January 16

Worth it? Housing discrimination complaints w/HUD

I've been discriminated against for rental housing. I found another place and financial harms were < 1k - don't need immediate intervention. BUT, do believe discriminatory practices should be reported. If you've filed a complaint with HUD or know the process, what should I expect? Is it worth it? Medium city in the US - Midwest. Small potatoes landlord, not major rental company.
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Let’s play name the author!

Looking for where this idea came from. I can’t remember where. My Google-fu fails me. The idea: If a primitive man (maybe Bushmen?) came across the radio in the desert, and it starts transmitting voices, they would think of it as magic. If they broke down the radio into its component parts to try to figure out how it works, it would not come even close to explaining the radio. May have something to do with reductionism (??). [more inside]
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She likes me, she likes me not

I'd like to stop thinking about whether or not a friend is romantically interested in me. [more inside]
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January 15

What if I don't want to travel the world anymore?

At a juncture in my career where I should probably be looking at spending some more time abroad for the sake of professional advancement. However, the instability from traveling so much for my job in recent years is kind of sucking away most enthusiasm for this concept. Did you face a similar choice and choose to stay put? How did that go? [more inside]
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I don't like my new cat

...and the feeling seems to be mutual. [more inside]
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we are all enough, hopefully, hypothetically

How can I feel "attractive enough" in a more reliable, stable way, other than the diminishing returns of taking selfies? Complicating factor: internalized transphobia. [more inside]
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How to follow Vacationland

I just finished reading Vacationland by John Hodgman and loved it. Looking for humorous memoirs in a similar vein to read next. [more inside]
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Professional Woman of Color Problems, issue #2,859

I very awkwardly admitted to my boss that I don't like one of my co-workers (I didn't say it was because he is a walking jumble of microaggressions). Nothing's come out of it since, but how impolitic was I? [more inside]
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Getting Siri in my car

My car doesn’t have a Siri button. I want a Siri button in my car. Are there any Bluetooth, wireless Siri buttons out there I’m not seeing? (I’ve seen this thread.) I used to have a couple (Flic, CodaWheel or something), but they no longer work. Any other ideas for facilitating easy Siri access in my car? Hey Siri doesn’t work reliably, especially when music or podcasts are on. (iPhone X.)
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What are your favourite marrow recipes? (The vegetable, not bone)

I went away for a week and came back to find my zucchini plant produced some pretty epic marrows. Last time this happened, I made stuffed marrow, and it lasted us for about three dinners. This time I have twice as much marrow to start with so stuffed marrow could get kind of boring. Any other recipe suggestions? [more inside]
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Fitting In Their Suitcase Is Out

One of my dearest friends and his girlfriend are moving across the country in June. I need some coping tips. [more inside]
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How do I get grandma home from Nigeria when she doesn't want help?

Entire family is worried sick about Grandma. She's been courted the last 6 months by a scammer in Nigeria. Yesterday she left in the middle of the night without telling anyone, got on a plane, and is now in Nigeria. Help us get grandma back safe. [more inside]
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Best trimmer for pubic hair? (must be available in the UK)

I'm looking for recommendations about specific models / brands, but also types that work well (e.g. ceramic blades?) I can't seem to find trimmers specifically for pubic hair (for a woman, if it matters). I don't know if I can use head-hair clippers or a beard trimmer. (I don't want to shave using a razor, as this makes me itchy. I want to trim, but the closer the trim the better.) [more inside]
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Looking for a cat therapist in New York City who's like Jackson Galaxy!

We have three cats. Two get along with each other beautifully, but one is a scaredy-cat. [more inside]
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Where do people find housing in south Seattle these days?

This question might be primarily for people from the Seattle area. Where do you fine decent housing in south Seattle in today's world? Details within. [more inside]
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Coworker Victim of Domestic Abuse - How to Help?

My coworker is being abused by her domestic partner and I want to offer her some support but I don't know how or if I should. [more inside]
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Copy/paste utility that appends title and author to text block on paste

Im looking for a Windows or Android tool that when I copy and paste text from something, the title, author, maybe page number or url where applicable, get automatically appended to the block of text Im pasting. IOS IBooks does this but I haven't been able to find the equivalent elsewhere. Note I don't particularly care about stripping out the formatting, and I don't want to lose embedded urls. It would be very useful when collecting research notes. thanks!
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church etiquette with a baby

I am a new churchgoer with an 8 month-old baby, and I would like some advice on church etiquette when you have a baby. [more inside]
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workout leggings for thunder thighs

Are there specific brands or styles of workout leggings designed for athletic women who are proportionally smaller in the waist, and larger in thighs? [more inside]
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I want a screen that hangs on my wall and shows my phone notifications.

I want to spend less time looking at my phone. I think it would help if my phone behaved more like an old-fashioned wall-mounted phone. To this end, I want a screen that is mounted on my wall and displays incoming phone notifications. [more inside]
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What to cook with a lot of homemade chicken broth?

