March 19

Meal Planning 2.0

I'm looking for an app that I can populate with my own recipes, and will generate a meal plan for the week. There are too many apps out there, so I need you fine people to help find the right one for me. [more inside]
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Why won't ThredUp take my money?

Does ThredUp really ship to Canada? Do they ship to Canada but not take Canadian credit cards? They have multiple payment methods available and I've tried everything. [more inside]
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How could Theranos have proved tech without revealing trade secrets?

Suppose Theranos actually had been able to match traditional venous blood tests using capillary finger-stick blood. How could they have convinced the medical/bio-tech establishment that it was real without letting Siemens/Lab Corp/Quest Diag. use their method? [more inside]
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Puzzles! Tricks! Traps!

Recommendations for puzzle-rooms and dungeon encounters? I've poked around on DriveThru but would appreciate pointers towards anything good, either online or in hard copy. [more inside]
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Temp agency giving me runaround and I'm not getting paid

Hi. I started a temp assignment roughly three weeks ago. I received my initial paycheck without incident. However, after closing my account at my old bank on Saturday the 9th, I opened a new one at a more conveniently located bank on Tuesday the 12th – a week ago as I type this – and promptly updated my direct deposit information accordingly. I haven't received a dime since. [more inside]
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Is my boss trying to get rid of me?

At my bi-annual performance review in February my boss brought up that I have been in this job nearly two years (it has been 1 year and 6 months or so) and asked if I had thought about my next steps in my career. I replied that I had some ambitions (to achieve the next level up for example) but that I did not intend on moving from my role soon because I was still learning. [more inside]
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I would like to learn about this wall hanging from South Asia.

Here it is (pushpins shown for scale). I’ve had it with me for years and years, but I’m about to hang it in our new house and it occurs to me that I have no idea where it’s from or what the significance of this imagery is, and that I should probably be a little more respectful of it and its provenance. [more inside]
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Okay how does this unmarked Japanese AC/Heater work?

So the Beaver heater/AC in my new bedroom in Japan has a wired remote. Pic of AC and a Pic of Remote. It's got a bunch of sliders that do...something. I can't figure out what. Once it had some kind of panel on it that explained what things did. It doesn't now. So first, what model is this thing? Second, what DID it say on the remote? And third, roughly translated, what does that mean in ENGLISH? Please help. It's cold here.
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Cyclone Idai help

In view of events in Mozambique and beyond, I was wondering if there are Mefites who are knowledgeable about the region and who can advise on help. [more inside]
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i want shoes that are both cute and wide

I need advice on shoes, specifically where to find shoes that will fit my unusually wide/tall feet and will look at least slightly professional and feminine, and be comfortable enough to wear all day in an office job. [more inside]
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Name (and kill) this Texas weed

My family yard has been overtaken by this leafy plant with small yellow flower-things: album with bonus stretchy kitty photo. The location is west Texas, near the east New Mexico border. Most of the plants are only a few inches tall, but some have grown to an alarming thick bushy height of around 2 feet tall. What is this weed, and how best should we kill it? Complications: 1)Hand-pulling weeds is not ideal for the adults involved, due to a combination of disabilities and plant allergies; 2)I don't want to poison the numerous neighborhood cats, including my photo model.
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Annatto seed vs Annotto powder

How do I appropriately substitute Annatto powder for Annatto seed? [more inside]
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rock my April 1st

Help me fool my partner on April Fool's Day, rockstar edition. [more inside]
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Fun things for group meetings!

I run a weekly meeting and like to bring fun things. What can I bring? [more inside]
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music like Flowers and Sea Creatures.

I really like Flowers and Sea Creatures. Any suggestions for other music I might like?
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What text has been read clearer by modern readers?

I'm looking for examples of writers who were better understood by later readers than their contemporaries. Of course, this is needfully subjective, but I'd like to know what folks you might reasonably imagine smiling (like, if they were a ghost) that their truth had finally been read and understood in their written lines by subsequent generations of readers. [more inside]
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Simpsons Performing In Red and White Stripes?

I am trying to find a scene from The Simpsons, where the whole (or most of the) family is performing a song and dance number in red-and-white striped outfits with vests, that sparkle. They also do that heavy-breathing thing while they stand motionless with their arms out after finishing, which I don't know what to call and is a trope the writers have used at least a few times throughout the series. [more inside]
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I may not DRINK like an alcoholic, but I THINK like one

For year's I've used alcohol in moderation, but almost every day. Now that I'm not drinking, I'd like to find resources and support that help me change the ways I think, act, and cope with difficult feelings. I'm looking for memoirs, novels, self-help books, etc. about what it means to live in "sobriety" - but defined more broadly that simply abstaining from alcohol. [more inside]
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“I was very careful never to take an interesting job.”

What sorts of jobs would pay the bills but won’t chew up and consume the best parts of me? [more inside]
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Is this normal with Lemi Shine?

I've been using Lemi Shine in my dishwasher for a while now but only recently have I begun noticing that some items are coming out literally squeaky clean. [more inside]
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Wool socks for summer?

