May 15

What thermostat do I need?

I'd like a thermostat that will maintain a steady temperature, whether that's using the furnace or AC. [more inside]
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can i serve this bacon?

Today at the farmer's market I bought some smoked bacon from a local stand. It was frozen (I think) and wrapped in a sealed plastic package. [more inside]
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Movie: Briefcase; Top Secret; Courier In Closet With Arm Out The Door

Arrgh ... I could swear it was Dr. Strangelove, but my Google-fu is TOTALLY failing me. What is the movie where a courier has to wait in a closet with his arm out the door while two(?) other men with top secret clearance examine the contents of the briefcase chained to his arm? Any identifying dialogue from the script? Bonus points for a YouTube link to the scene.
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Evolution game

There was this simple little evolution game that I found circa 2010 (give or take a year or two) that I'd like to find again. It was very simple. There were lines and squiggles? Or maybe circles and triangles? And you were hoping they would evolve into something that could roll along. But they usually didn't. You played it from a webpage. That's all I remember.
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Can I clean an old, unused fridge?

I have a fridge in my garage that has sat empty and unusued for over a year. Is it possible to clean and use it, or is it a pile of recyclable material? [more inside]
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An Alternative To Mike’s Hard Lemonade

I almost never drink, but when I do I like to drink things that don’t have a strong alcohol taste and have a relatively low alcohol level, but still some alcohol. Mike’s hard lemonade (5% alcohol) hits the spot for me. I know it’s not a “cool” drink but I don’t care. Unfortunately for me my local store is constantly sold out of the original lemonade flavor, which to me is the best by longshot. [more inside]
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I fear my tax accountant will not file my taxes by Monday's deadline

I emailed my accountant a PDF of all my W2s on March 23, followed up with her that week and checked in 3 weeks ago. She said she would get to my taxes. Now she's not answering the phone. I've texted and emailed her kind messages, telling her that it's ok if she can't get them done -- I just need to know. No response. [more inside]
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How to interleave pages in Adobe Pro?

I scanned two files and want to combine them into a final Merged File, with the first file being the even pages and the second file being the odd pages of the final Merged File. From a year of usage, I know Adobe Pro has an indirect embedded even/odd page functionality, the ability to reorganize pages and they even have 'reverse pages'. Why can't I find what I want in Adobe? [more inside]
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Water filtration? Advice on next steps

I received the test results for a water sample from my home, and don't know if I should be concerned, and what my next steps should be. [more inside]
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Staycation in Seattle

Except we don't actually live there. Looking or advice on where to stay like a local and also suggestions on what to prioritize doing. [more inside]
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What does this Japanese woman have in her mouth?

In this period illustration, what is the woman doing? [more inside]
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Best time to post on Instagram to sell my glass pendants and pipes?

I sell everything from glass blown yoshi eggs to artistic water pipes, using Instagram as my primary vehicle. I took a break for awhile and came back and am getting almost no likes or interaction even though I’m still using the same hashtags and stuff. Is there a good time of day or a good day of the week for sales posts?
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Books on Attachment Theory

I'd like some recommendations for good books on attachment theory. Specifically:
  1. one about attachment styles in adults, and how they play out in relationships, and
  2. a parenting book about developing good attachment styles in babies and young children.
My preference is for relatively quick reads on these topics, as long as they do a good job.
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Alternative to IdentityGuard?

I've been using IdentityGuard for the past five years, but they recently switched from giving me scores from all three credit bureaus each month to giving me a single "VantageScore" every month. This seems like a ripoff, because they are still charging the same amount. Are there any other companies that offer monthly credit score updates from all three credit bureaus? I enjoyed tracking my month-over-month score from all three bureaus, and I'd rather not pay the same monthly fee for an inferior service.
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NPR member station schedule aggregator?

I’m looking for a site that can show me a grid of what’s currently playing and/or up next on many/all of the NPR member stations in the US. My reason is that I often want to be able to find/listen to that weekend’s new episode of something like This American Life streaming (before it’s released as a podcast Sunday night), but at a time that’s convenient to me/earlier than my local station.
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Contribution of a woman to Post Its? Or not?

