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June 24

InDesign Will Not Open PDF or PNG files

I can't find an answer on Google or Adobe's site, and Adobe's customer support is closed. Hope me, Metafilter! If I try to open a PDF or PNG in InDesign, I get an "this is an unsupported file type" message. [more inside]
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What other company names or logos have hidden meanings?

There's an ad for Oreida potatoes making the rounds and it seems not everyone was aware that Ore-Ida comes from "Oregon-Idaho." A similar revelation about Arby's Roast Beef (RB = Roast Beef) made the rounds a few weeks ago. The arrow in the Fed-Ex logo is something not everyone knows about. What other logos and names have these hidden meanings? [more inside]
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June 23

Name of queer-centric indie artist/talent agency circa 2009-2011?

Sometime between 2009 - 2011 there was a group in the US that did talent agent work for indie queer artists, with a very activist/community-oriented ethos. Their name was something like Philomena but Googling that gets me something different. Which group was this?
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Seeking a salt solution

Is it possible to dissolve more salt into water, by weight, than the weight of the water? [more inside]
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Driving cross-country - should I take the 10 or the 40?

I'll be traveling from Louisiana to CA and am trying to decide which route to take, particularly with regard to border patrol. [more inside]
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Really really really really really hard minerals

Ok, so this is the first Metafilter question coming from my daughter, who is six. According to DK's My Book of Rocks and Minerals, "Diamond can be scratched by two known rare minerals". The book does not elaborate. What are these two minerals? Google is confusing me today.
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"Illegal" entry into the US by a US Citizen

Are there any statutes regarding re-entry by a US Citizen to the US without going through customs/border control ? Is there a penalty? What's the statute of limitations for punishment if it is a crime?
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Albums that never were, yet are.

I've often been fascinated with albums that were completed or almost completed, only for the same songs to be re-recorded and re-sequenced into an album similar to but extremely different than the original. The transmutation of the Beach Boys' SMiLE into Smiley Smile is probably the best-known version of this. What other albums were scrapped and ended up having a completely or nearly completely re-recorded alternate version released first? [more inside]
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Know any more Andy Goldsworthy public installations in North America?

Can you add to / edit this list of permanent installations in North America by the land art artist Andy Goldsworthy? Flickr link
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Historical precedents for the events in The Handmaid's Tale?

Margaret Atwood famously said that she hadn't made up any of the horrific crimes in the Handmaid's Tale, that everything she described had been done SOMEWHERE at some point. Now that the TV show is in season 2 and going beyond the scope of the novel, I'm wondering whether the show's writers are keeping to that rule. I"m especially wondering whether anyone has ever compiled a resource online for these references (from the book and/or the series). I'm in a dystopian mood and I want to read about, e.g., forced adoptions in Argentina. Thanks!
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Best Way to Approach Former Work Acquaintance Now at 'Menial' Job?

I used to work with this guy who was a 'professional' manager and just saw him working behind the counter at a retail shop where I like to buy specialty items. He didn't look like he was doing too well physically. If in fact he's fallen on hard times personally and professionally, I'm wondering what the most considerate attitude to adopt is if/when I enter the shop? [more inside]
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How to Format a Self-Hosted Graphic Novel

Seeking advice for formatting a long-form electronic comic / short graphic novella for distribution on the web. Best practices, known pitfalls, presentation tips? (Details below.) [more inside]
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Books, crafts, etc. for a kid obsessed with spinning toys?

My 7 year old has moved from being obsessed with Beyblades to a bigger interest in tops and spinning toys generally - making them, reading about them, and looking at pictures of them. Looking for suggestions of interesting / niche / small-manufacturer / historic reproductions / etc. of cool related toys and books that I might have missed.
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June 22

Pushups - each set to trembling exhaustion or more sets of less reps?

About two months ago I thought to get back into some pushups. Everything has been bicycle and it's time to add in some upper body. I started slowly, now at three sets, sometimes four but usually three sets, taken to exhaustion. To build strength, is it best to do as I am IE take sets to exhaustion or would it serve me better to have more sets of less repetitions? [more inside]
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Advice please on best approach to deal with this failing garden wall

These 3 images: #1, #2 and #3 show the current state of my front garden wall which is about 7 years old. It's not looking good, and so I need some advice. [more inside]
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Help me preempt a call to the cops.

Help asap please. A coworker wants to call the cops on a family across the street from her house. I think that is a terrible idea that can only end horribly. [more inside]
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NY24 Democratic Primary - How to vote?

I am asking for advice on how to place my vote in the Democratic primary for New York US Congressional District 24, between Dana Balter and Juanita Perez Williams. If you are familiar with this race and have an argument in favor of one or the other, please let me know. Thanks, all NY24 experts. [more inside]
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Turmeric Grinder Recommendations

We have some dried turmeric roots that we would like to grind to a powder. Can anyone suggest a good electric grinder for doing this. Ideally it would be compact and useful for other grinding tasks as well - perhaps crushing almonds to a coarse power or grinding flour from sorghum . This is an appliance that would probably be used a few times per month.
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Small Printing Press, 1980s

I was just remembering back to the printing shop my junior high school had back in the 1980s, and I can't find links or descriptions of the processes I remember, mostly because "printing," as a subject, has changed a lot in the past thirty years and it's difficult to filter through all the noise with the generic terms I remember -- details inside. [more inside]
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Hack my therapy

I've had the same therapist, "Jane," for three years and I love her. Lately, though, something isn't clicking, and I don't know what it is (and therefore don't know how to broach the subject). I'm looking for tips on sorting out what's amiss and how to have a conversation with her if that need be. [more inside]
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Irritated eye, should I see a doctor?

