January 26

3d printing design newbie seeking tutorials

Does anyone have recommendations on where I can learn more about how vector files work when making 3D printing directions (specifically in Inkscape because I don't know enough to take directions for Illustrator and convert them to steps in Inkscape)? [more inside]
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Can I get the New York Times stories read to me in the car

I use the New York App on my phone quite a bit. I can't seem to read all the things I want to and am wondering of there is an app or utility that will read select stories to me while driving. [more inside]
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web designers with strong accessibility experience?

Please recommend web designers (visual designers) with strong experience in, and appreciation of, accessibility guidelines. Drupal experience a strong plus. [more inside]
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*Safest* PPE & safety protocol for transit and caregiving?

How can I ensure maximum safety while travelling on transit, shopping at grocery stores and pharmacies, and visiting a vulnerable family member for 6 hours at a time? Step by step if possible. [more inside]
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Seeking a video game as a fidget

Over the last few years one of my productivity tools has been Hearthstone. I can start a game while doing busywork and alternate between the two, because of two qualities it has: one, there's no narrative or overarching need to pay attention, and two, you're obligated to wait between your turns because you can't do anything on your opponent's turn. So it's very nice as a fidget - I can do a few busywork things, play my turn, and jump back to busywork. Are there any other games like this?
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What is the best place to order navel oranges from Florida

I am trying to send a gift of navel oranges and there are numerous options. Have you ordered / received a shipment from one that was top quality? If so, what was the company / grove name? All suggestions welcome, thank you!
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Seeking Academic English Programs in the United States for Foreigners

My friend is a Thai citizen who is interested in coming to the United States for an extended period. I suggested that the best way for him to do this might be an academic program for learning English. Can anyone recommend something like this?
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Stimulant vs nonstimulant AD(H)D meds? Specifier: anxiety

Grain of salt for armchair diagnostician bullshit. I do not have an ADD diagnosis but I have a lifetime of history that suggests it. (Stupid irony: Kaiser makes you fill out a 40 page packet to even start the process of getting diagnosed. Guess whether I finished it.) Anyway I am thinking about pursuing this again esp after reading an article saying "lots of people get convinced they don't/didn't have ADHD because they did well in school." Blah blah tldr; I would like to spend some portion of my life not feeling 100% unable, many days, to do simple components of my job. I am curious about meds. [more inside]
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Emacs Org Mode for Big Sur or substitution?

I have notes on many things spread out amongst many applications, because Chaos is the only god, I guess, but I do not like it. Also some of those apps have been rendered unusable because they don't care about accessibility and I can't stare at BRIGHT WHITE for very long. (Freaking Basecamp.) I keep seeing Org Mode for Emacs heralded as the solution to all things, but then from what I can tell, there isn't an Emacs for Big Sur (Mac OS 11.1). Is this...right? Why? Please help me. [more inside]
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Is there anything remotely like Flash CS3 for android development?

I was a confident making games in Flash, but I've never been able to get into phone app development. The things I liked most about CS3 were dragging things around a visual 'screen' to see what they would look like, and the 'just works' aspect - I could just write code, output it to swf, and have a thing that worked on a web page exactly liked it worked on my computer - there wasn't any fuss with virtualenvs or anything like that. (I'm a hobbyist, not a professional developer). Is there anything out there with these features?
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How to block light coming out from top of curtain?

So I accidentally installed my blackout curtain too low and there is a lot of light seepage from the top. Is there any way to somehow block some of that light coming in without having to redo the curtain? The room is not currently dark enough.
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If it were a snapshot I'd frame it

I have been saving a short vm on my iphone from a family member who passed away a few months ago. [more inside]
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Could you recommend more anime that's like this other anime?

