December 10

Round bathroom exhaust fan for 13" hole?

Does anyone have a bathroom ceiling fan that they like, which will fill a 13" circular hole? [more inside]
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How do I change the display order in a scatter chart in Google sheets?

I've created a scatter chart in Google sheets. How do I change the display order so "1" is at the top of the Y axis and "20" is at the bottom?
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Moving Parts: Family Obligations, Student Loans, and Holiday Wishes

My in-laws are in serious debt, and among them are $70,000 worth of my wife's student loans. They have asked my wife to refinance this loan in her name and pay her back for the payments on the loan. However, with our combined salary of just at ~$60,000 before taxes, high-ish rent, $27,000 worth of grad school debt, car payments, and credit card bills- this feels like a precarious proposition. Should we take on this loan, and is there a way out for my family? Many snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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your favorite (safari) extensions please!

inspired by umbu's question above, I'm inspired to improve my Internet life. Please tell me your favorite browser extensions that make your Internet experience better! (The irony of being inspired by a question about avoiding recommendations to solicit recommendations is not lost on me but let's do this anyway.) I use Safari, but if on balance my life would be improved by going to Chrome, I can make that happen in 2018. [more inside]
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Dreaming of a recommendation-free life

I'm really tired of my screen being dominated by "If you like this..." recommendation algorithms, like the right side of the screen on youtube. Is there any way I can live with less of this? I'm dreaming of the recommendation algorithm equivalent of an ad blocker.
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How Do I Concentrate On Reading When I Have Anxiety

I desperately want to read more, but I have such bad anxiety that it makes it difficult. What do I do? Details inside [more inside]
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Christmas Gift for an Elderly Woman

What do you get a 83 year old woman who watches Fox News all day? I am stumped. She wants for nothing, doesn't really need anything.
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Which edition of the book Heidi is best?

There are numerous editions of Heidi, and on Amazon it looks like the reviews for all the different editions are pooled together. Which translation/edition have people been the most happy with? Any editions to avoid? I am looking for either hardcover or paperback.
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Starting a women's networking group--what do we need to know?

A few friends and I would like to set up a professional networking group for women in our particular male-dominated policy area. We want to create a safe space that is as welcoming to all women. Initial plans are to start out with a Facebook group and follow up with some networking events, first in the city where we founders live, and then, hopefully, in members' cities. Have you ever set up such a group, and if so, how did you go about it, what worked best, and what do you wish you had done differently?
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I can haz job for Christmas?

This was me. Thanks to the excellent advice from fellow mefites, I now have not one but two (TWO!) tenure-track academic offers in my field. Help me decide! [more inside]
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December 9

Work clothes while recovering from surgeries?

After a serious illness, I am preparing to interview work. I've been living in over-sized sweaters and leggings, but am looking for a more professional look that still works with my fragile health. Any suggestions welcome! Details beneath the fold. [more inside]
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(random number) Title

What is the number that shows up on the browser tab for YouTube? [more inside]
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How could you get rich if you went back in time?

If you were to go back in time to a random date in the last few hundred years, how could you use your knowledge of the future to get rich and not have to work a normal job? [more inside]
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Insurance question - is having double coverage screwing me over?

Short version? Kaiser Permanente is refusing to cover anything because my Other Insurance (this year it's Blue Cross) says KP doctors are out of network. My out of network deductible is $5k and I now have this huge bill from what I thought were covered doctor visits at KP. And if I have to just eat it this year, fine. But I like having double coverage, and now I have an Idea. Will it work? Long version inside. [more inside]
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How much effect does public comment have in the EIS?

Is there any data that shows how often public comments submitted during the public involvement portion of an Environmental Impact Statement actually changed an alternative from one to another in the final selection? [more inside]
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So. Many. Oysters.

Due to a Christmas Gifting Mishap that affected my extended family, I have 50 small fresh oysters in my fridge right now. What should I do with them? [more inside]
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Help me replace a lost sweater?

I’m looking to replace a sweater I lost. It’s dark blue, crop length, long sleeved, with white abstract angular shapes all over it. The white shapes reminded me of silhouettes of origami. I got it second hand and don’t think it had a tag on it. Any leads?
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Do I need to be friends with my boyfriend's friends?