I have almost no summer socks due to the vile preppy practice of wearing my summer shoes without socks. I'd like to have some summer socks. Should they be wool or not? Where should I buy them? [more inside]
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Possibly leaving for Denver after half a century in my hometown.

So back in 2015, I posted that we might have to leave Jacksonville in the next five years due to Mrs. Mosley's career. Four years later, it looks like time might be up. Back then it looked like it might be Dallas, but a new and exciting career opportunity has presented itself to her in somewhere we weren't looking: Denver. [more inside]
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More self selecting, mostly women spaces/events?

Went to a wool and fiber show the other week with my bestie, and found I really loved the atmosphere. A large majority of the vendors were women, and the same for the punters, which got me wondering, what are some other kind of gatherings/spaces/events which attract (mostly) women? [more inside]
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What are some terribly designed but wildly successful objects?

As I struggled to get the ketchup out of the glass bottle for the eleventy-billionth time, I wondered what other objects are so poorly designed and unfit for purpose but have persisted despite--or perhaps because of--their design flaws. Any suggestions? [more inside]
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Resources to improve graphic design handling of complex events

I work for a small local organization and we put together events that combine a lot of different elements: information about the event, logos from partner organizations... plus maybe a book cover, a film poster, the panelists' photos, etc. Putting all of these elements together into a readable flyer or event page that also includes my org's "branding" has been difficult. The graphic design books I've read seem to deal with more pure graphical situations, not this combo of elements and colors. Have you seen books or articles that address these factors?
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Summer Workshops in Europe

I’m looking for a week-long educational course in Europe this July. Similar to this ask from a few years ago, I’d like to find a place to work on/learn a craft (embroidery, textile dyeing, woodwork, paper, bookmaking, weaving, beadwork, etc.). [more inside]
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Intermittent Fasting / Time-Restricted Eating Affecting Body Smell?

I've been doing intermittent fasting / time-restricted eating / Leangains / 16:8 for about a year and it's working well, except for one thing: an intimate partner has recently let me know (gently) that the regimen seems to have altered the smell of my body and breath, and not in a particularly pleasant way. What can I do about this? Thanks!
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Very long, hands-off fermentation suggestions?

I am a person who likes experimenting with lacto fermentation and also a person who will be traveling for a month soon, is there anything I can start now that will be delicious when I get back? [more inside]
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How do we decree custody of our minor child?

My wife and I want to draft a document decreeing what will happen if both of us die at the same time while our child is a minor. We'd like to avoid drafting two individual wills if possible. What is the best legal option for us? We'd like to do this online if possible. YNML, etc. Thanks.
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Large format Pinterest?

I'm looking for an alternative to Pinterest that will allow me to save photos in albums/groupings, but will display them by default as full-size or at least page-width. Something like The Big Picture (but hopefully with even bigger pictures) where I can just scroll through a long list of photos. I don't need any of Pinterest's social or suggestion features and my "page" can be either private or public, but needs to be accessible on multiple computers. [more inside]
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Resume help, tricky edition.

How can I best show my current and rather odd employment situation on my resume and LinkedIn? [more inside]
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Me Talk Pretty One Day

Can you point me to journals/magazines/newspapers with a higher reading level? [more inside]
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Lady crooners wanted

looking for lady crooner singers... Examples within. [more inside]
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Women, talking about being women

About 15 years ago or more, my mother quoted one of those middle-class white lady writers at me (Nora Ephron or Joan Didion or someone whose name I can't conjure, maybe) saying something along the lines of "any woman widowed after 50 years of marriage to the same man has been divorced several times". It was much better expressed, but it's the sort of thing that Google can't help me with. Anyone recall one of those white middle class writer ladies of a certain time and place writing something along those lines?
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Women who rock.

Please recommend female singer-songwriters who play a mean guitar. For example Meg Myers, Emma Ruth Rundle, St. Vincent… [more inside]
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He's coming! Quick, everybody up on the crosses!

When entering a building or quick-traveling to a location in Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas on PC, I have noticed that sometimes items in the new location either jump from ground level to where they're supposed to be, or appear to be falling to the ground right as I arrive. I'm hoping someone could explain what the game is doing when this happens, and why the game has to generate items and then move them, rather than generating them already in place. [more inside]
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Any cool anecdotes about requiems?

I'm beginning the final chapter of a novel, and I'd like to begin with an anecdote about requiems in the Catholic mass. [more inside]
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How to pee pad

My old dog is still peeing on the carpet, and she's now on barbiturates which is making it worse. It's only on carpet/rugs and only when I'm gone. Given that she clearly knows this is not allowed, how can I train her to use a pee pad instead of the carpet when I'm gone, while not conveying that peeing inside is okay? [more inside]
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The Invisible Woman

I'm in my 40s and feeling a bit shit about being invisible. I need art by women who are currently in their 40s. Strong preference for visual art in traditional mediums.
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What to serve with hot borscht and rye bread

I'm making hot borscht and rye bread for dinner tonight. What third thing should I serve with it? [more inside]
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Recommendations for Purchasing A Yoga Mat

Like it says on the tin, I need help finding and purchasing a yoga mat. Can you provide me advice on what to look for and/or recommend a particular yoga mat to me? My budget is $100. [more inside]
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Recipes for Delicious African Sweets

I need some recommendations for African (any country of origin) desserts that can be made easily and served on a napkin. Help!! [more inside]
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What's the best way to play guitar through my phone?

