February 1

Whip it up

Why do culinary schools call a whisk a whip, and does anyone else do the same? [more inside]
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What will solve my red-face-on-Zoom problem?

As mentioned in my last question, I have a new work MacBook Pro for work. I look like a normal person in the built-in webcam, but like hilariously, ludicrously red in the face on my Logitech webcam, which on the previous Windows setup functioned acceptably. The Logitech webcam software is no longer being updated and apparently doesn't work with M1 computers anyway. I need a camera that is up on the top of my external monitor. Is there a way to look normal on the Logitech or do I need to buy something different, and if so, what?
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Purchasing contact lenses online?

I decided recently to switch from wearing RGPs to soft contact lenses. Yesterday I was fitted with Biofinity monthly lenses and will be wearing them for a couple weeks before I decide to continue or try a different brand. There are so many online retailers to purchase from... are there ones that I should stick to or avoid? [more inside]
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Parents: how do you handle non-negotiable extracurriculars?

In general, our philosophy is "If you want to do x (e.g. soccer) that's great but you have to see the season through, you can't quit whenever you want." Or with music, it's "You can quit piano but only if you do a different instrument, we want you learning something musical." So there is wiggle room. But one of the few things we don't want to negotiate is tennis, because it's important to my SO and I and we really want them to get a foundation in that sport when they're young. Does anyone have strategies for how to approach it when they resist something that you don't want to budge on? Obviously there's bribing... what else?
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Where can I buy this cat themed bowl?

Where can I buy this cat themed bowl?
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Best brand of chocolate ice cream on Goldbelly?

I am in the enviable position of having to order some chocolate ice cream from Goldbelly. There are so many to choose from! Which is best? I want it to be so chocolatey that my eyes bleed.
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Being a person with annoying habits: help

I have a few mildly (I hope) irritating personal habits I'd like to change. Can you give some advice? Especially helpful: if you recognise yourself in any of the description below, can you give me a bit of perspective on this? [more inside]
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Northern VA/MD/DC area housing help please!

My friend is about to separate from her partner and will need her own place --- within a reasonable distance (1 hr?, maybe 2?) from Herndon, VA, where they currently live. They have two kids and will have some form of joint custody. [more inside]
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Best beaches a few hours south/west of Rio de Janeiro

We're leaving for Rio de Janeiro this Saturday (yay). We're spending a few days in Rio, then want to spend 4 or 5 days in a small beach town south of the city. Which? [more inside]
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CO2 and ventilation experiment

I borrowed a CO2 monitor and discovered that my office/bedroom is generally WAAAY too high in CO2. So I'm currently sampling some data. Can I determine anything interesting from this data. [more inside]
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Are there any worthwhile carbon credit / offset programs?

Apparently most carbon offset programs are ineffective or possibly even harmful. Are there any that have stood up to rigorous independent analysis? [more inside]
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how to get packing tape residue off windows

I put packing tape on my window...maybe 6 months ago? It's been off for a couple of months. I wasn't too worried about the residue because I figured I'd take it off with some goo-gone, but oops...when I finally got the goo-gone out, it did nothing. I assume it's somehow baked-on due to the sun. How do I get it off?
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Can I cycle with a broken toe?

I broke my little toe. I have to wear a boot for 3 weeks. I can't drive or cycle wearing a boot, so can I just buddy strap the toe for those activities? [more inside]
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GI issues and advocating for care

I've been experiencing GI issues for six months now, with a new change in condition about 9 days ago. Please share your experiences and knowledge of what I should do and what might be going on. Descriptions of BM below the fold. [more inside]
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Explain to potential employers that I'm waiting on another offer?

At the end of last year I asked this question about interviewing with a large consulting firm. The good news: they passed me to the next round! The more complicated part: this process is clearly going to take *several* weeks, minimum, and I’m faced with the prospect of turning down other, decent offers in the meantime while waiting for the still very-uncertain outcome with BigFirm. What is the best approach for telling other prospective employers that I *am* interested, but am still waiting on another decision, without totally burning bridges? [more inside]
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January 31

Do I HAVE to find a local doctor?

I had a Telehealth appt with my endocrinologist recently and she asked me if I'd been able to find a doctor local to me. I don't want to. I'll explain why inside. [more inside]
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Do we need to pay taxes in advance this year?

We didn't make quarterly payments? [more inside]
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Looking for good, cheerful book suggestions.

My book club's last three books were The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah, Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver, and The Island of Sea Women by Lisa See. All great, but also quite bleak, violent, or depressing, or a mix of the three. Looking for a more light-hearted or cheerful suggestion for our next book. Any recommendations? Fiction and under 400 pages are the only two requirements.
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Soothing nerves before a job interview

I have a job interview tomorrow for a great position, but I fear that I've already self-sabotaged by not preparing enough for it. Now I'm having massive anxiety, how can I calm down before my interview tomorrow morning? [more inside]
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How does long term care or caring @ home work in the US, Aus, and UK?

