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October 21

What are good resources for teaching math to grade school kids at home?

I'd like to supplement my 7 year old kid's math education at home. Ideally without busting out the iPad. Workbooks are fine but the ones we've encountered seem to be better for drilling than teaching. Are there any great books/games/tools that actually help teach math to kids this age?
posted by malhouse at 9:05 AM - 10 answers

October 20

Help me (a dumb dumb) understand the Roman Empire

It’s a massive topic but there has to be some way in for me [more inside]
posted by Senor Cardgage at 11:11 PM - 16 answers

October 17

What does "inf. aut." mean?

I've noticed that a number of nurses and nurse educators have the letters "inf. aut." after their names, along with other degrees. What kind of academic credential is indicated by inf. aut. ?
posted by angiep at 12:44 PM - 2 answers

October 16

Possible--or even desirable--to do multiple PhDs?

I’m drawn to the idea of pursuing graduate education at the doctoral level in both of the two disciplines in which I have a record of success--literature and philosophy. I’m primarily wondering if this is possible. [more inside]
posted by scriptible at 10:34 AM - 35 answers

Can you give me recommendation for free 11+ / 11plus tutoring resources?

Could anyone let me know where I might be able to find any useful (and hopefully free) schemes of learning / tutor study plans, lesson resources etc. for 11+ grammar school exams in England? Or recommend any of the paid sites / resources. [more inside]
posted by mairuzu at 1:56 AM - 0 answers

October 15

Finding a Mandarin class that does not involve writing

Deets: I took a year of Mandarin in college so I have a basis, but not much, to go on. I am specifically looking for a class, not an app, because I think human interaction is really important for language learning. My brain is really not wired for the writing plus it's not my primary interest. Is a class that just teaches you the spoken part a thing that exists? I am in the the (east) bay area so there is certainly a Chinese population, which might work in my favor. I do not know if, as in NYC, however, the population here primarily speaks a language other than Mandarin.
posted by less of course at 3:58 PM - 5 answers

October 13

Seeking exemplary qualitative health research presentations

I'm preparing to give a 15-20 minute presentation at a public health conference in November on a qualitative research project I undertook at my former employer. I'd like to review some successful presentations of qualitative health research as I prepare for my presentation. Could you point me to videos of effective conference presentations in this vein that are available for free online? Examples of good slide decks would also be useful. [more inside]
posted by reren at 5:48 PM - 1 answers

October 12

Which are the top CS colleges in Australia?

So just like the title says, which are the best programs. I'm looking for a master's in science. I want to do research but I'd also like a university that has an entrepreneurial focus as well as strong industry connections. I don't know much about Australian universities. Thanks in advance.
posted by Tarsonis10 at 2:04 PM - 7 answers

October 11

British pre-WWII girls' boarding schools: help me find book listing them

Many years ago I was stuck in a place with very little to read. There were two battered volumes, possibly from the 1930s, but very possibly older, that were sort of catalogs of British boarding schools for girls. I don't mean each was the catalog for an individual school. Each book compiled numerous entries for discrete and unrelated schools. Each entry listed characteristics of a school: there were pictures of buildings, lists of all the subjects they taught, lists of sports available, tuition, etc. Does anyone know what such volumes were called?
posted by mareli at 7:56 AM - 5 answers

Struggling with a childcare option for a kid with special needs?

My three year old daughter has a speech delay (or perhaps disorder - too early to tell, it seems). I'm at a childcare crossroads and genuinely don't know what to do. Any thoughts? [more inside]
posted by caoimhe at 3:42 AM - 14 answers

October 10

Dictionary or thesaurus which gives reading level of a word

I could swear that I saw this somewhere: you look up a word, and the reading level is provided next to it. Or the percentage of English speakers who know the word. Have I seen this, or do I just wish it existed? I've checked several sources and can't find it!
posted by onecircleaday at 10:25 AM - 7 answers

How do I pursue a PhD?

I can't find any real guidance or documentation online re: PhD application processes -- there are just a lot of think pieces about why you shouldn't pursue a PhD. So I guess my question is: when considering a PhD, where do you start; do I need to have everything mapped out before I begin applying + requesting letters, or do I email professors my request and figure it out as I go? [more inside]
posted by mrk021 at 9:11 AM - 29 answers

October 9

Which are the best universities for CS in Canada?

I want to apply for a master in science in Canada. I intend to apply to the obvious choices like UBC, University of Toronto and University of Waterloo. I'm not sure about who else has a good program so I thought I would ask about this. On a side note, I don't really have any research experience. I meet all the other requirements for those universities. Is it a problem to have no research experience for a master in science that requires a thesis? Also, I'd be an international student.
posted by Tarsonis10 at 7:23 PM - 9 answers

October 8

Foreign Exchange programs, not by the State or Capital

My daughter is very interested in doing a high school foreign exchange program, maybe for a semester or a year at some point. We are fine with that, but the programs we are finding - like Rotary, etc. - seem to push a "business leaders of the future / networking" line with state backing that we don't identify with. [more inside]
posted by RajahKing at 7:05 AM - 12 answers

October 7

Help me find my perfect online art class

I'm looking for an online art class that meets some particular specifications. Snowflakes within! [more inside]
posted by shadygrove at 8:05 PM - 10 answers

College of Wooster

Did you, or did anyone you know, attend the College of Wooster? [more inside]
posted by nantucket at 10:36 AM - 9 answers

Translate this, Kilroy (Greek? version), please?

Short story: student(s) drew this on my dry erase board over the weekend. What's it mean? I need to make sure it's not the kind of thing I should erase asap. Thanks!
posted by correcaminos at 6:12 AM - 4 answers

October 3

Teach me how to infographic

With support from my supervisor and colleague, I need to summarize relevant aspects of a very complex topic (immigration law) in a way that my colleagues can understand and apply to the program that we oversee. I'm looking at this book, this one, this one, and this one. I'm interested in MOOCs, books, videos, or any resource that will help me go from basically zero knowledge to proficiency. I am technical and have design skills, but building a complex infographic is currently beyond my skill level. Help?
posted by onecircleaday at 12:44 PM - 12 answers

October 2

The Civil War Historiography of my High School Textbook

There's a name for the way my 1980's edition of The American Pageant approached slavery and secession. What is it? [more inside]
posted by mark k at 7:21 PM - 6 answers

September 26

Prospects from conversion course in psychology (UK)?

I'm just starting an MSc (conversion course) in psychology, and I'm getting very cold feet about it all. I know a lot of possible psychology career paths are super competitive, and I'm not sure about taking this financial gamble. I urgently need to decide whether to stay or not. I'm wondering if anyone here has any thoughts on whether this masters would be beneficial in terms of doing anything I'm interested in apart from the obvious choices. It's been a while since my first undergrad degree (in Maths). [more inside]
posted by tangerine_poppies at 1:58 PM - 2 answers

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