March 28

Stop showing me suffering animals

A little while ago, facebook suddenly started showing me a huge number of "suggested posts" with videos of dogs and occasionally other animals being "rescued" from abuse, starving, dying, and similar horrible situations that I'm guessing are done intentionally. They seem like a very low budget, much more terrible version of the dodo dog rescue videos that used to show up a lot before these replaced them, like the video-equivalent of cheap Amazon knockoffs. Is there any way at all to block these from showing up? [more inside]
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Advice on practicing self compassion?

I was wondering if anyone had any meaningful advice on how to practice self compassion including recommendations for resources and/or practices that have worked for you? [more inside]
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What was this thesis?

I heard it third-hand, as a throwaway comment, that there is a historical thesis that the arrangement of the cricket fields at Eton somehow affected the British Raj in a notable way. Not being a history scholar, I have not been able to track this down but can't stop thinking about it. [more inside]
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March 27

Real estate attorney in Washington, DC?

I'm considering selling my house without a realtor, and I'd like to speak with a competent, friendly real estate attorney so I can have an idea of what the pros and cons would be. Anybody know somebody they can recommend?
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How to go no contact or enforce low contact with racist parents?

My parents are racist and dealing with this, among other things, for decades has me at breaking point but they don't think they are racist so how do I stop or further minimize contact with them? [more inside]
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Cold sore? Zit? Who cares, will it ruin my date this week?

I went on a higher than average date with someone last week, which never happens to me. But as of Saturday I have developed a gross zit/cold sore/bug bite/red thing on my lip now, and I have a second date in 4 days. [more inside]
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Tennis shoes for the splayed of toe

I’m looking for my next pair of tennis shoes. I have narrow little heels but I like/need a big toe box. [more inside]
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Gut is compromised, IBS, Colitis, Diverticulitis and Digestive Issues

I've been through 3 years of constant pain with my digestive tract and in spite of blood/stool/imaging and colonoscopy, the only definitive answers I've gotten were that there were infections (Blasto), food poisoning (last September which resolved), diverticulitis (last January which resolved) and fluctuating amylase levels (idiopathic). One small stone in gallbladder was found on ultrasound. SIBO still hasn't been ruled out. [more inside]
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Anyone used the free scriptwriting feature in StudioBinder?

I'm having trouble finding the scriptwriting module in StudioBinder. There is supposedly a Documents page where you can create scripts, but all I've gotten so far is a Project created. I can't find a way to add or create scripts. Help!
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A marinade a bit too long?

I was planning to grill some chicken thighs tonight, but alas the grill is out of propane. Meat has been marinating for 24 hours (started it on Sunday night). What to do? [more inside]
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What’s Al-Anon like and did you find it helpful?

Thinking of attending an Al-Anon meeting but my social anxiety has me nervous about what it will be like and what will be expected of me. If I go to a “friends and family only” meeting will I have to speak and share my story, or share my phone number with other people, or can I just pass and listen? Is it uncomfortable to go as an atheist? [more inside]
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Is a direct-entry PhD a good idea in Canada?

Hi. I have a chance to pursue a master's at The University of Edinburgh this fall at a distance, all paid for and covered through my family, thankfully. Yet, at the same time, I keep wondering if a direct entry to a PhD would be a better idea as it would be quicker--but direct entry is almost rare in Canada in comparison to the United States and the UK, I think as well. [more inside]
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What song is this?

I thought it was Hole or maybe Nirvana but can’t find any of either band’s songs with this lyric, but it’s in that style. Toward the end of the song, the singer sings “I don’t owe you anything” repeatedly. Or maybe it’s “You don’t owe me anything”?? I can’t even remember if the singer is male or female. The style is kind of screamy and angry and dark. That’s all I got.
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How do I approach people for advice on giving up on a career change?

I went to grad school a few years back to change careers & 3 years later I haven’t found work & it’s time to reconsider returning to my old field. I want to make a final round of talking to my network & maybe to ask for “informational interviews” to ask for final suggestions/advice & if what I wanted is realistic. W/out coming across as a bummer or too negative, people don’t generally want to help people out that way, how can I approach people for professional advice about this w/ sincerity? [more inside]
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Laptop and software for copy editing and music production?

