October 18

Did you get that thing I sent you? Google analytics and email tracking

I'm working on a project to roll-my-own google script-powered Yet-Another-Mail-Merge. I got it working! Except for the thing they do to track email opens, bounces, etc. [more inside]
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let's talk about chronic couch sleeping. what do?

Several points here I'd like input on: A) Any other chronic couch sleepers out there? What's your story? B) Is having a couch instead of a bed (as in, in your bedroom) a weird/unacceptable thing? C) How do I handle this? [more inside]
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Searching for a documentary.

Dearest MeFites, I have been searching for a documentary I saw on TV some years ago that I am hoping our hive mind might help me track down. It was about historical re-enactors in or around York, England. They had a small village in which they portrayed villagers in the Viking era. The documentary showed various technologies being employed: blacksmithing, woodworking, animal husbandry, textile crafts and so on, as people carried out their period-appropriate lifestyles. Can you point me to it? [more inside]
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What's for dinner tonight?

Just don't know what's for dinner tonight. I'm housesitting and I brought over with me anything that looked like it might help make a good dinner: a pile of tomatoes, a couple small eggplants, a head of garlic, a red onion, a finger of turmeric, a can of coconut milk, a can of hominy, a half dozen new potatoes, crushed almonds, hazelnut butter, nut yeast, block of tasty cheese, single serving container of plain yogurt, butter, oil. [more inside]
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Allergic traveller in Southeast Asia

I am allergic to All nuts, as well as peanuts. I am allergic to fish. (I am not allergic to shellfish). I am NOT allergic to their smell or even minimal contact, but I must not ingest these foods. I carry 2 epipens with me at all times, but obviously I don’t want to deal with super-high stress at every meal. Can I travel in Vietnam? In Cambodia? In Thailand? Thanks
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Software for scanned images

I’m looking for software that I can use to mark up scanned images (a drawing, for example)—both on my MacBook Air with a mouse and on my iPad with Apple Pencil. Ideally, I’d be able to move the image from one device to the other without losing my edits. Do you have something like this? Do you like it? Can you use it with photographs as well as drawings? [more inside]
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How does the sick season actually start?

Three days ago, my toddler was fine. Almost overnight, he and all 14 of his daycare pals have coughs and runny noses. I know how stuff spreads once it gets into a place like that. But how does it actually get in? [more inside]
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Rediscovering the joy of technical work?

When I was young, I loved computing to the point I made it my career. And then came expectations, money, ambition and ruined it. I'm trying to get back into the joy of doing my work for itself, I could use some advice on how to approach this. [more inside]
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Need career ideas for techie/creative type transitioning out of banking

My husband has worked in the banking industry for 12+ years, mostly as a small business loan underwriter. He's looking for a career change out of banking entirely, into a job where he can be at least somewhat creative, and work around people. He's in need of ideas. [more inside]
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Zipped File Assistance

I've received a corrupt zipped file from a client. Is there any hope of extracting any of the files? [more inside]
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Microsoft word for mac is suddenly driving me crazy

I am writing an article on my 2014 macbook air and I want to have a few drafts open at the same time. However, I can't keep the documents I need open all together on the same screen. [more inside]
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So I guess you’re going to get enlightened now...

Dear longtime friend will eventually be ordained. Looking for essays and anecdotes on absorbing this, as a lay person. [more inside]
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What questions about media and the law would you like answered?

I'm the staff coordinator for a project in which law students will research media-industry questions for people. They are not lawyers and will not give legal advice, but will answer with links to relevant statutes and court decisions to let you know what the laws are. I'm trying to furnish them with questions to answer to kickstart this project. What media-related questions would you want to ask them? [more inside]
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New recommendations, same old policies. Getting HPV vaccine at 27-45?

You've probably heard about the very recent changes to the CDC's HPV vaccine recommendations, now stating that people 27-45 should get the HPV vaccine as well. My insurance company (Highmark) has not changed its coverage, though, which is frustrating since I'd get the vaccine today if it were covered. They didn't seem to have any plans to change their policy, either. Has anyone here received the vaccine when they were over 26? Did you have to pay out of pocket? Any advice would be appreciated.
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Mystery Bugs in Portland OR

Please help me ID these bugs for a friend. [more inside]
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NYC Therapyfilter: share your reasonable and customary charges?

