September 16

Airbnbs in Rome

My mom and her friends are doing a quick trip to Rome at the end of October and have solicited my help in the planning. Mom and friends are in their mid-60s and it will be their first time in Rome (and Italy). [more inside]
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Buying a 2011 MacBook Air Power Adapter in Germany/Denmark?

I brought my 2011 MBA on a trip to Europe, not realizing that the cheap knock-off power supply that I use for it only works on 120 V. Do any of you happen to know if there is an electronics/computer store in, around, or between Wilhelmshaven Germany and Copenhagen Denmark where I might be able to buy a replacement power supply? I won’t be staying in the same place for very long on this trip, so mail order is not ideal.
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Sedation or Anesthesia?

I have to have a hysteroscopy to remove some uterine polyps. My doctor has offered sedation or general anesthesia. What are the benefits/risks of each? [more inside]
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How to support kids with a suddenly injured parent?

A good friend of mine co-parents two elementary age children with the other parent. Until recently, they shared custody evenly and live blocks apart, so the children spent regular time with both parents at two homes. Sadly, the other parent got into an accident that left them with some very serious head injuries. How should my friend support their kids? [more inside]
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Academic articles on Indigenous hunting rights in Canada?

I am trying to find academic articles or opinion pieces on the right to hunt in Canada from an Indigenous perspective. Are there any good academic articles or opinion pieces on this subject? Looking for First Nations, Inuits, and Métis perspectives.
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French à la Québecoise

I am looking for French courses in Quebec to do next year, can anyone point me in the right direction? More details inside. [more inside]
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Explain RAM to me like I'm a small child

I am a lit person, working on a piece of writing where RAM (random-access memory) crops up, as a metaphor. Help me grasp what RAM actually is, its core functions and properties, in very basic terms? [more inside]
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Strained lower back recs

I strained my lower back two days ago. I'm resting it, using Tiger Balm, taking NSAIDS, etc. However, I'm finding that certain things such as sitting on a wooden chair seem to make it worse. Rather than discovering "this causes agony" by trial and error, I'd love to hear what has made your lower back worse and/or better.
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UK investment account to pay for nursing home.

UK-finance filter. We will be selling my mum’s house in the UK. I’m her lasting power of attorney. I want to put proceeds it in a investment vehicle that pays out annually for nursing home costs and is otherwise hard to liquidate without notice. [more inside]
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September 15

Resources on how to break down inherited code?

In a new job, I have inherited a large number of scripts (coded in R) which produce Excel files for various purposes. Understanding what any bit of it does is fine - it's well commented and usually isn't doing anything esoteric - but I'm finding it hard to get a "big picture" of what hundreds of lines of code are doing. Can you recommend any guides on how to break down and document something without getting overwhelmed?
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Recommend me some twisty mystery audiobooks please!

Looking to stock up my audible library to help break up a long commute. Specifically looking for twisty mystery novels (or a series) written within the last 20 years, available as audiobooks, to suit my somewhat specific tastes. [more inside]
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Phishheads, Phishheads, give me rec's, yum.

For our fiftieth birthdays in December, a friend has bought tickets for us to see Phish in LI, NY. I last saw them play on December 31, 1989. Please, this is not a phishing scam—I need to do some catchin' up. [more inside]
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Is there such a thing as bathrobe-material pajamas?

I'd like something that I can step into after a bath/shower without having to towel off. The most obvious choice is a bathrobe, but I would prefer something tighter fitting. Does this exist? If so, where can I buy it?
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Help me identify this post-9/11 Homeland Security Advisory parody video?

Was thinking about this video I know I saw online maybe in the year (or two) following 9/11. The song is a male singer, mostly reciting safety platitudes while the video is, if I remember correctly, mostly a man slowly wrapping himself in plastic/bubble wrap and duct tape. It had something to do with just feeling uneasy and unsafe with all the safety stuff we were told to do in the years after 9/11, possibly triggered by this. [more inside]
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How to Business Degree in Fashion

Daughter Ashtray is considering heading to college for a degree in Fashion Business. So not the design component but the business end of it.Where to start? [more inside]
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Dad wants freeloading brother (and ferrets) gone – but how?

