? I'd like to buy a monthly subscription to "Asimov's Science Fiction" magazine through Amazon.com, but I do not own a Kindle. I read ebooks with a Kobo. [more inside]
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Scaling back exclusivity – is this a recipe for disaster?

Type A dating a Type B kind of guy. I want to see other people but keep seeing him. [more inside]
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October 25

Shopping for a budget laptop for seventy year old

How do I sort though all the possibilities? My head swims when I read about all the options. Just when I think I have found "the one," I find that it is now unavailable, or has poor reviews. Should I even read the reviews? Fading vision, hearing loss, occasional issues with hand and arm strength factor in selection. [more inside]
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What's a (reasonably) inexpensive way to replicate this bench?

Outside the new local bakery there's an architectural bench feature. I want to replicate it to replace the cushioned love seat in my living room, but I'm lost even as to how to start thinking about it. [more inside]
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My Thumbs are Cold

Which brands make warm mittens for long, narrow hands? [more inside]
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How will my dog feel when her friend moves away?

A neighbor is moving out of state later this week with her husband and wonderful dog. They live a few houses away, and we often stop while out on walks to let the dogs romp around in their backyard. I’m wondering how my dog will take it when they are no longer there (and it’s kind of bumming me out, to be honest). [more inside]
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What should I do with this licorice salt?

I impulsively bought some licorice salt, because I love both licorice and salt. What should I do with it? One friend recommended shortbread cookies with the salt on top -- anyone got a good recipe that would work well with that? What else? No dietary restrictions, plenty of good grocery stores nearby.
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Help me identify this guitar!

I'm looking for information on the guitar Stephen Stills is playing here, here, and here. [more inside]
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Help Me Get out of LA and Reboot

The closer we get to election week, the more I realize how badly I want to get out of Dodge for a bit. I'm not healthy right now; I don't exercise, I sit all day, and I spend most of my time getting a digital tan. It would be great to go somewhere that would jump start my ability to just live again. Where in LA or a few hours north of LA could I go to reboot? [more inside]
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I've been thinking a lot about getting a cat lately. I can't decide between one cat or two. Complication: small apartment. [more inside]
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Looking to formalize my vast but informal experience with a PMP cert?

I'm looking to use my experience with informal but real-life Project Managing in a wiggly industry, and try to expand my job opportunities to a more stable career, by getting a PMP Certification and therefore, in my mind, "formalizing" my knowledge. My question is regarding the value of test preparation certification courses, not getting ripped off financially, and, quite frankly, if I'm heading in the right direction. [more inside]
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Kitchen gadget excellence

What is your favourite kitchen tool or accessory? [more inside]
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How does the United States surrender?

Article I, section 8 gives Congress the power to declare war on behalf of the US, but who has the legal authority to surrender on behalf of the United States? Is it the President, under his or her authority as Commander in Chief and/or his or her authority for foreign relations? Or would it be Congress again? [more inside]
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Troubleshooting intermittent huge data use

I have, for the first time ever, reached my data limit in my household. My usage has not changed. Please help me figure out what on earth is happening. [more inside]
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Is it possible to do a Financial Math/Stats MSc as a CS Major?

So, I'm considering some longshot applications. I'm a CS Major I didn't take as much math as stats majors or math majors. I took the usuals Calc, Linear Algebra, Stats, Probability, Operations Research and I guess you could say AI and Operating Systems involve a lot of math. I don't suppose this is common? I'm mainly looking at programs in Canada with universities that have strong research in mathematical finance and actuarial science. [more inside]
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Help me find again this long lost Socratic Solid toy / puzzle

Hi fellow mefiters, When I was a teenager (30 something years ago), I received a very curious and strange, yet intriguing gift. It was a Socratic solid 3D puzzle made of plastic sticks with strings attached to them, forming a dodecahedron with a plastic brown translucent sphere inside. I have been trying to find this for more than 20 years without success. More after the jump... [more inside]
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AirPods Pro connected to Windows, not recognized as output device

With all the Zoomin' I'm doing these days, I'd like to use my AirPods Pro with my Windows laptop (Dell XPS) and not have wires dangling from my ears on the calls. I can pair and connect the AirPods in "Bluetooth & other devices" but they do not show up as an output device in "Sound". How can I make this work? [more inside]
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Productivity: alone vs among a sea of strangers

I live by myself, and I'm at my least productive when I'm in my apartment. This applies to work projects and normal deadlines. I'm at my most productive when I'm at a coffeeshop in the middle of strangers, and listening to white noise. I've always been this way, as far as I can remember. [more inside]
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Novels about children meeting their grandparents as young people

I enjoyed the books Back to Blackbrick by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald and When Marnie Was There by Joan G Robinson. They are both stories about children who meet a younger version of a grandparent, in some form. What other books are like this? [more inside]
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Does It Matter Which Bank We Use To Refinance Our Home?

