June 9

Phrase from movies/tv?

I saw this recently: a website that given some text as input would play parts of movies / tv shows that said those words for you. I can't remember where I saw it... metafilter? some random site in my RSS reader? Anyway, I'd like to find it again. [more inside]
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Bra recommendations: like Uniqlo's Beauty Light but better quality

For the past few years Uniqlo's Beauty Light (apparently now "3D Hold") bras have been my go-to: lightweight, no underwire, but enough of a contour/shape to be more flattering on me than something like a bralette. What I don't like is that they seem to fall apart after only a year or so of wear (glued seams come apart, exposing bare elastic underneath). I machine wash in a delicates bag and line dry and don't see myself hand washing my everyday bras, ever. Do you have recommendations for similar minimal bras with better build quality?
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Do I need to worry about hornets?

I just moved to a new house and this morning I woke up to find a giant hornet -- about 1.5 inches long -- in my room. [more inside]
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Brain Surgery in the Dark?

On Grey's Anatomy, there's a scene where they do brain surgery with the lights dimmed low and use head lamps/glow sticks attached to their heads. Is that an actual thing or does it just look cool for tv?
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How can I play Minecraft safely with my 9-year old nephew in 2021?

I first learned about Minecraft on Metafilter, in the early days. I've played it on and off over the years, and now my 9 year old nephew would like to play with me. I've only ever played the Java version, he's only ever played Bedrock on a Switch and on phones. [more inside]
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getting help for someone in Denmark

I'm in a small private group with people from all over the world. One member has confided in us that they need help - professional, help. I'm in the USA, without international calling. I don't know what to do. [more inside]
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Job interview help -- how to address inexperience in a particular area?

I have a job interview tomorrow and I'd say that I hit most of the requirements for their "knowledge and skills," but not all. The position I'm interviewing for asks for a 1 year minimum of supervisory experience, which I don't quite have. How do I address this "deficiency" during my interview? How do I spin this? [more inside]
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Texts about necessary ethical ambiguity

Hi. I'm rereading some works by Debeauvoir and other fun work people usually get into, early in college. Does anyone have text references for ethical ambiguity and it's uses in culture or history? When it may look as though someone is doing something "wrong," but the situation is far more complex? More within. [more inside]
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Hi-Res Apple Music Remote Control

With the release of high resolution lossless on Apple Music (and no home internet data cap) I want to integrate it into my main stereo. I have an older Mac Mini, an external USB-based DAC, and an old iPhone. Can I run all of this headlessly, and conveniently, in my living room somehow?
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Luggage storage in Portland, Maine

Mr Joleta and I are returning to Portland, Maine on July 10 from an American Cruise Lines cruise. All passengers need to be off the ship by 8:30am, but our plane doesn't leave until 2pm. [more inside]
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Is there another meaning than mushroom to the Japanese "-take"?

I believe I read somewhere that, similar to common usage in Chile of the Quechua word "k'allampa" both for mushrooms and for "dick" (or Uyghur "يەر مەدىكى / yer mediki", meaning "earth dick") the Japanese -take that many mushroom names are composed with, taken by itself can be a slang word for penis, or was an arcaic or dialect word for it. [more inside]
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Heal Pain with Aircast Boot

Yes I contacted my podiatrist just now, but coming here for additional ideas/help. I got an aircast boot yesterday after breaking my ankle and whenever I prop it up or lay horizontal to sleep after a few hours I get incredible heal pain. My suspicion is that when laying horizontally all the weight contacts directly at the heal. That single focused hard contact point affects the nerves, etc. It feels like that spot is going numb and hurts. [more inside]
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Current diverse indie hip-hop?

I listen mostly to current indie-rock, with a bias towards front-women. What's the hip-hop equivalent I might enjoy listening to? [more inside]
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How do you ask your Dr for an accommodation letter?

I was diagnosed with a disability a few years ago but I was able to continue working. Now to keep my current job I'm going to need an accommodation. What's the best way to approach this? [more inside]
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How do I fix my stupid mouse drivers?