I'm looking for anime that's like Today's Menu for the Emiya Family and After School Dice Club. [more inside]
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January 25

Tips to transition to a new therapist

I've been in therapy for about 3 years. The therapist I've had for most of that time had to abruptly take a leave due to a very serious family medical issue, so I'm being paired with someone else at the practice, for an indeterminate period of time (it could be a few months to forever). How do I best go about this? I've had a very eventful last few years that I'm still dealing with the fall-out from. How much of that do I need to cover, vs how much will be in the notes? [more inside]
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What else can I make with lentils?

There is exactly one recipe that I use lentils for, but I'd like to add some more recipes that use lentils to my repertoire! [more inside]
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What Bands Now Have That Killer 60's-70's Bubblegum/Power Pop Sound?

I am a HUGE fan of old-school pop and bubblegum music (think early Sonny & Cher, The Cowsills, The Archies, Hermans Hermits, Dave Clark Five, etc.) and power pop (Sweet, New Pornographers, etc.) What music is out now that scratches this itch? Or any other rec's for GREAT 60-70's pop?
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Fill my tortilla

What simple roast veggies could I fill a tortilla with and have it be delicious? [more inside]
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Best life upgrades in a pandemic world?

Is there anything you've purchased, any classes or hobbies you've started, or practices you've adopted that have seriously upgraded your life during this pandemic? [more inside]
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Advice about heavy and prolonged periods for a teenager

Asking on behalf of my niece, aged 13, who will be reading the replies. She is currently on day 47 of a constant and heavy period, which is having a big effect on her quality of life. [more inside]
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An old tv show

I'm trying to think of a 1950's tv show about a man that involved still cartoon drawings. His name may have been something like "Winslow"
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Help me sneaker shop, online.

I need to purchase a new pair of workout sneakers online, and my current faves have been discontinued. Help me find the ones that'll suit me? [more inside]
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I collect spores, molds, and fungus...but I don't want to. Help!

I have a partially finished basement and, while moving out, I've discovered some horrifying blackness. The blackness is on the carpet and on the boxes of some collectible items. When I go into the basement my eyes burn and start to swell in a matter of minutes. I have very bad allergies to mold, mildew and pollen. I don't know my mildews from my molds, or how bad to treat the damaged items. Repair is preferable to replace... Photos and more info inside... Thanks in advance for any help. [more inside]
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What are the weirdest nonstop flights?

Yesterday I learned that there is a nonstop flight from Whitehorse, YT to Frankfurt. The one in Germany. I think this is the wildest thing! And it made me wonder -- what are other extremely unexpected nonstop flights? [more inside]
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Two kittens have gotten off to a bad start; can we go back?

If you introduce two kittens and it doesn't work well (ie one attacking and overpowering the other till they both have to separated), is there any way to re-set? I'm worried they're never going to get along after such a bad start! [more inside]
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Can I offer remote help on a stolen Facebook account?

Someone has stolen my mother's Facebook account and set it up as an alternative profile. How can I help from a distance. [more inside]
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Twin Peaks, in book form, and funny

Hello, I have an itch to scratch. I would like to read Twin Peaks-y books that are also funny, preferably laugh-out-loud funny. [more inside]
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Help me buy this EXACT fork.

There is only one fork that we own that my wife likes. I would like to buy a set of cutlery matching it. This may not be possible. Can you find this exact fork and a place I can buy it. [more inside]
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Bonus points if it involves farts

9 year old is a bit of a ham and she finds youtube videos of kids performing unusual, funny talents enthralling and inspiring. (She practices when she sees things she likes.) Looking for different kinds of skills to introduce her to (see below). [more inside]
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Is it normal for Craigslist buyers to ask for returns?

I have been trying to sell a microphone that I bought used a few years ago. I've had two offers to buy it, and both of them have asked if they can return it if it doesn't work. This seems really scammy to me, and it's something I've never had happen when I've previously sold things on Craigslist. Is this normal?
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Tik Tok, not Food Tok

I love Tik Tok right now--such a fun diversion! However, I follow too many food accounts and not enough fun/funny/informative/dance accounts. Can you give me some recommendations for those?
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Could we have saved her?

