November 26

Looking for a housecleaning app with specific features

My partner and I need to get on the same page with housecleaning, and I think an app would really help. [more inside]
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Highly Detailed Canadian Weather Forecasts

Are there weather forecasts available for Canadian cities/regions from Meteorological Service of Canada or other entities that are akin to Area Forecast Discussions the NWS does in the US? [example here] Something beyond brief summaries that would have more information-dense technical analyses, detailing the thought processes of meteorologists and their forecast rationales based on observed data and modeling, for both the near term and longer timeframes?
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Safe to eat? Frozen soup stored in plastic take out container

My concern is the plastic chemicals in the soup container from a take-out restaurant leeching into the soup. The soup has been frozen in that container for 8 months. The bottom of the container has the plastic symbol (arrows in a circle) which the number 5 in the middle, and PP below. Thanks!!
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Labelling Wood Cabinets/Drawers

I've recently moved and the living room has built in cabinets/drawers (imgur). What can we use to stick labels on the drawers that won't ruin the finish but also not look like crap? [more inside]
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help me replace my dresser drawer bottoms!

This is an easy one, I think: I love my bedroom furniture, but after eight years, the panels at the bottom of my very wide dresser drawers have warped so much that they won’t stay in the grooves they slide into. Do I want to replace them with 1/8” plywood, hardboard, or something else?
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help me backup my android

I want to backup my Samsung phone to my PC. I do not want to backup to Google at the moment. The Contacts backup to Google. But I want the whole phone on the desktop. [more inside]
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what is the quickest path to a good job in IT

I am making a mid-life career change to IT. I come from a sales/management background. What are my best options, given my age and lack of direct IT experience. [more inside]
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How to be less autistic, more likeable to succeed socially and in life?

I want to be included. I want to have friends. I want to feel like I matter. I want to succeed in life. But people don’t like me, and I don’t know how to overcome this. [more inside]
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Help me buy a computer monitor?

I'd like to buy a computer monitor and I'm having trouble finding the feature I want, regarding VESA mounts, can you help me? [more inside]
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trace an energy particle

In this article about a rogue high energy particle, one of the researchers says, “You trace its trajectory to its source and there’s nothing high energy enough to have produced it,”. How do they trace something like this to a source?
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November 25

Simple audio processing on a mac.

I would like to accept an input signal, apply an expander to that, then output that signal with a three second delay. [more inside]
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Time-lapse photography app for Android

I occasionally like to do some simple time-lapse stuff of clouds and storms and such, but my go-to app (LapseIt Pro) seems to no longer be supported. Any recommendations for basic timelapse apps? [more inside]
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Eyeglass display cases

I'd love to find an eyeglasses display box like this but not pay that kind of price. Are there (similarly elegant) display cases that are sold to eyeglass shops of that variety, or which are otherwise available and are made to fit glasses?
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Buying eyeglasses and sunglasses... pro tips?!

Explain the particulars of eyeglass (optical and sun) measurements so I understand how to buy pairs online that I'll like. Details inside. [more inside]
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What kind of wrench do I need to open this toilet intake valve?

I'm installing a bidet attachment, and I'm at the part where I have to detach the intake valve from the water supply. All the videos, instructions, etc. say it can be opened by hand. Mine can't (image here). None of my wrenches are big enough for this. What kind of wrench do I need to get? Thanks!
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Help me pick a digital piano model

I'm overwhelmed by the number of models after considerable 'research'. [more inside]
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Where everything's decked up and the plots don't matter

Please recommend some actually good Hallmark-type holiday movies! [more inside]
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Breakup blues, four months in, any tips on how to get better?

I had to end a verbally abusive 11-year relationship with my former partner in early August, and I am finding it so difficult to move on; even though he treated me like dirt at times, I can't help but cry all the time and think about the good times we had even if it went sour in the end. A part of me wants him back, but I know it is best to move forward. He is also giving me the silent treatment for kicking him out of my condo. [more inside]
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YANMD, but I'm concerned — got a cough and loss of taste/smell.

This is not normal for me. Normally, I get colds and sore throats/coughs that go away within 2-3 days. This time, about two weeks ago-ish, I started having a persistent cough. About 5 days ago, I completely lost my sense of smell/taste, although the cough has healed somewhat. Been coughing up a lot of mucus and have a somewhat runny nose. [more inside]
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Felis Non Grata

My cat has had the other 2 cats in our household turn on him. Every method for reintegration I've tried has failed. Kitty is now so needy and clingly I can't work from home as usual, so I'm back to the drawing board and looking for new ideas to get this cat family reunited. [more inside]
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Covid on a not-recent vaccination

If you've gotten Covid recently and haven't been vaccinated since last fall (but had otherwise followed all recommended Covid series + boosters), how did it go for you?
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Best soundtrack for cute animal videos?

