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June 1

Best and cheapest way to get a mortgage

My credit score is high. What's the best way to get a mortgage with the lowest rate and the lowest fees? [more inside]
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What kind of flooring do we have?

Pictures of the floor. Installed before we bought the house. Not asking for any particular reason, just interested. It's in pretty good shape for now but it does seem to scratch somewhat easily.
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My whole body hurts. What's going on?

I'm in a major depressive episode and have been taking Lorazepam for three months. I've stopped last week, replacing it with Tiapride a week ago. While I've been feeling slightly better in terms of depression, a lot of joints hurt, some quite badly. What should I do? [more inside]
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Best way to deposit a CAD check into a USA business bank account?

My US company has a business bank account (Azlo) that doesn't accept checks from international banks. A Canadian corporation wants to pay us by Canadian check. Getting them to pay in USD is a real hassle, so we'd like to accept the check... but have no idea how to get it into the Azlo account. In your experience, (a) what's the best way to deposit a Canadian check into a US business bank account that doesn't accept checks form international banks, (b) what steps did you take and (c) how long did it take? [more inside]
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Preview for Mac no longer copies and pastes pdf pages?

I often have to compose big pdfs from (bits of) smaller pdfs. Preview for Mac used to be really good at this but no longer copies and pastes pdf pages between thumbnail or contact sheet views. Has Preview lost functionality? Is there any way to get its original behaviour back? [more inside]
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Name/ info of roasted Medieval or English dish of iterative animal heads

Looking for name / info on a roasted Medieval or English dish of smaller animal heads progressively protruding from mouths of larger ones (like, a small bird's head sticking out of fish's head sticking out of a swan's head sticking out of a boar's head) [more inside]
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May 31

National Parks in Utah

Please share your advice and experiences visiting Arches, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef and/or Zion National Park! [more inside]
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Give me back my name

I'll be 30 next year and it feels like it might be the right milestone to use to make the leap and change my first name. I've considered this for a while and I think it's something that would be great for my life. First step: do Internet Strangers think my chosen new name suits me? [more inside]
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May 30

I give it a 2

How do I make a reasonable cappuccino with a Mr Coffee Maker? [more inside]
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Help identify this tree seed pod!

Please help me to identify this seed pod. This is what the seedlings look like. [more inside]
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How to prevent my 9 y/o son from monologuing about videogames.

Difficulty level: shared custody [more inside]
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Scam-filter?: received a gift from myself from Amazon?

I've received some packages from Amazon, addressed to me, with items that I didn't order. The packages included gift notes saying "enjoy the gift" and saying it's from me (my full name). Has anyone encountered something like this? Is this some sort of scam? [more inside]
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Learning is important. Figuring out how to learn is important too.

When tutoring someone you don't want to spoonfeed. Striking the right balance can be hard though. What are some techniques you use to support independent inquiry in students while still allowing them to feel supported? [more inside]
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I love surveys but this is nuts

My hospital has sent us a survey about our experiences as healthcare workers during the pandemic. The survey is apparently from WHO and I really wanted to participate and give them my opinions but the questions are phrased in a truly bizarre way. Can you help me figure out what they are asking? I know I can just skip this survey but I'd rather not. [more inside]
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ISO book that celebrates black girl power for precocious ten-year-old

My mission, as the auntie who loves books, is to distract my ten-year-old niece with escapist fiction that ideally celebrates black girl power. Books where black girls triumph over injustice is ideal. [more inside]
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VBA- Vlookup R1C1 breakdowns

Hello, As part of my job, I often have to clean up others' VBA code. looking for a little help understanding a specific line of code. Details inside. [more inside]
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Woodworking safety during a pandemic

I want to do a woodworking project. A lot of fine sanding with a random orbital sander will be involved. Apparently breathing sawdust is dangerous. I don't own a respirator. It seems like woodworking respirators are all N95-rated or higher. Can I keep my lungs safe without using up supplies that healthcare workers need? [more inside]
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May 29

Free the nipple?

I am a very flat-chested ciswoman, with especially visible, protruding nipples. I want the comfort of going braless, with the modesty factor of nipple coverage. What bras, nipple covers, pasties, or other solutions should I try? [more inside]
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Stuck at disassembling my IKEA (I think) bed, what tool do I need?

I acquired an IKEA (I think) bed two years ago, the people I bought it from set it up for me. I'm moving, so disassembling it to sell it. Was fine until I'm stuck at the actual frame and how to take it apart. [more inside]
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Take me back to Vermont in the summertime

I'm looking for books and essays that capture the sensory experience of rural Vermont. Bonus if it's in the summer. It is my homeland and I won't be able to visit for a long time it seems. I want to pretend I'm there ! [more inside]
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Can I safely visit my 80yo mother for tech support?

