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September 17

How much tax will I pay to bring a pair of skis back into Canada?

I am thinking of buying a pair of used skis in Denver, and bring them back to Vancouver. The price will be $999 USD, i.e. approx $1300 CAD. The personal exemption is $800 for my 2-3 day trip. There are no duties on skis, but do I pay PST/GST on the excess ($500) or the entire value ($1300)? Just trying to figure out whether I'm really gonna be saving much.
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Loss of power steering and red fluid all over ground

This was me. They replaced my transmission and I've had the car back for under a week. Today as I was parking, I suddenly lost all power steering. After wrestling the car into a parking spot, I got out and saw red fluid all over the ground. Pools of it. [more inside]
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Does CASL mean that I can't send cold emails?

If I send emails to potential clients that I haven't made contact with before to let them know about my services, would that violate CASL? My potential clients are people who are accountants and I'd only be contacting those who had their information available on their website. Is this something that would that be allowed under "implied consent, conspicuous publication", assuming that what I'd be contacting them about is relevant to their business?
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Have you read this book about decaying bodies and goth chicks?

I read this book a number of years ago (maybe 15?) and I would like to find another copy so I can make my husband read it. It was weird, possibly 90s, possibly goth, definitely included lots of vivid descriptions of decaying corpses. Fun! [more inside]
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How do others feel about my sister in law’s behaviour?

How do others feel about my sister in law’s behaviour? How should i deal with this? [more inside]
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"top 20" style article about debating/discussing with men?

I'm looking for an article (Buzzfeed, maybe?) that contained a bulleted list of tactics (some) men (allegedly) use when debating with women. It included items like "shift the goalposts" but it was *not* a generic list of debate fallacies. It was, admittedly, a biased listicle, but boy did it describe a very specific situation I observed recently, and I'd like to reread it while cursing and shaking a tiny fist at the universe. Perhaps you can help me find it? [more inside]
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I want to be able to hand letter things like they did in the 1960s.

Sort of a long follow up from this question: I would like to learn how to do hand lettering like they did back before computers. My ultimate goal is to make signs or posters that are evocative of the era. Maybe even some amateur sign painting? How do I learn how to do this? [more inside]
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Guide for Interacting with Muslim Women in Professional Environment?

I am very comfortable traveling in the Muslim world (have lived in South Asia for several years). However, I am now in the position of organizing a professional exchange, whereby an Indonesian policymaker (a Muslim woman) will be spending two months at a U.S. organization doing a job-shadowing experience in a very specific scientific field. The organization has asked if I have any guides they could pass out to their staff on "do's and don'ts" for interacting with relatively conservative Muslim women. Any ideas? [more inside]
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Presents to inspire someone to travel to Israel

I would like to get a meaningful gift for a man who is in his 60's and has expressed a great amount of passion around the idea of someday going to Israel. He is Jewish. I am about 25 years younger, and consider him a friend/mentor. I would like to give him an appropriate gift (or group of gifts) that might inspire him to take the plunge and visit. I am not Jewish or Israeli. Please help!
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11-week old Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy and 5.5 yr old human boy!

I've read tons of the puppy biting questions and they are so helpful. However, we have the added twist of a 5.5 yr old super active and physical young boy. I'd love some advice or even a pep talk that this will work out. [more inside]
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Currently mid-flight to Japan, and realized my passport is expired

I grabbed the wrong passport on my way out the door this morning, and no one at security noticed. I have a second valid US passport, but it's sitting in a drawer at home. I land in 10 hours. What can I do between now and then to help rectify this situation? Or am I just amazingly screwed.
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Where do I go this weekend?

Based in Berlin and trying to narrow down a few options. [more inside]
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Help my sister find this book!

About 10 years ago my sister read a science fiction novel, and wants to find it again. She read it about 10 years ago, but it could have been published any time before that, she doesn't remember if it was a recent publication. It possibly had the word "Pegasus" in the title. Plot below the fold [more inside]
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September 16

To whom do you report a typo in a ebook?

I just finished a novel that I enjoyed and found a type in the Kindle ebook edition. To whom do I report the typo so that it will get correct in future editions?
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Help a first time solo traveler plan a 10 day foodie trip to Italy

Hi, I'm a first time 27 yo American male solo traveler and have the last week of October and first week of November off. I'd like to plan a trip to Italy, but I have no idea what I'm doing and am lowkey terrified. [more inside]
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Mixed Drink for a Too Sour Beer

My wife and I have acquired a six-pack of beer that is too sour for us, but we don't want to throw away the other 5 cans. Any suggestions on ways to make it more palatable? Fun cocktails or milkshakes or what have you? [more inside]
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Kid books where school is fun?

Seeking books (especially in a series) for my advanced reader first grader that portray school positively. [more inside]
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September 15

Help me cut steaks or shish kebabs on the grill for my FIL's birthday

This is our grill, the Spirit II. It's Tuesday, and I work all day, and so does Mr. Llama, but we'd like to make it nice for him. I do not have much experience with grilling. [more inside]
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LED bulbs and dimmer switches

I have 3 light bulbs on a switch with a dimmer. I accidentally bought non-dimmable LED bulbs to replace the incandescents, turning my entryway into a discotheque (warning: strobing lights). However, when I put in a single incandescent and 2 LEDs, all the lights function fine - the LEDs take a half second longer to switch on, but no discernable flickering after that. Why does this work? Is it okay to keep them like this, or do I need to go back to the store and buy some dimmable bulbs? (I never use the dimmer so this is is a slightly annoying extra cost for me)
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Where and How to Make a Bootable Thumbdrive for Mac

I am planning on selling my old Macbook pro (2013 ish.) I erased the drive so well the software is completely gone. I tried holding down the option key so I could connect to wi-fi but it won't successfully do that. I am guessing I need to create a bootable disk to re-install the ios? I can't even find a spot where the software can be downloaded and the help videos are less than least for me.
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Bookkeeping 101 book for a writer doing research.

