April 10

Vaccines and variants (hope me)

Has anyone collated good, up to date information on the effectiveness of different vaccines on the currently dominant variants? Can you point me to this source? [more inside]
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Please help id this moth

I'm not having luck with insect id sites. jpg
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Strategies for talking to hospital about errors in bill

I spent a couple of days in the hospital a couple of months ago, and my bill has errors in it. I'm going to have to call to dispute these charges, and I would like to have some strategies or approaches to use that will lead to more likely success. Any suggestions and stories of success or failure would be helpful! [more inside]
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Messaging timing etiquette

Is there a consensus on etiquette about texting or messaging (dating apps or otherwise) acquaintances early in the morning? [more inside]
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Want to read more works from poets of colour

What's a poem you love that is written by a poet of colour? [more inside]
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April 9

Where did the first baby come from? ELI5 because he is.

Tiny Vat (5 years old) asked me "Where did the first baby come from?". I want to give him a very short age-appropriate answer that will set him up to understand evolution later. I am not too thrilled with my answers so far, and am looking for other approaches to this. [more inside]
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Looking for a new therapist for Autistic Teen

We are looking for a new therapist for our mid-teenage year old autistic son who also has mental health struggles. His therapist retired recently. Our fantasy is that there is a therapist who has a concentration on autistic teens and young adults that would make a good fit for him for the next 5 to 10 years, but are open minded. [more inside]
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Galaxy s9 to s21 frustration

With my s9 I could press the "home" icon on the always on screen to wake the phone up. With the s21 I can't figure out how to set it the same way. *super pout* *hope me*
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At a crossroads in my life and trying to figure out grad school, career

I work in the biotech industry, specifically pharmaceutical process development, with a B.S. I'm looking to take a step up in my career through grad school, but it's been several years since I've been to school and I have no idea how to approach preparing for applications, requirements, finances, etc. Looking either for direct advice, or if someone could point me to a career/college counselor to hold my hand through this. [more inside]
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Which non-Apple smartwatch or band to get?

My wife likes to go out for walks to get her 10,000 daily steps during these days of our pandemic. She's been using a tracker on her iPhone 7 but I'm thinking of getting her a smart-watch/band.What should I get her? [more inside]
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Did I screw up my Covid vaccination by taking Advil a few days later?

I got my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine on a Saturday morning. I took a huge amount of Advil the following Tuesday chasing the worst headache of my life. Did I screw up or was it far enough out that I’ll be okay? [more inside]
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Please tell me what Mac laptop to buy!

My 9-year old MacBook Air is finally giving up the ghost, so I need to buy a new laptop. I think at this point I’m inclined to just stay in the Mac ecosystem even though I know there are plenty of great Windows laptops out there. Can you please tell me which Mac laptop to get and what specifications to get (amount of memory, etc.)? [more inside]
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Where can I buy ethically made arty tees?

I love tee shirts with an allover abstract pattern. My favorites are from Uniqlos art tee lines, but I won't buy from them because they use slave labor to produce their cotton. I don't want to buy them used either. Can you recommend a company that's even slightly more ethical that makes similar shirts? Thanks!
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I'm in the doghouse with Zuckerberg and don't know why

I just got a Facebook notification that says "independent fact-checkers at Science Feedback say information in your post is missing context and could mislead people. We've added a notice to your post." Does anybody know how to figure out which post?? [more inside]
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Fancy desserts for 2?

I used to give extra desserts away to neighbors but since we’re not out of the woods with Covid yet I’d love recommendations of 1- or 2-serving desserts that take prep, don’t leave leftovers and have multiple ingredients.
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Pet Shed Control Shampoos

Have you found dog shed control shampoos to have any significant effect? I’m not expecting miracles but a noticeable reduction in shedding would be nice.
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songs about being happy to be alive that SOUND like being happy?

One of my favorite songs like this is Good Day by Luce. What other songs are about just being happy to be alive, that really SOUND like just being happy? [more inside]
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Second COVID vaccine appointment at different location from the first?

