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May 24

Tech support my Wii/TV combo

My Nintendo Wii displays vertically scrolling static[more inside]
posted by LSK at 9:15 AM - 5 answers

May 22

Should I set up a boot drive for Windows 10?

Should I set up a boot drive for Windows 10? If so, how do I do it? [more inside]
posted by ragtimepiano at 11:49 AM - 14 answers

Family Dashboard?

Does anyone have a one-stop digital way to see what's going on and important to the family? My wishlist inside.... [more inside]
posted by amanda at 9:11 AM - 2 answers

May 21

How to play video from USB source on TV

Looking for high-tech solutions in a low-tech, small space, remote environment. Details inside. [more inside]
posted by raider at 12:55 PM - 9 answers

May 20

Outlook, meet Excel.

How can I get an Outlook account to write to Excel? [more inside]
posted by Vhanudux at 9:26 AM - 4 answers

Can I put music on my iPhone and iPad using a CD? Using iTunes Store?

I want to be able to have music on my iPhone and iPod classic. I’d also like to have a physical CD if possible. Details inside [more inside]
posted by kbbbo at 7:12 AM - 3 answers

May 19

Cleaning up iCloud storage/deleting pictures

I'm a semi-recent convert to the iPhone and didn't realize for a while that it was automatically uploading everything I saved to the camera roll to my iCloud account. I don't actually want 95% of those pictures backed up, and now I'm getting the message that I'm out of space. What is the easiest way to delete these and avoid this in the future? [more inside]
posted by skycrashesdown at 7:54 PM - 3 answers

May 18

Which is the most durable computer?

Which commercially available personal computer could be expected to remain operational longest without replacement parts? Assume a few hours of use daily and an unlimited supply of user-input peripherals that might break down down mechnically (e.g. mouse/trackpad, keyboard). [more inside]
posted by phrontist at 1:40 PM - 13 answers

Do "smart" powerstrips damage electronics?

Do "smart" powerstrips damage electronics? I feel like they do, and have lost a device probably because of it, but can't find any solid information about it. [more inside]
posted by lpctstr; at 12:56 PM - 17 answers

Easy Peasy just leave me a freaking voicemail

What is the easiest way to get voicemail for a Japanese cell number? I would like a solution that is free and can be accessed via any web platform, but I have both an android and an iPhone to work with. [more inside]
posted by stormygrey at 9:35 AM - 0 answers

May 17

New to Square POS & Appointments - help?

I'm new to Square POS & Appointments. I have some questions for our new business, and can't seem to find either the answers or work-arounds I'm looking for. Can you help? [more inside]
posted by Zosia Blue at 8:13 PM - 2 answers

explain to me like I am 5

I have a MacBook Air. I have a Mac Mini. I need to get a file from the MacBook Air to the Mac Mini. How do I do this? [more inside]
posted by thereemix at 6:15 PM - 7 answers

Boosting Cell Phone Signal at Home

I just bought a house that is apparently in a cell phone coverage dead zone. I get two bars on my iPhone at best - the internet barely works at all, and even voice calls cut in and out. This house is right in the middle of the city (Raleigh, North Carolina), but in a wooded area on the far edge of the neighborhood near a creek. [more inside]
posted by something something at 1:54 PM - 12 answers

A Document Manager/Browser for a Small Company

A small company I work with needs a small-scale knowledge management solution. Google Drive doesn't offer a "curated" enough interface, while something like Sharepoint would probably be too large and unwieldy. [more inside]
posted by chickenandwine at 8:36 AM - 5 answers

Voicemail is for my EARS, not my EYES

I have a down-and-dirty basic Samsung smartphone; it's been working fine for my needs. My only problem is - EACH and EVERY TIME I get a voicemail, I also get an additional prompt to "tap here to change your visual voicemail password". How can I turn that prompt OFF? [more inside]
posted by EmpressCallipygos at 6:45 AM - 5 answers

May 16

Help me spread my gigabit internet all over my home! Lots of details...

Ok, here goes: I have Xfinity gigabit ethernet. I have pretty good coverage over all of my house, but with more smart home devices being added each year (some outside) and 4k streaming, torrenting, etc. being part of my weekly usage, I'd like to utilize my fire hose as well as I possibly can. [more inside]
posted by arm426 at 7:44 PM - 19 answers

Silicon Valley internship - interview tips?

A student of mine with a strong background in data science is interviewing for an internship in Silicon Valley. They are from East Asia, and I'm helping them prepare for the language skills needed for their interview, but does anyone here have any helpful tips about interviewing for a job in Silicon Valley? Which questions should they prepare to answer? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 4:46 PM - 2 answers

delete unused browser files?

Hi everyone, I regularly clear my browser history/cache/etc for Chrome to protect from adware/malware/whatever, which is the only one I use. I have windows so I also have Edge, Internet Explorer installed automatically. Is there any reason I should also clear out cache for browsers that I don't use? Are they like, portals into the internet that can be activated without my even using them, if that makes sense?
posted by bengalibelle at 9:44 AM - 5 answers

May 14

Best price to capacity for low power storage

I'm building a battery powered suitcase jukebox for trips to the place we go that doesn't have Internet access. What is the most low power storage I can get for around $200? [more inside]
posted by donpardo at 10:29 AM - 8 answers

May 13

What's the UK equivalent to Yelp/Zomato?

What's the UK equivalent to Yelp/Zomato/Wongnai? (And while we're on the topic, is there a local equivalent to Beanhunter - or is Beanhunter used over there?)
posted by rednikki at 7:17 PM - 7 answers

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