July 3

How many ways to do rice and beans

Looking for interesting, fun, preferably easy but not necessarily, ways to do rice and beans. Any good ones? [more inside]
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Found in Translation

Looking for recommendations for good English language translations of novels. Will happily take recommendations for non-English films and TV shows with English subtitles as well. Particularly fond of mysteries/thrillers and comedies. Looking for more recent examples within the past 20 years. Very curious to hear about people's favorites. Thanks all! [more inside]
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Spending fourth of July alone

COVID style. [more inside]
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How to deprogram one's own mind?

Hi there, me again. Seeking resources to undo brainwashing, gaslighting, the confusion of that sort of toxic dynamic. Checklists on trauma bonding, cognitive dissonance etc. [more inside]
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Internet images

Laws pertinent to publishing photos of minors online? [more inside]
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Re-route me

How do I know if I need a new router? [more inside]
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Maytag Induction Electric Range slow to heat, can I fix it?

This is our Maytag induction electric range (Imgur pic), which seems to be MIR8890AS (American Freight) or something like it. We've had it for about 7 years and it's been pretty good, but recently the oven heats really, really slowly, and doesn't seem to stay at temperature. Broiling is fine, but we probably shouldn't rely on bringing the oven up to temp. Signs point to a bad element, is it really that easy to replace (Hunker general summary)? [more inside]
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Word that means "gap in knowledge"

I recently came across a single word that meant "gap in knowledge" or "a gap to be filled", when I was reading a scientific manuscript. Now for the life of me, I cannot recall what the word was, but it was incredibly useful. It was a single word, not a phrase, and maybe started with the letter L (or maybe not). Google was no help. Ask Metafilter, you're my only hope!
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Pithy message can I share with 4th of July parade participants?

Will you please help me come up with a phrase or message I can make tonight to hang in our picture window tomorrow? [more inside]
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Why are Breonna Taylor's killers free?

I had it generally described to me that essentially they were operating in the scope of their duties as police officers. But I'm looking for a comprehensive evaluation of the issue, or someone who feels knowledgeable about the situation. [more inside]
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Recommend me some seedy weird foregin movies from the last decades!

Weird, unsettling, ugly, violent, perverted and just plain odd preferably foreign movies? [more inside]
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Something between a wrap and a carrier for a baby

Baby 2 is on the way and I would like your recommendations for a baby sling that's between a long piece of fabric and a padded out and bulky carrier. [more inside]
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Getting rid of an old car

I would like to get rid of my 1998 Mazda B3000. It's in ok shape, but the speedometer doesn't work. What's the best option? [more inside]
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How to link to the most-recent video from my own YouTube account?

I do NOT want to embed the most recent video. I want to create a single link that can be shared which will open the most recent video on my channel whenever it is clicked. [more inside]
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It's a hell of a drug.

I wish to record a few hours of video from the front camera of my Android 8.0 device and hopefully keep only the relevant/visible/audible portions. [more inside]
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The Secret Locative Case

Did classical or archaic Greek have a locative case or is this an in-joke in The Secret History? [more inside]
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Yet another question about a noise keeping me up at night

I'm still cursed to not get a good night's sleep. My downstairs neighbor's window AC unit is incredibly loud. Normally for me, noise at night is no issue because I sleep with earplugs and occasionally earmuffs over them. However, this noise is bassy and carries through those, and it's at a low enough frequency that neither that attenuation or any amount of white noise helps. Strangely, it's only on at night, and only from 11 PM - 8 AM or so. [more inside]
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July 2

What Thai film did I watch about a Burmese falling in love in Thailand?

I watched a film circa 2005 about a Burmese refugee falling in love with a Thai woman in Thailand who sheltered and protected him. It was a film that was either silent or with few lines. I remember a scene where the main characters took a walk in the jungle and made love.
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What is this bug on my plant?

After fighting off a scale infection followed by aphids, my Mandevilla (in a pot, but outside) is now host to a bunch of these things. (About 1/4 the size of my little fingernail). Before I treat the plant with white oil again, I just want to check that they aren't somehow beneficial bugs that are eating the aphids or anything. Does anyone know?
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What to Print

Got a new printer! And after more than a decade of not having one in my home, I am not sure what to print. What are some fun, interesting, handy and unexpected things I should print at home? [more inside]
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Best way to get rid of an old car?

What's the best way to sell a 20 year old car for the most amount of money and convenience? [more inside]
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Do you remember this short antiwar animation from the early 2000s?

