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December 10

What's made out of crystal and/or leather?

I'd like to find something for a third wedding anniversary that's at least somewhat thoughtful/sentimental but I'm at a loss. Previously, I've done something thoughtful and personalized but crystal and leather seem both excessive and too functional. (I'm also a non-leather-consuming vegetarian, but would consider something for the spouse if it was really functional and durable). Activity-related things are also good--is there a leather opera or crystal massage that I'm not thinking of? I've seen this but none of the answers are hitting the mark for me.
posted by stillmoving at 3:14 PM - 15 answers

Critical Fermi Estimation Knowledge

Fermi questions assume a baseline knowledge of certain order of magnitude numbers when getting started with the estimations. Which numbers do you find most important? Have you found an online resource with a list of numbers to keep handy? [more inside]
posted by fredericsunday at 11:53 AM - 2 answers

Picture Frame Name

I am looking for a specific type of picture frame and lack the language to successfully google it. Help! [more inside]
posted by juniperesque at 10:05 AM - 2 answers

December 9

How could you get rich if you went back in time?

If you were to go back in time to a random date in the last few hundred years, how could you use your knowledge of the future to get rich and not have to work a normal job? [more inside]
posted by kdern at 8:36 PM - 51 answers

December 7

Problem neighbors is putting it lightly

What can be done about my brother's really awful neighbors? I need concrete actions and steps that can be taken. Complication: he's in Florida. This is a long one. Thanks for any help you can offer. [more inside]
posted by phunniemee at 9:30 AM - 22 answers

Stir-crazy, broke, and isolated

I live in a super small town in southwest Virginia (just outside Blacksburg) with my mom. I don’t drive so getting around can be hard. My mom is away, so right now it looks like I’ll be stuck at home all day today, tonight, and tomorrow. I get paid tomorrow, which means that today I’m dead broke. I’m looking for tips on not just surviving these couple of days but actually enjoying at least a little bit of them. [more inside]
posted by mermaidcafe at 6:08 AM - 16 answers

December 6

Féilire 2018?

Do you know where I could buy a wall calendar (in the U.S., or at least quickly shippable to the U.S.) with the months & days of the week in Irish? [more inside]
posted by goodbyewaffles at 2:15 PM - 3 answers

Best Hyperlocal Charity--Bay Area!

A friend from grad school made a generous donation in my honor to a very-local-to-me charity and I'd like to reciprocate with something specific to San Francisco/Berkeley/Oakland that's focused on relief from homelessness or something more general (and progressive and hopefully not religious in anyway) related toward improving income-disparity-related misery. I can use a search engine but would prefer a recommendation from a local who can direct me to somewhere local, doing meaningful work to address the needs of its own community.
posted by LeeloDallasMultiSocks at 6:48 AM - 17 answers

December 4

Experiential gifts in Seattle for someone who is always cold

I want to give the gift of warmth to a loved one who is always cold due to cancer and chemotherapy. Where can I bring this person in the Seattle area that will warm him up, at least for an afternoon? [more inside]
posted by christa at 8:01 PM - 28 answers

December 3

Out of the box ways to extend block play?

My 13-month-old is obsessed with a set of small, square blocks he has. I’m looking for creative ways to extend his play with these. [more inside]
posted by ficbot at 3:05 PM - 2 answers

Upcoming Retreats or Workshops in New Zeland's North island

I'm looking for retreats or workshops between now and December 17th on New Zealand's North Island. I'd like to be in a beautiful location, learning something new, with a focus on personal development and spiritual growth. Do you know of anything that fits the bill? [more inside]
posted by So You're Saying These Are Pants? at 1:49 AM - 1 answers

December 2

Can you identify this song?

A while back I asked MeFites to see if they could identify some of the songs in this mixtape, because the guy who put it together hasn't been forthcoming with a tracklist, even when asked ): Most of the songs were identified, but we still don't know what the very first one is, and it's my favourite. We have one small clue—can you help? [more inside]
posted by Panthalassa at 11:34 PM - 3 answers

What defines a "new car" from both legal and philosophical perspectives?

I was daydreaming about car restoration and got to thinking about when a car becomes a different, new car. Think Theseus' Ship. At what point would/could you get a new VIN or set the odometer to zero? [more inside]
posted by FakeFreyja at 2:33 PM - 17 answers

December 1

Save me from more pictures of slender women in down dog

Help me find articles supporting the idea that aspirational fitness photos might be harmful or off-putting. Or tell me if I'm being too sensitive. [more inside]
posted by rekrap at 6:01 PM - 20 answers

How safe is this parking lot?

My friend and I have had a long-standing argument about whether or not a certain parking lot is safe. Details below. [more inside]
posted by Armed Only With Hubris at 5:41 PM - 10 answers

Homemade, DIY, Easy to Intermediate, Cat Toy Crafts?

For the holidays I want to invite my fellow cat lady friends over to make homemade cat toys. Do you have any ideas for crafts we can make? Easy/beginner level would be ideal because though I am a pretty advanced crafter, some of my friends are not, and some also have disabilities which may limit their movement so I am looking for accessible activities as well. Bonus if the craft is from recycled/upcycled materials. I checked the search bar but came up short, but please link me if I missed any previous relevant Asks. = )
posted by shalom at 3:21 PM - 13 answers

How should I make a fire alarm panel toy?

My 5yo son is very interested in fire alarm pull stations and we would like to build him one that he could play with. What specific items should we purchase to do this? [more inside]
posted by LKWorking at 10:21 AM - 7 answers

November 29

International couriers: a waybigg conundrum

I have a letter-sized, unaddressed envelope in Toronto that needs to be couriered to me in New York. The shipper is a receptionist who was instructed to pass it to Fedex (therefore, the envelope is out of the hands of the very busy sender). After speaking to Fedex, I realize that the envelope needs to have affixed on the outside an address label AND 3 signed invoices. Which means I'd need a mega envelope, a transparent pouch and a live signature. [more inside]
posted by thesockpuppet at 2:50 PM - 10 answers

How do you dig out a slope while controlling the spill?

If I have to dig out after, say, a landslide or a rockslide along a tall vertical surface, what's the way to do it while controlling spill? Is there a proper technique for this? Does one start at the top and go along in sections? The pile of dirt and rubble in question would be about twenty or thirty feet high. [more inside]
posted by scaryblackdeath at 12:44 PM - 6 answers

Anonymizing 23andMe request

I'd like to send a sample to 23andMe for testing but I don't want them to find out who I am and it shouldn't be any of their business. Help me do this. [more inside]
posted by tedious at 5:17 AM - 10 answers

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