I have about ten cups of homemade chicken broth and am looking for something a little out of the ordinary to make with it. [more inside]
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Living in an extended stay building as a tenant

I'm about to sign a lease on an apartment in a mixed use building. It offers extended stays for executives, and it has long-term tenants living there. This would be my home. Any reason not to do it? [more inside]
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Which science fiction magazines/webzines take sci-fi humor stories?

I've written a few very short sci-fi humor stories, and I want to find out where they could be published.... Any ideas?
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Opened malicious word attachment

MS Word 365. We got an email with a word document that asked to "enable content" to actually see the contents. We did not actually click the "enable contents" button in the yellow bar, but did click the "enable editing" button. Googlefu says not to click. The contents is obfuscated. Norton is running and did not complain. How freaked out should we be? [more inside]
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What options do I have for adjusting travel due to contract work?

I'm interviewing for a contract job. It would require me to be in town during a period when I was planning to travel. What options do I have? Is the employer likely to pay for the cost to change my ticket? [more inside]
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Where can I find these shoes?

I really like the shoes that this model is wearing (somewhat NSFW; completely SFW cropped version showing shoes here). Where can I find these, or something like them (in men's sizes)? [more inside]
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Orthodontic Retainers in San Francisco

My retainers are falling apart, and I need to get new ones. It's been stressfully opaque to try to figure out where to go, though, since pricing seems to vary by clinic. Looking for data points from any SF Mefites: what clinic did you use, and how much was it? I'm looking to get top and bottom Hawley retainers.
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Best use of my random ingredients

I need to make 3-4 days worth of lunches, and I’d like to use up as many random ingredients in my kitchen as possible. Help me out! [more inside]
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I heart shapta, but how do I make it at home?

My local Himalayan restaurant makes shapta. It is pork-based and all meat (at least, I cannot discern any vegetables). It is savory and delicious and I cannot find a good recipe on the Internet that is also solely pork. Any ideas? I am happy to buy a real cookbook if that’s the best option. Thanks!
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'Browse my movie theaters' - does this exist?

Is there a site or app that will let me browse all showtimes for all movie theaters within only my own selected list of theaters? I'm looking for a one-stop way to browse all NYC indie theaters that accept Moviepass, while excluding non-indie ones and non-Moviepass-accepting ones. [more inside]
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How do I contact a large list of Facebook users I've compiled?

I have a list of several thousand Facebook profiles who identified themselves as attending a specific event. I want to invite them to join a group and like a page. What would be the most efficient way to do this?
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anyway my laptop is possessed but like by a real lazy demon

My (win 7 pro) laptop has been endlessly hanging on the welcome screen after login. [more inside]
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Best way to find job opportunities at local small businesses ?

I've worked my entire life at very small businesses and prefer that work environment. How can I identify local small businesses which might be hiring? Are there ways to filter posted jobs by the size of the organization, any job sites which specialize in small businesses, and any ways of identifying local small businesses which might need help but do not have a public job posting up? I'm familiar with Manta.com but it seems kind of clunky as a job hunting tool. Help me, MeFites!
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Late 20s adult woman suffering from teenage-like crush needs help

This is really awkward and stupid, but I could use some help! [more inside]
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Moving on out of here..

Needing advice on finding where I want to end up next and starting a new life elsewhere.. [more inside]
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Rock VS Rock N Roll

Friend insists Rock and Rock N Roll are two seperate things, I use the terms interchangeably, settle a bet?
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How do I disconnect my sink sprayer hose?

I need to replace the hose for my kitchen faucet sprayer, and for the life of me I can't figure out how to disconnect the current hose beneath the sink. [more inside]
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Best city for Youtube TV

We want to get Youtube Tv at home and noticed that not all the cities have the same content. Assuming we want to get the most "bang for our buck", where in the US would be the best city to register? [more inside]
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Hearing amplifiers vs. hearing aids - any experiences?

I have moderate hearing loss in my right ear, mostly high frequency. This was discovered when I was a little kid, and I'm 47 now. It has gotten worse over the years and has made social and professional situations difficult. I am currently trying a set of Otofonix amplifiers, both ears and want opinions on these vs. "real" hearing aids. More details inside. [more inside]
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Weird car troubles

I have a 2004 Mazda3 hatchback with just under 50,000 miles on it. Lately, it has been giving me a real headache with starting issues and a check engine light, and so far my mechanic has not been able to fix the problems permanently. I'm gonna list all the problems I've had in the last year or so even though they might not all be related, in the off chance that it gives anyone some ideas. [more inside]
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Help Me Get Stoned

I am looking for instructions/advice/personal tips on drilling small holes in small stones (beach and river rocks and pebbles). [more inside]
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Writer for hire?

I've recently done a little bit of work writing very light entries for a sort of coffee table reference book. Where does one look for similar one off writing gigs like this? [more inside]
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No stress chess - preschool edition

Our almost-5-year-old kid really really wants to play chess. Being almost 5, he doesn't remember the rules or the ways the pieces can move, so he keeps accusing us of "cheating" and "not playing fair" and, well, you can imagine the end result. Is there an app for that? [more inside]
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How did I do this search?

