October 22

Modcloth giftcard equivalent for UK-based teen

My niece is turning 16, and I wanted to give her a giftcard to Modcloth. But their gift cards are not valid for non-US customers. What is a similar kind of site, that is accessible from the UK, that I can gift her instead? [more inside]
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styrofoam plant

When I was a kid, we would chew on a certain plant. It was either a grass or a forb. The stalks were maybe 1 or 2 feet high. The interior of the stalk was like styrofoam and we would chew on this. This was in the rural midwestern US. Any guess as to the genus/species of this plant?
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Is a gas line partially outside the house okay to feed a fireplace?

We are thinking of converting our wood burning fireplace to gas. Our house is 100+ years old and utilities are oddly configured, so the contractors have suggested piping outside and then along the house and back in (a total exposed run of 15 feet or so). They say it's normal and the internet seems to agree. Gas-fireplace-havers or contractors of Metafilter: do you have or install outside gas lines? Do you have any issues with it? I don't have to do this project so I want to be sure it's an appropriate choice.
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Music that’s “a little bit metal”

On the most recent episode of John Roderick and Ken Jennings’ podcast Omnibus, John referenced the Beatles as being “a little bit metal.” He was using the term metal to describe an ethos rather than the actual sound of metal music. What other bands would you describe as a little bit metal? [more inside]
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Where can I find Dove aerosol antiperspirant near Enfield, NS?

My best friend had to sacrifice her beloved Dove dry spray at YYZ security yesterday. (She’s somehow never had a problem at US or UK airports, but this is her first visit to Canada.) We are now at a hotel near YHZ, with plans to drive up to Moncton later today. She’s showering now, and by her own admission the B.O. clock will start as soon as she gets out of the shower. Please assume no other deodorant will do. [more inside]
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How do I battle the capitalist mindset?

I am in my mid-thirties and feel the constant pressure to be more, do more, strive further, be better and big better. Capitalism and perfectionism all in one! What will remind me that my lot in life is more than fine? [more inside]
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Hey brain, lying awake every night isn't helping

How can I compartmentalize work stress, so that I'm not consumed with anxiety about work even when I'm not there? [more inside]
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Neat indie things to buy from the US?

I occasionally buy things from the US and use a forwarding service to avoid extortionate international shipping. The service I use consolidates packages, so there's basically no extra cost to add small items that I wouldn't buy otherwise. What else can I buy in the US that I can't get in Europe? [more inside]
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October 21

Need counterclaim advice

My landlord is suing me for rent and possession on my apartment but filed the claim only one week after my rent was late. [more inside]
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Do you have a favorite pen for writing in arabic script?

I love fine writing instruments -- especially fountain pens -- and I also happen to be casually studying the Persian language a.k.a. Farsi. The fountain pen I like to use for Latin alphabet and script doesn't work well for the Arabic script; it seems the nib's too thin. (It's a Monteverde Fine nib.) Using a fudepen actually works better, but I don't imagine that is a normal solution. [more inside]
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Name of antiques music box store in NYC that is now closed?

I'm going crazy trying to think of what the store was in Manhattan, New York City, that sold antique music boxes. [more inside]
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What does "both sides of the glass" mean and where does it come from?

What does "both sides of the glass" mean? I mean, apart from the obvious, when you're cleaning a window. It seems (based on an unpublished academic work I'm reading/editing) to have a metaphorical sense (in a particular field), but I'm curious as to the origin, and to the genre/topic that it is most likely relevant to. I have googled indeed, with quotes and using words like definition, etymology, meaning. If it has a clear and common meaning in YOUR field (of interest, work, family), please share both meaning and field. Thanks heaps.
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What's a good short book/resource on the making of the atomic bomb?

A good friend of mine is seeing the play "Copenhagen" (Michael Frayn) next year which centres around the meeting of Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg in the middle of WWII. He wanted to know more of the background. He tried reading Richard Rhodes' The Making of the Atomic Bomb, but it goes into too much detail for his needs. Is there something better that you would recommend?
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How to search for online college teaching opportunities?

