August 16

Where to find grants and foundations for a non-profit literary journal?

Are there any specific grants and foundations that offer a reward towards non-profit literary journals and literary magazines in Texas and US in general? (Some are listed as art organizations, but not always).
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What are some great comedy music videos?

Yesterday's AskMe about iconic music videos mentioned The Lonely Island's "I'm on a Boat!" which I'd never heard of before. I thought the video was hilarious. What are your favorite comedy music videos?
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When and how do busy people exercise?

FT job, 40ish minute commute, married with one kid and a house. And hobbies that are not exercising. [more inside]
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Can I find out when this contact was added to my phone?

I have a contact saved on my phone. I have no memory of adding it. The phone is a Nokia 1800 which only shows the contact name and number. The contact is saved to the sim card, not the phone. Is there any way of finding out when the number was saved?
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Gift for friend who has everything?

What would you get for your friend who hasn't been feeling well, but already has everything she needs/wants? [more inside]
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Frustrated ITunes DeeJay Question

Please help me with a minor, but really frustrating, problem with iTunes on my iPad Mini - when I add a new song to an existing playlist, it will not let me re-order the list to put the new song where I want it. Detailed explanation inside. [more inside]
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Weather app with dew point forecasts?

Is there a weather app for iOS that provides an hour-by-hour dew point forecasts? [more inside]
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Please recommend a good VGA to HDMI adapter

I'm looking to connect a Lenovo ThinkPad T410 to an Insignia LED TV (NS-40D510NA17/NS-40D510MX17). The TV has HDMI ports (along with standard AV inputs), but the laptop only has a VGA port and a headphone jack. Thanks! [more inside]
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Cultural memberships/subscriptions in Seattle for college students?

Looking for a cool, cultural gift for my kid who is moving to Seattle. [more inside]
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Foods to eat when you're underslept but need to be alert

Let's say you had insomnia the night before a day at work where you needed to be really alert. You're already caffeinating, but you should really put something in your stomach, but eating usually makes you groggy. What would you eat?
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Indie scientific calculators

I need to buy a new scientific calculator (a physical one, not a phone app). I stumbled upon Numworks, which seems great. I now wonder if there are other interesting innovative calculators from smaller companies that I have never heard of. [more inside]
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Evaluating Financial Advisers - What tools are publicly available?

I have a friend who's done some investing in stocks and mutual funds and after middling performance returns believes that the best way forward is to use a well-regarded commercial investor, actually this one: Fisher Investments. I'm skeptical. But I want to respond with as much 'hard' evidence as possible. [more inside]
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What to do in SF this Saturday?

I'm free from breakfast until but not including dinner. Could you recommend me a couple of places to eat, a newspaper that lists small theatrical productions, and ainteresting grocery store? Also, is it worth walking across the golden gate Bridge if you like walks and fog and scenery but not people? [more inside]
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I have no chill

I'm casually seeing a guy. It's fun. How do I keep it fun without overthinking it? [more inside]
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Great communication keeping relationship alive past its sell by date?

My girlfriend is an amazing communicator and has taught me a lot. But I'm starting to think our amazing communication has backfired, and I'm also starting to wonder if I'm crazy. Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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My unmarried partner is in default on student loans...

My partner, to whom I am not married and who is not claimed as a dependent on my tax filings, just got sent to collections for some student loans that are in default. What are my legal responsibilities? [more inside]
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Reading Lamp that Accepts 100 Watt Incandescent Bulb

I like to read in the evening with an amber light. For various reasons, amber LED light bulbs won't work for me. I need 100 watts of amber to see clearly, and my challenge is that all the desk lamps I've run across specific 60 watt maximum (and I've found out the hard way that they mean what they say). Would appreciate any tip on a good quality reading light that might work. Thx.
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Adulting so good with personal finance

New adult seeking guidance and orientation on how to be responsible with money. What's your favorite book/audiobook/youtube channel/website etc? Also what's your one advice? [more inside]
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Broken filling after one week. Do I have to pay to fix it?

A week ago, my new dentist fixed what he said was a damaged, two surface (between teeth) filling. Today, after eating my (soft) lunch, a chunk of filling/tooth came out. Do I have to pay to replace the filling again, or can I convince the dentist to fix it for free, and how would I go about this? [more inside]
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August 15

Tile quandries

We bought textured tile (that is in shallow waves, the variation in height from the wall is about 1/2" - so some portions of each tile are 1/2" deeper than others). Now my husband wants to install (drilling in) a wire shampoo caddy. Am I overthinking this? Is this a big deal? [more inside]
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Dead simple GUI kit?

