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January 27

CycleFilter: Any advise on riding Way of the Roses this summer?

I'm planning to ride the Way of the Roses in the UK this summer to commemorate my 50th birthday (or, at least, I'm using that as an excuse). It occurs to me someone in this community may have done this, or something like it, so here I am. [more inside]
posted by uberchet around England at 2:38 PM - 1 answers

Miami transportation on Super Bowl Sunday?

6 months ago I booked a flight and a hotel to go to Miami, and now I find out I'm landing in the middle of Super Bowl Sunday. How can I get from the airport to my hotel? [more inside]
posted by fuzz around Miami, FL at 1:16 PM - 8 answers

SFO: Luggage Cart Cost

I'll be departing SFO. I can't find the answer on official sites. Unofficially, it's $5, payable by cash or debit card. Is that true in 2020?
posted by Homer42 around San Francisco, CA at 10:34 AM - 2 answers

Fort-hopping without a car?

I’d like to visit Fort Ticonderoga and Fort William Henry sometime in May or June. I’m coming from NYC but I don’t have a car. Getting to Ticonderoga seems easy enough on Amtrak, but getting between Lake George and Ticonderoga, other than by Lyft/Uber (yikes!!), is proving trickier. Has anyone tried this before? I’d really like to do both in one trip if possible.
posted by orrnyereg at 9:48 AM - 3 answers

Moving Fiancée's Stuff Across Canada US Border

My fiancée and common-law wife is a UK-Canadian dual citizen. I'm a Canadian citizen. She's contracted to work as a theater actor in NYC for 14months under a P-2 visa. We've already moved the bare essentials by plane. I plan on driving down several bins of her stuff to her from Toronto a couple weeks from now. This includes lots of clothing, home wares, bags etc. How do I minimize friction at the border? [more inside]
posted by Evstar around United States at 9:16 AM - 6 answers

January 25

What should I do with my mostly defunct 2010 Subaru Legacy?

My Subaru Legacy has slowly but surely been deteriorating, and I think it has finally kicked the bucket. I have been repairing it myself, as well as passing the difficult problems to my mechanics, but the repairs I need now are overwhelmingly expensive and not reasonable for me. It still runs but barely. Details below the fold. [more inside]
posted by erattacorrige at 5:34 PM - 9 answers

January 24

Short, Worthwhile Vacations within Easy Travel Distance of Los Angeles

I'm trying to use up some more of my vacation time this year doing something more fun than lazing around at home. I've got a nice week-long vacation in Greece booked for late spring already, but I'd like to do some shorter trips throughout the year too. What are some good travel destinations for short 3-4 day trips for a solo traveler who lives in Los Angeles? [more inside]
posted by yasaman at 12:15 PM - 10 answers

What’s a resort like?

I’ve never been to a resort. But in looking at relaxing vacation options that are toddler-friendly, I’m considering going to one. Are they worth the cost? Anything I should know in advance? [more inside]
posted by inevitability at 9:43 AM - 7 answers

New Orleans Babymoon

Husband and I are planning a trip to New Orleans the last week of March, looking for pregnancy-friendly recommendations! [more inside]
posted by DoubleLune around New Orleans, LA at 6:30 AM - 3 answers

Where can I park near Chinatown in Houston?

I planned a dumplings date in Chinatown (9900 Bellaire), this Saturday at noon. I bet it's going to be nuts. Coming from Medical Center / Midtown, should we park my car somewhere nearby and take a lyft for the last mile? Where should we park?
posted by tintexas around Houston, TX at 4:51 AM - 2 answers

January 23

Haida Gwaii visit

We're thinking of visiting Haida Gwaii this summer. If you've visited (or live there), any information would useful. [more inside]
posted by ShooBoo around British Columbia at 3:44 PM - 4 answers

Moving Auto cross-country

Has anyone used a service to move an auto across country? It feels like the wild west and not in a good way. [more inside]
posted by rtimmel at 10:50 AM - 8 answers

Minimalist laptop-on-bike carry

I've recently started biking to work and have been experimenting with ways to carry my stuff. At this point everything I need fits in a small trunk bag that sits on my rear rack - except for my work laptop (15" Macbook Pro). What's the best way to carry this one last piece? Do slimline, laptop-and-not-much-else panniers exist? How about lightweight, small (but not too small for my laptop), NON-SWEATY backpacks/messenger bags? [more inside]
posted by btfreek at 10:40 AM - 13 answers

Buying a used car, quickly

Tomorrow I want to buy a used car, from a private seller, in a city a few hours from my home (both cities are in Ontario, Canada). What do I need to bring, and do? [more inside]
posted by nouvelle-personne at 9:37 AM - 5 answers

January 22

Stuff to with elderly parents in Naples, Florida?

My folks have lived in Naples for 15 years or so, so I've been to all the highlights--Billie's Swamp Safari, the botanical garden, the zoo, oh god the zoo. Are there other cool museums, tours, anything?
posted by Camofrog around Naples, FL at 7:58 PM - 5 answers

January 21

Camping in Oahu - recommendations, tips?

My partner and I are travelling to Oahu, Hawaii for 8 days in May. We'll be in Honolulu for about 3-4 days, and then we're planning to camp on the east and/or north shores. We're looking at staying in state or country parks, like Ahupuaʻa ʻO Kahana State Park. [more inside]
posted by jb around Hawaii at 4:03 PM - 10 answers

Hotel rooms with internal doors in DC

Heading to Washington DC with my husband and kid this summer for a couple of days. I vastly, vastly prefer a hotel room that has the sitting room (w/ pull out sofa) divided from the bedroom with an actual door. Not a half-wall, not a doorless hallway, a real actual door that shuts. It's often impossible to tell from room descriptions and photos whether or not this is the case. Have you stayed in such a room in DC? If so, where? [more inside]
posted by soren_lorensen around Washington, DC at 11:38 AM - 18 answers

How safe is Christiania nowadays for a solo young-ish female traveler?

I'm considering applying for a research stay for several weeks in Christiania in Copenhagen. I'm seeing mixed reviews in terms of safety. What's the reality? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 12:03 AM - 9 answers

January 19

What to do in L.A. next weekend?

Had a long list the first time we visited but having a hard time coming up with more! [more inside]
posted by stoneandstar around Los Angeles, CA at 5:25 PM - 11 answers

A walking vacation

I have long had a notion of taking a trip which involves, largely, walking from one place to the next. How can I make this happen? [more inside]
posted by breakin' the law at 5:23 PM - 24 answers

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