I have an M.S. in Geography (Physical Geography), and solid teaching experience. I'm interested in teaching courses online, yet I can't find any way to search in an aggregate way. Sites like HigherEdJobs are very low on online teaching gigs. General job search sites like Indeed seem lowish on college-level teaching gigs in general (and thus quite low when you narrow it down to a niche thing like online teaching). Yet if I go directly to college websites and look at the "Careers" sections, these jobs are definitely out there. Is there any way to do this search in bulk, or do I really have to separately apply to dozens or hundreds of colleges and universities separately until I run out of energy? [more inside]
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🛑 Unique Road Signs From Your Neck of the Woods 🚸

Today I noticed a Turtle Crossing sign in my town. What are some other unique road signs specific to your region? These can include any animal crossing signs or other unique road signs that are less universal and more regional/unusual. [Looking for real signage, not fictitious signs or joke signs from memes or gift shops.]
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Wife's doctor denied a second opinion, baby was lost one week later

My wife has a history of first trimester miscarriages so we were both shocked and relieved when she made it to her second trimester. Around 17 weeks my wife started having heart palpitations and made an appointment with her doctor to discuss the symptoms and her family's history of cardiomyopathy. She had a clean EKG but the doctor said she needed to get an ECG and a heart monitor as soon as possible. She called cardiology to schedule the appointment and they said that in their opinion it was not urgent and could wait to a later time. [more inside]
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Any fun kid activities in Ventura, CA?

We're road-tripping from NorCal to Ventura for a family event next month. Anything fun to do with a 4 year old in Ventura proper? [more inside]
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How to get health insurance for a month?

After leaving my last job, I'm going to have a gap in health insurance coverage of approximately one month. I live in Washington, so should I just enroll in Apple Health (aka Medicaid) and then almost immediately cancel, or buy some sort of inexpensive gap coverage? [more inside]
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Nice looking coffee table dish for mixed snacks?

We nosh while watching TV, and the (large) coffee table is usually full of plastic containers and a few bags. (Think watermelon seeds, and their unsightly shells, dried apricots, nuts, etc.) I'd like to find an attractive sectioned snack tray, possibly with lids for each section, but not having much luck. [more inside]
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Told not to ask for a raise before bonus - what to do?

After delaying my annual review, I was told to not ask for a raise right now because the owners would almost certainly take it out of my end year bonus and to ask in the new year. This feels... awful. [more inside]
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The truth, the whole truth. OK, I’ll take a half truth too.

Interviewing for a position but I’m not sure if yellow flags were thrown in the first interview. Nerves and time prevented me from asking me more questions about work life balance and workplace culture. However, the interviewer said “Feel free to contact me if you have more questions about the position!” How should I politely ask about this and should I do it before the second round interview? [more inside]
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How big a deal is installing a radon mitigation system?

Have you installed a radon mitigation system? Did it work/how much was it? [more inside]
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Things to see/do in London, Ontario?

My husband and I will be in London, Ontario, for a few days. MeFites in the know: what sights/experiences should we definitely not miss while we're there?
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Early November in Cape Cod, or Elsewhere?

We're traveling to Boston for a conference at the end of October, and have tacked on 4 days afterwards to stay somewhere in the area for a brief vacation, as neither of us have spent a lot of time in the New England area. Lured by the possibility of going to the Gorey House, we were thinking of going to the Cape Cod area for that time. Researching the area, though, it appears that a lot of Cape Cod will be shut down. Would we be better off heading elsewhere--and if so, where? [more inside]
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Should we move to Rochester, MN?

What's it like to live in Rochester, MN as an introverted, left-wing, literary/artsy person who loves to fence, cook, and talk about philosophy? [more inside]
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What makes bacon curl?

What are the factors that will cause American-style bacon to curl as it's cooking? [more inside]
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Looking for resources on political marketing, communication and strategy

Help me BASH the FASH! 2020 is an election year in Brazil and I want to get involved in grassroots campaigning. Got a degree in advertising but want to learn more about political marketing, communication, strategy, speechwriting, media training etc. My idea is to help set up and run a campaign for a local municipal council candidate. Recent PSOL member (roughly equivalent to the DSA), so a leftist/socialist bent is welcome but not indispensable. Some stuff I've already found useful after the jump: [more inside]
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No fairy godmother jokes please (unless it's a REALLY funny one)

After my godmother passed away a few years ago, her daughter found this bone or ivory wand-like object in her house. What is it? (She was active in the Lutheran church, so it may be a religious object.) [more inside]
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Benvenuto a Italia! Acquiring an Italian passport through grandparents?