What’s a decent laptop to get for the above? Also - I haven’t worked as a copy editor for several years. Which programs are most common these days? I used to work in MS Word and Adobe InDesign. [more inside]
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Books about Operation Condor

I'm seeking book recommendations on Operation Condor. I keep hearing about it tangentially in various podcasts (such as Behind the Bastards last week), but want to read something more comprehensive on the topic. [more inside]
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beginner mending

I've done a lot of searching on this but haven't quite gotten a satisfying answer - specifics on what materials to use to mend hiking socks. [more inside]
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Dislocated finger

Two weeks ago I dislocated my finger. I have a finger specialist and OT, so you don't need to be either of those things. Instead, I'd really like to know if you dislocated a finger how long until you got flexibility back. What you did that helped (or didn't)? [more inside]
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Wordle answer not in list

I've been working on a program like WordleBot to try out different words and see which ones seem to work better for an opening play. As part of this, I've been using the 2309-word list that has been around on various websites, and today's Wordle answer is not on this list. I was under the impression that the list was hard-coded in the program, so I wonder if the program's been changed. I don't see any mention of this out on the internet. Any idea what's up?
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Mesh gate, mechanical lock

Installing a wire mesh fence and gate, it's up -- but the lock isn't figured out yet. Strong preference for mechanical, not electronic. Pushbutton, no keys. What you got? [more inside]
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Recipes to use up ~2 cups of carnitas-flavored pork stock?

I made carnitas and ended up with a pint mason jar of gelatinous carnitas-flavored stock. I am having some severe decision paralysis. What should I use it for? [more inside]
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Is this a reasonable price?

My car (a black Outback) has a lot of water spots from going through the automatic car wash. I just dropped it off for some body repair and asked how much it would cost to have them buff it out and polish it--not a complete exterior detailing, just this one thing--and they said $175-$200. That's crazy, right? The internet says so but I don't know if what I'm reading was written before recent inflation.
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Question about how computer components are priced to move.

My computer died, forcing me to finally stop buying used or refurbished PCs. But I also didn't want to buy one of the new boxes where nothing can be changed out and if it breaks you just throw it away and get another one. So I decided to have a PC built. [more inside]
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Ye olde gym shorts

I'm looking for running shorts in a style that I can't find anywhere. Is vintage/deadstock my only hope? [more inside]
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Is there a “Wirecutter” for best biographies?

I searched the web for “best biography of Emma Goldman.” The returns: much online verbiage of her life. Not what I’m looking for. I seek what might, in writerly circles, be considered the BEST, most comprehensive biography of EG. (I have already read her autobiography,.)
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Dentist in Chicago who will do a good job fixing my teeth?

I have bad teeth due to a combination of genetics, a weird (unfluoridated) hippie childhood, and a lackluster approach to oral care in my 20s. I haven't been to a dentist in a decade. I finally have great dental insurance. Could you recommend a really great dentist in Chicago who could help me get my teeth back into shape? Or any recommendations for how to find a good dentist? [more inside]
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2 day in southern England

I'm going to Lewes, UK for a thing. I've been there before. I now have 2 extra days unplanned, due to airline scheduling machinations. What should I do with my time? [more inside]
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Is it Safe to Eat, Vol.∞

I'd never thought I'd ask, but are these carrots safe to eat? [more inside]
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Font Geeks of MeFi, Lend Me Your Paws

I'm making a fake car badge in mockery of the "Police Interceptor" or "Pursuit Vehicle" sort you sometimes see in the U.S. Only, mine will say "Fursuit Vehicle". Assume for the purposes of this question that this is a joke, and is funny. Looking for a free TTF or OTF font that's a close match to the original. (Example pics inside.) [more inside]
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Viola audition pieces for a 13 year old?

Skill level: 4 years violin, switched to Viola last year, can read music but not sight read. Looking for two contrasting pieces or excerpts, 2 minutes or so each, that can be learned in about six weeks. [more inside]
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"But I won't do that" (consultant work edition)

How do I handle my job when I *know* I will not meet my performance target? [more inside]
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Do I need a bike helmet if I'm not riding on the road?

