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July 20

roll vs scroll

Is there a difference between cinnamon rolls and cinnamon scrolls? [more inside]
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Getting a Wild Boars team jersey in a way that benefits the community

I really want a Thai soccer team Wild Boars jersey modeled off of their media appearance. The question is--how to get one and not be exploitative of anyone involved (or if that's even possible). Preferably how to get in touch with the artist, how to get any money made to the team and their families, or to the family of the Thai diver who gave his life to help, etc., any ethical considerations (please read explanation!) [more inside]
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Ants that look like spiders that look like ants?

Is this a carpenter ant? [more inside]
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Tweak Gmail events

I could like Gmail putting events on my calendar but I can't stand the 11:30 pm alerts. Is the only option to uncheck the event in calendar settings? In my perfect world it would come over with no alert set.
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July 19

Is it lupus?

My laptop's been having a bit of trouble for the last two weeks or so. Things that normally boot up within a second now takes up to ten seconds. E.g. I'd click on an icon (say, firefox) and it would take about five seconds for the hover-over animation to show, then another five for the program to start. More deets below. [more inside]
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Android phones for n00bz

Which android phone do I want? Am I going to be as happy as I think I will once Apple is out of my life? [more inside]
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my giant noggin

ISO headbands for the gym / running / athletic activities that won't slide off my head. [more inside]
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But, I don’t want your *#&$@% mobile site

Is there any way to get around Facebook’s redirect to the mobile site? [more inside]
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New England-filter: Verizon vs AT&T when using GPS/Google Maps

Is Verizon GPS with Google Maps particularly awful around Cape Cod? I just switched to a Verizon pre-paid plan from an AT&T pre-paid plan due to poor AT&T reception in areas I frequent, but I didn't expect it to destroy my GPS-ing! Is it that bad elsewhere? [more inside]
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Congratulations on your fine gaggle of courgettes

I'm going to need courgette recipes. [more inside]
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Coping with ongoing fatigue

Looking for ideas on managing my life while coping with intermittent fatigue. [more inside]
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July 18

HDMI splitter that will work automatically?

I have an older (2006-ish?) tv with one HDMI port. I have three things (Roku, DVD player, and cable box) I would like to watch via the tv. I've been using an HDMI splitter that requires manual switching (I have to go click it to transfer between the cables), and it's in the process of active dying. I would love to replace it with something that (a) works and (b) does not require that I get up to click it when I switch from Hulu to cable. I'd love to avoid another remote control as well, but it's not a dealbreaker. Suggestions? [more inside]
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Should I go to Paris solo?

I’ve never been to Europe (or anywhere besides the US and Canada). Will I regret going alone the first time? [more inside]
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Who holds the copyright on "Annabel Lee" by Edgar Allen Poe?

Is there a copyright holder for "Annabel Lee" by Edgar Allen Poe? Or, is it in the public domain?
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Can they eat it ver. 687

Hot car + weird bottle + feeding kids makes me wonder if I should be paranoid and just buy a bunch of new ranch? [more inside]
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You mean all clothing doesn't block out the sun?

What is the deal with UPF clothing? I expect that when I'm wearing a regular, normal shirt that I won't get sunburned through it. Yet now I'm seeing there's special clothing that says "SPF 50" and stuff on it. What's that mean? Isn't a regular t-shirt just about SPF infinity?
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Which season of Drag Race should I watch next?

I just finished Season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. I want to buy another season to watch, but since I’m paying for a season individually, I figured I’d ask for mefites’ favorites. Don’t spoil the winners, please!
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The best single-pocket small bag money can buy.

A music festival I attend has really restricted the bags you can bring in this year. Full rules here. What is my best option for dealing with the constrictions of one pocket, 14" x 11" x 5" ? I don't really want to spend money for something that'll be used once a year, but the only thing I have now that fits is a cheapo fanny pack, which isn't going to cut it for what I like to carry with me. Do you have anything that fits these restrictions that you love? Where did you buy it? [more inside]
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Roleplaying chaos as a religion

What rules, traditions, and beliefs would a religion that worships a god of chaos follow, and how might one role play this as a player? I have developed a character for a Dungeons & Dragons 5E game, a pirate monk who follows a chaotic god of the sea and storms. I'm having a bit of trouble mentally reconciling what an organized religious order that lives by the tenets of chaos would look like. Clarifying details and back story inside. [more inside]
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dishwasher power wiring

Do the "L" and "N" on this power terminal represent 'live' and 'neutral'?
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Multi-purpose pulled pork?

I have a couple of huge, very inexpensive cuts of centre pork loin and want to make a couple of large batches of multi-purpose pulled pork in my Instant Pot to flavour in smaller batches later. Is this a good idea? If so, two questions. [more inside]
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What scares a vampire?

Last night, after an iffy stick, the phlebotomist ended up holding the needle steady during my entire blood donation. I made the minimum amount, and we were hanging in there to fill the bag, when suddenly... [more inside]
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July 17

Best audiobooks for someone who doesn't listen to audiobooks

I really need to cancel my Audible account, but I have 5 credits to use up. Help me out? [more inside]
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What's this exercise phenomenon called?

