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April 16

Google Sheets data: how to input, how to extract data.

How can I set up a Google Sheet in order to extract a certain data set? There are many more details inside... [more inside]
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Which of these trees have pretty flowers in the spring?

Do you know a lot about flowering trees? Can you tell me which species have traditionally pretty flowers in the spring? Northeastern US (New England). [more inside]
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Camp It's Among Us

Does anyone remember a muppet video meant to educate kids about about HIV/AIDS released in the 90s maybe called "Camp It's Among Us" I've recently learned this wasn't a universal childhood experience and I'm looking to see if I can find a stream of it. [more inside]
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Wet cat food efficiency.

I wish to regularly provide my two cats with 'wet' cat food on a regular basis without the waste of endless tiny cans. Is this probable in an efficient and affordable manner?
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Russian Dance

A friend shared this video with just a comment about the sleeve length, but I'm transfixed by it. It looks full of symbolism and I'd love to know more, is it traditional? modern? what does it mean? Is it Russian? Can anyone help?
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Virtual art classes for 9-12 year olds

We did some virtual art classes during spring break for my daughter and she really likes them. Can you recommend drawing classes for kids that cover realistic drawing and perspective, and are weekly or biweekly? Ideally these classes would be in the Bay Area in case we ever get back to in person instruction, but could be anywhere. We would like a class with other kids but if that fails an art tutor would be ok. The main complication is that we would like the classes to start before the end of the school year, or at least be some type of class where kids can drop in midway. They are not interested in drawing cartoon characters/anime or doing a single illustration, they are more interested in learning the principles of drawing at this point.
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April 15

How can I make sure I'm the only passenger in my Uber or Lyft ride?

I'm confused. I don't use ride sharing services often, but I'm vaccinated now and sometimes I have to take transportation to go to an appointment (like today). [more inside]
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Did I imagine this band?

Years ago I was standing at the magazine rack of a bookstore reading about a band called DECRE. The name stood for Decreationism, the philosophy that God was de-creating the universe. They had a song "(HE Gives Me) Satisfaction" Everytime I read a post about DEVO I try to look them up DECRE. Google searches always come up blank. Did they exist, but were they, and all evidence of them, de-created? Am I the only remaining person who remembers them?
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How to foster a future politician/policy maker?

Our thirteen year old was *activated* by the horrors of the last four years. He wants to start working towards a better tomorrow—now, right now! What first steps should he take as a budding politician/policy maker? He’s doing research into becoming an intern at our state capital (Colorado) and reaching out to progressive candidates for volunteering opportunities. He’s also contacting the state arm of the Democratic Party and the DSA. What else?
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Where can my sister buy in RI for 150-200K?

My sister has been pre-approved for a $150K mortgage. We may be able to find her another 25-50K. She works in Providence, daycare is in Pawtucket. What are her best options in terms of what areas to look in? [more inside]
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Communal Watchlist

Is there an app anywhere like Letterboxed that will let me and a small group add films to for a regular watch party? [more inside]
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April 14

How is bathroom vanity formed?

The vanities in both bathrooms are in poor condition and weren't great craftsmanship to begin with. Where does a USian find a vanity cabinet and top/sink that won't fall apart in a few years and how much should I expect to pay? 30" and 36" widths. [more inside]
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Microsoft Word Oddity #872,982

What are these odd text boxes and how can I efficiently get rid of them? [more inside]
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Known cases of harm from telling FB your initials and favorite color?

The internet loves little generative memes where you choose from the first column based on your favorite color, the second column based on your birth month, the third column based on your initials, and bam, that's your Wacky 80s Band Name or something. Every time one comes around, someone asserts that you're an utter fool if you participate, because it's basically asking to have your personal data stolen by evildoers. it? Are there any known cases of responses to these memes being used for nefarious purposes? [more inside]
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Board/card games for kids + adults?

I'm looking for board or card games that are fun for both kids (ages 8 & 12) and adults. [more inside]
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In education, what is this phenomenon called?

What is the name given to the phenomenon whereby people become interested in a subject area as a result of direct experience. Or alternatively, people are not interested in learning about topics of which they have little or no experience. [more inside]
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Help me copycat these green beans!

A local restaurant makes these green beans that are really delicious. Please help me figure out how to replicate them. [more inside]
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Help/Hope me?

Maybe it's just me, but I've recently noticed a lot of instances where people (seem to) misspell "help" as "hope", in phrases like "Hope me find a new..." Is this a new trend I missed out on? Or am I misreading something? [more inside]
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April 13

cold reading like psychics do: I need to read about it

This is for research. I need books on, like, fortune-telling, psychic readings, etc. Scenarios where a client seeks answers about their inner world, and the professional demonstrates magical-seeming insight. [more inside]
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Help me find this Johnson & Johnson risk visualization

I recently saw a great visualization of the risks associated with the J&J vaccine. The visualization consisted of thousands and thousands of dots being displayed, with an occasional blue dot (meaning that person's life was saved by the vaccine) and a incredibly small number of red dots (blood clots). But I can't seem to find it now. [more inside]
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Please help me compare cities' air pollution.

