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September 26

Need more detail, please!

I'm a writer for an organization whose editor is a real stickler for detail - his comments on my writing are always "Need to beef up here", "This is a little weak", and "Add some things here to make it a bit longer." I know that means adding more detail, but I don't know how to do that. I think I write too fast. What writing exercises can I do to strengthen this lack of detail? ADHD diagnosed, too.
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still can't put widgets on default lock screen in ios 14?

By 'default' lock screen, I mean, the screen you immediately see first when you unlock/wake up your phone, without swiping, where you might see your wallpaper or ultra recent notifications. I see you can put widgets in the "Today" view to the side of the default lock screen, and now the "Home" screens. But not where I want 'em. True? If not, how do ya do it?
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September 25

Needed: crash course in management

In a quite short amount of time I'm going to be expected to hire and manage humans in an office context. This is not a thing I've ever done, expected to do, or wanted to do. What are some resources I could use to get very quickly up to speed on How To Hire and Manage? [more inside]
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How to mount Kallax shelving to plaster wall?

Help, I bought a 2x4 Kallax from IKEA thinking that it could be mounted 4' up the wall horizontally, and that's exactly what the adorable pictographs on the instructions say not to do! Is there a way for me to mount this safely to my plaster wall? [more inside]
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Ironic song about being killed by an indie icon

It’s a semi spoken word song from within the last few years about seeing an indie icon - I think Father John Misty - on the subway in Brooklyn and then getting pushed onto the tracks by him. Does this ring any bells?
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What states have medical prescribing reciprocity with New York State?

I have to move to a state that has medical reciprocity with New York State. I cannot find the list and my doctor hasn't been responsive, but. he says there are 30+ states. My doctor needs to be able to see what medications I am getting in his office in New York State, while I move somewhere more affordable. I'm currently in Oregon, but they don't have reciprocity with NYS, but Washington State does. How can I find the list of all the states that share medical information, including prescriptions, with New York State? The doctor says over 30 states are on that list. I need this so I can figure out where I can move.
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Options for buying pet food online in Canada

Are there any stores in Canada other than Petsmart or Amazon who will ship me dry dog food? Ideally free or reasonably priced shipping, but any options are helpful. [more inside]
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Help finding the perfect smart plug

I am looking for recommendations on a smart plug with some fairly specific parameters, mostly importantly that can be controlled both by remote control and via iPhone and Android app. Snowflake details inside. [more inside]
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What did I watch?

Seeing a Revenant gif has reminded me: I've been trying to identify a film I saw for ages. I believe it was set on the West Coast, sometime from the mid-1700s to the late 1800s. The main character is... ill? injured in some way? and spends most of the film trying to get to the coast, or some other body of water. [more inside]
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Salem Architecture, 17th c.

Is the "meeting house" in Crucible (Arthur Miller) a civic hall or a church? [more inside]
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Converting wedding_invite.swf - none of the standard tools work

About two decades ago, a wedding invite was made using Macromedia Flash creator something. It contains shapes, tweens, and sprites. And a soundtrack. Now, I cannot play or convert it. None of the obvious solutions work - the best I get is an audio file with the soundtrack. [more inside]
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What in the name of your favorite god happened? Car version

My car seems to have lost 30,000 from the odometer reading. Just how? [more inside]
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September 24

seeking help with Affinity Designer

Is there anyone here who lives in the Salt Lake City area that is experienced with Affinity Designer 1.8? I'm hitting the wall and the help files aren't helpful. I'm not trying to do anything fancy, just import and delete brushes, templates and assets.
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Walk me through using VOIP to keep my US phone number in Canada

I'm moving to Canada from the US. My phone plan (Red Pocket) doesn't work in Canada. I'll get a Canadian plan and phone number, but I also want to keep my US number for receiving calls and texts in Canada. How to do this? I seem to have already packed most of my working brain cells, so I don't understand what the internet is telling me and need MeFi to walk me through the process. [more inside]
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Is it better to use a phone app or to tether?

I’ve lost my home broadband temporarily and have to use only what I can get on my cell phone, which can be variable depending on conditions. Need some help figuring out how to make best use of what data capacity that I have. [more inside]
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Alternative Theories and/or Treatments of simple partial seizures

YANMD. I think both my daughter and I experience simple partial seizures. If not, what do you think they may be? In any case, what steps might you take to reduce our "episodes"? More below the fold. [more inside]
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The Coldest Cold Lead

What is the best way to handle cold sales emails and LinkedIn requests? [more inside]
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Where are all the men?

I'm a man who participates in maybe what I'll call "extracurricular activities": going to museums, concerts(when they did them), picnicking in parks, doing zoom classes, book readings, volunteering with organizations, even online political activism. When I do these, nearly always are majority or nearly all women who are participating. Is this confirmation bias, something because I live in NYC, or actually a thing? If it is a thing, what are men doing? Are there any studies or articles that discuss this or talk about this?
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Need schooling/career advice for son with learning difficulties

My son is struggling with school and I need some help figuring out what his options are going forward. Would really value input from people who have gone through something similar, or their parents, as well as educators and career counsellors. [more inside]
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September 23

How to get a painful failed relationship off my mind?

