April 20

Compensation to sibling for advance on inheritance?

What's the fairest way to compensate one sibling when the other sibling has received an advance on their shared inheritance? [more inside]
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Let's keep in touch?

How can we share our club's membership contacts? [more inside]
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How much workplace politics is normal?

Over the last year, I’ve noticed that my workplace has become a lot more factionalised and influenced by shifting power dynamics. Lots of decisions that seem to me to be administrative and unremarkable are getting caught up in conflicts between different factions, and so I find myself constantly navigating around these conflicts. I don’t like this, but I don’t know how seriously to take my dislike. [more inside]
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Om Nom Nom: Pittsburgh Edition

I am a fairly recent transplant to Pittsburgh, and am in charge of planning a birthday celebration this Saturday night. For lack of better ideas, I'm thinking of doing a progressive style dinner, but am at a loss for where to go and what to order. So my new neighbors, what are your favorite nom noms and cocktails in this fabulous city? [more inside]
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being creative when not alone

Bedroom music producers/singers: Are you comfortable writing and practicing original music in your home when others are around, knowing they can might hear what you're doing? How do you get comfortable with this? [more inside]
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Has anyone here used a good wearable with a smart alarm successfully?

I am prone to waking up groggy and tired often - my best guess is that I wake up in the wrong sleep cycle. Has anyone here had any success using a wearable that wakes them up in the right sleep cycle? [more inside]
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Minimalist metta meditations?

Looking for brief, chill, mettabhavana (lovingkindness) meditations. What are your favorites? More inside. [more inside]
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New woodworker seeks advice for bathroom vanity project

I'm a relatively new hobbyist woodworker. I've successfully made coffee tables, end tables, and bookshelves. Now I'm ready to tackle a cabinet project, and the first thing my house needs is a bathroom vanity. I'm looking for advice; specific questions inside. [more inside]
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Specific eyedrops to relieve eye pain after crying?

Tomorrow I will be attending a funeral and cannot avoid crying. Every time I cry, my eyes are dry and painful for hours and I need a way to relieve that in a way that does not involve lying down, splashing water, or objects placed on my eyes. [more inside]
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I like my therapist but I don't know if they are the right one

How did you decide if a therapist was good for you when you really liked them as a person, but they maybe weren't serving you as well as a therapist? [more inside]
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iOS/Android game to play with friends sorta like Pokemon GO?

But not Draconius GO or Ingress. Friends enjoyed Pokemon GO, but we're all level 40, have done everything in the game and the current Raid scene looks to be dead for a few months. So we're looking for some other online/mobile game we could play that would allow us to pick teams, playing together or against each other. [more inside]
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Finding a therapist

What are the magic words I need to use to get a therapist to call me back? [more inside]
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An adventure company is stealing from people - can I take action?

About this time last year a new adventure company stole from me. I eventually got my money back, but they are still stealing from others and today a national newspaper promoted them. Can I/should I do something? [more inside]
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April 19

Le Fooding in Paris: Where should I eat? What's New?

I'm returning to Paris for the weekend, after several years of absence. I intend to eat my way through the city and I need the help of MeFi's food nerds to ensure that I do not waste precious tummy real estate on non-excellent food. More details on restaurant preferences inside… [more inside]
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What are the best stories on DailyScienceFiction.com?

There are some wonderful stories on the site, but I'd like to find more of them. My favorites include: "Miriam and I after the End"."
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Should I quit my job to travel?

Yes, I have read a lot about this (i.e. googled it) and considered the various angles and I realize there is probably no objectively correct answer. Unfortunately or not I also don't think I'm much of a special snowflake, so in the interests of succinctness relevant details are laid out as pros and cons in the read more. I'm really looking for some sanity checking and any obvious things I haven't considered. [more inside]
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Frivolous gift for someone a bit broke?

I have a family member whose 30th birthday is coming up. She mentioned once in passing that she absolutely loves Edible Arrangements. I mentally noted it and planned to get her one for her birthday. I heard through the family grapevine that she’s a bit hard up because her partner hasn’t started a new job yet, but will in about a month. [more inside]
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To My Cat, Protein Bars = ?

I know: cats are weird. And maybe that's the only answer here, but on the off chance that it isn't the only answer... here's my question: Lately, one of my cats has started to covet protein bars. He steals them, night and day. But why? [more inside]
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Ankle Strap Extensions for Sandals

Who else sells ankle strap extensions like these for sandals? [more inside]
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Not receiving certain Gmail emails with attachment

I'm hoping someone else has experienced this and knows what might be going on. There have been multiple instances now where someone will send an email with an attachment to both my husband and I, but I never receive it. My husband will then forward the email to me, which works, and it clearly shows my email address listed as one of the recipients. I have been carefully checking my spam folder before deleting and haven't noticed anything amiss there. Is it possibly being filtered into some other folder I don't know about? Thanks for any insight.
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Shipping purchases to USC LA Campus

I'll be travelling to the U.S. and attending the University of Southern California in LA for 2 weeks in June. I'd like to buy some stuff online and have it delivered there. How would this work? [more inside]
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VR on the small?