This is just for my own sanity. The maker of Post It Note adhesive recently died. In ALL the obituary links I cannot find the story I KNOW I read as a kid in the 80's: that he was trying to make super glue and the glue he had just created was disappointing. His wife found the repositionable glue useful as what we know as sticky notes, and the Post It was born. But now. No mention of this. Does anyone else remember this story? I can't tell if it was a "Try to give women credit" thing or was made up and is now abandoned.
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Help me break through my malaise- Depression, ADD, CPTSD

I had a breakdown in 2016, and I don’t feel I’ve ever fully recovered. Help me get out of this rut and help myself. Trigger warning for assault. [more inside]
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May 14

How serious are the problems with this property?

We recently saw a terraced house for sale in London with a mouldy smell and some other visible issues. We're trying to figure out what that tells us about potential issues we can't see, and how much hassle and expense we'd be in for if we bought the property. [more inside]
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Hackers have my social security number. Now what?

My name, street address and social security number were accessed in the Accellion hack. What can I do to mitigate potential damage?
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Recommendations for Asian American young adult novels?

I am looking for Asian American young adult novels, with a focus on historical fiction. [more inside]
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How do I get all the websites from a stumbledUpon-like site?

I've recently started using website that is in itself a reincarnation of the popular StumbledUpon website that had once drawn a loyal following. Is there a way to get a list of all the websites in one place that I can browse whenever want isn't slowly scrolling through them? I know this may defeat the purpose of stumbled upon but I'm curious if it's still possible.
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push it real good

How is push-up formed? [more inside]
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Feel I'm stuck in helpdesk/tech support roles, want more from career

I graduated HS in 2012 at 18, and then went to community college but found their computer science program very lacking (Despite programming being my ultimately desired career), so I started a small online retail business by myself and ran it until I felt out-competed and decided to go into office work. I've been working my way to more and more technically-focused roles, starting from a payroll position in 2017 to a software integration position in 2019, to helpdesk IT in 2020, to a software technical support specialist today in 2021. I've done fine at these positions, but have felt increasingly unsatisfied and feel like I am falling behind my peers. I do not have any certs, and have mainly been getting/changing jobs through demonstrating eagerness, quick learning, and previous job experience/co-worker references. But now I feel I've hit a serious wall, described below. [more inside]
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Media Monitoring and Analytics: not for brands but for DV research?

(Asking for Ms. Spike) There are companies that brands can hire that monitor the media for mentions of issues that concern them. Does the same thing exist for research? In need of a service that will report anytime there's a domestic violence homicide in our state. [more inside]
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Is this a moth-made hole in my sweater?

More pandemic clothing maintenance woes! I went into the office today and pulled out a wool sweater that I have not worn since pre-covid times. I forgot to dry clean it at the end of the season because of covid craziness. I noticed that there is a seemingly new hole in the forearm area, near, but not quite at the elbow location. Is this a moth hole? [more inside]
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What can I do to seem like I care about my job during my last month?

So, I asked a question long ago about what I could do to make the last three months of my job bearable. Well, I'm almost there but I had a situation and I'm finding it very hard to keep pretending like I care about this anymore. [more inside]
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Portland - outside activity for adults with limited mobility?

Seeking suggestions for low-key outside activity in Portland, for a Saturday afternoon later this month. It will be a group of 5-7 adults, all who walk, some with limited mobility (walk with a cane / limited capacity for distances). Ages 40s to 70s. [more inside]
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Best printer Recommendations for printing color D&D maps and handouts.

I am finding myself with choice paralysis and could really use some recommendations for a color printer for maps, handouts and all the paperwork that goes with running a face to face D&D campaign. Basically I need a reasonably priced color printer, but do I go inkjet or laser? And then which make and model should I choose? I last bought printer 10 years ago so I am completely out of the loop on printers. More details of requirements below. Thanks. [more inside]
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O Skirt Where Art Thou

The perfect blue denim skirt has been eluding me for years. [more inside]
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Help me talk to UPS?

