May 20

A great Korean cookbook for an American vegetarian family?

We are an adventurous eating and cooking lacto-ovo family of four. We shop frequently at a Korean international market in the DC area (Lotte). We are not obsessed with "authenticity" but want to know more about flavors history/courses, meals. [more inside]
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What songs reference their music in the lyrics?

Can you give me examples of songs where the lyrics reference what is happening in the music? [more inside]
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Oy, oy, WHO ?

The prompt answers to someone else's recent "weird thing my mother used to say" question has given me hope that Mefites might be able to answer a question that has gnawed at me for decades. Tired or nonplussed or just lost in thought, my mother would often say, "oy, oy Misheldye !" usually following it by, "the way he walked, you'd think he was a gawk." She was never able to explain where the phrase originated. [more inside]
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How do I find the right OBGYN or reproductive endocrinologist?

I am female, in a relationship (unmarried), who recently turned 39 years old, and I am not sure if I should have children or not. Suddenly, being almost 40 years old I feel this pressure of not having any children - and torn whether I’m physically too old to handle a child in terms of energy; and also torn feeling like I’m still not mentally/emotionally ready for a child. Overall, there is a sense of not feeling strongly either way, but wondering in the end —whether might regret not having children. [more inside]
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Sexless relationship Q

My spouse and I (we are both queer) haven’t had sex for a couple years. We talk about it occasionally, we both say that we want to want to have sex - but neither of us is particularly interested in making it happen right now. I guess my question is, are we doomed or can that be ok? [more inside]
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A Weird Thing My Drunk Canadian Mother used to say.

For the life of me, I have never heard this phrase anywhere else. Just going phonetical here, but "Has your sufficiency been suphonsiphied? (Just guessing on the ph instead of f thing) I guess that meant kind of meant "have you had enough to eat?" or, "Have you had enough?" She was from Winnipeg. late of a farm from Lundar, with people in Gimli. Anyone else heard this?
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inexpensive music player device that will cycle a playlist forever

Is there an inexpensive music player device (think: $35 iPod) that will let me create a playlist (maybe 24 hours' worth of MP3 files), connect it to a power source and an amp, and play that playlist forever? I know I could do it with a phone; I'm looking for something else (maybe that uses less power and isn't WiFi or cellular enabled). [more inside]
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Are the kids alright?

What is it like to be a teenager right now? [more inside]
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Microphone suited for deep voice, spoken word only.

Suggestions for microphone suitable for a deep voice that may end up in zoom interviews, podcasts, or audiobooks. With thanks to all.
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Sample Testing in an Incomplete Block Design

I cannot even begin how to work this conundrum, please help me with a testing plan for sample distribution with a minimum of participants. [more inside]
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Where in the world is this scene in film/tv?

The plot/ a plot involves a small-town/rural wife running off and having an affair and being forced to return to her husband for reasons I cannot recall. The scene in particular is her arriving home to what is maybe a farmhouse setting, devastated, while the husband quietly, and without seeming judgment, unpacks her suitcase. Is this something really obvious? I want to say this is 1930s/1940s time-wise, but I'm not sure the film/movie whatever was actually made in the 1930s/1940s. Ringing any bells for you?
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Best cotton percale pillowcases?

Which cotton percale pillowcases do you recommend? Ideally they would be crisp, soft, and cooling for the summer. [more inside]
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What sf book or story has a planet that gets banished without its star?

The key detail I remember: when the planet banishment is being explained, one character says something like, "well that's not so bad, at least they get to live in peace where they can't bother anyone" and the other character explaining the punishment says something along the lines of, "no, you don't understand, they don't get to take their star with them" and then it's clear that it's a super bleak fate. [more inside]
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How do I dig out my father from mail overload?

Aging father (80s) gets no fewer than 25 pieces of mail daily. He is overwhelmed by this as he feels the need to seriously read everything. And donate money he does not have. More inside. [more inside]
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A skunk by any other name would still smell ... like what?

Last night, when we let Darling Dog (tax) out for his last pee before bed, he took off like a rocket to a back corner of our yard. Before it registered with my husband, he let the dog back into the house, unleashing the worst odor I've ever encountered. It had to be a skunk, right - but was it? [more inside]
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Sibling rivalry -- help! What worked for you (as kid or parent?)

