October 21

Care package for isolating 5 year old.

My 5yr old nephew is having to self isolate for the next 2 weeks, including over half term. We want to send a package with activities to keep him amused (and help his parents keep him amused). [more inside]
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October 20

How are you dealing with COVID insomnia?

I have never in my life had an issue falling asleep and yet since lockdown I have had to take sleeping pills or risk staying up til 3:30 am. How are you dealing with the well-documented effect this is having on people's sleep? [more inside]
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Japanese novel quote?

I remember reading a contemporary Japanese novel, in the same vein as Oe or Murikami, about a single man living in an apartment complex (?) and he kinda had a fling with a lady. At one point he bonds with a gay man (?) trans woman (?) and muses to himself: “someone so sensitive to the warp in themselves must surely be so sympathetic so my own weirdness” Or something like that. I definitely remember “warp” being part of the line. What’s the quote, and what’s the book?
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Identify my long-lost cookbook!

Mini years back, a family member had a cookbook. It had different chapters which were each based around a theme, and the idea was that you would pick one theme for each day of the week and then the chapter would have multiple choices for you to make for that theme. Can anyone identify this book? I would really like to get it again! [more inside]
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Where did the legend of Shaolin martial mastery come from?

I'm curious about the origin of the legendary martial arts skills and training at the Shaolin temple. I know there's some basis in reality (the monks fought in a couple wars, etc) and I know that there was a resurgence in interest after the wuxia cinema craze of the '70s. But there has to be more than that! [more inside]
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Disposable contact lenses

I know the answer is "don't do this." But REALLY, can I do this? [more inside]
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How to help my widowed mother collect German pension?

My elderly mother just shared with me that she is due a pension from Germany for the years my late father worked there as a professor. She lives in the US. She has asked me to help her collect it and am at a loss as to how to even begin. [more inside]
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Salux on a stick

I want a long handled back scrubber with a scrubby part like a Salux cloth. No luffa, nylon poofy scrubby, or bristled one. Does such a thing exist and if not, any idea how I could fix an actual salux on the end of a wood handle?
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How can you tell if a twitter account is permanently suspended?

As above - how do I tell if these Twitter suspensions are permanent or not? It’s confusing and hard to tell what’s recent 2020 info and also what’s a punitive short term ban for spamming or what have you vs a long term ban for abuse.
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Apple Music and waterproof swimming players

Seemingly simple question to which I cannot find the answer: Can I put Apple Music songs from my monthly subscription on any MP3 player like the SYRYN? [more inside]
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Upper body rotation --> wheezing noise from chest/throat

Do you experience a wheezy noise from your upper chest area when you rotate your upper body? If so do you know why? [more inside]
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Surname? More like HERname! Amirite?!?

I'm getting divorced and I'm at the point in the paperwork where I get to pick a new name! Help me with name ideas, or suggestions for how to pick a new name! [more inside]
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Help me improve administratively

I went from a hands on service delivery role to an admin one. I'm not great at this. But I also never had the bulk of my job be reports, paperwork, organizing, project management, etc. I am not really bad at it I don't think, but I'm very mediocre. Which in my mind means bad. Help me? [more inside]
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Show me the writing on the wall

I want to write something, more or less permanently, on a painted interior wall, but also make sure it can be painted over in the future. What product should I use? [more inside]
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Sandi Toksvig claims she's never, ever farted: Discuss.

The UK television presenter Sandi Toksvig (born 1958) recently claimed that she had never farted in her entire life. Surely that's medically impossible? [more inside]
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What poem am I barely remembering?

The poem is about a child (maybe son?) who feels intimidated by their father's greatness. I can't remember who it is by. Towards the end, there is a line about how the child saw the length of the father's shadow (or something like that) "and ran". [more inside]
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An Old, Weird Adventure Game Set in a Bar

I'm trying to remember an old point-and-click adventure game. It was set in a bar, but the bar was more of a hub than anything else. The bar had all sorts of weird patrons and several of them had extended quests you could do. One was a vampire and you had to help him in Transylvania. I think you had to win back his ex or something? And there was an adventure in space. [more inside]
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Trying to be useful on Election Day and after--any resources?

