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March 17

Most cost-effective onsite backup solution?

My photography habit has me filling up hard drive space faster than anything I've done before. I need some way of expanding storage and backing things up that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I'd like to do it onsite; I'd rather buy stuff once than pay for a subscription forever. What's the cheapest way of doing this that's worth a damn? [more inside]
posted by Anticipation Of A New Lover's Arrival, The at 8:31 AM - 6 answers

March 15

I want to make an auto setting clock...

But I want a 24 hour dial. I've found atomic clock movements and I've found 24 hour movements, but no atomic 24 hour movement. I've seen digital ones, but I want to make a dial clock. Any Ideas?
posted by Marky at 10:48 PM - 7 answers

Best web interactives/apps for both learning and designing circuits

I'm self-learning basic electronics (via books and videos) and I'd like to use a virtual circuit builder to both guide me through the basics (like maybe in tutorial form) and once I know more, the ability to model, when designing, say, basic arduino projects. Googling produces tons of options. Wondering if anyone has direct experience with tools as they've gone from beginner/novice to intermediate level knowledge?
posted by coffee and minarets at 4:02 PM - 2 answers

I need an inexpensive waterproof heart beat watch

My pulse is too slow (37) and my Dr. says I may need a Pacemaker, so am being referred to a cardiologist. I have looked at previous questions and at Amazon, but am bewildered by the choice. Because I swim laps three times a week it should be waterproof (not just showerproof) and preferably tie in with an app on my Samsung S7 running Android 7.0 Would prefer not spend more than $45/50. TIA!
posted by lungtaworld at 7:15 AM - 7 answers

March 14

How to record phone calls/ meetings ? And, transcribe the audio

I have an iPhone and I would like to record meetings that I take on my phone. I will of course ask permission of the person I am meeting with. After the call has been recorded, I would like to have the audio transcribed. Question 1: How do I record calls on my iPhone? Question 2: After the call has been recorded, is there an app that will transcribe the audio into text? Also, I have a Mircosoft surface tablet.
posted by Boyd at 12:45 PM - 4 answers

iPhone 8 or X

I'm upgrading from an iPhone 6 and am thoroughly confused by the options. I know I want an iPhone, and am fairly sure I want either the 8 or the X. Help please? [more inside]
posted by TravellingCari at 10:45 AM - 24 answers

March 13

Oakland Electronics Repair: Battery Corrosion Edition

Help us figure out how to replace badly corroded battery contacts in a cool thriftstore microscope! [more inside]
posted by andromache at 9:21 AM - 6 answers

March 12

This is not the Windows 10 you are looking for

I've been out of work for about a month. When I returned this week, my computer had been wiped clean, it seems. How can this happen? [more inside]
posted by Toddles at 9:54 PM - 14 answers

MS Office 2016 & changing the color of selected items

Years ago, Techrepublic came out with a tutorial for changing the color of selected text in MS Office, which worked until 2013. I've upgraded to 2016 at the office, and can't figure out how to do this. The default for selected text in 2016 is gray, which is difficult for me to see. Has anyone figured out how to do this? Google fails me.
posted by onecircleaday at 10:40 AM - 2 answers

March 11

How Can I Set the Time on a Sony a900 Cordless Phone

My dad has an old Sony A900 cordless phone and he can't remember how to set the date and time. Though I have located the Sony support page and even a link to the manual, it appears to no longer be there and that product no longer appears to be supported. Can you provide instructions?
posted by ms_rasclark at 1:14 PM - 3 answers

Resources for RPG code construction and design?

I'd like to get better at Javascript and the browser ecosystem. And I've been promising myself for years that I'd write a game. (About the level of Ultima IV, not Skyrim). I have plenty of time and ideas. Seems like a great opportunity! But when I start trying to tie all the bits and pieces together into an actual design, I get paralyzed by all the possibilities. And google is just pure noise on the subject. Does anyone have favorite resources for principles and structures for RPG's? [more inside]
posted by cowcowgrasstree at 10:28 AM - 3 answers

March 10

Saab won't re-start

2002 Saab 9-3, frustrating episodic re-start problem. Turn the key all the way, the electrical system activates (various indicators illuminate), but the starter motor doesn't turn over at all. This happens only if the car has been in use and then left turned off for a few minutes (e.g., 5min). [more inside]
posted by Kevin S at 5:11 PM - 9 answers

March 9

Decimal Minutes Stopwatch

I need a cheap stopwatch that displays minutes and 1/100 minutes rather than minutes and seconds. I can't find anything under $50. Does anyone know of $10 to $20 stopwatch with this feature?
posted by grahahw at 5:52 AM - 7 answers

March 8

No, I want it THERE

I like to have my frequently-used programs in the system tray bar at the bottom of my Windows 10 desktop. This means it is a single click to open a new instance of Chrome or Notepad or whatever. Except sometimes the open window gets bumped to the end. More detail within. [more inside]
posted by Athanassiel at 5:46 PM - 6 answers

Force new tab in Chrome (on a mac)

Most of the time command+click opens a new tab in the background just fine and I can navigate there when I'm ready. Recently though, more and more sites seem to have broken that functionality and it's stopped working as expected. I'm not sure why or if there's a way to solve it. [more inside]
posted by Carillon at 8:13 AM - 2 answers

March 7

Wearable camera

I want to buy a very simple lightweight camera that I can use as a sort-of on-person dashboard cam. Preferably something not too expensive, that I can clip on my coat or backpack. Quality should be good enough to see number plates. I don't care about quality otherwise, though it would be really nice if it worked okay-ish in low light. [more inside]
posted by blub at 8:26 AM - 4 answers

March 6

How was a DIY satellite dish engineered in the 1980s?

In the early- to mid-80s, my dad, an electrical engineer, made a DIY satellite dish. I know what was on the outside, but I don't know what was on the inside. Sadly, he's gone and can't explain it to me. What did he cobble together, and how did it work with satellite technology of the time? [more inside]
posted by mudpuppie at 3:42 PM - 9 answers

Recs for apps that improve your life, keep you organized, etc.?

What are some great apps that have made your life easier or have been useful to you? I have a nice Android phone (finally) with space for plenty of apps, so I'm interested in apps that will help me with daily life – not games! What are some apps I should look into? I especially would love some recommendations of apps that keep you organized, manage time effectively and help you manage your finances. Any apps that allow you to save money that are legit would be interesting too. [more inside]
posted by AppleTurnover at 12:29 PM - 21 answers

How to move Google Drive files to an external hard drive?

I'm running out of hard disk space. How can I move some large Google Drive files to a destination that's not my computer? [more inside]
posted by cartoonella at 9:24 AM - 8 answers

Cleaning online information

Through a random event I googled my cell phone number. Wow. It showed my name and variations of my name. It also showed some backgrounds on these people. Some had lawsuits. Some had several wives. Some had prison records. And none of this is true for me. [more inside]
posted by jtexman1 at 8:59 AM - 9 answers

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