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April 19

Ankle Strap Extensions for Sandals

Who else sells ankle strap extensions like these for sandals? [more inside]
posted by La Gata at 6:29 PM - 3 answers

(Space) Needle Artist Recommendations - Looking for a Tattoo in Seattle

A friend and I will be visiting Seattle in July and would like to get tattoos together (we are both very experienced with tattoos). We are looking for recommendations for excellent artists/shops that are welcoming for walk-in clients. Thank you!
posted by gateau at 9:33 AM - 6 answers

gloves to cycle in that aren't bike gloves?

My housemate cycles to work and is looking to buy a pair of gloves for the winter so that her hands don't freeze, but doesn't like the look of proper bike gloves. Alternatives? [more inside]
posted by Roger Schredderer at 3:33 AM - 16 answers

April 16

Make large Molle II Rucksack look more friendly

I have a Large Molle II Rucksack, and I would like to make it look more civilian and less military. What can I do (besides dye it) to mod/customize it? Budget under fifty bucks. [more inside]
posted by wenestvedt at 7:22 PM - 13 answers

Natural-fibre tops, good in hot weather, without ironing?

I need some tops to wear that are comfortably cool in hot weather. I want them to be made of natural fibres (a little elastane would be the exception). (I'd count Tencel as a natural fibre, as it's compostable.) I do have to look reasonably smart, but I'm not going to be ironing my tops. [more inside]
posted by tangerine_poppies at 12:00 AM - 10 answers

April 15

Women’s shoes on concrete

This summer I’m going to an event at a convention center where I’ll be spending three days on a concrete floor. My feet usually kill me. In the past I’ve worn street-style sneakers, like Kangaroos (hence my MetaFilter name, because I kept quarters in the pockets). I’m wondering what’s the best casual shoe on concrete? [more inside]
posted by quarterinmyshoe at 7:29 PM - 16 answers

Help me dye my brown hair brown

I'm trying to cover gray roots using brown hair dye, but I end up with orange-ish roots. How do I prevent this from happening again? [more inside]
posted by Pleased_As_Punch at 5:55 PM - 13 answers

Seeking creative hairstylist in Philadelphia

I'm looking for a needle in a haystack - the exact stylist I went to in the early 2000s in Philadelphia (Northern Liberties). If you know of another great hairstylist in Philadelphia, I want to know that too! [more inside]
posted by Sockowocky at 8:12 AM - 7 answers

April 11

Trying on boys' clothes...and not feel weird about it

I would like to buy a boy's suit for my adult woman self. I'd like to try things on in the store before buying. Help me not feel super weird about it. [more inside]
posted by redwaterman at 3:35 PM - 33 answers

April 9

What kind of haircut do I want?

I'm a cisdude and I'm losing hair at the temples, have been for years. It's getting to the point where it's time to get my (short) hair cut even shorter. I kind of want a high and tight, except I don't want to look like I'm in the marines, also I'd like to continue to read as queer, so I don't want a high and tight. Websites are no help, and I am terrible at explaining what I want done to my hair. Help?
posted by Automocar at 1:10 PM - 11 answers

Help dating an antique women's or girl's jacket

Trying to get a date range for an old women's/girl's jacket. Provenance probably New England, could go way back (undated/labeled family item). [more inside]
posted by HaveYouTriedRebooting at 11:38 AM - 6 answers

Plus sized version of this top/jacket

I love the Belleville top from The Fold, but am a plus sized lady. Where could I find something similar in an XL or 16/18? [more inside]
posted by jennypower at 8:39 AM - 6 answers

April 7

Work shoes for women

I need new shoes to wear to work in the spring and fall, and I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking for. Help! [more inside]
posted by skycrashesdown at 4:53 PM - 19 answers

April 6

Please, don't stop and smell the roses (or my face!)

My second-ever purchased 100% organic rose water spray, which I'm using as a toner, smells.... strange. It's still kind of rosy, but there's a strong note of something else. I'm calling it "cooked artichoke" for lack of a better description. It's pungent but definitely bearable for one bottle. I can't return it. Can you help me figure out what to do next? [more inside]
posted by sockbladder at 5:59 PM - 4 answers

Overthinking my Doc Martens

I've just bought some new black Docs and now I have no idea how to wear them. For reference I'm a middle aged, over-weight woman in a suburban New Zealand city where anything goes. I tend to wear straight leg or skinny jeans most of the time with shirts and jackets.
posted by chairish at 1:45 PM - 8 answers

April 5

Style AND safety... DIY bike helmet cover

I'm getting a new bike! Please help me style my helmet. [more inside]
posted by 2soxy4mypuppet at 11:52 AM - 4 answers

How do I repurpose/commemorate my dad's favorite belongings?

My dad was a simple guy. He wore the same leather jacket and hat for 30 years. He never was without his class ring and his watch. He died a few years back and while I didn't keep many of his possessions, I kept the few things he wore daily. I can't use them in their current form, I can't toss them, so how should I repurpose them? [more inside]
posted by rachaelfaith at 9:41 AM - 29 answers

April 4

Where are the good-quality merino cardigans?

Where are the good-quality (i.e. not absurdly thin) women's merino cardigans? Just a straight-up crewneck merino cardigan of good weight and durability. I realize it's a terrible time of year to be looking but this is a staple item of my wardrobe and all my good ones are biting the dust. Things I am NOT interested in: cashmere, cotton, tissue-thin anything, V-neck cardigans.
posted by HotToddy at 6:45 PM - 14 answers

April 3

Springing up a shower outfit

I'm attending an out-of-town baby shower in a couple of weeks (late April), in a place where the weather could just as easily be 75 degrees or 5 inches of snow. Help me come up with some tweaks so I don't have to pack half my damn closet. [more inside]
posted by We put our faith in Blast Hardcheese at 10:52 AM - 12 answers

DIY Nail polish

Does anyone know any home-made natural nail polish recipes? [more inside]
posted by xarnop at 6:31 AM - 8 answers

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