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November 13

Is there such a thing as a stupid question?

I've recently been promoted to a position that has me supervising new people in three knowledge areas. I'm very familiar with one of the areas, less so with the other two. I've worked at my company for 13 years and been at the manager level for 6, so I'm not new around here. I know all the of these people well from working closely with them before the promotion. [more inside]
posted by CheeseLouise at 1:55 PM - 10 answers

B2B Sales: One weird trick?

IdleCuriousityFilter. Why do would-be vendors always tell me all the names of everyone they've met at my company? They must learn this in school, because they ALL do it. Why do they think I'd care if they know Joe Blow in Marketing or Jane Doe in R&D? Even if it's someone I happen to know, so what? I don't get it.
posted by pH Indicating Socks at 11:33 AM - 6 answers

Low paying retail vs better contract job & career job hunt decisions

I am currently making a mid-career change. I left my previous field to get a master’s degree applicable to new field. I know that finding a new job in new field can take a few months. I can do retail immediately at low pay, wait for a better higher paying contract job or take neither and focus solely on the new field job search. I'm not sure what to do. [more inside]
posted by Che boludo! at 8:58 AM - 4 answers

Job hunting... while interviewing for residency

I'm a med student currently interviewing for residency. I'll be graduating med school in December, but won't be working as a doctor until July. My folks have been supporting me for the past six months, since I'm no longer supported by loans,* and understandably would like it if I could get some sort of job in the meantime. I'm pretty burnt out on job hunting, as I have effectively been doing a version of it (the residency application process) for the past 14 months.** How do I get myself fired up to find a part time job that will last me from now until May? What kind of jobs can I even get? Will places like Starbucks hire a weird baby MD like me for a 6 month stint? [more inside]
posted by ocherdraco at 8:47 AM - 24 answers

November 12

Wedding photographer lost some of my photos. Should I ask for a refund?

I got all of my wedding photos over the weekend. I had paid my wedding photographer for 10 hours of her time and a minimum of 100 photos per hour. When I got the album, I didn't suspect anything was amiss, as there were more than 1,000 photos in the album. However, when I got to the end of the album, the photos abruptly stopped at the end of dinner, and there were no photos from the dancing portion of the reception. When I wrote to my photographer asking if there was a mistake, she told me that she had lost all of the photos from the last two hours of our wedding. Her SD card was corrupt and she could not access any of the photos. Should I push for a refund on the missing hours? And if so, how should I tactfully word it? [more inside]
posted by alipie at 9:11 AM - 22 answers

November 11

Getting my foot back in the door with Apple, and other job-hunting tips?

After being laid off from my previous job, I have tried to get back in the door at Apple Retail, but seem to be hitting a brick wall so far. Also running into brick walls with my job search. [more inside]
posted by thoughtful_analyst at 9:43 PM - 12 answers

Funky commercial investment for personal use

There is a commercial building in my neighborhood for sale and I'm interested in purchasing for personal use (i.e. art studio), but need advice on how to go about looking into it. Details below. [more inside]
posted by hillabeans at 12:59 PM - 8 answers

Selling your home to buy a new home (UK)

We are considering selling our London flat in order to buy one that will better suit our needs. We've never done this before. (We were first-time buyers when we bought our current flat.) I have questions about the timing of selling and buying, as well as choosing an estate agent. I'd also love any general advice from people who have been through this process in the UK. (UK-centered answers only, please) [more inside]
posted by yankeefog at 8:00 AM - 6 answers

Google is useless

The company that administers my mortgage charges a $20 "pay to" fee. What the heck is a "pay to" fee? [more inside]
posted by thereemix at 7:53 AM - 4 answers

Job interview prep to lessen anxiety

I have a job interview coming up at the end of this week (yaaay), but I have become filled with anxiety and almost dread about the upcoming interview. I've been avoiding preparing for it, or even thinking about it... how can I best prepare for it? [more inside]
posted by VirginiaPlain at 7:30 AM - 7 answers

Is all work "a pie-eating contest where first prize is more pie" now?

This phrase used to be how lawyers joked about what it was like to advance in their industry, but it's starting to feel like all work is this way. Are there exceptions? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 5:51 AM - 12 answers

November 10

Soft Skills courses for introverts

What are some great "soft skills" management courses (especially geared to deep introverts, socially anxious, low EQ type people) that I can ask my job to pay for?
posted by acidic at 3:28 PM - 2 answers

should I stay or... you know the gist

My job isn't fulfilling me creatively, and is causing me a lot of anxiety, but I can't really decide once and for all whether I should stick around and suck it up and know I'm getting a good salary in a sector that is meaningful to me, or whether I should leave and risk ending up with a worse salary or an equally toxic job elsewhere. I feel like this question has been asked a thousand times, but I just need some help getting over the hump. [more inside]
posted by unicorn chaser at 12:27 PM - 5 answers

November 8

Choosing between jobs

Offered a job change that sounds less interesting and would force me out of my comfort zone, in exchange for a significant raise. How should I make this decision? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:07 PM - 10 answers

Entry-Level Marketing Job Woes

I need help finding an entry-level job in marketing in the Los Angeles area (although I live in Riverside right now). I’m sort of flailing in the dark here; nobody I know works in marketing so I don’t have anyone to ask for help. [more inside]
posted by Yasuo at 6:01 PM - 5 answers

November 7

What's my website name - mentorship edition

I've been doing this unofficially for several years and I finally want to try to take some next steps with my freelance work. I want to focus on resume review, interview prep, and career coaching. Help me pick a domain name.
posted by Marinara at 1:40 PM - 3 answers

What are my insurance options (while unemployed) in NY state?

I live in New York, am quitting my job, and plan on traveling and maybe doing a freelance project or two in the next 3-4 months. What are my health insurance options in the meantime? [more inside]
posted by critzer at 11:20 AM - 3 answers

Two screens, how to use them?

Please tell me about your dual-monitor setup and how are you using it to be a (more) productive business professional. [more inside]
posted by gakiko at 2:02 AM - 24 answers

November 6

See the line where the sky meets the sea? (career change edition)

I want go into ocean science - but I have to navigate some tricky obstacles and a whole lot of unknowns. I also have no idea what I'm doing. More below the fold. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:08 PM - 2 answers

What entrepreneurship programs support domestic violence survivors?

What entrepreneurship programs support domestic violence survivors? [more inside]
posted by Chaussette and the Pussy Cats at 4:31 PM - 1 answers

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