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February 19

what is the etiquette in this situation?

How to have a slightly awkward conversation w/r/t personal training at the gym? [more inside]
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The Importance of the Fine Arts in Schools?

A good friend teaches in the Fine Arts department at an urban community college, and the college is launching a viability study next week that will determine the future of the department. It could spell the end of his job if the study concludes that there is no future in teaching fine arts at the college. The department is being asked to provide documentation in the way of studies, quote, books etc. that conclude that arts within schools is important and necessary. Please share!
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non-chemical-smelling mattress cover

I need to cover this mattress to contain the old detergent odor. Found a $20 barrier at Bed Bath & Beyond, but the antimicrobial or plastic fumes are not good for me. Looking for alternatives. [more inside]
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Advise me on a home wireless speaker system

I would like good audio quality speakers to fill a small one bedroom apartment that play well with Apple products for less than $500. I’m a complete audio newbie and am confused and overwhelmed by google results on this topic. [more inside]
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February 18

Could This Even Be Possible? (Figure Skating Edition)

After boasting to a friend about how wonderful MetaFilter is, she asked me to ask her question here, as a last resort. Years ago (vague about date, after 1970, probably) she saw a figure skating competition on television. Two skaters had the front tips of their skates chained together, medium length chain, and they skated a traditional program while chained together. [more inside]
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Should I be worried about bipolar disorder?

I'm studying bipolar disorder in my clinical psych program and getting a little bit of med student syndrome, except in a prospective "oh god what if this happens to me" kind of way. The problem is I have family history that places me at risk. Please either a) reassure me, or if I am actually at significant risk, b) tell me what I can do proactively to keep an eye on any developing symptoms. [more inside]
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Is this grammatical?

I'm helping a friend with a job application and we're wondering about the opening phrase of her cover letter. If she says something like "As an experienced widget-maker who has won an award for my gadgets, I'm skilled at..." is "has" correct? It sounds strange to me. She could possibly rephrase to something like "As an experienced widget-maker, I have won an award for my gadgets, and I'm..." but is hoping to keep this structure.
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What to do when a tenant says they have bed bugs?

A tenant just informed me they have bed bugs. I have no idea what to do, or what my obligations are. I'm a landlord in Illinois. [more inside]
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Adulting: nice wood furniture recommendations?

I am fortunate to be in a position to upgrade some of my furniture pieces this year. [more inside]
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Favorite YouTube cardio for a small space?

I have found some great yoga channels, but I’d really like to find some equally great 30-minute cardio sessions on YouTube. Special requirement: needs to be doable in a 4 x 6 space surrounded by furniture. [more inside]
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Abstract Reasoning Practice Test Help request

I have to take an Abstract reasoning exam. The organization offers a practice test but no answers on the practice test. [more inside]
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Best way for users to manage files on Wordpress

I'm building a Wordpress site for a local company and it will feature a PDF price list which will be updated every quarter or so. What's the best way of allowing them to upload the new file through the dashboard without sending it to me and still have the link on the Home Page work? Additional complication is I would like to directly link to the PDF so it is viewable in the browser, not have the file automatically download. [more inside]
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ID the Actor

Who is this man in the Big Mac commercial NBC is running every 15 minutes during the olympics?
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February 17

How to deal with new neighbor who refuses to leash his dog?

My dog got into a scuffle with a former neighbor's dog 3 years ago and I've kept my dog away from other dogs since that time. New neighbor moved in 2 weeks ago, has been letting his dog run around off leash, and has made it pretty clear he has no intention to leash his dog. What do I do? [more inside]
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Good travel shoe for young men

Can you tell me if this shoe is good for a week in Germany? I'm concerned about slipping and comfort. [more inside]
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So, what’s my job title?

I’m on the market for a new job. Unfortunately, I’m not really too sure what my exact job title is. eCommerce experts will likely have the best insight on this. Job details can be found below. [more inside]
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Sci-Fi episode about civilization that decides optimal career at birth?

I have such a vague memory of a tv episode - I think it was something like Star Trek TNG or of that timeframe (1990's). The group visits a place where all of the citizens have their ideal career path chosen for them, calculated since birth. [more inside]
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Wellbutrin + Lamictal= awesome?

YANMMD etc. I’m suffering from a pretty severe and frustratingly long lasting case of Post Partum Depression. I am currently taking 200mg of Lamictal. It definitely helps but things are still pretty tough on the homefront. I’m thinking about asking my psychiatrist about adding Wellbutrin. Would love to hear from others who take those two medications in combination. [more inside]
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February 16

Circles within Circles within Circles

I need to produce—for eventual printing on 8.5" X 11" sheets—a graphic with four concentric rings of 24 circles each (the circles can be touching or have a small space between them). Is there a very easy way for me to make this, either via a website or with my ancient Adobe CS2 Suite? it's just for my own personal use, so no design budget to pay a pro to do it. TIA for all pointers/suggestions!
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So, uh was this menopause?

I've apparently inadvertently gone through menopause. What next? [more inside]
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Give me permission to skip the ceremony

I have a wedding to attend of a relative I am not close to at all. There is a significant gap between the ceremony and the reception and I am not staying nearby. I would like to skip the ceremony but don't really know how big of a faux pas it is. [more inside]
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Effective phrasing for boundary-setting?

