December 13

First-person songs that use bigoted language pointedly/satirically?

What other songs have a point-of-view and tone that's similar to that of the Dead Milkmen's "Stuart" or the extended/banned version of Dire Straits' "Money for Nothing"? Doesn't have to be class-based homophobia like in those examples, they're just the only ones I could think of. I'm curious if there are more like that, specifically where there's no third-person commentary on the person being portrayed.
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Which power supply to use?

I bought a used Samsung soundbar that had the wrong power supply. The specifications says it needs a 19 volt, 15 watt power supply. Ohms Law, I=P/E says the power supply needs to generate 780 milliamperes. [more inside]
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What graphic novel do I want for Christmas?

I want to receive a graphic novel for Christmas. In the past I have loved Maus (like who didn't?), Bechdel's Fun Home, Roz Chast's Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant? and Sattouf's The Arab of the Future. Given these favorites, what others might I like?
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Tell me everything about this style of calendar

Does anyone know if this kind of "card per month" desk calendar has a real name? Do you think it would be an easy & inexpensive DIY project to make in bulk? And if so how would you go about doing that?
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Having a "type" without being a jerk about it

I'm a cis lady who is newly realizing she's queer and also really into butch women and nonbinary masculine-of-center people. I feel weird about this and don't want to act like or be a fetishist or objectify people. Would love to hear especially from queer people on this one. [more inside]
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Small lego kits?

I am rapidly running down my Lego advent calendar kits. Are there other similar options? [more inside]
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How would you structure this parental leave?

My husband and I both get a fair amount of parental leave (for Americans). Baby #1 will be due in Feb and looking for ideas on how to best take the leave. More deets inside.< [more inside]
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Media about living alone

I'm moving into my very first studio flat all alone in the New Year. Yay! I want books/movies/etc to get into over the holidays where the protagonist lives alone (doesn't necessarily have to be a positive representation). A focus on the lived reality of the space and detailed descriptions/visuals of environments would be a bonus. Thanks!
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Looking for (non-holiday) matching socks for toddlers and adults

So apparently the hot thing this year for Christmas is matching socks for parents and kids. Unfortunately everyone seems to be sold out, so now I'm wondering if I can scrounge together a combination on my own. Complication: Child socks need to be for a small 18-month old, so I'm really looking for 12 month sized socks. [more inside]
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Which laptop power supply is the more recent one?

I've mixed up two power cords for my laptop and I need to know which one is the more recently purchased one. I have two Acer laptops. One was bought in Canada (don't know anything more than that) about ten years ago. The other was bought in 2016 from Amazon. [more inside]
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Help me find a Dr. Demento 12 Days of Christmas Song

I need some help identifying / tracking down an old Christmas song. It's a version of 12 Days of Christmas, but it's sung by a collection of old cartoon characters like Bullwinkle, Popeye, Elmer Fudd, Felix the Cat, Mr. Peabody, Scooby-Doo (or Astro, I don't remember,) with each character altering the lines (the 5 gold rings line was changed pretty much each time it was repeated.) [more inside]
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Are massive unexpected legal fees in a divorce negotiable?

In the midst of a divorce, and my lawyer's most recent bill left my jaw on the floor. It's almost as much as I've already paid him, total, for months of work. What are my options? [more inside]
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Good nonfiction books about Medieval England?

Does anyone have any good nonfiction book suggestions about the Normans, Henry III's reign, or the Wars of the Roses? [more inside]
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Personal accounting + irregular creative income

I'd like to get better at financial recordkeeping and personal accounting. I have a creative practice that brings in income (but which I have no interest in monetizing), and which I often file a Schedule C to claim deductions for. If you're someone in a similar situation, I'd like to know how you handle personal accounting, what software you use, and anything else I should know. [more inside]
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Sailboat sailing upstream with no wind

A few years ago, I had my mind blown by the Blackbird land yacht, which was able to "sail" directly downwind faster than the wind using only wind power. At first glance it appears to violate some law of physics, but in the end it turns out that it doesn't; energy is ultimately being provided by the wind, just in a way that you wouldn't expect it to be able to. I have now encountered a new aerodynamics brain twister. Artemis Racing, a perennial America's Cup contender, have said that it is possible to build a sailboat which can sail upstream in a river even if there's no wind, using the "apparent wind" created by the... uh... by the river water pushing the boat downstream, I guess? Maybe? Could someone explain how this might work in a way that I might be able to understand?
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I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes

YANMD, and MDs have no idea why I’ve had periodic numbness and tingling in various body parts for months. Wanna brainstorm? Medical details below. [more inside]
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What's wrong with my resume?