I am a playwright developing a story about a character that keeps the books in a small retail store. I know nothing on this subject. She’d be in charge of payroll and paying bills. I need a basic introductory book on whatever category of accounting this falls under. I mean, real fundamentals so that I can get ahold of the proper language and better understand core responsibilities. Suggestions welcomed! Thanks.
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What would Martha Stewart do?

I bought this gift bag filled with lavender-scented goodies at the farmer's market primarily for the oil and dried lavender. It came with these (what I assume are) dried stems. What do I do with the stems? Are they purely decorative?
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how to not overengineer woodworking projects

We've been doing woodworking projects lately, but we're relative newbs with no idea how to decide how much load any given structure can hold. So we tend toward overengineering. Are there some standard calculations or rules of thumb people use when deciding what size wood to use? [more inside]
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September 14

Help me know what I don't know about music

I've received literally no music instruction at all in my lifetime. I didn't even know the difference between rock and pop until I was 18. I want to make my own music, but I've struggled to put the bits and pieces I'm learning (synthesis, music theory, composition, etc) together into an integrated mental framework. [more inside]
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Caffeine sensitivity, hours later?

Can caffeine sensitivity symptoms show up inconsistently, and hours after consuming caffeine? The last two times I've had coffee or black tea after mid-afternoon, I've noticed anxiety and elevated heart rate, and feel my blood pounding... four to six hours later. However, I have a cup of coffee with breakfast daily and feel fine. [more inside]
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Your favorite Insight Timer meditations

I use Insight Timer for guided meditation almost every night before bed. I found some meditations that I enjoy but, I’d be really interested to experiment with a wider range. If you use this app, what are your favorite meditations? What about them appeals to you? How and for what do you use them? Thanks!
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What is this logo?

Friends: received a gross of these for free to pass out as gag gifts (decorated with lights). Now feel uncertain - what is F.O.G? What is the logo? Internet says Fear of God and Fat Oil and Grease, not very festive.
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Things To Do Outside Denver Before I'm Dead

Next week, I have two free days starting in the Denver area, and I'd like to explore the Rocky Mountain National Park. My main interests: viewing stunning wilderness and sensible solo hikes. Is there a tourist-friendly loop I could drive? I was thinking Denver - Loveland Pass - Aspen, but Google Maps suggests heading back to Denver along the same roads, and I'd like to get a change of scenery if possible. [more inside]
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To Live and Die in LA...and be cremated also?

I am shopping for cremation services for a death that'll happen in the next few days/weeks, in Los Angeles. What do I need to know? [more inside]
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Name my wedding officiating service

I'm a Humanist Minister creating and performing weddings, funerals, baby namings, and other rite-of-passage ceremonies in New England (U.S.). My current identity/name covers all of the above. After hearing from a number of wedding vendors that the name is a buzz-kill for engaged couples, I've decided to separate out the wedding identity from the rest. [more inside]
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Fair market value of life insurance question

I've read that the fair market value of life insurance must be calculated for "business valuation, estate planning and business succession". What exactly does "business valuation, estate planning and business succession" mean? I guess I'm wondering if someone can explain like I'm five what these circumstances mean and why the calculation is needed in these cases? Also, I'm not sure if it matters or not, but in case it does, I'm located in Canada. Thanks!
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Using a range cord for a dryer

Anyone have experience with appliance cords? Can we use an appliance cord (or range cord) with a dryer without causing safety concerns? We bought a new dryer and in the process discovered that prior owners had installed a range outlet instead of a dryer outlet. The dryer is here and has a proper 3-prong dryer cord attached but cannot be plugged in. We could either get an electrician to swap out the outlet, or buy a range/appliance cord for the dryer and continue to use the existing outlet. Anyone know enough about this to say if this is a safety hazard or just a compatibility/future convenience issue? [more inside]
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Text-only versions of news sites?

I just found out that there is a super-stripped down version of the homepage and was wondering if there were other news or popular sites that have something similar? [more inside]
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New deck: stain/seal right away or wait?

I have a beautiful new deck. The moisture level of the boards is below 15 percent, but water beads up on the surface. Should I stain and seal right away or wait? [more inside]
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September 13

How do I help a coworker learn to speak up?

I have a colleague who tends to speak really quietly, mumble, and trail off at the end of sentences. This leads to people (including me) asking her pretty much every time she says something to speak up so we can understand her. As her mentor (and for everyone's sake), I want to find ways to help. Tips/advice/resources? [more inside]
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Accessible tourist spots in Toronto

My Dad and his wife are currently visiting and we can't think of anything to do on the weekend. His wife uses a walker and can't really navigate steps or walk for more than a block or two. They went to Niagara Falls today and are doing a half day city bus tour tomorrow, which I assume covers most of the touristy stuff downtown. Help me! [more inside]
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Roaches. Why'd it have to be roaches.

There are dead roaches in my attic. I want to know how long they've been there. [more inside]
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Looking for Reading Materials for a 2nd/3rd Grade Level

Many decades ago, I remember classrooms had a file cabinet of "reading cards" which were a single page of text -- a story followed by some comprehension questions to check to make sure a student understood the story (or at least parts of it). What exists like this now? [more inside]
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there is no guidebook for this

Asking for a friend - script needed for a delicate conversation. [more inside]
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September 12

Good carpentry wood in the Yucatan?

I have the opportunity to have custom furniture made for a house in the Yucatan. I am personally a fan of big solid pieces of glass and wood. What wood to use is the question. [more inside]
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