May 6

Science Fiction Beach Reads

Please share all the books and series you haven't been able to put down! I am in dire need of some fun reading and would love recommendations from the Green as you all have suggested books that have become favorites over the years. I'm looking for science fiction (please feel free to interpret the genre broadly) that's engrossing and fun but not completely retrograde or badly written. More details within. [more inside]
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How do you know where you are in your cycle after a hysterectomy?

I had a partial hysterectomy in January last year. I still have my ovaries and cervix. I've always had a very regular cycle, I but also pretty bad pre menstrual mood problems. In the past, when I was feeling unusually fragile or weepy it helped me to notice "Oh yes, it's that time of the month" and I could make sense of my feelings. Now I simply don't know what's going on. [more inside]
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Looking for deeper connection - Mom's group edition

Help me enjoy the company of the group of Mom's on my street more, pls [more inside]
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F&*king Pregnancy Tests, How Do They Work?

I understand, or at least I think I understand, how pregnancy tests work in a general sense. What I don't get is why they're all labeled as being accurate within a certain number of days before or after you either "expect" or "miss" your period. I would like someone to explain to me why the tests' effectiveness depends on where you are in your menstrual cycle rather than how long it's been since you conceived. [more inside]
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May 5

Love in the time of covid... help me with our microwedding logistics?

Thanks to the ongoing pandemic and super slow rate of vaccinations in my province, weddings are still restricted to 10 people or less, including the officiant. We have a venue booked for 2 hours. What are we supposed to do with those 2 hours? [more inside]
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Nested "Place Linked" Files in Photoshop and InDesign: AutoUpdate?

I have a bunch of photoshop files, which I'm then using for a layout in InDesign. Some of the files have 3 or 4 files placed as linked files (e.g. face.psd is placed in person.psd, is placed in persondrivingcar.psd is placed into streetscene.psd and streetscene.psd is placed in an InDesign layout)-- all placements are linked not embedded). If I make a change to a file, say face.psd, so I need to open and resave all the placed files for that to update, or will the fully updated versions show up in Indesign? [more inside]
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Nice house you have there, it'd be a shame if it slid into the ditch

Mr. Getawaysticks and I bought a brand new home NW of Fort Worth. We closed just after the winter disaster here, and everything was a scramble moving from across the country. The large sloped yard was graded, but tons of rain and wind caused what wasn't covered in sod to erode terribly. How can we stop this in a hurry? [more inside]
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Breast, heart , mind. Why does Maugham say breast?

I'm learning English. My question is from The moon and six pence. Why does Maugham write ' The suggestion sent a ray of hope in all their breasts ,but I would have nothing to do with it.'? Why not their minds nor their hearts? To me the breast sounds a bit strange. I'd like to know the differences in nuance. Thank you.
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Who made Trader Joe's Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunks?

Trader Joe's discontinued one of my kids' favorite products, the semi sweet chocolate chunks a while ago. Many of TJ's products are made by name brand companies under a discount agreement to sell excess product or when they are just getting established and need capital, then when the company can stand on its own they walk away from TJ's. Does anyone know of an alternative source for these, or what chocolate company was making these? Thanks!
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False Unemployment Claim and Identity Theft

I received notice from my employer that a fraudulent unemployment claim was filed in my name. I’ve filed a fraud report with my state and frozen my credit with all three credit agencies. What else should I do to mitigate the damage from the possible identity theft?
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Internet Service Provider in Mission, San Francisco

Do you have blazing fast, consistent internet in the Mission? Which ISP do you have? We currently have MonkeyBrains and it's not good enough. [more inside]
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How can I tell how often a train goes by a particular address?

I'm trying to find freight train schedules for a location. I think that this site should have the info, but when I follow the instructions I saw somewhere (to click on a dot and then click on "inv_link") I don't see anything. If it helps, I'm trying to find the information for a crossing called 697815C in Appleton, Wisconsin, but I'd like to know how to do it generally.
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Buying a new car online in the SF Bay Area (without going to a dealer)

Has anyone successfully bought a new car online in the SF Bay Area, where the entire process is handled remotely and no visit to a dealership is needed? [more inside]
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Tasks for Moovin'... On a Sunday Afternoon

Besides the obvious, what other tasks do my spouse and I need to do before (and shortly after) we move to a new (to us) home at the end of the month? [more inside]
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Cheap cell numbers for annoyance validations?