Are there organizations--either affiliated with the Democratic Party or with external groups--that need volunteers to help ensure that voters are able to vote on election day, and that all the votes are counted, and re-counted if necessary, in November? [more inside]
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How to make phone calls ring loudly, even on silent mode (on iPhone)

I like to keep my phone mostly on vibrate/silent, BUT I need to get a loud notification for phone calls. I keep missing important phone calls if I don't carry my phone with me around the house literally everywhere (which I would strongly prefer to not do). If it's in the next room, I need some kind of audio notification. [more inside]
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Syncing Work Gmail and Outlook Calendars

How can I get my (work) Gmail calendar to show on my (work) Outlook calendar (they are the same email address)? [more inside]
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Looking for suggestions to keep us sane during long roadtrip with kids

My husband and I are going on a 15 hour road trip for Christmas, from Florida to Ohio. We are driving instead of flying to avoid any additional exposure since the family we are going to visit are older and have some health issues; so limiting risky exposure is super important to us. [more inside]
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Buying a house is stressful and I hate it but I want a house now.

This feels like the wrong time but now I want a house. Apparently, so do many other people, especially in the area that I currently live in (Essex County NJ). Houses are selling at way over asking and we have been outbid multiple times. I have very specific requirements that pretty much mean I will not be able to find what I want. [more inside]
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How do I ship a bed frame from Berkeley to DC in a quarantine?

I have a queen-size wooden bed frame that matches my other furniture. But it's on the wrong side of the country from me. Small moves quotes have been ridiculous—$800 from one company, and $4000(!) from another. Craigslist hasn't been fruitful. Ideas? [more inside]
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Best practices for conference/webinar-style Zoom meetings?

What is your advice for setting up meetings in Zoom that are more like panel discussions rather than open meetings, but not large enough to require a Zoom Webinar? [more inside]
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Somewhat more than twelve parsecs.

About how long, in real time, did it take the Millennium Falcon to travel in hyperspace from Tatooine, in the Outer Rim, to the Alderaan system, in the Galactic Core?
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Migrating AntennaPod/gPodder to Pocket Casts

I've been using AntennaPod on my Android phone for a while and syncing to gPodder.net. I would like to start using Pocket Casts instead. I know I can do a OPML export/import to move my subscriptions, but is there any automated way to let Pocket Casts know 1) which episodes I've already played 2) which episodes are currently in my queue?
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Building Better Family Relationships

You are someone with strong family ties. I would like to know how you did so and how to emulate that. [more inside]
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Advice for temporary online shop sales?

I've got 30 small items I want to sell but don't want to use my ebay account, or start an Etsy one. Does anyone have a recommendations for an alternative website where I can easily list and sell these items? I probably won't use the site again after this so I don't want to get into a commitment with an online store. Would Shopify be good for this? Thanks in advance.
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Canadian Company Acquired, Employees Not Informed

(YANML) The company that I work for has been acquired by another company (found the information here: https://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/ica-lic.nsf/eng/h_lk00014.html in Acquisition Notifications). This happened over 6 months ago and the employees have not been informed. [more inside]
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A stately Raven of the saintly days of yore to perch atop my chamber doo

I've never been big on Halloween decorations, but lately I've been wanting to have a large, realistic-looking raven looming over the front door. But I don't want to get some taxidermied bird, the fake ravens available to buy are much too small for the Tower of London-size birds I have in mind, and I don't want to damage the door frame with nails or other destructive ways of mounting it. Any ideas on how to go about this?
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October 19

How can I get Microsoft suite to run exactly like G-suite?

I've perfected my use of G-suite over the past 10+ years and now have a job that requires usage of the full Microsoft suite including Teams, Planner, Sharepoint etc. I find it annoyingly not G-suite. Outlook is absolutely the worst of all, though the web version is a little better than the one of my computer. How can I best replicate my G-suite experience with Microsoft programs? Unfortunately due to legal requirements around the job, I am completely restricted to what Microsoft has to offer. [more inside]
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What do I do about my conspiracy theorist friend?

