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June 25

Simple iOS Time Tracking app with reminders to log

I'm looking to record notes about my work day, and which projects I worked on. I don't need anything robust at all, just a looking for a simple time tracking app that will remind me to note what I did that day. I don't want to mess with timers and that sort of thing because I'll invariably forget to turn it off, and I jump around between multiple projects all day long. Instead I just need a place to write down a rough summary of how I spent each day and what projects I worked on. I've been using a google doc but I'm hoping an iPhone app exists that does a better job for me, and most importantly, will ping me towards the end of the day to remind me to take my notes. [more inside]
posted by ZackTM at 6:59 AM - 2 answers

New employer wants to do credit check, but I froze my credit!

I have a provisional job offer, dependent upon reference checks, credentialing, and CREDIT check. Because I am a Mefite, I knew to freeze my credit when the Equifax breach occurred in September 2017. Should I unfreeze those accounts until I am "cleared"? [more inside]
posted by honey badger at 6:24 AM - 3 answers

June 22

It's going to be a long summer

My summer intern is a nice guy, but his work performance is sorely lacking. I'm seeking advice on how to handle this situation. [more inside]
posted by akk2014 at 6:46 PM - 15 answers

Can You Help Me Weigh These Two Job Offers in Washington?

Advice/input desperately needed, please! I have two job offers in Washington state but the pro’s and con’s of each are tough for me to compare. Now, I’m overthinking and too close to the decision. Details of both offers inside! [more inside]
posted by carlypennylane at 3:34 PM - 24 answers

How much money should I ask for at my job?

Three weeks ago I was hired to run a tool program at a large construction and engineering firm in Maine. The stated wage was $15-17/hr, so I asked for $16 and figured I'd try to get another dollar at the 90 day review if they liked me. The thing is, they really like me. Now as they plan to promote me, I wonder what a reasonable wage would be. [more inside]
posted by jwhite1979 at 2:07 PM - 4 answers

June 21

Language evaluation exams with a view to relocating to Québec or Ontario

Hi. I've been considering relocating to Québec for some time, and was wondering whether or not taking (and passing, obviously) the Test for Evaluating French for Access to Québec (TEFAQ) would likely render such a move a mere formality, or if to the contrary there's still a very real chance I would be denied? [more inside]
posted by DavidfromBA at 4:15 PM - 5 answers

What are all the publicly traded companies in the U.S. led by women?

I've been trying to find a list of publicly-traded companies that are led by women, but I can only find women CEOs of the Fortune 500. I'm looking for a list of *all* the publicly traded companies in the U.S. run by women-- even small companies! [more inside]
posted by Mystical Listicle at 2:36 PM - 3 answers

Favorite micro-orders on Amazon?

I just got an Amazon store card. I'd like to build my credit by buying something small and paying it off every month. For example, I just bought a ball-inflating needle for a tire pump for $1.99, shipping included. What sort of tiny stuff do you like to order? Thank you!
posted by 8603 at 11:24 AM - 12 answers

Research and Problem Solving Careers

Looking for career ideas that play to my strengths: very, very curious, likes to find information, and enjoys problem solving. [more inside]
posted by pumpkinlatte at 6:42 AM - 16 answers

How to get out of a work rut when leaving isn't an option?

I've been at my current job for about 4 years. Pay is great, co-workers are good, boss is decent. The problem? I'm in a rut, disengaged and jaded about the actual work. Also? I'm 4 months pregnant. [more inside]
posted by like_neon at 2:53 AM - 14 answers

What are online activities that remote team members could do together?

What non worky, online activities might I promote or offer to people as a way to get to know each other a bit more deeply? Some sort of communal puzzle solving? Other games? Leagues? A pet show and tell over skype? [more inside]
posted by aychedee at 12:07 AM - 9 answers

June 20

Tricks used by large apartment leasing agents?

We recently toured a brand new "luxury" apartment building in Northern California. The leasing agent told us we would received one free month on certain units. We put down a deposit on one unit. The next day I called their office and spoke to another leasing agent, who said actually the concession was 2 weeks free, not 4. Well that changed the math on which units we were interested in. [more inside]
posted by KatNips at 7:16 PM - 5 answers

Book on workforce planning/RBM

I have been assigned to the HR section of a public sector organization without any real prior experience in HR work. This organization is currently getting ready to try to rehaul its workforce planning and institute a results-based management system for the first time. I'm looking for a book that will give me a basic handle on workforce planning and RBM - ideally, focused on the private sector and/or on the process of designing these policies. Googling has not produces anything that fills me with confidence. Any suggestions?
posted by LingeringMoon at 2:23 PM - 0 answers

Are resumes dumb?

Sending resumes. Is it pointless for professional/mid-career/salaried/higher income folks unless you know someone or have an inside track? If I send out resumes given my situation, is it a total waste of time? If the answer is total waste of time, please be gentle with me. I am having a rough day. [more inside]
posted by A Terrible Llama at 11:21 AM - 19 answers

Personal Finance Software (2018 Edition)

I'm looking for software to help me understand the family's finances. I'm interested in long term questions (Am I putting enough money into my pension scheme?) rather than day-to-day spending questions (Am I spending too much money on coffee?). [more inside]
posted by HoraceH at 8:54 AM - 5 answers

What intellectual property rights should I be asking for?

I am a freelancer working for an educational organisation that works mostly in schools. Usually we share our ideas for classes without considering IP. But now the organisation is developing corporate workshops, and wants to use my ideas. I've been invited to discuss IP with the company's lawyer. What should I be asking for? [more inside]
posted by teaspoon at 6:44 AM - 6 answers

June 19

So, Mefites, what do you know about employment background checks?

Why would it take an so-called "employment background screening" company a month or more to complete a single background check, what exactly do they do, and is there anything I can do to expedite the process? [more inside]
posted by jdotglenn at 8:00 AM - 16 answers

June 18

Everything about the job sounds great...except the Glassdoor reviews

I’ve been really excited about a possible new job opportunity I interviewed for, but the company’s Glassdoor reviews are giving me serious pause. How to proceed from here? [more inside]
posted by Key Lime at 5:25 PM - 8 answers

June 17

How much money can parents gift to adult children tax-free?

The gift in question would be about $100,000 from the proceeds of a house sale. If a parent gives a gift of cash to an adult child, does the adult child pay income tax on it? Is there a special tax rate on such gifts? I don't think inheritance tax would be an issue since the parent's estate is not even close to the inheritance tax threshold.
posted by KatNips at 5:00 PM - 6 answers

June 16

Job interview- not fully qualified

I applied for a job that I’m about 70% qualified for. [more inside]
posted by 3dd at 2:33 PM - 14 answers

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