Is there a super simple GUI builder that can just spit out links based on user input? [more inside]
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Pool Sand Filter Woes

The lateral pipes in the sand filter for my inground swimming pool broke; pool has quite a bit of sand on the bottom. I'm just about finished repairing the sand filter but need a trategy for removing the sand in the pool. [more inside]
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New Orleans with Kids

My wife and I are taking our three year old and our 6 month old Baby to New Orleans for this weekend. We want to do some activities / tours to see the city. We are especially interested in short bus/walking tours that are fun & interesting for adults but could keep our 3 year old entertained enough to not drive everyone else crazy. Kid-friendly Foodie and/or ghost tours would be amazing. There’s several websites that list kid tours but they are hard to differentiate. I’m hoping for some first hand recommendations. Any suggestions or tips on NOLA with kids in general?
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What the heck just gnawed through paper AND plastic in a sealed drawer?

I opened up a drawer in the kitchen and found that something had eaten through the plastic wrapper of two paper towel rolls and taken a good chunk out of the paper towels too. The rolls look gnawed, like a mouse would gnaw at a loaf of bread. WTF? (Mysterious details below the fold.) [more inside]
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Making .gifv videos shrink to fit my screen

Is there a Google Chrome extension or Chrome-compatible userscript to make .gifv videos shrink down to fit my screen? For comparison, here's what I see when I open a gif as a .gifv and here's the same file opened as a .gif. Note: I don't want to view .gifv videos in full screen. I'm running Chrome 68.0.3440.106 on a Macbook Pro running OSX 10.13.6.
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Hypothetical New York City Life/Neighborhood Question No. ######

What does a low-key, queer, non-drinking centric, geeky, single people + family friendly NYC life look like? Hypothetical move day-dream snowflakes within. [more inside]
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Digital Asset Management system for a small marketing deparmtnet?

Hello, I've been tasked with launching a digital asset management system for our company. The scope would be about 8-12 employees across multiple departments working with photos, videos, and Adobe content. [more inside]
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Conserving vintage graph paper

I'm interested in buying and displaying drawings made in pen on vintage paper, typically graph paper. How should I handle them to keep them from deteriorating? [more inside]
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Getting to the Appalachian Trail from DC

We're hiking a 100-mile section of the Appalachian Trail. We're flying in and out of DC, but our section hike starts way out at Big Meadows in Shenandoah National Park. We're taking the Amtrak from Harper's Ferry to get back to DC, so our return trip is covered. How do we get to our starting point? From Google maps, it looks as though there are buses and trains all through the area. DC-area MeFites, what combo of public transit, ride-share services, and walking/hitching can get us to the trail head?
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What are the best options for using real or fake bullets in artwork?

What is the best way to use bullets (real or fake) in a piece of art? I have questions about cost, safety, and feasibility. Location: New York City, New York. [more inside]
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Hot-weather clothing for a job interview

I have a job interview with the local arm of a national nonprofit, where I would be working as an editorial assistant. I've been wearing a suit on job interviews, but it's black and lined, and the cut of the jacket doesn't allow a shirt underneath. The weather has been humid, and heat and barometric pressure set off migraines and anxiety. Would wearing a nice neutral-colored blouse and a skirt be acceptable for an interview for this kind of job?
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An Instagram Powerballad

What is the song that plays at the end credits of the Viceland show Hollywood Love Story with Paris Hilton? Please identify this song! [more inside]
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Name that council!

I have taken on a year long project as an Americorps VISTA. My goal is to create a food policy council/coalition. What should its name be? More inside. [more inside]
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A little bit pregnant?

I just got a positive home pregnancy test. What tests do high-octane fertility clinics do upon a positive pregnancy test to ensure the pregnancy is proceeding? What sort of support do they provide? (TW: mild mention of MC) [more inside]
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What does post-conflict resolution look like for you?

I've had a few minor conflicts in the past couple of months with my bf of 2 years -- "minor" meaning someone said something that hurt the other's feelings or did something that unintentionally hurt the other person. Conversations were had; apologies were made. But whether I'm on the doing or receiving end of the conflict, I've been having lingering feelings of unsettledness afterward. What do you do after a conflict with a loved one to feel like it's truly "over"?
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Does this sound like a plumbing issue or a tankless-water-heater issue?

Cold showers and my first tankless-water heater experiences - does this sound like a plumbing issue or a tankless-water-heater issue? So much more inside... [more inside]
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Can I make a vacuum chamber with an air compressor?

I've been getting into resin casting and it's a blast but eliminating bubbles is a lot harder than it seems. Vacuum casting is the go-to for a lot of people but dedicated vacuum chambers cost quite a bit of money. I already have a small air compressor. Are there any attachments I can get that would allow me to use that to create a vacuum in a sealed chamber?
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Books set in houses on lakes

I would like to read books set in lake houses. Have you read any that are especially good? Genre isn't terribly important; limitations inside. [more inside]
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City and middle of nowhere with a baby

I want to travel with my 6 month old to Seattle, Vancouver, and Vancouver Island (Tolfino). I am overwhelmed with the logistics of traveling with an infant in a city and then also a seemingly more remote place. Help. [more inside]
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Interesting, beautiful places to stay near, but outside of Yellowstone?

