October 15

A compendium of Psychic Energy?

There are a lot of different models for "Psychic Energy". Auras, Ki, the mood of an audience or just someone being a downer all get that description. I’m looking for a book or other resource that breaks out the various forms and talks some about how they fit (or don’t) with the context they arise in. Skeptical, non-skeptical, anthropological... I’ll take whatever I can find. Thanks.
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Find me the grapefruit cough drops Daiso discontinued (or a substitute)

Daiso no longer sells "Grapefruit Cough Drops." Here is an image of the bag and an ingredient list. It is the best hard candy ever! Does anyone know of a source for this particular item, or a similarly real tasting grapefruit-flavored candy? Torie & Howard's Pink Grapefruit & Tupelo Honey candies are okay, but they're expensive, come in a wasteful metal tin and have an annoying nubby texture, while the discontinued candies are smooth. Please hope me!
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Legal structures for a four-person partnership?

I’m researching what legal structure to use for starting a business with other people. We are in California. We may move to another state within the next couple of years. The business is service-based and we would also like to accept donations. [more inside]
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Can you help me talk myself into separating from a toxic partnership?

I'm ambivalent for no good reason. We really need to separate at a minimum, but I am struggling with waffling which is not helping matters. [more inside]
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My phone is auto-answering spam calls. Please help!

I got a new Pixel 2 this summer (Android 9), and have TrueCaller installed to block spam. I set both the native phone settings and/or TrueCaller to block calls from my area code, which is where a) I no longer live, and b) most of my spam calls come from. Somehow, the phone now answers up those (and only those!) calls on its own. I know I need to not answer those calls, but how? [more inside]
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staining lip balm. I want it.

This is one of those "recommend a product within these parameters" questions. I have a couple of these wet n wild lip balm stains. I love this product, but need more colors, as they only have one color that works on me, and this product isn't easy to find in stores near me anyway. Recommend me other lip products that (1) apply straight on, not with a wand (2) don't feel sticky on (3) feel like lip balm/sheer lipstick, ie are not drying, and are relatively forgiving in the application but do (4) leave a decently long lasting stain of color. [more inside]
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Gently stretching the waist/ribs area

I strained my intercostals and fractured a rib in January and since then I cramp up around my ribcage and at my waist when I twist my torso. I went to physio at the time and massage helped, but I can't afford that now. The therapist showed me some stretches to do, but they're all pectoral stretches and don't alleviate the cramping problem. [more inside]
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Is there a word for the need to have a connection to the outside world?

For years I've been unable to sleep without having some sort of music / TV on in the background at a "low murmur". It can't just be an MP3 playlist - it has to be a radio feed, NPR or BBC stream, or even The Weather Channel on TV. It has to be semi-live, something that would be interrupted or updated if there were a disaster or national emergency, etc. Something that lets me know the "outside world" is still there. Is there a name or formal description of this condition? [more inside]
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Suggestions on how to smooth out SSL certificate renewal process?

I've just taken a job at a web design company where I am responsible for renewing SSL certificates for quite a few domains every month. What is a good workflow for making the process smoother and more efficient? [more inside]
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Quiet Restaurant in Owings Mills, MD

I'm helping my mother find a restaurant that meets the following criteria: located in Owings Mills, MD, open for lunch on Tuesday, quiet or has a private room available for about 10 or so people (several of whom are hard of hearing). [more inside]
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Where in Seattle can I stay to walk everywhere?

I haven't driven a car in years and would rather not start up again in a foreign state. [more inside]
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How to update corporate Facebook page automatically?

Staff members make updates to our public web site through a WYSIWYG editor. Some of these should automatically appear as Facebook posts. Is this even possible anymore? If so, how? If not, what is the best alternative? [more inside]
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Trip to Juneau, AK for novel research! Writers & locals please help.

I'm going to be in Juneau, Alaska for two and a half days in the near future, and need some help getting the most out of my trip! I've written a first draft of a novel set in post-apocalyptic Juneau, and really want to get a sense of the place, the culture, and the history that I haven't been able to get through reading and googling. [more inside]
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I think I'm agender or something, but what's the point of that?

First of all, I really don't mean to be disrespectful of anyone else's experience with my thoughts here. It's one of those things where my doubts about being "valid" only apply to me, not anyone else. Rather, I'd love to hear from people who have felt this way, or can recommend resources for me, because I am having a hard time wrapping my head around my own gender issues. [more inside]
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What to do on my porch that isn't drinking a beer and having a smoke?