I'm seeking recommendations for a hardware interface that'll make it easy to play guitar through headphones (and maybe also an amp) using my smartphone (a Galaxy S9+) to provide effects, amp simulation, etc. [more inside]
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Gmail - Blocking Email Address

Looking to block someones email address in Gmail. [more inside]
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Neck pain every morning

I stayed at a hotel recently and woke up every morning with a sore neck on the right side. The hotel pillows were small and square rather than the standard size, and I figured either their size or maybe their shallowness was bugging me. But I've returned home to my usual pillows where I have never had a problem in my life, and I'm still waking up every morning with neck pain on the right side! What is going on? [more inside]
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March 18

I wish I was a little bit taller, not really, just faster.

I am competing in a 10k this Sunday. Due to my wave assignment, my average pace leaves little margin to finish. Tips and tricks for gaining a tiny bit of speed this week? [more inside]
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iced tea/refreshing low or zero calorie summer drinks

I drink multiple cups of hot decaffeinated/herbal tea a day but this is much less enjoyable in the summer, when my apartment gets unlivably, beastly hot. I'm looking for suggestions/recipes for what to replace this habit with - something with fairly strong flavors and low or zero calories. [more inside]
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For the first time in my life I need sunglasses!

I've been bespectacled person since elementary school and sunglasses have always seemed unnecessary/out of reach. I've been driving for almost 3 years now and I am finally at a point where I admit that I need sunglasses. I made the mistake of driving west during sunset today and I regretted it because I had no sunglasses. How do people with prescription glasses make sunglasses work? What are my options? [more inside]
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Need SFW video to rebut Jordan Peterson toxicity at work

I'm looking for a safe for work video that I can integrate into a presentation explaining why Jordan Peterson's rhetoric is harmful. Hope me. [more inside]
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Looking For Someone with More Unix and Regex Know-How for Quick Question

Need some help getting five regular expression search-and-replaces working within a Unix bash shell script. [more inside]
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Accidentally amended my taxes on H&R Block... did they actually send it?

To keep it short and sufficient, I filed in February, then learned I possibly could have to amend. Filled out experimental amounts to see what my new liability could be, now it seems the amended return(s) were sent, confusingly on H&R's website. [more inside]
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Feeling stuck at 40 years old

I've been a copywriter for over a decade for an in-house advertising department for a big corporation. It looks like my job is going away in the next 6-9 months, and I'm weighing my options on what to do next. [more inside]
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I don't want my physical therapist anymore, I want her boss

I think my physical therapist is too inexperienced and she is definitely not helping me. How can I ask to see her boss instead? [more inside]
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Maintaining cyber privacy while online dating

I've recently started online dating. The last time I did this was in 2003. The interconnectedness of the various social medias plus embedded location tracking has it feeling DRAMATICALLY different from a privacy and safety standpoint than it did my first time around, and I've already unintentionally exposed myself in a couple ways that have left me feeling a little freaked out. What should I be doing/thinking about to keep myself safe and/or not share certain details about myself before I'm ready? What am I not thinking about or may not be aware of? [more inside]
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Oreos without the cream filling, please

I like the taste of the chocolate biscuits that are the outer layers of Oreos. I do not like the filling - it is far too sweet for me, and I have to scrape it off. How do I get my hands on cookies (biscuits) that are basically Oreos without the filling? [more inside]
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Sensory Issues and sudden Stuttering?

Our son will be 4 in July and has sensory issues. I felt he was really regulated the last couple of months but suddenly about a week ago he started stuttering, like, a lot. I'm going to ask our OT about it but has anyone experienced this and can maybe give some insight? Should I book into speech therapy, like right now? Or chill about it? [more inside]
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Do you have any Ronettes related musical recommendations?

I'd like to get recommendations for songs and musical acts that evoke the sound of the Ronettes within the rock/alternative/and I guess indie pop* genres. [more inside]
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Should I learn accounting?

Can a layperson learn accounting to the point where they can truly understand it? And is it a good use of one's time? [more inside]
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Who actually OWNS my company?

About three years ago, I set up a small business as an LLC. The intention was that it would be a partnership between myself and my wife, but I'm not sure we set it up that way. Now I'm trying to figure out who actually owns the company and how to fix it if necessary. [more inside]
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How to store mold-exposed stuff in the basement?

My friend has been living in an apartment that’s had a few bouts of mold on the walls. Now they are moving and we are planning to store some of their boxed belongings in our dry basement. Is there reason to worry about mold contamination coming into our house? And if so, would it be contained by using plastic boxes (instead of cardboard ones)?
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