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September 19

Loose women's pants for cooler weather

Since work from home started, I have been living in loose cropped linen pants like these or these. Now that the weather is getting cooler, I'd like something similar in a warmer fabric (like sweatpant fabric). [more inside]
posted by matildaben at 1:11 PM - 11 answers

Short Haircut around Boston during COVID

The last salon I went to for a haircut, which I was happy with early in the pandemic, was not inspiring my confidence in their COVID compliance procedures on my last cut. Can you recommend a well-compliant place to get a haircut in the Boston area? Complication: short hair / male style cut on a female-identifying person. [more inside]
posted by chiefthe at 7:17 AM - 3 answers

September 18

Treatment, care for bald heads?

Besides sunscreen, is there anything to protect, repair or care for a bald pate?
posted by ebesan at 8:03 AM - 4 answers

September 16

Halloween Costume Ideas for Queer White Lady

Queer white AFAB person with brown hair seeks Halloween costume inspiration for COVID-style Zoom party. [more inside]
posted by too bad you're not me at 9:24 PM - 6 answers

September 14

Athletic/performance clothing that looks like streetwear?

With autumn having arrived, my thoughts have turned towards beefing up my wardrobe, which hasn't been touched in a few years. More below the fold, but in essence, I am looking for performance clothing that doesn't look like it - I want performance clothing that looks like streetwear. [more inside]
posted by ClaireBear at 9:50 AM - 12 answers

Help me find my first pair of well-made boots (ideally in Canada)

This women's boot is perfection, outside of being (presumably) not built to last. Can you help me find a good quality similar boot? [more inside]
posted by i_mean_come_on_now at 5:05 AM - 20 answers

search term for t shirt type & general transmasc clothing advice

I am trying to look for t shirts that have patterns all over, front and back- if I search for "front and back pattern shirt" I get sewing patterns, and if I search "print" instead of pattern it shows me custom t shirt printing places! what word am I looking for? [more inside]
posted by emirenic at 3:54 AM - 11 answers

September 13

What Grey Sweater Does Kristen Stewart Wear in Personal Shopper?

She wears a light grey sweater in the Fair Isle style that has a yellow and red zig zag design across the chest wrapping around towards the back. Link to article in this question has her picture in it right at the top. Anyone know this EXACT sweater or brand...? I know it's a long shot...
posted by leafmealone at 5:02 PM - 2 answers

Great Face Masks for Glasses

Yet another mask question. What are the the best face masks for people with glasses? Looking for effective and comfortable face masks that can be worn on walks and hikes, etc. (If it matters I am a guy who sweats easily). Looking for specific links or names of products. I just noticed that adhesive nose bridges are a thing from this previous question.
posted by Mr. Papagiorgio at 2:17 PM - 19 answers

September 12

Need comfy pants

I'm 5'1" 150-something pounds, I have a tummy. I need black leggings or yoga pants. I want them to be durable, decent to wear outside the house and in public, and not to feel like a sausage casing. You are shaped like me and have a pair you bought online that you love. Hope me?
posted by shadygrove at 8:06 AM - 11 answers

September 11

What's the latest on clogs?

My standard shoe for a long time was the Dankso Professional Clog. I switched over mostly to the Sanita version, which actually fit a bit better (I switched after folks were saying that Dansko's quality changed when no longer made by Sanita). I've also had open back and Mary Jane styles. It's time for a new pair, and I'm wondering what's the latest on quality and various clog brands. [more inside]
posted by bluedaisy at 1:56 PM - 9 answers

September 10

I'm Getting Married & I Need A Suit For A Day

I'm a male that is getting married and am looking for options for attire. Details inside.... [more inside]
posted by Alvin80 at 12:26 PM - 21 answers

September 9

Any history on this vintage clothing brand?

A package just arrived from my parents containing a vintage men's robe. I can't find any info about the manufacturer and I'm curious about it now. [more inside]
posted by backseatpilot at 11:01 AM - 3 answers

COVID trend?

I've noticed that I tend to see men more often wearing gaiters or bandanas instead of masks while out and about. These men are overwhelmingly white and usually middle+ aged. Has anybody else noticed this? Why do they prefer other accessories over actual masks? [more inside]
posted by snerson at 8:00 AM - 35 answers

September 5

What makes a costume iconically "Jean Grey"?

Looking for costume advice on how to make someone obviously, iconically "Jean Grey." [more inside]
posted by Navelgazer at 3:49 PM - 7 answers

September 4

How do I get toothpaste out of suede?

I dropped some toothpaste on my suede boots and I can't get it out. I tried cleaning it with vinegar and with Saphir Omni-Daim Suede Cleaner but there's still a light patch. The suede seems to have absorbed the toothpaste. [more inside]
posted by Chenko at 6:38 AM - 2 answers

September 2

Dress the Little Unladylike Lady (Style-filter: Short, sharp, and curvy)

Short woman asks: Please help me define my style, give it a conceptual name, and find visual inspiration and specific pieces to consider. Everything's terrible, trying things on in stores is a please give me your suggestions on clothing and styling so I can collect images and have a mental framework before I turn my closet over for the fall/winter. [more inside]
posted by MonkeyToes at 6:18 PM - 10 answers

dresses after weight gain/ body proportion change

What is flattering for me now [more inside]
posted by Tim Bucktooth at 9:39 AM - 17 answers

September 1

Style while lounging/working from home

Stylish womxn of mefi: what are you wearing at home during this pandemic? [more inside]
posted by yawper at 6:26 PM - 20 answers

August 27

Porter brand bags and water resistance

I’m looking for a very specific type of “everyday” bag that can fulfill multiple roles. A friend of mine recommended the pricey and fashionable—but utilitarian—bags from the Japanese company “Porter”. I am looking at them and can’t seem to figure out if they are water resistant or waterproof at all, which is a must for me as I live in a very wet climate. I want to know if anyone has experience with these, and maybe alternatives. [more inside]
posted by gucci mane at 12:10 PM - 23 answers

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