While scanning files on my machine, I came across a beautiful document which showed hyperlinked entries to a history of my YouTube searches. But I can't remember how I did it. Can you help? [more inside]
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January 14

Help Me Hear, But Not See - streaming music edition

I like listening to streaming music services, but when I put it through the FireTV the tv (linked to a sound bar & sub woofer) the image on the tv screen is such a bummer. Is there some way to make the screen go dark or show screensaver images? I realize I can use bluetooth speakers w/ my phone, and I've done this. The problem w/ bluetooth is I can't have music playing softly in the background while listening to a podcast on my phone. [more inside]
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I want to edit (not annotate) PDFs on my Mac for less than $180/year

I would like to be able to edit PDF files on my Macintosh. Edit. Like, change the text they have in them. Apple's free Preview.app does a decent job of letting me annotate PDF's (though it's not as good as it used to be). But I don't want to annotate PDFs. I want to actually change the text they contain. Adobe wants $180/year for Acrobat Pro, which just feels insane. Is there a cheaper reliable solution? [more inside]
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Cookbook Suggestions Needed

I have a friend who is getting interested in cooking, which is wonderful. The book that has gotten him interested, however, appears to be filled with super not good recipes. Help me find him a better book? Details inside. [more inside]
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How do I stop eating my boyfriend's snacks

When I lived alone, I dealt with my tendency to mindlessly inhale carb-heavy snack foods by the truckload by just not keeping them in the house, and occasionally buying smaller servings any time I wanted a treat. Now that I live with my boyfriend, I keep eating all of his snacks. I feel bad because on Sunday he'll buy a few snacks that should last him an entire week, and then by Tuesday night I've eaten them all. [more inside]
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What to Watch Next? Yarn Store Edition

At our yarn shop, we host a weekly nerd night where we watch a couple of TV episodes and knit or crochet. Star Trek (especially TNG and now Disco) has been a popular favorite, as has Doctor Who and Stranger Things. We did Firefly a couple years ago, and we've done some Miyazaki movies in between. The plan was to get people hooked on the Expanse, but it looks like we may need a plan B. We knew the Expanse was dark and complicated, and if we can't get people into it, we need another option. [more inside]
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Got any creative ideas for mounting a bunch of postcards for display?

I bought a set of 24 blue/orange/brown paper postcards at an art fair. All about 5" x 7", geometric, minimalist, and heavy on creative typography. I'm thinking about mounting them in some way so that I can enjoy looking at them, but in a way that doesn't look like I just tacked a bunch of postcards on my wall. Any suggestions? [more inside]
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Going away gift for family member moving to Saudi Arabia?

Our cousin is moving to Saudi Arabia — Riyadh we think — to work for Aramco. She’s a single woman. What’s a good idea for a going away gift?
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But do they sell a hot dish?

Casseroles are ubiquitous comfort foods in the Midwest, but they're almost never found at restaurants. What other foods do people cook at home but are rarely seen in a commercial context?
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Can I stay in my current city if I become a therapist?

I wanna become a mental health therapist. I live in Spokane, Washington, which Google says has a population of over 200,000 people. There are only a few local mental health agencies that I know of, but one of them has 600-700 employees (though that may include other people besides therapists). I felt discouraged after reading another question on here where someone said that their partner's agency had around 200 people apply for just one opening. I'd like to stay in my city mainly cuz it's important to me to be able to see my parents. When I finally make friends, it's important to me to maintain those ties, too (though I accept that they might move away, themselves). I haven't gone back to school yet. What are the odds that I'd be able to get a job at a local agency after I graduate, if I go back to school? If they aren't good, is it possible to start my own practice right out of grad school? Do you know how competitive the mental health field is in Spokane?<
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I pretty much never drink water. Is this bad?

I almost never drink water because: (i) I am not thirsty very much; and (ii) I don't really like drinking plain old water. Is this bad? [more inside]
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Recs for a Cat Sitter in Atlanta

I've recently moved into a new neighborhood & my go-to pet sitter friend isn't in range anymore. [more inside]
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Social Media isn't me. Should I work at it?

Is it ok to not be into Social Media, especially for work? [more inside]
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Best practices for running/hiking hills with Achilles’ tendon issues?

I would really like to start hiking/running, but I live in a mostly hilly area and have had an achy Achilles’ tendon for the past two years. Looking for protection, better habits, tips, etc. [more inside]
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My car got totaled, part 2

Young woman buying a used car by herself for the first time in her life. What should I know? What do I ask? When do I walk? [more inside]
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Post-breakup crisis

I recently ended a LDR that some of the people here on MeFi claimed was abusive. As I have travelled to see my boyfriend almost every weekend for the past year, I now find myself alone in the city with no friends or family. How do I deal with the breakup and rebuild my life all alone? (F, 26) [more inside]
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Would you eat this?

Waffling over two cans of tuna. [more inside]
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