I don't actually care about treating this eye irritation unless it's a sign of something scary. You are not my doctor but can you help me decide if this is worth going to the doctor? [more inside]
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How to quickly air out apartment due to hallway smell.

The building I live in sent out an email that they would be cleaning all of the hallways. Whatever they used is so strongly scented and is making me sick. I'm also worried for my pets. Is there anything I can do to at least get the scent out of my apartment quickly? [more inside]
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Initialisms or acronyms as different parts of speech

Can I use initials to refer both to a noun and to a verb? As in, I define a term -- "gandy dancer (GD)"-- and later, when referring to gandy dancing, I use "GD"? [more inside]
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Eating in Europe - celiac filter

I'm going to be traveling through a few Western European cities this summer, need to eat while doing so, and have celiac disease. I'm quite sensitive and a little cross-contamination will ensure that all I see of Amsterdam is a hotel toilet. I'd like to eat at restaurants and also eat pre-purchased food (cheese, crackers, fruit, salami, etc.) in parks and on trains between cities. I'm looking for your celiac-safe restaurant and grocery recommendations. [more inside]
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I need some individually-packaged camp plastic lanyard-making kits!

Hosting a camp wedding and would LOVE to give my guests a goodie bag of swag, including a lanyard-making kit. But I can't seem to find individually packaged ones, even though I thought it would be easy. Can you help? [more inside]
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Isometric exercises!

Where can I find some isometric exercises that help me tone up? [more inside]
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First triathlon, reassure me

Augh! It's coming up on Sunday! While I have learned how to spell "triathlon," I am still feeling a little uneasy about the other bits. Please lend me your triathlon wisdom, keeping in mind the keyword "reassure" in question title. [more inside]
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June 21

Veg restaurants vicinity Penn, MOMA, Central Park? Lunch tomorrow

NYC centric: So my niece who is 20ish just texted (!) and she and 2 friends are arriving in town tomorrow (!!) and I would like to take them to lunch. Vegetarian (consume eggs/cheese). Arriving Penn Station AM, headed to MOMA, Central Park, maybe a Bway show? Search here yielded Penelope's at Lex and 30th. Any other suggestions nearer stated destinations? Bonus: where to meet inside Penn?? Bonus 2: where to stash luggage near Penn for day? Thx!
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my mole medical mystery

Please decipher a strange thing that happened to me several years ago. I was having dinner at a friend's house. She made a delicious mole sauce and served it with something vegetarian. If I recall, it wasn't particularly spicy (though quite flavorful), and in any case, I love spicy food. Some way into the meal, though, I felt suddenly exhausted. Maybe I had a little stomachache? Whatever it was, I absolutely had to lie down in a quiet, dark room—the commotion of the dinner party was too much to handle. It was different than normal tiredness, which doesn't make me need to suddenly retreat like that. I felt better about an hour later, but for the next year or so, I couldn't eat any spicy food at all without getting terrible indigestion. What happened??
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How do I give myself closure when I still like him?

I’m packing up and moving town for a new job. And in the process, ending things with this person that I’ve been seeing for all of a couple of weeks. And gosh darn it, am I sad about this. Can you help me get out of this mental loop and see some clarity here? [more inside]
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Dating 101, 2018 Edition

Parents of Metafilter: when your kids just started dating, did they always go Dutch? (Is there a better term for "go Dutch" nowadays?) I'm talking earliest dating -- where your parents are driving you to the mall, say, to meet someone (who's been driven there by their parents), and you're gonna see a movie and have a froyo or taco or something. [more inside]
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Is this installer of Movie Maker safe?

I really liked Microsoft Movie Maker. But the replacement for Windows 10 is... lacking. I did a little searching, and found something in Microsoft Answers. It links to the Wayback Machine, and clicking on it gave me the installer I think I need (wlsetup-all). How do I know if this is safe to run?
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A Remote Possibility

I sent a package through USPS to a friend. When she opened it, there were additional items I had not put in it and had never seen before. We are both baffled. Help us solve this mystery! [more inside]
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Please help me find my Canadian narwhal.

A couple months ago, I saw a link, probably on Metafilter, to a really nifty, Canadian apparel company that made women's clothing. I kinda remember the brand being in the $50-$250 per piece range, and had a whole artsy, granola-y, "made ethically in Canada" kinda vibe. This season's sleeveless blouse had a narwhal print, and I loved it, but now I cannot find the link I saved. Please hope me.
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Favorite micro-orders on Amazon?

I just got an Amazon store card. I'd like to build my credit by buying something small and paying it off every month. For example, I just bought a ball-inflating needle for a tire pump for $1.99, shipping included. What sort of tiny stuff do you like to order? Thank you!
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A bad trip

What do I say to a friend who will guilt trip me for falling out of contact? [more inside]
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USB Oscilloscope?

I've seen a couple usb logic analyzers on ebay; is it possible to get a similar two channel oscilloscope without too much cost? [more inside]
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How to get out of a work rut when leaving isn't an option?

I've been at my current job for about 4 years. Pay is great, co-workers are good, boss is decent. The problem? I'm in a rut, disengaged and jaded about the actual work. Also? I'm 4 months pregnant. [more inside]
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June 20

help me watch this video

I'm trying to watch a video posted on the NY Times website and I can't get it to play on my laptop or phone. Hope me. [more inside]
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Gmail, please fill in the ___ for me

Is there an App I can add to my gmail account to have common phrases inputted in with a simple click? [more inside]
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