December 11

yoga nidra via google home

I have a Google Home in my bedroom. I'd like to use it to play a yoga nidra meditation as I'm going to sleep. I have some questions! [more inside]
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Looking for things to do this week in Philadelphia

I'm in the Philadelphia area (from Northern California) through this Friday night for work, and I am looking for things to do at night. [more inside]
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Coping like a pro.

Apologies for the weedy, stream of consciousness question but it's been a hard day. I used to think my coping skills are quite good, but clearly not. All details after the jump. [more inside]
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TV Screen Cover of Protection +3

I've got a gaming table (for DnD, etceteray) with a mounted 42" TV in the center for digital game maps and whatnot. I've been trying to find the perfect clear screen protection item that will mitigate potential damage from bouncing dice, dropped pencils, etc. [more inside]
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Insurance claim greatly exceeds excess wear charge on my lease. Payday?

Insurance claim: $5,000. Lease inspection report says I'll only need to pay $600. What happens now? [more inside]
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Temporary workaround to get Silverlight working on a Mac?

I have a Macbook Air that has the latest OS. I'm trying to run silverlight on my computer, but cannot get it to work in any browser. I've heard that silverlight simply isn't working for the latest Mac OS--is that the case? [more inside]
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Home phone needed for intercom answering

My apartment building is replacing the current broken intercom with one of the systems that call you instead of ringing to a dedicated receiver, which introduces some complications for me. [more inside]
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Moving to South / West LA from Europe - help from locals?

Moving to LA and trying to find a nice apartment, not far from my workplace, trying to avoid traffic jams and airport noise, affordable but close to the beach... if it is possible? [more inside]
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Jewleryfilter: save my antique wedding ring

My wedding ring is my grandmother's and I've neglected it horribly. Please give me some ideas and language to use with a jeweler to rehabilitate it and perhaps transform it into something that will last another generation. Or tell me to put it in storage and get a beater instead because I am a danger to rings. [more inside]
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methodology for determining app crash (MacOS)

Just moved up to Sierra, and having an app crash repeatedly at launch... Without getting into which app is the problem, my question is broader: what would be your generic approach to app crash diagnostics? I feel like I should have a routine to follow, but don't (shame on me). My first guess, for a user-specific problem: temporarily relocate Preference file or folder found in ~Library. After that (assuming doesn't resolve issue), what should I try?
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Political campaign videos that do not suck?

Have you seen any short political campaign videos that moved you, educated you, went viral, or otherwise went outside the norm? I need inspiration! [more inside]
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A book about oligarchs or billionaires?

I can't remember the title of a book - please can you help me identify it? I think it's by a male author (American?) and he identifies by name the billionaires (or oligarchs, or powerful...) who run the world. I think the Kochs and Richard Branson get a mention. [more inside]
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Shakshuka Brunch

I'm hosting brunch and making shakshuka! What else should I serve? [more inside]
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How to print web pages from Chrome

For over a year I have been using the "Print Friendly" extension for Chrome to print web pages. One of its functions was being able to delete images before printing. I noticed the other day that option was no longer available. Someone decided to delete that functionality. Are there other options or extensions which do have that function? I hate to print images as they use a lot of ink and paper.
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Alcohol-free & Gluten Free?

I have coeliac disease and therefore on a strict gluten-free diet. I've also quit drinking alcohol and am currently happily trying out various alcohol substitutes (my current favourite being Seedlip) but am having trouble figuring out whether one that I want to try, Whissin, contains gluten. [more inside]
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So many keys for identical filing cabinets. I just want one.

I inherited 12 metal filing cabinets at work, which is great. They each came with their own key. Because of protocol i have to constantly open and close those cabinets, several times a day each. Now i have a huge keyring jingling from my side all day, and even though i numbered and color coded the keys, still waste a lot of time fussing with the locks. [more inside]
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I hate my cellphone; I need a lockbox.

I basically need to change my habits and relationship to my cellphone. I spend too much time checking in on it (legitimately for work, stupidly for facebook and the internet) and it is messing me up, my relationship to my family, my sense of self. [more inside]
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Is Multi Sensory Language and Orton Gillingham real or snake oil?

Two lovely families with kids with learning challenges (ASD and dyslexia) are at a natural crossroads with their kids treatments. Both families have been saying to me just a friend that loves them) that their kids have much more profound disabilities than they had thought because this treatment is not working as quickly as they hoped. I wonder if the treatment is right for these kids. [more inside]
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How can I varnish paper to make it more slippery?

I'm in the middle of creating a boardgame that uses a dexterity element. This means that players will physically flick little wooden spaceships across a printed paper board. To make the wooden spaceships glide nicely - I am looking for a finish or varnish or spray or something that will lower the friction of the paper. The goal is to make it easier for little wooden disks to glide over the printed paper surface with a flick. I've never used anything like this and I've no idea even where to start !
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We just want to wash our hands!

What’s a good hand soap that won’t irritate our hands? How about one that also isn’t a total mess? Maybe a good soap pump if I’m lucky? [more inside]
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December 10

What does "overcoming" Childhood Emotional Neglect look like?