The one year anniversary of my mother’s suicide is approaching, and I’m grappling with what we could have done differently. [more inside]
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Music by Popcorn called "Soul Cargo"

Now that I have heard "Soul Cargo (Fade Away Suite)," I realllly want to find a lot more music by Popcorn. What do I want to be looking for, and where? Or were they like a one-hit wonder? [more inside]
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New build home inspection... red flags?

My partner and I recently made an offer on a newly built home and it was accepted. We were so excited to find something that checked all the boxes after searching for almost two years. Everything finally seemed to be falling into place. Thank god our offer was subject to inspection because, well... the inspection is not going well. Are these normal issues that will be fixed easily, or do we need to cut and run? [more inside]
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Quote on "learning to let go of people who don't love you"

Looking for a long quote by someone famous, about how one of the best things a person can do for themselves is learn to let go of people who don't love them, in order to avoid getting bogged down in anger and make room for those who will. It was by someone famous, perhaps an actor, perhaps Michael Caine, and might have appeared in Portuguese in an FB meme... but none of these clues have led me anywhere... please help!
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How to navigate this wedding gift dilemma?

Friend X is getting married. I will give them a gift, and because Reasons, I want to spend quite a bit to purchase something big from their registry. Friend A also wants to give them a gift, and suggested going in on one together. Friend A is a senior and on a very limited income and will not be able to spend that much money. How to navigate this politely and without hurting Friend A's feelings? [more inside]
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Covid in the house

My partner has Covid, and I am freaking out. Please help me deal. [more inside]
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Between a Covid rock and a Covid place

I need an endoscopy - do I get it done at a specialty clinic in a month or at a hospital in a week? (Toronto edition) [more inside]
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I hate all of my facial hair options

Caucasian male, mid-fifties. Shaving takes forever. Growing a beard creates other problems. More inside. [more inside]
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Personal-finance filter: how to keep track of shared Amazon card?

My wife and I share an Amazon card for personal and family purchases on Amazon.com. We use Mint to keep track of all our expenses but it doesn't have any visibility into the Amazon purchases. Any ideas on how to manage this better? [more inside]
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Gift suggestions for a beginning weaver

I'm looking for suggestions for gifts for my wife, an experienced sewist who is getting into weaving. [more inside]
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The terror of being just out of reach

I'm looking for good literary descriptions of the terror / hopelessness one can feel when something bad is happening and it's ineviteable. Do you know of an author who's described this well, or is there a specific word in English or other languages which fit the bill? [more inside]
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Can I block Outlook time without seeing it on iCal?

I have several time periods set up on my work calendar (Outlook) as "out of office" so nobody schedules meetings during those periods. I also sync my work calendar as one of many calendars on my iphone (iCal) and want to ONLY see work meeting that are actual meetings when on my phone. [more inside]
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Or maybe I really _should_ be worried about evil clones?

A otherwise fairly fact-constrained Washington Post columnist wrote a weird article about spotting evil clones. Is there a joke I'm not getting? [more inside]
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What Clavinova (or similar) should I buy? Or should I repair mine?

Should I repair or replace my 17-year-old Yamaha CLP-170 Clavinova? I LOVE it, but it's really showing its age. I'd be happy to buy a replacement but I'm worried about the quality of a new one. [more inside]
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Quote about sexism and musicians in the 1970s?

Not long ago a quote floated through my social media sphere, pointing out that amazing female musicians in the 1970s like Charo and Dolly Parton were sold as much as sex symbols as musicians, and that amazing male musicians like Bob Dylan didn't have to put up with boob jokes. Today my google-fu is failing. Can someone help me find that quote?
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My dad was sectioned today. How to cope?

I'm not sure how to take care of my own mental health during this time. [more inside]
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January 24

Preferred name is unknown; polite way to use deadname?

