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October 20

Oh Brother! Brother HL-5370DW printer worth keeping?

We have a Brother HL-5370DW printer at work that has needed a new drum for ages. Currently it sits under someone's desk and isn't used. Should we plunk out the money to do this and start using it? [more inside]
posted by sciencegeek at 8:26 AM - 7 answers

Virus protection on a Mac: ClamXAV or ???

I've been using ClamXAV on my Mac for several years, and it seems to have done a fine job so far. With their recent move to a subscription model, it seems like a good time to review my choice of anti-virus. Part of my original decision to use it was that it was a one-off purchase, if I'm going to be paying ongoing I'd like to be sure there isn't something of comparable/cheaper price that's as effective/more effective. What are you folks using to protect your Macs?
posted by threecheesetrees at 4:57 AM - 6 answers

October 19

Which tweet did they favorite?

I met someone great last year (via twitter), because I looked at their profile after they favorited a tweet of mine. We're both trying to figure out what it is, but can't remember! Is there a faster way to see which of my tweets they've favorited, beyond manually scrolling through their list of favs?
posted by raihan_ at 8:02 PM - 2 answers

October 18

Software for scanned images

I’m looking for software that I can use to mark up scanned images (a drawing, for example)—both on my MacBook Air with a mouse and on my iPad with Apple Pencil. Ideally, I’d be able to move the image from one device to the other without losing my edits. Do you have something like this? Do you like it? Can you use it with photographs as well as drawings? [more inside]
posted by witchen at 4:46 PM - 2 answers

Zipped File Assistance

I've received a corrupt zipped file from a client. Is there any hope of extracting any of the files? [more inside]
posted by hydra77 at 2:46 PM - 1 answers

Microsoft word for mac is suddenly driving me crazy

I am writing an article on my 2014 macbook air and I want to have a few drafts open at the same time. However, I can't keep the documents I need open all together on the same screen. [more inside]
posted by nantucket at 1:54 PM - 2 answers

October 17

Podcastifiying Audio Files

I have some audio files on my hard drive that I want to listen to on mobile. While I could import them into iTunes and play them on mobile that way (I have iTunes Match), it would be more convenient to play this particular stuff with a podcast client app. How do I most easily podcastify the files? [more inside]
posted by Quisp Lover at 12:54 PM - 5 answers

Keeping the Twitter under control

Twitter novice. Android user. Diverse interests. Please recommend what you use to keep it all under control and why. Among other things I follow several journalists in several languages both mainstream and independent and when a story breaks the same link will often appear 10 times in my feed. Boring. I am more of a consumer than a provider preferring to aggregate information, though I do comment a bit. I have no desire to integrate my social media usage. So what do you suggest is the best way to filter the firehose.
posted by adamvasco at 11:01 AM - 6 answers

Which cable should I be using for my new iMac and old external drive?

I just replaced my ancient iMac with a new one and much to my chagrin realized that the new computer doesn't support the old cable connection to my external hard rive (OWC Mercury Elite Al-Pro). I'm a bit flummoxed as I haven't been keeping up to date with all the new interfaces and whatnot. Danke [more inside]
posted by cazoo at 9:42 AM - 7 answers

October 16

dns probe finished nxdomain

I have a website hosted on a basic website host with a domain (the domain and the site are under the same provider), and a small percentage of people are saying the site isn't visible to them and is returning the error "dns probe finished nxdomain". I am in contact with the provider's tech support but I was wondering until I hear back from them, what can be done to resolve this by the domain provider? [more inside]
posted by bleep at 6:53 PM - 4 answers

Monitor-induced shortness of breath: is this a thing?

Reading text on any kind of monitor (computer, phone etc.) triggers for me a physical response in which I feel physically unable to take a deep breath. Do other people get this, why does it happen and is there any way to prevent or reduce it? [more inside]
posted by zeri at 2:47 PM - 7 answers

Bots pretending to be Army officials

Recently on Instagram I’ve gotten friend requests from two bots that are “impersonating” US Army officials, instead of the regular porn bots that are typically scantily clad women, and I was wondering if this was some sort of new strategy? There have only been two so far, so that definitely doesn’t make a trend, but it’s so out of the ordinary from the typical spam I get that it’s made me wonder. [more inside]
posted by gucci mane at 1:33 PM - 11 answers

Web meeting with multi user screen share

I need to find a free web meeting website or app, Windows compatible, which will allow guests as well as the host to screen share. Prefer as simple as possible on guest side (so it would be better if they did not have to download an app ahead of time, but if necessary we can deal with it).
posted by Kriesa at 8:57 AM - 8 answers

October 15

Suggestions on how to smooth out SSL certificate renewal process?

I've just taken a job at a web design company where I am responsible for renewing SSL certificates for quite a few domains every month. What is a good workflow for making the process smoother and more efficient? [more inside]
posted by dozo at 1:45 PM - 15 answers

How to update corporate Facebook page automatically?

Staff members make updates to our public web site through a WYSIWYG editor. Some of these should automatically appear as Facebook posts. Is this even possible anymore? If so, how? If not, what is the best alternative? [more inside]
posted by nirblegee at 12:27 PM - 6 answers

I'm not convinced that this brochure site needs eleven subsystems

I'm a LAMP developer. Lately, the entire dev world seems to be going bananas for microservice architectures – and people seem positively mystified to learn that I still build old-school monoliths. I don't get it. Help? [more inside]
posted by escape from the potato planet at 7:44 AM - 24 answers

How to handle calendar invites when I have multiple accounts?

I get a lot of calendar invites in my work. They don't work well because I have multiple email addresses and accounts. My primary calendar is a google calendar, attached to an account that I don't want to make public. My primary email is not a gmail email. Is there a way to make all this work? [more inside]
posted by ManInSuit at 7:41 AM - 4 answers

Does someone really have my new password already?

About a month ago, I got a critical security alert from google saying that someone had tried to log in to my gmail account with my password. I changed the password immediately to a unique password that I have never used anywhere else. In the last week, however, I have gotten three more critical security alerts saying that someone is trying to log in with my password, presumably meaning the new one. [more inside]
posted by 256 at 5:50 AM - 31 answers

October 14

Is this phishing

I received an email today that says: "This email has been sent to you because the sign-in ID (Email address) for the relevant Sony Entertainment Network account has been changed. If you did not change your sign-in ID, please contact Customer Support at the following address:" The URL given looks authentic. The problem is that I don't have a Sony account and never have. [more inside]
posted by partner at 4:38 PM - 6 answers

Instant messaging -- what's out there besides Discord and Skype?

Looking for a super-slim instant messaging application for Windows, suitable for a tiny broadcast operation. It only needs to support 2 users. Skype and Discord will not work for this. [more inside]
posted by crapmatic at 3:00 PM - 15 answers

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