December 5

trying to remember a creepy old side-scroller

What was that creepy indie Windows game from several years back that started out as a sort of generic Super Mario style side-scroller but got weirder and more unhinged the further you got? [more inside]
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sanity check me

Am I crazy? Weird UPS snafu edition. [more inside]
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Aging cheese for a long time

Say you wanted to successfully age a mass-produced cheese in the back of a refrigerator. For like a decade or two. What would you look for in a cheese? How would you do it? [more inside]
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Help me tell a book by its cover.

Here is a picture of me with my mother in 1964. Here is a close-up of the book behind my head. I want to know what I was reading when I was six months old. What is this book? Thanks!<
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Winning at White Elephant, NYC style: $10 or under in Chelsea this week

I'm in New York this week, willing to travel ~20 mins from Chelsea on foot, and will probably hit the Union Square holiday market Thurs. My work holiday party is on Friday back in Denver. I would like to bring back the most coveted white elephant gift, in terms of uniqueness and/or deliciousness. $10 limit w/o tax. Perishable items okay if they can survive travel and still be tasty 30-some hours later. Hit me with your ideas.
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Should this go in the fridge?

I don't understand what leftovers should go in the fridge, and what can be left on the counter. North America, heated house, no dogs, no particular health concerns. Please advise. [more inside]
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Double-COVID vaxing safety?

How dangerous is it to receive a COVID booster only a few weeks after a previous dose of the same kind? [more inside]
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Keypad for multiple users?

I am looking for a keypad door lock that can be installed on a space that multiple people need access to. The people will change somewhat over time. I know nothing about keyless entry and I'm overwhelmed by the options. Help point me in the right direction. [more inside]
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Appliance installation person knocked out my internet, what do I ask for

A lovely person who was installing my new water heater caught my fiber optic cable with his truck and now I have no internet all week. What do I demand and from whom? [more inside]
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Jingle Rock Bell is already on the list

Please help me, an atheist who was literally never indoctrinated to any religion, compile a holiday playlist for the time that my Catholic in laws will be in my home. [more inside]
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How to clear a plumbing vent from below

My home is exhibiting signs of a plugged vent. I really don't want to go up onto our steep roof in the winter to mess with it. Can I do this from below? [more inside]
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Books on recovering from childhood neglect

I am looking for books about dealing with the effects of childhood neglect in adulthood. [more inside]
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Space inside of a wedding venue

I am getting married soon (5 months from today, eeek!) and my reception venue has a LOT of extra interior space. What are some neat, fun, or creative things we can do to use it? Things like a bridal lounge, groom lounge, kids room, and dance floor are already covered. The space is wide open and has hardwood floors, windows, all brick walls, and is well-lit. [more inside]
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Cool Things to Do Before I Am No Longer Cool

I turn 40 in eighteen months. What are some things I should do between now and then? [more inside]
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like a just-add-water human soup packet

I saw this image on Instagram earlier today (direct link if insta is being screwy) and now I'm curious what WOULD actually happen? [more inside]
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Open season for health insurance... not sure what to do.

I'm currently under Kaiser (HMO). My employer is offering quite a swath of health insurance plans, with a mix of HMO's and PPO's. I'm very overwhelmed. I've never used a PPO before, but might want to for 2023, as I might want to do an advanced operation that I'd feel more comfortable with, using a PPO with. Kaiser wouldn't cover it as they're a HMO and it's out of network. [more inside]
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Likelihood of Fatality from 1987 Double Bypass Operation?

Could someone tell me what the likelihood of fatality (or, conversely, survival) from a double bypass operation in the United States would be in 1987? Generically would be fine, although specifics: patient would have been a 50-year-old white male in suburban Illinois, chest was 'cracked'. Please note that the operation has greatly increased in safety as time's gone on, so I am looking specifically for this time period, either 1987 or at least late '80s.
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Looking for a text about depth, darkness, corneas

I'm writing an essay to submit to I'm writing about a Mvnch painting, paired with my own recent diagnosis of keratoconus, a cornea disease. However, the editors also want "a text" (can be any kind). I haven't found one that works. [more inside]
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How to acknowledge a hard year

I am a relatively new supervisor in my organization, and someone on my team has had a very difficult year outside of work, with 2023 looking equally hard. I'm struggling with whether to say anything about this in a holiday card to them. [more inside]
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Yet Another Dog Question

Is pet insurance worth it? I adopted Dice this weekend. The vet says she thinks he's 1-2. We had a $670 pet visit (some of it was flea/tick meds and some dental chews) but we did a urinalysis for like $400. I don't really expect to have many more medical issues with him, but if he has urinary issues, maybe I will. If you have pet insurance you like, what is it?
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Christianity for Atheists

Can you point me to religious podcasts or reading material that focus on virtues, doing good deeds, and living a good or moral life? [more inside]
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Book recommendation to finish out a small pile with seasonal titles

I have three books with seasonal titles sitting in a pile: Autumn Light by Pico Iyer, Wintering by Katherine May, and Summer on the Lakes by Margaret Fuller. I'm looking for a non-fiction book with the word "Spring" in the title that is similarly slow and contemplative. [more inside]
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What is reasonable to expect in first grade?

