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March 20

What happens when church gets interrupted?

What happens if someone has a heart attack during a church service? [more inside]
posted by amicamentis at 1:34 PM - 16 answers

March 17

Working through an existential crisis, still

I'm dealing with an existential crisis and am not sure humanism is still a mindset that works for me anymore. I'm reading about religion and spirituality at the moment to see if I can experience subjective divine experience (about the only framework I think I could understand God or some kind of cosmic order through). I'm also considering psychedelics. I can function at work but the rest of my life is getting strained. What are good resources to help me through this? [more inside]
posted by MuppetNavy at 9:09 PM - 45 answers

March 16

Help me read *only* the parts of the Bible about Jesus's time on Earth.

So, I'm an atheist, but I'd like to read the parts of the Bible that are about Jesus's life on Earth, and I'd like to avoid reading any of the rest of it. If that's my goal, what sections should I read? [more inside]
posted by 23skidoo at 3:05 PM - 28 answers

February 18

Fixating on death and the end of the universe

I read a sci fi story recently (Aspirate) that got me a bit too close to the absurd. It's turned into fixation and rumination. I want to move on and make the most of my time on Earth because what else can I do, but that's a tall order. I guess I should put this stuff in the extended explanation if it's a bit much for people to scroll past. [more inside]
posted by MuppetNavy at 10:32 AM - 20 answers

February 12

Belief, memory, and identity: How do they work?

What are the best philosophical works (including novels) you've read that touch on belief (the nature of, not the content of), memory, and identity?
posted by perhapses at 7:44 PM - 9 answers

February 11

A Book of Monsters

I am looking for an original taxonomy of monsters. [more inside]
posted by nantucket at 1:23 PM - 5 answers

February 7

Can a non-believer convert to Judaism?

I was raised non-religiously in a nominally Catholic family, but I've never believed in God. However, I went to college at a Jewish university, my ex-husband was Jewish, my social circle is predominately Jewish, and my current boyfriend is Jewish. I've been Jewish-adjacent for decades. When I married my ex, I didn't convert because of the atheism thing. But my boyfriend asked me to marry him yesterday, and this loud, clear voice in my head boomed "you should convert." But can I? [more inside]
posted by Neely O'Hara at 11:01 AM - 24 answers

February 2

Philosophical arguments for staying or leaving the Trump administration

I’m not certain of the exact timeframe, but shortly after the 2016 election I read an article online reviewing the philosophical arguments for a conscientious person staying in a system they find to be harmful in an attempt to make it better versus leaving the system in protest because staying would make them complicit. While the premise was working in the Trump administration, the bulk of the article was situation-agnostic and discussed different philosopher’s opinions. My attempts to find this article have been in vain. Help me, Mefi!
posted by AaRdVarK at 7:47 PM - 2 answers

January 22

interesting bible/talmud/quran/etc passages to memorize?

This may come off as weird, but for certain reasons, I'd like to memorize interesting passages from sacred texts. Interesting in the sense as a) core locus for a less well known theological debate / thesis or b) an interesting discrepancy between different parts of the text or c) interesting passage in light of later developments. [more inside]
posted by kmt at 1:56 PM - 8 answers

January 19

Stepping outside of comfort zone versus doing things I don't want to

How do you know whether you're doing something good by stepping out of your comfort zone, or whether you're just forcing yourself into doing things you get no enjoyment out of?
posted by iamsuper at 8:41 AM - 12 answers

January 12

Explain the Catholic Compline (evening Liturgy of the Hours), please?

Can anyone give me a summary of the Roman Catholic approach to the Liturgy of the Hours (a.k.a. the Breviary), specifically evening prayer (Compline)? I want to add it to my evening routine, so recommendations of a compact book of them would be REALLY useful. [more inside]
posted by wenestvedt at 8:34 PM - 9 answers

January 6

First Person Creepy Stories In Medical Settings?

I've finished reading the long and awesome "What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?" thread recommended by this old askmefi and am looking for similar stories in hospital/nursing home settings online. [more inside]
posted by whitelotus at 4:32 AM - 1 answers

January 2

Monastic History books

What books are good historical accounts of monastic traditions around the world? [more inside]
posted by zenja72 at 5:09 PM - 4 answers

December 31, 2018

Questions, asked daily, that have changed your life?

Looking to be more intentional this coming year, and while I've never been one for journaling I'd like to start by doing some very simple reflection. I think having a punch list of questions to reflect on and (optionally) do some simple journaling on would be helpful. Do you have a set of these questions? Or a simple process for reviewing your goals and personal vision/mission and sticking to them?
posted by sciencemandan at 7:27 AM - 23 answers

December 18, 2018

Resources for socially progressive Christians

I love Jesus, and I also love people in the LGBTQ community, feminism, art, critical thinking and pluralism [more inside]
posted by Crookshanks_Meow at 8:38 AM - 33 answers

December 6, 2018

Getting over losing a prized posession

I lost something of great sentimental value to me, and I'm quite sure I'm never going to be able to find it. How do I train my brain to understand that's it's not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things? [more inside]
posted by kryptondog at 9:11 AM - 39 answers

November 15, 2018

Looking to confess my sins, cry a little, and then feel better.

I really want to make confession but don't have a regular church anymore. Where can I drop in and not feel uncomfortable? In NYC. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 4:27 AM - 6 answers

November 14, 2018

Looking for a medieval legend about Jesus!

There is presumably a "medieval European legend of how Christ was chased by his enemies. In that story, Jesus blessed the animals who helped him and cursed those who hindered him as he fled from his persecutors." I think that, from his helping and cursing, those animals came to have some of their defining characteristics. Does anyone know of this legend???
posted by mrmanvir at 1:33 AM - 3 answers

November 5, 2018

How to stop thinking about something I'm undecided on?

How do you stop thinking about something that is bothering you? For instance, let's say you are undecided about something in your life, whether it is a relationship, whether to stay at a job, etc. Whenever I have a problem like that, my mind will think about it from the moment I wake up, til I go to bed, and won't stop no matter what I'm doing, even when I try my hardest not to think about it. I've tried mindfulness in a sense of allowing the thoughts there and going about my day anyways, and I've tried distraction techniques. Sometimes the thing is something that I can't decide right then, and need more time to feel out, but the constant thinking about it depresses my mood. I'm wondering if anyone has some helpful tips.
posted by oracleia at 3:43 PM - 12 answers

October 31, 2018

Please tell me about intelligent books on prayer

What it says. I'm looking for any intelligent/intellectual engagement with prayer. Could be historical or how to. Any faith tradition is OK, as long as it's not simplistic "ask God for stuff and you'll get it." Please don't answer unless you're willing to explain your recommendation at least a little bit. I can find a list of titles on Amazon. I'm looking for books that MeFites find meaningful or useful. Fiction is OK if it's very high quality. Something like a TED talk would be fine too. Thank you!
posted by FencingGal at 7:36 AM - 27 answers

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