A Discord I occasionally post in is now saying "I must verify my identity by phone before you can send messages in this server." It won't accept my VoIP phone (even though it can accept text messages). Is there any very low-cost way I can get a forward-only "cell phone number" to manage a rapidly growing number of companies I don't want to give my phone number to, but still want to use? [more inside]
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I got 99 options and rich ain't one

I've been granted stock options by my employer, a private tech company. I understand the basics, but not the details. [more inside]
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Looking for a sci-fi book from the 60s or early 70s

A co-worker is trying to figure out the name of a science fiction book they read in the early 70s in paperback. In it, due to a nuclear war, people moved underground. Then, after time past, they came back to the surface, but had to start mining old landfills for resources like copper. Any ideas what the book might be?
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Why have the young people chosen to elevate "yeet"?

There are certain youth slang words that have always been around:"groovy", "cool", "awesome", "gnarly" and "lit" all work the same way, as a compliment. Then there are those words inspired by new developments: Social media led to "flex" and "low-key" and "high-key" and "virtue signal" and "humblebrag." But what explains "yeet"? Why is sudden expulsion suddenly so popular? Does it have something to do with the "eet" sound? Is it a reflection of how instantaneous technology has made processes, like "delete"?
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Vegan hockey gear

I’m getting back into serious hockey after a long bout with disability. Does all gear still have leather in it? Are there pads and skates that are vinyl or something? Talking full ice hockey gear here. And also roller hockey pants.
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dream job--school librarian edition

I just landed my dream job as a school librarian at a private, all-girls school. What are the tools that I need, magazines to subscribe to, list serves, books, any other resources to help make me an amazing librarian!?
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The break of day, after the midnight pardon - playlist

I was listening to Dave Rawlings' Bells of Harlem and it's left me aching for more uplifting tunes of the type - a soft exhale after having come through a tough time. Nina Simone's Feelin’ Good is more energetic but still in that pocket. I'm contentedly single right now, so I want to keep away from anything with an obvious romantic message like “everything's great because I found you”. [more inside]
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Dinner inspo

Link me to the most delicious recipe you’ve made recently! Anything goes. Think “delicious”—not necessarily “easy” or “fast” or whatever (although those qualities are welcome too).
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Movie dialog - every line an Elvis song

I was reminded today of a film, released somewhere between 1985 and 2005, which contained an entire scene of somewhat flirtatious dialog composed entirely of song titles. I seem to recall that they were Elvis songs, and it feels like it was some mediocre director who had a few box office smashes. It feels like a typical conceit, but I couldn't find other examples on a quick search. What do you think MeFites? You know what movie this was, or other films using this trope?
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Experiencing sporadic ice-pick headaches; similar experiences?

Lately, I've been experiencing sporadic, random ice-pick headaches (brief, stabbing pain in a localized, specific area), and am very concerned for a number of reasons. Wanted to get a pulse and see if anyone in the community has experienced similarly. YANMD, more under the fold. [more inside]
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Moving Forward

I find that I spend a lot of my time reminiscing about the past. I'm aware this is not healthy, and I don't want to do it, but it subconsciously happens, and even seeps into my dreams. What actual things can I do to help my brain stay present and move forward with my life? [more inside]
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How do I sell Dogecoin cryptocurrency in the UK?

Dogecoin being in the news made me check my old laptop, and it looks like I have about 3900 Dogecoin in a wallet. I would like to turn this into actual money. [more inside]
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What did my Iranian roommate feed me?

When I was in college in the 1970s, I had a delightful roommate from Iran, who shared her home care packages with me. I'm wondering if anyone can make an educated guess at what I ate. [more inside]
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Free Light Chain Test Done - Now am concerned

IKYNMD - my primary said this is normal - but for the longest time, I've been feeling anything but. About 4 years ago went to a hematologist with my complaints of bone pain, fatigue and generally feeling unwell and underwent a few tests including urine - and she basically said that everything was ok. Fast-forward to now - it's really not. [more inside]
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Feeling overwhelmed with trying to eat healther and exercise more?

