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September 26

What should I do with my life and newfound freedom?

I went "straight through" from college to med school to residency and the training highway is ending. Phew! I can choose to do whatever I want with my time! What? How? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 12:08 AM - 12 answers

September 24

How do I go about learning geography?

I've begun doing online trivia with friends, and it has revealed that apparently I know nothing about where most things in the world are located. I tend to learn by reading and am good at retaining facts pretty casually, but when things get Atlas-y I am out of my depths. Wondering if anyone has suggestions around this? Are there...narrative geographies? Are there youtube channels that work like almanacs? Has anyone successfully righted this in adulthood. Thank you in advance!
posted by lieberschnitzel at 9:35 AM - 24 answers

Need schooling/career advice for son with learning difficulties

My son is struggling with school and I need some help figuring out what his options are going forward. Would really value input from people who have gone through something similar, or their parents, as well as educators and career counsellors. [more inside]
posted by widdershins at 7:21 AM - 8 answers

September 23

Google Classroom sucks

I'm trying to help my fifth-grader through online learning. Life right now is just filled with too many bloody applications to manage. How can I stay on top of things in Google Classroom? I'm losing my mind. [more inside]
posted by kitcat at 10:18 AM - 12 answers

September 17

Online instructions for basics of Graphic Design

I'm looking for videos and tutorials on graphic design, excluding the use of computer programs. Just the principles and concepts. Something very current, last five years would be great. [more inside]
posted by Dynex at 8:56 PM - 3 answers

Reading and Writing Eagles!

I am a middle school librarian. I’m starting a digital literary magazine and need a name! We are named after a deceased female educator from the town, and we informally use her three initials followed by MS to identify the school. We are the LastName Eagles and our mascot is an eagle. Any cute, clever, or informative ideas?
posted by firei at 3:25 PM - 12 answers

Please help me design an online programming curriculum for myself

The problem is I know almost nothing, not even what I don't know. [more inside]
posted by SmockTheSock at 8:08 AM - 10 answers

September 13

Interfacing with my child’s school as a teacher parent

I’ve been a teacher for 13 years, but this will be my first September in the school system where I am also a parent of a student. I find I have very mixed feelings about how to navigate this and would love some tips from the been there and done that teacher parents. [more inside]
posted by ficbot at 7:37 PM - 2 answers

September 12

Book for 4-year-old: on Gandhi and/or India's freedom movement

I'm looking for an *age-appropriate* book for my Indian-American 4-year-old child on the topic of Gandhi or the Indian independence movement. By age-appropriate, I mean it should have only 1-2 sentences on each page, that he can read himself. [more inside]
posted by splitpeasoup at 1:59 PM - 5 answers

September 11

Which is worse, homeschooling or distanced learning?

Distanced learning is failing our kid who has ADHD; to stem the dent to his education, we are considering disenrolling him, and homeschooling him until this shit ends. Is this a bad idea or a terrible idea (we're well aware neither option is good). [more inside]
posted by furnace.heart at 3:19 PM - 36 answers

September 10

Back to Basics 101

What are some good classes to take that can improve my basic skills/technique in everyday things? What do I not know I'm doing wrong? [more inside]
posted by exceptinsects at 2:03 PM - 13 answers

How Can I Learn Ancient Greek While Learning Modern Greek?

I want to read Ancient Greek. Not sure exactly which - I don’t need to read Homer, but Plato would be nice. I’m using Rosetta Stone modern Greek to get started. I realize this isn’t necessarily considered a good idea, but I learn SO MUCH more easily from this kind of resource than from a book and I gather that there’s enough similarity that I’m pretty sure it’s a good idea for me. [more inside]
posted by lgyre at 9:10 AM - 5 answers

September 9

What does tax-back rate mean exactly?

I was reading an academic article on the pros and cons of universal basic income, and the term tax-back rate came up, but I cannot seem to find a literal definition of the term. [more inside]
posted by RearWindow at 5:06 PM - 4 answers

What's the best platform for selling online courses in 2020?

I've done some successful print books / ebooks about technical topics, and I'd like to try expanding them into online courses. What's the right platform? [more inside]
posted by RobotVoodooPower at 3:19 PM - 1 answers

September 8

So how do you teach a film class, anyway?

I'm teaching a college class on classical antiquity in film. I've never taught a film class before, or even taken one. It's going okay so far, but I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to be doing and could use some advice on how to make the most effective use of class time. [more inside]
posted by hoist with his own pet aardvark at 7:01 PM - 6 answers

September 3

Continuing higher math as a hobby

If I find higher math fun but I'm not gonna do a degree in it, how else could I indulge in it as a hobby? [more inside]
posted by Cozybee at 11:55 AM - 25 answers

August 31

Explain attending New York City public schools to me

My family spent some time last year trying to parse how Los Angeles Unified School District works: how elementary schools are assigned, magnets, gifted programs, charter enrolement, etc. We struggled! We felt dirty! And now we're trying to do it all over again for NYC. Please help! [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 12:20 PM - 5 answers

August 29

How to not make basic math mistakes in complicated math classes

I just finished taking calculus III, which while I'm sure is not super high level math to some, is the highest level I've achieved. I did not do as well on the midterm and final exams as I wanted, and it is at least partially because I made dumb mistakes on simple calculations that threw my answers off, or just didn't pay close enough attention on a few questions and came to the wrong conclusion when if I had paid closer attention I would have realized I was wrong. How to not do this? [more inside]
posted by knownfossils at 10:19 PM - 17 answers

August 28

Books for a two year old

I'm looking for beautiful books for a soon-to-be two year old who is currently obsessed with learning numbers and letters. All suggestions welcome. Thanks!
posted by ChodenKal at 7:50 AM - 23 answers

August 27

Best lightweight organization and time management course

I'm looking for a short course (1 or 2 days?) that will instill the basics of organization, time and project management for a non-project manager. Something light on theory, but heavy on practical tips and tools to help a younger professional get organized. Years ago my org offered FranklinPlanner training and this had a significant positive effect. I believe that company is now called FranklinCovey, but don't know the quality of what they provide. Recommendations about FranklinCovey or any other solutions?
posted by queue_strategy at 6:53 PM - 2 answers

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