I have a bike now. I am afraid to ride on the streets or roads here so I will only be riding on the local rail trail, no cars anywhere. Would you still advise a helmet?
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Trivial Pursuit for multiple ages

I recently spent some time playing Trivial Pursuit with my teenage granddaughters, and I would like to find a way to make that work better - whether by buying new cards or coming up with ways to revise the rules a bit. If you've figured out a way to solve the problem of multiple ages and abilities, please share. [more inside]
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Repair, maintenance, improvement tasks you thought you couldn't do?

There are many areas in life where we immediately default to professionals. But not all problems are equally hard. Especially with the availability of an enormous amount of instruction videos it became quite easy to do some repairs. I wouldn't attempt to fix a mechanical watch, but I was able to change quartz watch batteries after watching one video! What are your examples of easy-to-do tasks, and what were the tutorials / videos that helped you do it? My examples are below the fold. [more inside]
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March 26

Inadequate health insurance coverage for disability

TW: Insurance bureaucracy hell. I got a job at Columbia Med School. I have a physical/mobility disability that requires a lot of physical therapy, but their health insurance (United Healthcare) only covers 60 sessions/year, cumulative. Not enough for me -- I need at least twice that. I can't pay an extra $10k+ for out of pocket costs. I have to choose between an awesome job I want and getting my health needs met. Any specific or general recommendations to try to come up with funds and/or better insurance? [more inside]
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Help me deal with my possibly autistic parent

I'm looking for suggestions (books, articles, podcasts, personal experience) for dealing with my parent whom I've long suspected of being on the spectrum. We have a challenging relationship and I'd like to find some strategies that might help both of us get along / understand one another better. [more inside]
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Recommend me a book about making curry for friends

I decided my new arbitrary life goal is to get good at making a range of delicious curries. I have visions of serving up a multi-dish supper for friends. And maybe having a stash of frozen portions in the freezer ready for quick suppers too. However I have no idea where to start. [more inside]
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Which types of exercise when

I plan to exercise more. I would also like to be more methodical about which types of exercise when. That’s where you come in. [more inside]
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Parlez-vous French undergrad programs for late teen bloomer

Little turtle wasn’t sure she wanted to go to college but now with high school graduation in six weeks, she has changed her mind. We know our state schools are an option but seeking the hive mind for alternatives. More below the fold. [more inside]
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Selling inherited property - ibuyer or traditional?

What to consider when trying to sell an inherited property quickly and as painlessly as possible (while grieving)? Options include ibuyers or the traditional realtor route but hard to know what to do in a rapidly changing market and amidst impending recession fears. [more inside]
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Canceling a trip due to COVID - will travel insurance cover this?

I've already asked the travel insurance company, but they just said to submit a claim and they will either approve it or deny it, 14 days later (which is long after my scheduled trip). Should I just go? [more inside]
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ISO podcasts about history, culture and politics of Mexico

ISO of English language podcasts about history, culture and politics of Mexico, preferably by Mexicans.
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Just Got Fired & I am on a w4- Should I sign the w9 they've presented?

Job had me sign a W4 and an I-9. They asked me if I was willing to basically help them commit fraud by signing a W9 as if I was an independent contractor. I said I'd be willing to for the first 2 weeks. They forgot to have me sign the W9, but they never withheld taxes from my checks even past the 2 weeks I agreed to. Now they've fired me and have asked me to sign the W9 so that they can send me my last check. Should I just tell them to keep it and not sign it? Confused. [more inside]
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How to stand my ground with friends who accused me of something?

I have a friend couple, let's call them Amy and Kirk. They had a bad falling out with another mutual friend couple (Couple #2), who I am still close with. I was kinda in the middle but all went well, until Kirk accused me of sharing sensitive personal information with Couple #2. However, Amy and Kirk then acted like nothing happened and invited me to a birthday dinner for me (their treat). I plan to tell them how much their behavior hurt me, but am not sure how. More details inside. [more inside]
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Mystery door hardware! Please help identify?

We just rescued a gorgeous, vintage '70s front door from a trash heap - but we can't figure out what style of knob was attached. Please help us identify it so we can have the door of my dreams! [more inside]
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Foodie Shortcuts

I have acquired two boxes of yellow cake mix (helping a friend clean out a pantry). What are some non-obvious ways to use them? [more inside]
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Is there a phone around $400 (or under) with good sound?

