February 22

Current best, cheap web hosts?

My current web host has jacked their prices through the roof. Where to go now? [more inside]
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Sabotaged by my younger self - how to begin life at 40?

Help me stay positive about my career and romantic prospects later in life. Details below. [more inside]
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CFL turning itself off -- wattage related?

My replacement CFL bulb has been shutting off on its own despite seemingly compatible wattage/voltage. What gives? (Details follow.) [more inside]
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How do people keep up with the news in the Trump era?

Over in the current POTUS45 megathread on the Blue, the question "How does everyone keep up with the news?" came up. Rather than expand on the topic there, I wanted to ask the Green how everyone these days manages not only to stay informed about issues important to them - without entering a bubble - but also to avoid burning out or becoming overwhelmed. For the former, are what are particular websites, Twitter lists, or podcasts that provide useful news digests? For the latter, do people practice certain techniques to manage media-induced stressing out, such as restricting the number of sources to check regularly, setting aside specific times of the day for them, or limiting the amount of time spent on them? What else is there to do?
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Pre-registration (when do you wedding gift?)

People I know seem to be increasingly having their weddings in increments. City Hall. Then a religious ceremony a few months later with a small reception. Then a big bash even later. Question: which of these is best attached to the wedding gift? Specifics within. [more inside]
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Need recommendation for pretty PC monitor

Hi, I'm looking for a monitor with some very specific qualities. It needs to be around 24" and I will be using it for work, watching video and connecting my Nintendo Switch for some gaming. Since matte monitors seem to look rather washed out and dull for video I'm fine with having a glossy screen. It would be nice to have more than one input and to be able to do split screen with more than one source. I don't want to spend more than $200 but am open if it goes a bit above that. 1080P is fine.
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How do you shower more efficiently?

I want to learn to shower more efficiently - be just as clean, but take less time and water! Help me with your tips and tricks. [more inside]
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Should I let ex take me out for dinner if he makes a stink about paying?

My now-ex-boyfriend tends to "get back at me" for seemingly innocuous things, and the paying for dinner thing seems to be one of them. He wants to take me out again. Should I go? [more inside]
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Help for a mum of a troubled teen

Can anyone recommend a book/article/website to help a mum help a 13 yr old daughter through difficult teen years? [more inside]
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Help me remember ghosts aren’t real.

This is an odd ask, but I don’t know where/how to ask it and I need help ASAP. I have a supersition/fear that isn’t real and I have to face it in the next hour or so. Probably part trauma/ptsd, and part getting worked up by friends who are superstitious. [more inside]
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How to mic a saxophone

I’m recording a song on my phone and I just hired a saxophone player. I’ve just been recording in my apartment, and I have an iRig vocal mic. What’s the best way to record a saxophone?
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How to sew a dress inspired by a very specific dress

I've always been in love with this maxi dress from Mad Men. More images are at this link. Any suggestions on how to take a stab at sewing something like this? I have a very pretty geometric print fabric that would look great in this design. It looks simple enough, or maybe appearances are deceiving, but either way my searches for dress patterns that resemble this one haven't been successful. (Sewing ability: Quite basic but I'd make an extra effort to learn and complete this one )
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February 21

midlife crisis, literally: what would you do?

Any recommendations for a 47-year-old college-educated female who spent the last 10 years being supported by a boyfriend--who suddenly found herself homeless with no credit, no work history, and no car who's been living on very meager savings since May? I'm running out of options and seriously need some advice. [more inside]
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Live cover of “Another Brick in the Wall”

Can you help me find a vaguely remembered live cover of Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall” I heard on the radio, possibly from the 1990s? [more inside]
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Like push-ups, but for knitting

I have been a knitter for 10 years. I've never moved beyond hats, scarves, or small plushies. I want to start working up to knitting sweaters but am unsure of how to best approach it. [more inside]
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Help me translate a German doctor's bill from 1962

As the title implies, can you help me read/translate this doctor's bill from 1962. Here is an image of the bill. Thanks in advance. [more inside]
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"when I grow up I want to DO ALL THINGS!"

Before my niece turned 2 she announced to her parents that when she grows up she wants to "do ALL things!". She's 5 now. What can her long-distance aunt do to encourage that spirit? [more inside]
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How does team commentating work?

I'm watching Olympic figure skating with Terry Gannon, Tara Lipinski, and Johnny Weir, and noticing that they never seem to talk over each other in their commentary. Do they just take turns? Do they have a producer telling them when to talk or little buttons that light up? How does this work? Thanks!
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Avoiding the voice of Thin Doom

How do I learn to like and/or not care about the way I look as a fat woman? [more inside]
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Apologising for being rude

How should I handle being accused of being rude? [more inside]
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Alternatives to grad programs I don't really want

I'm set to finally get my BA in May. It looks like I will have good options for grad programs, but I'm really burned out and want to be done with school. I'm worried about throwing away great opportunities without understanding the alternatives. What are some ways to think about a non-academic future for myself as a research-minded person? [more inside]
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Best non-Olympic source for figure skating news and commentary?

