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January 25

What to do with a button box

What can I do with an old (psychology) button box? [more inside]
posted by ghostbikes at 1:55 PM - 6 answers

January 24

Want to add USB port to my computerized sewing machine. Don't know how.

I am currently browsing makerspaces, hackspaces, etc., but can't find a specific tutorial/overview. The perfect resource would give me a good tutorial on how to expand the capabilities of a computerized machine that has no USB port (Brother SC9500). I'd like to be able to program additional stitches on it, and need to find a way to "talk" to it with a computer (or: talk to its computer). So I'll need both, under-the-hood guidance and some idea of the relevant software/hardware setups. [more inside]
posted by ipsative at 12:44 PM - 9 answers

January 23

work-around for airpod pro's crap mic

dear apple enthusiasts with airpod pros, is there any way to enjoy airpod pros and have acceptable microphone quality for calls? [more inside]
posted by zippy at 1:18 PM - 4 answers

Why are Siri's speech-recognition algorithms so weird?

When I talk to Siri on my iPhone, her responses often make me wonder what the hell she is thinking. She comes up with some really weird interpretations of what I say. I'm not so much interested in fixing the problem (although that would certainly be nice) as I am in figuring out the reasons behind the idiosyncratic behavior. [more inside]
posted by akk2014 at 11:21 AM - 5 answers

Good quality rechargeable AA/AAA batteries?

Due to a variety of battery-dependent hobbies, my kids are going through a TON of AA/AAAs, and I need to stem the cost/waste. Can any MeFites that have done significant field testing recommend rechargeable batteries that are worth the extra cost?
posted by ryanshepard at 8:04 AM - 24 answers

What are the best resources for coordinating care for cancer patient?

I want advice, feedback, recommendations on resources for coordinating help for a young mom recently diagnosed with breast cancer. This is a close relative. I wish I lived nearby but I'm far enough away that most of my support will be remote. Closest family is a 3 hour drive. I want to coordinate a number of things and I'm looking for advice on best way to do it. [more inside]
posted by sulaine at 5:11 AM - 3 answers

January 22

Ditching my smartphone: what dumb phone is best?

I'm planning to ditch my iPhone and switch to a phone that has no internet capability. What phone should I get? [more inside]
posted by Mystical Listicle at 4:10 PM - 9 answers

January 20

Best Windows 10 Apps for Productivity?

I'm coming from MacOS and really enjoy certain apps for productivity like HazeOver and Magnet. I'm wondering if there is software for Windows that I should definitely look into, particularly for managing windows on a larger monitor, like the ones I mentioned. I'm also looking for a good PDF program. More inside. [more inside]
posted by baptismal at 6:15 PM - 3 answers

What phone lens kit would you recommend?

I'm tempted to buy a phone lens kit to take some better photos. Based on experience, what kit would you suggest? I would like to keep the price under $50 . [more inside]
posted by metadave at 12:04 PM - 2 answers

Apps for Long-Term Relationships, When Everything's Based on Swipes?

I need some advice as to what online dating app is likely the most effective for finding a long-term relationship, especially when the "swipe" model seems most popular everywhere, but isn't my strength. Are there well-populated venues where checking the profile is the norm? [more inside]
posted by WCityMike at 11:56 AM - 12 answers

Why were my audio files distorted when streamed on the radio?

A friend who DJs at a college station played my music (.wav file) on the radio but it sounded clipped and distorted - what could have caused it? [more inside]
posted by deern the headlice at 8:08 AM - 7 answers

January 19

What does it mean if my website got 6 new unique users in Santa Clara

I'm working on my little portfolio website and just added a bunch of new content and Google Analytics. Google Analytics says I had 6 new unique visitors today who all spent less than a second on the site. I know these are probably not humans right? Then who are they? [more inside]
posted by bleep at 12:55 PM - 5 answers

Circuit design 101

I'd like to design / mod my own guitar pedals. How do I learn the basics of circuit design? [more inside]
posted by signal at 6:52 AM - 11 answers

Choosing a new smart watch / fitness tracker

My Fitbit Charge 2 is on its last legs and I am planning to replace it before too long. I'm considering another Fitbit device, but also an Apple Watch 5. However, I'm having trouble sorting through the relative strengths and weaknesses of the different models, and how they might fit my needs. What does Metafilter recommend? [more inside]
posted by synecdoche at 5:11 AM - 13 answers

January 18

What's wrong with my homebrew PC?

My trusty desktop computer has been acting up in an exciting variety of ways and I am having trouble diagnosing the problem. [more inside]
posted by zeusianfog at 8:41 PM - 10 answers

January 17

Tunes in the tub

I have a standard, basic (old-fashioned?) A/V output (AppleTV, Bluray player, old region-free DVD player)->receiver (Yamaha RX-V677)->speakers setup in my living room. I'd like to be able to also (and simultaneously) send the audio into the bathroom, but it's not feasible to run wires for a speaker there--it would have to be some kind of wireless speaker. Is this even possible, given my receiver? If so, what's the best option?
posted by praemunire at 8:28 AM - 7 answers

January 15

Can I use an Amazon Fire Stick with this TV?

I have an old TV, a Sony KLV-S32A10, and a dying Apple TV. The Apple TV was set up by my ex-husband, I don't know anything about it, and I feel totally out of my depth with this stuff. So can you please tell me whether an Amazon Fire Stick will work with this TV?
posted by HotToddy at 6:55 PM - 11 answers

Help me choose the right 3D printer

I’ve decided it might be time to splurge on an entry-level home 3D printer, but there are so many options available. Which one would best suit my needs? [more inside]
posted by Nedroid at 11:35 AM - 16 answers

Apps appearing on my phone

Since getting a new phone, I have periodically had apps showing up without my installing them. Why? [more inside]
posted by roaring beast at 7:54 AM - 3 answers

Minimalist Kindle?

I was gifted a new Kindle for Christmas with "no ads." While my old Kindle really had "no ads," my new Kindle's lock screen is now a giant ad for goodreads, and the home screen has a goodreads banner at the bottom. I've managed to turn off the goodreads functionality (greying out the goodreads icon) using parental controls, but I still feel like my Kindle is constantly shouting at me. Is there anyway to get rid of these "ads" or is this just what a Kindle is nowadays?
posted by whitewall at 5:05 AM - 7 answers

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