I have only had Motorolas and the music always sounds tinny. I just got a new one and it has a speaker now but the sound is no better, just louder. Other than that it's a great phone. I have Spotify on high resolution or whatever they call it, doesn't help much. I guess earphones exist that improve the sound, but I don't like bothering with earphones and how they feel and even if I did, I would still want my phone to sound good without earphones.
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Real Bicycles Vs. Stationary Bicycles: Differences in Use

I'm attempting to train for a long-distance bicycle tour. I have a recommended training plan, but it began in February and the weather here is garbage for cycling, so I've been hitting the gym to use a stationary machine. That experience...does not resemble riding my actual bike. How do I adjust for the difference? [more inside]
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"Traditional design" shops in the US

There's a...genre of store in the UK that seems to exist somewhere at the intersection of hardware stores, small local manufacturers, zero waste, luddite fetishists, and MoMA Design Store-curated shopping. Examples include Labour and Wait and Objects of Use. Are there similar businesses in the US? [more inside]
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Resources for learning to sew and make clothes from scratch

I would like to learn to sew and make my own clothes as I think this would be a rewarding alternative to my clothes shopping addiction. I've been watching people "thrift flip" on YouTube and it looks really fun and rewarding. Please do let me know of any resources that you think would be best for a complete novice, including books, Youtube videos etc. Also, what budget sewing machine would be good for a learner? What would you say is the most difficult part about learning this skill and how did you overcome it?
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Bogota in August!

Please me all your travel trips for spending a week in Bogota in early August. I just booked a $991 flight for free thanks to a $1000 voucher, and I'm so excited! [more inside]
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TV shows like this...

I recently watched the show Station Eleven. It's very ethereal and wandering while also being on point and extremely in focus at times. It's one of those shows I can't even properly describe. Like, I can't really summarize it. It's so vast and open and also so on target I don't even know what to say. Or how to even talk about it. Are there any other good shows like this out there?
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Help a layperson understand the term "information" in quantum mechanics

There's been articles going around about the possibility of black holes destroying information, so I've been poking around to find out what the term "information" means, which I tentatively think is quantum states, and what the conservation of information means. Here's what I (a layperson that took a total of one college physics course decades ago) gathered. Can you tell me if I am understanding this correctly? Because I am very uncertain. [more inside]
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How do you share a curated list of links to articles these days?

Is there a great and easy-to-use service for sharing a visually-appealing curated list of links to news articles these days, by making a public link and sharing the URL? Many services seem to be geared toward sharing with friends on social media, but I want to be able to share with people that I am not linked to on social media. Bonus points if the presentation is visually appealing--like Pocket or Pinterest--rather than just a bland textual list.
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March 25

Who is the super nasty flipped guy?

Y'know when you go to Spirit Halloween and see the animatronic figures that growl or jump at you when you pass by... [more inside]
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Best recipe for creamy, smoky baba ganouj?

I’m looking for a recipe for creamy, garlicky, smoky baba ganouj, ideally one you’ve made and can vouch for. [more inside]
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Are linear shower drains efficient at draining water?

We're doing some renovations to our bathroom, and are toying with the idea of using a linear shower drain (like this) in our shower. Does anybody have experience with them? In particular, are they efficient enough at draining water that we could do a curbless shower?
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1980s bossa nova coffee commercial

I have this memory of watching a TV commercial when I was a kid in the 80s. I remember it as being for instant coffee, like Folgers but probably not Folgers, and the detail I remember was that it was soundtracked by bossa nova-style music. (That’s why I’m pretty sure it’s not for Folgers, since their jingle is such a thing.) I’ve watched a few ads on YouTube, but nothing seems familiar. Was this a thing, or am I making something up?
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The Cartoon That is Not Samurai Pizza Cats

I remember a cartoon from the 90s. I remember the cats living in Big Ben-like clock tower and coming out in a jet/spaceship/mech to . . . fight crime and eat pizza? I thought it was Samurai Pizza Cats. But looking it up just now, that isn't it at all. The animation style is all wrong. The one I'm thinking of had an animation style much more like Street Sharks or Mummies Alive. It's also not SWAT Kats. [more inside]
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I want to get a "consumer" dash cam... [more inside]
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