Help me figure out if switching insurance plans will make my care more affordable by sharing what your NYC-based insurance has been willing to pay as a reasonable and customary charge for out of network, outpatient talk therapy. More clarifying details under the cut. [more inside]
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Activist Resources On De-Escalating Interactions With Police?

My maddening daughter, who's in college far from home, just called and asked "You're a lawyer, do you have anything to point me to on dealing with the police?" And on questioning it seems like she wants mostly practical tips for de-escalating interactions with the police in a confrontational activisty kind of situation (which she didn't want to talk about over the phone. I'm sure I approve generally of anything she's likely to be doing, but I'm also deeply worried.) Anyway, anyone got good online resources for her?
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Appointment Book Terminology, Or: What Is Today

In American English, if I call my dentist today and schedule an appointment for November 1st, I would call November 1st my "Appointment Date." What is the corollary term for the first of these date pairs? [more inside]
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Backup Birthday Buddy Blues

My child just received a birthday party "invite" with about five hours notice to what seems like a party that was set up some time ago. In theory this family are some of our closest friends. But this feel like our child is being used as a seat filler because more important people canceled. It feels less like he is someone they wanted along and more like they need headcount. Am I being paranoid?
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How to build a small wood gasifier stove-slash-campfire? TLUD for short.

I'm going backcountry camping in an area that doesn't allow campfires but does allow for contained fires such as you would find in a wood stove. I know there are commercial products out there as well as DIY/instructable type guides for making stoves out of things from tuna cans to soup cans to paint cans to aluminum pots. I want to hear about your first hand experience and/or empirical data or construction notes regarding best practices related to building my own. [more inside]
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Stomach noises and IBS

I have IBS and my stomach often makes embarrassing noises. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for how to stop/hide the embarrassing noises? [more inside]
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Where in Vermont should my mom move?

My mom wants to move to Vermont. Any suggestions of where to look? [more inside]
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Resources for remotely grieving a pet.

I'm 37 weeks pregnant and unable to attend pet grief sessions in-person right now (and likely for some time), but am looking for resources to help me process the death of my beloved 9-year-old rescue. I've heard that several vet schools offer counseling lines or pet grief lines via phone — but am unsure how to access those resources. Do you have advice or information on remote grief sessions or counseling for pet loss? Thank you.
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Help me find a shirt

I need to find the shirt that the Saroo was wearing in Lion Movie when he arrives in Tasmania, or have it printed for ~$30. This is for Halloween. Any thoughts? [more inside]
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Shoes that allow toe walking

I have bone spurs in my toes that make it painful to walk, and doctors have recommended shoes with rocker soles to reduce the pain. I’m experimenting with those and have found one that mostly works, but it’s challenging for various fit reasons, so I’d like to try some additional options. I have always been a toe walker and do not have any foot pain when walking barefoot in this way. What shoes will allow me to walk on my toes? [more inside]
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Roasted Vegetables 2.0

Hooray! It's vegetable roasting season again! While I roast all kinds of veg, we mainly just eat them straight from the pan. What else can I/should I be doing with them? Ideas for either jazzing them up right after roasting or using up the leftovers are appreciated. [more inside]
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What should I do with this space heater?

I'm in Michigan with a broken furnace that can't be replaced for another week, so I'm using space heaters. I have one that's very old (bought at a garage sale ten years ago, so I don't know how old), and last night when I unplugged it, the plug was very hot. More below the fold. [more inside]
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¿Do you sound out what you type?

If you're a coder, writer or journalist, somebody whose main occupation is typing words onto a screen, do you sound out everything you type, either in your head or subvocally? [more inside]
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How can i incorporate my passion in my life?

I just graduated from college and am about to start working at a really good job. However one of my biggest passions is surfing and i happen to live in a landlocked country. [more inside]
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Nicer kids Kylo Ren costume?

I'd like to find a kids' Kylo Ren costume that is a bit nicer than the usual cheapo Halloween costume. [more inside]
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Fundraising - Good motive, Questionable legality.