Here in the States NBCSN (a cable sports channel owned by the broadcaster that has the rights for the Olympics here) has been running a temporary daily program called "Olympic Ice". It's an hour long show on the previous night's events, and what's upcoming, with commentary and analysis from former skaters, and interviews with current skaters, coaches, etc. It's a ton of fun, and I would love a concise but engaging skating news source like this in the regular season too. Do you have recommendations for one? [more inside]
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Why do I continue to go back to him

I'm desperate for help. I cant understand why I continue to fall for a man who continues to hurt me? *longer version* [more inside]
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Don't believe in the evil eye, but how do I ward it off?

I don't believe in the evil eye, but friends and colleagues who do have been asking me in real seriousness if someone might have put it on me. What do people who believe in the evil eye do to ward it off? [more inside]
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Tax preparer connundrum

My tax preparer fired me when I pushed back on a 140% fee increase. What would you do in this situation? Warning : wall of text within. [more inside]
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What gift should we get for the family who housed our cat?

What gift should we get for a family who really did us a huge favor and housed our cat for weeks? [more inside]
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Adobe Digital Editions not allowing me to return library e-books

I just got a new laptop, and installed Adobe Digital Editions on it. I'm an avid library e-book borrower, and have lots of holds on books. In the past, on my previous computer, all I needed to do to return a library e-book was right-click on it in ADE, and select the Return Item option, and it would be returned with no fuss. However, since putting ADE on my new laptop, that no longer works. I get an error that reads "Error returning item. Please authorize your computer first." [more inside]
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A Sweeping History of Discoveries Related to the Human Body?

Can you recommend any books that narrates the history of humans' scientific understanding of the functioning of the human body? [more inside]
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Call me Nermal.

I'm heading to Abu Dhabi for the last two weeks of March for work. What are your recommendations for things to see/do and restaurants not to be missed. [more inside]
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Maybe dogs are just weird?

Dogsitting a family dog who sometimes pees in her cage, seemingly in fit of pique. Or is it something to be concerned about? [more inside]
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Listening that makes my mind/soul expand?

Recommendations for mind blowing lectures/convos with iconoclasts? [more inside]
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Beauty and fashion tips for 35+ women

I'm 37 and have a fairly modern (but basic) wardrobe with staples like a black leather jacket, a good pair of jeans and so on. I do apply sunscreen daily and own some (not many) good quality makeup items. But what are the other fashion and beauty tips, must haves/do's I should have in mind to remain stylish and polished as I get older? Thanks!
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Suggestions for a divorce lawyer in Madison, WI?

Can anyone recommend a take-no-prisoners-style divorce lawyer in the Madison, Wisconsin, area? Asking on behalf of my sister-in-law. [more inside]
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Gift Ideas for a 13yo Japanese Girl

My partner's niece is a 13yo Japanese girl who lives in Tokyo. We have no clue as to what a nice present would be, and we haven't been able to get any ideas from her family. She doesn't speak much English, and Google is returning a lot of weirdly gendered results (paint your own apron!). Do you have any wonderful ideas? Thank you!
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Career tips for a budding young LEGO designer

My Canadian friend’s 9 year old kid dreams of becoming a professional LEGO designer when he grows up. What advice towards achieving this do you have for him and his supporters ? (This would include ideas involving activities outside the LEGO-verse too of course ) Thanks very much for any tips!!!
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Pixel 2 in Italy and Switzerland

I'd like to be able to use my Pixel 2 to make phone calls and navigate in Italy and Switzerland next month. How can I do it? [more inside]
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Downhill running on a treadmill, on the down-lo.

Wanted: Temporary, reversible, quick-to-apply methods to make my building's treadmill go more downhill. [more inside]
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What to do with a brand new whiteboard?

How do you like to use your whiteboard? [more inside]
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Virtual assistance ideas

I have a whopping 205 virtual assistance tasks on Fancy Hands to use (think 20 mins x each on a computer or phone service) but I am struggling to come up with ideas to use them. [more inside]
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East coast of Florida in mid-March?

Expanding on this question , we decided to head down to Florida in mid-March. We'll be flying into Jacksonville, renting a car, and driving South. What can we see and what should we avoid? [more inside]
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Can you name that song with “the milk had soured” in the chorus?

Can you name that song with a verse similar to “the milk had soured” in the chorus? Other clues: 1. Indie Pop 2. Female vocal 3. I vauguely recall lots of electronic sounds.
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What events/festivals/gatherings/spectacles are worth experiencing?

I love to travel, I love diversity, I love celebrations, and I love spectacle. My mission in the coming years: to regularly combine these into a melange of awesome. I'm looking for events that are unusual and full of people. They're probably extremely reflective of local culture, or of a particular sub-culture. A few examples: [more inside]
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Radiator quandary

My radiators always seem to need bleeding. Should I involve my plumber? [more inside]
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Resources for graying hair

I'm looking for blogs, vlogs, articles etc about hair care (products, styling advice, cuts) for women with naturally graying hair. [more inside]
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February 20

Family boycotting LGBT wedding. Help me not cry.