I got my first shot at a very inconvenient location hours away. I just got a new appointment at a much closer site, but I got it from a general webpage that is geared toward first appointments, when this is actually for my second shot. How to handle? [more inside]
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Help me explain this to a white person

I am mixed race and when talking about a conflict with my mother, the white person I was talking to said "have you considered that this might be a cultural issue? I don't know much about (specific culture), but from what I heard (cliché they heard on tv, though not necessarily wrong)." [more inside]
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Getting the most out of a house showing (as a buyer)

I will be looking at a house tomorrow that I am very interested in. How can I make the most out of the showing, in order to make the most informed decision possible on whether to make an offer? [more inside]
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Windows PDF software that does OCR

I am transitioning to a PC from over a decade in Mac world, and I need a PDF tool to replace Apple's Preview app. Specific needs are the ability to print a document to PDF (especially from web browsers and Microsoft Office), to print as a text PDF (my understanding is that Windows Print to PDF does not capture the text layer, it just prints as an image), and the ability to OCR PDFs that do not have a text layer. I'm willing to pay if needed, but I'm not willing to do a subscription.
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Writer needs help make word email message to man who pay money

For a few months now, I've had a gig doing freelance writing for a music PR firm at $30/ hr (every assignment comes out to be $45 for an interview and press release). I had planned to ask about a raise after 6 months, which is now, but a couple other things have come up now money-wise. I'd like some help figuring out how to approach this in the most straightforward way. [more inside]
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What haircut should I get, queer masc edition

In slightly less than two weeks I will be fully vaccinated and able to get my first haircut since early March 2020. Questions within. [more inside]
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Help me enjoy my outdoor space please. I hate bugs.

I finally moved and now have a beautiful outdoor space in Essex County, NJ. Please help me enjoy it. The scary thing is it is a lot of space. A front porch and yard area. An upper and lower deck, and a wooded area in the back. I've seen deer, turkey, cats, a gopher... I also want to beautify it and have a garden. But I am also scared of bugs. [more inside]
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Help me help my mother do her history homework

My mother is a woman in her 70s who's a member of Hadassah (an organization of American Jewish women), has been asked to do a presentation for their next big regional (online) meeting. She's been asked to present specifically about accomplishments of American Jewish women in the 20th Century, but her ability to do research is limited. [more inside]
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Black bean soup recipe for ---ONE CAN OF BEANS---

I'm looking for an at least vaguely-Cuban recipe for black bean soup that makes just one or two lunches. [more inside]
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post-vaccination back to normal, but with kids

So maybe things are finally looking up again. People seem to be getting vaccinated, and that's letting people look ahead to a post-vaccination world that might be close to normal: dining out, traveling, etc. But so far the vaccines are only for adults. What does this mean for people with kids? [more inside]
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Seeking better home office audio...what am I looking for?

I would like to improve the audio in my home office from old computer speakers to something richer. I'm not even sure what product I'm looking for. Help? [more inside]
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Today's home-buying question: Closing costs vs. higher price?

We are also trying to buy a house in a hot seller's market. Many houses are selling above list price, and some of them for above appraisal. I have a few questions. Let's say we can afford to either higher monthly payment (than the list price would amount to), or some amount of cash out closing (or maybe both). What are the pros and cons of a higher offer for the house price (and thus mortgage) vs. paying more for closing costs? And can any closing costs be rolled into the mortgage? [more inside]
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Eating Up The Weird Stuff

A silver lining in being cooped up for a year is that I am finally making headway in eating through the things in my overstuffed pantry and cupboard. However - I'm now getting to the really weird stuff, and could use some additional ideas. [more inside]
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April 8

Japanese photographic tradition of leaving a print for someone to find

I remember reading about it in passing a long time ago - a photographer would make a print of his/her work, and would then just leave it in a public space for others to discover and enjoy, or even take for their own. Google has been of no help - does anyone know what this tradition is called/what I'm talking about? [more inside]
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Should I buy an M1 or intel mac book pro

My work will buy me a new laptop this month. I've used mac book pros and had good luck with them for the last 12 years (using them typically for about 6 years, though less for this current one). Given the longer battery life, faster speed, etc., and that the wrinkles with the new chip should be fixed soon, I think that I should go with one of the new apple silicone chips (discussed at length here). However, my IT department is pushing me to get a machine with an intel chip. Advice? [more inside]
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Linguistic SF recs?