I've been dating someone for a few months. He's great and everything is going well, but we keep disagreeing over how much time I should be spending with him and his friends. [more inside]
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Am I right to be annoyed by this?

Twice in the last couple of years, I've been asked a particular question at my doctor's office, which infuriated me. Am I right, or am I overreacting? [more inside]
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Detective Game Recommendations?

Please share with me your recommendations for good detective games to get caught up in! Details under the fold. [more inside]
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My elderly self-employed uncle needs health care.

My elderly self-employed uncle needs health care. I have health insurance as a (US) government employee. Is there a chance I could find some way to cover him under my insurance? [more inside]
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Another call for best podcast EPISODES

I am not a podcast listener because I have a 10 minute bike commute and also am a terrible listener. However, I’m going to be driving for most of the next month, and would love to explore the world of podcasts. There are so many. Please recommend me the best INDIVIDUAL EPISODES of good podcasts. Anything goes, fiction, non-fiction, history, arts, tech, politics, comedy, absurdity, anything and everything else, but I have a slight preference for less chatty. [more inside]
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How do I keep rats out of my compost?

Please describe your rat-proof compost bin solution. [more inside]
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Have Desk, Need Hobby

In an effort to peel myself away from the computer more often, I am moving a desk into my walk-in closet to set up a "crafting space" of sorts -- however, I don't yet have a crafting hobby to use this space for! [more inside]
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What was life like for sixth century North Indians?

If you were a North Indian somewhere in the middle of the social hierarchy in the sixth century, what would your life be like? What would be a reasonable profession for you? What kind of stuff would you eat? Would you be hungry? Beset by disease? Or more or less happy? What would your social life consist of? Looking for information both general and specific.
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Some accessed my bank account and deposited money. Why?

Someone gained access to my online bank account, got an cash advance from my credit card, and deposited the money INTO my account. I don't get it. [more inside]
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How to be a good partner when you're the depressed one

Whenever I do a web search for, like, "how to be a good partner with depression," I get resources for how to support a depressed person. But I am the depressed person, and I'm looking for resources/advice on how to communicate with and support my partner while also taking care of myself. (That pretty much sums it up, but snowflakes below, of course!) [more inside]
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Movies set primarily in DC, but NOT primarily about politics/government

I'm putting together a list of films set primarily in Washington, DC but that are *not* primarily focused on politics or the federal government. So, no to All the President's Men, but yes to The Exorcist and Broadcast News. [more inside]
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A cat's love for organ meats - does it represent a dietary deficiency?

My cat is increasingly snooting food she used to like, but never will she reject canned food that contains organ meats. Preference only, or indication of a deficiency? [more inside]
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Mixing potassium citrate and La Croix?

For a potassium source that's not too basic, I'm adding potassium citrate to La Croix sparkling water, which I'm assuming is acidic (carbonic acid?). What is happening when it starts fizzing? [more inside]
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What oil or polish to use on teak table and credenza?

I have a veneer teak credenza and solid teak table. New purchases, old items. The table has a few scratches from our cats jumping on and off. The credenza has some water stains and marks from its previous life. I've been recommended to oil both to keep them looking nice - but all my research shows contradictory suggestions. Can you please recommend an oil that I can use to refresh these items? Bonus if it can also be used on a few other items of varying shades and types of wood.
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Women authors for an Updike/Vonnegut/Roth fan?

My friend and I were recently discussing books, and I jokingly mentioned he should try reading some women authors for once. He was a bit surprised to realize how little he'd actually read by women, and I was a bit stumped coming up with recommendations, as we typically read very different types of books. But the hive mind is great at this kind of stuff. Help me come up with suggestions? [more inside]
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Favorite Informational YouTube Channels?