I have two kids, 7 and 9. They fight ALL THE TIME. Help??? Anecdotes, wisdom, advice, suggestions, all welcome. [more inside]
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Password manager to easily share passwords with family

I need to share a list of passwords with members of my family. I want to set it up so that they can access the passwords if I'm out of contact for some reason. These passwords are for my father's accounts, his computer literacy is limited. I tried putting the passwords in a Keepass database and putting that on a shared GDriver folder that they have access to, but I'm worried that the fact that they'll have to install the Keepass software will be a stumbling block. [more inside]
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Do Power Supplies Matter

I have a Dell and a Lenovo laptop. The OEM power supply for the Dell is big and cumbersome. The OEM power supply for the Lenovo is small and easily manageable. [more inside]
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Where has my optimism and excitement gone? Does it come back?

Depression, yes, I know, getting treatment but also I am confused by my experience. I have always had the capacity for excitement and optimism in most things. Not that I didn't have bad spells, or get upset, or cry, but they were usually tempered with an unrelentingly happy disposition. Even when I would be upset/angry about the state of the world or go full "there is something wrong on the internet!" mode, I reset to baseline level of excitement. Then I had the worst year of my life, and now I feel that is just gone, or at best, as shadow of me. [more inside]
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May 19

Parents of little ones: What do you wish you knew earlier?

A friend kindly pointed out that our child (~4yo) is often W-sitting, and why we should address it. We're lucky she told us because we were completely unaware. Now I'm curious if there's anything else we should know! (One more example: Don't kiss a baby's or child's ear.)
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Do Rhode Island restaurants have to post their prices?

Does a walk-up business (i.e., no indoor seating) selling ice cream have to post its prices? [more inside]
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Best standing desk!

I'm moving, which means that 1. I no longer can WFH on a beat up old couch all day 2. I don't HAVE to WFH on a beat up old couch all day. Recommend a standing desk! [more inside]
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is this problem with my car stereo fixable, and if so by whom

I have an old Toyota. Do I take it to the dealership to fix a stereo problem? Or is there another kind of professional? [more inside]
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My dream shoes, literally

I dreamed I had some cool shoes. What's the closest I can get to them IRL? [more inside]
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Best books to offer a friend considering polyamory in 2022?

A friend has asked for help! I’m aware of the ethical slut, but this has been around for a while! What are the best (practical) books on polyamory for a friend and her husband? They’re full of love and compassion. Feminist, trauma informed are good.
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Help me identify this bug (picture inside)

I have some kind of pest infestation in my apartment. Does anyone know what this is likely to be? They seem to be after wool items. [more inside]
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Popeye's chicken round to the next dollar roulette wheel

Years ago (05-08 I think?)when I lived in New Haven the local Popeyes had a weird thing where after you said what you were ordering a screen would show a spinning roulette wheel and offer a item you could get for rounding up to the next dollar. I've never seen something like this before or since. Has anyone else ever encountered this weird marketing gimmick again? [more inside]
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Should I file insurance claims for scratches and a dent?

I just bought a brand new car a few weeks ago. Yesterday, after 3 separate (!) incidents where I wasn’t at fault, I now have a slightly dented door and a series of deep scrapes on the front bumper. I made online police reports but I’m trying to figure out whether I should involve insurance. [more inside]
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Can I learn to love Stellaris?

I want to love Stellaris! I bought it on Steam ages ago, and have tried a few games, but it's just got a level of complexity that I find a bit confounding, and the various tiers of management / currency / politics a touch exhausting. Can Stellaris be for me? [more inside]
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low-tech eco-fixes

I'm looking for examples of environmental remediation projects that could be (or are being) executed by communities without access to sophisticated tools, materials, or training. Bonus points if they are ocean, river, or lake related. Bonus-bonus points they use natural, renewable materials. [more inside]
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What are some games to play on my iPhone?