My grandparents were Italian and I'm wondering if I could qualify for an Italian passport. My snowflake details for my eligibility are inside. But I also want to know the best way to go about getting an Italian passport, what I should expect in terms of the cost associated with it, and whether it's even worth all the hassle. [more inside]
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Can Google Forms dynamically change information displayed based on input

I would like to have Google Forms display a page that computes the output based on responses in earlier sections. [more inside]
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Need help solving Factory Balls A31

I've recently become addicted to Factory Balls by Bart Bonte Studios and am stuck on a level. Any help is appreciated! [more inside]
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Pros and Cons of a moonroof

I'm shopping for a new car (a Toyota RAV4 hybrid), and a dealer has the model and options I want except it also has a moonroof. I've never owned a car with a moonroof, and I have no idea why I would want to pay extra for one. I can imagine downsides -- leaks, in particular. But what are the upsides? If it matters, the car will be parked outside at night and not in a garage.
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Video Camera for an amateur, guerilla, family movie maker

I’m using my iphone & imovie right now for mini movie-making. Help an overwhelmed, clueless beginner pick a digital camera within a budget of under $500-700. More info inside. [more inside]
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What are good resources for teaching math to grade school kids at home?

I'd like to supplement my 7 year old kid's math education at home. Ideally without busting out the iPad. Workbooks are fine but the ones we've encountered seem to be better for drilling than teaching. Are there any great books/games/tools that actually help teach math to kids this age?
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Restaurants with great cocktails in DC

Hi! Please tell me about your favorite restaurants in Washington, DC that have excellent cocktail programs. Thanks!
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Hiring a driver for elderly parent

Have you hired a driver for an elderly parent or other relative? See below for details. [more inside]
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Namethatcritterfilter: Doll edition

At a craft fair yesterday I couldn't resist this gorgeous creature. She needs a name. Let's hear 'em.
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Question 2: Electric Hey Wait a Minute

How old is the “Title of Work 2” naming convention for sequels? Like, not “part 2” or “chapter 2,” just... a 2 at the end.
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Can I eat this: Frozen Food Thawed For Six Hours Edition

Two big bags frozen sweet corn. Two big bags frozen sweet peas. Two big bags frozen blueberries. Brought them into the condo 1:15 AM, put away other groceries, didn't notice this bag -- I was deep tired, ate a snack and fell under FAST. Found @7 AM, still quite cold but not frozen. Eat what I can for a week while refrigerated, then throw away? Re-freeze? Help?
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Discourage starlings from nesting without bothering other birds

There used to be a family of mossies (Cape Sparrows, indigenous to where I live here in Cape Town) nesting under the eaves of my house. Recently some European starlings moved in, kicked out the mossies' nest, and started building their own. [more inside]
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Surviving and thriving when VC cash enters the market

What are some examples of companies who have carved out a niche - or even flourished - against competition which has been able to focus on growth without having to worry about margin? [more inside]
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How can I go through a storage locker remotely?

Someone in my immediate family passed away in the US. I live in Europe and can’t travel now. I am the only “heir”. This individual has the storage units which are relatively expensive to keep. I have no idea what’s in them, likely furniture and junk, but you never know. Maybe there are some photo albums, jewelry or personal affects that are emotionally or financially valuable. [more inside]
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October 20

List of open part-time academic jobs (adjunct faculty)?

Where exactly are these job ads posted? [more inside]
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Help me (a dumb dumb) understand the Roman Empire

It’s a massive topic but there has to be some way in for me [more inside]
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Plants which thrive with no natural light

Have you ever successfully kept plants alive with no natural light? [more inside]
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Do you get what you pay for with day-of wedding coordinators?