Hi. I am trying to change my diet to a healthier fewer meats and more fresh veggies and fruits regime as well as exercise/hike/cardio every other day. Yet, I am feeling overwhelmed with trying to change my lifestyle to a healthier one -- it also feels time-consuming to prep and cook healthier meals at times. [more inside]
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Therapy Journal Prompts and Books

I'm restarting therapy (huzzah!) and I'm determined to put in the work this time. The problem is that I'm not great at processing and speaking to my emotions generally, but I've found a good groove during covid journaling and reading books on a variety of topics. Is there a book or website with good journal prompts to help me do some of that work? Any great therapy adjacent books you would recommend? [more inside]
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Which is ruder?

Would it be ruder to ignore a wedding invite or RSVP not attending? [more inside]
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0xc0000034 error on starting laptop

Looking for advice for a friend about their laptop. On switching it on, it gives error 0xc0000034 Your PC needs to be repaired. They do not have the installation media to reinstall Windows. On Googling, we found the suggestion to create a bootable USB using Easy Recovery Essentials. Is this the best way to go? Any other suggestions welcome.
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recycled and sustainable art filter

I'm planning to open a gallery showing sustainable art, that is art made primarily or entirely of recycled materials and/or natural materials. I'm open to all materials, genres, themes and flavors of art and am looking for your favorites artists working sustainably? Please add links to websites if possible. [more inside]
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May 4

IANY Parents' Financial Advisor

If you are involved with managing your parents' finances in some way, how do you... deal with it? Specific reasons why I am not dealing inside. [more inside]
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Heating without gas

I was all set to get gas ducted heating installed at our new place, but it looks like there's a big push to move away from natural gas fueled appliances where we live. What are our other options? [more inside]
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Crapola growth-oriented work-zoom get-to-know-you activity needed

Okay maybe it's not crapola. I and another person at this law firm have been tasked with hosting an all-hands meeting. I'm a librarian here; our little department has recently been enveloped into a new group with such as recruiting, applications training, etc. My presenting partner has little interest, but the task is ours, so I want to find two 20-minute exercises. [more inside]
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How do I record the Today Show to my Mac?

Someone I know will be on NBC's morning broadcast of the "Today Show" soon. How can I capture this to my Mac, so it can go in among our home movies? [more inside]
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Sizzling Steaks in New jersey

There's a place in New Jersey, Steve's sizzling Steaks. Do you know it? They do..... Something.... To steaks involving Maggi sauce. But, what? They call it "sizzling" and it involves a fair does of Maggi. I want to recreate at home (here in florida). [more inside]
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MacOS "Relocated Items" after every update - can't I make it stop?

With every Mac OS update for the last year, I get the "Relocated Items" on my desktop. I understand basically what this is, and that it's pretty safe to delete. But it's the SAME thing appearing there after EVERY update, even after I removed it last time. Isn't there some way to, say, find the original pre-relocated file and remove it permanently? (more detail inside.) [more inside]
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Where are the watchable light TV shows about women?

I'm all caught up on Younger and I need more TV shows along these lines, preferably with multiple seasons. What I like: women, being good at their jobs/pursuits, who are also flawed. Prefer light over drama right now but would take a juicy drama. Romance is ok, soapy is ok as long as it isn't cringe-worthy. Other series I've liked inside. [more inside]
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Best guides to Beethoven Piano Sonatas

Myself and a friend, both intermediate level learned-as-adults piano players decided to learn about (not play!) all of the Beethoven piano sonatas, one per week. We will get the scores and we will have recordings (Barenboim to start). What guides (videos, books, websites) are the best for this adventure? We'd be looking for insightful analysis, maybe a bit of the history, notes on performing... We also don't know what we don't know, what other things that would sparkle. I've reserved the Great Courses lecture series at the library but what else is good?
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Buy computor for avoidant middle aged person

Please tell me what (rebuilt or used) laptop to buy for my simple purposes. [more inside]
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How do I get my digital projector to display a photo on my android phone

I'm an artist. I have a photo in my android phone gallery that I want to display so I can trace a larger version of it onto a canvas. The phone and projector are connected, but now I need the projector to display my photo. [more inside]
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What are the best vegan and vegetarian fried chicken sandwiches in NYC?

