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February 21

Help me martial art.

Last year I shed about 30# through some combination of not eating so badly and going to the gym. I hate the gym and stopped going and have put half the weight back on. I am trying to start going again (and to stop eating all the everything) but I'm also curious to try something else. [more inside]
posted by Smearcase at 9:59 AM - 12 answers

FoodSafetyFilter: re: briefish power outage & raw meats

The interwebs say if your fridge has been above 40°F for more than 4 hours, perishable things should be chucked out. What if you have a fridge starting at 32°, and then the power goes out for only a half hour or 40 minutes? Mostly I'm concerned with some raw meats, which have been packaged in plastic. Paranoid me says "frak, toss it" but I feel like I'm being overly cautious. Ambient room temp during outage was probably 65°F. The fridge is otherwise consistently cold, s'far as my thermometers in there show. Science?
posted by bitterkitten at 5:34 AM - 12 answers

Quitting weed cold turkey

I have bipolar disorder and an anxiety disorder and until three days ago a daily marijuana habit that was getting worse and worse (I would smoke constantly and it barely even got me high anymore). I thought stopping cold turkey would clear my head but I've feeling my psych symptoms really strongly ever since. I'm getting back into treatment but could really use some suggestions on how to get through this. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:09 AM - 10 answers

February 20

How to stop getting up early after travelling west?

I'm still on that contract, flying 2700 km east every month or two for five days at a time. I've conquered eastward travel (yay tips in that thread + flight schedule changing), but each time I get back home - flying west for two/three timezones depending on time of year, landing at 7AM local time after maybe 4 hours of sleep before the flight - for days or weeks I wake up at 4AM, far too wired to get back to sleep. This time around, a week of 5 hours per night has left me a zombie desperate for solutions. [more inside]
posted by I claim sanctuary at 10:00 PM - 4 answers

Sugar begone!

My processed sugar consumption is digging me in to an early grave. Naturally occurring fruit sugars and local honey are ok. Everything else needs to go, but sugar substitutes like Splenda aren't for me (or my digestive system.) What specific programs and resources did you use to help you gradually but definitively quit sugar in the way that I need to?
posted by Hermione Granger at 8:31 PM - 21 answers

Tourist in Australia - Best options for severe migraine treatment?

US traveler in South Melbourne suburb (Carnegie) has severe migraine. If it doesn't improve soon, is the emergency room at a public hospital the next step? Or some kind of private non-hospital clinic? [more inside]
posted by under_petticoat_rule at 4:40 PM - 9 answers

Benefits of digital eye exam?

I’ve worn glasses for 30 years and I always have difficulty adjusting to a new prescription and new frames. I’ve only ever had traditional eye exams. If you’re like me and you’ve gotten instead a digital eye exam, we’re you pleased with the results? [more inside]
posted by Admiral Haddock at 9:31 AM - 5 answers

I hate my new progressive lenses, is what I see normal?

I’ve been having trouble seeing up close for a awhile and finally saw an eye doctor a few weeks ago. I apparently needed both far and near correction, so they recommended progressive lenses. I just picked up my glasses yesterday. They are awful and I can't get anything done with them on. I know that it is supposed to take time to get used to them, but I’m wondering what that really means. [more inside]
posted by Sabby at 8:42 AM - 28 answers

I need GTD but it's giving me anxiety

I can't do Step 1. HELP ME. [more inside]
posted by MiraK at 5:50 AM - 20 answers

another hpv question

I'm 23 and I have a cervix. Gyno detected HPV. I feel absolutely awful and tainted and like my life has been ruined. How do I stop spiraling? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:12 AM - 18 answers

February 19

Next steps in weightlifting for a forty (one) year old

I feel like I’m approaching an impasse with my current weightlifting routine, and have some concerns about its sustainability in the long run. I've had a hard time finding advice online on potential next steps. Details and caveats below. [more inside]
posted by gordie at 11:58 AM - 19 answers

Wife not vaccinated for MMR. Vaccinate 2-month old baby?

My understanding is that infants are not routinely given the measles vaccine because maternal antibodies transferred by breastfeeding would neutralize the vaccine. But my wife grew up poor, neglected and likely unvaccinated, thus would not have any measles antibodies, right? Therefore should we seek to immediately vaccinate our newborn baby?
posted by wutangclan at 2:51 AM - 17 answers

February 18

Why does my left arm hurt?

Okay, I’ve put this off for two months, but it’s really getting to me. Almost every time I sit in my office-type chair, my left arm either starts hurting (immediately and a lot) or gets a nasty pins-and-needles feeling, or both. [more inside]
posted by bryon at 9:49 PM - 18 answers

IVF Clinic in Toronto?

Hello! I am a 41 year old woman and my husband (42) and I have recently moved to Toronto. We do not have children. Can you please recommend a good IVF clinic in Toronto? How much should we expect to pay for the treatment? Is there something we need to consider before going for the treatment?We are both Canadian residents. Thank you for your help.
posted by synapse2512 at 4:52 PM - 9 answers

I need some help getting started with "DIY" CPAP therapy for sleep apnea

Can anyone give me any advice for getting started with DIY CPAP therapy for sleep apnea? For reasons explained within, I won't be getting this equipment through an insurance company or a Sleep Center, though I will have competent and willing medical supervision available. [more inside]
posted by Corvid at 2:27 AM - 11 answers

February 17

Braces at 6 or 7?

(you were not my orthodontist) but does it sound normal to get braces in the first grade and then have them for 6 years? (so from 7ish to 13?) I remember I also briefly had a palate expander & and they eventually had to pull 2 adult bicuspids so the rest of the teeth fit (so overcrowding WAS an issue), but it seems like a loooong time to have them.
posted by Geameade at 8:30 PM - 10 answers

Books about improving self-esteem

I’m looking for recommendations for books or workbooks that focus specifically on how to increase confidence and self-esteem? Information about overcoming imposter syndrome is also welcome.
posted by mkuhnell at 11:41 AM - 8 answers

February 16

Neck muscles tense when talking

Is this normal? [more inside]
posted by Crookshanks_Meow at 6:18 PM - 3 answers

Tips for coping with total hysterectomy and/or chemotherapy

So my girl-guts have totally gone and some lovely nurse is feeding chemo drugs into my system every three weeks. New experiences! I'm managing really well so far but I wonder what tips others may have for issues I may encounter in the near and distant future. [more inside]
posted by Thella at 4:25 PM - 9 answers

What's the reject rate for injection needles?

People who have to stick other people with needles for Medical Reasons, and especially people who have to stick themselves with needles, how often do you get a needle that just doesn't go in like normal? [more inside]
posted by tee-man at 3:10 PM - 17 answers

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