I'm looking for examples of science fiction where linguistics is the science in question, or one of them anyway. A few examples I'm already aware of (and love, thus my wanting to find more): Babel-17 by Samuel Delany, Embassytown by China Miéville, the story "Story of Your Life" by Ted Chiang (that the movie Arrival was based on), arguably aspects of Jeff VanderMeer's Southern Reach trilogy. Any SF where translation plays a major role would probably fit the bill. Qapla’!
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Elephants on a Bridge

Mini McGee says, "I learned you can ask physics really weird questions! Like, how thick would a cardboard bridge have to be if it was over a 40-foot gap and could support the weight of an elephant?" [more inside]
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Different Dental costs in different states?

I have a tooth with a root canal which needs a crown and post, which are not covered by my insurance. I was told I would have to pay out of pocket, and it would cost more than a thousand dollars. My family is planning a trip to Florida later this month, and it occurred to me to wonder if it would cost less to have it done in Florida. Does anyone know what it would cost in the Fleming Island area? [more inside]
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What to do about Facebook breach?

I changed my FB password, and I already have data monitoring. Is there anything else to do? [more inside]
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How should I store Tupperware?

My household has battled our Tupperware storage solution for years. We're not sure why it's so hard to find a product that works. is. Help me find something that won't drive us bananas, with lids flying everywhere. [more inside]
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Aging parents and a tax collector walk into an ADU...

We want to have my parents move on to our property as they are aging and needing more help these days. They want to build an attached ADU on our property. What tax implications does this have? [more inside]
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Tonight on Should I Eat It: Corn Meal.

So I was digging through my over-the-fridge cabinet of baking related stuff, and all the way in the back I found a mostly full bag of forgotten corn meal. I saw it and thought maybe I could make corn bread or something. But what gives me pause and sent me to Ask is I noticed on the bag "Use By Aug 02 2012". The cornmeal inside looks ok, no bugs or anything. Should I turn it into food, or toss it in the trash?
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I like arthouse cinema and my girlfriend is blind. What should we watch?

Last week we watched Before Sunrise, and she liked it enough to be willing to watch the sequels. Before that we watched My Dinner With Andre, and I think she found it daunting but didn't complain. She's very accommodating and watches whatever I put on, but I'd like to find things we can equally enjoy. I know she's interested in those films with alternate audio tracks for the visually impaired. Any thoughts are welcome, and extra points for recommendations I can stream on the Criterion app. Also, she's not 100% blind. She's about 20/240 with glasses and mostly colorblind.
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Running on pavement

I want to try couch to 5k, but I live in the middle of a city and really do not want to drive anywhere for excercise because that has always reduced my motivation to zero. I have good running shoes. Will I ruin my knees by running on pavement?
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How do you listen (when you’re shy)?

I’m a shy and somewhat socially anxious person. I have realized that sometimes it’s difficult for me to carry on a conversation because I’m so caught up worrying what the other person is thinking of me that I lose track of what’s said, or only hear it at a superficial level. How can I make this better? [more inside]
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Whole house electrical rewiring - what to do at same time?

We will need to rewire our whole house in the near future. Are there other smart projects we should consider doing at the same time? [more inside]
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Book that includes Charles and Mary Lamb

Does anyone know the name of a historical fiction novel in which the main person visits Charles and Mary Lamb frequently?
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How do I feel less apprehensive regarding anti-anxiety medication?

Following up on this question, I did see a doctor about my anxiety (and, I guess, depression, too). After getting blood work done, I have an appointment booked with him for Friday. However, I'm suddenly feeling apprehensive towards medication. I guess it's the anxiety talking, but ugh, how do I feel better about this? I'm honestly so embarrassed that my anxiety is so bad I have to get it treated. [more inside]
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Selling my car (not privately) - companies that do this?