UPS' website and automated phone system both say my package was delivered. It wasn't. I can't file a claim on the website, and can't get through the automated phone system to a real person. Anybody got any super secret ways of getting through to a human person who might understand that I do not, in fact, have the package?
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rain and/or hiking pants for woman with fat thighs

I just spent a very annoyed hour at REI. The XL goretex rain pants were way too big but the L didn't fit in the thighs (I tried both men and women's.) Is there a vendor, brand or model of waterproof pants that is "curvy fit" or otherwise likely to accommodate fat thighs? This is for use in rainy hiking/other outdoor conditions. Has to be goretex or otherwise breathable. Nothing that chafes, including leg zippers. Size is something like US 16.
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Best practices when a computer freezes or a program is “not responding”

First, when a computer stops stone cold and ctrl+alt+dlt does nothing, is there anything that can/should be tried before holding down the on/off switch so the computer restarts? Second, when a program is “not responding,” Windows gives two options: to wait until the program responds, or to close the program. I always choose to close the program, but are there times/circumstances when waiting is a better choice? Likewise, are there times/circumstances when closing is the better choice?
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What's the deal behind Colgate Gum Revitalizing Toothpaste

I noticed some ads and they claim it'll fix early gum issues. But then on the website it says the only active ingredient is stannous fluoride. So is this just marketing, slapping a new label on an old product?
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Summer clothing for sunlight-sensitive people

I (43M) take medication that causes sunlight sensitivity. Even though I live in a relatively shady area of the world, I will turn pink and begin to burn after 15-20 minutes of being outside. I need suggestions for dressing in summer weather while staying as covered and/or unburned as possible. Bonus if it's cool temperature clothing, as summertimes can hit 100F in my region. [more inside]
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Maybe menopause? Not unusual for someone of my age?

My doctor is not concerned about my cycle – it is apparently not unusual for someone of my age. But is it? [more inside]
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best way to see seattle and the peugot sound by boat?

Looking for tips on the best way to see Seattle and optionally the Peugot Sound by boat (ideally small charter or boat rental) ? [more inside]
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To pop or not to pop...insect bite edition

Is there a safe way to drain bug bite blisters? How long will it take for them to go away on their own if I can resist popping them? [more inside]
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Exporting select pages as a PDF in new version of InDesign

Why is it when Adobe upgrades software they do away with what was an easy process or preset before? Ugh. [more inside]
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Gift for my pregnant wife

My wife is pregnant! It's early days, but her birthday is coming up soon. I'd like to get her something to make her pregnant life better. [more inside]
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Help me transition a visually-rich print magazine to an online model

The realities of the pandemic, economic and otherwise, have grounded the fledgling consumer magazine our organization was producing before covid. Moving forward a print product will no longer be possible financially but we have a rich set of archives that we'd like move online, and we'd also like the possibility of publishing new content in the future. Looking for suggestions for templates and/or platforms that can help us show off our past work, and possibly showcase future work, all of which is rich in photography and illustration. [more inside]
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Please let me eat them

I ordered frozen pastries from Porto's in LA. FedEx had a shipping delay and they were a day late. The dry ice fully evaporated, my Thermapen is reading about 25 degrees in the middle of the empenadas, but I can crumble the dough with my hands. Porto's says to toss and they'll replace. But I have 4 boxes of empenadas and potato balls IN MY HOUSE RIGHT NOW. I've dreamed of this since moving away from LA. Can I eat them?
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I feel like letting my vax flag fly

As of today, I am fully vaccinated. I want to be able to take off my mask when I'm walking around town, but I don't want to upset or scare the people I walk past. I want to continue to be part of Team Public Health. How can I signal my vaccination status in a way that is as prominent as a mask would be? [more inside]
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Any recs for a bookkeeping/tax preparation firm in California?

I've been self-employed and making 100% of my income in Massachusetts for quite a while, but in a few months I will be looking at making approximately 50% of my income in California. Currently, my bookkeeping and tax preparation are done by two different people in Massachusetts and we all agreed it makes sense for me to find someone based in California who can do both duties to stay on top of tax laws etc. More details inside, but I am looking for advice from any Mefites with experience in this scenario and with recommendations. Please feel free to MeFi mail me as well! [more inside]
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Deciding what to fix when selling house

I want to sell my condo in the next year, and I'm not sure how much it's worth it to fix it up. I know the real answer to this question is "contact a real estate" agent, so assume I know that and will do that when I can let someone in my house, but for now, I want to hear thoughts of the hive mind while I'm making plans. [more inside]
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PACKING LIST: What do you wish you'd brought with you to Alaska?