We're having a wedding on a small budget. We probably need (at least) a day-of coordinator. One quote has come in at literally half the price of all of the others. Should we trust it? [more inside]
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Need CSS help with WordPress plugin

I'm starting a new site which will curate specific content. I'm going to use Code Canyon's WordPress Automatic Plugin. Something I want to do requires more CSS knowledge than I have. [more inside]
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Help me understand how archaeologists estimate dates of finds

I've been doing research for my historical novel and I am confounded by the way estimated dates are presented. Please help pin down when something happened! [more inside]
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Yeah, I'm that famous character....Dog-Photo-Movie-Woman.

Usually I half-ass it for Halloween (no kids trick or treat, it's a weeknight, I just chill). But - this year, I am volunteering at my neighborhood's big Dog Costume Contest on the Saturday before. And it hit me that...I probably should up my costume game for while I'm there. Yikes. And because I have some very specific requirements because of the event, i'm stumped. DOUBLE yikes. I have a backup idea, but would like to do better if possible. My needs are inside. [more inside]
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Mailing stuff from USA to Australia without breaking the bank

What are some cost-effective ways to ship about 80lb/36kg of miscellaneous items from USA to Australia? I don't need them immediately, budget's the larger factor. [more inside]
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how do I have a cozy evening AND a dog?

Especially as the weather gets colder here, I really want to settle down and get cozy in the evening after work - but I can't really feel relaxed until my dog gets his 10pm walk, so I put off having a bath or popcorn or watching a video until after 10, which isn't great for my schedule. How do you relax and get comfy knowing you'll have to get dressed again and go out in the cold before bed?
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Identify These Pruning Shears

My partner found these pruning shears at the MIT SwapFest and bought them because they were inexpensive for the quality. We're curious about when and where they might have been manufactured, but we can't read the markings. I suspect these are Chinese rather than Japanese, but I can't be entirely sure. Any info someone could get from the design of the shears of the maker's mark would be welcome!
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How would you determine if a country was behind a harassment campaign?

Similar to the analysis that was done during and after 2016 (which few believed at the time), how would you determine if a state-level actor was behind a coordinated online campaign to divide or destroy a given community? How would you determine their involvement in specific conflagrations and harassment campaigns? Basically...how do you determine if it’s Russian bots? (Or whoever) I know journalists have done this before (Adrian Chen?), but I don’t know if there are more amateur-friendly tools available today.
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Mental Load, for 2

We have a toddler. Already, the mental load is falling more on one parent than the other because so many incoming emails arrive in only one parent's inbox. We use Gmail. How best to manage? [more inside]
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Explain US criminal justice to a Russian immigrant

Help me find online resources to get my Russian immigrant mother acquainted with basic concepts and restrictions in American criminal justice as she tries to assist a family member in jail. Not necessarily in Russian (though it would be nice), not necessarily comparing to analogous policies in Russia (though it would be nice), but necessarily written simply and starting from the very beginning. [more inside]
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Micromanaged, act 2: Ready, set, action.

This is a follow up to my previous question about a micromanaging contractor I'm working with closely; this time, I'm meeting with my boss to discuss the situation and see what can be done. Advice needed. [more inside]
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How do I work without letting my anger get in the way?

Sooo on Friday I posted that my hours at work were reduced, which left me feeling gutted. For the past two days I've felt nothing but completely angry, which on one hand has given my career search a BIG kick in the ass (found 3 postings to apply to). However, on the other hand I just feel so deflated. I am dreading going into work on Monday and receiving pity from my coworkers. I'm just so angry at this entire situation. How do I go in to work tomorrow and just... work? [more inside]
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YA-SF recs

Please recommend YA Science Fiction novels, comics and/or graphic novels . LGBTQ+ themes are welcome, though not mandatory. [more inside]
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Drying newspaper in oven

I came home and said “it smells like fresh paint in here.” A few moments later I asked my husband why the oven was on. It turns out he was drying out the soaked newspaper at 200 degrees F. I’m not sure for how long. Should I be concerned for our air quality that I smelled paint fumes? Do we need to clean the over?
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Mattress woes

Help me figure out a mattress that won't aggravate my back! Ok, we had a Tempur-Pedic that I HATED. It always felt hard to me. Then Casper. When I would get into bed and lay down my back would hurt. Ditto upon waking. We finally sprang for a Purple #4. [more inside]
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