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June 14

The spice must flow...for movie night

Friends and I are watching Dune (1984) before Dune (2021) comes out. I have never seen the movie, only read the book, and without a reread I'm drawing a blank on themed snacks for movie night. Any suggestions of food and/or drink for reasonably adventurous adults with no food allergies?
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June 13

What is the best low-maintenance machine-washable suit for a man?

I am looking for a suit that is machine washable, comfortable, and preferably not extremely expensive. Ministry of Supply makes some blazers, pants, and shirts that supposedly do not get wrinkled and are at the same time very comfortable and breathable. I want something like that (maybe MOS if it is worth it) but preferably less expensive.
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Help me find this Buddhist/Zen story/teaching

A friend was telling me about a mindfulness thought-exercise, something about “the apple is the apple and I am me, and if I eat the apple does it become me and when/if does it stop being me...” I want to find the original writing; can you help me? [more inside]
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Why did a pound coin change colour after soaking in vinegar?

My 7yo child is into chemistry. As an experiment we tried to clean a tarnished UK pound coin by soaking it in vinegar. The colour changed from gold to copper. Can someone explain the chemistry of this in terms suitable for a 7 year old?
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June 12

Childcare while visiting the hospital

I'll be visiting a hospital (Sloan Kettering in NYC) frequently over the coming months and need childcare for a two-year-old during visiting hours. While searching, I thought about the short-term childcare services many gyms (like this) provide while parents work out. Sloan Kettering doesn't seem to offer something like this, so I'm wondering: Do any hospitals offer short-term childcare services for visitors who have family members receiving treatment? If not, why not? What barriers might be preventing hospitals from creating something like this?
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Which sports are completely dominated by a single person currently?

We've been watching competitions in the run up to the Olympics and women's gymnastics and some of the swimming competitions, the goal seems to be for second place due to Simone Biles and Katie Ledecky, respectively. Which other sports currently have someone that dominant in them? [more inside]
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How to prevent viscose from s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g?

I have a viscose shirt that I absolutely adore...for the first two hours that I'm wearing it. Over time it stretches lenghtwise. By the end of the day the hem is two inches lower than when I began. (Under_petticoat_rule has confirmed this.) This wouldn't be a deal-breaker except that the V-neck is also two inches lower and exposes the entire center of my bra. Are there any options to keep it from stretching, or should I resign myself to wearing it two hours a day and no longer?
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June 11

Help me dress, and appreciate, my post-baby body

My body shaped changed after having a baby in the past year and I've gone from hourglass to "bottom hourglass" and I need help figuring out what to wear and how to feel good about my new shape. [more inside]
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Bad sneakers (but no pina colada)

I wound up walking for a mile in pouring rain yesterday, and now, 24 hours later, my sneakers are still soaked. What's the best way to get them to dry faster? Oven at lowest possible temperature? Is the lowest (175 or 200 F) low enough? Dryer on delicate? Seems hard on the dryer. Something else? It's still raining, so "put them out in the sun" is not an option.
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Final contract paycheck: whose job is it to follow up?

Hello, I recently ended a not-good contract with a not-terribly-together agency. For my final week of work, I submitted my timecard at the end of the day on Friday, as usual. Boss did not approve it - which they normally had. I assumed that the agency would follow up, since they'd also be out money. However, they didn't follow up. Today I had to email Boss and Their Boss and say "Hey, I submitted my timecard for approval a week ago, why didn't you approve it?" [more inside]
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Easiest cheapest way to clean a leather glove

I have the fencing glove that is the fourth item on this page. It is very dirty. I'm confused by what I'm finding about cleaning leather online. [more inside]
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2 person electric scooter? Socially acceptable?