Through therapy and all that, I've come to the realization that a multitude of the feelings I've always had stem from childhood emotional neglect. All my material needs were taken care of, but my parents were otherwise pretty shitty. I've always had a hard time making friends and maintaining connections with people. I'm ready to start doing the work and attempt to make positive changes, but.. what does overcoming emotional neglect look like? Is it really not too late for me to make meaningful connections with people? [more inside]
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How can I get over the fear of asking a girl out?

There's a girl I like, everything points to her being interested in me. The last message she sent basically said that we should see each other again. I've known her for a while now, and she always seemed to want to talk. Here's the thing though, I'm worrying a lot about what she will say when I ask her out. My fear is trying to make me look for reasons to not ask her out, I won't allow that but I want my fear gone, I don't want to feel like this, I hate it. Literally everyone who knows me is pushing me to ask her out. [more inside]
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Looking for a short story with a twist ending

A while back I read an online short story, linked on MeFi, which leads you to believe that the female protagonist will be sexually assaulted by her date- but she murders him instead. It was written in the first person, and darkly comedic. Anyone have the link?
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Great over-achievers who weren't monsters

Are there any examples of famous artists, scientists, leaders in history who weren't also dicks?
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Japanese cover of "Whiskey in the Jar"

I used to have an mp3 of a female Japanese singer performing "Whiskey in the Jar," with lyrics in Japanese. I think I looked her up once and she turned out to be a folk singer, but I wouldn't swear to that. Somehow I've lost this mp3, and googling for it isn't getting me anywhere. Can you help me find any information about the song or where to buy it? [more inside]
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All things cast iron

Buying my partner his first cast iron pan for Christmas. What are the best accessories, recipes, and tips to go with? [more inside]
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Bookfilter: Your favorite short(ish) reads

What are some of your favorite books that are less than 300 pages? [more inside]
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Message "Windows is not responding" and computer freezes?

I often get the message "Windows is not responding..Wait or cancel", and my computer freezes. [more inside]
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Question - answer simple webapp, with PDF

I'd like an easy/quick way to make a webapp which gets some input from the user in the form of A/B/C answers to questions and then generates a PDF with several sections of text depending on those answers. It should look at least semi-professional, so no free poll websites. What should I use? [more inside]
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Lacie-brand external drive won't turn on

We have a 3 terabyte Lacie external drive that worked just fine up until a few minutes ago and now won't turn on. What next? [more inside]
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Fabulous Florentines

My mission: make my Dad the best Florentines ever, for Christmas // I'm looking for: your best recipes, tips and techniques to make delicious, flavoursome Florentines // Dad loves: dark chocolate, the flavour of toasted almonds // Dad doesn't do: chunky nuts (his teeth are dodgy), hard or very chewy toffee (thin, crisp toffee is okay), dried apricots // Bonus question: how far ahead can I make Florentines, without compromising flavour or texture? [more inside]
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Can I eat it: Canned gulabjamun

We boughta can of gulabjamun, never having had it before, so I don’t know what it should look like. Floating in the can were some yellowish bits. I am hoping they are solidified ghee but would someone please reassure me we’re not going to get botulism? Pictures.
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Where can I find these string lights from Deb's apartment in Dexter?

I love the string lights Deb has decorating her apartment. Where can I find lights similar to these? [more inside]
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What's made out of crystal and/or leather?

I'd like to find something for a third wedding anniversary that's at least somewhat thoughtful/sentimental but I'm at a loss. Previously, I've done something thoughtful and personalized but crystal and leather seem both excessive and too functional. (I'm also a non-leather-consuming vegetarian, but would consider something for the spouse if it was really functional and durable). Activity-related things are also good--is there a leather opera or crystal massage that I'm not thinking of? I've seen this but none of the answers are hitting the mark for me.
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Mystery leather bag

Can you identify the brand signified by this logo on a leather handbag?
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Quality English language Publishers that publish novella length works

Looking for quality English language Publishers that publish novelette / novella length works [more inside]
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Dehydrator DIY fix-it?

My Cabela's 80L commercial food dehydrator dies at 88 degrees. Looking for answers to the following: What could the fault be? Can I fix it myself? [more inside]
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How can I get a good night's sleep while the world is so noisy?

A lot of independent things are making it very difficult for me to get a good night's sleep. I've been in my current place for about 3 months now and for the first month or two, it was reasonable sailing. I was able to fall asleep when I needed to and my sleep wasn't disturbed more than I expected it to. Over the last month, that's changed and it's driving me crazy. [more inside]
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Intelligent books with less text, more images for elderly mother

My mother has moderate dementia, but doesn't realize it or understand it. One of the worst aspects is that, though she's been a life-long, voracious, high-level reader, she isn't really capable any more of reading much. She just doesn't have the cognition to follow text along from one paragraph to another. [more inside]
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How to Become: Law Librarian; School Librarian

Tell me about the steps involved (after obtaining an MLIS, which I already have) in becoming a law librarian, and/or a public school OR university librarian. Bonus points if it relates specifically to those jobs in Virginia, but this is not a requirement! [more inside]
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Heat of fusion of high pressure water ice?