I have a 2011 Nissan Versa with 101k miles. It's in good condition, but needs some work on the front suspension. The thought of selling it privately gives me significant anxiety, so I thought about selling through CarMax or a similar place. I'd love to hear experiences from MeFites that have sold in this manner. [more inside]
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Help hare become tortoise

You were a quick, hasty, slapdash, clumsy person who walked, talked, and acted fast and often made a mess because of it. Now you're not. What were your tricks and tips that helped you transform? Bonus: any resources that celebrate the slow, the calm, the considered and the collected. [more inside]
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Looking for Neruda poem that contains "long petal of the sea"

Our book club just read Isabel Allende's novel A Long Petal of the Sea and would like to read the Neruda poem that contains the title line. [more inside]
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Why does a moderate amount of vaccination not majorly cut covid rates?

If the growth is exponential, isn't even a relatively small amount of vaccination going to cut the exponent? Naively I would think that if the R value is, say, 1.1, then vaccination of 30% of the population would drop it to 0.8, which would extinguish the outbreak (or at least decrease it massively). What's going on? [more inside]
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Help my friend further streamline her baking business

3D cookie cutter issue: gaps between the forms get filled with dough and it takes forever to clean them out. Looking for a magic ovensafe non-toxic substance to fill those dopey gaps. [more inside]
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How does 1Password work?

I want to use 1Password, but am curious about how it may interface with my work computer. Can you help me understand how the program will work across different devices, and how it works generally? [more inside]
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Tea-Light and Tempered Glass - The Safe Distance Factor Question

So, I put together a tea-light tempered glass kettle warmer from 2 elements I had around, one being sterling, the stainless top being the top - they fit together like one unit. The stainless top has holes pre-drilled in circular design. Question - how close can I place the tea-light under the stainless top under the kettle without it cracking? I want the kettle to keep as hot as possible for as long as the tea-light stays lit. I need the distance to be precise and scientifically based, because this is how the production is rolling. Thank you :)
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How should I deal with shady/stupid house sellers?

I am moving to Texas and the housing market is insane. It’s a complete seller’s market with about 24 hours from listing to bids due. But after finding the “perfect” house the buying process isn’t going so perfectly. How should I proceed? [more inside]
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How to add an email address in Google Sheets/Excel?

I have a Google sheet with a column of data that contains a block of numbers and letters in each cell, like E4U8BN. There are hundreds of them, each representing a single person. I want to tag the same email address, as in "@email.com" at the end of each of those blocks. I could manually paste them on, but is there a way to automate this? A formula, perhaps? [more inside]
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April 7

Looking for stories where characters talk about hardship

I'm looking for third-person POV stories where a character is telling another character about a difficult experience they've had in the past. [more inside]
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How to wean a small boy off Lego Ninjago?

Our nearly 6 year old son is really into Lego Ninjago. We hate it. What can we offer him instead that is ticks all the awesome boxes but isn't racist? [more inside]
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Should I end this friendship?

I have a friend that sometimes takes weeks to respond and reply to my text messages and sometimes they forget to reply. Lately, I have been feeling ignored and I am not sure if I should simply end the friendship or wait it out. I have confronted my friend about it, but they said that they were sorry but too busy to reply and needed to focus on their studies. [more inside]
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How do I turn my PC into an alarm clock that plays a playlist?

I have Groove music playlists and VLC playlists. How can I set up my PC so that it'll play a specified playlist at a designated wakeup time? Would it be possible to set it to random play?
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Um, how do I give a s*** again?

Basically I've gone totally numb due to the usual depression reasons. I'm also exhausted. Need to hear ideas how to reverse course without overwhelming myself. Content warning: lots of anger. [more inside]
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Applying for a job via governmentjobs.com

Have you successfully gotten a job (or interview) via governmentjobs.com? It's a standard form where you input your job and education experience, and then a separate page of specific questions from the place you're applying. I'm wondering if it's a good move to also upload a resume and cover letter, because my job history is unconventional and I feel like I could explain myself better in a way that a string of unrelated jobs does not. But do they look at these? Any advice for looking good via this system? [more inside]
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