So I installed Virtualbox on my Windows 10 machine and it immediately broke all mouse support in Windows. Obviously this is a big problem. How do I fix it? [more inside]
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Houseplant help! What are these spots?

I have a peperomia ginny plant. The underside of at least half of the leaves have the exact same looking spots as in this photo. (note, this is not my photo) [more inside]
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Status of Secretary of State Offices in Illinois

If you've been to any of the Chicago offices or closer suburban offices in the last few weeks or days, how are the lines? Would a 2pm arrival be quicker than 8am? This must be in-person so online is not feasible.
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Can one practise to be patient?

I'm currently dealing with a situation that will go slowly, and forcing the pace would actively make matters worse. I know this. Yet, I am feeling impatient and tetchy and frustrated. This keeps happening over and over, probably fueled in part by anxiety (in therapy for it) and a stressful life that doesn't have a lot of free time, so go-go-go seems to be my default option. If you were someone like me and you've actively learned to be patient, or least not be accepting that everything can be on your schedule...tell me how, please.
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best 90s distorted guitar feedback sounds

Remember how, in the 90s, it was cool to end a song by hitting the last chord and sustaining it until the guitar started feeding back? Yeah me too, but apparently not as specifically as I thought. Looking for examples. [more inside]
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Handling a pattern (?) of mistakes at the workplace

I keep making mistakes at work - stupid ones, ones I should have noticed. I'm beating myself up over them, but more importantly, I'm really worried about losing my job. What can I do? [more inside]
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Social activities for queer autistic folks in the Bay Area

Looking for opportunities for someone who is autistic and can find large social settings very depleting, tiring or overwhelming, but is seeking ways to meet people IRL in the SF Bay Area. Young adult who is queer, enjoys nerdy pursuits, politically left, empathetic. [more inside]
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What are your best skin soothers?

I’ve got a double whammy of heat rash where my bra band lies and shaving irritation in my pubic area. I know what to do to get both irritations to go away eventually, but I would appreciate suggestions for the best ways to soothe them in the meantime. What makes your skin feel better when it’s irritated and angry?
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How to vote when moving right before an election in NYC?

I'm moving within NYC a few days before the primary election - do I have a grace period to vote using my old address? [more inside]
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What are young kids in the US calling adults these days?

When I was a kid I always called adults Mrs Lastname / Mr Lastname. That seemed pretty standard. A few of my peers would say Mrs Firstname / Mr Firstname but that always felt too familiar. Now we've got two young kids and it seems like most people go with Mrs/Mr Firstname. I just want to teach my kids to do whatever most people do, so is that the new standard? We're in Missouri if it's regional. [more inside]
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What should I print on waterproof paper?

What should I print on waterproof paper? I bought a bunch of it, and have a color laser printer. [more inside]
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JavaScript + Python + SQL Course suggestions for tuition reimbursement?

I realize this will be a series of courses, or a program, as opposed to a singular course. But, my company provides $5,250/year for continuing education, and I'd like to bolster my skills in JavaScript and SQL (for my job) and Python (kinda for my job...but mostly for fun). The only stipulation is that course be "taken at an accredited institution through a nationally-recognized professional training organization, executive education" institution. Any suggestions on courses and/or programs?
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Denied a volunteer oppportunity

I recently applied to our local Volunteer Rescue Squad. This has always been an interest of mine, and the time felt right given my career status and family situation. I have several certifications including Wilderness First Responder, a clean record, and sterling references. My facebook profile is private and I don't have other social media presence. Yet my application was just denied. [more inside]
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Free Backpacking in Wyoming/Montana/Anywhere Else

So, after spending my money on a major surgery I need to save up money for a deposit on an apartment, and my family situation has fallen through. Instead of looking at it as being homeless for the summer I am trying to reframe this as a fun adventure, and a way to get away from people and recharge my batteries. But...I need some advice about details. [more inside]
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Is it pointless trying to prevent email harvesting on my website?

