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May 28

An Alternative to "the wolf you feed"

I'm working on a piece of writing about how a particular industry needs to have a values shift. I had thought about opening it with the well-known anecdote "two wolves fighting" anecdote, where the moral is that the one that wins is the one you feed. But when I went to look up origins, turns out it's a piece of evangelical glurge that gets passed off as a "Native American" story. I don't want any of the associations of that on my piece. So, do you know of another short anecdote with a similar moral - that you need to make a choice about which values to invest in? Thanks for your help.
posted by Miko at 2:43 PM - 13 answers

May 21

Help ID a book - SF that I read in 82 and remember very little of

Trying to ID an SF novel that I probably read around 82 or 83 and probably got from the Yongsan Army Library in Seoul, Korea. Very sure it was SF, and possibly dystopian or post-apocalyptic but not certain. All I really remember is one idea about people being paid for work based on a set of various factors. [more inside]
posted by Awfki at 6:05 AM - 6 answers

May 3

Myth and magic, history and belonging

I am looking to boost my appreciation for the magic of the world. Specifically, myths and magic and make believe that are tied to a sense of place and a sense of history, and foster my personal feelings of belonging in the world. Examples of what does this for me: American Gods and Neverwhere, Little, Big by John Crowley, Robin Wall Kimmerer, a friend's Beltane celebration. Things that don't work for me include astrology, tarot, and personal rituals, but are in the right vein. More specifications below the fold: [more inside]
posted by Grandysaur at 3:45 PM - 25 answers

May 1

Your favorite synagogues for Shabbat services

With the world as it is, and synagogues around the world live-streaming, I thought I'd explore some interesting bits of the Jewish world that I wouldn't normally have access to... [more inside]
posted by spbmp at 4:29 PM - 6 answers

April 30

what, you egg?

The Hanged Man (NSFW) in this tarot deck is based off of Odin sacrificing his eye at Yggdrasil. why is there an egg? [more inside]
posted by gaybobbie at 3:01 PM - 3 answers

April 28

'I think I'm the only one here who's only been born once'

I recall, during the George W. Bush era, an anecdote in which an official looked around a meeting room and broke the ice by saying 'I think I'm the only one here who's only been born once'. Who said it? Was it a real person, or if not, whose joke am I thinking of?
posted by Fiasco da Gama at 8:25 PM - 1 answers

April 19

Monastic memoir recommendations

I am looking for recommendations of books, memoirs especially, of people who have either gone to live in monasteries (Catholic, Zen etc) as long-term visitors and/or people who have adapted a monastic discipline in their own lives without necessarily living in an actual monastery. [more inside]
posted by shibori at 1:45 AM - 17 answers

April 18

Secret Solstice Structure in the Southwest?

I recall reading about a sculptor or artist of some sort that was building or had built a massive stairway or ramp through or on sandstone geology in the American Southwest. The passage was designed to line up with the rising or setting solstice sun. The location was secret to prevent over-visiting and erosion, but was available for ceremonial use. [more inside]
posted by stinkfoot at 9:22 AM - 13 answers

April 11

Will my kid be Jewish?

Help me understand the ancient rules for a modern world [more inside]
posted by gillianr at 9:24 PM - 8 answers

April 4

Help me visit nature in my mind

I was watching a movie today with many scenes set in nature and noticed that if I concentrated on the scenes, I could feel as if I was in a forest or another natural settings. Are there any guided meditations available online that take you on a journey through nature, where you are focused on the sensory experience? Thinking of narratives/meditations where all of the senses are engaged (in your mind).
posted by rogerroger at 3:03 PM - 4 answers

March 30

I can safely leave NYC. Should I?

I live in New York City and have been at home in a studio apartment with my spouse for just over two weeks (with a handful of trips out for food). We are showing no symptoms of illness aside for the expected stir-craziness. We do have a car and an empty cabin to go to about 100 miles away and enough supplies to self-quarantine upon arrival for at least 18 days. But it's in a rural area that has asked visitors to stay away. We are paralyzed by guilt and indecision; should we go? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 5:43 AM - 45 answers

March 24

Converting to islam guides?

A family member is converting to marry a long-time partner. The usual center for classes here has suspended the classes during covid19, so we would like to get a head start on what they need to know. I'm very wary of youtube because of bias, straight-out weirdos & misinformation, but they learn best through audio or video, not books. Can you recommend a mainstream and moderate source for conversion lessons online? (NB: I am taking some of the lessons alongside to better understand the new family member's faith, this is a neutral topic for our family).
posted by dorothyisunderwood at 9:14 PM - 1 answers

March 13

taking up space

I have a lot of issues around taking up space - either physically, or space in terms of other people's consciousness or attention. I feel like I am always making myself smaller or apologising or berating myself for needing attention etc. What is a healthy way of approaching the matter of taking up space in the world? [POC-filter] [more inside]
posted by unicorn chaser at 10:02 AM - 5 answers

Christianity without Congregation?

Are there any major Christian theologians who did not believe in, or downplayed, the importance of an active church community? Who emphasized solitary instead of communal worship? I'm not interested in the "like God, but not church?" type groups. I'm specifically looking for scholarly theologians who, well, liked God but not church, or who wrote about religious practice when there was no community available. [more inside]
posted by Think_Long at 8:34 AM - 13 answers

March 10

What was the human body like before the Biblical "fall"?

What were our bodies like in a pre-fallen world? Assuming they were still earthly bodies with reproductive organs, we were always made to give birth. But reproduction means people would have to die at some point or else the earth would overpopulate. It seems like death was a necessity from the beginning. Did we poop? Have periods? Smell bad? Did childbirth always contain some degree of discomfort? [more inside]
posted by ygmiaa at 9:51 AM - 17 answers

March 9

How to rationalize evolution with the existence of God

How can you rationalize evolution with the existence of God? Separately, how can you rationalize the idea of evolution with the Christian God? The reason why I'm trying so hard to get these ideas to co-exist is because I can't make sense of the human body within a Christian framework. [more inside]
posted by ygmiaa at 1:04 PM - 30 answers

February 26

How does one escape nihilistic biological determinism?

I think I've managed to internalize an extensive philosophy of biological determinism that undergirds a resistance to treatment. It's a particularly tenacious answer to nearly any question born of disappointment. While I've been wanting to seek help (which has proven very difficult where I live, when unemployed), I'm afraid it has inoculated me against any solution that isn't self-harm. [more inside]
posted by constantinescharity at 11:49 PM - 16 answers

How can I learn to be more decisive?

I am always flip-flopping on decisions - because I can see the pros and cons of most things, it makes it very hard for me to commit to a path. How can I learn to be more at ease with the fact that every decision has an opportunity cost? What are some ways you have found of being more decisive? [more inside]
posted by unicorn chaser at 8:04 AM - 20 answers

February 23

Question about Hindu god Chitragupta

In Hindu mythology, Chitragupta was born to help Yama avoid making mistakes. What became of Yama’s previous mistakes? [more inside]
posted by klausman at 2:24 PM - 2 answers

February 15

Baltic Pagan Resources and Online Communities?

Can anyone point me in the direction of resources or communities for those interested in Baltic (especially Estonian) paganism and neo-paganism? No luck with google or reddit so far. [more inside]
posted by LegallyBread at 9:40 AM - 4 answers

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