For animal-focused videos without natural sound, what's on the other end of the spectrum that starts with human-speaking-as-animal or fast vaudeville music? If you've been favorably impressed with a non-topical soundtrack, what was it? [more inside]
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Finding weird, fun, cutting-edge internet culture in a post-SEO world

Most of us would probably agree that the internet now sucks. Is there a practical way to reframe my approach to how I use the internet so that I can still discover cool, new, interesting people and ideas, without wading through sixteen tons of angry garbage? (I'm seeking problem-solving strategies to make lemonade from lemons, not "just give up" cynicism, thanks!) What are the best punk rock, fuck-this approaches for discovering and enjoying the best and weirdest things that the internet still has to offer? [more inside]
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AWD car wash compatibility

I've owned an always-on AWD Subaru for over a decade, and this line in the manual has always haunted me: "When having your vehicle washed in an automatic car wash, make sure beforehand that the car wash is of the suitable type" What is the suitable type of automatic car wash and how would I know it when I see it? [more inside]
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Returning to EU with not quite valid passport

Asking for a friend who lives in the EU, has US and EU passports and an EU id card, but will leave the EU for a couple of weeks. The trouble is that because of a name change, the EU passport and id card are not officially valid. Is it still reasonable to travel? [more inside]
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Large format photo printer from a few years ago

Somewhere between 2017 and 2019, I got a really cool huuuge poster size print of a photo I loved from an online vendor that specialized in just that: inexpensive huge prints. It was matte, not glossy, and the paper was pretty lightweight. Anyone remember this place? Does it still exist?
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What % of ebook purchase price goes to the author?

When you buy an ebook from Amazon that is published through a traditional publisher, like Random House or Hachette, for $10, how much of that goes to the author?
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November 24

I just want my crotch to stay covered

I'm a plus size woman who likes to wear comfortable underwear that covers up the basic bits and stays where it should be. It's been surprisingly, maddeningly difficult to find this for various reasons. More info inside about what I've tried; appreciate info from other plus-size ladies out there. [more inside]
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Love of my life back after 20+ years

I'm in love with 2 people (married to 1) & I don't know how to handle the uglier, messier aspects. I'm already judging myself so harshly & I feel so bad I can't think straight. I can't make any choice without harming all 3 of us, but I'd like to try & do the bare minimum harm. I need opinions, advice, to know what others might do. I know what I want, but not how to do the least harm going after it. [more inside]
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Toss old letters and photos of an ex?

What about all the correspondence from family and friends who mention my ex? [more inside]
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Why is the IRS mailing me at my home about a volunteer gig I've left?

I left my volunteer job with a Friends of the Library early this year. During my 15 years as a Friend - most of them as president - all of the mail to do with it was sent to the library itself. Today I received mail from the IRS directed to the Friends at my home address. ?!?! [more inside]
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Podcasts about poverty and adjacent topics

I’ve been listening to a wonderful podcast called Rumble Strip and am looking for others on similar topics. [more inside]
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How much would an artistic director in stage theatre?

I am curious how much does an artistic director who owns their own stage theatre company make? Does it depend on the city and funding overall, etc? It just looks like it would be hard to make a living especially if you own it in a small town in Canada? I know the arts seem hard to make a living out of, but do most do well in theatre if they own it especially?
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Looking for subversive art and resources

Having revisited If Shakespeare had a Sister by Virginia Woolf, read this piece on women in art, and a few other things, I’m experiencing some fresh rage. [more inside]
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Legend of the Legends of the Fall? (missing chalkboard scene)

My mom says that she saw an initial release of the movie "Legends of the Fall" where the Col Ludlow character (who struggles to speak at this point in the story due to disability) attempts to threaten people who are hassling him by showing them a chalkboard with something like "Get off my land" written on it. She says the scene didn't work and was cut from later releases. [more inside]
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Help me get through the next two weeks of holiday season madness

As a small business owner, this season has already been wildly busy, but I’d love some suggestions for how to make it through until my last event on December 9 without fully burning out. [more inside]
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Is there an equivalent to the old Google image search?

Google used to have a feature in their image search where you could input text, like regular search, but with images. That was tremendously helpful to me. Over time they removed this feature. [more inside]
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About how much does a 'good deal' flight to Europe cost now?

Looking at SFO to the UK summer 2024.. cheapest I am seeing is about 450-500 each way. Is that a 'good deal' these days for this distance? Best I'm seeing at the moment is British Air. Any insights on strategy for deals, buying early vs waiting, etc these days?
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The (written) daily news in 2023— does it exist?

It seems much of the news has shifted to video or podcasts. Is there a news source that you trust that puts out a daily written edition? [more inside]
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How to get better at casual thinking

I’ve become really interested in improving the way I think on a day-to-day basis, just as I go about my daily life. When I have some down time and I’m just thinking, I’d like to use that time more effectively, rather than just having a random stream of thoughts coming in and out. Are there strategies to structure one’s internal dialogue to be more productive, creative, or otherwise satisfying? [more inside]
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Should I teach my kids slurs so they recognize them?