Finished grad school, struggling to get job interviews. How do I figure out what I'm doing wrong? [more inside]
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Psychiatrist outside the box

My psychiatrist is leaving in six months and her replacement just backed out. My region is very very bad for mental health care, and the other options are awful or not accepting new patients or don’t take Medicare. I want to explore options like telemedicine, traveling, and other options. Please share your experiences and tips for finding a psychiatrist in mental health wasteland [more inside]
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How to handle paperwork?

I am discovering that I suck with handling paperwork. I have crates and crates of actual paper files. I also have folders and subfolders in electronic format, and I am never satisfied about how they are organized. I always find myself asking questions like: should I organize these files by date? by theme? by whatever? Should I move it in this folder or the other? OR should I tag it? And whatever decision I make at the moment seems to be the unhelpful and unpractical one in the long run. [more inside]
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Home Networking Question

How do I figure out what is the best wifi solution for my home? I needed to upgrade my internet service, so the cable company just installed a combo cable modem/router. I already have a router. So now I have two wifi signals. I am trying to figure out how to determine which one has better speed and coverage in my home so that I can know if it makes sense to disconnect my old router. I am also willing to upgrade to a mesh network if necessary. [more inside]
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What's the best story you've read about the environment this year?

I'm interested both in explorations of problems like climate change and mass extinction, and solutions like renewable energy. Longform articles welcome.
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Charities that help kids, love Jesus, sell shirts?

What are some good, helpful, progressive organizations that are worth financially supporting and that also sell teeshirts that say nice things about foster kids/parenting or Jesus? My adult female relative wants teeshirts for Christmas: theme shirts with positive messages about foster care, Christianity, or a combination. I'd like to get tees a little more charity-minded than those $5 Random Bible Verse shirts on Amazon, but I'd prefer not to give money to sketchy, abusive, or right-wing groups. [more inside]
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Both my young dogs died. Is it my fault?

I have only had two dogs in my life, both died soon after I got them and both were young. Why did this happen, is it my fault, and how do I learn to accept it? [more inside]
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Looking For Fragrance-Free, Cruelty Free Shampoo For Fine Hair

I'm looking for a new kind of shampoo as my previous one (that I've used for nearly 40 years) is suddenly becoming difficult to get. Details under the fold. [more inside]
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Halp! Unknown Mobile phone Android Notification Bar Icon

I have a MotoG5S Mobile phone. It Runs Android 8.1.0 (Oreo) It is fully up to date and a icon keeps inconsistently showing up in my Notifications bar and I have no idea what it means. [more inside]
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December 12

Please tell me about sharing your salary

This question prompted by this post on the blue. Hiding salary information is bad for workers, especially bad for women and minorities, and good for employers. So I feel a lot of pressure to be more open about mine. Simultaneously, I find sharing the information terrifying and worry about the consequences to myself. I would appreciate hearing stories (the good and the ugly) about times you have shared your salary or other people have shared their salary with you, and any advice from HR/other about the safest ways to do this.
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no place like home for the holidays

My grandma passed two days ago. I've been tasked to make a playlist for the funeral. My aunt (who was closest to her) said that she liked easy listening music, but it being my dad's (and probably one of my uncle's) preferred genre, I'm kind of concerned that it'll made him sad if he hears the songs on the radio from now on or something. Am I overthinking this? [more inside]
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Christmas music for misanthropes and weirdos

I know we recently discussed "not especially joyful" Christmas music. Great! I want actively miserable or screwy Christmas music. Think Sufjan's "Christmas Unicorn" (the final third is a cover of "Love Will Tear Us Apart", the middle third is EDM, and the first third is cynical musings). Think "A Christmas Duel" by The Hives and Cyndi Lauper (NSFW, opening lines: "I bought no gifts this year / and I slept with your sister", and it escalates from there). Think the delightful, absurd cacophany of All I Want for Christmas is Midi. Any recs? [more inside]
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Where are people working together online as part of the Resistance?

What are the best collaborative digital Resistance workspaces? I'm looking for recommendations of Facebook Groups, Slacks, Discords, Signal chats, email lists or other places where people can talk about action ideas, collaborate, strategize, etc. It can be generally progressive, issue-centric, tech-oriented, or something else.
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Best beginning art set and books for a 10/11-year old?

