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January 9

How hard would it be to carry my prescriptions over to a new psych?

I am currently seeing a psychiatrist (or more specifically, the RNs in their office). I would like to find a new psychiatrist. How difficult would it be to keep my medication regimen the same? Would I just have the old office send my files over, or will the new one want to do their own evaluation? This is a concern mainly because I'd like to keep my attention-deficit medications which I use rarely and as-needed, and I don't know if I'd actually be diagnosed with mild attention deficit right now.
posted by coolname at 7:39 PM - 8 answers

January 8

Need Medical Help/Advice for Mother-in-Law Visiting Kerala, India

My 80-year-old mother-in-law is visiting a retreat center in Kerala, India, and she fell and broke her arm. We are seeking some advice/information/assistance. [more inside]
posted by MelanieMichelle at 3:43 PM - 9 answers

Reputable residential psychiatric treatment for 16-year-old

I am searching for a short-term residential placement for my 16-year-old, who is currently a danger to himself and us. Right now he is on the psych ward of the local hospital, which is more a holding pen than a therapeutic environment. His long-time psychiatrist is adamant that it's too dangerous for him to be at home. His issues are with impulsive aggressive behavior toward other family members and property destruction (including setting fires). He does not use illegal drugs or alcohol. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 1:27 PM - 18 answers

January 7

Foolish question about wisdom teeth from a mutant

Dentists and other knowledgeable people: just how plausible is it that I failed to develop two second molars (upper left and right quadrant) but that two extraordinarily kind and thoughtful wisdom teeth stepped in to take over their position and role? [more inside]
posted by maudlin at 2:20 PM - 11 answers

Custom shoe inserts: Upstep, Wiivv, or good 'ol podiatrist?

I am on the market for podiatric shoe inserts, for comfort and relief of minor to moderate foot pain. I have had inserts made by a podiatrist in the past and they have helped. I have worn through those and am now considering bypassing the podiatrist and ordering directly from Upstep or Wiivv. My sense is that podiatrists themselves use third party services for producing their inserts. It's not clear that schlepping to the podiatrist offers me an advantage. What do you think? Have you used one of these new services?
posted by dziga at 6:59 AM - 6 answers

January 6

How to cope with Mums dementia?

So we aren’t entirely sure yet but my sister and I think that our Mum has dementia. We are in the process of persuading her to get tested. There is a family history though, so assuming the worst case scenario I just had some questions about the illness, such as: How fast does it progress? (I know there is a spectrum) Is there anything we can do now to make it easier later? [more inside]
posted by EatMyHat at 11:30 PM - 9 answers

Problem with new progressive bifocals

A couple of weeks ago, I got a new pair of progressive bifocals. I have had bifocals, and progressive bifocals, before and have not had trouble, but now I do. [more inside]
posted by maurreen at 5:19 PM - 11 answers

Why am I the mosquitos chosen snack?

I am in the Caribbean with my mom, dad, husband, and son. My legs are covered in bug bites while everyone else has just a few. I don’t wear perfume. We are all using the same shampoo/conditioner/bar soap/sunscreen/detergent/deet bugspray (except for the baby). I think these are mosquito bites but I did check for bed bugs and found no evidence. What the hell is happening?
posted by pintapicasso at 8:59 AM - 23 answers

Get my life in as much order as I can before the chaos hits

I have a brief few-month lull, before a series of major life events are all due to hit in short succession. My coping method for my anxiety about the sheer number of unknowns I am heading into is to try to get anything I do have control over in some semblance of order in advance. Please help me brainstorm areas I can work on. [more inside]
posted by Cozybee at 3:54 AM - 15 answers

January 5

Urgent Eye Care in Los Angeles - Retinal Detachment, who will care?

I think there's a good chance I have a retinal detachment. UCLA Urgent Eye Care isn't open and told me to go to the ER. The only ER I can find that has an ophthalmologist doesn't take my insurance. The ER I went to last night set me up with an appointment with a surly guy with many one-star reviews online, and it's not till tonight. Everyplace I've called has referred me to other non-open places. Please help me, I am freaking out.
posted by anonymous at 11:38 AM - 9 answers

January 4

International babies and parents - vaccines?

Asking for a friend: what are safe precautions to take when a North American baby and future pregnant woman will be interacting with babies and adults visiting from other countries who may have different vaccines or Zika exposure? [more inside]
posted by pseudostrabismus at 12:02 PM - 8 answers

Better trans options for intake form, plus resources

I volunteer for a very nice organization which has a less-than-ideal gender question on its intake form. I'm sure they're trying to be inclusive and plan to write them a friendly email suggesting other options. I'd like feedback on my suggestion, other possibilities and recommendations for resources to link. [more inside]
posted by Frowner at 6:24 AM - 21 answers

January 3

Health insurance ended 12/31. Japan job with insurance starts 3/12. Help

So my US health insurance in CA ended on Dec 31st. And I start a new job in Japan on March 12th that comes with health insurance. I just need something between then and now. I won't be in the US - I'll be mostly traveling in Indonesia for Feb - and won't have an official address in Japan til March. So...what do I do here?
posted by rileyray3000 at 6:15 PM - 7 answers

Coming down with something.

I can usually feel myself getting sick a day or so before the full-bore symptoms hit. A little scratchiness in the throat and/or sensitivity in the sinuses and/or mild wooziness, and I basically know that in 12-24 hours I can expect whatever cold or flu is invading me to set in with a sore throat, congestion, fever, etc. What do you do when you start feeling the warning signs to try to head off or mitigate the illness that's coming? Have you found anything that actually works?
posted by eugenen at 5:08 PM - 52 answers

Progesterone-only BC vs. no BC

My doctor wants to switch me off of estrogen-based birth control because I had a migraine with aura. I'm deciding between switching to a progesterone-based oral contraceptive and going off of hormonal birth control altogether. Could you help me think through the pros and cons, and any options I'm not considering? [more inside]
posted by deus ex machina at 8:58 AM - 11 answers

What do you feed a drunken biome?

So my doctor has put me on a course of Rifaximin for IBS-D. I've had gastro issues all my life, but this looks like something that might actually really set me pretty straight. How can I feed this right? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:49 AM - 8 answers

Seeking a Trans-Friendly PCP in the Albany NY area

Any ideas? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:48 AM - 5 answers

January 2

Trauma therapy suggestions (Boston)

As I enter the new year I'm ready to shed some of the persistent after-effects of traumas I experienced in 2015. Looking for recommendations for 1) specifically trauma-oriented therapists in the downtown Boston area, 2) advice about continuing talk therapy, and 3) modality suggestions. Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
posted by seemoorglass at 7:52 AM - 4 answers

January 1

Advice for a Broken Ankle

I broke my ankle on New Year's Eve and will be most likely discharged from hospital tomorrow. I will have two weeks off work and will be non weight bearing for six weeks. I'm looking for advice and product recommendations to make life easier for myself during my recovery. [more inside]
posted by poxandplague at 8:04 PM - 24 answers

December 31, 2018

Reccommend me a hand lotion?

I normally have rather good skin, but some combination of getting older and it just being wintry and dry out is bothering my hands. I have no idea what makes a good hand lotion, let alone what would work well for me specifically. Help? [more inside]
posted by Anticipation Of A New Lover's Arrival, The at 3:33 PM - 39 answers

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