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August 13

auto insurance for a young AND new driver?

Have you or anyone you know ever gotten auto insurance for a new driver under 21 who can't be added to their parents' plan? Or is it just a really bad idea? [more inside]
posted by Sparkling Natural Mineral Water at 11:34 PM - 8 answers

Last minute vacation ideas for Caffeine Detox? (<$1500)

I'm trying to burn 56-72 hours of PTO by end of September. I'm planning to rest and quit caffeine, but thinking it would be cool to also have a change of scenery and take a trip. I just haven't got a lot of money saved up for it, any ideas for <$1500 USD? [more inside]
posted by mannermode at 8:23 PM - 12 answers

August 12

Is it cool to re-glue visas in your passport?

Two visas are now loose and just tucked into my passport, due to old and feeble glue. What’s the right course of action? Do I glue them back in myself? [more inside]
posted by chappell, ambrose at 9:23 PM - 12 answers

The bright lights of ... Easton, Pennsylvania

Mother in law wants to meet husband, 3 year old, and I to meet at the Crayola Experience in Easton, Pa. this weekend. Is there anything else to do there?! [more inside]
posted by kat518 around Fullerton, PA at 8:13 PM - 11 answers

Short-term car leasing / subscriptions

Have you leased (or "subscribed") to a car through Fair or Canvas? What was your experience like? Bonus if you, say, got in a minor accident, or needed roadside assistance, and can speak to either company's handling of it. [more inside]
posted by tapir-whorf around Austin, TX at 12:52 PM - 7 answers

Interesting stop between Nottingham and Heathrow?

Later this week we're driving from Nottingham to Heathrow as we end an epic UK vacation. Hoping to get some ideas for an interesting stop on the route. We'd have maybe an hour or two to stop, but really want to do something (anything) so it's not just a day of pure travel in car and plane. Last year we did a quick stop in Winchester en route from Salisbury to LHR, and it was a perfect stop for a couple of hours, hoping to recreate that magic this time.
posted by banjo_and_the_pork around England at 10:22 AM - 12 answers

Should I get travel insurance?

I'm buying a ticket to go to Japan next April and wondering if I should get travel insurance. Cost of the ticket is about $750 and travel insurance quotes are between $35-60. Primary reasons I'm thinking of are canceling trip due to illness or job loss. Most also cover emergency health care which is a plus as I'm going for 2 weeks. Also, any recommendations for travel insurance companies?
posted by Automocar at 9:45 AM - 21 answers

Fun things to do after work in London?

I'm going to be working from London for a week in September near Monument Station. Can you recommend some fun stuff to do after work or on the weekend? [more inside]
posted by marfa, texas around London, England at 9:37 AM - 8 answers

What to do in Orlando?

I'm in Orlando for a week in October. I detest theme parks. What do I do? [more inside]
posted by pdb around Orlando, FL at 9:02 AM - 12 answers

Washington DC Auto Title Question Part II

Is it possible for our daughter to register a car in her name in Washington DC, even though the Vermont title is in our name? Do we have to switch the name on the title in Vermont first? [more inside]
posted by Xurando at 7:51 AM - 2 answers

August 11

Help this menopausal woman pick the perfect September vacation

Looking to take a solo vacation in September. Currently live in Seattle and want to spend a week exploring and resting with spectacular views -- water or mountain views preferred. The hot flashes are real, so moderate to cool temperatures are critical. [more inside]
posted by frizz at 10:57 PM - 11 answers

Bicycle commuting in the outer suburbs

I am interviewing for a job on the outer edges of the DC suburbs in Maryland. How can I figure out if it would be bikeable or not? Are there resources or guidelines for bike commuting in places like this? [more inside]
posted by shapes that haunt the dusk at 10:10 PM - 13 answers

Desserts, noodles, spa in Tokyo

I would love recommendations for any of the following! Desserts, ramen/udon, or spa/massage treatments! [more inside]
posted by bookworm4125 around Tokyo, Japan at 2:19 PM - 6 answers

Manitoulin Island recommendations?

We are going to Manitoulin Island for two days, midweek. Any recommendations for things to do, see and eat beyond the obvious stuff like Bridal Veil Falls? Would especially love recs for vegetarian-friendly restaurants that won't break the bank (a great pizza place that has a meat-free pizza would qualify).
posted by rednikki around Ontario at 7:56 AM - 6 answers

August 10

Keep my IBS'd gut happy in Gurgaon, India

I will likely be going to Gurgaon (India) next month for a work trip. I am looking for advice on how to protect and prepare myself for the inevitable gut distress, especially as someone with IBS-D. I'll have a generous enough expense account to look for safer food and drink, and have good insurance with international coverage. What I don't have is a lot of time to do extensive research on what to pack and how to assess my food options. Help me get quickly up to speed! [more inside]
posted by joan_holloway around Gurugram, India at 5:06 PM - 21 answers

Should I just sucumb to the Wawa cult? dinner in Fort Washington, PA

I am going to Fort Washington, PA for a one day training in a few weeks. Looking for a place to eat that'll scratch my "I've-eaten-the-local-thing-that's-good" itch. [more inside]
posted by vespabelle around Philadelphia, PA at 9:17 AM - 11 answers

August 9

Vancouver Ice Hockey

We're going to be in Vancouver, BC from 3rd October to 16th October and would like to see an ice hockey game. [more inside]
posted by poxandplague around Vancouver, BC at 10:17 PM - 5 answers

Traveling with cats, U-Haul edition

Next weekend, my boys and I will head for the Twin Cities. I need your best tips, especially any non-intuitive ones, for making sure my critters are as comfortable, well taken care of, and safe as I can make them. [more inside]
posted by Archipelago at 3:05 PM - 17 answers

Ebike commuting for novice rider

I've decided to get an ebike to get to work. It's a 14-18km trip depending on the route I take, and mostly on cycle paths. I'm considering getting the Trek Verve+ (planning a test ride this weekend if I can) and I'd like to get thoughts/advice here as well as at the bike shop. (Yesterday's 'How do I bike' is helpful but my circumstances are a bit different and I have some additional questions.) [more inside]
posted by aussie_powerlifter at 6:42 AM - 11 answers

August 8

How do I bike?

Bad News: My car has finally given up the ghost and gone to that big junkyard in the sky, and I can't afford a new(er) one at this time. Good News: I live just a little over two miles from work, so I'm going to get a bike and bike to work. People do that, right? Bad News: I haven't been on a bike since I was probably around 13. And I was never really that good at it. And I live in Phoenix, where it can be 115 degrees when I'm trying to bike. Please Help! Specific questions inside... [more inside]
posted by Weeping_angel at 4:41 PM - 39 answers

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