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September 29

Can I explain to doctors that weaker opiates don't seem to work for me?

I was recently in the hospital for a few days for gallstones. I have very little experience with opiates so I was really surprised/disappointed that I got no pain relief from them except for the really strong ones. But I also felt scared to actually express this since I thought it would sound like drug seeking. Surely there is some variation in how well people respond to opiates, but is there anyway to talk about that? [more inside]
posted by Gravel at 10:24 PM - 3 answers

Can I make my glasses stronger?

I wish to superpower my prescription glasses. [more inside]
posted by Evilspork at 4:07 PM - 9 answers

Daily marijuana smoker looking to quit after years

For health and career reasons, I may need to get off weed. I've used it to self medicate at night for years. Details inside [more inside]
posted by Alvin80 at 12:22 PM - 7 answers

Schroth Method

Does anyone here know about the Schroth Method of physical therapy for scoliosis patients? I've seen the website. I'm wondering if anyone has tried it or knows someone who has.
posted by ydaltak at 9:56 AM - 1 answers

Is a Theragun worth it?

I have tight muscles and fascia. Should I get a Theragun - and which model? [more inside]
posted by t0astie at 7:33 AM - 11 answers

September 28

My kid on Xanax for needle phobia

My 17 year old son needs to get his blood drawn. He has a major needle phobia. The doctor prescribed Xanax, with the directions for him to take one pill 15 minutes before the draw. Can you help me know what to expect and how I can help all this go better? I'm feeling stressed myself now (ugh) and want to work through that so I can be chill for both of us. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:08 PM - 33 answers

Wondering whether to cut off my foot

Should I get a below-the-knee amputation and a prosthetic limb? [more inside]
posted by Leontine at 2:12 PM - 13 answers

What program or group helped you to lose weight?

The times that I have been the most successful with weight loss were when I was working with a nutritional coach or personal trainer. How can I replicate that support over a long period of time? [more inside]
posted by WaspEnterprises at 1:54 PM - 5 answers

September 27

Elimination or suppression (of fungal spores)?

When trying to treat a fungal skin infection, how important is it actually how one does laundry? [more inside]
posted by kinddieserzeit at 11:32 PM - 4 answers

Trying to understand how hearing aids work...

... particularly those that belong to my octogenarian mom, because they don't appear to make a difference, despite the large price tag, much to the frustration of everyone around her. (It's unclear how much she is aware of the issue.) [more inside]
posted by fingers_of_fire at 7:42 PM - 13 answers

Thoughts on veneers after adult invisalign?

Does anyone have any experience with veneers? I am not sure what kind of follow up questions I would need to determine if I ultimately need to also have veneers in addition to the alignment treatment. Is it merely achieving a perfectly cosmetically pleasing result? Is it actually ultimately to help my bite and alignment? [more inside]
posted by proficiency101 at 7:54 AM - 7 answers

September 26

How long until you felt "back to normal" following a lap. appendectomy?

About a month ago, I went to the ER for appendicitis. When they took it out, they said it was necrotic and had ruptured at some unknown point earlier. I was in the hospital for 4 days and then they sent me home with ten days of antibiotics. While I'm basically healed now, I still have weird, migrating stomach and abdominal pains, and bloating (2 or 3 on pain scale.) How was it for you? [more inside]
posted by egeanin at 11:10 PM - 6 answers

Free Flu Shots: Complications and Five Questions

I went for a free flu shot yesterday. I usually get them through work but, you know. The experience left me with a ton of questions. Unfortunately, there was a line behind me so I couldn't satisfy my curiosity, but I hope you guys can help! [more inside]
posted by Roy Batty at 12:46 PM - 21 answers

What kind of maximum heart rate are elite runners hitting?

I am having an argument with a friend. And I claimed that I think elite runners are very capable of going well over 200, or even 210 BPM. I can't find any reliable article to back this up. I found a reddit thread where plenty of people claimed over 210 or even 220. But can someone help me find an article with reliable data? Thanks!!
posted by maxexam at 7:43 AM - 15 answers

September 25

How risky is it to be a poll worker in the age of COVID-19?

I'd like to be a poll worker this November, but I'd also like to understand how much of a risk it might be. Articles? Data? Decision-making models? Anything? [more inside]
posted by MonkeyToes at 5:57 AM - 10 answers

September 24

Alternative Theories and/or Treatments of simple partial seizures

YANMD. I think both my daughter and I experience simple partial seizures. If not, what do you think they may be? In any case, what steps might you take to reduce our "episodes"? More below the fold. [more inside]
posted by turtlefu at 10:41 AM - 16 answers

How do I stop the muscles in my neck from being so prominent?

My sternocleidomastoid muscles are very prominent (the one that shows up in red in this illustration) and I don't like how it looks. Are there any stretches I could be doing? Exercises to strengthen some other muscles? How do I get them to relax?
posted by anonymous at 12:47 AM - 4 answers

September 23

Why does it hurt when I pee...

I have Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. It really is annoying and I would love to know if there is anything I can do short of surgery to help the discomfort? [more inside]
posted by silsurf at 11:49 AM - 8 answers

Retreat/Inpatient for PTSD, No Addictions

I have increasingly problematic PTSD symptoms and would like to "get away" for a week once it's safe to do so, to a retreat that is a mix of intensive PTSD treatment and also relaxation away from the chaos of my normal life. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 4:58 AM - 8 answers

September 22

Help my skin is angry

Extended heat and smoke conditions have caused an eczema flare-up. How do I get my skin to calm down? [more inside]
posted by Wavelet at 10:10 PM - 9 answers

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