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April 11

Grow my business or take a job working for someone else. What to do?

I'm a self-employed consultant whose business is doing well. However, I can't sustain my current workload. Should I expand my business or take an in-house job? [more inside]
posted by allthethings at 12:45 PM - 8 answers

CPA in Seattle?

I need a CPA. I live near Seattle. Any recommendations? (Yes, I know they're going to be too busy to answer the phone this week.)
posted by The corpse in the library at 12:10 PM - 4 answers

Strategies for staying on track at work through micro-interruptions

I work in digital marketing and unfortunately, my current work computer is just NOT up to the task—it is often laggy and freezes up regularly. When my computer starts acting up, my attention tends to move onto other things and it can take me awhile to get back to the initial (and usually more important) task. Normally I can deal with this, but April is a busy month, and I've got a lot of deadlines looming. Any tips or tricks for ways to keep focused on the big picture when your own computer is working against you? [more inside]
posted by helloimjennsco at 8:03 AM - 13 answers

staying sane on the road

What are the small fixes that make it a little more bearable when you're in a new bed every two nights? [more inside]
posted by ahundredjarsofsky at 12:59 AM - 21 answers

April 10

I am the Bitch Eating Crackers, help me not care.

A senior person in my current organisation has strongly taken against me. It isn't rational. It isn't my fault. I have had barely any interaction with him. He has a pattern of this kind of dislike of people. I am not the first and I won't be the last. I don't want help with the work situation-- I know what I need to do. I need help to stop ruminating about this guy and his irrational aversion. [more inside]
posted by frumiousb at 5:46 PM - 15 answers

Help with agricultural career ideas

I started listening to the "Farm to Taber" podcast, which is all about food production and systems, and it has me thinking about switching careers. Currently, I'm a K-12 tutor with a Master's Degree in History. I'm quick on the uptake with math, science, literature, systems of rules, etc. but a bit slow on manual tasks--it would be a sharp learning curve for me to fix tractors or similar. Basically, I want a job that helps feed people, whether that's through making sure things are manufactured and distributed correctly, or that farmers have resources to make their crops thrive. I have zero experience working on a farm or in the farming industry, except that I've taken care of horses and dogs most of my life. What are some ways to dip my toe in the agricultural waters? And what are some interesting careers (with educational / experience requirements, please) to pursue?
posted by Alex Haist at 7:43 AM - 10 answers

How does one handle false rumors at work?

At a recent staff social, several were over served and now there are false rumors about what really happened. How do I do damage control? [more inside]
posted by Sequined Ballet Flats at 6:27 AM - 25 answers

Advice for bidding on a freelance writing job?

I am a freelance writer, but I have little experience submitting bids for work. I have an offer to submit a bid on a massive copy writing job for a large company. I really want at least some of the job, but I don’t want to underbid. This is anonymous because I don’t want to risk the employer finding it. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 4:57 AM - 2 answers

Former manager unfriended me on LinkedIn and removed recommendation

I had a former manager who had nothing but praise for me while I worked for them- and they also only gave glowing reviews of me to their manager. They wrote a wonderful recommendation for me on LinkedIn that was full of compliments. They've since moved on to a different organisation. Today I saw that not only are we no longer connected on LinkedIn, they've removed the recommendation. They're still active on LinkedIn, just not with me. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 1:19 AM - 7 answers

April 9

California COBRA versus ACA health plan quality of service

I recently left my job and am eligible to continue my health insurance through COBRA, or join the ACA individual insurance market. I wonder if there are issues with quality of service, exposure to year-over-year cost increases, or other considerations that might not be obvious to me now but would affect my decision about which coverage to pursue. Some details about my situation follow. [more inside]
posted by 4rtemis at 3:33 PM - 6 answers

In WV Does a Multi-Member LLC Have To File A State Return

Do multi member West Virginia LLCs have to file form SPF-100? Under the "who must file" section of the form below. It is not clear whether a multi-member LLC that is treated as a partnership/pass through entity is required to file a Form SPF-100. Understood that yanmtp however any insight would be appreciated.
posted by jmsta at 6:56 AM - 2 answers

April 8

International bad debt, non-business

I pre-ordered something from a manufacturer in Germany last year who subsequently went bankrupt. Can I safely write this off as bad debt, non-business? [more inside]
posted by Candleman at 8:22 PM - 1 answers

Can I turn this timely skill into a project or even a job?

This post has inspired some personal curiosity. I've been running a little personal project on counter-radicalizing older adults of privilege. I didn't think many other people cared, but it looks like this problem is having a moment in the spotlight. Those of you who have been involved in causes and advocacy: how do I make something bigger out of this? [more inside]
posted by skookumsaurus rex at 10:58 AM - 7 answers

Recommended resource for work is a Fail.

I provided a contact for a training based on the person's reputation in the field for where I used to live. The training is not going well. How do I do damage control with my manager? [more inside]
posted by crunchy potato at 10:34 AM - 8 answers

How am I being scammed?

On LinkedIn, I’m getting crazy high offers that never follow through and have the same pattern. What’s the scam? [more inside]
posted by geoff. at 8:06 AM - 11 answers

April 7

Applied for a new job, but I like my old job too.

I am interviewing for a new job. I like my old job and do not want to burn bridges. When should I tell my manager? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 1:55 AM - 6 answers

April 6

How to stop worrying about work?

Work has been difficult for me lately. I had a big talk with my supervisor about what I needed from her and from my role and she took it better than expected. The two main things were more autonomy and fewer rewrites of my work. Since then she has heaped up the responsibility on to me so that I have several big projects to deliver before the end of financial year in June. But I keep worrying about it. [more inside]
posted by EatMyHat at 6:08 PM - 10 answers

April 5

Can I get what I need from a mentor I don't trust?

I recently spoke with someone in the c-suite about my growth and potential and asked them for a recommendation for a mentor to give me a different perspective on some things. The person they recommended is theoretically great for what I'd like to learn. However...he really rubs me the wrong way, and a few years back, I heard him making jokes about my weight to several people. (He has a passing knowledge of who I am but we've never worked together, so I don't think it was personal but rather just a general, 'hey it's fun to make fun of fat people' situation, which is *so* not the culture of my workplace and *SO* not okay with me.) How can I get what I need out of this relationship when it can't be one based on mutual trust and respect? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:05 AM - 7 answers

April 4

How can I deal mentally with a bad work situation?

My non-profit job I have held for almost 3 years has furloughed me down to working 'as needed' due to financial issues. I have disliked my position the entire time, and have been trying to leave for years now. While I am madly hunting for a new job, I'm finding it hard to not want to just up and quit instead of hanging by a thread like this. It's been very difficult for me to stay mentally invested in my work when I am deadset on leaving. How can I reasonably deal with this? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:57 AM - 9 answers

What's a good second career to address age-related irrelevance?

What are good second career paths to stay relevant as one gets older? I'm 44 and single, and I've been part of big tech in a non-technical capacity for 20 years. I have a good amount of savings but I'd like to continue to be a productive member of society and not retire. [more inside]
posted by Borborygmus at 3:11 AM - 15 answers

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