I'm thinking about a short film -- maybe about 5 minutes long, maybe shorter -- from the early 2000s. It consisted of highly stylized animation, with a color palette which I believe was mostly restricted to red, black, and white, and an aesthetic that echoed mid-20th-century propaganda posters. The soundtrack featured a man with a British accent delivering a series of damning facts and opinions about the U.S. military-industrial complex, and (I think) the Iraq War, and possibly the war in Afghanistan and the 9/11 attacks. [more inside]
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IPhone 6 Slow On the Downloads If Even That

I have an iPhone 6 that I am having problems with. Up until recently I have had to upload many of the apps (including Facebook and Instagram) numerous times. [more inside]
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Installing a back door in a house without one

I am under contract on a new home, and for some reason the first time I visited I didn't notice that there's no easy way into the backyard! It is a bi-level (split foyer), and at the foyer there is a door to the heated garage, and from there a door from the garage into the back yard. But no back door to the yard from the house itself. How can I put a back door in (maybe sliding patio doors) to make this better? Pic inside. [more inside]
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Ring around the tub

I have ringworm, and a new hot tub. How long should I treat the ringworm before I can be confident it won't spread to others who are in the hot tub with me? Or to others who use the hot tub after me? [more inside]
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George Romney and the 1968 Presidential Election.

When George Romney ran for the Republican nomination for President in 1968 there were questions if his birth in Mexico made him ineligible for the presidency. He left the race before the convention and people stopped talking about if he was a Native Born Citizen as defined in the US Constitution. Was this ever resolved?
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HBO Max does not (yet) exist on Roku. Why? [more inside]
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Why Apple? Why???!!!

My wife has a 2017 iMac running Catalina. Two weeks ago the hard drive died. The hard drive has since been replaced and things seemed to be working until she tried to install Windows via Bootcamp (which she needs for work) and now....nothing works? Help? [more inside]
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Conversational, informative, entertaining, light nonfiction podcasts

I'm realizing that some of the nonfiction podcasts I once liked are starting to feel more like a chore to listen to. Two which I do still like very much are Omnibus and Pop Culture Happy Hour. I'm looking for recommendations of more like those. [more inside]
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Is it true that many Thais practice nasal irrigation?

Just read this COVID-19 article and wondering if there are any stats on the use of neti pots etc.
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Yoga makes me angry. Am I doing something wrong?

So, I love basically every form of exercise I've ever tried. Except yoga. This is inconvenient, because my wife is a yoga enthusiast and I'd love to share it with her, and I'm convinced of its benefits. However, basically every time I get into a yoga pose, I start feeling frustrated and bored, and wondering why I'm doing it. It just seems like an arbitrary series of discomforts in a way that, say, strength training doesn't. (Note that I meditate: it's not just that I don't like sitting still.) Am I doing something fundamentally wrong? Is there a mindset issue here? Has anyone here overcome this and started enjoying yoga?
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Best glue for metal in eyeglass frame?

My (plastic-frame, metal hinge mechanism) glasses came apart at the hinge. There's basically a narrow metal pin that goes into a narrow-ish (but not tight enough to hold the pin on its own/with friction) metal slot that I need to get to stay. What's a good glue to use that's easily available in a big city? I'm wary of superglue/things that won't fill up space, but there's also not much extra space. [more inside]
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How can I get the inside scoop on schools in the Seattle area?

I need to learn more about what middle school and high school options there are near me in Seattle but it seems really hard to get through the marketing speak. Every school website describes how awesome it is. Greatschools.org doesn't have much information about private schools. And test scores don't tell me what I need to know; I'd really like to hear first-person accounts from students, parents, or staff. Is it out there?
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Camping sleeping options

Would you choose a camping cot, inflatable air mattress or self inflating mat for the price range of about $30-40 for an average sized individual? This would be for car camping in mild weather so weight and temperature are not a major issue. Must be inside tent, so no hammocks.
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Abandoning distance learning

Looking for... validation? permission? approval? of my family's approach to schoolwork during the pandemic. We seem to be far from the mainstream, so I'm looking for a reality check. [more inside]
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Do I need an HDD?

I'm buying a new PC with Windows 10. I like one I see from HP with Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB RAM and a 512 SSD. No HDD. I'm currently using about 190 GB disk space in my old PC and don't see it going up much further. Do I need an HDD?
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How do I see when files are added to a shared OneDrive folder?

My colleague has a personal OneDrive hosted on his computer. He has shared some folders with me. How can I see when he's added files to the shared folders? [more inside]
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Soap sometimes smells different when I use it

Sometimes if I’m really sweaty or if I haven’t showered in a couple days, I’ll notice that the soap suds smell different when I’m lathering up. Like, it smells bad. It doesn’t affect the whole bar, it’s just while I’m washing up. I buy different kinds of soaps with nice scents but is there something about body chemistry that is making this change happen? Is there a way to fix it? This has stumped me for all of the pandemic and I need to know the answer. Halp me, oh Metafilter!
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document scanner for the home office?

Recommendations for a document scanner for the home office? [more inside]
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Looking for recommendations for an online course in data visualization

I work in the financial industry in a role that requires me to create presentations to communicate data in a clear and easy-to-understand way. I have a strong background in data analysis, but little background in the way of data visualization. I struggle with coming up with creative ways to illustrate data. My workplace will pay for me to complete a course in data visualization and I'm interested in pursuing this. Can anyone recommend an online course that covers data visualization and effective ways to communicate data to management?
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Is he a man child?