I'm looking for games to play on my phone at work during slow times. Any suggestions? In the past I've enjoyed Reigns: Her Majesty, Stack the States, I Love Hue, and Duolingo (not technically a game, I know, but it feels like one). [more inside]
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1960s (?) movie about a woman who wants to be famous for no reason

I remember watching this movie on British television in the late 1960s/early1970s, but the film itself was already quite old by then. It was a feature which would have had a cinema release in its day. A light romantic comedy with mild satire on people's growing appetite for fame. A woman wants her face on a particular billboard because she wants everyone to see it there - no other reason. She enlists a male character (The billboard's owner? An advertising exec?) to make this happen. [more inside]
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Plumbing Problem

The plumbing under this sink, which is in the basement apartment of my house, has recently started dripping slightly. The water seems to be coming from the gray ring at the top. What should I do to fix this?
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Lesbian gothics?

I love the paperback gothics that were published in the 60s and 70s. Like governesses, women running from houses, all that. A cute mystery and romance. I would love to read some in which the main affair or romance is between two women. Not too very period-piece. Any help? How would a Dorothy Eden or Phyllis Whitney novel come out with this as a focus, I have no idea, but that might just be paradise. With some more sex than the usual would also be good.
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Help me remember this book!

British novel, the protagonist goes by the nickname 'C'. His actual name was something very English, like Cyril, although that might not be it. [more inside]
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The tenth street Russian and Turkish baths

Have you been recently, post-lockdown? What has been your experience? We've read about Boris and David weeks. We're looking for how non-hipster and non-Boris people would be treated and what would be appropriate wear.
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How do I re-enter the world after covid?

I went through a lot of personal upheaval immediately before the pandemic started...which then made everything worse. I'm struggling to re-enter the world now and find a purposeful daily life. Help? [more inside]
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Physical, romantic intimacy with an asexual partner in these times?

I (m38) have been with B (ftm34) for 16 years. We met in college, got married, grew up together. I've always wanted more sex than him. What does the future hold? Somehow increasing his interest in sex? Opening up the relationship? Divorce? Please advise me on (a) what i might be misunderstanding, (b) what might be a wise direction for the future, and (c) how you have responded when in a similar place. [more inside]
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"Women don't make good engineers"

What would you expect to happen in your organisation if a senior manager (just below director level) made the comment "women don't make good engineers." What do you think should happen? This is in an engineering organisation where around 10% of the engineers are women but that has been trying to increase this percentage in recent years. [more inside]
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Solar Roof Order of Operations

Last year we bought a house, and we'd like to put solar panels on soon in order to take advantage of various state and federal incentives, but we've also been told our roof is old and will need replacing soonish. What is the order of operations here? [more inside]
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Things to do during NYC visit while mobility-challenged

I'm visiting New York City in early June and am looking for things to do. I am currently experiencing a medical condition that makes it painful to walk or stand for more than half an hour or so. Sitting is OK. See under the fold for more. [more inside]
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How to declare drug import for personal use

I use a medication that is prescription in the US but OTC in Sweden and at much lower cost. A lovely friend is willing to send it to me. FDA guidance makes clear that importation for personal use is not an enforcement priority. What is the best way to declare this on the customs form? [more inside]
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What should I look for with a playlist consultant?

I'm releasing a single in a few weeks and I would like to get it on some streaming playlists. I understand there are PR agencies who can help new/less established artists get on playlists. How can I find these agencies, and how do I know which ones are legit?
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Resetting a google account password: Getting complicated

My 81-year-old father is locked out of his google account. It looks like he may have either accidentally changed the password (and does not remember the old one) or the account was compromised. We’re trying to get back in, and while I *think* we finally have all the info we need, google is sending lots of “too many failures” messages and not letting us in. I’m worried we’re going to dig ourselves deeper into a hole. Is there some professional we can/should get to help? Things we should be doing / not doing from here? [more inside]
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Two Specific Novel Suggestions Needed

Asking on behalf of a friend: I need two relatively well-known novels to fit the following criteria. One of them should address the value of human life over and above technological fixation (so maybe something humanistic in science fiction?). The other should convey that friendships will take you farther than talent alone. Searching for books by theme is, as you might imagine, rather difficult. Any ideas?
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health insurance claim question

I fear this is a dumb question but I'm asking anyway. [more inside]
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MinneapolisFilter: What's Cooper like?