I just bought myself a nifty new gaming laptop which is way more than powerful enough to run Oculus or Vive. Here's the thing - I have one small room, with furniture in it. Can I enjoy my VR experience WITHOUT having space to walk around? [more inside]
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Non-traditional sliding doors on Ikea Pax wardrobes?

Just installed a row of 3 giant Ikea Pax wardrobes. Now they need doors! The problem is that the Pax sliding doors come in pairs, and aren't designed to allow you to hang three of them in a row. Any solutions? [more inside]
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Traveling with friends. Should I offer to help with money?

We’re three college friends living in three different states, going on a weekend trip to see each other after a few years apart. Two of us have good jobs and a spouse with an income, one of us is a stay-at-home parent of two whose spouse works for a non-profit. Help me navigate the money stuff so we can make this fun for all three. [more inside]
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Thai TV in the USA?

My grandma is visiting us for a month and change, and has repeatedly expressed a desire to watch Thai TV, especially news. I'd appreciate the hive mind's input on how I can make this happen. [more inside]
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What sort of things would a new mom enjoy knitting?

I have a friend's birthday coming up: She's pregnant with her 2nd child and is a knitter. I have an idea to put together a knitting kit for her so she'll have a project to work on while she's off work with the new baby. I'd buy the pattern, yarn, & materials and package it all up nice as a birthday gift; now all I need is ideas! [more inside]
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For solar power, is there something like going half-off-the grid?

Nobody really talks about rigging a house for just a bit of solar energy. [more inside]
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Paris in May

I'll be in Paris (6th arrondissement) with a friend for a couple of days this May. What should we do? [more inside]
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What is a "home warranty"

I am buying a house. The agent is trying to get us to buy a "home warranty" for $500. I don't understand what this is or why I need it. [more inside]
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Orgs lobbying for California legislature to fix homeless epidemic?

What are some good organizations (either governmental, non profit, grassroots, or even religious) that are trying to pressure California legislators to fix our homeless epidemic? [more inside]
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Cried at choir audition, how to cope with shame?

I let a friend talk me into auditioning for the church choir he's in. Part of the audition involved singing a song that you could "sing with all your heart", as well as some scales. I've sung in choirs all my life, but I'm not a solo singer and have never had to sing a prepared song for an audition. I was wary about auditioning but decided to give it a go anyway. [more inside]
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What is this countertop and can it be fixed?

Help us identify and possibly save a bathroom countertop. [more inside]
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Buying 1st rental house - tips needed

I am thinking about buying a house in a college town a few hours away from where I live. The plan would be to hire a property management company to handle the day to day as well as finding tenants. [more inside]
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Help me headbang

I like songs with heavy bass. Lots of heavy bass. There's something about it for me that's like one of those weighted anxiety blankets; I actually find it extremely relaxing to listen to (go figure). So I'm looking to make a playlist of songs with heavy bass. [more inside]
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How much would I have to sweat to need IPx6-rated headphones?

I'm interested in a set of in-ear earbuds for, among other things, workout use. They have an IPx5 water resistance rating. According to the official rating scale, that translates to protection against "water projected by a nozzle." The company also offers a more expensive model it specifically recommends for workouts. Apart from some features I don't care about, the primary difference is that it ostensibly is "sweat proof" due to its IPx6 rating, which translates to protection against "water projected in powerful jets." Is an IPx6 rating really necessary for workout headphones? If it is, I'll incur the extra expense, but even though I do sweat, even heavily at times, I have a hard time thinking of my sweat as "projected in powerful jets"...
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Looking for you favorite vegetarian Indian dishes with thick sauces

We love Madhur Jaffrey's Vegetarian India cookbook, but our one complaint: Not enough dishes with thick, flavorful sauces as you might find in an Indian restaurant. What are your most mouth watering, naan-dippingest vegetarian Indian dishes where the veggies/paneer/etc. are floating in a pot of delicious sauce?
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What goes in this empty corner of my dining room?

We've got a dining room that's 90% complete, except for one corner that really needs something. In this photo, it's the corner on the left. [more inside]
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Celebrating without stress

We're having a baby right before mother's day! What are some cute, low key but meaningful ideas to keep mother's and father's day special without stress, expense, or the pressure to outperform the previous year? I'm looking for the comfort of tradition. [more inside]
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(Space) Needle Artist Recommendations - Looking for a Tattoo in Seattle

A friend and I will be visiting Seattle in July and would like to get tattoos together (we are both very experienced with tattoos). We are looking for recommendations for excellent artists/shops that are welcoming for walk-in clients. Thank you!
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Name That Children's Book: Abe Lincoln as a boy, pencil illustrations

I owned this book as a child growing up in the mid-1980's. It was about Abraham Lincoln; at least part of it was specifically about his childhood. I would guess it was written for kids between 6-9. It definitely had a turquoise cover, was paperback, and was presented in landscape orientation. Beyond that ... [more inside]
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His hands started widgeting, he looked askance

We sell Widget through a web site for £X,000 (it's a very good widget). Widget is all we sell. Demand for Widget spikes once a year when we release a new version of Widget and trickles down to a Widget purchase once every couple of weeks after a while. Here's the thing: we get a failure rate of c.40-50% on attempted purchases of Widget because credit card companies say WIDGET IS FRAUD (Widget is not fraud). [more inside]
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I'm considering adopting a male dog. I've only ever had females pets.

