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August 20

Do I take the part time job?

Is it better to work 15 hours a week or keep looking? [more inside]
posted by intrepid_simpleton at 12:09 PM - 8 answers

Job Interview in a Different City. Help!

I have a job interview a month from now in a different city. I will be flying. Need advice on how to do this on the DL. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:50 AM - 15 answers

Selling pricey will call only tickets

Have you bought or sold true "Will Call only" tickets on Stubhub or Craigslist before, where the buyer and seller actually had to meet at the venue? Which is better? How does this work, especially when large amounts of money are involved (say $500+)? [more inside]
posted by acidic at 10:40 AM - 2 answers

How do I insurance from afar?

I am constructing a proposal to my bosses to allow me to work remotely, because I want to move to a different city. How do I sort out insurance? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:00 AM - 4 answers

August 18

seeking a financial advisor for student debt - or details on how to seek

- or your own experience with a student debt counselor! If anyone can recommend a financial advisor for a student debt situation in the Cleveland (OH) area, I'll take it! Otherwise, looking for ideas on how to sniff out a good one. [more inside]
posted by snerson at 8:00 PM - 3 answers

Leave reasonably okay company for freelancing?

In a nutshell: a) do I have good reasons for wanting to leave my job and switch to freelancing, and b) if I do this, how do I best maintain good personal and professional relationships with the people/organization I work for now? Details at length below the fold. Sorry for the wall of text. [more inside]
posted by huimangm at 7:48 PM - 6 answers

How do you practice ownership at work and not let it take over your job?

If I take "ownershop" of my job, I'm supposed to be willing to do whatever I see that needs to get done. What advice do you have about not letting the side tasks take all your time? What should I be communicating to my managers? [more inside]
posted by birchhook at 6:06 AM - 12 answers

August 17

London vs. San Francisco Tech Industry Job Market and Culture

I'm a San Francisco-based tech startup software engineering manager. Career-wise, the SF area is a good place for me to be. For strictly personal (relationship) reasons, I could be motivated to pursue a move to London. I'm trying to understand what implications that could have for my career trajectory and earnings potential. [more inside]
posted by 4rtemis at 3:07 PM - 11 answers

Making a document harder to distribute

Need to balance my company's ultra-paranoia about their IP against the need to distribute and share documents to a large audience. [more inside]
posted by Meatbomb at 4:47 AM - 17 answers

August 16

Context switching when you have a fancy day job

You have a career in Widget Field X. You have earned elite degrees, won national and international awards, achieved some fame, and built a tremendous amount of credibility (and even fame) in Widget Field X. You also do work in Arts Field Y. You have a few small engagements in this field over several years, but no great achievements (yet). You want to eventually become successful in Arts Field Y. [more inside]
posted by 3491again at 5:01 PM - 10 answers

Pharmacy Technician +

I'll be starting a pharmacy tech program in the near future, with completion after the first of next year. My question is this - there are pharmacists and pharmacy technicians ... are there other pharmacy related positions within this continuum? [more inside]
posted by sandpine at 1:24 PM - 4 answers

Evaluating Financial Advisers - What tools are publicly available?

I have a friend who's done some investing in stocks and mutual funds and after middling performance returns believes that the best way forward is to use a well-regarded commercial investor, actually this one: Fisher Investments. I'm skeptical. But I want to respond with as much 'hard' evidence as possible. [more inside]
posted by Reasonably Everything Happens at 6:11 AM - 8 answers

Adulting so good with personal finance

New adult seeking guidance and orientation on how to be responsible with money. What's your favorite book/audiobook/youtube channel/website etc? Also what's your one advice? [more inside]
posted by atetrachordofthree at 4:08 AM - 18 answers

August 15

What salary should I be making as a product designer at a startup?

What should my salary be as a Product Designer at a startup with [x] years of experience living in [x] city? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 4:44 AM - 9 answers

August 14

We're getting an Open to make it not be awful.

The bad news, we're getting an open office where some (but not all) people will be flex. The good news, we're being asked for input on how to set it up. What input should we give to make sure it's not awful? [more inside]
posted by Spumante at 6:15 AM - 37 answers

August 13

Corporate Overlords and Signing Contracts

Fellow corporate stooges at large companies: How burdensome is the review process for minor purchase agreements? [more inside]
posted by mark k at 10:40 PM - 5 answers

How to Psyche up for a Long-Shot Job Interview

I was here earlier bemoaning my mindless "technical writing" job that is actually just assembly-line-style copyediting; now I have an interview invitation to an actual technical writing position and I'm feeling pretty defeatist about my ability to convince them that I'm qualified to do a job I currently hold in title only. [more inside]
posted by space snail at 2:17 PM - 11 answers

Help me work toward a job I have no experience in

I want to work in marketing at my company one day but I have no experience in marketing. What can I do in my own time to change that and eventually be a more desirable candidate? [more inside]
posted by emotionalmotionsickness at 7:53 AM - 8 answers

Going back to rejected offer

A few months ago, I was trying to pick between two job offers and ended up picking a company that has turned out to be a bad fit. Can I go back to the job I rejected and ask if they would still be willing to take me? How bad would quitting so quickly look? [more inside]
posted by movicont at 6:08 AM - 8 answers

August 12

I want to know what my net eBay profits have been this year.

I sell things on eBay, as a hobby. I have a new goal -- clean out my basement and buy myself something nice. I can't tell if I've reached my $$$ goal yet. Help? [more inside]
posted by Wild_Eep at 7:01 PM - 3 answers

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