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June 14

Where else on the web is like AskMetaFilter?

I’m looking for a place where I can post a question, with some detail attached, and receive an answer pretty well guaranteed, either from an expert or the community. Happy to pay per question, though not so keen on subscriptions. Any ideas?
posted by EatMyHat at 3:13 PM - 14 answers

These are the flyers in your neighborhood

I am putting up flyers around Boston and Cambridge for a free arts event. While I have a game plan for certain areas, I want to make sure to do justice to the neighborhoods I know less well. [more inside]
posted by prewar lemonade at 1:38 PM - 2 answers

Best Way to Find Keys Lost in Grass?

Lost the keys to my entire life (work, hobby, house, storage unit, car), on a green keychain, in the grass. Any tricks for finding them? [more inside]
posted by pixiecrinkle at 1:19 PM - 19 answers

June 13

parting is such swee...

At one point in the past I visited a webpage that listed different types of goodbyes (as in "irish goodbye", "czech goodbye", "japanese goodbye", etc.). It listed at least 30 or 40 different variations, all with a specific name. Have you seen this page? I can't for the life of me find it with my searches. [more inside]
posted by so fucking future at 9:56 AM - 3 answers

June 12

dear internet, please lend me your common sense...

... and tell me how/if ruined these shirts with mysterious yellow stains are. Context inside. [more inside]
posted by redwaterman at 7:25 PM - 11 answers

just a simple village girl living in the shadow of a mountain

What are some small(ish) things I could incorporate into my life to emulate people like Li Ziqi and English Heritage as a contemporary city chick? [more inside]
posted by divabat at 7:45 AM - 36 answers

June 11

best body shop to paint my car a different color

Considering having my 2007 Mazda3 hatchback's color changed, as long as I have these scrapes and tiny dings to fix. Would it be a terrible idea to try to get a low price at Maaco? Anybody know the best approach here? In Chicago (North Side but will travel if there's public transit) [more inside]
posted by amtho at 12:41 PM - 5 answers

June 10

Books about athletes who became injured and could no longer play?

I am looking for books about athletes or any really outdoorsy people who got injured and could no longer play their sport or do outdoorsy things. I am looking for nonfiction and I am particularly interested in how they coped with this loss. Extra points for a book about a woman climber who got hurt and could no longer climb.
posted by calm down at 9:55 PM - 9 answers

Books to read out loud to 2-5 year olds

What are your favorite books to read out loud to 2-5 year old kids? [more inside]
posted by sciencegeek at 12:30 PM - 40 answers

Alcohol delivery in Philly

I'd like to send a single bottle of Champagne next weekend to my dad for Father's Day. Are there any local shops or services in Center City that will do that? [more inside]
posted by backseatpilot at 7:13 AM - 7 answers

June 9

My hair stinks like mildew.

Well now I've done it. So apparently in the humidity hell I now live in, if you leave color conditioner (overtone) in your hair overnight you will end up with lovely colored mildew-scented hair and scalp. [more inside]
posted by Space Kitty at 4:23 PM - 7 answers

June 8

NPR story on the subject of commitment

One day last week NPR interviewed the author of a book on the subject of commitment with special attention being given to various tricks people use to keep commitments to themselves. Can anyone give me the writer's name?
posted by Junker George at 7:36 PM - 2 answers

June 7

Forgetting Solutions and Needing to Endlessly Rediscover Them

You hit some snag. You ask around, surf around, fool around, eventually figuring out the solution. Then a few months later you have the same problem, but can't remember the solution, and need to repeat the process. It's the bane of my existence. So: what are some strategies for commenting-out solutions for my future self without going full Rain Man? [more inside]
posted by Quisp Lover at 9:47 AM - 33 answers

June 5

[NamingFilter] Name my divorce

As of yesterday, I'm going through a divorce. I'm also a project manager, I enjoy doing it and I do it well. I'm getting ready to project-manage my divorce, but first, I need a really good name for this "project". [more inside]
posted by gakiko at 11:17 PM - 58 answers

What to do with my large book collection

After 35 years , I am leaving the USA next month, and I don't know what to do with my extensive book collection. I am getting rid of ALL my belogings to start a fresh beginning in Denmark, and letting go of my books is the only thing that I have a hard time with. [more inside]
posted by growabrain at 1:41 PM - 15 answers

give me the F O R B I D D E N K E Y S

Thanks to Mefi Project I snagged up as a domain name. What do I put on it? An ARG? 'Adult' content? Photos of keys? An adult ARG involving keys? [more inside]
posted by divabat at 7:43 AM - 20 answers

June 4

Save my crappy cheap beautiful awesome necklace pendant!

One of my absolute favorite necklaces is made of cheap metal, and the silvery finish is wearing away. Is there a way to save this necklace? [more inside]
posted by erst at 3:43 PM - 6 answers

Taking a bullet (journal)

I am in need of a more effective way to keep my life in order. I need to be able to see and adjust the big picture (months) and the needs of the hour easily. My Google calendar is a mess and no matter what I do, there are times that entries go inexplicably missing and then show up again later. My day planner is ridiculously inadequate. What works for you in 2019? [more inside]
posted by nantucket at 9:38 AM - 17 answers

June 3

How to retrieve an item left in a rental car in Spain?

I was in Tenerife in the Canary Islands (part of Spain) and accidentally left a small backpack in the rental car when I dropped it off. I am no longer in Spain. The bag contains my leather jacket and I'd really like to get it back. I called the car company and they found the bag, but they do not offer a shipping service and suggested I hire a courier company to come collect the item and ship it for me. I contacted MRW and DHL offices on Tenerife and neither one offers this service. Any suggestions? I am happy to use airtasker or similar but not sure what is available in Tenerife.
posted by emd3737 at 1:24 AM - 5 answers

Chump protest sign, UK edition

I work in healthcare and I have a small baby. We'll be marching against Trump tomorrow in London. Can you help me with some suggestions for a sign (or two)? I'd like to especially address the wretched anti-choice, anti-child, and anti-immigrant policies currently being enacted by the US government, but open to other suggestions as well! Thanks in advance!
posted by pocksuppeteer at 1:14 AM - 6 answers

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