Is there a polite way to refer to someone in the third person when I know only their birth name, not their preferred name? I’m writing to friends about a distant friend's now-grown child. I don't want to offend anyone by using the child's dead name, but I've forgotten their preferred name. There must be something better than "formerly known as" or awkwardly trying to write around the problem with generic pronouns.
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Integrating Technology for Activist Group

Can you help my statewide activist group integrate functions such as membership administration, dues payment, and a newsletter? [more inside]
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I don't get Facebook and now is not the time to research

My very much loved 31 year old daughter died on January 2nd. Her dad wrote a lovely tribute to her a few days later, which of course has been buried by multiple posts over the past couple of weeks not related to Jordan or her death. [more inside]
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What do you want? What do you need?

I want to do something for people that are providing vaccine. What should that be? [more inside]
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Miss Maxine’s Identity Crisis

We got our cat from the Humane Society on Dec. 21. We named her “Maxine”, but she doesn’t recognize her name or any words yet. Are there any tricks to helping a cat learn her name? Or do you have an estimate on how long it might take? [more inside]
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chicken thighs - but do it like a restaurant

I've noticed a specific taste/texture that I really like in chicken thighs prepared in restaurants - but I don't know what this quality might be called or how to make that magic happen in my own kitchen. [more inside]
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In hospital *with* PTSD but not *for* PTSD

I’m looking for advice and resources about being in hospital (in this case, for a planned surgical admission) with PTSD. This is basically impossible to google, because all l get is information about hospital inpatient treatment *for* PTSD, or people developing PTSD after a traumatic hospitalisation. [more inside]
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How to get our blue mailboxes back?

I live in Redmond, WA, and right before the the US election, a LOT of the shared blue mailboxes around town were taken away. How can we get them back? [more inside]
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Resources about having an unwanted child

My friend recently graduated college and his girlfriend of 6 months is 15 weeks pregnant and plans on keeping the baby regardless of his involvement. He does not want a baby and is unsure whether he even wants to stay in the relationship. Assuming she has the baby and putting aside the financial support, what are resources for thinking through the options of what this will look like? In terms of his responsibilities to her, his new child, and himself and keeping his sanity. [more inside]
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Is it time to euthanize my cat?

My cat is old (not totally sure how old). She doesn't have any painful maladies but howls a lot and seems uncomfortable. I could use some insights from other cat people who have made end-of-life calls for their pets. Details within... [more inside]
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What was the Trump quote about 538 (but getting the numbers wrong)?

In 2020 Trump said something disparaging about Nate Silver and his polling site (FiveThirtyEight, as in 538 electoral votes). Trump got the number wrong, like 406 or something. What did he say, and what was that wrong number?
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How do I build an app to map bike trails in my town?

I'd like to build an app for my town with bike routes that connect cool homes. I've got routes already, plus home descriptions and pictures. I've always had an amateur interest in GIS stuff, and would like to build an app as a way of learning more about current work in that area and to showcase something fun to do in our town. [more inside]
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Reporting Domestic Extremism

There are two people in my community (USA) that seem to have crossed a line. They didn’t literally storm the capital but they have the ideology and the means to do it elsewhere and/or inspire others to do so. They have large followings in secret groups that I have access to. Reporting to my local police seems like a terrible idea since the police here are populated by plenty of that type. The FBI site says to contact local law enforcement. Where do I report someone, and not compromise my own safety? [more inside]
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Child psychologist to deal with rage issues for 4 year old in Bay Area

Our 4 year old is close to being kicked out of preschool due to rage and yelling fits. Nothing has changed at home lately (no family drama). We don't have a lot of free time due to work and just want to get her back on track so this doesn't get worse. Anger issues were also noted at a previous preschool, but at the previous place it was a bit smaller and the staff could give her a bit more personal attention. Our assumption is that she got a lack of respect for authority from one parent and a short fuse from the other parent, we guess this is part of her character and not due to some recent trauma. If you know of a good child psychologist in the East Bay that deals with rage issues for kids I would welcome all recommendations.
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