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January 23 Spam content in blog post?

I have a client site utilizing the Wordpress platform where spam is starting to appear in the actual text of pre-existing blog posts. I am familiar with comment spam. But this actually putting spam into the post itself is a new one on me. [more inside]
posted by jammy at 3:14 PM - 9 answers

Looking for trivia app for bright 8 year old

Like everyone approaching the one year anniversary of staying home, our 8 year old is BORED. He likes trivia. Is there a cool trivia app that he would enjoy playing either alone or with others? Doesn’t have to be kid focused. He thinks he’s ready for all things grown up.
posted by Xalf at 1:33 PM - 4 answers

January 22

Stay frosty

Is there anything approximating an all-in-one liquid cooler setup for the MSI RTX 3090 Gaming X Trio? [more inside]
posted by FatherDagon at 10:14 PM - 0 answers

Letterhead "header" repeating down page when printing

So, I got an amazing Brother black and white multipurpose laser printer, and as predicted, am so very happy with it! Except for one problem: I had some letterhead printed my local copy-print shop on decent quality paper, and when I run it through my printer, somehow the printer is lifting the ink of the logo and "repeating" the pattern twice more on down the page. Have you ever encountered this? [more inside]
posted by dreamphone at 1:57 PM - 14 answers

banned from youtube, no idea why

A couple days ago, I went to Youtube and a message popped up that my "channel" had been removed for violations of their terms of service. Channel is obviously their term for a user account, but... I don't really have a channel. The only reason I have a Youtube login at all is because it's part of the Googleverse, and I have a Google login that persists across Google properties. I don't actually *do* anything on Youtube except watch videos. I don't upload any videos, I don't comment, I don't even up or downvote. I haven't lost any real functionality, so it doesn't really bother me, but I'm just really confused. What could I have done? [more inside]
posted by kevinbelt at 12:08 PM - 13 answers

January 21

Make my arrrow keys work in Tweetdeck again!

I used to be able to click on a multi-photo Tweet in Tweetdeck and use the arrow keys to flip through the images. I got a new computer, and now that isn’t working. Is there a way to turn that back on? I’m on a MacBook Air, but the previous computer was a MacBook Air, too, and as far as I can tell all my other preferences made the transfer.
posted by Charity Garfein at 5:37 PM - 4 answers

Help me put a new laptop in my lap

I need a new, or possibly new-to-me laptop, and I know next to nothing about what to buy or how much I could reasonably expect to pay for it. Help? [more inside]
posted by orange swan at 8:42 AM - 24 answers

January 20

Need to print out text messages asap

How do I print out a series of text messages (all in one conversation with one person), for use in a police report? I have a Samsung droid phone. [more inside]
posted by silverstatue at 6:29 AM - 11 answers

January 19

Mediocre zoom

I want low quality videoconferencing experience. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:13 PM - 27 answers

January 18

Not So Amazing Laptop

Can a USB modem be used on a laptop that had a board level internet access failure? [more inside]
posted by Raybun at 11:58 AM - 11 answers

January 16

Crop circles - How to crop many rectangular jpg's to a bunch of circles?

I have a folder of .jpg's that I want to be able to change into circles (circles of content with a 100% transparent surround) - and want to maintain image quality. The .jpg's are a mix of squares and various aspect rectangles and I want the circle to have a diameter equal to the shortest dimension of the rectangle (to get as much content as possible). [more inside]
posted by unearthed at 3:58 PM - 7 answers

What's the best of the alt-social-media?

There's Mastodon, Scuttlebutt, Briar, and various others that seem like they might be up-and-coming. Have you tried some of them? What's your impression? [more inside]
posted by sibilatorix at 11:12 AM - 5 answers

How do I get Zoom calls on my iPad?

Asking for a friend. The speaker on her macbook doesn't work. She has a macbook, an iphone and an ipad. Only the macbook and iphone talk to each other. So when she has a Zoom meeting, she has to use her phone but would rather use her ipad. Is there a setting that would enable this? I can answer any questions. They all use the same AppleID
posted by lakersfan1222 at 10:17 AM - 9 answers

January 15

social media platform question

I had an idea for a project, but I'm not sure what platform would work best as its home. [more inside]
posted by kevinbelt at 10:48 AM - 9 answers

Making filtered database apps

I want to build a few apps (or websites, where applicable) that are databases that can be queried and then filtered. The filtered part is the key. Like Zappos: you search "snow boots", it returns you 2000 results, and then you click "blue" and it reloads only the blue snow boots, and then you click "size 8" and you get only the blue size 8 snowboots. What system do I need to learn to make this? [more inside]
posted by xo at 7:15 AM - 17 answers

January 13

W10 Dual Monitor Weirdness

I replaced my secondary monitor on a dual monitor setup on my elderly Assis AIO computer. While trying to set up the new monitor as part of an extended screen under SYSTEM/DISPLAY, the two monitor indicators vanished and were replaced with a single screen labeled 1|2. I cannot get the new monitor to represent itself as a separate unit any more. ?????????????????? HELP!
posted by Raybun at 11:22 AM - 3 answers

Greatest podcast episodes of all time

There are simply too many podcasts these days and not enough time in the day. I would like to create a curated playlist of single podcast episodes. Please share with me what you consider to be your favorites. Any genre will do. Any emotion arising after listening will do. All that matters is that I optimize the little time I have and fill my ears with amazing single podcast episodes.
posted by jasondigitized at 6:27 AM - 34 answers

January 12

How to do the unthinkable-automatically open hyperlinks in gmail message

I use gmail. I frequently receive one particular type of email from a very trusted source that contains links to download documents. I’d like to automate retrieving and saving these documents. [more inside]
posted by DB Cooper at 11:41 PM - 3 answers

Prepopulating a Google Form

Is it possible to modify the link to a Google Form to include values that will autofill some of the form fields? I do not own the form, I just have to fill it out every day. [more inside]
posted by Winnie the Proust at 8:54 AM - 7 answers

New-ish Macbook Air Won't Charge

Our 2018 Macbook Air doesn't want to charge, except when it is shut off. Help? [more inside]
posted by Mid at 6:54 AM - 12 answers

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