November 18

DocumentaryFilter: Robots and People

Hi! I'm looking for recent documentaries exploring the interactions between humans and 'new' or 'disruptive' technologies. [more inside]
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Detective mysteries like Ian Rutledge and Bess Crawford

Looking for more Detective mysteries like Ian Rutledge and Bess Crawford or Leaphorn and Chee. [more inside]
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Need to work out a workplace situation

There is a recurring theme in some of my interactions at work that I am looking for ways to improve. [more inside]
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November 17

What exactly was my car's tire pressure monitor doing?

I recently had to add some air to my tires due to cold weather. Afterwards, I had to "reset" the TPMS, and then drive around for a while while a progress bar ticked from 0 to 99 percent. In as much detail as possible, what was my car (and its computer) actually doing during this time? [more inside]
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Help for wrist/tendon pain when playing guitar

I play piano, and am trying to learn guitar. When playing even for a few minutes, I have wrist and tendon pain in my left (fretting) hand. What should I do? [more inside]
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Facebook Book

I want to shut down my Facebook account, but I have a lot of photos and memories from the past 10+ years in there. Is there a company that would let me download the data and turn it into a journal-like book?
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Seeking obscure out-of-print O'Reilly Perl code example

I recall coming across a Perl coding example perhaps 15-25 years ago in one of the O'Reilly Perl books, and 'm hoping a graybeard or book collector can help. [more inside]
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Minimum necessary repairs after water damage

We had a leak that flooded the carpet in one bedroom. Landlord sent someone to vacuum up the water after the plumber repaired the leak. Then someone to repair the drywall and paint. The latter person used a moisture meter to check for mold. The carpet has not been replaced and was not pulled up to check underneath it when this happened, but the individual doing that work seemed to be knowledgeable. I have questions. [more inside]
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Why won't Google Maps save my map?

I have made a map with four points on it, and I can't find how to save it. I can preview the directions, but when I click out of that, the map has disappeared. I make it all over again, and when I click out, it's gone. This is on an iPhone. [more inside]
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Graphic design for the cockeyed

Would you look at my webpage layouts, and tell me what's wrong with my eye -- and how to fix it? That is, why is most of my design work shitty, and how do I get good? [more inside]
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what does "home" mean?

I'm looking for things to read on the concept of home -- what makes for feeling that one is at home, how people identify places as their homes, psychology behind it, what meaning people ascribe to it, how people feel at home in transient situations, etc. Non-fiction, books, articles, fiction -- anything!
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Bermuda musts

I will be taking a pretty short notice solo trip to Bermuda to celebrate landing (and keeping) my new job. [more inside]
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Leaving 30 day silicon hydrogel contacts on overnight

I know you are not my optometrist. Pretty much my question- is it safe ( the manufacturer says 6nights 7 days is ok) my optometrist office says take them out nightly. I really hate looking for my glasses to go pee at night or reading with them before going to sleep. Thanks in advance p.
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Enough acoustic theory (or is it really like brain surgery?)

I want to understand some acoustic theory to design solutions for outdoor noise (or at least communicate better with acoustic engineers). I know of software for this but want to know just enough of the nuts and bolts. There's lots of info available but I don't want all of it and don't know where to start. [more inside]
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Free video editing software for students

Hi Folks, I'm looking for some free video editing software apps for high school students. They will be creating an interview-style news report and will need to stitch together the questions and answers they create. I need something compatible with both Android and IOS. All of the students have smart phones. One may be using a laptop. I saw some previous questions, but they were over 4 years old. Many thanks on behalf of a colleague!
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How do I settle down when I have nothing to settle "on"?

How do I know when I'm ready to "settle down"? Can a single person "settle down"? This question is specifically about getting a dog and furniture, and more existentially about a person's reasons for and ability to make long-term plans. [more inside]
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Help with Lucida Sans Typewriter errors in OS X High Sierra terminal?

For over a decade I have been using Lucida Sans Typewriter (LST) as the terminal font in Mac OS X and now all other fonts look weird to me. I recently upgraded to High Sierra and when I try to change the terminal font, LST looks entirely messed up. It has additional spaces between each character and the characters don't seem to be LST, but perhaps Monaco? I'm at a loss as to how to get it to work. Any suggestions? [more inside]
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Recommendations for science podcasts?

I’m looking for recommendations for science podcasts that are not wildly inappropriate for a 10-year-old. She especially requests paleontology, geology, biology, archaeology, and the 13-year-old wonders about forensic anthropology.
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I wasn't framed, but I want to be!

Point me to websites for custom frames for odd-sized artwork. [more inside]
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Hobby illustrator/ video editor - worth investing into MAC?