So I'm doing a train, flying, hiking, boating trip in Alaska on May 28th. 12 days. I think I'm packing everything I need - base layers, new hiking boots, a patagonia rain jacket, merino wool socks, a solar power pack - and a lot more. I've probably dropped 900 bucks. I think I'm good but also...I don't know what I don't know. What do you wish you'd brought with you on a trip like this?
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What should not be missed in or around Dayton, Ohio?

College age son has a summer engineering internship in Beaver Creek, OH. I and wife and high school junior son plan to take a road trip from Rochester, NY to visit in early July. We’re looking for suggestions of weird or awesome museums, hikes, bike trails, record stores, book stores, used-clothing shops, local famous foods, etc in the Dayton and larger area. We’ve not found too much at a first pass of research - what are we missing?!
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How do I sell on Facebook?

Trying to post a listing for sale in a private buy&sell group on Facebook. It's not happening. [more inside]
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Tell me about your gas logs or fireplace insert- which one should I get?

I'm trying to get a gas the small not-really-functional fireplace in my 100 year old home. Most options seem expensive for the technology they contain and to have opaque pricing and difficult-to-compare features. Have you navigated these waters- or gasses- before? [more inside]
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Iphone Camera > Windows Machine Workflow

I am always taking pictures then using my computer to upload to websites within seconds. What is your favorite option for this? Right now I'm typically emailling them myself. Assume I can't install dropbox,icloud or the like, but any web based thin application is good. I have google photos installed on my phone but the sync doesnt seem instantaneous.
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Trying to come up with best of both worlds punch in system

We've got a new EPOS system at the place where I volunteer. The EPOS system has a built in time clock/attendance module which I was initially very enthusiastic about because it would mean we don't need to keep paying $500 a year for the current web based stuff we use. We need a timeclock to comply with covid legislation in $mycountry. [more inside]
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May 13

So if you can't get the vaccine. No, really...

The CDC announced today that if you're vaccinated, you don't need to wear a mask indoors. Well, what happens to the rest of us? Is herd immunity ever really going to be a thing - in the NY/NJ area (hopefully)??? Or, am I doomed to home grocery delivery and shitty produce selection forever? [more inside]
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"Somehow, some day, I'm leaving for California"

At around 36:44 into the S01E04 "Reelin' in the Years" episode (2002) of Boomtown there's a song that goes :
Somehow, some day, I'm leaving for California/Some day, some way, I'm leaving for California
Can you figure out who does the song? My Googlin' has failed. It kinda sounds like Josh Joplin to me.
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Help me with "as" in a sentence

Let’s say a sentence is drafted as follows: “We must champion the interests of the 99 percent as vs. those of the 1 percent.” [more inside]
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What is it like to work for a private equity-owned company?

I currently work for a large, public company but have a job offer from a small, fast growing private equity-owned company. I've never worked for a PE-owned company before. What kind of PE-specific factors should I keep in mind as I consider this offer? Snowflakes inside... [more inside]
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New England Heating

Should I repair or replace my old gas furnace? If I replace it, what should I replace it with? [more inside]
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How to host our own MUD?

I'd like to host a private MUD with a few friends and build out an area with them for fun. What's the easiest way to do this? I don't mind spending a little money, but I don't want to learn how to deploy a UNIX server or something. [more inside]
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Pfizer/Moderna after Sonovac -- a good idea?

I know someone that received Sinovac and will be returning to the US. Seeing the reports of multiple doses in the news that did not severely impact the person, safety after several months seems ok. And the difference between 60% and the 90%+ seems like a good idea. Is it? And where to look for more scientific data.
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Proxy shipping from Japan to US

I would like to purchase something from a boutique in Tokyo, and have it shipped to me in the United States. My clumsy translation of the website suggests they don't take US credit cards or ship outside of Japan. How can I best make this happen? [more inside]
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Sandals for fast walking

Due to SI joint issues, I can't run or do any machine cardio anymore. But I can walk fast. Previous questions from others helped me find walking-fast shoes, can you suggest walking-fast sandals? [more inside]
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How do I not let my life become defined by the actions of another?

I stopped seeing a therapist three years ago, that I believe acted unethically. The licensing board just finished its investigation, which took 437 days from the date I filed my complaint, and issued no disciplinary action. Because of how traumatized I am from this, my life has really been turned upside down and I really can't move on. How do I move on? It sounds easy to tell someone to move on, but I really can't. My story below the fold. [more inside]
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