Interest rates for refinancing a home seem to be lower than our current rate -- but only significantly if I look at places like this or that credit union (I'm using Bankrate and other sites to get my info.) How can you decide if a bank/credit union is reputable? What are the issues here?
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Engaging a kid who loves Gravity Falls, Ancient Egypt, and mysteries

My 8-year old son is wild for Gravity Falls, and is very into things that have a similar vibe: Ancient Egypt, Mesoamerican cultures, secret codes, mysterious secrets, hidden rooms, cryptids, conspiracy theories, myths, black holes, space-time. I am homeschooling him due to COVID-19, and the key to keeping him engaged is to make use of his interests. What fiction and non-fiction books, tv or movies, video games, subjects of interest, historical events, etc. would a Gravity Falls-loving kid be interested in? [more inside]
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Looking to watch the West Wing Reunion Show

Yes, I know it was one night only--but someone must have videoed this, people record everything, right. Anyway, my google-fu is failing me. Any help is appreciated.
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Pipe down!

Big voiced soprano wants to sing old-timey music and sea chanteys. I don't like the (typical) sound of big classical-style sopranos singing that material: often they don't "cross over well." What do? [more inside]
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Inpatient Depression Treatment Centers Near Iowa City

COVID is hard, and close (late-70s) family member is suffering like we've never seen her before. She has always had (manageable) anxiety, but now she is depressed to the point of paralysis. Please help us identify COVID-safe inpatient treatment options in the Iowa-to-Chicago area. [more inside]
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Chain chain chain, chain of fools?

I want to learn how to do chainstitch embroidery using a machine. This seems like a hobby that you have to go all in on financially before even trying it. Is this a bad idea? If not, where do I start? [more inside]
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Large Scale Recipes

I cook for food insecure and unhoused folks at least once a week. Everyone especially loves comfort food like tamale pie, spaghetti and meatballs, red beans and rice, etc. I like to change things up frequently so people don’t get bored. Please share your favorite large scale recipes (12, 30, 50 servings and up.)
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Replacement for Google Cloud Print?

I really love Google Cloud Print and for "reasons" they're killing it in December. What are my alternatives? Right now I have an HP LaserJet connected to a Windows 10 desktop and have it exported as a Cloud Print printer and can thus print from any computer I own including android tablets and phones and can do that from anywhere. [more inside]
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Need to Ask an Endocrinologist

You are not my doctor, I have a doctor, you are not my endocrinologist, I have one and an appointment in the future, but until then I have questions. [more inside]
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Where Do people (Virtually) Hang Out These Days?

I get lonely at night, and don't have anyone to talk to. In pre-covid times I had a few activities I went out and did in order to meet and talk to people, or at least to get out of the house, but obviously, that's not possible right now. Are there places that people go to hang out on line just to talk? Special requests inside. [more inside]
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US Passport Renewal + Dual Citizenship

I am a US citizen living in the US. About 15 years ago, I completed the paperwork to be recognized as a citizen of Canada by right of birth (one of my parents is Canadian). I need to renew my US passport for the second time since then, and can't remember exactly how I handled the dual citizenship issue on the form, specifically the "Acts or Conditions" statement, the first time. I want to avoid committing perjury! I also want to renew my passport. [more inside]
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Composting wood chips: Should the pile be covered with a tarp?

I have a pile of fresh arborist wood chips (1.5 cubic yards) that I want to compost. I plan to layer the chips with green materials. Should I cover the pile with a tarp to prevent rain and snow from leaching out the nutrients? I am concerned because I live in an area that gets a substantial amount of rain in the fall and spring and at least several feet of snow in the winter. I would remove the tarp occasionally to spray the pile with water to keep it moist. Would a tarp encourage the growth of mildew?
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Not chrome and not Firefox: best browser for Android?