My daughter's gym which is operated by a very small for profit LLC is holding a fund raiser to purchase equipment for their gym. Is this fundraising approach legal? Is it ethical? Should we support it? Is it no different than kickstarter? More info inside... [more inside]
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Commuter rail parking on North Shore

I've been taking a bus from the North Shore of Massachusetts to Boston, but I'm tired of the creepy bus driver and the bad parking situation. I'm looking into other options. What's parking like at the MBTA stations in the Newburyport and Haverhill area? [more inside]
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Left Tabbouleh out overnight - is it still safe?

It's been a while since I've seen one of these questions, and I hoped I'd never have to ask one, but hey, here we are. I made a batch of tabbouleh last night. It's mainly bulgur wheat, parsley, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, orange bell pepper, and mint. I made it at like 6 PM, refrigerated it, then had some at around 10 PM and left the whole thing out overnight until about 8:30 AM this morning, so around 10.5 hours. It seems fine and smells fine. Should I toss it or eat it?
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Which direction does Twitter scroll? Which direction do you scroll?

I know this would be an easy question to answer but I literally don't know anyone else who uses Twitter regularly. Which direction does Twitter scroll, and how do people use it? [more inside]
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How should I protect these new workboots?

I have some new work boots for winter, and I'd like to take care of the leather so that they stay waterproof and last as long as possible. [more inside]
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Baking for people with nut allergies

It's getting to a festive time of year and I will be doing lots of baking in the colder months for friends and colleagues. How to approach baking when taking nut allergies into consideration? [more inside]
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October 17

Stats Filter -- Smallish Sample Size

My statistics experience is rusty. I want to compare about 175 cities to each other. I'm not sure what is the best way to do that. [more inside]
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Most Earth-friendly way to give myself diabetes

So, I drink a lot of soda. Like a lot. Like too much. A two-liter or most of a twelve-pack per day. I know that aluminum is a better recyclable in general because you can get it back to its elemental state relatively easily, whereas plastic degrades every time it cycles. However, given the amount involved, I'm curious if it would be better from an environmental standpoint to have at the end of the week only five to seven plastic bottles to recycle or forty-eight aluminum cans (plus the associated cardboard). No matter what, I intend to keep ruining my health with fizzy sugar water, but I'd like to do it with as little collateral as possible, y'know?
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What is it like to be cold?

We (family of six plus a dog) are considering a move to a cold climate. I, coastal California born, have never lived anywhere where it routinely dropped below 50F. Walk me through the logistics of living in a climate where -20F is a thing. [more inside]
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Good Bad Guys in literature

I've been in the mood for the "bad guy who becomes good," trope today, and wondered if AskMe might have some nice recommendations along those lines. I've been re-reading some Star Wars favorites from childhood which feature the trope pretty heavily, and would love more examples. Specific details below :) [more inside]
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Project management software with a specific output

I work for small SaaS company, where we have a number of clients for whom we need to track project previews & launches. Typically in the range of 1-10 a week. We've worked out this spreadsheet to track this. As you can imagine this is a pain to update, but it does give us a very clear picture of upcoming workload. Is there any project management software or something else that can give me a similar output? [more inside]
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Help me gear up for my first ski trip!

I'm hoping to go skiing for the first time this winter (somewhere in New England). I've been searching on Ebay for ski pants and a ski jacket. What else will I need to buy (vs. things I can rent)? Assume I have nothing super practical for doing active stuff outside. (All my winter stuff, while warm, is more about form than function. ) [more inside]
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How do I get a vendor to deliver (aka, when is it time for small claims

I ordered a piece of professional equipment. In this field, there are three main suppliers of this particular hand-made item. All of them charge roughly the same, and though the designs differ, they’re all good and choosing which vendor to use is mostly a matter of preference (and perhaps distance.) The item costs around $6,000. With this item, you pay first, then they build it. The process usually takes around six to eight weeks..it’s now been almost 20... [more inside]
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Where should we go in the South for a New Years mini-vacation?

Our family situation is unique: we have two biological kids (in middle school), two recently-placed foster kids (one in middle school and one in preschool with some mild special needs), and a grown woman who we know from previous foster care experience and who is essentially our daughter. She has a fiance and a 2-year-old son. I wouldn't have it any other way, but it makes a traditional new years' getaway a little tricky. We want to drive somewhere south from Chicagoland where it's quasi-warm and there's opportunities for family fun. [more inside]
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Snark in vet records?

