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August 12

The names of my youth

Is there any way to learn more about this person mentioned who James Cagney mentioned in passing? [more inside]
posted by komara at 8:50 AM - 10 answers

August 10

Missing my magnet

Last summer on a family vacation I picked up a magnet in Yellowstone (tan, shaped like a buffalo, purchased at a park gift shop). Thanks to an overly aggressive car wash sprayer, it’s now gone. I’ve tried looking online, including the NPS and park store sites, but can’t find anything similar. Anyone know where I might be able to find a replacement? It meant a lot to me and I’m frustrated that it’s gone. [more inside]
posted by caution live frogs at 7:38 PM - 11 answers

August 9

Glue-trapped mouse while house sitting

I'm housesitting for a friend. I just discovered that there are a bunch of glue traps in this apartment because there's a mouse stuck and screaming on one of them. Tell me what to do! [more inside]
posted by atetrachordofthree at 8:24 PM - 17 answers

How to keep medications secure? With special requirements

I’m looking for a safe or lockbox or other method to keep medications and edibles secure from an adult struggling with addiction. [more inside]
posted by tatiana wishbone at 5:03 AM - 9 answers

August 8

What is this noise I can make

There’s this grunting noise I can make with my mouth. I’m unaware of anyone else who can make it -though there are surely other people out there who can- and I’m not actually sure how I make the noise. Can you explain what exactly I’m doing to make this sound, and ideally provide a link to a more detailed description elsewhere? All details within. [more inside]
posted by Going To Maine at 10:21 PM - 12 answers

Impulsive Yo-Yo Ma

On impulse, I bought 3 tickets to see Yo-Yo Ma perform Bach in the Berkshires this weekend but my friends can’t make it. What can I do with the other 2 tickets! [more inside]
posted by hampanda at 8:02 PM - 3 answers

A book of their (our) own

I'm looking for children's narrative picture books with one or more explicitly nonbinary characters. Any topic is fine. [more inside]
posted by teremala at 9:22 AM - 11 answers

August 7

I want my tombstone to offer free WiFi, so people will visit more often.

I was thinking about dying (as you do!) and about how the majority of people I know have not enjoyed a ‘good death’ so to speak. Lingering suffering with cancer, Parkinson’s, horror car crashes, diseases, suicides. In fact the only person I know who has died quickly and hopefully not too painfully was my Grandma, from a heart attack. I know most of us hope for something like that or maybe dying in our sleep, (or some other quick, pain free non-terrifying way). I’m not sure if this can even be answered, but here goes, what is the likelihood of having a ‘good death’?
posted by Jubey at 8:30 PM - 16 answers

Inventions of the 21st century (not through computers or the internet)

A conversation prompted me to try to figure out what has been invented in the 21st century that isn't computer or internet based, couldn't think of many, and I'm curious to figure out some more examples. [more inside]
posted by fizzix at 10:45 AM - 33 answers

Killing the ego: wait, say what now?

I keep seeing this phrase online, used as though it’s a known thing. Googling isn’t helpful. Is this a term of art for some subculture (Christian, extremely online Stoics, etc?) and if so, what it mean?
posted by chesty_a_arthur at 4:10 AM - 11 answers

Things to do in London when you're young

My two kids (5 and 8) and I will be house-sitting in London this weekend coming. Any recommendations for cheapish / low queuing stuff to do? [more inside]
posted by Kiwi at 12:02 AM - 14 answers

August 5

The Artists' Way To Withstand Late Stage Capitalism

l've recently picked up and then abandoned Julia Cameron's THE ARTIST'S WAY for the second time, and finally realized its class perspective is why it didn't work for me. Can you help find a good alternative? [more inside]
posted by EmpressCallipygos at 9:39 AM - 16 answers

What was going on with this early 90s interactive library kiosk?

I remember there being a kiosk in the local library when I was a kid in the early/mid-90s that was my first introduction to using a touch screen. I think it involved Penn and Teller telling me to eat healthier sandwiches and I don't think I'm making this up, but I need some answers as to what this was and why it existed in the first place. [more inside]
posted by StopMakingSense at 3:45 AM - 6 answers

August 4

DIY remanufacturing/recreating computer software packaging?

I bought some vintage software on CD-ROM. The discs are fine but the box and manuals are not. Dented, torn, and stained with brown splatters. How feasible is it to recreate the packaging? Make some replacement manuals in PDF, recreate box art, and print a new cardboard box and stuff? Have any vintage game collectors done anything similar? Where would I find out how to do this?
posted by Monochrome at 10:33 AM - 6 answers

August 3

How do I manage my thoughts around this project?

Hi, AskMe. :) I've been involved in a side project for the past while which is finally starting to come to fruition in a big way, and I'm trying to figure out how to handle my feelings about it. Any advice would be welcome. Warning, a bit long. [more inside]
posted by Alensin at 9:35 PM - 5 answers

August 1

What's this chalked on our sidewalk?

After dinner my husband went to the corner store and found this [see photo] chalked on the sidewalk right in front of our building. It wasn't there when we came home earlier. It's chalked in such a way that it faces you when you exit our building. (We're in a 2-family brownstone in NYC, so it's on the sidewalk just outside our gate.) Any clues as to what it means? Should we be freaked out because it seems so directly aimed at us? [more inside]
posted by CiaoMela at 6:27 PM - 18 answers

Halloween costumes when it is hot

The kidlet loves dressing up for Halloween, but every year I have to carry a beach bag to catch all of his costume components as he sheds them because it is "too hot". We live in a hot area of the world. What can he dress up as that will meet his desires of dinosaur/world domination/rawr/etc. but also not be "too hot"? Please note: he doesn't tolerate makeup well and would prefer not to wear wigs, but will if the costume is cool (ha) enough. [more inside]
posted by arnicae at 3:33 PM - 13 answers

What's the easiest way to transfer my xbox 360 save files to an xbox one

I have an Xbox 360 and I just purchased an Xbox One. Can someone walk me through the easiest way to get my save files from the 360 to the One? I read that I needed to get Xbox live in order to transfer the files, so I have a 14 day trial set up. Thanks.
posted by NoneOfTheAbove at 6:34 AM - 2 answers

July 31

Removable Wall Murals?

I just got an office and can decorate--Yay! Only removable wallpaper allowed--Boo! Help me find my perfect wall mural! [more inside]
posted by sprezzy at 7:56 PM - 7 answers

How do I chair? (Short people edition)

I'm about 5 feet tall and have always had trouble sitting at desks, because if I bring myself up to the correct height for my wrist to rest on the desk, my feet are always dangling. Recently I have been having some aches and pains associated with my bad sitting posture, and I'd like to finally attempt to remedy this. [more inside]
posted by Forty-eight at 3:05 PM - 16 answers

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