Has anyone ever used a 2-person electric scooter like this one? I'm browsing electric scooters for my husband, and I saw this 2-seater which looks like heaven to me (he needs to be sitting and I don't have the strength to push a wheelchair. If I could be sitting as well that would be simply wonderful). But I thought, if we were tooting down a crowded boardwalk, paved wilderness park trail, or touristy shopping plaza type place, would people consider this inappropriate or give us a hard time about it? [more inside]
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All your favorite no-cook, minimal-refrigeration meals

We'll be hanging out in some national parks with a kettle and a small cooler, but no camp stove/microwave/other cooking implement. We will also have a little cutting board and knife. I am a vegetarian. What should we eat? [more inside]
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Beta blockers and anosmia

Has anybody lost their sense of smell and/or taste from taking propranolol or another beta blocker on a temporary basis? If so, how long did it take you to regain it? [more inside]
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June 10

I want my, I want my, I want my UHF TV....

I would like to find at least the front face of the kind of TV I grew up with, with one dial of VHF and one dial of UHF. This is for a personal art project. The TV does not need to work. [more inside]
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Contract Research Position and Unemployment

Has anyone had an experience with applying for unemployment after a grant-funded job ends? I accepted a two-year research assistant position with a large university, but when I signed, it was represented to me that the fixed-term nature was solely due to funding concerns: my position would be funded by a two-year grant, so although there was no *guarantee* there would funding after those two years, if another grant could be found to support me, I would be kept on/re-signed. Unfortunately, another grant couldn't be found, so I had to leave, despite the fact that both I and my boss wanted me to stay on. However, I recently learned that the university marked my departure as "voluntary," which may cause some problems re: unemployment, etc. [more inside]
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Patreon Porn Pirate Prevention Perusing PDF Personalization?

Hey, so I make adult comic books.... and not adult comics sense that, say, Chris Ware or Daniel Clowes make comics for adults. I'm using adult in the more euphemistic sense. Porn. I make porn. And like a lot of porn artists, I've been having a lot of problems recently with porn pirates! [more inside]
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Alternatives to high-cost asset management for a 501c3?

I'm newly involved with a 501c3 that has their assets with an asset management company that's charging them 1.25%, while their needs are very basic. They're open to having me present lower-cost alternatives at the next meeting. I had/have some alternatives in mind, but would love help finding better ones -- or suggestions for other places to post this question (but not Bogleheads). [more inside]
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Translate this odd Australian retail food quantity

A friend is trying to convert an Australian recipe that calls for a "net" of strawberries. What would be the equivalent quantity in any standard metric or imperial unit of weight or volume?
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SQL - does it work like this?! I'm a total SQL noob...

Basically I'm trying to update some records in our EPOS database because the transactions relate to last month but they've been input for this month. There's about 25 of them so I thought rather than manually doing them one by one in SQL Workbench and possibly making mistakes I'd try to learn how to do it more automatically. THANK YOU [more inside]
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Question about storing small engines with valves closed

Trying to learn about storing my small engines. I have read that it is best to store engines with the valves closed, ie, at tdc. And this seems best, but... is it possible to determine tdc when pulling the starter rope? I mean, doesn’t the compression release open a valve while pulling the rope, so that feeling tdc is impossible? Thanks in advance.
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June 9

Do I need to worry about hornets?

I just moved to a new house and this morning I woke up to find a giant hornet -- about 1.5 inches long -- in my room. [more inside]
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getting help for someone in Denmark

I'm in a small private group with people from all over the world. One member has confided in us that they need help - professional, help. I'm in the USA, without international calling. I don't know what to do. [more inside]
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Hi-Res Apple Music Remote Control

With the release of high resolution lossless on Apple Music (and no home internet data cap) I want to integrate it into my main stereo. I have an older Mac Mini, an external USB-based DAC, and an old iPhone. Can I run all of this headlessly, and conveniently, in my living room somehow?
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Is there another meaning than mushroom to the Japanese "-take"?

I believe I read somewhere that, similar to common usage in Chile of the Quechua word "k'allampa" both for mushrooms and for "dick" (or Uyghur "يەر مەدىكى / yer mediki", meaning "earth dick") the Japanese -take that many mushroom names are composed with, taken by itself can be a slang word for penis, or was an arcaic or dialect word for it. [more inside]
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How do I fix my stupid mouse drivers?

