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May 25

Pre-prom photo tips

We are going all out on dress, hair, and makeup for my daughter’s prom. How should we take photos? [more inside]
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App to save and order photos on Android phone?

When I meet somebody, I might want to show them, on my phone, a certain photo of my cat [more inside]
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New old Macbook

I have dug out my wife's elderly Macbook Air, I think it's probably from 2013? It's a lovely bit of kit, but it's on OSX 10, it's clunky to use the internet because it claims to be unable to make a safe connection etc. But "no updates available". [more inside]
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The god of small things

I'm wondering if there is a name for the concept that looking after something small can help cultivate your desired qualities on a larger scale. [more inside]
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May 24

What is this weird book

What-is-this-book filter: written by a woman, mostly or partly about a bus journey (???), famously strange. Very few helpful details under the cut, sorry! [more inside]
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Creative Commons BY-NC-SA hypothetical

There's an Arduino library called Mozzi. Its license is CC BY-NC-SA. I'm curious about the NC (non-commercial) aspect. Mozzi is a library for generating sound. If one were to build a sound synthesizer around an Arduino running Mozzi, could one sell that device? [more inside]
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Why don't you get smart with me

The Imitation Game, Twister, Apollo 13 - these favorite movies of mine all have in common teams of smart people working together to solve problems. While this is not the only type of movie I like, I'd like recommendations for more of this kind. I realize that I may have seen some that you'll recommend but don't worry about how old the movie is, I might watch it again anyway.
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Need copy of Sherman Alexie poem

I'm looking for the Sherman Alexie poem "Good Times." I'm completely willing to buy the book it's in, but I'm getting inconsistent information. It has to be the published version - I found it on a Facebook page, but I need something more official. [more inside]
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Seeing double

How do you handle navigating a purchase when you find multiple examples of an item online, sometimes using the same photos? Example inside. [more inside]
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html hidden text - can it stay hidden on highlight?

I'm trying to help a colleague with their experiment: adding hidden text to exam questions to foil copy/paste chatgpt operations. Our rudimentary efforts can hide text (we found a few ways that work okay), but it still shows up on highlight. Is there an html-only way around that? [more inside]
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Horror/creature features where the monster's form changes?

I'm looking for examples of horror films where there is a single monster/demon/alien (the less humanoid-looking the better) who drastically changes its physical form based on whom it is attacking or the circumstances under which the attack occurs. [more inside]
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Sourdough starter 5 days old - fridge or room temp?

I started a sourdough starter from scratch 5 days ago and we now have a last-minute plan to go away for 2.5 days. Should I: [more inside]
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Need the correct word for a shape transformation

If I draw an outline around a shape and delete the original shape, what have I achieved? I’ve been saying “embiggened” but I’m pretty sure that’s not right. [more inside]
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May 23

Can I download a Google Workspace shared drive to a local HDD?

I use Google Workspace for work, and would like to start backing up some of the shared drives to a local, physical, 6TB backup drive. Is this possible? How? [more inside]
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Gift advice for my Dad's birthday

You're a retired guy in your 70s. Your interests are travel, golfing, music (mostly top 40), movies, and wine. You watch a lot of sports and finance news. You're a big fan of tech and gadgets. You like reading, but golf-related books have been your standard birthday/Father's Day present since your kids were toddlers and are a little played out. What do you want for your birthday from your now 30-something child? [more inside]
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Division of property

How to batch personal property when dividing an estate? [more inside]
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May 22

Help me replace my busted hammock

I have a metal hammock stand with a padded fabric hammock that has steel spreader bars and attaches with two chains at each end rather than the more typical 1. The fabric is shot so there's a real risk of making a high speed descent if we use it. How do I find a new one without replacing the stand which is fine? [more inside]
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I got no time for livin’

I'm looking for OSHA regulations with respect to construction workers. In particular, I am looking for numbers like maximum allowed number of hours work/day and days/week. Can you point me in the right direction? [more inside]
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Frankenstein's grocery cart: retrofit my transformer hand truck

Problem: I currently find transporting large loads of groceries from my semi-distant parking garage to my apartment to be a major drag. Existing resource: I own a multi-functional and fabulously useful Cosco 4-in-1 convertible hand truck. Desired solution: Is there a way I can attach some sort of soft add-on bag structure to my existing hand-truck, so I can easily carry groceries with it (ideally with the hand truck in the traditional upright position)? [more inside]
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Objecting to meta AI

Facebook tells me it will now absorb my posts to feed its AI, but that I can object. Does anyone here have good suggestions on how to answer the impact questions inside. [more inside]
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Please just tell me what kind of use hybrid vehicle to purchase

Whelp, my 2008 Prius transmission just crapped out on me unexpectedly and now I am suddenly in the position where maybe I need to buy a new car. I want a gas hybrid. I hate cars and I hate this whole process. Specs inside. [more inside]
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Any experience with eInk devices outside of e-readers?