And old friend has gone down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole and i'm not sure whether I should continue that friendship. [more inside]
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What other films / tv make use of this interesting narrative technique?

In the tv show Giri/Haji, they used this interesting narrative technique out of the blue. What are some other films or tv series that make use of a more surreal or experimental film technique within the context of a mostly plot-driven film? [very vague spoilers about a narrative technique in giri / haji, but no plot actual spoilers] [more inside]
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Can I use a smaller propane tank?

I only use propane to cook, and use @ 30 lbs a year, I think. My local propane supplier got bought out, and the new company keeps trying to charge a new fee for tank rental. Have talked my way out of previously, don't think that will work any more. it's already expensive because I don't use a lot, and I'm stubborn, frugal, and despise add-on pure profit fees and corporate greed. Can I have my stove connected to the smaller tanks used by gas grills? I'm guessing the right sort of plumber might do this.
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Eyeglass pillows

I've seen a few contoured foam pillows that have a cutout space so that you can lie on your side and read while wearing glasses. (Ex: 1, 2.) This is a thing I would like to do but have trouble doing, at least with my current glasses and regular pillows. Have you tried these special pillows? Do they work? Is there something I'm not thinking of that makes them less awesome than they sound?
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Could my son benefit from an executive function coach?

My son, 20, has executive function disorder, ADHD and ASD. He has always had trouble with organizing his time but is really struggling right now. He is a sophomore in college living at home and just can’t get it together. I’m willing to try anything. [more inside]
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How to get several large files off of my old computer

I need help finding a piece of software that will let me transfer several large files from a computer running Windows XP. [more inside]
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Where to order passport photo prints

For Reasons, I'd like to take my own passport photo and then have it printed by a service and mailed to me or picked up. What's the best, fastest service that I can use to get this done?
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Gold Stars for Adults?

I miss pursuing activities that get you a little plaque or badge (e.g. Scouting or Duke of Edinburgh Award). Is there anything like that for adults? I don't mean the "adulting" merit badges you buy yourself, but something where you get some kind of external validation for learning skills and/or contributing to the community. I'm wondering if I should just join Rotary. Thanks!
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Mysterious Registry Files

My C:\Users\(name) folder has 2 One Drive sub folders. One contains the contents of the One Drive. The other is named SkyDrive in its path even though it has One Drive as its external label. SkyDrive contains mostly recognizable flotsam with the exception of a Documents folder that contains 4 registration entries with various dates in 2016. The flotsam files are dated up to 2017. [more inside]
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What are the best online sources to learn critical theory for a newbie?

I am especially looking for resources about Marxist, feminist, queer, critical race, and psychoanalytic theories, as used to study the arts and humanities. I would love to find great articles and videos, and I would prefer to avoid opaque jargon. Thanks!
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ISO your favorite funny videos

I’m seriously needing funny videos to help me out of a mental funk. [more inside]
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Apartment smells like smoke

My new neighbors smoke inside constantly. What can I do to make the smell in my apartment less strong? [more inside]
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Best method to introduce ourselves to new neighbors during Covid-times?

We are finally moving to our dream, stand-alone single-family home in a fairly non-descript neighborhood with other stand-alone homes. After years of living in a townhouse with an open parking lot, we became a bit curmudgeonly and don’t interact much with our townhome neighbors, but I would like to go back to being a lightly friendly neighbor with the residents near my new home. How can we best approach the process of introducing ourselves to our new neighbors given the pandemic? [more inside]
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On-line escape room for young teens?

I'm looking for an escape room, or similar puzzle room, that my Girl Scouts can do together via Zoom as they work on the Game Visionary badge. It needs to be appropriate for 13- and 14-year olds, collaborative, and fun. There will be anywhere from four to ten players, and I won't know ahead of time how many people will show up. Any suggestions?
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Need an estate lawyer in Bellevue or Seattle

I need a recommendation for a good estate lawyer in the Seattle area, preferably on the Eastside (Bellevue, Redmond, Issaquah area). This is for an estate that includes a home mortgage and title to be resolved.
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Cookbooks to help get out of a home cooking rut

I am feeling uninspired by my kitchen and cookbook shelf and would love pandemic-friendly cookbook recommendations. Have you recently found a cookbook that has improved your eat at home all the time life? I’m particularly interested in ones with recipes that don’t require a full summer vegetable/herb garden (because it’s snowing right now) or stops at multiple grocery stores.
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Has anyone ever heard of this cat-hoarding female psychiatrist?