Hi guys, I own a windows PC and got inspired by temporary trying out the Adobe software. I learned how to handle it on a basic level and would like to continue doing so, yet, honestly...600 dollars a year sounds like a lot of money. Since I have a non-related full time job, would you consider it worth it investing into Apple and their equivalents on the long run or paying for the Adobe subscription? Thank you a lot for being helpful!
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Looking for basic men's black business shoes

So I've been buying and wearing Nunn Bush Men's Eddy Oxfords for years because they hit the sweet spot between looking reasonably businessy and comfortable but in recent years they've changed quality and the last two that I've bought have been garbage. What should I replace them with? I just want a simple black pair of oxfords that won't hurt my feet and will last more than six months.
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Seeking a recipe for pecan pie that is chewy/not at all jiggly

It seems to me there are two kinds of pecan pie. I like one and not the other, and I'm looking for recipes. [more inside]
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ISO warm clothing for many purposes

The difficulty level here is, I seem to have zero circulation in my hands and feet. I need gloves, socks, slippers and PJs that will keep me warm. Most gloves and socks seem to operate on the assumption that they can use heat trapped from your hands and feet to keep you warm. But since my fingers and toes don't generate heat of their own, ever, none of those gloves and socks will work for me. Help me find some? [more inside]
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Please help me plan a productive and relaxing staycation.

I have the opportunity to take some time off from work between 12/14-1/2, which amounts to 19 consecutive days off. This will be the longest “staycation” I think I have ever taken. I live in Southern California, so it’s likely the weather will be fine (probably high 60s during the day). Aside from a couple of day or quick overnight trips, I don’t want to travel. How can I make the most of this time, by being productive, but also allowing myself to feel refreshed and ready to work in January (I’ve been feeling a bit burned out lately). [more inside]
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In search of quality, reasonably-priced men's long johns.

I need to get myself a few more sets of long johns, but I'm having trouble finding a quality set that's in my price range. Any recommendations? [more inside]
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Indestructible vacuum cleaner needed

Sing to me, o muses of MeFi, tales of a vacuum cleaner than can handle kid debris and multiple family members with long hair - and not crap out. [more inside]
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Need N99 face masks for family in CA

I'm traveling to Oakland to see family over Thanksgiving. I want to either bring or ship N99 face masks to distribute because the smoke is so bad. [more inside]
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Non-gendered word for "princessy"?

I'm looking for words or phrases that convey the same or similar meaning to "princessy," in the sense of an adult who acts like they are too delicate or special to have to do drudge work and thinks others should do it for them, that is not gendered.
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Silver lining: my gut was right.

This is me. My husband is cheating on me. I'm isolated, financially dependent upon him, and have no idea what to do next. [more inside]
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Have things changed about when/how/whether to teach children how to hold a fork? [more inside]
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November 16

Time travellers posting...

I was chatting with a friend tonight and brought up a story I had seen online. It was a snapshot of a time traveler online community with them discussing online what they were doing and what was going on. [more inside]
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Two eccentric ladies in Munich

So my mom and I will be spending next week in Munich. What do we want to do? I've browsed helpful earlier questions, but there are some specifics of our interests below the fold. [more inside]
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Best option for getting a book to New Zealand

I planned on shipping an inexpensive, out-of-print book to New Zealand, but a $4 book would cost $40 USD to send from the US to NZ. Is there a better way? [more inside]
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Macbook: Weird Electrical Vibration When Charging

I just bought a new Macbook Pro, and have spent the day setting it up. I just started charging it, and have noticed a weird, tingly sensation when I brush my fingers across the top of the lid and on the metal surrounding the keyboard. Sort of like static electricity? [more inside]
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What New Apple product to get for Graphic Design?

What current or near future apple product (laptop or iMac) is a good choice to get for someone into graphic design? I'm looking for something near professional level, and definitely something where the screen is a good size and you can see what you're working on. I'd love to hear from anyone, and extra points if you do professional graphic design work (and feel free to link to your work). Thank you.
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Biggest Dogs?

Every city I visit seems to have a lot of commercials from a single law firm. Should I assume that the attorneys that can afford to air a lot of commercials get the biggest settlements or take the most cases? Contacting the Bar Association can seem hit or miss since they don't toot any one firm's' horn. If someone brags on themselves with a lot of ads, are they necessarily more successful?
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I guess I'll just get a frozen turkey dinner then...

I feel like I'm being abandoned for Thanksgiving and I need help coping. [more inside]
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T'was The Night Before Christmas, And On My Bookshelf....

Every year I treat myself to a book about Christmas, as a hat-tip to a tradition one of my aunts had. What are some good lesser-known ones you've seen? (Assume that the Grinch/Polar Express/T'was-The-Night-before-Christmas/Rudolph stories are covered.) [more inside]
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Should I take the job or stay where I am? - offer

I'm finding it hard to weigh up the pros and cons of staying where I am now or making a move. Opinions appreciated! [more inside]
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How to apologize when you don't believe you're wrong

Silly drama inside [more inside]
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The tracks of her tears

Our sweet 9 year old girl Tootie has, in the year-plus we've had her, developed significant tear-staining. It's pretty obvious on white fur. I am absolutely flummoxed about how to stop this. Halp? [more inside]
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Tall, Korean(?) Mystery appliance

What is the tall, white thing in the corner of this room?
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what if spachcocked but big?

