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June 22

Is the Vasari Corridor now open?

Planning a visit to Florence in October and would like to see the Vasari Corridor. They've been doing a renovation for several years and I believe it was to be completed this spring. Info on the Uffizi site is not clear about this. [more inside]
posted by Right On Red at 6:04 AM - 2 answers

June 21

Washington DC trip big picture

My 8yo and I are going to Washington DC for a week this July. We have plans for what we want to see while we're there, but what are the big-picture travel & lodging logistics I should know? [more inside]
posted by jeffjon around Washington, DC at 2:18 PM - 17 answers

Olympics sights to see before the Olympics?

Is there anything worth seeing in Paris ahead of the Olympics? The rings are up on the Eiffel Tower, but is there anything an ordinary tourist can see now? Venues, athletes village, stands for the opening ceremony?
posted by wnissen around Paris, France at 10:23 AM - 5 answers

June 20

Where to take a short and sweet sisters' trip west of the Mississippi?

My two sisters and I are looking forward to taking our first trip together in October but are feeling overwhelmed by all the options. Please help us narrow it down! [more inside]
posted by onesocktwosockredsockbluesock around United States at 10:03 PM - 6 answers

Hope we never use it

Please recommend a portable automatic tire gauge / tire inflation device that can be carried in the trunk of a car and used in an emergency by people who don't even check their own tire pressure when they don't have to. [more inside]
posted by ojocaliente at 4:50 PM - 19 answers

June 19

Buenos Aires tips and questions

Wow. B.A. hasn't had a tourist-related question in a while, and same for Argentina as a whole. So here we go. I have questions about paying for things, and then general advice seeking for things that aren't the standard fair as I am going to get all of that anyway. [more inside]
posted by Snowishberlin around Buenos Aires, Argentina at 2:15 PM - 5 answers

Who does TSA consider a guardian?

Should a 13 year old enroll in TSA-PreCheck if they will be traveling with grandparents, or can they piggyback on the grandparents' enrollment? This hinges on how the TSA defines "guardian". Do you have direct experience with this situation? [more inside]
posted by Winnie the Proust at 10:47 AM - 10 answers

June 18

Looking for tips/advice on backpacking in Japan on the cheap(ish)

Want to leave the States for July, thinking of spending the month backpacking in Japan, and visiting a friend there before flying out to Nepal. Never been to Japan, and haven't backpacked around youth hostels (in London/Ireland) since 2000. Looking for advice, encouragement, helpful tips. [more inside]
posted by blueberry around Japan at 5:00 PM - 4 answers

Best way to travel from Baton Rouge, CA to Hattiesburg, MS?

I'll be traveling from Baton Rouge, CA to Hattiesburg, MS on either a Friday evening or a Saturday morning, and I'm looking for the best way (most convenient and cost-effective) to get there. [more inside]
posted by eaquestions at 9:14 AM - 9 answers

June 17

Lake house working vacation

My family and I would like to get out of the heat in Texas for a week in mid July. I will need to work but all of that can be done on a laptop. I would really like to rent a quiet lake house that is somewhat close to a town that my wife and two teenagers can find some things to do. Keeping logistics really easy and laid back is my only hard requirement. I'll pay a premium for a nice place that's not overrun with noise and tourism. What location in the U.S. do you recommend?
posted by jasondigitized at 8:04 AM - 9 answers

June 16

How much cash is needed in Paris and etiquette

My daughter and I will be in Paris for 21 days; how much cash will I need for Paris? When is it preferred to use cash? [more inside]
posted by jadepearl around Paris, France at 4:27 PM - 16 answers

June 15

Need suggestions for Great Smoky Mountain trip!

We're going to be visiting friends in Ringgold, GA from June 27 thru July 6 this summer. Would love to spend two or three days in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Our Goals would be to see some country we've never seen before and perhaps cool off. We're not too interested in the Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg scene. So been thinking of spending a couple nights in Townsend TN with forays into the park like going to Clingmans Dome. [more inside]
posted by Rad_Boy at 2:56 PM - 10 answers

Gruesome Las Vegas

If I were to travel to Las Vegas, what would be its most gruesome aspects today? What is the most disgusting casino? What is the ickiest dinner buffet? What is the most depressing public space? What is the worst hotel? What is your secret awful spot in Las Vegas? This masochist mind wants to know. Tell me your nastiest Las Vegas stories!
posted by Scarf Joint around Las Vegas, NV at 12:14 PM - 22 answers

June 14

What’s on in Scandinavia this autumn?

I'm visiting Denmark, Sweden, and Norway during the first half of October, with the possibility of adding days at the end of September too (the precise schedule hasn’t been set yet). Hoping I'll have a lot of free time during my stay, I'd like to hear about interesting events and opportunities for unique activities that time of year. I'd be down for anything anywhere, especially stuff related to local cultures, nature, history, and food. Speaking of food, is October too late in the season for something like a guided foraging course somewhere in the region? [more inside]
posted by theory around Sweden at 1:10 AM - 1 answers

June 13

Long Layover in Saigon

Due to a travel agent's skullduggery, I had to book flights that included a 13-hour layover in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). Recommendations and tips on how to spend that 13 hour time with teenager in tow? [more inside]
posted by jadepearl around Vietnam at 9:51 PM - 2 answers

Get me to the Greek: Parking

I am going to a show at the Greek theater this weekend in Los Angeles. (Guess which one!) I've never been there and I am nervous about parking. My parking pass is for lots A, B, or H. Both the parking lots AND doors open at 5pm. Which is the best lot to aim for?
posted by The Adventure Begins at 3:01 PM - 5 answers

Things to do in Portland, Maine

A friend and I are flying to Portland, Maine, for a few days in August. Tickets are cheap and this is just a chance to get out of town in August. What are some things we might do? I like the ocean but am not a beach bather. Happy to hear about your favorite things to see and do in Portland or nearby.
posted by swheatie around Portland, ME at 11:24 AM - 14 answers

June 12

Mexico City Solo Trip - Tours

Are tours necessary for all sites and activities in Mexico City? [more inside]
posted by dtp around Mexico at 9:53 PM - 8 answers

Name that T-top car

What is the make, model, and year of the car in the video for Sabrina Carpenter's Please Please Please? Bonus question: has a car like this appeared in any other music videos, t.v. shows, or movies?
posted by fussbudget at 7:47 PM - 4 answers

Iceland - give me your recs!

Planning a 10 day trip to Iceland in September. We're debating between renting a camper or staying in hotels/b&b's. If you went, what did you do? Ring road or something else? F road capable vehicle? Did you buy a self drive package or work out all the details yourself? Anything else I should think about?
posted by leslies around Iceland at 11:37 AM - 13 answers

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