Is it normal or accepted practice for a vet to put snarky quotes the client says into the records of the animal? I had some trouble with the receptionist at my local vet and said some things that, while warranted, were snarkier than usual. At no time did I threaten or swear or anything like that. When I got the records all these comments were recorded in them. Is this accepted practice?
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What is going on with my dog's daycare?

My energetic 9-year-old mutt has always loved doggie daycare and has been suddenly 'dumped' by her daycare, coincidentally right as the ownership changed. What could be going on and how, or can I, get some better answers from them about what happened? [more inside]
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Fangs for resin to the challenge

Every year I make awesome "spooky" art things to send to people. This year I've outdone myself with resin fangs and pumpkins like these. Now I'm trying to figure out how to offset the shipping cost. [more inside]
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Help my find my dream pair of brogues/oxfords

It's a shoe question! I would love a pair of brown dress shoes that can also survive 2-5 miles of walking per day, are formal (i.e. no "chunky" heel), and are available in a women's 7/men's 5.5/EU 38. [more inside]
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Looking for Connections

As I understand it, sometimes foundations are repositories for donations from a number of sources. Those foundations then redistribute those funds to causes it supports. I'm looking for any American arts, educational or cultural foundations that receive money from Saudi Arabia?
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How to prove slander when it's a whisper campaign

I was thinking recently, due to a personal and currently ongoing bullying situation at work: how can someone find out what sorts of lies and slander are being spread about them if the person doing the damage is operating with a whisper campaign sort of tactic - meaning talking to people individually behind my back. It is something I am seriously considering taking legal action over. [more inside]
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Design resources for making a small urban yard more private?

Looking to landscape my backyard and want inspiration. [more inside]
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Causes and effects of ____?

Looking for some examples of things students can discuss potential causes and effects of in a short group activity tomorrow. Examples inside but I'm game for anything so long as students can speculate causes and effects of the occurrence. Much appreciated! [more inside]
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Movie ID: Move the door knob on the door, open it to a new room

A friend recalls a scene from a movie or possibly tv show where a character opens a door, looks through at what's beyond, closes the door, moves the doorknob from the left side to the right side (or possible from right to left), and reopens the door (now opening as though hinges have shifted as well) to a more satisfactory place. What movie is this? [more inside]
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Podcastifiying Audio Files

I have some audio files on my hard drive that I want to listen to on mobile. While I could import them into iTunes and play them on mobile that way (I have iTunes Match), it would be more convenient to play this particular stuff with a podcast client app. How do I most easily podcastify the files? [more inside]
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Help me help my "short" son

Because Medical Reasons, it's been confirmed that my son's growth plate is closed and he basically won't grow any taller. He's about 5'8" now, though doc says he "might" get another 1/2 inch from his spine in the coming years. He's very bummed about this. Please help me help him work through it. [more inside]
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Looking for podcasts in French

Formerly fluent in French and I'd like to get back in the groove with some podcasts. Not interested in straight nightly news-type programs or anything for language learners. English language podcasts I enjoy: The Bugle (more when John was on), 99% Invisible, Planet Money, Hidden Brain. Anything you like along those lines?
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Listing conference presentations on CV - stop or continue?

Mid-career scientists, do you still list conference posters and talks on your CV? Is the answer different if you're looking for a job that is less focused on research? [more inside]
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LF PDF of Current Agreement and Working Rules NECA + AEC + IBEW Local 3

I'm looking for the current (Nov 2017 - 2020) version of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NEW YORK ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION, INC. and the ASSOCIATION OF ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS, INC. and LOCAL UNION NO. 3 INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF ELECTRICAL WORKERS, AFL-CIO. [more inside]
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How to get creative with a zombie costume?

I'm low on cash and in possession of a standard issue Walmart zombie costume + duct tape + assorted items such as one might find lying around the house, like cheerios. I need ideas to level my costume game way, WAY up. [more inside]
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Best approach for custom database driven Wordpress pages?

Howdy, I'm prototyping a product and hacking it together with Wordpress. I'm basically building a directory -- but fairly large - a couple million entries, each with 50 or so fields of interesting data. Is there a plugin which can help me lay out these fields in a simple way, or is best approach to just custom develop specific templates? Thanks in advance, Hivemind!
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