I'm interested in a little house in the Cooper neighborhood in Minneapolis, but currently live out of state and don't know that part of the city. If you live there or are familiar with it, is it a place that's safe to walk around alone as a woman? Is the nearby park along the river also safe to walk around? Anything else you particularly like or dislike?
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How will covid and Ukraine affect our August vacation in Europe?

We're going to spend several weeks in Europe in August, though we're still figuring out the exact locations. We're wondering how Covid and the war in Ukraine might affect our travel plans. [more inside]
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Does anybody text right?

My family currently has our cell phones through T-Mobile (Pittsburgh, PA, USA) and we all occasionally (multiple times per month) have missed texts or texts that have not gotten sent. Do you have missed or unsent texts with your US carrier? Are any of them any better than others? [more inside]
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Summer trousers, how do they work

It's getting warm here, and my jeans are getting too hot for work. What sort of trousers should I buy? Pickiness below: [more inside]
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Seeking hard science fiction sources free online, especially new stuff

I'm not looking for just any science fiction (or 'science fiction') free to read online. I'm looking for stuff that is scientifically literate and 'sciencey,' where real science, plausible speculative science, or a scientific viewpoint (or all of these) is important to the story. Short stories that are not trite even to people who have already read a lot of sf (and even read some non-sf) would be especially nice. I'd also like to avoid piracy and theft. [more inside]
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May 18

Best short short stories for high schoolers that stimulate discussion

Hi! I am looking for some recommendations for short short stories that are great for getting students talking. I have had great success with The Lottery. [more inside]
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Can my real estate agent force me to accept dual agency?

I'm selling a house in Texas. One offer didn't have an agent and suggested to our agent that she do dual agency. I told my agent I don't want dual agency but my agent insisted on dual agency. We got 5 offers on the house and the offer with dual agency is cash, and the highest offer. I don't want dual agency so much that I'm willing to accept a lower offer from someone else to avoid dual agency. Do I have the legal right to decline dual agency? What are my options here?
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Best turnkey private forum?

I'll be facilitating a 12-week writing workshop, and I want to have a private place for participants to discuss work between classes. Ideally they would be able to upload documents and comment on them. The level of technical literacy is not terribly high; last time, some people had trouble uploading documents to Google docs and I had to do it for them. So whatever forum we use must be easy to use--the basic functionality at least. [more inside]
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Great things in Japan to fit around other plans

I'll be going to Japan in August and all the main points have already been nailed down, what else can I fit in around them? For example I'll be going to the Ghibli museum, maybe there's a great restaurant or shop nearby I should check out? [more inside]
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What is up with this new glacial pace of academic emailing?

At first, one colleague took forever to reply to me. Then another, and another. At this point, it's beginning to seem like a weird new normal. What is going on here? Did everyone get the "slow your emails" memo but me? [more inside]
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Experienced career changer followup on entry level role interview

but,.......a more desirable role opened that I think I meet the requirements for. It's me again! Many of you know of my job search difficulties w/ unrealistic expectations and bulls**tting companies on my experience or skills. I'm trying to keep on the self-aware train and realistic expectations. I interviewed for an entry-level role with a dream company but since then a more sr. role similar to my previous jobs opened up. I want to approach them on the mid-level role but am scared it might cost me both opportunities. [more inside]
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Did Michaels Ever Explain Their Side of the "Unpaid Time Off" Giveaway?

I honestly don't know if this has an answer, but it seems so entirely nonsensical to offer an 'unpaid time off' as a scratch prize. Did Michaels ever try to explain their side?
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How does one find the source of a leak under the kitchen sink?

My single-handled kitchen sink faucet handle was wiggly, so I had Moen send me free replacement innards. I had a friend's husband install the parts. Now there is a weird leak occurring under the sink. [more inside]
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Where do you find left-wing STEM news and communities?

Looking for communities (virtual or otherwise) that focus on lefty/radical/anti-authoritarian uses and development of science and technology. Like open-source organizing software, post-capitalist robots, DIY biology - that kind of thing, where the focus is on empowering people rather than making profit. [more inside]
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