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September 15

Finding Work as a Freelance Copy Editor

I started working as a freelance copy editor in February of 2022 and have enjoyed great success — until last month. Freelancers of AskMe, I'd love your tips or advice for how I might improve and diversify my client/job leads, my income stream, and my marketability. [more inside]
posted by nightrecordings at 8:29 AM - 6 answers

September 14

Incompetent packers: now what?

The packers I hired through a moving company did an astonishingly poor job. What's the best way to deal with this? [more inside]
posted by FencingGal at 10:22 AM - 9 answers

September 13

Should we be a non-profit? If so, how?

I am part of a small, national, membership based organization and we are trying to manage our dues more effectively. How do we figure out whether we should register as a non-profit vs..LLC.. vs. something else? I recognize many of you will say, "talk to a lawyer". If that is your advice, I would like more details. [more inside]
posted by latkes at 2:59 PM - 10 answers

September 12

I can’t shake off the feeling of precarity

I grew up in a poor and chaotic household but even as an adult who has managed to escape that environment I can’t stop feeling constantly like the rug will be pulled from under me. [more inside]
posted by Riverside at 6:27 PM - 10 answers

How do I propose a new position to my boss?

I have a potential opportunity to expand my role - how do I broach the topic tactfully with my boss? [more inside]
posted by Tevin at 5:20 PM - 3 answers

How do I deal with being “overemployed?”

Over the past several years I’ve transitioned from being involved in the day to day at work to being increasingly higher level internal strategy. Oddly this leads to a lot of “nothing to do” and is driving me nuts. I have a lot of anxiety and it turns into disinterest in days and weeks I may work a half hour. My company culture actively discouraged innovation that’s not approved or helping other team members without a formal approval process. I have a constant fear of being laid off and the irregular hours are not helping. [more inside]
posted by geoff. at 8:56 AM - 14 answers

September 11

Recovering from a bad job interview

Plus wondering if I’m being too sensitive about the interviewer’s questions [more inside]
posted by socky bottoms at 12:12 PM - 26 answers

Contract for loan from a friend

I'm raising money because I want to move to a town that will have more professional, personal, and medical options.I'm on SSDI (disability) so funding is a huge obstacle, especially as more medical bills have come up. Friends have helped my GoFundMe, but I'm still around $2000 short. Thinking of asking a friend for a loan and wanting to make sure it's as easy and fair to her as possible. [more inside]
posted by mermaidcafe at 11:57 AM - 6 answers

My Job Search Went Nuts

There is a very VERY strong possibility I will soon get a job offer from the place I've been temping at; however, 2 days ago I had a very promising interview somewhere that would be WAY better. How long can I "think about" the offer for the first job, to give the second job a chance to see what pans out? [more inside]
posted by EmpressCallipygos at 4:10 AM - 29 answers

September 10

How do multiple screen set-ups make you more productive?

A blogger I like posted a link to a triple-screen setup on her laptop, and I thought ooh shiny, but then couldn't think how I'd use it to be more productive at work. I don't do graphics or real coding - 90% of my time is Excel, Word, Outlook and Jira. Are these multi-screen set-ups really helpful or that old lie about multi-tasking being better than deep focus?
posted by dorothyisunderwood at 3:39 AM - 45 answers

September 9

How do I make my hybrid job fully remote?

I love my job, but I don't love where I live, and I'd like to move somewhere cheaper. I own a small studio flat in Farnborough, which is cheap for this area, but if I moved to somewhere like Dundee I could easily afford a place twice as big. The only thing keeping me in Farnborough is my job, which is hybrid-remote, with 3 days at home and two days in the office. [more inside]
posted by Chenko at 7:20 PM - 5 answers

Should I enroll in a Bootcamp course to upskill now or after layoff?

Hello, There is a possibility of layoffs at my workplace. I am wondering if I should take a Bootcamp course to upskill now or after layoff? What do you suggest? Thank you [more inside]
posted by Mountain28 at 5:13 PM - 3 answers

IRA drained of funds due to a minimum balance fee added after the fact

My spouse put $2000 in a SmithBarney/Citigroup IRA years before we were together, in the early aughts, for the typical reasons: it seemed like it would both provide a tax break and be a prudent way to save for retirement. They went on to contribute primarily to employer-sponsored 401(k) accounts. Recently, they logged into the IRA account and found the balance to be zero. SmithBarney had been purchased by Morgan Stanley in 2009, who had instated a quarterly "minimum balance fee", which over the course of a decade drained the account. Is there any recourse? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:42 AM - 18 answers

September 8

Constructive dismissal claims and career consequences

Have you or somebody you know been successful in a constructive dismissal claim? How has it affected your/their career following that? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:04 PM - 4 answers

Canadian Housing Crisis Fun Times

A place I am looking is "price restricted" and capped at 2% growth. Does that mean with a 6% mortgage at current rates, I'd actually be losing money if I bought? [more inside]
posted by miles1972 at 12:55 PM - 16 answers

How does one develop an attention to detail

I do not have a keen eye for detail and it’s been a recurring theme since I was a child. How do I develop it? [more inside]
posted by antihistameme at 3:38 AM - 22 answers

September 7

How to cope when too depressed to work

I dislike my current job though I'm good at it, and I'm having an especially rough time today/this week. I just cannot power through and get tasks done. I'm so tired and burned out. How can I cope while planning my escape? [more inside]
posted by eunique at 10:55 AM - 6 answers

September 6

Which arts charity/nonprofit(s) should I give money to?

Mrs. Dr. Wu and I are drawing up our wills and trusts. We expect to have a little money to leave to some nonprofit arts organizations. Which ones do you recommend? [more inside]
posted by Dr. Wu at 1:15 PM - 8 answers

Pricing for a small photoshop project

I'm hoping to hire someone to do a parody photoshop of an album cover, pasting in a portion of a personal photo, adding text, and then scaling it to display like an album cover (12x12) so it can be printed and framed. This is just outside of my abilities--I could make a crappy one, but I want a file that looks nice and profesh and will print at a photo center. What is a reasonable amount of $ to offer for this?
posted by We put our faith in Blast Hardcheese at 10:31 AM - 7 answers

Is there a 401k breakdown?

Is there any way to obtain a report that shows a breakdown of how much I’ve contributed over the 12 years, how much my employers contributed, and how much my investments generated in returns? [more inside]
posted by ttyn at 6:02 AM - 2 answers

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