So I walked a marathon last weekend. I'm 50 pounds overweight and no spring chicken, so it was really hard for me. Around mile 16, I really, really wanted to quit. [more inside]
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What is the difference between a regular cymbal stand and suspended?

What are the differences in sonics and practical uses of a cymbal stand in a rock drum kit vs. a suspended stand with a boom arm like you'd see in symphonic music? [more inside]
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When to take your eyes off the medical issue and focus on the legal one?

A relative of mine was critically injured in an accident this weekend. My relative was most likely at fault, and an investigation is underway. Other people were also injured. My question is partly legal, partly about etiquette. [more inside]
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Vegan dessert for a birthday party

My sweet vegan friend is having a milestone birthday and we're surprising her with a party. I've been tasked with bringing dessert for about 20 people. My current idea is to make vegan brownies and have some vegan ice cream and other toppings for a brownie sundae bar type thing. But I'm not vegan and haven't done a lot of vegan baking, so I could use some help! [more inside]
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Physics/math problem - how to get from one position+velocity to another

I've got a problem I've been chewing on, and have it partly figured out, but haven't managed to distill it into a form I could, for example, code into a video game. Basically, if I have a starting position and velocity, and want to have a particular ending position and velocity after a given time, what movement accomplishes that with the smallest peak acceleration? I feel like this is probably a solved problem, but I don't know how to search for the topic effectively. [more inside]
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How to add a date stamp to a series of video files?

I have a series of home videos that I've recorded on my iphone. The videos are in .mov format. I'd like to burn these videos to a dvd so that my parents can watch them. Before I do this, I'd like to find a program that can take all of the video files and stamp them with the date they were recorded. Can anyone suggest a program that can do this? [more inside]
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Renting an apartment in New York with mixed credit

We are a married couple apartment-hunting in New York. One of us has better credit than the other. Should we apply jointly or to have the partner with better credit apply solo? (Is that even an option?) [more inside]
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Civil Disobedience: Rental Car Key Edition

When you rent a car (at least in the US), it is common to be given two keys or fobs, fastened together on a key ring that cannot be opened non-destructively. This is a major pain. If I were to cut the ring open, would I catch hell? [more inside]
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Struggling to work without headphones

I've been either a student or a freelancer for the past 10 years, and I'm used to listening to music or podcasts while I work. Now I have a full-time job in an office where headphones aren't allowed, and I'm really struggling with working in silence. [more inside]
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Old timey medical terms

In some novels and other books I've read, characters suffer from lumbago, catarrh and apoplexy. Today, we would call these lower back pain, postnasal discharge, and a stroke. What are other older, now disused, medical terms? And what do they mean?
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Books on homelessness in America?

I'm looking to read a non-fiction book about homelessness in America, preferably written within the last 10 years. More requirements inside. [more inside]
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Using a fluorescent tube ceiling light after a leak

Several days after a leak that came through a fluorescent tube light fitting, my mother's told me there's no problem with the light as she's turned it on and it was fine. I'm not happy this is safe. [more inside]
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Helping someone overcome class shame

I am looking for an inspiring talk (or something!) by someone who has grown up in what would be considered a "rough"/poor/"low ses" environment with not much opportunity, and through hard work and dedication, made their way into the middle class as a professional, but without disowning or disavowing their past. [more inside]
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WhatsApp usage etiquette for work communication

I have WhatsApp installed on my phone and primarily use it for communicating with friends and family. Recently, a series of business contacts/customers (up to VP levels!) have found me on WhatsApp and seem to think it is appropriate to use this medium to communicate and request information that I feel should only be transmitted via Work Email. This makes me uncomfortable. How can I get them to email me instead?
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How difficult is it to redecorate including replacing some tiles?

My bathroom needs some redecorating work and to save money I'd like to try doing it myself. Currently the bathroom has fairly large (about 3" square) tiles on the bottom half of the walls, then green tiled edging and green wallpaper. Most of the tiles are white but some of them have little green frogs on them. [more inside]
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July 16

Word macro to highlight different numerals in different colors?

I'm trying in vain to figure out how to automate, in Word, highlighting all instances of each numeral in a different color (e.g. 1 = yellow, 2 = cyan, etc.) to ensure consistency in translation work. Apparently when recording macros, it doesn't record what you search for, making it much harder for me to figure out how to actually go about this. Any suggestions and/or solutions? For what it's worth, I'm running the newest Word 365 on macOS.
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Looking for design/decor inspiration (with dark wood paneling)

I am moving to a new apartment with and my usual decor searches are failing me. My new place is on the garden (i.e., semi-basement) floor of a classic Brooklyn brownstone. It has gorgeous, original, dark (walnut) wood paneling that extends halfway up the walls in the living room and master bedroom. (I am renting so no, this cannot be painted.) Help me find inspo photos? [more inside]
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