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September 22

Help Needed Identifying a Hip Hop Song

My wife has spent the last decade trying to identify a hip hop song that was on a mixed tape that her older sister's best friend made her back in the late 90s. Unfortunately, she only remembers the chorus and we've had no luck finding it through Google or Genius. [more inside]
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How Do I Get A Sword On An Airplane?

Not carryon -- I'm glad to check it. But the stupid thing (present from an ex, too expensive to throw away, I've found a home for it) doesn't fit in my luggage (it's about a yard long and 8" across the hilt) and I don't want to buy a giant new bag for it. I was thinking I could find a giant poster tube, but searching isn't giving me anything in the right dimensions. Anyone have either a source for a 9"x38 poster tube, or a better idea?
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Bigger than a stamp. Bigger even than a postcard please.

I would like to browse through Instagram photos on my Mac and see big beautiful versions of photos. Instagram seems to think that no one should need to see anything bigger than a postcard. Huh? [more inside]
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Going to a work convention and trying to avoid pack mule life

Where can I store a small overnight bag near the SLC airport for ~9 hours? [more inside]
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For IMPORTANT REASONS, I want to watch as close to a full playthrough for That Goose Game as exists on the Internet. But I'm having problems finding any besides this 11 minute one that are just the game and the sounds of the game, without a voiceover. Do you have a link to one? [more inside]
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September 21

Would you thaw and reshape Whole Foods' frozen pie crust?

I am in a pinch and am considering thawing two Whole Foods pie crusts, smushing them into a ball, then rolling the dough into a circle big enough to fit my tart tin (which has a removable bottom.) The diameter of the tart tin is larger than that of the original pie shell. Experienced culinary kludgers: what would you do? I don't have a food processor and don't have time and space to make a tart shell from scratch.
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Can anyone read/identify this inscribed tablet, Arabic maybe?

This mystery museum artifact appears to be some kind of stone tablet with an inscription in what looks like Arabic writing?? Can anyone read this to help us identify what it might be or where it might be from? Any clues or hints would be more information than we have now, which is absolutely nothing. (Thanks, and I know this is a longshot!)
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6.5 month old kittens --> neutering --> ravenous beasties

It's been just over 3 weeks since they got neutered but the hunger shenanigans have only ramped up in the past few days. The internet says that neutering will increase appetite and decrease caloric needs. The internet also says that growth spurts in kittens might result in them being extra hungry. [more inside]
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I hug to the right. Am I hugging wrong?

When I give someone a hug, I instinctively lean to my right. I was recently socially shamed for doing so, and told that I was doing it wrong. My question is whether there really is a standardized convention on which way to lean when non-romantically hugging someone. [more inside]
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Make them worship me as a coffee pod god

The office recently acquired a Keurig . Ok, Karen bought in an old one after our department was far from the break/coffee pot aka a flight of stars. But whatever, we've been taking turns bringing in different flavors of coffee and tea and now it's my turn. I want to impress. What coffee and/or tea pods do you suggest that will wow my co-workers? Previously we've enjoyed medium/french roast, Cafe Bustelo, Dunkin' Donuts brand and similar.
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Where does the data go?

I am learning to use Flask as you recommended and it's going great but I don't understand something. When I make a database instance and my Flask app sends data to it, where IS that data? My Flask app has a variety of files with file extensions unfamiliar to me, but I do not see the data that must be in one of them in any human-readable form. Please explain like I'm five. Seriously, like I'm five, please.
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Help me match some burlged curtains and rods!

We just bought a house that included some beautiful curtains and rods! Yay! Then someone broke in before we bought it and stole some of the art, and *one* of the curtains! Boo! Can you help me find this fabric and hardware? [more inside]
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Show or book about videos left for kid from dying dad?

I've been trying to remember this TV show or book or short story that was about videotapes left for a kid from a dying dad. I googled it and it's a bit of a trope: it's definitely not the Michael Keaton one for example. Some details I remember:
  • Some videos were marked for every year
  • Some were for different events like getting married or having a fight at school
  • One of them the dad confesses he messed around
Does anyone know what this story is? It's been bugging me. Thanks!
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Last Name of Illegitimate Child in the Southern US?

Under what circumstances, if any, would an illegitimate child in the Southern US (e.g. Mississippi) have her father's last name instead of her mother's? (This answer has become much difficult to find since Jon Snow.)
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Help me autumn the eff out of autumn

Fall is my favorite season. October is my favorite month. I’ve had a lot of personal upheaval/uncertainty in the past few years but I’m finally feeling settled again. So: I’m bound and determined not to let October pass me by without really Octobering the fuck out of it. Some ideas I already have had below the jump! [more inside]
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"Hi! I want to buy your dead sister's house."

What is the etiquette for reaching out to someone because they have inherited a property you want to purchase? [more inside]
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Make me comfy!

I have a foldout sofa bed that I need to sleep in every other night. This is too much usage for a sofa bed. It's getting beat up and very very uncomfortable. I need short term solutions to make it comfortable or to find an alternative that's not very expensive. [more inside]
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September 20

Name of specific social intervention for autistic children?

Tiny one had her screening and the psychologist recommended a type of therapy that I forgot to write down because there was just so much to take in. She's high functioning, smart and very verbal and she said it would suit her particularly. She said it's not social skills by rote but cognitive understanding theory of mind, empathy and perspective in a small group setting. I've been through the resources and I can't narrow it down nor easily contact her again. It's not peer socialisation groups, I asked at the time.
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In anticipation of Octoberfest, what is the best way to clean lederhosen

What is the best way to clean a pair of leather lederhosen shorts? [more inside]
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Where can I buy men's pants that are not stretch in Toronto?