I quit smoking, yay! I'm not going to drink for a few months so that I won't slip back into smoking, another yay! Buuutttt, the weather has finally turned nice in Florida and my favorite thing to do is sit on the deck of my front porch and drink beer and smoke cigarettes. What can I do on the porch to enjoy the weather instead of my formerly favorite things? [more inside]
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Looking for info about the "Kamloops (Tk'emlúps?) Eight"

My family vacationed in the Canadian Rockies back in May, and we took part of the trip via train. On the way into Kamloops, British Columbia one of the guides talked about First Nations people's involvement in one of the World Wars. She told a story where soldiers from Kamloops would sneak into enemy camps at night to count soldiers and get intel. I think she referred to them as the "Kamloops Eight" (Tk'emlúps eight?) Assuming I'm not completely mis-remembering the details, does anyone know where I can read more about this story? [more inside]
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Might be losing my job in a few hours... advice?

My boss emailed me and said that he has "something he needs to talk about with me." We'll be chatting today. I had work performance issues due to depression over the past year, but very much do not want to lose my job, and could use MeFi's advice on how to handle the call and hopefully convince him that I can improve from here on. (Details inside) [more inside]
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I need a piece of choral music transcribed. Where do I go?

I have a poor-quality but totally legible recording of a choral performance of the school song of the Japanese high school where I used to teach. I would like to have sheet music/chords/a midi file for the song, so that I might create my own ridiculous version of it. How should I go about finding someone to transcribe it? [more inside]
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Does a 100% abnormal sperm morphology preclude pregnancy?

My son and his wife have just had the results of a semen analysis, and my son has a 100% abnormal sperm morphology. Everything else about the analysis was normal. They are very upset and if possible, I'd like to be able to tell them there is some reasonable hope of conceiving children. [more inside]
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Beginner knitter wants to do three color scarf. Help?

I'd like to do a scarf with three colors because I like them together and I often wear them together, so I think it would be a nice, unifying item (black, brown, and white-like a calico cat). Plus it would fun and challenging. But I don't know how! [more inside]
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What is this old collegiate plaque?

This plaque was my partner's grandfather's. Can you identify it? He went to Wesleyan University in Connecticut - a bit before WW2, I think. This may be the crest of some society - maybe academic, maybe fraternity, I have no idea. Can the hivemind help identify it? Thanks!
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Best short audiobooks for a drive on the shorter side of longish.

I have a trip coming up that'll bring approximately 4 total hours of driving into my life. I'm seeking recommendations for audiobooks of approximately the same length. The only constraint is that it MUST BE AVAILABLE on Audiobook CD (not downloadable audiobook) from the Chicago Public Library. [more inside]
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Can someone read these two early modern Greek words for me?

Hiya! I cannot read Greek. I would really (reallyreally) like to know what the two Greek words in this passage from a 1576 English book say, both as an English translation, and as a transliteration into an easily typable (so Latin, I guess?) script. Context and more pics within! [more inside]
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How should New Yorkers counter recent white nationalism and fascism?

We have had recent public displays of white nationalism/fascism-lite in New York City. What are good ways to respond to and counter this, from the small to the big? [more inside]
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I'm not convinced that this brochure site needs eleven subsystems

I'm a LAMP developer. Lately, the entire dev world seems to be going bananas for microservice architectures – and people seem positively mystified to learn that I still build old-school monoliths. I don't get it. Help? [more inside]
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How to handle calendar invites when I have multiple accounts?

I get a lot of calendar invites in my work. They don't work well because I have multiple email addresses and accounts. My primary calendar is a google calendar, attached to an account that I don't want to make public. My primary email is not a gmail email. Is there a way to make all this work? [more inside]
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Flower Delivery at the Workplace

My wife has a relatively new job working the front desk of a financial advisory firm. Can I send her flowers at work? This vaguely feels like one of those "if you have to ask..." situations, but c'mon, flowers! [more inside]
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Shipping personal goods to Germany

I'm shipping 10 boxes of personal belongings from the US to Germany via USPS. I talked to people at the post office, but I'm still confused about some details. [more inside]
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I like to flirt with the woman I'm dating by texting things like "I look forward to once again bathing in the radiance of your charm and beauty." (I don't know where I heard this first, but doesn't matter). Please give me other such superlatives to show that I am looking forward to seeing her.
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Does someone really have my new password already?