I'm considering adopting a male dog. I've only ever had female pets. What do I need to know? [more inside]
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A bird may love a fish, but where would they live?

Can a (newly self-diagnosed) aspie/high functioning autistic and someone who suffers from major depressive disorder and anxiety realistically have a happy, healthy relationship? [more inside]
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Queer historical fiction where nothing terrible happens

I'm looking for books set before 1950 where the A or B plot follows queer characters who live, work, fall in love etc. and where I am better able to understand what being queer would look like in this historical context and where NOTHING SUPER TERRIBLE HAPPENS TO THE CHARACTERS. [more inside]
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Can an academic Certificate in Law get you into legal research?

I am keen on law, but don't plan to go to law school because of the time and money. Yet, this new certificate opened up at Queens University, Ontario. Would it be of any practical use or is it merely for intellectual pursuit? Is it possible to land into legal research/government jobs with a certificate in Law? I also do not have to pay for the program due to scholarship and bursuaries benefits as well.
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Is Reedsy any good?

Does anyone have experience of using Reedsy (particularly writers looking at self-publishing, but other angles welcome).
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Underwater window box

Seeking a reasonably priced rectangular planter that can be used underwater. Length: will be creating the perimeter of a 12x12 foot square so would prefer to use eight 6ft but could do other permutations. Depth: should be 12 inches but could go down to 9 inches Width: can be as little as 9 but would prefer 9-12 inches Will be completely submerged but must be a dark and unobtrusive color (dark brown, black or dark grey) [more inside]
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What should I do at the gym on days I’m not lifting?

After reading about it on AskMe, I’ve recently started StrongLifts. I lift on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. But I like my daily routine of running to the gym, doing something there, then running home. What should I do at the gym on days I’m not doing StrongLifts?
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Help me enjoy vacations more!

Lately I have not been able to enjoy time off from work. The lack of structure makes me batty. Help me relax for the next four days, please! [more inside]
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How to plan for children with my ADHD husband?

How should I approach deciding if / when to have children with a partner that has newly-diagnosed ADHD? [more inside]
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gloves to cycle in that aren't bike gloves?

My housemate cycles to work and is looking to buy a pair of gloves for the winter so that her hands don't freeze, but doesn't like the look of proper bike gloves. Alternatives? [more inside]
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Recommendations for CBT-oriented therapist in NYC

Spouse is looking for a CBT-oriented therapist in NYC who also has expertise in sexual issues. We have some questions. [more inside]
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Best method or tool for capturing user testing feedback

We will be running user testing sessions with groups of young people for several different online games. We have a testing protocol with a series of questions we want the kids to answer and need an easy way to capture their feedback, ideally directly from them and without too much adult intervention or supervision. [more inside]
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Computer Headache/eye strain

All serious causes of my new headaches have been ruled out, now need (non medication) solutions [more inside]
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April 18

We (also) need a (Jewish) baby girl name!

Our baby is due in 2 weeks and we've been trying to settle on a name for 9 months! Please help! [more inside]
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Seeking nontraditional queer narratives

Nearly every queer character in every work of art I've experienced seems to figure out that they're queer easily and effortlessly. They fall in love or are hopelessly attracted to someone of the same gender, and quickly settle on a label (bi or gay or pan) to match. It's assumed that the romantic orientation matches the sexual orientation. Asexuality doesn't seem to exist. "Questioning" your sexuality is really just the process of coming to terms with the fact that you're not straight. But I want to experience works, in any medium (film, novels, comics...), fiction or nonfiction, where a character doesn't find it all so simple. [more inside]
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Cheapest way to ship, and pay for, t-shirt from Canada to US

I recently talked to an artist in Canada about buying one of their shirts. Postal office quoted them $18 to ship from Vancouver to New Mexico, almost doubling the price of the shirt. Is this the price of international mail, or is there a cheaper option? [more inside]
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Fairly severe difficulty concentrating at work

I've always had a ton of difficulty concentrating at work. I don't think I have ADD or executive function disorder, because I'm fairly good in other areas of my life. How do I fix it? [more inside]
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Writing at Work/The Ol' Sneakaroo

Easy, under the radar methods of sending myself non-work documents-in-progress to and from an increasingly monitored work account? [more inside]
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Like juice, but better

I love orange juice. My favorite brand is Tropicana, and I can easily drink a gallon or more per week. But my nutritionist said I should stop drinking juice because of the high sugar content. What can I replace it with that will satisfy the same craving? [more inside]
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