Could Google this but am beat. Just curious - how does LTC or caregiving at home work in the rest of the anglosphere? I know it depends on the state, too, for the US. Actually would be interested in hearing about how it works in other Canadian provinces, too. [more inside]
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I'm Lazy and Forgetful

I do a lot of googling for my job (preschool/head start teacher). I get tons of stuff from pinterest, which I despise. [more inside]
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Looking for soundtracks that tell the movie too

Please suggest soundtracks that give some sense of what is happening in the movie? [more inside]
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Poet's videos on Youtube - identification help

I'm looking for a poet who had videos on Youtube to accompany their poetry. Details I recall: - Ranty / slam poetry style - Poet was (possibly?) open about being schizophrenic. - Videos were crude composites of pictures or two/three frame animations. Two pieces I remember: [more inside]
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How do I make sure I'm holding my guitar correctly?

I am a beginner guitarist and whether I'm standing or sitting, I'm not totally sure if I'm holding my guitar correctly. Besides the obvious answer of "hire a teacher to show you", what is the best/most correct way to hold a guitar? And how can I confirm that I'm doing it correctly? [more inside]
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Pulsatile tinnitus - You Are Not My Doctor

I will see my doctor about this but it's so bizarre that I was wondering if anyone had experienced anything similar. [more inside]
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This IS a Scottish castle and we have MANY AirBnBs

Let's all just continue doing Scotland travel advice! We are visiting the country in October: spending a few days in Edinburgh, then riding a fancy train, then upon disembarking would like to stay out in a cottage or castle for a couple days to decompress. We do not want to rent a car so we are looking for lovely locations within an hour or two train/bus/ferry ride from Edinburgh. [more inside]
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Coping with larger prednisone dose over several months and mental health

I have developed a rare disease which causes pockets of inflammation throughout the body. I have developed these inflammations in my brain stem. I have been feeling mild neuro symptoms for a few months now and my neurooncologist (it's not cancer) wants to treat the disorder and shrink the inflammation in my medulla with a course of prednisone. The course starts at 100 mg a day for the 1st 2 weeks and titrates down 20 mg every 2 weeks, all over the course of 16 weeks. I am also taking 2 accompanying meds to avoid pneumonia and stomach ulcer. [more inside]
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Help us identify this circular story!

A friend is trying to remember a short story she read 20+ years ago that ended the way it began. Can you help us find it? [more inside]
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Best time to have new roof installed?

I will need a new roof soon. Is there a time of year that construction is slower that would be better for the roof installation? [more inside]
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What goes into a Baptist funeral, broke tek edition?

I need to organize a low-budget graveside memorial service for my dad, since he died destitute and I am not a Baptist, although he was. Details below the fold. [more inside]
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A New Writing Style

While doing some research for a project, I noticed this Wikipedia entry where the writing style seems to have changed. [more inside]
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Looking for writing on how to frame this tradeoff in choosing a college

Talking -- even thinking -- about choosing between one with lower cost of attendance and another that's more highly regarded can be a little fraught. Have you ever come across reasoning that changed (or solidified) how you thought about it? [more inside]
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Metaphors That Work

What metaphors and idioms get used as a crutch in or are unique to your field (or specialization within your field) as shorthand for larger or abstract concepts? [more inside]
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Sending physical mail to local electeds automagically online

Does anyone know of a service that facilitates a voter sending printed mail to elected officials? eg, it's a workflow a la signing a petition online, but this action triggers the sending a postcard to your congressperson? [more inside]
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Art history, online courses

I’m on the lookout for art history courses that aren’t just a lecture series but also involve writing and research-based assignments. I cannot find anything online, and I’ve exhausted whatever edX and Coursera have an offer. Any area of focus/time period works for me! [more inside]
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Breaking up my child’s best friend’s mother

My on-again off-again friend has called to try to mend fences. I don’t want to. But she is the mother of my son’s best friend… [more inside]
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January 30

Help me plan a New England vacation

We have a family event that takes us to Hanover NH in late June so we are planing to meet up with some favorite relatives and sneak in a little vacation. We will fly into Boston, rent a car and then spend a few nights a place A (maybe Cape Cod?) and a few nights in place B (??) and end up near Hanover NH. Where should we stay and what should we do on the two parts of this trip? [more inside]
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I don't want to be a sysadmin

I would like to test Solr, an open-source search engine that "runs on Java 11 or greater" and would create an index of (i.e. "crawl") content from 5-7 web sites which were all created by one person. This is my first foray into the world of Java, so I do not know the hosting provider landscape. I get that Java isn't common on shared hosting, but perhaps there's an option I don't know about? I would like to pay <= $30 for a month or two of access; this doesn't need to have a domain name or a ton of storage. Recommend a hosting provider? [more inside]
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Unbiased car reviews where?

Where do you find unbiased new car reviews? Is it still mainly Consumer Reports (which requires a paid subscription) or is there anything newer/better/free? [more inside]
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Suggestions for where to visit in Europe this summer?

My family (husband, 17yo, 14 yo) and I will be in England the first week of June (through June 6) for a vacation, and in Slovenia the third week of June for a conference. It didn't make sense to fly back to Alaska, so we're just going to stay. We have about 11 days. Where should we visit in Europe between England (or in England) and Slovenia, that's accessible by rail? [more inside]
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Is this a bizarre policy or nah?