My elderly, disabled dad owns a cottage at a secluded lake. It is not his primary home. It’s an investment property he uses for weekend vacations, but keeps mostly closed in the off-season. Unfortunately, it's not available to him because my brother is semi-squatting in it. [more inside]
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Where can I sell a rare guitar amp near Seattle?

I bought one of these about 10 years ago. I'd like to sell it, but I don't know the music shops in my city. Where should I go?
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What am I missing?

According to his friends, Walter Cronkite had three rules for aging: 1) Never trust a fart; 2) Never pass up a drink; 3) Never ignore an erection. Numbers 1 and 3 seem pretty self-explanatory, but I can't make sense of number 2. Assuming he's not advocating for geriatric alcoholism, what did he mean by that?
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Late autumn colours near Montreal/ Toronto

We are going to be in Montreal for work in early to mid October, and towards the end of the month will be traveling to Toronto for our flights out of Canada. Towards the end of October, we want to get out of Montreal and stay somewhere we can see autumn colours. Can you recommend either an area where we should look, or even a specific place to stay, with the restrictions described below the line? We are limited by not driving (though could combine, within reason, bus+taxi or train+taxi). [more inside]
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Can anyone identify this post-9/11 paranoia music video?

Which music video featured a scene where someone collected their mail with a pair of tongs? [more inside]
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creating a personal bibliography (perhaps using zotero)

I'm getting tired of saying "I read that online somewhere" without having any idea where I saw it. So I would like to create a collection of articles that I have read as I read them. This needs to be more than just a list of bookmarks because websites can disappear and I would like to maintain this information even if the source material goes stale. [more inside]
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Failing Math and Other Adventures in Fourth Grade

Our son, 9.5 years old, is in the fourth grade and currently has an F in Math and a D in ELA. How do we best respond to this? [more inside]
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Help us find our next travel MacGuffin

What local or regional special events - cultural, sporting or otherwise - should we know about that have great local significance but also are a great time and inviting for outsiders to attend, that would be suitable as MacGuffins (putative excuses) for leisure travel? Little bullseyes are what we seek to aim at; not big all-encompassing events like Mardi Gras. [more inside]
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How to best buy/sell car for elderly relative?

What kind of services/options are out there to help an older person buy a new car? [more inside]
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An app for indexing a large collection of ebooks and pdfs?

Is there an app that'll go through my growing collection of ebooks and index them according to Library of Congress number? Or one that does the Dewey way? It'd be great to have an index that I can browse by subject essentially.
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Gift ideas for a 12-and-a-half-year-old girl?

I'm looking for gift ideas for a wonderful 12 1/2-year-old girl, our friends' daughter. We don't know any other kids this age, and we haven't seen her in about a year, so we don't know what The Big Things are for her peer group. [more inside]
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How can I be a better plant mom to my succulents?

Is there an easy, effective way to supplement my houseplants’ light? [more inside]
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Movie where characters are drinking barbicide?

Mefi, help me. My coworkers and I are trying to think of a movie where a character or characters are drinking the blue disinfectant at the barber shop. I’m seeing some reference to a Pete & Pete episode but that’s not really ringing the bell for anyone... Timer starts now folks, let’s see what you’ve got. Possible clue: I think it’s part of a montage?
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Seeking someone for minor home repairs in NYC

I'm looking for someone with the skills and tools to perform some minor home repairs in my 2 BR Manhattan apartment—stuff like replacing some outlet covers, hanging a mirror, some small paint touch-ups, etc. I'm interested either direct recommendations, or sites where I can find someone. (I'm not interested in any DIY tips, though.) Thanks!
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Chihuahua drama

Our chihuahua is becoming increasingly harder to pick up, I’m reasonably certain there’s nothing physically wrong with him. What do we do? [more inside]
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Outstanding travel clothes, shoes, accessories

What specific items of clothing, shoes or accessories have you found to be particularly useful when traveling? [more inside]
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How do I explain to future employers why my past work looks like crap?