I had a tumultuous relationship for several years with someone who was emotionally and verbally abusive, and in which I was dishonest and cheated. It’s over and I’m glad, but I still can’t stop thinking about it. [more inside]
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Did Ted Bundy say this?

I heard a speaker say that when Ted Bundy was asked how he could kill another human, he replied "there are so many people . . . what does it matter?" Can you help me find this quote, or find who actually said it? [more inside]
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What should I do with beautiful korean-BBQ style meat

There is a regional Korean-American chain, H-Mart, with beautiful pre-cut meat which looks just like the meat they bring out at Korean BBQ. What should I do with it? I do have access to a gas grill. What marinade should I make? Can I do it on the stove-top? What should I serve with it? They have a bunch of the salads/sides I can get. I look at the meat all the time and really want to make something fun for a party.
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September 22

Help my skin is angry

Extended heat and smoke conditions have caused an eczema flare-up. How do I get my skin to calm down? [more inside]
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Best Thrift Stores in Marin, Sonoma and Napa Counties

I've got a couple of favorites in Santa Rosa - would like to branch out and find a few more really good ones - please tell me which are, in your opinion, the absolute best in the three North Bay counties named above and why. Bodacious level of detail greatly appreciated. I am interested in clothing primarily.
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How to stop feeling sorry for myself and obsessing about my luck?

Lately I've been having more frequent thoughts about luck, particularly of the bad sort, and feeling like it's been following me around. I know this is not a productive way of thinking. I would like to figure out why it's taken root so deeply in my psyche, and how I can stop seeing everything negative that happens to me through this lens of poor fortune. [more inside]
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Procedural shows without cops and murder

We like the process of puzzling through a mystery and getting to a solution through brainwork and teamwork. Problem is most TV shows of this format focus exclusively on murder, which we don’t find good fodder for entertainment. Also the cops tend to be lionized, which we also don’t much care for. [more inside]
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Downloads for new job; McAfee says it has a virus

Of course I didn't d/l it and soon after McAfee deleted it. [more inside]
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How safe is a UK black cab?

Roughly how safe is a 15 min journey for one person in a UK black cab, assuming driver screen, that they sanitise between customers, masks worn and contactless payment? [more inside]
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Yet another "help me find this book" question

I read this book some years ago about what might have been the first "lost colony" established in the North American region by English explorers, somewhere in the Arctic or Northern Canada. For years, I've been searching for it, but I cannot find it. [more inside]
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No youtube notifications any more?

Hi everyone; I used to receive email notifications when a video was released on youtube,the ones I subscribe to. All of a sudden,I don't get those emails any more. Does anybody know why? Is this a new youtube policy? Thanks :-)
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Google Hangouts SMS trouble

My SMS messages are disappearing on Google Hangouts. Help. [more inside]
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Family Halloween costume ideas needed (two moms and a baby edition)

My wife and I have an adorable 4 month old and want to dress our little family up in a group costume but we’re coming up blank. I’m chubby and femme, my wife is pretty androgynous and would definitely dye her short hair any rainbow colour for the right costume; our baby is a generic cute baby. [more inside]
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Pimp my Pad See Ew

Sadly I live in an area without Thai restaurants nearby, so I've been trying to make my favorite dish at home. It hasn't worked yet. [more inside]
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Contemporary Short Speculative Fiction by Women

In the mood for some short spec fic collections by women. I’d love to hear your recommendations. [more inside]
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Best slippers for a pandemic?

I wear slippers basically all the time now, and my slippers, while very comfy, are lined with synthetic fabric, so they make my feet sweat, and then my feet are colder than if I wasn't wearing slippers and also gross and smelly. What would be better slippers for me to buy? [more inside]
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California proposition 65 and rice cookers

My fancy new Cuckoo rice cooker has a prop 65 warning on the box for DEHP. My other buying option was a Zojirushi cooker, so my question is if anyone has bought a Zojirushi lately and noticed a prop 65 warning. If all current rice cookers carry the warning (and since the operating temps aren’t that high) I'll likely keep it. I'm not asking about the warning itself because I think it would just generate chatter. [more inside]
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54 countries, 1 billion people, a lot of ignorance - ISO books on Africa

I know very little about contemporary Africa and looking for books to plug that gap. Specific detail requests below the fold. [more inside]
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September 21

How to paint a large subject over a subtle background?

Painters, help! I want to paint a large (koi fish) over a background (stars, galaxies). I know how to paint each thing separately, but I am just getting back into painting after a long hiatus and need some tips on executing it properly. [more inside]
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What are the risks of giving birth at 39?

We are considering have a child at age 39 or 40. What are the risks to the mother and child of having a baby at at this age? I'm looking for stats on complexity of the pregnancy and birth defects, or the increased risk of things like autism and down's syndrome. We've had two healthy children, if that matters.
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Name this artist for a friend?

Ok, long shot here but the specs are: [more inside]
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