What are the best vegetarian or vegan friend chicken sandwiches in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens? I live down the street from a Popeye’s and I have to smell it every day and I need a good vegetarian or vegan alternative. Thanks!
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Garbage picking accessories - for small volumes

Our family have taken to bringing a grabber thing on walks so that we can pick up garbage. We do not have a non-gross way of holding the (small) bag. What works for you? [more inside]
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Why is my microwave making this weird noise?

My microwave is making a weird noise, when it is plugged in but not running. I have taken to unplugging it when it's not in use, but I am very curious what it is, and if it's something to be worried about. Weird noises are notoriously difficult to describe, especially over the internet. But I will attempt to do so within. [more inside]
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Temporary WIFI solution if you don’t have a mobile hotspot?

We just moved and our AT&T WIFI appointment went sideways. Rescheduled for later this week. Is there a way to get WIFI at home until then? [more inside]
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What I am doing wrong in new adult friendships?

I (35 y.o. hetero cis f, married) met a guy (36 y.o., hetero cis m, single) through work whose company I really enjoyed. We both expressed that we would like to grow a friendship with one another. I made it clear to him that I am married, and discussed everything with my hubby so that everyone was on the same page. My new friend and I decided to meet up outside of work, and it was kind of weird. Since then it's been radio silence from him. What is going on here? [more inside]
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How do I help my kid sell pokemon cards?

My kid would like me to help them sell their box of pokemon cards. I'd like to help out, but not make this a big project. Are there resources to help my kid quickly sort the more valuable from the less valuable and to easily sell the cards? [more inside]
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Vertical Bluetooth headphones

I wish for old style headphones like these classic Sonys which have wires, but with Bluetooth instead and not garbage like this.
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Email client for Ubuntu?

Switching from MacOS to Linux for most of the things I need to do for my work. I was wondering what I should do about email now, though. I was previously using just fine. The annoying thing is that I have to manage Outlook-based accounts, Gmail-based accounts, as well as a Google Workspace account. No idea how that complicates anything, though. I don't need any fancy features like scheduling emails or 'team interaction' and so on and so on. Thanks :)
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Relearning SQL Fast?

I used to know SQL fairly well but that was a few years ago and I have forgotten basically all of it. What's the best way to relearn SQL fast? I'm looking for specific (ideally free) websites, tutorials, whatever. [more inside]
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Dating for the single mom

I want to date again. I have some questions about how this might work as a 40-something with a kid. It's been awhile :-) [more inside]
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Is there a way to get a 1/8" switch working via USB on a comp?

Alternately, do you know of a grip switch that works on USB? Google failed me. Details within! [more inside]
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Rubber and/or silicon spatula and/or spoonula?

My best spatulas have been Rubbermaid flat spatulas. Used for scraping dough or getting the last bit of mayo. Should I be using Silicon? Spoonulas? They will be also used for getting the last of the beans off the plate.
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I WILL Keep Getting Better, Right?

I'm recovering from a broken knee. I've come a long way, but I'm not all the way there - and I'm getting impatient and paranoid that I won't keep recovering. Can anyone talk sense into me? [more inside]
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Hive... butt?

My butt is itchy, please help!!! [more inside]
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Sync Android Gmail to duplicate desktop Gmail state?

My Gmail on my desktop is arranged the way I want it: new mail, unread mail, priority tags, etc. My Gmail on my Android phone is a hot mess, because I rarely use it. I'd like my phone Gmail to be usable without devoting additional time to making it so. Is there a way I can tell it to simply sync the exact state of my desktop email?
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May 3

What is the name and history of this unusual structural metal roof deck?

A recent renovation of a small local building uncovered an unusual structural metal roof deck that no one has been able to identify for me. The deck is sinusoidal in shape, with flutes about 1 foot on center, and with a depth of around 3 or 4 inches. Panels are about 3 feet wide. [more inside]
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Of cats and yard toxins

The landlord had their lawn service spread either fertilizer or weed killer on the grass. Our cats like to nibble on the grass. How soon, if ever, will it be safe for them to do so? [more inside]
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