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December 2

What do you like and not like about online university classes?

Help me figure out my optimal online teaching strategy... details inside. [more inside]
posted by ec2y at 10:07 PM - 2 answers

December 1

What are some great overlooked jobs in the health industry?

For people who are in the know about medical jobs, what are some great jobs that pay well, are in demand, and would be a good fit for someone with a strong background in chemistry? [more inside]
posted by Foam Pants at 10:39 AM - 13 answers

November 30

Can you be bilingual with hearing loss?

I would like to learn French as a second language, but I am concerned that it will be extra difficult to learn with my hearing loss - especially with listening to people who speak French (news, film, in person, etc.) because some people talk quite fast. I have to read people's lips sometimes depending how far away they are. [more inside]
posted by RearWindow at 10:11 AM - 7 answers

November 28

It's easy to find people with fake degrees. But should I do anything?

I was poking around wikipedia the other day and came across this list of 100's of fake schools/diploma mills. A few minutes of googling turned up actual people whose online profiles list fake degrees from these fake schools. So, what now? [more inside]
posted by fuzzy.little.sock at 8:10 PM - 30 answers

What film or play would compare well with Educated by Tara Westover?

I teach a comparative text study to high school students and am considering Educated as a possible text of study. Can you recommend some films, plays or a novella that would compare well, thematically? [more inside]
posted by jojobobo at 1:45 PM - 15 answers

November 27

Read aloud book suggestions for 4 and 5 year old boys?

Well. Our libraries have all closed now. We have been reading picture books but I think now its time we try to move to chapter books for me to read aloud. I would prefer enough pictures to keep the boys interested, like one per page, or one per every other page? We don't have an e-reader for kids. [more inside]
posted by catspajammies at 9:24 AM - 15 answers

November 22

NYC where to donate laptops for remote students in need?

Where to donate laptops for NYC public school remote students in need? [more inside]
posted by greta simone at 2:33 PM - 3 answers

November 21

Canadian funding for PhD in England?

My friend wants to do their PhD in Earth Sciences in the UK -- hopefully UCL or Cambridge for next fall. Yet, funding is very competitive and difficult they said. They are hoping to hear back from a Canadian federal governemnts scholarship that they can take to the UK if they were accepted. However, my friend is also looking for other PhD scholarships to apply to as a Canadian in order to secure PhD funding in England. It is difficult because scholarships are so competitive and not to mention its Cambridge they are aiming for and living expenses are so darn high. They cannot study in the UK unless they secure a lot of scholarship funding. [more inside]
posted by RearWindow at 10:32 AM - 7 answers

Great Essays on Climate Change

I'm looking for great essays/articles (non-academic/academic) on any aspect of climate change. The target audience is non-science undergrads, with an interest in this issue. I'll be supplying two or three weeks of basic science as a background against which to read the essays. Thank you! [more inside]
posted by carter at 8:40 AM - 10 answers

November 20

Organizing Information

I want to learn how to organize information better. What book(s) do you recommend? [more inside]
posted by aniola at 7:51 PM - 7 answers

November 17

Who is working to end credentialism?

Which people or groups are working against credentialism/education inflation in the US? How can I get involved in this? I'm specifically wanting groups I could join that work towards eliminating unnecessary higher education degree requirements (and therefore making students take out huge loans for jobs that will never pay enough to cover them).
posted by Violet Hour at 12:22 PM - 13 answers

Learning math on the fly?

I'm currently in grad school, and I am quickly realizing that the projects and research that seems most interesting to me requires math skills that I don't have. For anyone who has been in similar situations, what recommendations would you have to improve math skills without literally taking five or six semester-long courses in the necessary subjects? [more inside]
posted by unid41 at 7:24 AM - 12 answers

November 16

What magazine/book to gift a friend who wants to learn about geography?

My friend, tired of being the one who 'never knows anything about other countries' in our weekly trivia/quiz get-togethers, is starting a new project to learn about geography. She's bought herself a new notebook and pen, and has a plan to learn about a new country or two each week - and is now totally unsure how to start due to information overload. What magazine or book can I gift her for Christmas that will give her inspiring overviews of the different countries of the world? [more inside]
posted by archy at 3:43 PM - 11 answers

November 15

Current resources for 8 year old who wants to program games

I have an 8-year-old boy who wants to learn how to program games. What are the resources I should assemble? [more inside]
posted by Nonce at 8:28 AM - 9 answers

November 12

/ˈɑːrktɪk/ or /ˈɑːrtɪk/

I am looking for recommendations for books (and maybe other material) about the Arctic. Details below the fold. [more inside]
posted by Megami at 9:18 AM - 4 answers

As the fart connected with the flame, ENGLISH HELP!

My Grade 10 kid cannot write. He needs help, and I'm at a loss. I've reviewed his work, suggested edits, rewritten stuff for him, and then had him rewrite using my example in his words. He just isn't getting it. I've been doing this for years. [more inside]
posted by Ftsqg at 8:22 AM - 24 answers

November 8

Tech novices need to send videos of themselves to me.

What is the easiest way for a tech novice to send videos? [more inside]
posted by momochan at 2:54 PM - 7 answers

November 4

potty training help

My daughter is almost four and is still having problems with the potty. Suggestions? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 4:46 AM - 16 answers

November 3

Should I take the option of take-home exams for law school?

Hey University Students! Some of my law classes this year offer a take-home exam option. I have never written a take-home exam and have been out of school for a decade... I've never even written an exam on a computer! How do you approach a take-home versus classroom exams? Any advice for take-home exams, especially in the context of high-pressure, post-graduate degrees? [more inside]
posted by dazedandconfused at 12:36 PM - 11 answers

October 29

Books Written for Popular Audience Critiquing “Obesity Epidemic”

I’m looking for a book: (1) written for the mainstream (not academic), (2) critiquing the obesity epidemic as a concept, and (3) that ties this critique to examining larger social issues such as neoliberalism and capitalism. Think “Dopesick” or “Dreamland” but for obesity as a health crisis.
posted by CMcG at 4:47 PM - 17 answers

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