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September 21

Celebrate a financial milestone during COVID times

My partner and I just finished paying off a mortgage in six years, and we are soooooooo excited about hitting this milestone! Originally we said we'd take a trip to Aus and NZ to celebrate and visit some friends, but due to COVID, that is off the table for now. Looking for suggestions on how to make it feel like a big deal celebration - because it is a big deal! - even with COVID restrictions. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:49 PM - 12 answers

September 19

Freelancer etiquette guidance needed, please.

I'm a freelancer, and I appear to have lost a longtime client. Is there a non-nutty way to ask my client why? Details inside. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 3:01 AM - 6 answers

September 18

Are we right to expect our old CPA to handle this problem?

YANMCPA of course, but how would you handle errors on forms you prepared for someone who is no longer a client? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:20 AM - 8 answers

September 17

Work-from-home must haves?

What are your home office and general working-from-home essentials? Looking for recommendations to help me be as comfortable and productive as possible! [more inside]
posted by keep it under cover at 10:40 PM - 28 answers

Perks for academics?

Are there special discounts or offers that I should know about as a prof? [more inside]
posted by miles1972 at 9:00 PM - 9 answers

Does this make sense -- Dental Insurance Claim

I'm confused about my most recent dental insurance claim, did my dentist's office mess up? Or does it actually make sense? (Canada, if it makes a difference) [more inside]
posted by VirginiaPlain at 5:35 PM - 4 answers

How do I tell my references I turned down a job offer?

Last week, I turned down a job offer, and 2 of the 3 references I used (both were former colleagues) do not know this. One followed up with me; what should I say? [more inside]
posted by thoughtful_analyst at 2:56 PM - 10 answers

Apartment Rejection for No Reason

Apartment complex shutting down communication for asking too many questions? [more inside]
posted by BeatriceB at 12:41 PM - 20 answers

Do you disclose race/sex/disability/veteran status when job searching?

I am in the tech industry and looking for new opportunities. Most employers ask for race/sex/disability/veteran status information and provide an option of "I do not wish to disclose". How do you answer these demographic questions. Does it matter in any way in the process of to getting to an offer?
posted by Abacus Bean at 10:51 AM - 13 answers

September 16

Make that hypothetical critical voice stop- Work Filter

At work, I have this continuous feeling that after I do something that isn't super great, or average or whatever, my 'higher ups' are talking crap about my performance. I visualize this in my mind. It makes me nervous, impairs my work and makes me hesitate and slower at work. What's a good way to reduce these thoughts or let it less impact me? [more inside]
posted by sandmanwv at 6:57 PM - 6 answers

Copywriting/Editing Jobs

I would love some advice about beginning a career in technical writing, copy writing, editing, or some combination thereof. I am a complete novice and am looking to enter the field. My background is in education and libraries. [more inside]
posted by bookworm4125 at 4:11 PM - 11 answers

Finding an independent mortgage broker?

I've been reading about mortgage brokers and I was under the impression that the broker, an independent firm, would get quotes from multiple banks to help me find the best options. However, as I actually look for brokers on the internet, they all seem to be associated with a particular lender (not necessarily the large banks, for example I see Guaranteed Rate frequently). Do independent brokers as I have been imagining them exist? How do I find them? [more inside]
posted by findabair at 12:39 PM - 8 answers

Help me find a durable ID badge holder

I need a durable, rigid badge holder for an ID that is 3 7/8" x 2 5/8" and which can withstand getting pulled on a bit. Can you recommend one? [more inside]
posted by msbrauer at 7:04 AM - 3 answers

September 15

Commercial property insurance for an individual in California

Asking on a friend's behalf: "I'm leasing a <100sq office as an individual, not a business. I need to obtain property insurance for it but have no idea where to start, I've only ever used residential insurance. The office is furnished; total value of my property in it is around $2k (most of that's a laptop)." [more inside]
posted by brainwane at 3:36 PM - 6 answers

Verbal Offer - Waiting on Contracts

I received a verbal offer from a firm, and was told the contracts would be emailed. Cue the crickets. Now what do I do? [more inside]
posted by TauLepton at 3:35 PM - 3 answers

Do you buy a house before or after starting a new job?

Buying a house across the country during a global pandemic while job hunting - what's the order of operations here? I have a solid job history and nearly perfect credit and would like to do this right. [more inside]
posted by getawaysticks at 1:42 PM - 7 answers

September 14

calculating PayPal fees

How do I calculate PayPal fees? I got a ding for a recipient fee and a currency conversion fee. The client would cover the fees but I need to reliably show what they are for a given sum. Thank you!
posted by The Last Sockpuppet at 4:58 PM - 1 answers

I want to be a therapist

I want to be a therapist/counsellor, and I've started reading, and planning. If you are a therapist/counsellor can you give me any advice or tips on starting out? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:02 PM - 12 answers

Rejecting a paycut

Can I "refuse" to take a paycut? Help me think through the implications. [more inside]
posted by Anonymouse1618 at 7:58 AM - 15 answers

When your manager outsources all the interesting projects

Worrying about my career development [more inside]
posted by winterportage at 6:55 AM - 10 answers

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