Is the specific enthalpy of fusion for each of the high density forms of water ice; ice III, ice V, and ice VI, lower than that of standard water ice Ih? [more inside]
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Critical Fermi Estimation Knowledge

Fermi questions assume a baseline knowledge of certain order of magnitude numbers when getting started with the estimations. Which numbers do you find most important? Have you found an online resource with a list of numbers to keep handy? [more inside]
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Find a quote about the past & nostalgia

Recently read a quotation but didn't record it, but wish I had. It was something like, "The past seems preferable because fear has been removed." Maybe Carlyle? Have spent way too much time trying to find it again.
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Picture Frame Name

I am looking for a specific type of picture frame and lack the language to successfully google it. Help! [more inside]
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Parting with a diesel Beetle -- best options?

We have a 2006 TDI Volkswagen Beetle with more than 200,000 miles on it. Recently its power steering pump died, and the cost to replace it doesn't seem worth it. Should we repair the car and then try to sell it, sell it as-is for a reduced price, or donate the vehicle? What's the best channel to sell a vehicle? [more inside]
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Round bathroom exhaust fan for 13" hole?

Does anyone have a bathroom ceiling fan that they like, which will fill a 13" circular hole? [more inside]
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How do I change the display order in a scatter chart in Google sheets?

I've created a scatter chart in Google sheets. How do I change the display order so "1" is at the top of the Y axis and "20" is at the bottom?
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Moving Parts: Family Obligations, Student Loans, and Holiday Wishes

My in-laws are in serious debt, and among them are $70,000 worth of my wife's student loans. They have asked my wife to refinance this loan in her name and pay her back for the payments on the loan. However, with our combined salary of just at ~$60,000 before taxes, high-ish rent, $27,000 worth of grad school debt, car payments, and credit card bills- this feels like a precarious proposition. Should we take on this loan, and is there a way out for my family? Many snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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your favorite (safari) extensions please!

inspired by umbu's question above, I'm inspired to improve my Internet life. Please tell me your favorite browser extensions that make your Internet experience better! (The irony of being inspired by a question about avoiding recommendations to solicit recommendations is not lost on me but let's do this anyway.) I use Safari, but if on balance my life would be improved by going to Chrome, I can make that happen in 2018. [more inside]
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Dreaming of a recommendation-free life

I'm really tired of my screen being dominated by "If you like this..." recommendation algorithms, like the right side of the screen on youtube. Is there any way I can live with less of this? I'm dreaming of the recommendation algorithm equivalent of an ad blocker.
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How Do I Concentrate On Reading When I Have Anxiety

I desperately want to read more, but I have such bad anxiety that it makes it difficult. What do I do? Details inside [more inside]
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Christmas Gift for an Elderly Woman

What do you get a 83 year old woman who watches Fox News all day? I am stumped. She wants for nothing, doesn't really need anything.
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Which edition of the book Heidi is best?

There are numerous editions of Heidi, and on Amazon it looks like the reviews for all the different editions are pooled together. Which translation/edition have people been the most happy with? Any editions to avoid? I am looking for either hardcover or paperback.
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Starting a women's networking group--what do we need to know?

A few friends and I would like to set up a professional networking group for women in our particular male-dominated policy area. We want to create a safe space that is as welcoming to all women. Initial plans are to start out with a Facebook group and follow up with some networking events, first in the city where we founders live, and then, hopefully, in members' cities. Have you ever set up such a group, and if so, how did you go about it, what worked best, and what do you wish you had done differently?
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I can haz job for Christmas?

This was me. Thanks to the excellent advice from fellow mefites, I now have not one but two (TWO!) tenure-track academic offers in my field. Help me decide! [more inside]
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December 9

Work clothes while recovering from surgeries?

After a serious illness, I am preparing to interview work. I've been living in over-sized sweaters and leggings, but am looking for a more professional look that still works with my fragile health. Any suggestions welcome! Details beneath the fold. [more inside]
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(random number) Title

What is the number that shows up on the browser tab for YouTube? [more inside]
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How could you get rich if you went back in time?

If you were to go back in time to a random date in the last few hundred years, how could you use your knowledge of the future to get rich and not have to work a normal job? [more inside]
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Insurance question - is having double coverage screwing me over?

Short version? Kaiser Permanente is refusing to cover anything because my Other Insurance (this year it's Blue Cross) says KP doctors are out of network. My out of network deductible is $5k and I now have this huge bill from what I thought were covered doctor visits at KP. And if I have to just eat it this year, fine. But I like having double coverage, and now I have an Idea. Will it work? Long version inside. [more inside]
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How much effect does public comment have in the EIS?

Is there any data that shows how often public comments submitted during the public involvement portion of an Environmental Impact Statement actually changed an alternative from one to another in the final selection? [more inside]
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