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June 30

Argentina filter: Choscamus or Lobos for the eclipse tomorrow?

Hopping a last minute flight to Buenos Aires for the eclipse tomorrow with a plan to land and head straight into the path of totality for sunset. Has anyone been to Chascomús or Lobos? Any car rental tips or local driving quirks to be aware of? Would love any perspective the metafilter community has to offer. Thanks as always! :)
posted by wowenthusiast at 5:21 PM - 3 answers

Going to San Jose, Where to Stay?

Mr. Darling, the two kiddos and I are heading to San Jose in August. We will be staying with family for two nights near Los Gatos and then will relocate to San Jose for two nights. We want to be somewhere walking friendly but we will have a car. Any suggestions?
posted by tafetta, darling! around San Jose, CA at 12:54 PM - 5 answers

Good parks for people-watching in Hong Kong

On trips to China, I've been enchanted by the great variety of group activities in parks. I saw ballroom dancing and hackysack at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, and catwalk displays in the People's Park in Chengdu. In my last trip to Hong Kong, I saw lone exponents of Sword TaI Chi in the zoo area in Central, which was a nice start to the day but not in the same league as Beijing hackysack. Are there parks in Hong Kong that approach the same social spirit as those in mainland China?
posted by kelper at 11:36 AM - 2 answers

Planes, trains, and automobiles in and around Rome (and Florence/Naples)

I'm going to Italy (based in Rome) for a week and a half in July and am ridiculously excited. For the first couple of days, I'll drive out to the countryside from the Rome airport to visit friends, and then spend six days in Rome with planned side trips to Naples/Pompeii and Florence during two of the days that I'm there. I'd be grateful for your recommendations, but I am specifically wondering about some practical details. [more inside]
posted by foxy_hedgehog around Rome, Italy at 7:53 AM - 19 answers

June 29

Long Germany layovers: 6 hours in Frankfurt, overnight in Munich

Traveling with three teenagers (16, 14, 12) from US to Athens this weekend on Lufthansa and we have long layovers each way — 2pm to 8:30pm Tuesday in Frankfurt and 9pm Monday to 9am Tuesday in Munich. We’ve never been to Germany (and don’t speak German), but we hate to spend more time than necessary in the airport, or in the case of Munich, sleep away our time in a hotel. [more inside]
posted by blueshammer around Munich, Germany at 8:05 AM - 16 answers

Melbourne for Cheap

Woohoo, got tickets to the Cursed Child for the Potterhead child! All the money went to tickets so we are on a tight budget. Logistics questions inside for Melbourne. [more inside]
posted by jadepearl around Melbourne, Australia at 1:36 AM - 6 answers

June 28

Where to Travel in November

I have a milestone birthday coming up in November, and I was thinking of making it a destination birthday. It doesn't seem like a great month for travel though, so I'm unsure of where to go. [more inside]
posted by willnot at 1:53 PM - 16 answers

June 27

Brisbane with my weird little roommate.

I am heading to Brisbane next week with my two year old. Its going to be rainy and I'll be without my other adult. Looking for can't miss locations as well as maybe indoor play spots for toddlers. [more inside]
posted by stormygrey around Brisbane, Australia at 5:30 PM - 7 answers

International pet transfer - getting a pet rabbit from US --> Iraq

A good friend of mine is moving his familyl back to Iraq from the US. His daughter has a pet rabbit. We are trying to figure out how to safely transport him across international lines. Ideally, they'd prefer to find a way to transport the rabbit the whole way in the cabin/underseat. Suggestions for international pet shipping companies would also be helpful. Thanks!
posted by Anonymouse1618 at 5:17 PM - 5 answers

Fast internet and beautiful forests/mountains in the American west?

Thinking about moving and am looking for possible places to move in the American west - I'm trying to find a place in the middle of the forest/mountains (ideally very close to a National Forest or Park) with fast internet (minimum 300mbit symmetrical connection). I have a virtual job which relies on fast internet access so the faster the better!
posted by arnicae at 3:13 PM - 6 answers

Do you have experience shipping luggage internationally?

Do you have experience shipping luggage internationally and will you share it with me? I am interested in which companies you used, cost, and if you felt it was worth it. Details are inside. [more inside]
posted by dame at 11:12 AM - 4 answers

Make our trip to Scotland Amazing: Glasgow addition

We'll be visiting Glasgow very soon and would love any ideas for interesting, unusual, or not-to-be-missed sights, spots, or activities. [more inside]
posted by quantum around Glasgow, Scotland at 8:04 AM - 19 answers

What are your favorite preschooler-friendly European cities?

I want to take my family (two adults, a 4 year-old, and a non-mobile infant) on a trip to Europe next April/May. Ideally we'd like to visit a clean, relaxed city with good public transit and lots of chill activities. Please advise! [more inside]
posted by zoomorphic at 7:55 AM - 19 answers

Car repairs too expensive to make, buying another car is too

Car needs $4k worth of repairs on it. I can't afford that. I don't know what to do. [more inside]
posted by jenfullmoon at 7:02 AM - 30 answers

June 26

dispersed camping in Oregon

Where are some good sites for primitive camping in Oregon this coming week? [more inside]
posted by diode around Bend, OR at 7:56 PM - 2 answers

Planes, Trains and .... Campervans.

I'm traveling to Ireland, for the first time, in a few weeks to spend a week with my daughter at the end of her summer study program. It's late in the game, but I'm considering renting a campervan and hitting the (left side of the) road! Advice appreciated. [more inside]
posted by ecorrocio around Ireland at 7:18 PM - 7 answers

What's life like in Charleston, West Virginia?

I have a job opportunity in Charleston, West Virginia. I have never been there, and would like to know if it's the kind of place my family might enjoy for a few years. [more inside]
posted by skewed at 3:07 PM - 5 answers

Frida Kahlo Museum - photography permit?

Will be heading to CDMX next week and have reservations at many of the main attractions, including advanced tickets at the Frida Kahlo Museum. I read in a couple of spots that you have to have a permit to take photos? Does that include all photos? Or just photos with a camera that is not a phone? And if that is the case (I have an actual camera that I will want to take pictures with), how do I get a permit in advance?
posted by something_witty around Mexico City, Mexico at 2:12 PM - 5 answers

How to use trip insurance as a result of the European heatwave?

On vacation in France. The heatwave is making the trip miserable. Also, my wife is pregnant. We have trip insurance. How do we handle this? [more inside]
posted by rbf1138 around France at 10:20 AM - 14 answers

Travel Filter: Switzerland and Sardinia

My spouse and I are going on our delayed honeymoon this August. We will be spending time in the Interlaken / Lauterbrunnen region of Switzerland and on the Italian island of Sardinia. Hit me with your advice inside! [more inside]
posted by lazaruslong at 8:21 AM - 12 answers

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