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December 7

Double IRA required minimum distribution taken by mistake

How do I fix the problem of mistakenly taking my IRA RMD twice in 2019? [more inside]
posted by Elsie at 1:33 PM - 6 answers

What a way to make a living

"9 to 5" is shorthand for regular working hours. However, I (an American salaried office worker) have never experienced a workday that didn't run from 8 to 5, or time-shifted from 7 to 4, or maybe with a half-hour lunch, 7 to maybe 3:30. Was it always this way, or was there a shift from 9 to 8 at some point? [more inside]
posted by Huffy Puffy at 8:09 AM - 49 answers

best small notebook for work?

my job requires me to carry around a notebook, so that i can keep track of all the information i might need to reference on a daily basis (vet receptionist/tech). i've been using a flexible 3x5 moleskine, but it's just not holding up. any other suggestions? i usually carry it in the little cargo pocket on my scrub pants.
posted by megan_magnolia at 7:12 AM - 9 answers

Possible Work screw up. What now?

I may have just made a huge mistake at work, I need to figure out what to do ASAP. [more inside]
posted by Champagne Supernova at 4:25 AM - 10 answers

December 6

What prices have foreclosure homes been selling at in 77004?

Is there a way I can find out what prices foreclosure homes (bank lien, tax lien, REO) have been selling at for the past 3,6, or 12 months in Central Houston Texas zip code 77004?
posted by maxexam at 11:34 AM - 2 answers

December 5

Am I in (yet another) toxic job? Fitting in, male-dominated environment

I've been in my job for a few months now, but am wondering if it's a toxic workplace or if it's just me... Snowflakes inside! [more inside]
posted by Kobayashi Maru at 8:22 PM - 9 answers

Is subcontracting your own work ethical?

Let's say I'm a teapot-maker. I've just been hired to do something that has nothing to do with teapots and I'm terrible at it. Can I pay someone else to do it? [more inside]
posted by my left sock at 4:16 PM - 20 answers

Reference librarian wants to shelve

Long ago, I shelved books for a living. Then I became a librarian. The stress of public service has been amping up some longtime mental health struggles and I would love to return to the straightforward task of shelving books for a living. How can I convince a library to hire me when I am way overqualified? [more inside]
posted by cat friend at 2:14 PM - 9 answers

What are the best websites to post an internship ad?

I'm helping an old non-profit/new social enterprise with their recruiting of part-time interns.... the organization is US-based but global in activities and reach (interns will need to speak and write English well but don't have to be in the US). What are the best websites to post internships and attract talented and energetic college age go-getters? Thanks very much for any suggestions!
posted by zresearch at 12:35 PM - 3 answers

December 4

How do I close my old corporation and start a new one?

I've run a small business through a S-corporation for several years. I moved from one state to another and my new tax/paperwork obligations are difficult. I want to start a new corporation in my new state to make things easier. How do I pull this off? [more inside]
posted by allthethings at 1:40 PM - 3 answers

pursuant to the previous

I'm employed but applying for new jobs because my current workplace is not a good cultural fit for me. How do I explain this diplomatically to prospective employers without sounding like I am bashing my current company or revealing personal details that I'd prefer not to in a job interview process? [more inside]
posted by thereemix at 8:19 AM - 9 answers

December 3

Quick decompression because who has time to do it right.

How would you decompress when it feels like what you need to properly decompress is time and the ability to talk about the stressful aspects of your life, and you have neither the time, nor people to really share it with? Details below the jump. [more inside]
posted by Nieshka at 11:22 AM - 22 answers

how to answer awkward question

Three months ago, I applied for a job. They finally reached out asking for a phone interview this week, but I have since accepted another job and so the resume they have is out of date. I am still job hunting as the culture of my current workplace isn't a good fit for me. How do I handle this when I speak to the prospective employer? [more inside]
posted by thereemix at 10:59 AM - 7 answers

December 2


Do you work in public health, statistics or a related field? If so fill me in on biostatistics as a field of study and work! [more inside]
posted by knownfossils at 5:10 PM - 3 answers

The Best Project Management Books

Looking for recommendations on project management books. [more inside]
posted by bfranklin at 6:59 AM - 6 answers

Should I buy this townhouse with possible nearby construction?

I am looking at buying a townhouse in the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, currently up for auction in a couple weeks. However, I noticed that the neighbouring houses are for sale and are being marketed as a developer’s dream, as they already have architect plans and council permits to demolish and replace the buildings with seven new townhouses. Is this a major concern? [more inside]
posted by strekker at 12:49 AM - 8 answers

December 1

Can I pay the "postage due" on a package I sent a friend out of state?

How can I pay the "postage due" on a letter I sent to a friend (apparently I did not add enough postage), and the letter is being held at her local Post Office. I have a QR code and 16 digit barcode number specific for the package. Details below. Thanks [more inside]
posted by ethical_caligula at 11:18 PM - 6 answers

November 30

How can I feel okay about throwing money at a problem for a year?

So, in my last post I detailed a bunch of worries I have about my mom's future, from the costs of assisted living to what to do with her home. I've since calmed down, slightly, I've realized that a lot of these problems are things we can throw money at for a year until I return to town in 1 year. However, it's going to be an expensive year and I feel bad about spending (or my mom spending the money) on these things. How can I be okay with it?! [more inside]
posted by VirginiaPlain at 9:39 PM - 18 answers

help me buy less stuff

I enjoy buying things for myself... and I hate this fact about myself! For me, retail therapy really is therapy. How can I change this around and become more thoughtful about my purchases? I don't want to be a slave to capitalism, but acquiring new 'stuff' makes me feel good. How do I stop wanting things? [more inside]
posted by unicorn chaser at 3:49 AM - 40 answers

November 29

How to deal with harmful editors or supervisors that don't listen to you

I've started my first job out of law school in a writing heavy area, and I am having a very difficult time with some of my editors. This question applies to writers who feel their work is made worse by an editor, and employees who feel their own judgments and experience aren't respected by a supervisor. Specific issues listed below. [more inside]
posted by TheLinenLenin at 9:35 AM - 30 answers

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