I am working on setting up boundaries more effectively in therapy, as I am a child sexual abuse/emotional/physical/addict abuse survivor. I have trouble setting up boundaries effectively and am looking for some go-to scripting. Snowflakes within! [more inside]
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Stop endless fluff & shedding from a second-hand machine-made scarf

This great thrift shop score could be my new best friend. It's very soft--label says "100% wool," maybe mohair, could be alpaca. It's got a slightly open weave. It sheds like a Persian cat. I'm a complete illiterate in the ways of laundry, much less wool care. Any way I can decrease this tendency? Wash it? Shave it? Some magic liquid?
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Where'd THAT come from, person search edition

The other day I looked myself up on one of those personal information search sites on the web. They had a religious affiliation for me that was out of left field, I've never been this religion, none of my family is this religion, I've never even been a guest at a religious service at this religion's place of worship. Where did they ever get information like that?
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Arranging Pippi's Picnic

Swedish speakers and eaters, when you see the word ananaspudding, what do you think of? We are trying to recreate the picnic in the book Pippi Longstocking and we're not quite sure what type of pudding this is. [more inside]
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What's good to watch with your kids?

I'd like some suggestions for tv programmes that me and my two kids (~5 years old, boy/girl) could watch together. So far we've enjoyed watching Planet Earth (amazing cinematography, animals), Dirt Every Day (we enjoy cars/trucks and outdoors) and random documentaries. What else might we try that is entertaining for both me and the kids?
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I know about Black Oak Arkansas but was there ever a band called just "Arkansas" ala "Chicago" or "California"?
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Chicago: Where to see Black Panther on opening day

My partner (white) and our youngest son (black) are in Chicago this morning. The 10yo really wants to see Black Panther, and it occurs to my partner that this could be an opportunity to see it a) on opening day, and b) with a black-majority audience. Where to go? [more inside]
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good habits to build before you become an adult

my partner and I are at that stage where we're talking about marriage, buying a home, and having kids. we're relatively responsible for this stage of life in terms of job security/health/bills/credit but we want to be like survival prep prepared. what habits should we start building now as future homeowners and parents? [more inside]
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Why are you a researcher and not a scientist?

Scientists of Metafilter (and those who study them): Why do scientists mostly call themselves researchers instead of calling themselves scientists? Why do you?
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I hurt my shoulder and I'm not sure how to adult this

So I was carrying a heavy basket and leaned over to put it down. My shoulder, which always had felt loose/flexible/double jointed sorta.. Felt slidy. This was late Tuesday. Wednesday night it hurt some, but thursday night it hurt enough to wake me up. How I adult here? [more inside]
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Is Hulu worth it?

I already have Netflix and Amazon Prime, but I really want to watch past seasons of This Is Us and I see that Hulu has it. Before I get suckered into paying for another monthly subscription, however, I wanted to see if there were other sites people like better than Hulu, as I don't know of any others.
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Dying leather furniture, prefer to dye white but black would work

I have put together a few pieces of leather (couch/love seat/ottoman) together and it's super comfortable. None of the colors match, which isn't some big terrible problem but it would be great if they *did* match. Bright white preferred, black the alternate. [more inside]
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Short horror film screenplay ISO short horror film director

I wrote a screenplay for a short (5–8 minute) low budget horror film, the kind I watch all the time on YouTube and Vimeo, for a project that never got off the ground. Now I wonder whether there might be any aspiring short horror film directors looking for scripts to shoot, and if so, is there an easy way to find them? [more inside]
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February 15

How do I find someone to proofread small bit of Spanish?

How do I find someone who can proofread a small amount (~380 words) of Spanish? I wrote a bilingual book for my baby, but my written Spanish just isn't there, so I need someone to check things like spelling and accents. I used Google, so it shouldn't be terrible, but it requires a human eye. How do I find someone who can do this? I'm willing to pay, but professional editors would presumably charge a minimum of hour so I'd be looking at $75+ and I don't need a professional editor. I already tried posting on mefi jobs. [more inside]
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What's the best place for mail-ordering korean ingredients to norcal?

I can read and write korean fluently and want korean dry goods shipped by mail to a location in Norcal (Palo Alto). Amazon is expensive as crap for nearly all ingredients. Are there any places with cheaper stuff that ships by mail (hopefully with more obscure ingredients if possible)? Minimum orders are acceptable. I go to the actual korean mart but can only make it about quarterly, so I often run out of specific dry goods
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A more chill version of CandyCrush

Are there match-3 style games like CandyCrush that have a more chill, minimalistic vibe? [more inside]
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Looking for a print shop that will do lenticular CDs in a run of 100

I'd like to have a small run of CD's made with lenticular cover art, can you recommend any print shops? [more inside]
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Why point out that soil must occupy space?

In this technical definition of soil (as referenced by clew in an excellent post about dirt), one of the necessary characteristics of soil is that it "occupies space". Why would they feel the need to make that qualification? [more inside]
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I'm doing everything I can to wreck my health and life. Help?

Bad: I have lipodermatosclerosis. I'm overweight. I eat mostly fast food. I'm tired and depressed and broke (lot of debt brought on from comfort shopping and eating). Good: I have a job. I have insurance and take anti-depressants. I have supportive people in my life. What now? [more inside]
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