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December 11

Forensic science course for young teen?

Can you recommend a forensic science course for a young teen? [more inside]
posted by acoutu at 5:55 PM - 6 answers

Is Multi Sensory Language and Orton Gillingham real or snake oil?

Two lovely families with kids with learning challenges (ASD and dyslexia) are at a natural crossroads with their kids treatments. Both families have been saying to me just a friend that loves them) that their kids have much more profound disabilities than they had thought because this treatment is not working as quickly as they hoped. I wonder if the treatment is right for these kids. [more inside]
posted by taff at 6:06 AM - 3 answers

December 8

World history timeline for multiple locations/events

Is there any good website or took for looking at a world history timeline across locations/people/events? I've seen big posters and online images of those, but they are hard to use on a computer. I'd basically be looking for something where, if I'm in the era of Julius Caesar, for example, I can easily see what was happening in China around that time, who was prominent , etc. All very high-level kind of stuff. Any ideas?
posted by rastapasta at 4:20 PM - 3 answers

December 6

Like TED, but you can be in your pyjamas the whole time

I'm looking for examples of successful virtual conferences! Events where there is little-to-no opportunity for an in-person presence, and the presenters are likely presenting from different remote locations. [more inside]
posted by Jairus at 6:36 AM - 11 answers

December 5

Looking for intersectional activities and discussion prompts

I (a white, queer cis-woman) am helping revamp my org's training on allyship, marginalization, power and privilege. In the past, this training has been split over two days (10 - 5 both days) with the first class being centered on race and the second class centered on gender. Help me make them more intersectional! [more inside]
posted by allymusiqua at 1:36 PM - 4 answers

is this even worth it

I'm a re-entry student in a year-long academic program at a large university in NYC. I am being funded for this program through my work. The person who administers this program at the university neglected to inform me that registration for the Spring semester opened on November 13. I never got an email or any other notification from the school regarding this either. Now all of the class sections that mesh with my work schedule are closed. Do I have any recourse? Specifics below - looking for answers from Mefites who are college professors in particular. [more inside]
posted by thereemix at 10:48 AM - 15 answers

Discovering new depths of academic burnout

I'm under a lot of pressure at school without a whole lot of faculty support or guidance. I've started feeling sick whenever it's time to work on stuff, and frankly, I can no longer summon the will. I'm assuming this happens to everyone at some point. Did this happen to you when you were a student? How can I get through this without sabotaging my academic career? How should I decide when it's time to walk away? [more inside]
posted by shapes that haunt the dusk at 4:43 AM - 17 answers

November 26

Apologizing to recommenders

I had asked my recommenders (about a year ago) to sign a certain recommendation form, but the recommendations were supposed to be submitted online....they never got the recommendations online but they nonetheless signed a bunch of forms that would never be used -- should I apologize to them for making them sign the forms? But come to think about it, after all signing a few pieces of paper is no big maybe there is no need to apologize. Any thoughts? I may or may not ask them for these online recommendations later on. Should I include the apologies with the requests for these online recommendations only in the instance that I do get to ask them again?
posted by red_alert_3 at 6:28 AM - 4 answers

November 24

Help me get schooled.

What are some good MOOCs for non-coders? Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
posted by Tamanna at 4:49 AM - 2 answers

November 22

After school program supervisor grabbed my son by the arm

Yesterday, when my wife picked up our 6 year old son from his after school program, he was crying and shaken up because the supervisor of the program had angrily grabbed him by the arm and scared him. He had been playing with a toy that he had received in the previous period as an academic reward from his teacher. The supervisor informed my wife that they'd been having problems with our son playing with toys in the program, which is not allowed, though this is the first we've heard of it. [more inside]
posted by OrderOctopoda at 8:16 AM - 19 answers

November 21

Expanding (kids') views of the world through other views of history

Inspired by a note about secondary school curriculum across West Africa from glasseyes, I'm interested in how history is taught in different places, for myself and for my kids. Details below. [more inside]
posted by filthy light thief at 8:32 AM - 4 answers

November 20

Can an old git get a part time degree at Berkeley?

I’m someone in my 50s living in the Berkeley area and although I have written software since the 80s and probably wrote part of your web browser, I have no actual qualifications in computer science. No degree at all in fact. I was wondering if there was some way I could attend CS classes at Berkeley here and there and and work my way to a degree. Is there an organization that helps people like me work this out?
posted by w0mbat at 5:11 PM - 9 answers

deep cuts en francais

I am trying to find the teacher's edition of an old (1995-ish) French grammar workbook. [more inside]
posted by quadrilaterals at 6:54 AM - 1 answers

November 19

How did you find your graduate school major professor?

I am probably going to apply for graduate school in the spring in the sciences. People who have a graduate degree in the sciences, how did you find your advising professor? [more inside]
posted by Foam Pants at 8:39 PM - 7 answers

November 17

Looking for "Laura Ingalls Wilder Goes to the City" historic books

Hello librarians and historians and researchers and all-around readers! I'm researching a novel and am looking for books (ideally non-fiction) about women born in the prairie/western states that then move to a larger city. More details inside! [more inside]
posted by good day merlock at 11:14 AM - 21 answers

French Workbook for Reading?

I need to read French in order to read secondary academic historical works. I have some books that are quite good, but they are just reading passages and teaching the grammar, etc. They aren't interactive. I would like a workbook where I write things down/fill things out, etc, and isn't aimed a high school students. Thanks.
posted by MisantropicPainforest at 8:37 AM - 11 answers

November 16

Arm me with Knowledge!

Looking for reading material to help support/educate me on matters I care about! [more inside]
posted by sprezzy at 11:37 AM - 8 answers

November 15

Shit in ice cream

I remember this bit of stand up comedy which was about how much literal shit are you willing to have in your ice cam for you to lick it. It was of course a metaphor for the tolerance of racism / white power, etc. And I can't find it anymore. I thought it was Hari Kondabolu, but I can't find it. I definitely saw it lineked in metafilter several times. Does this ring a bell for anyone?
posted by Pyrogenesis at 10:40 PM - 6 answers

Mystery reader needs help

If you were an auntie who was asked to be the mystery reader for your favorite 4 year-old's preschool class, what would be a funny book or one with surprises in it? It must be short enough to read in 15 - 20 minutes, have good pictures for sharing, and not be one of those books that every 4 year old has already read. (Mystery has nothing to do with the genre of book, BTW -- the reader is a surprise to the students, but a mystery would be great!)
posted by mmf at 12:14 PM - 35 answers

10-year-old (5th Grader) is a reading machine: Help with nonfiction

My 10-year-old is a voracious reader. He's read much of the usual fiction for his age and maybe a year or so older (Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, etc., etc.). He's always been good with reading nonfiction/historical fiction (the I Survived books, those "Who Is" books, the Ken Jennings books), but has favored fiction. Recently, it feels like that balance is more out of whack... [more inside]
posted by lieberschnitzel at 6:06 AM - 42 answers

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