How do you spachcock a big-ass turkey in a regular-ass oven? [more inside]
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Seeking effective taglines for a membership campaign

I'm the owner of an old-fashioned, independent movie theater -- much loved, but financially struggling. We're launching a membership campaign, and I'm looking for effective taglines. [more inside]
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What's worth getting for around 5000 yen?

My birthday is coming up and my in-laws are asking what I want. I don't really want anything but they have to send something. What would you want to get in the 5000 yen range? [more inside]
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Fun dinner destinations in Chicago

I'll be heading with a friend to Chicago on 12/1 for a concert. I'd like to go someplace fun and unique for dinner before the show. I would rather not spend more than about $100 for the two of us. [more inside]
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How cheap is too cheap for contact lenses?

Looking at the various online contact lens shops, prices vary widely. I, of course, would like to pay less. If I'm buying my prescribed brand of corrective lenses, and not some halloween cat eye thing, how worried should I be about counterfeit or other dangerous/unapproved products? Can I order from the cheapest place, and if not, how do I determine which vendors are selling legit lenses?
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The Superior of Lake Superior

I'm working out a tentative road trip to travel around the perimeter of Lake Superior for hiking and car camping this June. What are your favorite places specifically between Sault Ste Marie and Duluth via 17 and 61? I am also very open to places I can get to by ferry.
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Recommend me a swing city to live in!

After graduating from college in 2017 I ended up living in Taipei for a year. It's been great, but now I'm just about ready to return to the US and find somewhere to settle down. I would like to do this in a swing state. More details inside! [more inside]
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Cats meds without a prescription?

Is it possible, in the world of online pharmacies, for me to get my cat's Prednisolone without a vet's prescription? [more inside]
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Best blood glucose tracker for iPhone (preferably w/no subscription)?

For the past 12 months, I've been entering daily blood glucose numbers into an iPhone app, but I need to find a new one. What are the best options if I have a preference for paid apps vs free-with-ads or subscription-based ones? [more inside]
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Share with me the cooking videos of your people

My kitchen is currently under construction and as some sort of demented coping mechanism, I am watching copious amounts of cooking videos on YouTube. Specifically right now Chinese cooking videos. I would like to branch out. [more inside]
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Best Catalogs, esp. Museum Shops

I like catalog shopping, especially museum stores with arty gifts and cool jewelry. And the sort of catalogs whose list you get on because you're a PBS donor. I know about Novica, Metropolitan, Art Inst. Chicago, Smithsonian, Wireless, Signals, MuseumStore, others, but maybe you have some cool favorites.
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Architect vs Design/Build for home extension/remodel and cottage

We are interviewing firms to design our home extension/remodel and backyard cottage. We have narrowed our short list down to two - a design/build firm and a traditional architect that makes plans to be bid out by contractors. How to decide between the two? [more inside]
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lunch this weekend in Coney Island

I'm doing a Turkey Trot in Coney Island this weekend with some friends. The race is on the boardwalk, and last time we did it we had lunch at some diner right there, I think maybe it was Tom's. Where else could we go around there for lunch this time of year? It needs to be walking distance (the race starts right around the Parachute Jump if that helps). We are pretty adventurous eaters, though a couple of us are vegetarians. Some good Russian food maybe? Thanks!
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Crash course on managed services/SaaS sales

A few years back, you nice people helped me get quickly up to speed on information security concepts. It worked and I totally got the job. Now I'm ready to move on to another job, but it will require additional research. This time, I need to get a quick overview of managed services/SaaS in the context of sales. What resources can you recommend?
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Another "help me sleep" question

I struggle with insomnia, and am seeking advice. [more inside]
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Looking for the book/toy equivalent of quirky youtube videos

Looking for Xmas presents for my two kids and hoping to find something they will find cool and will surprise them. [more inside]
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Legal advice need for dealing with the funeral/estate of a friend

My partner and I have taken on responsibility for arranging the funeral of a family friend. We have some questions about some of the practical considerations of handling this and about the deceased’s personal possessions. UK advice sought, England & Wales specifically. YANAL, TINLA etc understood – I have been given a very small bit of free advice by a solicitor but am unable to pay for legal advice. N.b. I have used the term probate where I believe that letters of administration might sometimes be the correct legal term, please assume I am referring to one or both. [more inside]
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The technicalities of dirty talk in an LDR

I'm in a long-distance relationship and I'm uneasy about mixing my dirty chats, videos, pictures, etc with my "everyday" Google account, where so much of my identifiable life already lives. I'm looking for well-designed Mac and/or Android apps I can use to silo this sort of sensitive data. Should be encryptable and require a separate password (or, ideally, fingerprint authentication) to open the app itself. [more inside]
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