So I’m queer and my family does not “support” my sexuality and are therefore not coming to my wedding, which is in 90 days. How do I cope with how family oriented weddings are by nature? Practical advice needed. [more inside]
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Looking for a user friendly/editable digital "badge" maker

Looking for a Wordpress plug in or other service that will allow me to create a templated image frame that users can then upload a photo to and edit text layers on. Example 1: User would be able to upload photo, that would be masked behind the top layer/frame, and be able to edit where his name and title is. In both cases, there would be a bottom layer as well, so if the photo was smaller than the frame it wouldn't just be white space. [more inside]
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How much of a difference is there, really, between a full and queen bed?

I understand the difference in size. My full mattress is 54x75 inches. A queen would be 60x80. What I'm really wondering is, since that doesn't seem like much of a difference, in reality is it a bigger difference than the numbers would suggest? [more inside]
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Who becomes the App Academy (or other developer bootcamp) stars?

How does one stand out in the hiring process among the people who get through reputable boot camps? The programs, the really reputable ones, sound like they're hard enough and keep you on the ball enough that you simply can't graduate if you don't know your stuff--as in you can't just muddle through the weekly exams and paired coding projects. Is there significant variation in graduates' skill level, or is it a tightly clustered group because the selection process is rigorous? Are the good ones the most studious, or does talent come into play? [more inside]
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Reverse Flight Bump

So we booked a flight from San Jose, CA to Washington DC for a friend's wedding this April with Frontier Air. We just got an email from Frontier saying that the first leg of our trip (San Jose to Denver) was rescheduled up by 24 hours. This means we need to take an extra day off work to sit in Denver's airport over night, which is not awesome. They don't seem to be very interested in finding us an alternate or much compensation. What can we do? [more inside]
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Looking for quality online retailers that is not Amazon

I live in Asia and often see products on Amazon that would be difficult or expensive to buy in Asia but I would prefer not to give my money to Amazon. Reasonable international shipping a plus. [more inside]
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Shopping for a PHEV. Volt or Ioniq?

The Chevy Volt has an electric-only range of 53 miles. The Hyundai Ioniq has an electric-only range of 29 miles but better hybrid/gas mileage and is cheaper. Thoughts? Thanks.
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Small space, lots of crap

Can you suggest any better way to organize this small laundry room? We have a small house with little storage and need to put all the cleaning supplies/laundry supplies/reusable grocery bags somewhere. Are there pull-out shelves or something else innovative that people who live in tiny apartments know about?
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Tax return screw-up, what should I do?

I received a notice from the IRS that there was an error on my 2016 income tax return, and I owe over $3,000. I have my taxes prepared every year at H&R Block, and purchase their "Peace of Mind" guarantee, but I'm guessing they will say the error is not their fault. [more inside]
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Corporate jobs are worth it because...

Those of you who choose to work at a large corporation and are generally content with your situation, what is it about your job that makes it work well for you and your life? Everywhere I look it's "corporate jobs suck" so I'm hoping to learn from people who don't hate their corporate jobs. Teach me your ways! [more inside]
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Is it a good idea to go back to the mental health clubhouse?

The clubhouse is a place for people living with mental illness to socialize and do unpaid work to gain skills. I don't feel welcome there. [more inside]
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facial recognition software

I have two photographs of an important person in our local history. I found a third image that I think matches her. How can I use facial recognition software to solve this? Is there a website I can upload the pics? Would an iPhone X do this for me or is their software only for locking the phone? [more inside]
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Removing lettering from photo

The press and I agreed I would do the cover of the upcoming book (because I want to and I know what I'm trying to convey). [more inside]
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Can a teen have Paypal if she has a bank account?

My 13 year old has a bank account that she has had since she was five. It's connected to my husband's and my bank account, showing that she is a minor and that we could get into it if we wanted because she is 13, but her name is on the account. So with that account, can't she have Paypal? She is getting into modeling and they want to pay her through Paypal, but I would like it to be under her own personal paypal just so that it is separate from My paypal. I heard that you have to be over eighteen to have Paypal. She does not have a credit card, but she does have the bank account with her name on it, so that could be how she is verified through the Paypal. Thanks in advance!
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No-cost program management tools: Conference line, PM platform

Hello, I am working with a group of 4 individuals on a growing project. As we are getting further along in our work, we need program management tools. Does anyone have experience with a free conference line? We do not need video, but we would like webinar capacity and a conference line/number. Also, we will be anticipating the need for a program management platform for interactive management and archiving. This is a community-lead project, so free or low cost is preferred and appreciated. Thank you in advice! [more inside]
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Described video tips?

I'd like to create a Described Video track to accompany a video project... ie, an optional audio track in which a narrator describes the visuals onscreen, so that low vision people get context. I'm seeking tips on how to do this well, things to avoid doing, or links to media with great descriptive tracks that I can use as templates. [more inside]
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