About a month ago, I got a critical security alert from google saying that someone had tried to log in to my gmail account with my password. I changed the password immediately to a unique password that I have never used anywhere else. In the last week, however, I have gotten three more critical security alerts saying that someone is trying to log in with my password, presumably meaning the new one. [more inside]
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Is the movie "First Man" worth seeing in IMAX?

The title says it all. IMAX is more expensive and further away, so is there anything about the film makes IMAX worth those headaches?
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Looking for a particular record in London.

I'm going to be in London for a few days later this week, and there's one vinyl record in particular I'm hoping to be able to find. I don't want to spend a good chunk of my limited time running all over the city in what might be a vain search, so I'm wondering if anyone could recommend a shop that might be more likely than others to have it. [more inside]
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October 14

Clearly, I don't know how to use my scientific calculator

This is driving me bananas. I'm using inverse tan (tan-1). My opposite leg is 0.5 and my adjacent leg is 1.5. So tanϴ= 0.5/1.5 -- which means ϴ=18.43. So why, when I enter 0.5 ÷ 1.5 and then hit tan -1, do I get 0.3217? [more inside]
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So-bad-they're-good movies (80s-90s preferred)

My partner and I (old-ish millenials) are on a bad-movie kick while waiting for the new MST3K season, and I thought AskMe might have some good recommendations for us. Films from the 80s-90s tend to be our favourites, but we're open to other eras if they're really worth it (we've already seen The Room and Rubber, for example). Our criteria and previous likes/dislikes below the fold. [more inside]
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Difference between old and new bricks

Our contractor wants us to pay 2x as much for old (pre 1970s) rather than new bricks for aesthetics. What if anything is different about old bricks from the bricks I can buy by the pallet at Home Depot and is there any reason I should care? This is for a small patio for a 100 year old home and we do like the look of aged vs brick red bricks.
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Best non-iron shirt in 2018

What is the best non-iron shirt in 2018? I have previously purchased Brooks Brothers shirts, based on a recommendation from Metafilter several years ago. I have been purchasing these, but noticed a drop in quality in recent years. They don't last. They rip after a year or two of use [more inside]
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Stye on inner eyelid?

I've had persistent, annoying styes on my lower, outer eyelids before, but yesterday I woke up with a stye on my inner, upper eyelid. It's very tiny right now but it's pretty sore and even blinking feels a bit ouchy sometimes. The reading I've been doing about inner eyelid styes is distressing and I'm hoping some of you can tell me about your experience with these little devils. [more inside]
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Is this phishing

I received an email today that says: "This email has been sent to you because the sign-in ID (Email address) for the relevant Sony Entertainment Network account has been changed. If you did not change your sign-in ID, please contact Customer Support at the following address:" The URL given looks authentic. The problem is that I don't have a Sony account and never have. [more inside]
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Instant messaging -- what's out there besides Discord and Skype?

Looking for a super-slim instant messaging application for Windows, suitable for a tiny broadcast operation. It only needs to support 2 users. Skype and Discord will not work for this. [more inside]
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Science or Not?

Who is qualified to conduct clinical trials? What are clinical trials? [more inside]
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Scratchpad App for Mac

Need a scratchpad solution for jotting super temporary text on a Mac (an email address someone dictates over phone, a clot of text copied from Safari to be cleaned up before cut/pasting into a Calendar entry, etc.). Stuff that won't be saved, doesn't need to be catalogued or tagged or synched or searched. Simple and ergonomic, going in and out (don't ask me if I want to save, etc.) [more inside]
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Where's the teachable moment in this math problem?

I am a long-term substitute teacher filling in for someone on maternity leave in a precalculus classroom. Last week I gave the first test of the marking period, which included a question on finding the intersections of a line with a circle. One of the students had an interesting alternate answer. [more inside]
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What should I do if an abuser gets violent after I cut him off?

Alright, so I'll just be frank with this. The abuser is my older brother and I have tried to make it clear that I don't want anything to do with him but he doesn't seem to get it and thinks that just by showing "affection" everything is alright between me and him. [more inside]
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Pescetarian - but hold the dairy?

I know that the modern livestock industry is unsustainable, which is why I follow a pescetarian diet. But if we all stopped eating the animals themselves, and just continued to eat dairy at our current levels, would this still be an unsustainable diet? [more inside]
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Bar soap to scent laundry? Or other non-detergent method?