Hair people of Metafilter! The salon I go to has recently announced a number of new policies and honestly I've been a little taken aback by them. I'm trying to get a sense of whether these changes are happening throughout the industry or whether it's just my particular spot. [more inside]
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Increase the number of steps of an Android volume control

My current android phone (an LG Velvet) only has 15 volume settings between mute and maximum volume. Is there any way to either increase the number of steps or select a half way setting? [more inside]
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Would this really fuck up traffic?

I have a friend who is fed up with living in Toronto, "a city that prioritizes the car". His way of rebelling is to press every single "Press to cross the street beg button" that he passes, regardless of whether he intends to cross the street. He insists that if enough people do it, it will fuck up traffic and cause the city to stop installing these evil things. Is he right? [more inside]
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Cabinet of wonders

I'm trying to organize/customize a deep, ceiling-to-floor pantry cabinet by adding some special shelving to an existing cabinet. I need some guiding principles. What belongs at eye level, chest level or waist level? What kind of pull out shelf works best for various types of items: wire, shallow wood, deeper wood? Or should I remove the shelves and install actual drawers for certain stuff? Any tips appreciated! [more inside]
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Friendship valley or more than that?

I'm having a hard time figuring out what to do about a nearly 20-year friendship that has turned difficult for me. [more inside]
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Skilful criminals criming skilfully

Donald Westlake/Parker fans, what have you found that scratches a similar itch? I'm looking for something where a criminal is at the center of the story: no cops, wannabe cops or vigilantes. Like a police procedural, but for the other side. A few dead bodies are fine but I'm mostly looking for property crimes or scams (would consider espionage), not serial killers or anything like that. As little moralizing or valorizing as possible. [more inside]
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Sweet spot for thrift stores

Is there a rhyme or reason to why certain thrift stores have lots of great household items and furniture and others don't? Is there a geographically sweet spot between population centers (aka not in the city itself because it gets picked over almost immediately, but close enough in the suburbs/exurbs to get lots of donations?) [more inside]
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More videos of experts explaining great musical performances?

I really enjoyed watching this explanation of Yuchan Lim's Rachmaninov 3 performance (which I discovered courtesy of beisny's MeFi post yesterday [thank you beisny!]). Can you suggest additional similar videos that break down musical performances and help convey why they're great? Bonus points if the performance's genre is jazz, western classical, or non-western classical or folk music.
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Help me with this ear worm

What is the song that Paul and the band play for the outro at 8.50 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFQKHXSZxqg Driving me bonkers.
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Big chunky glasses sources

Inspired by this question, where are you all getting your big chunky glasses? I am aware of zenni and have been using them for almost as long as they've existed. But I was at the eye doctor last week and all their frames were small and boring. [more inside]
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Prep Two Horror Fans for a Trip to Japan

Hi! I'm that MeFite who posts so many FF movies, especially horror. My kid? Also a horror nerd. Thing is, we've never explored anime or manga horror. But, we're headed to Japan for a few weeks this summer, and if we'd rather know about some of the cool horror titles we might see stuff from before we get there than after we get home and it's too late to do anything about it. We're looking for some guideposts about popular subgenres and some suggestions within them. [more inside]
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Is "whom" right here?

"I'm looking forward to meeting you and potentially other members whom I may be helping." [more inside]
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How hard can it be to choose a bathroom vanity?

We are undertaking a minor remodel of our 1980s-era guest bath, and are stumbling over the issue of the vanity. Can you help us think through what will work best for us? [more inside]
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Ethics of publishing privately shared data

If I share human behavioral data with a rival lab, what are the expectations surrounding their use of that data? [more inside]
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Employment Lawyer in Saratoga/Capital District NY

Looking for referrals to an employment lawyer in the Saratoga/Capital District that works with employees. [more inside]
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Conversation starters with introverted adult child -weekly Skype calls

Our adult child is abroad finishing grad school (STEM) and for the last 2 years we've been skyping to keep in touch. It's a struggle to find conversation for these weekly online visits. [more inside]
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My Borrowed Time Mortgage is Coming Due

I woke up today to find myself in my mid-seventies, in good health, able to do everything I've always done, and my mind is still reasonably sharp. I had a strong feeling that I am" living on borrowed time". If you have ever been "living on borrowed time", tell me what that feeling motivated you to do, that you normally wouldn't have done.
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My cat gets bullied by every foster cat

I had my cat Mirana for 2 years, she was my first foster from the street and very likely she was not owned by anyone ever. She was a very shy cat which was too frozen from fear to even defend herself. [more inside]
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Keeping a leather chair in good condition

Two months ago my partner found my perfect chair: a leather chesterfield wingback armchair. I love it and want to make sure it lasts forever while using it for a long time each day. How do I care for it? [more inside]
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January 29

Is eBay skirting the Consumer Rights Act (UK)?

At the end of November I bought some small electrnic items from a seller on eBay. None of them work, but because I was slow to sort this out, eBay and the seller are saying the return window has closed. [more inside]
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