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April 29

Problem with new glasses

I've been trying to buy new glasses and I've been having trouble that I've never had before. My prescription has barely changed but new lenses are giving me headaches. [more inside]
posted by no regrets, coyote at 9:30 AM - 15 answers

April 27

Another laryngitis question

YANMD. Every couple of years I get a bad sinus thing that causes laryngitis. I'd love to figure out how to prevent this from happening. My job requires me to use my voice. What's the fastest way out of this? [more inside]
posted by crunchy potato at 6:59 PM - 12 answers

Bandaging/Dressing a Small Incision Near My Lower Neck?

How do I bandage a small incision near where my neck meets my torso, above my left collarbone, to accommodate for neck movement? I acknowledge you aren't my doctor. [more inside]
posted by metabaroque at 6:39 PM - 9 answers

Parents are leery of the C19 vaccine. Help.

My parents are wary of getting vaccinated for various reasons. I'm looking for how to present it as a reasonable decision. [more inside]
posted by Definitely Not A Robot at 10:25 AM - 39 answers

under-desk exercise thingies: anecdata

Have you tried any of the under-desk exercise thingies, like the bike wheels? Are they useful? Are there other types? [more inside]
posted by fingersandtoes at 8:39 AM - 7 answers

Babyfoot in a Bottle

I want babyfoot in a bottle but I'm not finding it. Where is it? [more inside]
posted by falsedmitri at 7:40 AM - 7 answers

Getting a break from my ADHD brain

I have ADHD and my brain is buzzing with thoughts and ideas and feelings all.the.time. Even when I try to relax my mind is picking out little details in the ceiling, or thinking about what the melody in the music reminds me of, or trying to solve the world's problems, etc. etc. [more inside]
posted by mekily at 7:37 AM - 22 answers

April 26

Just diagnosed with mild sleep apnea. Questions about life with a CPAP

After having felt overtired for several years with no good explanation, I finally did an at-home sleep study and turns out I have moderate sleep apnea. The doctor explained the treatment options, with cpap being the recommendation and the most successful treatment for the problem. Right after talking to the doctor I was scheduled for a consultation for a 30 day cpap trial. My next questions are for anyone who has gone through this process. [more inside]
posted by rbf1138 at 5:24 PM - 22 answers

April 25

What is the end goal for COVID restrictions?

I am a person who follows my local COVID restrictions in my USA community. I wear a mask in any enclosed space with other people, and I wear a mask outside when anyone is nearby me (even >6 ft). I do not go out to eat in person, and have not ventured outside my state in over a year. I received my first vaccine dose the moment I was eligible. I believe in science, and I have had a family member die as a result of COVID. I'm starting to get very concerned that the USA has no end goal in mind for COVID, and I feel like I will not be able to keep up my concern about COVID much longer after vaccination is universally available. Should I? If so, please help me out. [more inside]
posted by sockmypuppet at 3:30 PM - 33 answers

What kind of therapy do I need to stop beating myself up

I berate myself for dumb things I did years and years ago. I'll remember doing the dumb or wrong thing and immediately have this reaction and (sometimes verbally) berate myself. This has been going on my whole life. I've been to a lot of therapy but apparently not the right type to stop this from happening. What kind of therapy do I need? [more inside]
posted by socks_for_all at 8:34 AM - 16 answers

How do you improve relationships after drinking?

I've been an off again on again drinker. Details inside but my parents moved in with me. I have not been drinking, they don't want me to leave my house. My friends are casual drinkers and as we're all adults not drinking in front of them is not an issue. Last night I went out for the first time in a long time. I did not drink but came home late, apparently I was supposed to call them if I went out late though this was not discussed. How do I rectify this without being a shut-in? [more inside]
posted by geoff. at 7:46 AM - 38 answers

Therapy via Telehealth. How?

Do you do therapy/counseling via telehealth? How do you make it work for you? [more inside]
posted by Thorzdad at 6:21 AM - 10 answers

Why would a cardiologist withhold test results?

My mom had a heart attack 4 weeks after a hip replacement surgery (which went very well - she's a very active and otherwise healthy 70 yr old, her PT was moving along at an impressive pace), she received 3 stents. Discharge was scheduled after 3 days, they ran some tests and extended her stay a day. On day 6 she still doesn't have any new info, not even the results of the tests they ran. I'm sure it's just precaution and thoroughness, given all the circumstances, but why might a doctor in the CICU withhold information from the patient and/or spouse?
posted by anonymous at 12:09 AM - 9 answers

April 24

Cycling make me less flexible, help me keep reasonably bendy?

I am starting cycling again (well, e-bike) after several months of not doing so. Last time I was cycling I found that my flexibility seriously diminished as my strength and endurance went up, and I'm not flexible to start with. I feel like this must happen to other people, but googling for cycling stretches seems to just find stuff for super-fit cyclists looking to improve their cycling. Are there specific exercises/yoga routines/whatever to counteract my reduction in flexibility? [more inside]
posted by Vortisaur at 11:39 AM - 10 answers

Help me rationalize my fears of the Astrazeneca vaccine

I'm scheduled to get my first Astrazeneca shot here in BC, Canada on monday. I'm as pro-vaccine as anyone else here on Metafilter, but all the talk about the blot clot risk is freaking me out. Thanks media. Are there other things I do on a day to day basis that are just as likely to kill me that I'm not worried about? [more inside]
posted by cgg at 9:04 AM - 24 answers

April 23

Abuse history

Question about working with a possible history of sexual abuse. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:24 PM - 1 answers

I took a mystery pill and it was awesome

I already feel foolish for being so trusting with this "friend", but I'd still like to figure out what they gave me, if possible. It's a stimulant, it's in a blister pack, and there are no letters/numbers on the pill itself. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:09 PM - 19 answers

COVID Vax'd and Blood Iron Dropped?

I got my first shot of the Pfizer vaccine on March 25 and my second shot on April 15. I've tried donating blood twice since my last shot and my iron is too low despite supplementation. Could it be the vaccine and my immune response? [more inside]
posted by tafetta, darling! at 12:56 PM - 4 answers

Is covid "just like the flu"...if you're vaccinated?

A family member (in their 60's) said the other day "I'm vaccinated, so if I do catch covid it'll be more like the flu, and less like a potential serious illness with hospitalization risks." Struggling to figure out whether this is an accurate statement? [more inside]
posted by windbox at 7:15 AM - 36 answers

April 22

Pfizer first vaccine dose & migraine?

I am 42 and got the first Pfizer vaccine dose on 4/12. I was fine for 4 days, then on 4/17 I got a migraine during the night. The next day the migraine recurred with vomiting, chills, and a fever. I then felt better, but two days this week I have gotten a migraine when I have gone to work. I usually have about one migraine a month around my period, but this is the wrong time for that. My migraines usually don't recur for multiple days in a row- the only time this has happened before is with severe food poisoning. I have been taking ibuprofen and Tylenol, as well as my regular allergy med and Lexapro, and a dose of Nyquil at night. I'm getting scared that I don't know how much longer this is going to last, and I'm worried about my second vaccine. (I will be getting the 2nd vaccine unless my doctor says not to.) I guess I'm worried that the vaccine has really messed up my migraine equilibrium somehow. Has this happened to you? Did it get better? Or have you seen this in others? Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening with the 2nd dose? I'm aware that I'm having a lot of feelings about the pandemic, resuming normal life, and grieving my cat's unexpected death. I also feel very guilty about missing work - the library I work at has just reopened to the public and things are stressful. Thank you for any suggestions.
posted by lizard music at 12:41 PM - 20 answers

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