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February 25

Best practices for moving accounting/accounts payable files digital?

As many office are, we are working from home - and we may not go back into the office. I have a LOT of paper. I pay the bills for the company, I do bank transfers, credit card payment entry, etc. I know I need to keep this data, but I'd like to minimize the effect it's having on my workspace, since that is also my home. Has anyone done this and have recommendations, or places to figure out best practices? [more inside]
posted by needlegrrl at 8:06 AM - 8 answers

Capital gains carryover confusion

For USians: I’m wondering if you have historical short-term capital losses that carryover from prior years, but long-term capital gains for the current year, do those gains have to offset the losses when filing taxes? Or can taxes be paid at the long-term capital gains rate despite the carryover losses?
posted by drpynchon at 6:54 AM - 5 answers

February 24

How do I manage a "timid" disposition in the working world?

I've always been identified along a similar range (I'm 33 now): quiet, shy, introverted, reserved. Since at least middle school, I've noticed people who are gregarious, charismatic, and assertive, and envied them their (apparent) ease in life, knowing that that's not how I function. For the most part, I've grown out of it being an issue. However, I notice that it still comes up in the working world.  [more inside]
posted by thoughtful_ravioli at 3:12 PM - 10 answers

ELIAnAmerican: European Software Industry Employment Contracts

I am an American software engineer actively applying for employment in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Germany. Years of work experience in the US (specifically California) have given me a decent layman's understanding of the expectations for software industry employment agreements there. It looks like employment agreements in my European target countries are structured pretty differently, e.g., with probationary periods. What should I keep in mind when assessing these contracts? What should I watch out for? What country-specific issues should I be aware of?
posted by 4rtemis at 9:35 AM - 4 answers

Online banking app for teens

Looking to hear about people's experiences using online banking apps aimed at teens. [more inside]
posted by Orlop at 5:24 AM - 3 answers

February 23

What is my next career step and how do I get there, redux?

So in 2014 I asked you for ideas about a new direction to take my career in. The good news: I got a new job, I'm still at that company, and I really like it. But I'm now thinking longer-term about the future, I'm finding the limits of how much I can scope and define my role, and I'm ideating about where I want to be five years on. Maybe you can help? [more inside]
posted by robot cat at 3:32 PM - 7 answers

February 22

How long is too long to wait for an internal job move?

I applied for an internal position and got it but my transition has been contingent on back-filling my role. It's been almost 18 months with no end in sight. Am I being unreasonable to think that this is ridiculous? How can I approach management about a solution? [more inside]
posted by eatcake at 3:56 PM - 20 answers

Help me understand small recurring fraudulent credit card charges

I've already called my credit card company and the card is cancelled, but I'm trying to understand the motivation for these small recurring fraudulent credit card charges. [more inside]
posted by Is It Over Yet? at 11:35 AM - 13 answers

It's a no from me, boss

The "promotion" that was looming is now postponed, but I have been pushed into a temporary promotion that is far and away from my role, yet still expected to work my current roles. (3 roles for the price of 1!) I've lost the motivation and hope that I want to pursue my boss's role, and now it's wondering if/how to break it to her. [more inside]
posted by buttonedup at 8:20 AM - 9 answers

February 21

I was looking for a I have a collaborator?

I received a grant for a dream project, and it involves hiring a few freelancers. The grant wasn't much so the pay is low and might as well be pro bono. But it would be a cool project to list on a resume. One freelancer is really excited about this project and is bringing a lot of ideas to the table. Are they now considered a collaborator? [more inside]
posted by mild deer at 11:07 PM - 12 answers

Freelancing as a medical proofreader

I recently finished a medical proofreading class at University of Chicago and I feel confident enough in my skills to proofread and copy edit thesis papers for medical students. Where should I ho to advertise my services? Is there a Craigslist-type website for med students who need their medical theses proofread?
posted by pxe2000 at 12:50 PM - 5 answers

February 20

Tell me about being a project manager

I only have a very vague idea of what the options are for a career in project management. I'm aware that the PMP is a thing, although it seems like it requires quite a bit of actual experience before you're eligible. I'd love to hear about how folks ended up in project management and what your actual day-to-day work life is like. [more inside]
posted by forkisbetter at 8:41 AM - 10 answers

February 19

My employer is trying to keep me on and I want to leave.

Essentially, it's a small company and no one else right now is trained to fully handle my responsibilities. So they are offering a raise while I postpone leaving. However, I don't really feel like staying any longer than I legally have to or reneging on my agreement with my new employer. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:22 PM - 51 answers

Should I stay or should I go

Three months into a new job and it's not a great fit. Trying to decide what to do next. [more inside]
posted by ambulanceambiance at 1:16 PM - 5 answers

how to bring up a work concern diplomatically

I have a co-worker who is very needy and seems to be struggling with basic aspects of her job. She needs a LOT of hand-holding, and the time I spend trying to help her is taking away from my ability to get my tasks done. I need to speak with my boss about this, but I am unsure how to do so without overstepping or sounding like someone who doesn't want to be a team player. Help me figure this out. [more inside]
posted by nayantara at 8:48 AM - 29 answers

February 18

How do you get the experience if nobody gives you the job?

One of the recurring problems in my job search: Entry-level jobs want years of experience. But how do you get experience if you can’t get the job to get the experience? [more inside]
posted by Definitely Not A Robot at 6:56 AM - 19 answers

Workplace inferno - is this normal or is there something wrong with me?

I started a job a few months ago in a well-known multinational firm as a trainee. This is my first job out of university, and it was everything I thought I wanted to do. But I think I have unwittingly stepped into my very own inferno. [more inside]
posted by antihistameme at 2:46 AM - 51 answers

February 16

What's it like to work in faith-based healthcare?

I'll be applying for healthcare jobs soon, and noticed quite a few hospitals in the area I'm researching refer to themselves as faith-based. What does this look like in practice? [more inside]
posted by autolykos at 7:28 PM - 9 answers

February 15

IRS Cashed My Check but Says I Never Filed a Return

Last year I filed and paid my taxes on time as usual. I mailed the return via USPS. The IRS immediately cashed my check. However, my 2020 e-filed return was just rejected, and when I started investigating on the IRS's website I discovered they show I did not file a 2019 return. What's my next step here? [more inside]
posted by something something at 1:30 PM - 11 answers

February 14

Cover an appraisal gap?

We're looking to buy a house in a hot seller's market and are putting in an offer. The seller's agent indicated that the sellers would be interested in an offer that states we will cover any price differential between their purchase price and the bank appraisal. Should we do this? How can we determine how much above the appraisal price we can go? [more inside]
posted by stripesandplaid at 5:13 PM - 15 answers

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