I'm looking for your favorite YouTube channels to follow that are informational, educational, or historical in nature. I'm not interested in channels that are primarily comedic, but it's fine if they're humorous while being informative. [more inside]
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Someday I’ll have two good arms again, but not today

Just as I am in the home stretch of healing from surgery to fix a badly mended collarbone break on my right side, another freak accident has disabled my left hand. I need help with: 1) cold-weather dressing for one good side; 2) making life easier with one good hand/arm (including tips or warnings from others who have had surgery to repair finger flexor tendons); and 3) staying positive and not losing my mind entering my sixth consecutive month (and at least two to go) of recovering from injury. [more inside]
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How to handle a very difficult conversation with the boss

I'm faced with a job situation that will require some tricky maneuvering. How should I handle this? Apologies in advance for the length. [more inside]
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Giving notice prior to an official offer

I have a verbal offer from the new boss to start working for a different unit within the same (large academic) organization. New boss has started the process with HR, but I haven't heard from HR yet. HR will need to do a background check and negotiate salary/start date. New boss wants me to give notice ASAP to current boss in order to ensure a smooth transition and to be mindful of current boss's needs. [more inside]
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Everything you wanted to know about adult ADHD....

....but were afraid to ask. I'm pretty sure - in large part because of what I've learned here! - that I am an adult with ADHD (who was once a very unhappy kid with ADHD). But my PCP visits have never left a space for this and I am anxious about being labeled a drug seeker. Those of you who have this diagnosis and who have been helped by making it official - how, exactly, did you go about it?
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December 8

Windows default system font is messed up, how to revert? See screenshot.

[Screenshot] On Windows 7 SP1. Not sure when this changed to a generic Asian font. But the default should be MS Sans Serif. How do I change this back?
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Meal plans with more diverse recipes

Seeking meal plan sites that will help with the whole "here's your recipes for the week plus a shopping list" thing - but with options that's more than just Northern Hemisphere White People Food. [more inside]
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What do you love or hate about your copper/bronze sink?

We're redoing our bathroom and I want to get a copper or bronze sink, I think. But do you have one? Do you love it, or hate it, and what about it stirs your feelings? What about it should we think about before we get one? I'm looking at a drop in or undermount, not a freestanding. Thanks!
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I'd rather not use superlatives all the time

Most of my experiences and interactions are fine and just okay, as they statistically should be. Yet I frequently find myself feeling pressured to deliver positive, if not superlative feedback, with a huge grin on my face. Even when people ask me, "how are you?" I feel like they're expecting this effusive response, when in reality my life is humdrum, with all its usual rough bits, just like everybody else's. Relatedly, I find myself pressured to mirror and affirm whomever I'm speaking with. I don't feel like this is a productive use of my energy... [more inside]
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Looking for a compact keyboard (UK) with Home/End keys, snowflakes ahoy!

At present, I'm using half of the Logicool K240 combo as a desktop-bound keyboard. While it's fine for gaming, when it comes to typing it doesn't come anywhere close to my Thinkpad keyboard for productivity. I find that I use the Home and End keys a great deal, but on the K240 these functions are invoked with a pesky function key, and I don't care for that. Also, this keyboard uses one of those USB dongles, which is infuriating in the age of Bluetooth. [more inside]
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Home Addition & Remodel Costs

I'm about to do a 1000sqft addition on my 1500 square foot single story home in Denver, Colorado and can't believe that it's going to cost me $400k. I'm willing to pay for good quality work and understand that prices have gone up in Denver - but I'd like to hear from others about their remodels and how they went price-wise. I want to make sure we're allocating enough for contingency given the high price starting point. [more inside]
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Preparing for another CERN?

My job is preparing for an international particle physics facility that will (most likely) be built near the city I work for, but the timescale is so long. What books should I read/what should I study to prepare? [more inside]
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Chore management app recommendation?

I'm looking for an app, available for both iphone and android, that can communicate between users, to manage household chores, errands, and notes. [more inside]
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East Bay or San Francisco Psychiatrist Recs?

I am looking for a psychiatrist for medication prescribing (NOT talk therapy, I got that covered) in the East Bay (Oakland, Berkeley, San Leandro, Richmond, El Cerrito, Albany, Lamorinda, etc etc) or possibly San Francisco. Peninsula, South Bay, North Bay will probably be too far for me... [more inside]
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Bitcoin ATM? In a Kwik-E-Mart?

