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January 24

What do you want? What do you need?

I want to do something for people that are providing vaccine. What should that be? [more inside]
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Miss Maxine’s Identity Crisis

We got our cat from the Humane Society on Dec. 21. We named her “Maxine”, but she doesn’t recognize her name or any words yet. Are there any tricks to helping a cat learn her name? Or do you have an estimate on how long it might take? [more inside]
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Resources about having an unwanted child

My friend recently graduated college and his girlfriend of 6 months is 15 weeks pregnant and plans on keeping the baby regardless of his involvement. He does not want a baby and is unsure whether he even wants to stay in the relationship. Assuming she has the baby and putting aside the financial support, what are resources for thinking through the options of what this will look like? In terms of his responsibilities to her, his new child, and himself and keeping his sanity. [more inside]
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What was the Trump quote about 538 (but getting the numbers wrong)?

In 2020 Trump said something disparaging about Nate Silver and his polling site (FiveThirtyEight, as in 538 electoral votes). Trump got the number wrong, like 406 or something. What did he say, and what was that wrong number?
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How to serve leftover pizza at breakfast?

We have a tradition of eating the takeout leftovers from the night before as breakfast the next day (chilaquiles, cheesecake-stuffed waffles, spaghetti fritatta, etc.) However when we get pizza we always end up eating it straight as warmed up pizza for brunch. Anyone have any actually tested treatments for pizza in the morning? (Putting it on a bagel has been considered.) (Just slapping an egg on it isn’t beneath of us but that’s just about the only other idea I’ve had.)
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January 23

What was this Disney attraction?

My parents are gone now, so I can't ask them, but when I was very young I was taken to a Disney park and I have a faint memory of one attraction that I would like to identify. [more inside]
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Tell me how you disengage your anxiety spiral

A close friend I will be talking to tomorrow had things go slightly sideways at work at the end of last week. There's nothing to be done until Monday, but they can't stop thinking about it. Level of difficulty: They have a diagnosed anxiety disorder. [more inside]
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Fact checking The King movie about Henry V

I just watched The King on Netflix, a movie about King Henry V, and have a question about Henry's younger brother Thomas. I don't normally fact check historical dramas but I was curious about one point, Googled it, and found a discrepancy that is driving me crazy to the point I can't let go. Question inside in case it might be spoilery. [more inside]
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What kind of glue to repair a coffee grinder catch cup?

My coffee grinder's grounds catch cup has a crack that is threatening to turn into a full break. I'd like to repair it before that happens, and I'm trying to decide on the best adhesive -- and mostly whether I really need a food-grade glue for this. [more inside]
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Factual information on recreational drugs and teenage brains?

Can anyone suggest balanced, rigorous and un-moralising sources of information on what recreational drugs do to the developing teenage brain, presented in a way that is appropriate for a teenager?
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January 22

Portland Public Schools, how do they work?

My family and I are moving to Portland, Oregon, from out of state and we're wondering how and when we enroll in public schools. Added difficulty, we'd like to enroll in the Spanish immersion program. [more inside]
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Letterhead "header" repeating down page when printing

So, I got an amazing Brother black and white multipurpose laser printer, and as predicted, am so very happy with it! Except for one problem: I had some letterhead printed my local copy-print shop on decent quality paper, and when I run it through my printer, somehow the printer is lifting the ink of the logo and "repeating" the pattern twice more on down the page. Have you ever encountered this? [more inside]
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How many lumens to illuminate a person during the day?

Got a doorbell cam, works great mostly. The only problem is that it faces east, so when a person is at the door during the day, the back light of the sun tends to darken their actual face, so it's hard to see the person's features, especially if they have darker skin. [more inside]
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Scam phone call. Gave no info but I pressed "1" like an idiot. Now what?

I just got a robocall (UGH HELLO FIRST CLUE WHERE IS MY BRAIN TODAY) about "suspicious activity" on my Amazon account. They asked me to press 1 to talk to customer service. I did, because sometimes you just aren't thinking. How much trouble am I in? [more inside]
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Happy Birthday/Retirement Gift, COVID Edition

My dad's birthday is coming up (in three days!) and he also just officially retired, a goal he's been dreaming about for years. I wanted to do something uniquely special for this occasion, but for a few reasons I'm struggling to come with good ideas! [more inside]
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Anti-Racism for Mostly White Preschool?

We live in a pretty white area and some parents at our preschool have volunteered to help build some curriculum that can bring anti-racist teaching into the school. What works for ages 3-4-5, especially if the kids are mostly of a white/homogeneous background? [more inside]
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How to help, social services edition

I am shortly going over to stay with a friend who is deeply upset. Social services were called to talk to her young children at preschool. The children are still meeting with the social services people and have not yet come home. After they come home, what should I do or say or definitely not do and not say to help them after a challenging day? [more inside]
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Wifi/Internet problems with MBP - fixed by rebooting router/cable modem

Frequent critical internet (zoom/browsing) failures with 2012 Macbook Pro on Mojave…… but other machines on network work fine. Temporarily fixed by rebooting router and cable modem, but always returns. WTF? [more inside]
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Art Studio Gift

