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July 22

Where can I buy more durable summer basics?

I'm looking for women's shorts and tank tops that are durable enough for hiking and travel but don't look too sporty for casual social gatherings. The ones I buy from places like Target and Old Navy always fall apart, and I'm willing to spend more to buy higher-quality pieces that I can repair as needed. Does anyone have recommendations? [more inside]
posted by moleplayingrough at 6:41 AM - 20 answers

July 18

Sock logic

Every 12-14 months I buy six pair of Dickies black ankle socks for $16. Am I better off buying higher quality socks less frequently? [more inside]
posted by mecran01 at 2:10 PM - 16 answers

July 16

Haircut norms?

Someone from the local salon is willing to do a masked outdoor trim. This will be the first time I've had my hair professionally cut since my last barber visit in 2008, and also the first time since I started presenting fem. What should I know? [more inside]
posted by sibilatorix at 11:10 AM - 8 answers

July 13

What is this fabric?

I had a skirt once made of a heavy, cold-feeling, shiny, silk-like material. I can't figure out what it was. [more inside]
posted by blnkfrnk at 10:07 PM - 16 answers

July 11

Recommend soft tube socks

Other socks I've tried (eg Darn Tough) have been stiffer and less 'fluffy'. Can someone recommend soft athletic / tube socks for men that are not too thick, very soft feeling, nice stretchiness? [more inside]
posted by artificialard at 6:45 AM - 7 answers

July 10

Suggestions for hiking or utility shorts.

They need to have large pockets with wide openings for holding a lot of stuff (several phones, wallet keys, pens), plus a decent size coin pocket for holding even more keys. They should be water resistant and durable, able to go through a washer and dryer at least once a day. Absolutely no zippers at all. Breathable and loose fitting for the hell that is the southern USA in the summer. Dark colored. Under or around $50 USA. What do you suggest? [more inside]
posted by Brandon Blatcher at 8:24 AM - 4 answers

Looking for women's work (farm) pants

Where are the women/femmes/big butt folks buying outdoor work pants these days? I used to buy Duluth Trading Co firehose pants, but their materials are getting increasingly stretchy and all the current ones have cargo pockets. In the past I've tried carhartts, but my belly and butt don't fit in them comfortably. Pants from the men's section never fit comfortably, either because they are made for slim hips or the zipper is super long. [more inside]
posted by Emmy Rae at 7:22 AM - 7 answers

July 4

Durable lightweight bamboo socks, UK

I bought a bunch of bamboo socks last year that I love, but within a year of normal use I've lost at least half of them to holes or other quality issues. Can anyone recommend a more durable alternative in the UK? Sensory considerations inside. [more inside]
posted by terretu at 3:37 AM - 8 answers

July 3

People who wax: do you prefer soft wax or hard wax?

The esthetician I used to see left the spa I used to see her at and it seems like she was one of the only estheticians there who used soft wax. The other estheticians I've seen at the same spa since seem to only use hard wax... and I hate it. What is generally preferred these days, soft wax or hard wax? And why? What do YOU prefer (in terms of results, experience, etc.)? [more inside]
posted by VirginiaPlain at 1:49 PM - 4 answers

July 2

What is your instant gratification thang?

What activity, or thing lifts your spirits instantly? [more inside]
posted by Czjewel at 1:14 PM - 37 answers

July 1

Sock Options

Alternates for Maggie's Organic Cotton Ragg Socks. [more inside]
posted by kittensofthenight at 2:52 PM - 1 answers

Kid nature armor

We live on the edge of some beautiful fields and woods, and I'd like some advice for how to armor up a sensitive kid so he feels more comfortable exploring nature. [more inside]
posted by Salvor Hardin at 11:34 AM - 12 answers

June 27

Why do my t-shirts feel so cheap and easily wrinkly?

I purchased some shirts I thought were of good quality, but they're actually not. They get wrinkled super easily, which is embarrassing, and they feel a bit "fuzzy". [more inside]
posted by dubious_dude at 7:46 PM - 20 answers

June 25

Looking for bright, high-quality men's tank tops in Canada

My husband loves a brightly coloured tank top in the summer, but his collection is getting worn and he is having trouble finding new ones that fit the bill. Difficulty Level - Canada. [more inside]
posted by dazedandconfused at 6:41 PM - 8 answers

Squeaky shoes

Can anything be done about squeaky shoes? It’s the rubber bottoms that are squeaking, not the innersoles. Thanks!
posted by dianeF at 3:33 AM - 3 answers

June 24

Haircut me

Is there a shorter haircut equivalent of long hair in a ponytail, maintenance-wise? [more inside]
posted by randomnity at 1:29 PM - 23 answers

June 21

The greatest sneakers that ever existed..... just out of my grasp.

I'm looking to buy another pair of the most beautiful perfect shoes that ever existed. Help me find them somewhere out there! They're sneakers by Camper, in a navy blue sparkley color with dark blue soles. [more inside]
posted by silverstatue at 6:46 PM - 8 answers

June 20

A bra that is underwire-free. Difficulty: D (cup)

Looking for a D-cup bra that fits the following four criteria: Supportive, No uniboob, No underwire, All-day comfort. Recommendations?
posted by rednikki at 7:05 AM - 27 answers

June 19

Brokenwood Fashion

We've been binging on the New Zealand series, The Brokenwood Mysteries. I'm fixated on one of Detective Mike Shepherd's blazers, shown here. At first I thought it might be Corduroy, but a closer inspection shows it to be a flatter fabric. What is it, and where do I find such a jacket in the U.S?
posted by dws at 8:52 PM - 13 answers

How to feel more comfortable not covering my acne with makeup?

For years I have wanted to give myself a break from covering up my acne, but I sometimes find it hard to feel like I look nice if I don't. What are your best tips for the emotional bit (just letting go of the association between makeup and covered skin = only way to look nice) and the physical bit (what else do you do, especially if you don't wear makeup, to look nice?)? [more inside]
posted by jerboa at 10:42 AM - 25 answers

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