I like to be outside, and I like to be in walkable places, and I'd like to know which places have better air quality. [more inside]
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Largish Word files lagging after the tiniest of edits

I do freelance copyediting, and I'm getting these problematic large Word files from one particular client (usually about 12MB or 400-500 pages). When I’m editing the downloaded file with Track Changes on, Word often stalls for about five seconds; the top bar grays out and says Not Responding, the fan comes on, and I can’t do anything until it catches up. [more inside]
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What is the quality of Athabasca University?

So, there are some standalone courses that I would like to take. It might not be possible to take them at my "physical university" due to other things that might take my time away. Nonetheless, since there's summer break, I figure that's a lot of time in which I won't be doing much. I figured I'd just put the time into other courses that might get me ahead. [more inside]
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I need help figuring something involving a half-percentage.

Per the IRS, the mileage deduction for 2020 is 57.5 cents per mile. I drove a total of 525 business miles (yup; pandemic.) I don’t know how to figure something with two decimal points: .57 x 525 miles is $299.25, but how to figure it with that second decimal of .5% per mile?
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School of Hip Hop

I'm 50, grew up on rock and roll. I've always liked hip hop, but don't really know my way around it. How to fill this gap? [more inside]
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How can I recreate a relaxing fancy hotel stay but at home?

Seems like the case numbers are reducing in Scotland, which of course is great news for people surviving but also for other reasons, but it looks like it will still still be a while before we can stay in a hotel for leisure purposes. While I am waiting, can anyone suggest a way to recreate a relaxing fancy hotel feeling of a break but within my own flat? [more inside]
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What is the best group email option?

My neighborhood needs an easy way for residents to email everyone on our street. Is there a better alternative to Google Groups for my situation, or am I overthinking this? [more inside]
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Meal delivery service in the UK?

A friend in the Midlands in the UK has suffered an unexpected and shocking bereavement. Where I live (non-UK) we have a commercial meal service that delivers healthy, home-made and delicious food that you just need to heat and eat. Can anyone recommend something similar in the UK? [more inside]
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I gave sensitive info to a sketchy site!

I foolishly went to a website that looked like a government's page and filled out a form to renew my passport. Too late I realized it wasn't a .gov site, and now some faux agency has my SS number, DOB, address, etc. I'm an old woman but am I screwed for the rest of my life? I NEVER fall for that stuff, but I had a serious brain fart this time. Should I assume a new identity?
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another LinkedIn question

This is a follow-up to a question I asked earlier regarding LinkedIn for two careers. [more inside]
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What was the singer Dalida's native language?

I was reading about the life of the singer Dalida and I'm curious about what her native language was. I know she was born in Egypt to Italian parents and then moved to France later in life, but from what I've read online she had a distinct foreign accent in both Italian and Arabic. Could it be that Italians living in Egypt had developed their own specific dialect or something like that?
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April 12

How to care for a baby alligator lizard overnight?

I may be caring for a baby wild alligator lizard overnight until I can bring it to the wildlife hospital in the morning. How should I care for it? [more inside]
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Is it actually possible to manage multiple Zoom accounts?

This has been a problem for me since Covid hit, but maybe it can be solved? I basically have two Zoom accounts: home and work. Every single time I have a Zoom meeting (i.e. multiple times a day), I need to diligently sign into Zoom in my browser AND in the Zoom app. And half the time it goes wrong anyway and signs me into the wrong one. I am a confident computer user and still I cannot get to grips with the logic of Zoom. Can it be tamed? [more inside]
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Is my ADHD medication working?

I recently started taking 5mg Adderall for ADHD but I can't tell if it's working? I would ask the nurse practitioner who prescribed it but I didn't get the sense that she has ADHD so I would not expect her to actually understand what I was talking about in terms of how I feel inside my head. [more inside]
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Relationship Expectations - What does a couple need to have in common?

What should reasonably be expected in a relationship? [more inside]
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Buying a house across the country

I'm planning to move from Michigan to the western US to live closer to my kids. The increases in real estate prices where they live are freaking me out, and I'm wondering whether it would be better to move my plans up and buy something there right away rather than renting for a while. Would love to hear from people who have done that. [more inside]
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Book ID: five kids, orphaned and hiding it, 70s

A friend of mine on Facebook is trying to remember a book about orphans living on their own, which she read circa 1980-ish. [more inside]
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Designing your own knitwear

I have ideas for knitwear I'd like to make - sweaters, cardigans and tops. I also have ideas for amending patterns... but I'm overwhelmed by the amount of resources out there! Are there key books or sites you'd recommend to an enthusiastic beginner?!
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April 11

Celebrating 10 years of book club

What should we do to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of my book club? I’d like to do something to mark the occasion. [more inside]
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Moving a boat: help me break analysis paralysis

Hi all, I have a powerboat that is in a slip at a marina. I also have the matching trailer at a rented parking spot at a self-storage place. This was a project boat, and unlike most project boats, I actually completed the project! [more inside]
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