Yesterday in a chat, my 11-year old was dealing with a troll who filled about 30 screens with an anti-LGBT slur. My son said he didn't know what it meant and so was more annoyed at the spamming behavior than the hate speech. We've always discussed slurs as they come up, but now I'm wondering if he would be better equipped to flag and report that kind of language if he recognized the words. [more inside]
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Colorblind Canadian Painter

I’m looking for information on a painting I recall seeing a few months ago. I know the artist was colorblind but for yellow and a painter of the Canadian wilderness. Can you help me find it? [more inside]
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Glasses/contact lenses to borrow in Port Townsend, WA (-1.0 to -1.5)

My partner forgot glasses and contact lenses and is supposed to drive home from Port Townsend (Washington State) today! Anyone in the area have an extra pair of disposable contact lenses she could have? Or glasses she could borrow (and then we'd mail them back)? I believe she has -1.0 in the right eye and -1.5 in the left but probably anything close could help. Thanks.
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Stick vacuum that works for cat hair in carpet? Black Friday deal a plus

I need a vacuum I'll actually use. I know I won't use a standard upright or canister because they're too heavy and cumbersome. I've read so many reviews today my eyes are crossing. Help? [more inside]
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Is it safe to trust IDX with my critical data?

I recently received a letter about a data breach at my doctor's office. The breach was related to the MOVEit hack. The letter said I can get a year's-worth of free identity protection from IDX. Is it safe to enter all my personal data into IDX? [more inside]
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Vaccination while housebound?

I'd like to get a novavax vaccine, but I have me/cfs-flavored long covid and can't walk, and leaving the house is a huge project with a huge recovery time. Can I get someone to come here and vaccinate me? [more inside]
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Big screen for media in the YOOLord 2024!

I'm ready to overhaul my current 'media system' and invest in modern equivalents. Looking for solutions for, (1) big screen (2) connect to devices (3) connect audio to either the screen's audio or another speaker system [more inside]
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Conversational AI to-do/time-tracking assistant?

I'd love to have an "AI" *eyeroll* personal assistant to track my working hours and to-do list through a conversational interface. ChatGPT is not up to the task. Has someone make a better AI productivity buddy yet? [more inside]
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November 23

iPhone 14 Pro went through washing machine, anything I need to do?

In a dumb move, I didn't think to check the pockets of my jeans before doing a full load of laundry tonight! Turns out I washed my iPhone 14 Pro. When I took it out of the washing machine it was pretty dry, right now I have a fan on it. It seems to work fine... for now. Is it only a matter of time before it fully dies? What do I do? My poor phone! Can it survive this?
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Help me stay comfy this winter

Help me keep my feet warm and dry! [more inside]
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Best replacement for the Misfit Shine

I loved my Misfit Shine for it's low profile and ability to be discretely clipped to clothing. Help me find a replacement! [more inside]
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Another US food export? You betcha.

Help me prepare the yummiest possible shrimp, cheese, and rice dish for my friends here in Spain! [more inside]
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Frugal Vegetarian for Beginners

I am looking to move towards a mostly vegetarian lifestyle and am severely limited by budget, skill and cooking experience. Honestly, I’m in the grilled cheese range of skill. I don’t have a lot of supplies and spices so I’d love suggestions on pantry staples to have on hand. Prioritized if possible because it’s going to take time to stock up. I’d love a list of easy to make, flavorful meals that I can cook on Sunday and eat through the week. Thanks in advance!
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London/Paris part 2 - London hotels

Previous question with requirements and outcome over here [more inside]
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Now I understand why they're called pits

CW: mention of intentional weight loss. I prefer to remove the hair from under my arms. I lost a significant amount of weight, and I can't figure out how to get a clean shave under my arms now. [more inside]
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iPhone No Longer Receiving Notifications

Suddenly as of late last week, my iPhone no longer receives any Notifications from my apps. Help! I miss them!! [more inside]
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What is the point of writing to one's MP? Explain it like I am 5.

UK-specific, but does writing to one's MP ever actually achieve anything? [more inside]
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November 22

Replacing fleece layer of a North Face tri-climate jacket

My husband lost the fleece layer of his beloved North Face Exertion jacket. The jacket is old, and it looks like they might not make it any more. Is there any way to replace the fleece layer? Maybe a fleece from a new model that is backwards compatible? [more inside]
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How to organize?

I've always been a very disorganized person. I'm trying very hard to organize my physical and digital belongings right now, but I seem to only manage to move things around pointlessly and create more chaos. I'm not sure how to begin a system of organization when things are everywhere. [more inside]
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First migraine, now crying constantly - why?

A few days ago I had my first migraine. It was awful, I've never been in so much pain. The emergency doctor was sure it wasn't a bleed or stroke, and prescribed painkillers which helped. I have a follow-up with my GP next week. But two days later, while I'm no longer in pain I feel fragile and tired and I want to cry All. The. Time. I see lots of info about crying causing migraines, but not the other way around. Is this crying after migraines normal? What can I do anything about it? [more inside]
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