My publicly-visible past work doesn't look great for reasons largely outside of my control. What should I do? [more inside]
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An appropriate penpal matching service for an idealistic tween

So, the young human who lives in my house wants a penpal. She's a wholesome, happy tween. And we want to keep her that way. She says she "just wants to connect with and learn about someone else who has a different life." I'm thinking another tween, maybe someone outside the US who wants to practice their English. How do we find this person and connect them, without accidentally exposing her to a chester-chester child molester or something?
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Should I try heated floor mats or rugs this winter?

I'm tired of having cold toes in the winter. And so is my cat! [more inside]
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Getting Twitchy: How to Vlog 101

My adult daughter and I want to do a series of... podcasts? vlogs? let's plays? focusing on video game advertising. This involves going through Humble Bundle bundles, Steam queue, and various other listings about games, rather than reviewing/playing the games themselves. Starting budget goal: Less than $50, fewer than 10 hours of prep work. This is something we want to do for fun and maybe pizza money. [more inside]
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Medical Alert Watch?

My 91 year old mother-in-law lives alone (California) and is in great shape considering her age, but we are very worried about falls. She has had different medical alert devices (phone and wearable/around the neck), but will never carry them with her - she currently has a Great Call Jitterbug phone. She says if we can find a watch that is a standalone device and does not require any other components she will use it, otherwise she just prefers to take her chances and not worry about it. [more inside]
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second opinion on unexplained bradycardia after pacemaker implant?

Shortly my wife received a pacemaker, her bedside ECG reported a lower heart rate than the pacemaker was supposed to maintain. We both saw it, and the nurses charted it. Weirdly, the electrophysiology fellow insists that this never happened. And he's so hard to talk to that even if there is a perfectly reasonable explanation it's clear I'm not going to get it from him. How would I request to have another physician explain this to me? [more inside]
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n hrs/wk = frugal livelihood; solve for lowest possible n

Say you're choosing a career and your *only* criterion is that you want to work the fewest possible hours that will allow you to pay the bills. What options would you consider? [more inside]
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How do I hands-free phone, esp. Android

On Friday, a Maine law will go into effect prohibiting using/ touching a mobile while driving. I love using GoogleMaps/ Driving/ GPS. I listen to podcasts and music stored on my phone. On long highway drives, I occasionally make calls. Android, older car with audio jack, no bluetooth. [more inside]
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what is my new phone?

My much beloved Samsung S5 mini is on it's last legs. What's my next phone? [more inside]
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What are the crimes of Jim Inhofe?

Heya. So I'm involved in something where our opponent is someone whose political experience is very limited, and a large part of its extent is an internship with no less than the questionably honourable senator Jim Inhofe. What has he been up to? Nothing good, I expect. Can you fill me in? [more inside]
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Jobfilter: somewhere with the least work hour and housing so I can write

I'm a goldfish of procrastination and OCD - I expand to the options I'm given. And right now that's killing my writing. So I'm looking for a job with housing somewhere in the world (not the US) where I can get some writing done. The less populated and less hours the better. Ideas? [more inside]
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Am I Looking at a Metaphor? (NSFW)

Does the repeated presence of tissues in this artwork by Japanese artist/ illustrator Misaki Tanaka symbolize something... [more inside]
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What do I say to my friend?

I just had a very strange and worrying conversation with a friend. I am not sure how to handle it. [more inside]
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September 14

I want to buy a great VR gaming solution

I’m going to be holed up in a hotel room close to a cancer center for several months undergoing recuperation after a bone marrow transplant in Oct-Dec of this year. (Quick PSA: I’m healthy, ready and have a great chance of recovery and cure.) I’m really intrigued with VR gaming and I’m trying to figure out what to buy to stay occupied while healing up. [more inside]
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Dental crown pain after eating

I have a new crown that starts hurting about 20 minutes after eating until I brush and use anti-septic mouthwash for a few minutes until the pain stops. Any idea of how to fix this or who to go to if my dentist isn't helpful? [more inside]
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Percussion with no backline and also it's me?