Alternatively, what Canadian online shopping websites allow you to filter by material? [more inside]
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Backpack handle repair - shoe repair shop?

I have a backpack where the top faux-leather handle is coming unstitched from the backpack at one end. I want to get it reattached. Is this something a shoe repair place would do? [more inside]
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Keith Haring’s New York

Apart from the locations for his murals, what were some important NYC locations for Keith Haring?
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September 19

What happened to the Lord Of The Rings merchandise in New Zealand?

So we managed to find our way to New Zealand, but time was running tight at Hobbiton and we didn’t have time to pick up LotR gifts/etc. Unfortunately we missed the WETA workshops as well. Bizarrely we have not been able to find a single bit of merchandise in cities large and small throughout the rest of the country. Is this a licensing thing? Has the tourist industry just moved on? We’ve got Queenstown, Dunedin, and Christchurch left to go; is there any hope for us?
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You pin me right round baby right round

I need to pin a lot (20-50) dots on cities on 3 different versions of the same 2D world map (Locations of Activity A, Locations of Activity B, Locations of Activities A+B). We have already done this mapping a few times in various softwares, and every time we need to modify, it requires starting from scratch. There must be a dedicated program for this. What is the simplest way to accurately mock up this specific image in high quality? Previous attempts listed inside. [more inside]
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Python and HTML

Explain to me like I'm five how to put a nice HTML user interface on top of my Python code, how to bring together the parts. [more inside]
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How to remove lien from car?

So, about 5 years ago I bought a used car from a dealership, but I didn't notice that it had a lien still on it until much later. Attempts to deal with it have been unsuccessful. [more inside]
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Real-life resources on themes in Netflix's Unbelievable?

A friend and I are watching Netflix's Unbelievable and they weren't aware of the prevalence of some of the real-life things that are portrayed in the show. I am looking for resources. [more inside]
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Repairing the mirrors on my mirrored vanity?

I have an old little vanity table that I'd like to repair. [more inside]
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Good options for wall colour for a plant-filled living room?

My partner & I recently moved to a new house in a colder climate. Our living room (L-shaped, good light, SW exposure) will have many plants. I’m having trouble finding design inspiration for the space. Almost every image of rooms with lots of plants has white walls. I’m not sure white is right for what’s also supposed to be a cozy living room. Plus, the winter palette of white / grey / brown leaves me craving colour indoors. So where can I look for more varied design inspiration? And does anyone have specific colour / design suggestions for me? [more inside]
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Fun simple circuits

Am going to make some simple PCBs with young folks and let them then solder them. I am thinking a simple flashlight (battery, led, switch, resistor) is a good one, but there's got to be lots of fun litte things we can build ourselves. [more inside]
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Flowchart tool that doesn't require free drawing arrows

I am looking for a tool for making flowcharts or organizational charts that doesn't require that I am able to draw a straight line or make a straight line connect 2 boxes based on my ability to use a mouse to measure it exactly. [more inside]
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Will the IRS properly refund my money?

Back in April, I filed for an extension to file my US taxes. I hadn't completed everything, and at the time, it showed that I would owe $2k. So I sent in the payment to the IRS to avoid getting dinged with penalties and interest. I finished up, and e-filed today. As it turns out, after going through everything properly, I'm actually due $1k! Will the IRS easily give me back the $2k I already paid along with the refund? Or am I going to have to jump through hoops?
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September 18

What's the Value Proposition of TPM Prime?

Really simple: Do you have a Prime membership? Is it worth it? [more inside]
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Strength training to prevent running injuries

I'm an solidly mid-pack trail and ultra runner who's been running for about 10 years. In the last couple years, I've started to struggle with a series of overuse injuries. I'm fairly sure they all share the same root cause: insufficient strength work, especially in my core, glutes, and hips. I really hate strength work, don't love gyms, but want to do a better job staying injury-free. Please help me figure out how to more seriously engage in strength work and stay injury-free! Specific questions inside: [more inside]
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Reports on saints in parochial school

Do students in parochial school for elementary/middle grades have to write reports on saints? If so, which class would assign these reports?
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Research on environment-induced frequency-specific hearing loss?

There's a loud server fan in the room next to me at work. It makes a steady drone at roughly 440Hz. I recall reading about how constant exposure to noises like this can induce frequency-specific hearing loss, e.g., you stop hearing the noise's frequency. Can you help me find a link to that research? [more inside]
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When professionals don’t answer your emails

I have recently had a number of very frustrating interactions with some bodywork professionals (think athletic trainers, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and anyone else who has their own solo practice and typically doesn’t take insurance). They just don’t answer their emails or pick up the phone, and it’s driving me bananas. How do? [more inside]
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Vegan in New Mexico: Green/Red Chile and Beyond

I'm heading off to Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos (and points inbetween like Madrid and Jemez Springs) and am looking for recommendations for vegan restaurants or restaurants that have vegan menu items. I've consulted Happy Cow and all the usual websites but would love your recommendations. All price points welcome! [more inside]
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T42, Xubuntu, Wacom, Go!

I have a T42 IBM ThinkPad running Xubuntu 12.04. I would like to get my Wacom Intuos CTL4100 tablet running on it. I've tried, oh Lord, have I tried. [more inside]
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Skincare 101

I have a hopefully straightforward skincare question but I am getting confused by the information overload available on the web. Very simply: how long does it take for skin to adjust to a new (but still, very basic) skincare routine? I have added a couple extra steps to my routine and now my skin looks good but feels dry and tight. Should I give it a week or two, or is this a clear indication that it isn't working? [more inside]
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