My mom's computer died in early March. I loaned her my work laptop until the new computer I ordered for her could arrive. And then the quarantine hit. But I need that laptop now. Is there anyway I can get her the new machine and retrieve my laptop safely? [more inside]
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Proofreading for love and for money

These days, is it possible to make anything like a living wage as a proofreader or copyeditor of text? [more inside]
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Identify this Fitbit-ish device

Photos on imgur Found in a bush in the UK during a ramble. I'd like to plug it in to see if it it has an email address or postcode in it so it can make its way back to the owner. Found in the UK, where there doesn't seem to be a repatriation service run by Fitbit. I also don't know if it is a real Fitbit or something else. What charger would allow this to connect to a computer and hopefully make its way home?
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What is this light bulb?

The three light bulbs over my bathroom mirror have burnt out. I've scraped all of the dead moths out of them and I'd like to replace them. What google words do I use to find these bulbs for sale?
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May 28

What's the deal with the baseball union?

In the United States, I have been reading just a little about when and how sports might start back up. This includes some dispute between Major League Baseball players and owners. But I don't see anything about any similar such dispute with any other sport. Is that because MLB players have more power somehow, or what?
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my kid has no chill about my dog. help?

My kid loves my dog more than anything in the world, so whenever she sees him she screeches his name at the top of her lungs incessantly, or follows him around, or any number of things to just be constantly in his face. not so enthusiastic. I need to manage this and I don't know how. More inside. [more inside]
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How do I become a person who hosts gatherings and parties?

Please help me get over my anxiety about hosting gatherings. I have huge anxieties about inviting people over because I’m worried that they don’t really want to come, or they’ll say no. This question is mostly to people who are hosts. Do you ever get scared no one will want to come? Do you just keep hosting parties and having gatherings whether people come or not? Do you ever deal with rejection, and if so, how? [more inside]
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Short-Story filter: 3d meat, surprise printed in the bone

What I remember: Short story, cyberpunk shadowrun-y sort of setting. Main character illicitly 3d-prints luxury meat and sells it black-market. She? gets blackmailed by a local businessman who wants forged meat for his child?'s wedding. Something fell through and he can't get grown-meat (but needs the prestige of grown-meat), so he threatens her to attempt a near-impossible printing task.
Final twist, as she? escapes it's revealed that something embarrassing was printed on each of the bones delivered to the wedding.
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Recommendations for hardware at Drive In

Hi all, I'm looking for an answer about what kind of accessory I should pick up to plug into the AUX hole of my speaker at a drive in movie theater in order to make it pick up the (possibly weak) signal of the theater. [more inside]
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Help me write a sign

We want to put a sign up that will deter trucks/vans from getting stuck on our street, and I need some help wording it - what works that is short enough but like... "yes, you will get stuck. Trucks get stuck all the time" enough that it will be read & heeded? [more inside]
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What should be the terms when a commission-based marketingcontract ends?

We're about to hire someone who's very experienced, and will be working with us basically (after a small initial fee) on commission. It's in the realm of Google Ads and SEO, so any work he does during his time with us should continue to provide benefits for years to come. So, how long should he continue to get his commission, after he leaves us (or we fire him)? [more inside]
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What windows app could this be? Do you recognize the characters?

Going through my wife's computer, we found this weird looking app name on the Windows "Startup Apps" list (in the Control Panel). Does anyone recognize that from somewhere? Or the characters in there (I could not figure out what alphabet they are from)? [more inside]
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Primer on thirsty plaster walls

I’m priming plaster walls before painting, and it’s not going great. Help? [more inside]
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How do I reconcile this?

How do I reconcile my beliefs with my actual experiences ? [more inside]
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Anti Racism for Brown People Resources

Are there good resources like this for someone like myself, a privileged Asian Indian American who is married to a white person and lives in a white world with basically all white or east Asian friends? This is in regard to police violence against black and latino people. [more inside]
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Please diagnose my pepper plants

Can you tell me what is wrong with these pepper plants? [more inside]
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Roadrtip Long Island to NWA tips?

Route tips for a crowded family car on a 1300mile trip? [more inside]
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30-40 person gathering in September

Big wedding has been postponed, and we're considering having a small reception with the wedding party in lieu of having our original 150 person wedding "when things reopen". Trying to gauge the viability of this... [more inside]
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Is freelance forklift/awp training a thing?

I've been teaching forklift, aerial work platform, and general safety for a mid-size welding company for the last two years. On top of my regular job as equipment manager, I also maintain the company's training records, and I notify department managers when their employees are due for re-certification. [more inside]
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How old is this cardboard box?

My local shop sells sticky labels. They keep them in an old cardboard box. This box is advertising candy cigarettes for 1p. Is there any way of figuring out the approximate age? [more inside]
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