OK, I do not understand Bitcoin and how normal people who are not setting up a murder-for-hire even use it. I'm picking up some candy at the local gas station/ convenience store, and they have a Bitcoin machine. Like an ATM, but for cryptocurrency? It takes cash. So, Bitcoin value is over $15,000 right now, I'm assuming people are buying tiny percentages of a Bitcoin and not stuffing 15K in an ATM. [more inside]
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World history timeline for multiple locations/events

Is there any good website or took for looking at a world history timeline across locations/people/events? I've seen big posters and online images of those, but they are hard to use on a computer. I'd basically be looking for something where, if I'm in the era of Julius Caesar, for example, I can easily see what was happening in China around that time, who was prominent , etc. All very high-level kind of stuff. Any ideas?
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How did Microsoft techs draw on my computer screen?

During a set-up call for Office 365, a Microsoft tech used a red marker to draw on what must have been the image of my computer screen that she saw. Simultaneously, the red marking showed up on my screen. The whole session went faster because she drew my attention to a particular spot on the screen and didn't have to wait for me to find it on my own. is there a name for this technology? Is it generally available? Does it work with screen sharing software like Team Viewer and Mikogo?
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Whither Windows?

What am I missing by sticking with Windows 7? [more inside]
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ISO large and attractive interruption

I'm looking for an alert/alarm app for Mac which can operate entirely visually, with no sounds (sounds stress me the hell out and are counterproductive). I want it to bring up the largest possible window (fullscreen would be great). Ideally this would be something super visually pleasing. I want to be like 'oh thank you, application, for taking up the whole of my screen to tell me to go to fucking bed. I would resent you if you weren't so beautiful.' [more inside]
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Inspirational book for a future entomologist (with a spider focus) ?

A good and terribly brilliant friend is currently a college freshman with a life-long enthusiasm for the insect world, and an eye toward a career in entomology. Her passion: spiders. I'd like to find a book on spiders (or on the greater world of insects) for her as a Christmas gift, something special. [more inside]
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What are the sources of these poem/song parodies?

In the John M. Ford short-story collection From the End of the Twentieth Century, there's a piece that had previously only been published in chapbooks as gifts to his friends, called "A Little Scene to Monarchize." It is a parody (really multiple parodies) of Shakespeare's Wars of the Roses plays. I don't recognize most of the parodies. If anyone can help with any of this, I would be MUCH OBLIGED. [more inside]
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Reading in Bed -- Stealth Edition

I would like to be able to read books on my iPhone while lying down in bed, without ambient light disturbing anyone, and with some form of hands-free page turning. Ideas? [more inside]
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Types of "Themed" magic for sorcerers

In some fantasy stories, wizards/witches can employ all sorts of different magic (telepathy, necromancy, transformation, etc) but in other stories, their magic is limited by a theme. (For example, Elsa in "Frozen" can just manipulate cold.) What are some more examples of one character's limited, "themed" magic? (Bonus points if it is an unusual, non-generic theme.) [more inside]
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Short helpful articles on how to use Twitter

I'm looking for short, easy to understand articles on how to use Twitter for a beginner. [more inside]
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Help me make the ultimate international grocery list

After following the sage Mefite advice from my AskMe a few months ago, I am moving in the coming weeks! Now, however, I am faced with the fact that there are many foodstuffs that won't be as easy to procure where I'm headed. So I'm looking for help crowdsourcing a shopping list. [more inside]
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Favorite over-ripe banana recipes?

Due to an online shopping error, I am in possession of a couple dozen overripe bananas. I have a favorite banana bread recipe, but can only take so many loaves to work! I am thinking of a batch or two of muffins but I'd like some other banana-full recipes. I have seen this and this previously but am not looking for smoothie/frozen/fried/single-banana recipes. Any alternate suggestions for overripe bananas are welcome (e.g., can I polish my silver or use them to condition my dog's fur?) Thank you!
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I thought the GPU was the East German Secret Police?

The motherboard on my 11 year old son's computer failed on Monday. I need your suggestions for a solid desktop computer we can buy him (needs below) under $500. [more inside]
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Theological Agreement - Church v Potential Parishioner

My beliefs are still evolving, there is no one denomination whose theology or doctrines I agree with 100%, and I'm not sure how heavily to weigh factors other than theology, either. How do I choose? How much do you have to agree with a church's theology and/or doctrine in order to legitimately be a part of it? [more inside]
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