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July 23

How to get from Madrid to Zurich?

I have a flight into Madrid on a Friday and a flight out of Zurich 10 days later. Where to go in-between? [more inside]
posted by teststrip at 2:11 AM - 6 answers

July 22

Least-scary route from Baltimore to Pittsburgh, for a nervous passenger

My husband, son, and I will be driving from Baltimore to Pittsburgh later this week. Although I'm not the driver, I would like to avoid hills and trucks, to the extent possible. [more inside]
posted by merejane at 8:56 PM - 15 answers

Please help my friends love Spokane!

Dear friends and their adorable pup are moving to Spokane (he's already there, she's been out for visits and is following soon). They've been living in a great Midwestern college town, are disappointed in the farmers market (so far) and haven't yet found a bakery with amazing bread. The new house will be near Manito Park. They're bright progressive vegetarians in their early fifties who love great food and wine. Please recommend anything in the area that will help make their new life wonderful. Day and weekend trip suggestions, too. Thank you!
posted by 2soxy4mypuppet around Spokane, WA at 1:09 PM - 8 answers

Water-based and other Seattle activities

I’m in Seattle this week (Tuesday morning through Sunday morning)! It’ll be my first time there. I love water-centric activities like swimming, sailing, kayaking, etc. and the weather will be perfect so I’m hoping to do a bunch of that. Got any recommendations? [more inside]
posted by danceswithlight around Seattle, WA at 12:36 PM - 11 answers

A week in Northern California with nothing planned. Help!

Flying into Sacramento in 3 weeks and have nothing booked but a rental car. Would like to hit up wine country and see some interesting sites. Any recommendations appreciated. [more inside]
posted by lattiboy around Sacramento, CA at 12:26 PM - 15 answers

Get Me to Venice!

I have three days in September to get myself from Ljubljana to Venice. I'm seeking advice and tips about the best route. [more inside]
posted by artisthatithaca at 1:25 AM - 4 answers

July 21

Help us plan an active Alaska vacation

My father, brother, and I are going to Alaska for the first two weeks of September. We like hiking and the outdoors, unique experiences, and avoiding crowds. I have a rough itinerary; can you help me fill it out? [more inside]
posted by exutima at 8:47 PM - 5 answers

Help me plan for fun weekend trip to Madison, WI

Looking for new things to do and older things I might have forgotten. [more inside]
posted by cycleback around Madison, WI at 7:39 PM - 10 answers

How to best pack OR ship these items?

1. Delicate electronics (speakers, mic, webcam) 2. Medium sized bottles (glass & plastic) of perfume & other cosmetic liquids (no original packaging for anything) [more inside]
posted by CancerSucks at 4:10 PM - 4 answers

Places Better Than Here: Help me find a better life

Working family here, late 30's, two middle school-aged children and a second grader... getting burned out in our current situation and need a breath of fresh air. I'm in tech, she's in insurance (although she has PM skills), looking for affordable living near a beach (driveable), left-leaning politically, somewhere we can relax and do our lives the best we can (raising children, activities, etc.) [more inside]
posted by MMALR at 1:16 PM - 22 answers

July 20

Disney/Anaheim/area vacation for non-theme-park-loving vegan

Spouse and I are vacationing in Disneyland with the in-laws. This is very much not the sort of vacation we would choose on our own, so I'm feeling completely overwhelmed on trip planning. Please help me enjoy Disneyland, find some non-Disney things to do, and suggest vegan eateries. Details inside. [more inside]
posted by Advanced_Waffler at 6:29 PM - 16 answers

Opportunity for travel to Mexico + injury: go or no?

I have an RSI that, with aggressive rest, has finally begun to calm down. It doesn't take much walking to aggravate it right now. I have not been able to find wheelchair rentals in the areas we are traveling to. I can rent a wheelchair in my home city, but am not sure how the logistics of that would work out, hopping three flights. We are traveling with friends, and I am not willing to curb their activities. [more inside]
posted by moira around Oaxaca, Mexico at 5:55 PM - 8 answers

Best way to do Death Valley at Thanksgiving?

Visiting Death Valley during Thanksgiving break -- what's the best place to fly into if we want to minimize the chance of driving in snow? How many days and where should we stay? [more inside]
posted by serelliya around Death Valley, CA at 4:20 PM - 5 answers

July 18

Uber alternatives in London?

Might anyone recommend any particular alternatives to Uber in London? [more inside]
posted by gtrwolf around London, England at 10:30 PM - 12 answers

I'm taking a small-town job - is it a terrible idea to live in the city?

I've been offered a job. I'm going to take it. It fits in well with my career goals, the money is good, I like the people there. (I'm also currently unemployed!) But it's an hour from the nearest medium-sized city. I am heavily considering moving to the suburbs of the nearest medium-sized city and just dealing with a 45-ish-minute commute. It's not the longest commute I've ever had, or the worst, but I'm feeling quite anxious that it's a terrible decision. [more inside]
posted by Jeanne at 7:54 PM - 38 answers

How to kill 3-4 hours on Sunday in Manhattan in air conditioned comfort

I'm meeting up with a friend on Sunday for an early brunch in Manhattan. We'll sort where to eat pretty easily. But then we have a couple of hours to kill before I take the bus out of Port Authority. It's also going to be 100 degrees. [more inside]
posted by HeyAllie around New York, NY at 7:26 AM - 15 answers

July 17

Food me in San Fran, Fran

What should I eat in San Francisco? [more inside]
posted by chainsofreedom around San Francisco, CA at 6:18 PM - 23 answers

July 14

Portland Oregon (PDX) vacation

I couldn't find a straight-up, 'vacationing in Portland, OR' question*, so here it is! We are traveling there for a wedding and decided to extend on both sides, so we'll be there this Thursday to Tuesday. What would you do with that time? *(despite the fact that 'Portland, OR, USA' is used as *the* example in the Travel Location prompt...if I have just somehow missed earlier questions, please let me know!!!!) [more inside]
posted by Tandem Affinity around Portland, OR at 2:13 PM - 23 answers

From Toulouse to Paris

I will be solo attending a retreat outside of Toulouse, France, and am thinking of adding a few nights in Paris to the end of my trip. I'm looking for a few suggestions and advice on transport (and any stops between). [more inside]
posted by pazazygeek around France at 11:38 AM - 10 answers

Emergency prescription drug refill when you have no prescription

When I lived in the U.S. I always had photos of my original prescription slips available when I travelled out of the country in case my meds and I got separated. Now living in Mexico I take a different set of drugs that are also prescription the U.S. (and I’m sure many other places), but they are all OTC here. I have no prescriptions. How do people deal with this situation when traveling?
posted by Tell Me No Lies at 8:05 AM - 12 answers

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