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September 17

Affordable retail business wireless/IP camera options with remote/cloud?

I'm looking for the current options for fairly affordable IP cameras for a retail business that offer network access and cloud storage options as well as open source DVR or controller options. I'm also interested in use friendly subscription based cloud DVR and dynamic DNS services. I'm also definitely interested in open source, free or cheap DVR controllers that have decent motion detection and alert options to email or SMS.
posted by loquacious at 4:42 PM - 2 answers

Android Weather App with *selective* notifications

I'm looking for an android weather app for my phone -- willing to pay -- that will allow me to pick and choose among NWS severe weather notifications. [more inside]
posted by Eyebrows McGee at 8:27 AM - 7 answers

September 16

Which game console should we buy?

After not buying a new game console for years (*cough*PS2*cough*), yesterday my husband and I both spontaneously thought "maybe we should get a new game console". But, which one? Snowflake preferences inside.... [more inside]
posted by LadyOscar at 1:11 PM - 19 answers

September 15

digitizing a book

I want to digitize an old, rare book (into a text file/epub) without destroying it. I have an iPhone, an ipad, a computer with Windows 10 & Ubuntu, and a lot of time on my hands (so I don't mind physically taking a picture of the text on each page.) I do not want to spend money on this. What's the best combination of programs to use to do OCR on each page and then combine all the OCR'd text into one document that I can then proofread/correct?
posted by needs more cowbell at 12:04 PM - 15 answers

Buying MS Word for Mac?

Is it possible to purchase Word for use on a Mac without any kind of subscription? I can't believe I'm wasting a question on this but there you have it. [more inside]
posted by BlahLaLa at 10:24 AM - 8 answers

How to sell a video online 101

A friend has completed a video that they sell in physical format. They want to add a digital online option. They know zero about this. How can I guide them to the best information, service, help? They have no knowledge as a starting point. [more inside]
posted by MountainDaisy at 7:58 AM - 12 answers

September 14

Location tracking apps that inform when being tracked?

Are there any location tracking apps (similar to Life360, etc.) that are available on both iOS and Android, and explicitly inform the person being tracked whenever their location info is accessed (by a popup, or text message, or something similar)? This would mean that as long as the tracked person doesn't receive a notification that they are being tracked, they can be sure that no-one has accessed their phone's location data.
posted by bakerybob at 9:15 PM - 2 answers

Backwoods cartography

What GPS software and/or hardware can I use to map hiking trails? [more inside]
posted by escape from the potato planet at 4:12 AM - 11 answers

September 13

How do I get more comfortable speaking to a camera?

I'm planning to record some math tutorial videos for university level math. Whenever I try to record a video, I come across as awkward and unnatural and I don't sound as good as when I'm talking to someone face to face. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can sound more natural when speaking to a camera? [more inside]
posted by NoneOfTheAbove at 10:48 PM - 7 answers

Oh OBD where aren’t thou?

Bought a thingy for testing my car. [more inside]
posted by shaarog at 11:03 AM - 6 answers

September 12

NAS vs Laptop Server vs External Hard Drives

I'm trying to figure out how to best meet my data storage needs in a cost-effective way. I was previously using a desktop external HDD plugged into my router, and it's time for an upgrade. I'm trying to balance my perpetual lean toward frugality with practicality, and am looking for advice from more seasoned folks. A couple of snowflake-y details within. [more inside]
posted by taltalim at 11:26 AM - 9 answers

September 11

Someone is using my phone number to sign up for things

For the past few months, I've been getting text alerts from services that I didn't sign up for. I think someone has repeatedly been using my phone number when they make online accounts. [more inside]
posted by zeptoweasel at 5:49 AM - 9 answers

September 10

I need TV assistance!

We're in the market for a new TV, and I need help knowing what to think about. [more inside]
posted by pdb at 8:16 PM - 12 answers

Long-term Twitter Deactivation

If I want to deactivate Twitter for more than 30 days, would it work to (1) deactivate my account, (2) reactivate at day 20-something, and (3) immediately deactivate for another 30 days? And just keep doing this over and over again? [more inside]
posted by 10ch at 4:10 PM - 4 answers

fancy emails without an ESP

I need a tool where a designer builds a branded HTML email and then a regular, non-tech-savvy person sends that email from an individual Outlook accounts, that does not require an ESP like Mailchimp / Constant Contact / etc. [more inside]
posted by fifthpocket at 10:49 AM - 5 answers

A good keyboard/monitor switch for both a MacBook and an older PC?

I'm going to be using a MacBook for work, and I'm new to the Mac world. I need to find a way to use my regular keyboard, mouse, and monitor with my new MacBook, as well as with my older generic desktop PC. [more inside]
posted by umber vowel at 10:45 AM - 3 answers

Victor Papanek & Universal Design

Years ago as a Fine Arts student I read Victor Papanek's Design for the Real World. I believe I read an idea which made a lifelong impression on me. Could anyone confirm if the following is from that book or perhaps from another of his? I'm sitting here with my copy sans index and not finding it. The idea: The height of a shelf can't be designed for a standard such as a average male. If you consider women, those with disability, children, aged people with shortening spines, the temporarily injured, and shorter males, they are in the clear majority.
posted by BrStekker at 1:56 AM - 3 answers

September 9

Freeze installing Windows 10 on old, old Gateway

I'm trying to install Windows 10 on an old Gateway SX2800 I forgot I had, in an effort to get a basic secondary PC up and running. I can get Ubuntu installed, but every attempt to get Windows 10 to install fails to start the installation process. Details after the fold, if you think you can help. [more inside]
posted by Pacrand at 11:16 PM - 11 answers

Help me photograph California’s orange sky

The sky here looks orange because of the wildfires, but my iPhone camera somehow is having trouble capturing the full feeling of the color. The orange in the pictures looks subtle and doesn’t pop the way it does IRL. Are there different settings I should be using to capture the look?
posted by johngoren at 8:56 AM - 8 answers

September 8

Transition from Flash-based online training to.....?

Help, I’m in charge of a procurement contract and I don’t know what to procure. My agency uses two legacy Flash-based online courses. The end of Flash is nigh. Can and should the courses be salvaged? Searching for some insight from folks with Flash conversion or LMS experience before I start drafting a request for proposals. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:46 PM - 4 answers

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