I'm allergic to the scented detergents I've tried but I have bar soap that I'm fine with. Does it make sense to put a teeny tiny amount of soap in the washer's detergent input thingy? Alternatively, any way to reliably scent laundry? Looking for tips from people who have tried this or similar (or who can say definitively why it won't work).
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Grew up here, not allowed to work...what to do?

My friend "Anna" is twenty-two and in college. She was brought to the US from India (legally) when she was ten years old and has not been back there since, but neither she nor her parents are citizens. Her parents live across the country now and give her barely enough money to survive, but we all know about college's hidden expenses and she's not allowed to work on her student visa (campus jobs are unavailable). Now she's at her breaking point emotionally and therapy only helps so much. What can she or anyone do? [more inside]
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How do I download a full website onto my computer for offline viewing?

I am looking at a website and I need to download a copy on my computer so I can turn off the interview and view the full contents. The website has multiple pages - pictures and text. I have both a mac and a pc. What is the easiest way to do this?
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How to encourage children to use a minority language?

Does anyone have any tips, tools, or strategies for changing a child’s attitude to a minority language? [more inside]
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Kid wants to build an app... how?

My 10-year-old wants to build her dad a racing game app for Christmas. What is the best way to do this? She doesn’t want to long-hand code, if possible. She wants to make it personalized to him. This would not be a commercial venture. Can you recommend an app building tool or something else that can enable her goal? Thanks!
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Mixed signals from shy guy, what do you think?

Posted prematurely the other day, still a little confused and would appreciate advice! [more inside]
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Help me track custom personal health data (my own)

I currently track my blood sugar (iHealth, MySugr) and period info (Clue) and I'm trying out an intermittent fasting approach to managing my t2 diabetes. I would like an easy way to put all this data together so I can try to correlate it all in a glance. Looking for ideas - apps (iOS) or roll-your-own approaches OK if not too technical. [more inside]
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All aboard ... for anywhere

I drive a lot (all in NZ's South Island) servicing my jobs and doing sales. I'm normally alone so have a spare seat and room for a backpack. There's no service to connect hitchers and drivers here so I'm thinking of setting up something for myself (maybe it will expand but right now I'm just thinking about me). [more inside]
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Reputable resume-writing services?

I am a recent maths/stats graduate looking for work in entry-level analysis or database management. I'd like to get my resume reworked by somebody who I can explain my specific situation to. Since there seem to be several hundred services online which do just that, can you recommend a good one? [more inside]
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Which laptops still have a drive activity indicator light?

I need some help looking for a 14-15.6" Windows laptop with some specific requirements, which include: Easy-to-replace storage and RAM, can hold a second drive, has a number pad or dedicated Home/End/Page Up/Page Down keys, and -- maybe the most challenging aspect -- has a drive activity status light. I've found a couple of candidates; can you help me find others? More details/criteria: [more inside]
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October 13

Nerves "waking up" after surgery

I had an invasive surgery two weeks ago where a few of my nerves were debrided and knocked around some. What else can I do to help my nerve pain at night to supplement my gabapentin? Lots of details behind the cut... [more inside]
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Comfortable, Aesthetic Rope Bondage

like the aesthetics of rope bondage. I don’t like the restriction or things that are too tight over sensitive/painful areas of my body. Help me find some awesome patterns for my needs!? [more inside]
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Help my Yelp on Apple Watch

Yelp app on Apple Watch 4 shows me nearby businesses but no star ratings or reviews. [more inside]
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WI, USA: two absentee ballots in one envelope?

Spouse and I have just filled out our absentee ballots for the Wisconsin midterm election. We've put each ballot by itself into a plain envelope, signed and witnessed the certificates, and attached the appropriate certificate to the outside of each of our ballot-containing envelopes. Now, to mail the whole lot back to the city clerk, can we put both pieces in one big envelope, or do we have to put each person's ballot package in a separate big envelope? (I suspect I'm being excessively paranoid, but one can never be too sure.)
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Help me remember a quote about evil in America

I have a line or quote I once read bouncing around in my head, it was something along the lines of there being a pre-existing and long lived evil in America (or the Americas?) which was there before people (possibly it refers specifically to European settlers / “pioneers”) waiting to be discovered. I have a vague feeling this might have been from William S Burroughs. Perhaps I’ve made this all up - but it has been driving me crazy so if you can help me remember where I got this from and how exactly it was worded that would be great!
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High wattage small appliance. What outlet strip to buy?

After turning it on, my new 1800 watt air fryer trips my dinky little outlet strip within a few minutes. What upgrade to my electrical situation do I need to make this work? [more inside]
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