So I installed Virtualbox on my Windows 10 machine and it immediately broke all mouse support in Windows. Obviously this is a big problem. How do I fix it? [more inside]
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What are your best skin soothers?

I’ve got a double whammy of heat rash where my bra band lies and shaving irritation in my pubic area. I know what to do to get both irritations to go away eventually, but I would appreciate suggestions for the best ways to soothe them in the meantime. What makes your skin feel better when it’s irritated and angry?
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Denied a volunteer oppportunity

I recently applied to our local Volunteer Rescue Squad. This has always been an interest of mine, and the time felt right given my career status and family situation. I have several certifications including Wilderness First Responder, a clean record, and sterling references. My facebook profile is private and I don't have other social media presence. Yet my application was just denied. [more inside]
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Is it pointless trying to prevent email harvesting on my website?

My friend and I are starting a small production company and I thought it would be fun(!) to build our website myself. Even though the site is meant to be just a portfolio of our previous work that we can point prospective clients to, we should definitely have our business contact info on it. Is there an effective way to hinder spambots from harvesting mailto: links on our site? What about social media links? Is it pointless to even bother with this? [more inside]
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June 8

Am I being too picky with dentists?

I've been to five different dentists in the last several years. The first three practices I left for what I thought were valid reasons (always running super late, messed up a crown and couldn't fix it, etc) I'm wondering about the other two, though. [more inside]
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Quiet Gaming Laptops?

There are so many gaming laptops! Help! Looking for something quiet but that has a lot of memory, good screen quality, can be used to run and design games with [more inside]
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Logitech Mouse that has lots of macro keys but also uses unifying dongle

I’m looking for a Logitech mouse that has extra keys for macros but still uses the unifying receiver since I’ll be using it on a laptop and want to minimize my number of dongles. Thanks!
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Do I need to eject this USB hub thingy?

I have recently started using a USB hub thingy (this) so I can attach a wired mouse & external keyboard to my MacBook Air when I'm using it on a stand. Do I need to eject it when I'm done using it? The reason I'm asking is twofold: I don't know if I need to; but also I don't see it appear on my desktop like, say, an external drive would, so I don't know how to eject it. Talk to me like I'm your ancient granny, please.
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I don't get these themed crossword clues

I solved the June 4 crossword in the Washington Post, but I don't understand the themed clues and their answers. The puzzle is syndicated, so I think it was also in the Los Angeles Times and other papers. Clues and answers below. [more inside]
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Hearing aids on a Plane

I'm flying in July and I am brining a couple experimental hearing aid devices with me. They look like this. Is this going to cause me any issues? [more inside]
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Rewind, and Erase?

Is it possible to disregard a college year in new college applications? [more inside]
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Seeking Conventional Wisdom

Anyone know anything about convention planning? Specifically medical convention planning? [more inside]
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"Le Maitre de la Boite a Chocolats." What does this French want to say?

In chapter 18 of The Moon and Sixpence, Maugham writes " The master of the box of chocolates." I'd like to know the source of this phrase if it's a kind of idiomatic expression. And why does he say"la (boite) " here? I only know "la" means "the" and "une" means "a" though .Thank you for helping my English and now, French!
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June 7

Dr’s husband is vocally anti-trans online; should I do anything?

I saw a new doctor this week, and googled them afterwards. They have no social media, but their husband does, and he uses it to post truly vile missives against trans and queer people. I have no way of knowing if his wife agrees with him; is there anything for me to do here? [more inside]
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What's this SF story about insects?

My friend is trying to track down a short story he read many years ago—He says this was a sci-fi short story, probably from some Best Sci Fi of the Year Anthology, probably pre 1980s. In it, a British explorer finds a heavy silver ball inside a giant anthill in a desolate area of Africa. He is thereafter followed by a mass of insects.
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