There's a chapter in Randy Frost & Gail Steketee's book "Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and The Meaning of Things" that details an incredible story about a successful female documentary filmmaker in the 1970s who hoards over 200 cats and who works with a female psychiatrist...and the psychiatrist hoards over 600 cats! I'm actually a documentary filmmaker myself and I'm dying to know if any of this story is publicly available so I can track it down. Details about the case and the people involved were changed in the book to protect their identities so I can't even be sure of the most basic details of the story. It says this all happened in NYC but it could just as easily have been another city - maybe LA given the filmmaking connection? Anything you might know about this would be a great starting point for me to dig more. Thank you.
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How many Covid vulnerable schools in NYC?

Old school buildings in NYC do not have central HVAC and very limited window openings. Hallways and stairwells have no air circulation. How many school buildings in NYC are like this? And where are they? [more inside]
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Can't find image on shutterstock.

I'm looking for the original, shutterstock version of this image, so I can buy it. Simple, right? It has the shutterstock watermark, and should be easy to find with keywords like woman work laptop striped shirt. Nope. Been searching for over an hour, no luck. Tried google image search, no luck. Please suggest alternate search strategies or even better, hep me find the image?
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Lay your romance novels on me

What are the page-turningest, hottest, most fun, hands-down-best contemporary romance novels of the last few years? Any sub-genre.
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How to deal with relative's illness

I just spent 24 hours with a relative, who is my age, who has a debilitating illness affecting both their physical capabilities and their brain. I did not have much to do, apart from preparing meals and giving them their medicine, which left lots of time to think. That was a problem. [more inside]
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Perilous Portland Parking Predicament: Price & Position?

I've recently committed to getting a car, but don't have anywhere to put it. I live in the limbo that is Portland, Oregon's dreaded Zone N, the result of which is that I am apparently not eligible for any street permit parking. Worse still, all the lot/garage options I've been able to find even semi-nearby are upwards of $75–150 a month. This… isn't workable. How/where do people who live in inner SE park affordably? [more inside]
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Looking for a cheap... minimally adequate webcam (2020 edition)

Any recommendations/ personal experience with cheap (non Logitech) webcams in 2020? (Ideally <$20 USD). There are times when I am obligated to be on webcam, but don't want to share my face nor my work space in full high definition glory. [more inside]
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Red-Shift Doppler Effect (on near lightspeed motorcycles)?

As a child I watched a PBS show that explained the Doppler effect by having the viewer imagine what they would see if they were riding a super fast bike, and what they would see if they looked behind them (red shift). Please help me... What show was this? [more inside]
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Please help me name this awesome cat

We have some perfectly serviceable names but nothing really sings, you know? [more inside]
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Spooky season / horror movies for a tough crowd

As Halloween approaches I'm looking for some "scary" movies to watch with my family. Looking for suggestions of the best (or "worst" best) movies that will entertain the family and broaden our horizons, movie-wise. Ideally on Netflix, Prime, etc. [more inside]
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Is My Rice Cooker On The Way Out?

My rice cooker is this Cuckoo model, which I've had for a quite a few years. I swear that when I first got it the rice it cooked was way better (back then I thought the rice was delicious, now it just seems average and unremarkable). I mostly use the same brand of rice - Hinode Calrose white medium grain - so either the cooker's getting worse or Hinode quality is decreasing. Does this happen to rice cookers: that the quality of the cooked rice can decline over time and they need to be replaced?
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Seeking MeFi-tested and approved green tomato recipes

I can search the web and find dozens of recipes and lists-of-recipes aimed at using up green tomatoes. Tell me about ones you've actually tried and enjoyed. [more inside]
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Boarding school books from teachers' perspective?

There are uncountable "boarding school" books - both of the magical and nonmagical variety. Are there any written from the teachers' perspective?
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