My very bright daughter is struggling with the transition from kindergarten to first grade. I think? We struggle to have her do homework, she doesn't seem to retain what she has studied, and I sense that her reading and math acquisition is slower than it should be. I don't have many data points so I'm hoping for some perspective. [more inside]
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Save me from poor IT decisions

I work for a government organization. Windows 10. Our IT people seem to think constantly adding icons to the desktop is helpful. I hate it. I am seeking some method of hiding SOME (but not ALL) desktop icons. Help? [more inside]
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Simplest way to build a fantasy rail map/plan?

So I want to make a fantasy rail system for Iceland. I'm not an engineer. A very rough estimate of feasibility. And not just lines over a map, but rough calculations of feasibility. Like, where you'd need a tunnel, how much you need to build under the tracks to have an acceptable low inclination. That sort of thing. [more inside]
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Nothing to declare except "UK customs is a drag"

I ordered a mechanical keyboard from a US distributor at the beginning of November. It arrived at UK customs on November 17. As far as I can tell, it's been sitting there ever since. Is there anything I can do to find out if there's a step I'm supposed to take to release it? Or do I just wait? [more inside]
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Summer in Europe, but much abbreviated

My friends and I (eight women between ages 30-50) are planning a couple of weeks in Europe - we definitely want to see Paris and do a bit of Switzerland, but we're a bit fuzzy on the details/how to structure the trip. We might like to add in Amsterdam as well. Half of us like museums and pottering around the streets, while the other half is snazzier (and may want to shop?). What is a nice probable itinerary that has the hits as well a few offbeat things we can include? Bonus question below the fold. [more inside]
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December 4

Santa Wanna Be’s: Help me find the perfect gift for 18 month old boy

I would love to find a fabulous and original gift for a special little boy. I would like to spend $50.00. I am not sure what he already has so I don’t want the most popular toy of 2022(which he may already have). It should be safe, something he absolutely loves, and something that can be returned. Help me be original! If you are a parent, what is your little boy’s favorite posession from this age (the one thing that makes his eyes light up). Thanks in advance!
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smell this for me, would ya?

I have been trying to identify a perfume I own whose label has rubbed off. Is there somewhere/someone I can send the nearly-empty bottle, who has a more knowledgeable nose than I do? [more inside]
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Overpay mortgage or save money for repairs/renovation?

I just bought a house and my mortgage rate is 7.25%. Until I can refinance, should I aggressively overpay my mortgage, or put that money towards house maintenance, repairs, and eventual renovations? [more inside]
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Covid Tests Kits through Insurance?

The federal requirement seems to be that we're all entitled to 8 Covid test kits a month, covered by insurance. I tried to obtain some today when I got a booster, but the pharmacist said she couldn't get it to go through my insurance. I know there's a reasonable chance this is specific to my insurance, but does anyone have guidance or suggestions?
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How do I best turn these images into Christmas cards?

I did a terrible job explaining myself in the last question. Revamping. I have these images. I would like to make Christmas cards from them, but I can't find any digital backdrops that work with the photography angles etc. So I'm looking for design ideas about how to make these either without a backdrop or with some kind of alternative backdrop, or what do you suggest? [more inside]
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"Exceptions" to White Supremacy

What is going on when white supremacists ally with individuals who are members of minorities whom they would normally hate, and vice versa? [more inside]
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providing BetterHelp for grief, without the licenses

Are there reputable sources like for an experienced provider to extend online care to people seeking bereavement counseling or spiritual direction—without the credentials that site requires? [more inside]
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Christmas songs for the horny and immature

There are two types of holiday songs I like; traditional religious/winter carols as outlined in capricorn’s recent ask, and songs that are extended immature sex jokes. Please help me find more songs in the latter category to make my Christmas playlist of extremely jarring tonal shifts complete. [more inside]
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Monthlong European vacation with a toddler

We're thinking about spending a month in Europe with our toddler in the spring (he'll be 2.5). Looking for location suggestions for a small city to make our home base, probably in France or Italy. [more inside]
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DIY boba flavorings (especially peach and passion fruit)

Somebody was giving away some boba pearls recently, and we decided to try making our own boba. Our favorite boba flavors are peach and passion fruit. What should we use to make boba using those flavors? [more inside]
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What music to test audio system

When testing an audio system what music tracks, audio files or albums would you use to test the system? [more inside]
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Options for setting up a links website?