Pondering whether I should continue seeing my quarantine Bumble date [more inside]
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How to stay cool working out at home on elliptical

Anyone have advice on ways to stay cool when exercising at home on an elliptical machine? [more inside]
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Is my spouse normalizing violent crime in Chicago?

My family lives in Chicago which has notoriously tragic headlines every week like June 1, 2020: “92 people shot, 27 killed over weekend,” or “3 year old girl shot and killed by stray bullet while standing at her window.” [more inside]
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July 1

How long does it take to paint a great, detailed, portrait?

About how many hours does it take to paint a detailed, realistic, life-sized, half-length portrait with a detailed background using oil paint? I would love to know how long it takes to create a portrait similar in quality to an old master painting. If you are a painter, feel free to speak from experience. If you are not a painter but have thoughts about how to estimate this, that would also be welcome.
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Is it okay to share a compliment without the complimenter’s consent?

Here’s the scenario: you’re talking at work with coworker A or maybe a superior when coworker B comes up in conversation, and coworker A says something really nice about them, like how they work so hard or do a great job or they’re so friendly etc. Is it inappropriate to later tell coworker B that coworker A had really nice thing xyz to say about them without explicitly asking for coworker’s A permission to share? Does this scenario differ at all if it’s in a social rather than a professional context?
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Help me find a duvet cover

I bought this duvet cover from West Elm about 5 years ago. As you can see, I got bleach on it today. :( Can you help me locate something similar? West Elm doesn’t appear to carry it anymore. Suggestions for other duvet covers are welcomed too. I like the yellow!
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Attractive Stereo Equipment

I have not been successful in searching for modern stereo components that look nice. I want a bluetooth-capable receiver or integrated amp that looks as nice as a ca-1978 Akai receiver, i.e. shiny or sleek. [more inside]
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Can I use Honda Fit tires and/or rims on Nissan Versa?

We have nice winter tires from our Honda Fit that we just sold. They are 175/65R14 and they are on rims with four holes. The Versa summer tires are 185/65R15 on rims with similar looking 4 holes. Is it possible to install these Honda tires on the Versa? Would it be safe (for very infrequent use). [more inside]
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Best VHS app?

I am looking for an app that replicates the look of analog video. [more inside]
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What can we do about our deck?

We have a large deck in our big, mostly lovely back yard. It's an eyesore. What can we do about it? [more inside]
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Any websites that sell cars with rebuilt titles exclusively?

Car buying websites that sell rebuilt title cars? [more inside]
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Please suggest companion material for some films.

I'm about to take a short, 6 week course on film history from 1945 onward. I'm unfamiliar with many of these films, several of which are from other cultures than my own (USA). If you have some subject matter knowledge on any one or more of these and can recommend short, essay length readings that I can read in advance of viewing to prepare me to appreciate the films more, I'd love to have those recommendations. Film list inside. [more inside]
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I need help navigating pandemic work woes as a WOC

I am working in a tech startup, with a management comprised of white men. I am the only woman in the company, and one of three people in colour. How can I stand up for myself with dignity and express the harms I've been experiencing, without jeopardising my future? Or...is time to leave? [more inside]
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Possible to monetize song mashups?

I am interested in creating "mashups" of popular songs that highlight similarities between them. Similar to this (Katy Perry's California Gurls vs Ke$ha's Tik Tok). Is it possible to monetize this on Youtube or similar, given that I'd be working with popular, copyrighted songs? [more inside]
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Evolution explainer videos for kids

I just gave my six-year-old a very underwhelming answer to his "Where did people come from?" question. We love watching science videos on Youtube. What are some good videos that explain evolution at a kindergarten-level?
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Confused about the efficacy of masks

Since COVID-19 "started" I've been confused about the efficacy of masks. I have read so many contradicting statements about the efficacy of masks (who they protect, who should wear them, type of mask etc.), that I am just totally confused. I'm hoping to ease my confusion and find concrete-ish answers! [more inside]
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Help me replace a favorite dog toy

Asking for a friend; her dog loves this toy but it's very old and she can't find it anywhere. [more inside]
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Help me decide what I can do instead of teaching.

I'm an expat music educator and am contemplating a return to my home country in a few years' time. Given the complications and considerations that COVID is presenting for the field of education, I am seriously considering a change of career on my return home. More details inside... [more inside]
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Online Guitar Lessons for Children

Little Benzenedream was taking in person guitar lessons In the Before Times but we would like to switch to online lessons for obvious reasons. Can you recommend sites or individual instructors for a 7 year old? We would prefer female instructors. I've looked at takelessons.com; don't know much about them but from previous experience with care.com I am a bit suspicious of pushy startups upselling packages. If you yourself are an instructor on one of these sites and can vouch that their business practices are fair to the instructors, and they do a good job doing background checks that would be awesome.
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Guests using home restroom in covid times

Would/do you allow guests who you socialize with outdoors to use the bathroom in your house? [more inside]
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