Can't use Chrome because Google. The latest big Firefox update is unintuitive and clunky. What's the best Android phone alternative that isn't going to give all my information away, track me, and has ad-blocking abilities? I tried the DDG browser but do I need a separate ad-blocker?
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October 24

Introducing baby to allergens

As we get close to introducing baby to solids, I need to make some decisions about whether or not to introduce certain potential allergens. [more inside]
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Can you recommend a history book from this list?

Has anyone read anything in the New Approaches to America Series, or failing that are you familiar with an author? [more inside]
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Where are all of the professional WARM sweaters?

I need some professional sweaters for work that are WARM. I say "WARM" because all of the professional looking sweaters I see are delicate and lightweight and simple won't keep me warm. I'd love to wear Patagonia or REI outdoor sweaters all winter long because they'd keep me warm, but they aren't professional. Help?
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Transfer entire text thread from Android phone to Windows 10

The built-in feature is slow and apparently doesn't allow one to transfer an entire (very long) thread. There seem to be dozens of apps - please recommend your favorite tried and true. Thanks
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Teach me about picture book design - ISO advice and things to read

I'd like to learn more about designing picture books. My googling just turns up "remember not put text in the gutter" advice for super-dummies. I need advice for regular dummies. I am at this moment grappling with how to place two full-page images on a spread without it looking weird, which they seem to whether the image are quite similar or a little different. But I have lots of other things I'd like to learn. Can you either tell me what you know or tell me what to read? [more inside]
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Help me use my frozen zucchini and green tomatoes

The frost hit before I managed to pull everything inside. Now I've got a lot of zucchini and tomatoes that are not currently frozen, but have been. Most of the tomatoes are still green. Any ideas of vegetarian recipes that will make use of all of this produce. [more inside]
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What type of Spanish does Netflix caption in?

In an effort to improve my Spanish, I’ve been watching Netflix captioned with Spanish subtitles. It’s pretty oversimplified, as are most captions, but every so often there are colloquialisms thrown in. I’m curious about the regional dialects Netflix might be using. [more inside]
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Ow my neck, my back, my foot...

I have ongoing problems with muscle tension in my neck and my shoulders. I have never had any sort of device to help out other than a tennis ball and a foam roller. I'd like to treat myself and get a massager. But...which one? Tell me! Especially if you have first-hand knowledge! [more inside]
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perfect not-too-sweet almond "wedding" cake recipe

Seeking recipe for not-too-sweet, firm vanilla/almond cake. I'd love it to have a lovely, fluffy texture (but still firm, unless that's impossible -- either texture is OK, both would be great). I don't care if it's white or yellow. Will frost with orange frosting. Recipes I find don't specify "not too sweet". [more inside]
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Low latency, economical wifi extension via ethernet

The wifi in our home doesn't reach my son's bedroom reliably. This is unfortunate, given that he needs to attend high school via zoom 5 days per week. Our wireless router is located centrally in our unfinished attic. I would like to add a second wifi router that is in the attic but closer to my son's bedroom. It will be easy to connect the two with an ethernet cable. [more inside]
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Seeking bulk food bins

I just ordered twenty-five pounds of my favorite chickpeas. I'm looking for the best way to store them. I really don't even know what size I need for that amount. [more inside]
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How can I be sure who my great great great grandfather really was?

For those of you working on piecing together your family genealogy, what threshold of evidence do you use to feel confident of a link in your family tree? [more inside]
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My eye piller filler

I'm handmaking eye pillows - like the ones you use in yoga - for everyone for Christmas. What's the best filling for them? I'm looking for something that won't go mouldy or smell bad even after several years, but will weight the bags down nicely and feel pleasant. I'm looking at flax seeds, lentils, rice etc but finding it difficult to work out how they compare. [more inside]
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Online photo cards

Anyone here already inventoried all the online photo cards options? Here's what I want to do: upload a photo for the cover of the card. Overlay some text on top of the photo, choose a font, make it orange, position it. Then on the inside, put a photo above the words "Happy Halloween. Love, A, B, C." Have the company print it and send it to about five people. I keep striking out. Anybody have an idea which photo card company can do this? Thanks!
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