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February 25

Judge-y and Gossipy Narrative History

I'm currently reading through John Julius Norwich's books and I really enjoy how gossipy and judge-y they are, especially his history of the papacy. What other popular historians/books should I read who have this kind of authorial tone?
posted by josher71 at 12:31 PM - 14 answers

February 23

How to become a family law attorney: advice for a middle schooler

How do people become family law attorneys? I have a young person in my life who wants to become a family law attorney so she can help families in difficult times. She wants advice on how to do this. She is from a poor and underserved area in South Carolina - low high school graduation rates, limited access to college counselors and college prep. I don't know jack about law school except that the student loans can kill you. [more inside]
posted by congen at 6:48 AM - 22 answers

February 21

Transferring schools with two months to go.

We homeschooled out daughter for K-5 and then decided to enroll her in a public school for 6th. She's been doing virtual (and doing well) since August. Now, because of a loss of employment and an expiring lease, we are required to move from Florida to North Carolina. Has anyone transferred their kid to a new school with only two months left in the school year? How does that even work logistically? I know every state and every situation is different, but the whole public school system is still very new to me after homeschooling her all her life, so any guidance is appreciated.
posted by AlonzoMosleyFBI at 2:30 PM - 15 answers

What do I need for college?

In a few months I will be returning to college for a two year degree, and I’m about 18 years out of date\practice when it comes to education. What sort of stuff (physical or software) should I pick up before hand? [more inside]
posted by Gygesringtone at 6:59 AM - 25 answers

February 20

Scholarships for non-trad or older students

What do you know about them? Grants? [more inside]
posted by firstdaffodils at 11:34 PM - 6 answers

February 19

Second bachelors or masters in Computer Science

I've been taking programming classes at city college and having a really good time. I'm thinking of keeping the party going with a second bachelors or (necessary post-bacc work and then) a masters degree. What are the relative benefits of each? Why would I choose one over the other? I like my job and can see doing basically the same thing until I retire, but -- real talk -- if I wanted to get a programming job could I do that... at 50-something? [more inside]
posted by pH Indicating Socks at 7:48 PM - 4 answers

February 18

Learning to Learn + 'Superlearning' + Memory development

How did/do you prep for information intake? How did you build skillsets to develop the knowledge for your degree/craft/profession? How do you maintain? [more inside]
posted by firstdaffodils at 5:26 PM - 10 answers

February 17

Where can I eavesdrop on grad students?

I'm writing a novel with characters who are in PhD programs (sociology and history). This is a world I don't really know. Are there forums or places online where grad students gather to complain and commiserate and advise each other, etc -- that would be accessible to an outsider like me?
posted by swheatie at 10:23 AM - 12 answers

February 13

Helping children learn a language when you have none yourself!

I speak English, as do my kids and we live in an English-speaking place. I'd love to expose them to another language when they are young, but what's the best way of doing this? [more inside]
posted by heavenknows at 8:49 AM - 9 answers

February 12

Upcoming student loan forgiveness/consolidated loans

Does anyone know anything about the upcoming loan forgiveness? My four federal/gov loans just* moved into "closed" status, for potential consolidation. I'm concerned I made them ineligible for forgiveness. It may be too early to tell. [more inside]
posted by firstdaffodils at 2:51 AM - 10 answers

February 11

Would it be strange to attend Cardozo if I'm an antizionist?

I live in NYC and I'm looking at New York City/State law schools. How weird would it be to attend Cardozo (Yeshiva University) if in my life outside of law school I'm a Jewish antizionist activist? Palestinian solidarity work is a pretty big part of my life and my classmates (and professors?) would likely know this about me.
posted by crocodiletsunami at 5:18 PM - 5 answers

February 10

Am I cut out for this?

I failed a test. Again. It's the third test I've failed so far in this grad degree I started this year. The thing is, I thought I understood the material and studied hard for it. I'm also exhausted because I'm going to school and working full time. This is for a statistics degree... what do I do? [more inside]
posted by knownfossils at 5:19 PM - 13 answers

February 8

At home catch-up math course

Can you recommend a remedial math course for at home/homeschool learning? [more inside]
posted by Francolin at 12:24 PM - 4 answers

February 7

Inspire me to learn Japanese for work.

So despite making this decision not long ago, a long-term opportunity has potentially come up at work. We have a new large grant to start a Japan focussed 'section' and as an editor and project manager there could be opportunities for me if I could develop my Japanese ability. But 'learning Japanese' is something I seem to fail at. I need your help. [more inside]
posted by Megami at 2:59 AM - 14 answers

February 5

What's the Latest College Review/Rating Resource?

my kid is done with her gap year and has been accepted to three colleges. she's been asking for my thoughts and i want to be informed. Thanks!
posted by j_curiouser at 6:46 PM - 17 answers

What is the best writing app for academic writing?

What app or program, like Scrivener or Smart Edit, do you use to organize your academic writing? [more inside]
posted by RajahKing at 5:53 AM - 11 answers

February 3

Seeking Book Recs: History of India

I am poorly educated when it comes to pre-colonial India and I would like to know more. I have a good handle on global history including China, but India is a big dim hole before the Dutch. [more inside]
posted by typetive at 11:49 AM - 5 answers

February 2

How do I go about deciding which university to attend in Canada?

So, I'm a CS graduate, I have decided to pursue a Master's Degree in Computer Science in Canada. I've applied to several places, and received acceptance to 3 universities thus far. I've discarded one already, but the other two greatly interest me. I am not sure how I should go about choosing and the reality of having succeeded is weighing upon me. [more inside]
posted by Tarsonis10 at 9:27 PM - 14 answers

Academic redshirting advice

Our oldest’s birthday is about 1 week before the cutoff for kindergarten registration, so if we send him to kindergarten in fall 2021 he’ll be one of the youngest in his grade. So we’re wondering whether to send him or give him another year to mature. The evidence on the pros and cons of academic redshirting is mixed. So how do we make this decision since it can’t really be evidence-based? [more inside]
posted by Tehhund at 5:55 AM - 48 answers

February 1

Why did you become an academic?

I'm doing research for my novel. If you're a humanities or social science PhD, what made go that route? How did you choose your field? Tell me your story!
posted by swheatie at 4:11 PM - 12 answers

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