I play in a band. Usually I'm a back-up singer and back-up trumpet and mascot/dance/sing-along leader. A year or so ago, the guitarist picked up a tambourine and a rectangular shaker and handed them over to me. I've done all right so far, but I feel like there is so very much more I could do on both fronts in a way that's good. We used to play with drummers much more often, but haven't had one of late. That means I'm the percussion and have learned on the job, but could learn much more. Halp? [more inside]
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Indian academic life/etiquette

I'll be in India for a month starting in about a week, as a visiting academic. I have never visited India before. I would appreciate information about academic culture and norms, and any info about how I should and shouldn't behave to be a good guest. I all coming at this from Australian academic culture but I am also familiar with European universities and North American universities so feel free to compare with those. [more inside]
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Useful Gift for Family in Crisis

An acquaintance from my teen years got in touch for support because I'm one of the few people he knows local to the hospital where he's getting his cancer treatment. It's a really bad type of cancer. I'd like to send something to his wife back home and could use mefite suggestions. Lots more details inside. [more inside]
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What cut of jeans reads as "default" these days?

I need a new pair of jeans, and would really like a satisficing cut/color: something that presents as sleek but unassuming (for a grownup professional), can be worn for smart casual workdays if needed, is not going to make me look like a fashion victim in 2 years. Is this still skinny jeans? If not, what is it? [more inside]
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Security blanket for a scaredy-cat?

I bought a roomba a little while ago, and I love it. My cat, on the other hand, does not. She has two cat trees that she can hang out in, along with many chairs, benches and a sofa where she could stay away from it's evil clutches. Not good enough, as far as she's concerned. [more inside]
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Can I make ponzu with hondashi?

It seems like a no brainer but the internet doesn’t have much. Has anyone done this? Thanks in advance for any tips!
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Is it possible to export birthdays from Facebook?

I'm quitting, after being an extremely minimal user anyway, and the one thing I actually care about getting is people's birthdays. I'm not finding an obvious way to do it, though. Things I've tried.... [more inside]
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Would it be hard to resize this dress?

I have an old shirtdress that I love but that's starting to get some holes. I found it in a larger size on Ebay (mine is small and this is large). It's a simple dress that's fairly straight, and it has a sash at the waist to make it fitted. Is it possible this could be easily resized by a tailor? Would the collar fit incorrectly?
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What did you do with your history degree?

I teach history at the university level. I regularly get questions from history majors, potential majors, and their parents about what in heck they can do with a BA in history. I found this recent question about what MeFites have done with their English degrees to be eye-opening and inspiring, and so I ask: if you have a history BA, could you please tell me about your employment path? How has your history degree shaped (or not) that path? Because I can't help myself, I've included some historical context for this question under the fold. [more inside]
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Vacation suggestions for Shreveport, LA

Spouse and I are probably going to Shreveport for our next anniversary. Dates are 10/11 -10/14 and those dates are concrete. Fellow MeFis, what do you recommend to do in Shreveport? Preferences below the fold. [more inside]
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Need some input on navigating course corrections during Big Life Changes

During some interviews for jobs out of state, we found out we've got a baby on the way...I still would like to move, but it doesn't seem feasible - I could use some ideas on how to best deal with this, or at least some opinions from the neutral hive. [more inside]
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How many different car models have ever been made?

How many different car models have ever been made for sale? [more inside]
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Like Warby Parker, but brick and mortar in New York?

Tired of Warby Parker's options, where else can I find affordable prescription sunglasses that I can try on in person in New York? [more inside]
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Examples of traditional North American traditions/habits needed to share

I’m looking for examples of typical, everyday North American traditions or habits that I can share with my adult ESL student from South Korea. For example, she was totally unfamiliar with the tradition of adding an extra birthday candle to the birthday cake for “one to grow on.” Not really looking for superstitions, but more traditional, everyday habits that are particular to North America (or specific regions of North America). Another example would be saying “Bless you” when someone sneezes. Thanks!
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