I would like to have my own website where I can post short links to interesting articles I’ve read online, interesting podcast episodes, and so on. I should be able to add new links very quickly from the iOS share menu on iPad or iPhone, and they should be taggable (or somehow organisable) by topic (e.g. ‘movie’, ‘society’, ‘internet culture’, ‘cooking’). I’m not happy with any options I’ve found so far and wonder what else is possible? [more inside]
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Image fave + save browser extension

I want to click a heart on any image displayed in my browser and save it online and locally [more inside]
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Show me designs with cropped-to-body-shape images

I would like to see examples of Christmas cards (ideally) or other photography design things, in which images are "cropped" (is that even the word?) around the shape of the person. That is, there is no background. I took my son's xmas portraits and I got some nice ones, but now I can't find backdrops that fit the angle/size etc. etc. Considering my options. Alternatively, what do I google to find such designs?
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What is?

Present for my partner. They can not see what the image is supposed to be. Their guess is WAY, WAY different than what I see. (They love the bag regardless.) So... what is it? Bonus points for anyone who has corroborating evidence. [more inside]
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Walk me through getting Obamacare (Covered California)

In (I think) April I posted a question about when I should quit my county job that I hate to be a therapist full-time. I didn't have the courage of my convictions just then but I'm taking the leap soon. I need some advice about getting health insurance through a system that isn't THAT complicated but is the kind of thing I find daunting. So, questions: [more inside]
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Did I miss my chance to buy Adobe Elements 2022?

So I finally logged in to buy Elements 2022, which I saw just a few weeks ago for $99, and today it appears I have to buy Elements 2023 for $149. DAMMIT. [more inside]
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What's the best replacement for Google News

I hate the new interface. It's harder to read, it takes more time to read, there is less actual content, the content isn't as varied (news, sports, entertainment, business, etc.). What's the best alternative that doesn't require me to log in or set up an account (which I also refuse to do with Google) and includes at least some Canadian news in the overall roundup? I don't want to limit myself to just one source (i.e. one news channel or one newspaper) as I like having a diversity of sources presented.
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Practising clarinet woes

Am I struggling with cognitive speed and if yes, can I improve it? [more inside]
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A birthday adventure. Need ideas!

I want to construct a birthday adventure for a creative kid. [more inside]
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Divorce mediation: What you wish you'd known and prepared for

If you have been through the mediation process, how did you prepare? And in retrospect, what do you wish you'd known and/or pushed harder for? [more inside]
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Changing a USB input device from defaulting to the Main Display.

How do you change a default setting on a USB input device without controlling software? [more inside]
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Where Can I Buy Great Christmas Stollen Online?

Any suggestions for high-quality Stollen available to purchase online? (I'm located in U.S.) I can't tell from google searches what are decent options and what are mass-produced "factory" options. Don't have time/skills to make from scratch this year, unfortunately. TIA!
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Photos, Videos, Stills, and Captures -- Are they same resolution?

I have a Samsung S22+. I can take a picture. I can make a video and while making a video take a still. I can also take the video and then in Google Photos export stills from the video. Are these equivalent resolution and quality or are they different? How do they compare? [more inside]
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US equity market capitalization by asset category

If you consider the total US equity market capitalization, what fraction is in each of the 6 asset categories; large cap growth, large cap value, mid cap growth, mid cap value, small cap growth, small cap value?
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Plane tickets on short notice

There is a very good chance I will need to fly from Massachusetts to Florida in the next few days for a funeral. I haven't flown in almost ten years. What is the current thinking on the best way to get plane tickets on short notice, without breaking the bank? [more inside]
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Does anybody have any advice on taking it easy?

To put some stuff into context. I've been working non stop for almost 5-6 years. I set out to accomplish a great deal of things back in 2018. I made plans to move to Canada, get my master's degree, learn French, machine learning and settle there permanently. [more inside]
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'Guidance' type books on sex for teenagers?

Inspired by this question. Looking for books on sex, sexual relationships, consent, self-knowledge and consent for teenage girl. Doesn't have to be 100% about sex and sex alone. Looking for something direct and funny and not finger-waggly but that talks to the reader respectfully, intelligently, and in detail. [more inside]
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December 3

Play ball!

A 2-year-old has asked for a ball to play with and I'd like to get them a couple as a gift this season. What types of ball would a 2 year old most appreciate? [more inside]
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Seek lightweight but warm blanket

My beloved retro Vellux blanket has died. I can't replace it with another Vellux blanket because the ones they make these days are poor quality. What reasonably budget-friendly blanket might be a doable replacement? [more inside]
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If I really like this song , what other songs am I likely to like?

If I really like this song (Grace Kelly by Mika), what other songs am I likely to like?
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Spanish-Language Media for Beginners

I am looking for free or low-cost media with which to practice my neophyte skill in Spanish. I have been doing a 15-minute DuoLingo lesson most days for about half a year. I am a native English speaker in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. [more inside]
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What genre of music is this?

I recently discovered some covers by a band named Brasstracks that were like nothing I'd ever heard before. There's this Mariah Carey classic cover of Always Be My Baby, Drake's In My Feelings redone and what I think is an original song, XO Tour Llif3. Is this a genre that exists, or just this amazing band? [more inside]
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