My 10-year-old niece has requested a "sketch book" for Christmas. I'd like to oblige, and perhaps encourage this little spark of artistic interest buy augmenting with some art supplies. Alas, I am not a visual artist, and therefore don't know what to buy, and what to avoid. [more inside]
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how do I pitch?

Not a baseball question. A writer friend of mine is starting a storytelling series in our town and has requested that those of us who are interested in participating should email him pitches for a short, 6-10 story we'd want to tell on stage. [more inside]
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Film Recommendations for Fan of Time/Space Smart Horror/Thriller Movies

HUGE fan of movies/shows like The Endless, Black Mirror, Primer, Coherence, etc. and want to make sure I'm not missing out on any great films or new directors to follow. Streamable is much appreciated. What would be on your must-see list for movies similar to these?
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Can I claim German citizenship? How?

Let's say I'm am American citizen. I was born, in the United States, prior to 1999, to one American parent and one German parent. They are married. At what point would I no longer be able to claim German citizenship? When the German parent moved to the US? When the German parent became a permanent resident (i.e. a green card holder)? When the German parent became a US citizen? Can I still claim German citizenship? [more inside]
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prog beyond Tom Sawyer

I'm officially in my late thirties and have decided it's time to get into progressive rock music. I was thinking of doing a deep dive into Rush to start, what's a good album to check out first? Or is Rush a hopelessly obvious choice and there's a better gateway artist? Blow me away!
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Help me find more cooking shows

I want to watch more cooking shows that are home kitchen focused (I'm not really interested in chefs or how restaurants make things) and procedurally detailed (show me all the steps). Your recommendations are requested. [more inside]
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Homebrew alcohol with jaggery (palm sugar) and ginger?

Does anyone have a recipe -- or even just advice -- for making homebrewed alcohol with jaggery (palm sugar) and ginger? [more inside]
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Medical care in Tokyo

I need an English speaking medical provider who can diagnose my possible strep throat in Tokyo. Today. (I am in akihabara until noon and shinjuku after that until Saturday morning). I can figure out the trains and I have travel insurance. Who should I see? [more inside]
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Tons of anxiety about finding a family doctor

Growing up, my family never had a family doctor. For some reason my dad always said "we never get sick, so we don't need one," which... turned out to be incorrect. I whenever I got sick, we'd just go to the local medicentre. I would like to find a family doctor, but I have tons of anxiety about it. Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. [more inside]
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Toxic workplace article?

I saw a great post a few years ago with a link to show a toxic workplace. I'm trying to find the link and wondered if anyone had it handy? I think the author was something like Izzy??? Thanks a lot [more inside]
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How to sell a business?

So I create artistic teapots. 6 months ago I retired the business due to personal reasons. I just had a conversation with someone who might be interested in taking it over. What exactly am I selling and how do I figure it out? [more inside]
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Starting own Xmas holiday with complicated feelings.

I moved out of an abusive parental household 3 years ago and have conflicting feelings and memories about Christmas time. I would like to find a way to celebrate the season (I'm not religious) and maybe bring some cheer into my life yet living alone makes the whole thing feel pointless. I also am in the depths of winter depression which is making me feel real alone. How do you start a holiday celebration for yourself when you are alone, or have traumatic memories surrounding it, or have severe depression? And how do you deal with the feelings? [more inside]
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Does the public have the right to access a utility easement?

I was looking at some proposed maps for new bike trails, and I was curious where they were going to run. Looking at google maps it looks like a lot of them will be along what looks like a power company's right of way or easement. There's currently what looks like jeep track there. Can I walk or ride on it? (I live in Austin, TX) [more inside]
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How to rehome the world's sweetest rabbit?

I need a holiday miracle, Boston/rabbit edition: a friend is caring for the world's sweetest pet rabbit but can't keep it and also can't find a rescue group to take it. The pound will euthanize it. Help. [more inside]
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Advertising an Artist's Studio Space

Where do I advertise an artist's studio space in NYC? I've advertised in several places already, but I worry I'm not connecting. How do I find my audience or how can I help them find me? [more inside]
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Like doing what to who now?

What is the pithy simile / metaphor / expression I'm trying to remember? It's when you're trying to make something adhere to or move through a process, but the thing and the process are fundamentally misaligned. It's not exactly "herding cats." More like, you're trying to make something slippery or liquid attach to a wall. Halp!
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Freelancer filter: Any way to roll back a discounted hourly rate?