My folks' 50th wedding anniversary is coming up, and they've expressed an interest in a family trip west, preferably to Yellowstone or nearby. I'm trying to help with this, and need some advice. [more inside]
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having some...reservations (ba dum tssh)

I'm traveling to NYC and debating between booking an Airbnb or a regular hotel. Is Airbnb in New York an epic gamble/mistake in light of the "crackdown" on hosts I keep reading about? [more inside]
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Looking for successful online therapy

Which online therapy sites have you used and was it successful? I am interested in finding something for a college student with depression and anxiety because moving between home and school has made it too challenging to do traditional therapy. [more inside]
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Where can I store my luggage in Berlin?

On Saturday I’ll fly from Berlin to Australia with a large suitcase - I need somewhere to store it between approx 9 am and 7pm. I can’t store it at my accommodation and don’t have any friends who can help in Berlin. Do you know of luggage lockers or a luggage storage service in Berlin? Should ideally be accessible by public transport or cheap taxi (from Reinickendorf) Thank you!!
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Bed bugs (yet again) but in a large, bizarre pattern?

I have suspected bed bugs for awhile; based on the type of bites and patterns. But I just noticed a completely different pattern/series of bites on my rear thigh I have never seen before. [more inside]
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Help plan my escape

I want to do some traveling around the world. Do you have tips ? [more inside]
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This is trivial

I am part of a trivia team (nominally the captain) and I feel a sad lack in my knowledge of geography (among other things). Despite looking at maps and (children's) atlases and writing country names on preprinted maps, nothing is sticking. Online quizzes don't help because I don't know what country is in between Swaziland and Nigeria. How do I become a geographic hero?
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What salary should I be making as a product designer at a startup?

What should my salary be as a Product Designer at a startup with [x] years of experience living in [x] city? [more inside]
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Nontraditional student trying to go to school for kinesiology

My boyfriend, age 29, dropped out of high school and got his GED. He has been taking courses at the local community college and is interested in transferring to the local state university's kinesiology program. Questions inside. [more inside]
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Who do you hire to help you write a 1-2 hour TED talk?

Let's say I have to give a lecture and my career depends on this, for reals. It has to be not just good enough, but fabulous. Let's say further I may not get much notice on the topic and audience or date. I would like to hire whatever the public-speaking equivalent is of a cross between a ghost-writer, an editor, and a coach. I cannot be visibly hiring such a person (i.e. I can't just post on craigslist or something). How do I find and hire this person? How much might it cost? [more inside]
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August 14

T-shirt Quest

Seeking women's soft fitted T-shirts, but I am picky. Details below. [more inside]
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How to travel with chronic pain

I am looking at making a major international trip in about two and a half months' time. Despite my best efforts, I am really stressing out about how I will deal with my various chronic pain issues, especially since I know that the trip will be mentally and emotionally taxing as well and I will not have a lot of ability to deal well with pain. What can I do? Blizzards inside. [more inside]
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I’m not ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille

How do I get through a photoshoot when I don’t like having my photo taken? [more inside]
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Car rental accident

So I got into a small fender bender with my rental car. I'm scheduled to return it tomorrow. What do I need to know? [more inside]
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Shuttle from Portland Airport to Eugene

I will be arriving in Portland, Oregon late at night and I want to take a shuttle to Eugene as soon as I get out. Do I need to book in advance, or can I just get a seat/ticket at the airport?
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Chex Mix Up

I just a whole 8.5 oz bag of Chex Mix without noticing. [more inside]
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Need advice for studying

Hello MeFites, I'm enrolled in a paralegal program, which puts me back in schools for the first time in over two decades. I'm getting excellent information on the latest brain science for learning, but I'm not sure how to manage two courses. [more inside]
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Spokane and Coeur d'Alene: things to do, see, and eat!

O Bender and I will be heading on a trip to Spokane and Heyburn Lake State Park in a few weeks. We are leaving from Olympia on Monday 8/27 hopefully taking the scenic route. We are staying two nights in Spokane then staying at a Cabin at Heyburn SP. I'd love ideas for route and things to see along the way, things to do (neat hikes, cultural events, shopping, neighborhoods to wander through etc...) & restaurants to eat at while we are in Spokane, d Coeur d'Alene & closer to Heyburn.
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Peaceful, Walkable Town a Train Ride from Paris?

I booked inexpensive impulse tickets to Paris for 10 days next May. It turns out we don't really like big city vacations that much. Instead of staying in Paris, I would like to spend our vacation in a smallish European town where we can walk, ride bikes, go to the same cafe every morning for breakfast, look at beautiful things/scenery, etc. What small town/home base within a day's train ride of Paris do you recommend? [more inside]
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Potentially adding a second dog - but what kind?

In a few months I'd like to get a second dog, but my current dog is rather finicky. Trying to think this through. [more inside]
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Nac Mac Feegle Playlist

I read the Wee Free Men for the first time, and I‘m delighted! Now I want a soundtrack to go with the wee scunners. What songs remind you of the Feegles? [more inside]
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