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October 19

Cleanly getting money out of an S-corp with no payroll

I am the sole shareholder of a small business set up as an S-corporation. I've been operating the business for two years, but the business hasn't been profitable enough to pay me a salary (it's been operating as an employee-less corporation.) I've decided to close the business and need to withdraw money from the business without doing anything that looks sketchy to the various taxing bodies. Details inside. [more inside]
posted by Larry David Syndrome at 10:58 AM - 2 answers

Some tips on pricing and sales tactics for a crafter?

I'm selling some of those fill-in-the-blank chalkboard photo props at some Christmas craft sales this year. Anyhow, I'm thinking there must be some tricks for pricing and potential customization that could tip a person over into wanting to buy? [more inside]
posted by kitcat at 9:18 AM - 3 answers

October 18

Rediscovering the joy of technical work?

When I was young, I loved computing to the point I made it my career. And then came expectations, money, ambition and ruined it. I'm trying to get back into the joy of doing my work for itself, I could use some advice on how to approach this. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:58 PM - 7 answers

Need career ideas for techie/creative type transitioning out of banking

My husband has worked in the banking industry for 12+ years, mostly as a small business loan underwriter. He's looking for a career change out of banking entirely, into a job where he can be at least somewhat creative, and work around people. He's in need of ideas. [more inside]
posted by shannonigans at 2:49 PM - 6 answers

How can i incorporate my passion in my life?

I just graduated from college and am about to start working at a really good job. However one of my biggest passions is surfing and i happen to live in a landlocked country. [more inside]
posted by Pippo.z at 7:22 AM - 16 answers

October 17

Fangs for resin to the challenge

Every year I make awesome "spooky" art things to send to people. This year I've outdone myself with resin fangs and pumpkins like these. Now I'm trying to figure out how to offset the shipping cost. [more inside]
posted by mermaidcafe at 3:45 PM - 1 answers

How to prove slander when it's a whisper campaign

I was thinking recently, due to a personal and currently ongoing bullying situation at work: how can someone find out what sorts of lies and slander are being spread about them if the person doing the damage is operating with a whisper campaign sort of tactic - meaning talking to people individually behind my back. It is something I am seriously considering taking legal action over. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 3:05 PM - 10 answers

Listing conference presentations on CV - stop or continue?

Mid-career scientists, do you still list conference posters and talks on your CV? Is the answer different if you're looking for a job that is less focused on research? [more inside]
posted by Knowyournuts at 11:53 AM - 10 answers

Former Employer was acquired and gave me two days to review paperwork

I exercised my options at the last company I worked at. It was a pitiful small amount, so I figured why not. Now the company has been acquired, and I got the paperwork last night. It is a 400 page document! It suggests I get a lawyer to review, but expects a response by tomorrow. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:07 AM - 6 answers

Can you switch recruiting agencies mid-contract?

My partner is currently fulfilling a year-long contract at a government office in Boston, MA. He was placed there and is technically employed by a recruiting agency, but ever since he started he has been approached by other agencies offering him the same position for more money. Can he switch agencies? [more inside]
posted by thefang at 7:29 AM - 9 answers

October 16

Payment date pushed back three months

I am a freelance writer. I've just learned that an issue I'll be in has been pushed back a few months, which means my payment has been pushed back as well. This poses a significant hardship to me, and I'm not sure if there's anything I can do (aside from politely mention it to my editor, which I did). [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:45 PM - 5 answers

Help us relocate!

My husband and I would like to relocate from Canada to the US. Please assume that there are no visa issues to contend with. Could you suggest some cities we might like working and living in? [more inside]
posted by some chick at 4:54 PM - 27 answers

Show me some studies about TCO and vehicle maintenance.

I have a disagreement with my fleet manager about vehicle maintenance. I say that the path to lowest TCO is to faithfully maintain one's vehicle according to the manufacturer's recommended schedule. He says that it's to do nothing but oil changes and then repair what breaks. I have an opportunity to take my case to a higher level. Can you arm me with evidence? [more inside]
posted by Anticipation Of A New Lover's Arrival, The at 4:19 PM - 13 answers

Any luck getting student loan forgiveness w/ a for profit benefit corp?

I am working for a non-profit that is becoming a for profit, public benefit corporation, servicing other non-profits. Has anyone had any luck with student loan forgiveness and a benefit corp? I recall finding some info that you can still utilize it with a B corp, but now cannot find anything.
posted by UMDirector at 9:20 AM - 3 answers

Programming languages for technical writers

If I take a class in C#, will that give me enough knowledge to be able to write APIs and code samples in C#? [more inside]
posted by Tailkinker to-Ennien at 8:08 AM - 3 answers

October 15

Legal structures for a four-person partnership?

I’m researching what legal structure to use for starting a business with other people. We are in California. We may move to another state within the next couple of years. The business is service-based and we would also like to accept donations. [more inside]
posted by zeek321 at 6:37 PM - 9 answers

October 14

Science or Not?

Who is qualified to conduct clinical trials? What are clinical trials? [more inside]
posted by loveandhappiness at 2:10 PM - 8 answers

Reputable resume-writing services?

I am a recent maths/stats graduate looking for work in entry-level analysis or database management. I'd like to get my resume reworked by somebody who I can explain my specific situation to. Since there seem to be several hundred services online which do just that, can you recommend a good one? [more inside]
posted by solarion at 2:11 AM - 5 answers

October 12

Quitting my job without feeling like a Judas

I'm in a situation where I may have a better job offer, but I feel like if I take it, I'd be both missing out on getting to be part of a cool organization (my current job with a new nonprofit organization) with potential and pulling the rug out from under my boss, clients, and co-workers. At the same time, it seems foolish to turn down a job that offers that when I'm perpetually worried about being able to pay my rent with what I'm bringing in. [more inside]
posted by EyesDarting at 4:55 PM - 18 answers

October 11

Well-handled sexual harassment complaints

Have you seen, heard of, or experienced good handling of sexual harassment complaints and situations in a workplace? [more inside]
posted by spindrifter at 8:56 AM - 6 answers

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