My friend and I are starting a small production company and I thought it would be fun(!) to build our website myself. Even though the site is meant to be just a portfolio of our previous work that we can point prospective clients to, we should definitely have our business contact info on it. Is there an effective way to hinder spambots from harvesting mailto: links on our site? What about social media links? Is it pointless to even bother with this? [more inside]
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June 8

How do I find a therapist who understands systematic racism?

I am trying to find a therapist to help me work on some anxiety issues. I am a WOC and would like to find someone who is familiar with concepts like microaggressions, implicit bias, structural bias etc. Are there any common phrases in the therapy industry that describe this? Anything that I should ask / explain right off the bat to help figure this out? [more inside]
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Am I being too picky with dentists?

I've been to five different dentists in the last several years. The first three practices I left for what I thought were valid reasons (always running super late, messed up a crown and couldn't fix it, etc) I'm wondering about the other two, though. [more inside]
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What is a normal level of tired?

I feel exhausted, a lot, lately and I'm wondering if there's a medical reason or if this is just normal for someone with my age and lifestyle. [more inside]
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Is it crazy to ask for a raise mid-contract?

I didn't negotiate well for my first job and I've learned that my coworkers make much more than I do for the same work. Is there any way to address this without it seeming like a wild money grab? [more inside]
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Chicago to Denver - where to stop?

I'm planning a road trip with two of our large adult children (aged 24 and 21), which will include a segment from Chicago to Denver. We're not likely to do lots of Roadside America stuff en route but we'd like to stop overnight somewhere that would have potential for decent food and maybe a craft cider. Is that Des Moines, Omaha, Lincoln? We're all fully vaxxed.
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Why does advice on when to Epi differ between Aus and US?

Why do the recommendations on when to give an EpiPen seem to differ so much between Australia and the US? [more inside]
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I smell a nightmare...

My mother lives in NB, Canada and I live in ON. She's suggesting she add me to her bank account and home ownership as she believes this will ease any transfer after she passes. I think it will affect my taxes. What's the best move? [more inside]
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Quiet Gaming Laptops?

There are so many gaming laptops! Help! Looking for something quiet but that has a lot of memory, good screen quality, can be used to run and design games with [more inside]
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Logitech Mouse that has lots of macro keys but also uses unifying dongle

I’m looking for a Logitech mouse that has extra keys for macros but still uses the unifying receiver since I’ll be using it on a laptop and want to minimize my number of dongles. Thanks!
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Newsletters about fun things to do in NYC

Hi! With summer upon us and the city reopening, I'm interested in email newsletters about fun things to do in NYC—restaurants, museums, outdoor film screenings, concerts, random free events, you name it. Have any favorites? I'd be grateful if you could let me know. Thanks!
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Camera to capture candid crepuscular critters?

I get a lot of critters roaming around in the night. Coyotes, foxes, possums, probably an occasional Bigfoot, that sort of thing. I would like to automatically capture quality nighttime video and photos of these critters. I would like to do this with a minimum of fuss. What't the best way? [more inside]
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Do I need to eject this USB hub thingy?

I have recently started using a USB hub thingy (this) so I can attach a wired mouse & external keyboard to my MacBook Air when I'm using it on a stand. Do I need to eject it when I'm done using it? The reason I'm asking is twofold: I don't know if I need to; but also I don't see it appear on my desktop like, say, an external drive would, so I don't know how to eject it. Talk to me like I'm your ancient granny, please.
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Film or story with a giant white ball that is...menacing people?

Hi, Back in 1997 we watched a film in school that had a sci Fi feel and I remember really loving. All I really remember about it is that there was a large white ball that was possibly threatening or menacing? Or maybe benign...but seemed to be possibly conscious? I'm very fuzzy on the details and tbh am not even certain if this was a film or a piece of writing. Due to my scant details, Google searches have been unsuccessful. Anyone have ideas of what this might have been? I've been wondering and wanting to rewatch/reread for years.
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I don't get these themed crossword clues

I solved the June 4 crossword in the Washington Post, but I don't understand the themed clues and their answers. The puzzle is syndicated, so I think it was also in the Los Angeles Times and other papers. Clues and answers below. [more inside]
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Japanese Food-Focused Dietitian for Eating with Stomach Cancer