Last year at this time, my main client (70%+ of my income, eight-year history, well paying, reliable) asked to move to a 'day rate', on the basis that they would be giving me an additional week's work a month. I agreed a discount representing 10% off my previous hourly rate. The additional work has not manifested, client is still being wishy washy on hard dates and I am hundreds of pounds poorer for it. Can I somehow walk this discount back when we sign our new contract? Or should I chalk this one up to experience? [more inside]
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How can I acquire Pelosi's red coat?

Or, you know, one just like it. That red! That at-the-neck doublebutton closure modality! I saw it last night on the News Hour after she and Schumer got done goading the president to a frazzle and again just now in the WaPo, and now I must have it unless it's like ruinously expensive. She seems to have had it a while. Here it is yesterday, and here it is a while back.
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Useful car gift for Tennessee

My brother is moving to Nashville and getting a car for the first time in many years. What are good car accessories I could give as a gift? [more inside]
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A little Christmas procrastination

I’m looking for supplies for making soap, lip balm, and candles. I need basically everything— base, molds, fragrance, etc. Local is best but online with reliable rush shipping (this close to the holidays!) is OK too. I’m in the Bay Area. Any suggestions? [more inside]
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Dumb(ish)phone with a physical keyboard still supported by carriers- US?

I'd like to do some productivity experiments on myself by trying out a dumbphone for a bit, but of course most of my communicating is via text so a flip phone is out. I'm not finding a phone with physical keyboard that is still supported and having trouble figuring out which carrier may still support older ones. I'd like to get something used that's sub-$100. Is anyone managing to still use an LG Extravert or similar? [more inside]
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Digital Antenna Reception

I live in Charlotte, NC next to a creek and I am, essentially, at the bottom of a narrow valley carved out by the creek. The antenna I have now pulls in three, sometimes four local TV channels. I should be able to get several more in Charlotte but, I think, I have bad reception due to being at the bottom of this narrow valley. So, other than building a tall antenna tower, any suggestions for getting around this issue?
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Does she like me?

I've recently become very close friends with a person I am really, really attracted to but am confused about her feelings. How can I figure out if she likes me without threatening a really strong and meaningful friendship? [more inside]
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Looking for help buying an external hard drive

I'm planning to purchase an external hard drive for my parents to back up their photos. I don't know a lot about which brands are more reliable than others. I've had hard drives die in the past and I want to make sure the one I buy my parents is not likely to die since they will be backing up important files on there. Is there a site that provides reviews of which brands or models are the most reliable? I've checked Consumer Reports, but there wasn't anything there. Thanks!
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How best to handle parking during Manhattan vacation?

We’re trying to figure out cheapest options. We’re driving to Manhattan (from Maryland) on Dec. 22 and leaving Christmas morning. We’re driving a small SUV with 5 people and luggage. Does it make the most sense to 1. Hope we can find a space in Manhattan near our hotel. 2. Find or reserve a garage and pay for 3 days of parking. 3. Park in Jersey City/Hoboken/Weehawken and cab/Uber in. Any suggestions appreciated.
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window sign encouragement

I have teammates that are stuck in a boardroom for 4 days, listening in on what basically amounts to a 4 day long conference call where they are basically expected to just listen in quietly and are only there in case there happens to be a question. Needless to say they aren't having a super fun week. I want to stick encouraging and/or funny messages on the boardroom window to help cheer them up and break the boredom a bit. What funny things messages should I write? [more inside]
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Who wrote this poem

I remember one stanza that went something like "Some say the South will rise again, But I say "not in my presence."" Alice Walker? Zora Neal Hurston? Maya Angelou? Who wrote this because I can't even find it on Google, thanks.
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How can I bring Christmas to my husband?

I don’t celebrate Christmas, and we live in my home country, where Christmas just means time off work and great shopping sales really. It doesn’t bear any special meaning to me other than it’s my husband’s favourite holiday. So I want to do something nice for him. [more inside]
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"And in her ears the little Seashells, the thimble radios tamped tight"

Headphone people of Metafilter, I need your best recommendations and experiences for headphone purchases . Limitations follow. [more inside]
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How to take a PDF and format it into a novel?

Through my job, I've been engaged to take a PDF of raw text and turn out a novel manuscript. No copyediting or proofreading involved, just taking this 200+ pages of text and formatting it into a novel. I'm not even 100% sure what this entails except that it doesn't involve any graphic design. Does anybody have any advice about this? I've never done this before so I'm not sure how else to do it besides googling "Google Docs Novel Template." I'm obviously extremely clueless but any help/advice/material hints appreciated!
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Structural or civil engineer consultant

Can an consulting engineer look at a set of building plans and determine whether a currently approved building can be made taller at a later date if zoning changes? [more inside]
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