My partner has a small art studio where she does some painting and other crafty things. I'd like to get her a gift (or gifts) that will add some joy to the room. [more inside]
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January 21

Showerhead attachment for bathtub faucet

My shower is no longer working (water only drips out), but the bathtub faucet still works and has good water pressure. I’d like to attach some kind of shower head to the faucet. [more inside]
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Эй, ухнем! Song of the Volga Boatmen, please

Someone mentioned this song in one of the threads related to the sea shanty trend. I love it dearly and fondly remember one of my Russian teachers in St. Petersburg teaching us to sing it while he played the guitar. All I can find on youtube is grandiose versions (ie. Red Army Choir) but I'd love some versions with just a person singing along with a guitar or piano. And some casual (but spirited of course) versions of people singing in a group with great harmonies. Please set me on the right track? [more inside]
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What is this kids book about an "indoor toilet that doesn't stink"?

I have a clear memory of a book I read as a child where the protagonist's family was the first one in the town to get an indoor toilet. Everyone marveled at it because it was an "indoor toilet that doesn't stink." I believe this book was part of a series. More details inside... [more inside]
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Where did I read about the bonuses of banal small-talk?

In the past month, I've read an article (I think in the New Yorker) that referenced a piece of sociological research from the Seventies. But where did I read this? [more inside]
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Signal as an adjective and its pairings

Is "signal" used to mean 'notable' or 'prominent' commonly paired with any words beside achievement, accomplishment or failure? [more inside]
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Sesame Seed Recipes

Trader Joe's sells these delicious sesame honey almonds and sesame honey cashews that are great for snacking. At the end of the bag, there are significant residual sesame seeds leftover, along with some broken nuts. We're talking at least a quarter cup. What can I do with these sesame seeds so they don't go to waste? [more inside]
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January 20

Sign language poetry?

I am mildly curious about poetry that is organic to sign language (that is, not interpreted from an oral language). I am curious about what is visually analogous to rhythm, rhyme and alliteration, and any other related info. [more inside]
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Is it worth keeping...

I have a half box of left over engineered floorboards. Is it worth keeping them for a possible floor repair or can I get rid of them? [more inside]
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Juvenile snake ID help?

There was what I assume is a baby snake outside when I got home. It's still there. Any idea what kind it might be? Picture here I wouldn't think it was the time of year for baby snakes (January in Virginia).
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I need an advanced therapist

Are there any tips for finding a therapist who is ready for a more "advanced" patient who doesn't want to talk about the importance of drinking tea when sad? Or do you have any direct recommendations now that geography doesn't seem to matter anymore? [more inside]
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Don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing

Help me find more jazz/hip-hop fusion-ish songs to play in the waiting/downtime before zoom meetings? [more inside]
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January 19

Can I use a cefaly migraine-device with titanium in my jaw?

I want to try a cefaly. The web site says "Have implanted metallic or electronic devices in the head". I have titanium (i.e. non-magnetic metal, poor conductor) in my jaw. Not the migraine-y part of my head. Can I try this? [more inside]
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Lawyer for name change? USA

Is hiring a lawyer to help with a legal name change worth it? They would charge $1200, and I can afford it. - No unusual circumstances like a criminal record.
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Quality/Skilled Film Processing for old/damaged film

I'm looking for recommendations for a place to take some old disposable cameras for developing. I'd like to find someone with a focus on or experience with damaged film, that will be mindful of preserving the images within. [more inside]
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Is there 300,000+ psi, low temp hydraulic fluid?

I’m looking for hydraulic fluid that is usable at 335,000 psi, -31°f to 190°f. I have not been able to find any rated higher than 150,000 psi.
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Specific USPS Question About DPO Addresses

Is it possible to send mail to a DPO address from outside the US? [more inside]
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Risk reality check, job interview edition

I have a job interview scheduled this Friday. I was very surprised to find that it will be conducted in-person. This seems already like a yellow (red??) flag. Can you all provide me with a reality check on the situation? [more inside]
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Another name for Exquisite Corpse?

I want to use the Exquisite Corpse drawing game as part of an online activity for children aged 8+ that I work with, but I'm having a hard time coming up with a less-scary sounding alternative name for it, and Google isn't turning up much in terms of alternatives. [more inside]
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Is there a substance that remains liquid over a wide range of pressure?

Is there any substance which will neither crystallized nor vitrify nor boil at all of the following temperature and pressure regimes, and which is neither extremely toxic nor highly corrosive to metals? 80kPa @ 277K, 100kPa @ 238K - 310K, 700MPa @ 238K - 330K, 2.3GPa @ 330K - 360K [more inside]
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Worst 90's songs

I write poems (often presented as spoken word) that are comprised of lyrics from 90's songs. Right now I'm working on one based off the worst songs. I've read a lot of listicles, but it's usually the same ones over and over. (Listed those below the fold.) What other songs are worthy of inclusion, either according to you or a site you link to? [more inside]
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What is the green creature on the Wellington Paranormal shoulder-patch?

In the TV show Wellington Paranormal, the police wear a badge with a coat of arms. I presume the animal on the right is a moa, but what's the dragonish thing on the left?
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