As someone who's a chronic (almost daily) migraine sufferer and realizing that laptop screens are almost certainly a contributing factor, I've been looking into alternative eInk devices as a possible replacement for various tasks. Curious if the hive mind has any experience with these devices and wanted to weigh in? [more inside]
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May 21

Stovetop insulin?

Once, as a kid at a parent's friend's house (mid eighties to early nineties), I recall someone warming up their insulin on the stovetop before injecting themselves. I recall the insulin being in a gold-ish-colored metallic cube that was placed directly on the burner element. Did I make this up? Was it insulin or something more spicy?
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No turn by turn directions in Maps using CarPlay

I recently got a new iPhone 14 to replace my old phone. Everything worked fine before that. Now when I’m using Apple Maps through CarPlay in my BMW I don’t get turn-by-turn audio directions, I do get told about speed checks and red-light cameras just not the turns. Everything else in CarPlay seems to be working well. Any ideas?
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Page turning audiobooks

I have recently gotten into audiobooks! I need some recommendations with certain criteria below. [more inside]
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May 20

With expansion screws borrowed from your aunt

Could you realistically actually expand a room using galvanized steel beams (and eco friendly wood veneers)? [more inside]
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Feeling unworthy of love after past relationship mistakes

I was recently broken up with, much of the reason being I had a naive view about romance and did not know how to connect deeply with my partner. I was also depressed at the time, could not recognize it yet, and further failed to respond to my partner's needs at the time. I feel a constant guilt for my actions. How does anyone cope with being the reason a relationship falls apart and feeling worthy again? [more inside]
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File management systems and logic - where to start?

I'm working with an internal team that does a lot of creative work for the rest of the organization - and our filing system is a bit of a mess. How would you approach a comprehensive plan to improve their system? I'm looking for tips big and small, general and specific. [more inside]
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My wife is having a crisis of confidence in her career -- how to help?

My wife (early 40's) is self-employed in a creative industry, and a huge part of her identity is wrapped up in her career. The slog of scraping together your own gigs, pursuing grant funding (so paltry in the U.S.), and a general sense of life having fewer "big break" opportunities for artists at her age and post-Covid is burning her out and her sense of self-worth is precarious. She's seeing a therapist she likes, but what can I do to help her regain her confidence (without getting sucked into a whirlpool of anxiety and hopelessness myself)?
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EU Permanent Residency and historic travel within the Schengen area

YANML. A friend will soon be applying for EU Permanent residency. They have maintained official residency in the EU country where they have lived and worked continuously for five years, but there are a couple of details we want to understand a bit better. [more inside]
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Need some motivation for my exam in 2 weeks

I posted here a couple of times about my previous exam, Advanced Taxation. I finally managed to just about scrape a pass, on my 3rd attempt . I now have my next one in 2 weeks and I'm finding myself procrastinating like crazy, I know this might seem like a repeat post but I need some support and encouragement [more inside]
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May 19

Sunglasses for paddlesports and aging eyes

Looking for an optimal sports sunglasses + progressive prescription solution for sea kayaking. [more inside]
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May 18

Looking for YouTube Channel Explaining World Theatre Traditions

Back in 2020, I stumbled across a YouTube channel that had 20 or more videos explaining Noh, Beijing Opera, Commedia dell'arte, Kathakali, Javanese, etc theatre traditions. I remember them as well made and rather thorough. I've tried various searches on YT but cannot find any series like I've described. Has anyone come across this channel?
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How to cook without cooking.

My stove is out of commission for the foreseeable future. What are some easy meals I can prepare myself so I'm not just eating cereal for dinner for the next week? [more inside]
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Question about UP Express and Dundas West

Toronto peeps, please settle this UP Express / Dundas West argument... [more inside]
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need to deal with fire ants, don't want to harm other ants if possible

What's the best way to deal with _only_ fire ants while not harming other ants? I had a bottle of very effective powder last year, but can't find it again. It was great because it went directly on one mound, which let me think that it might not harm other bugs much. [more inside]
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The one person who’d know can’t tell me .

I’m sitting in hospice with my mom, who would know the answer to this question, but I can’t ask her. [more inside]
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A want a light switch with a timer and a motion sensor. Does it exist?

I want to control my bathroom LIGHT with a motion sensor and my bathroom FAN with a timer switch. They are both on the same plate. I need the switch to do this and I cannot find it. The problem is, of course, that motion sensors all have a timer for how long it stays on after motion which messes up the googling. Please can you help me find this. In Canada. Thank you. [more inside]
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Quiet indy songwriter name

Trying to remember the name of a singer-songwriter I heard on All Songs Considered, maybe in 2022 or 2023? [more inside]
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May 17

Quiet PDX burger suggestions?

I need a last minute place to go for burgers in Portland, OR. [more inside]
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