My dad has stomach cancer. We're not sure what stage yet. He's Japanese and strongly prefers Japanese food. Does anyone know of a dietitian or nutritionist who specializes in food for people with stomach / gastric cancer, especially with Japanese food? [more inside]
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Hearing aids on a Plane

I'm flying in July and I am brining a couple experimental hearing aid devices with me. They look like this. Is this going to cause me any issues? [more inside]
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Fun stuff on Phoenix to Eugene road trip

I’m flying to my BFF in Phoenix next week and we will be taking three days or so to drive back to Eugene. It’s her birthday next Friday, so we’d like to do something fun that day. She wants to make it to the coast-so I’m thinking Phoenix to LA then up the coast? How would you break this trip out, assuming three nights (maybe leave Weds afternoon and arrive in Eugene Saturday afternoon)? Your favorite places to stop? We will be doing hotels and love wine and great food-which doesn’t need to be fancy. Your favorite roadside diner is awesome, too. Both fully vaxed.
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Rewind, and Erase?

Is it possible to disregard a college year in new college applications? [more inside]
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Seeking Conventional Wisdom

Anyone know anything about convention planning? Specifically medical convention planning? [more inside]
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What to do in Palm Springs?

5 fully vaxxed adults staying in Palm Springs, CA for a week in late February. What should we definitely do? [more inside]
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Experience with CTY remote, and QubitxQubit

Teen alms is making some last minute summer plans. Among the options are CTY remote classes and quantum computing with Qubit x Qubit. Do you have experience with these programs? Are they good? [more inside]
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Webhooks for when you don't really want to expose port 80...

We have started using Tawk and it's great. It has a webhook option to let you know if you've got waiting messages etc. [more inside]
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"Le Maitre de la Boite a Chocolats." What does this French want to say?

In chapter 18 of The Moon and Sixpence, Maugham writes " The master of the box of chocolates." I'd like to know the source of this phrase if it's a kind of idiomatic expression. And why does he say"la (boite) " here? I only know "la" means "the" and "une" means "a" though .Thank you for helping my English and now, French!
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Autoimmune diagnosis criteria

Paging Dr. House, is it lupus? [more inside]
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June 7

more than death and taxes

What exactly is the purview of a homeowner's association? [more inside]
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Kick Some Brass

A friend recently retired. She played clarinet as a kid and is considering taking it up again. She's gotten as far as acquiring an instrument and not yet playing it. Her birthday approaches. What can I get her to encourage this path?
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Could you explain to me how to get Botox like I'm...uh, 5?

I've been thinking about getting Botox to minimize a furrow that's developing between my brows, and possibly exploring undereye filler as a way to reduce my lifelong dark circles. I'm having trouble figuring out the basics/logistics of how to find a provider. Could you help me understand the basics? I'm mostly curious about the general process, but I'm also open to Chicago-area provider recommendations. [more inside]
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Basics on developing a Youtube channel?

I have an idea for a series of YouTube videos that I believe would get a pretty significant number of views. I'd like to create a new YouTube account/channel to post these, and ideally monetize them through ads if they get enough traffic. [more inside]
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Dr’s husband is vocally anti-trans online; should I do anything?

I saw a new doctor this week, and googled them afterwards. They have no social media, but their husband does, and he uses it to post truly vile missives against trans and queer people. I have no way of knowing if his wife agrees with him; is there anything for me to do here? [more inside]
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What's this SF story about insects?

My friend is trying to track down a short story he read many years ago—He says this was a sci-fi short story, probably from some Best Sci Fi of the Year Anthology, probably pre 1980s. In it, a British explorer finds a heavy silver ball inside a giant anthill in a desolate area of Africa. He is thereafter followed by a mass of insects.
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So...Powershell. I need a deep dive into it.

It's come to my attention that I'm writing Powershell as though I'm a java programmer (which I am). And this is not what the team requires. I need help to learn how to write Powershell like a Powershell scripting expert. [more inside]
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