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February 19

Cat Boarding in Vancouver

My wife, our cat, and I have recently moved to Vancouver. We're taking a short trip abroad next month, and we won't be able to take the cat with us. Please help us find a trustworthy cat hotel! [more inside]
posted by HoraceH at 1:56 PM - 8 answers

February 17

How to deal with new neighbor who refuses to leash his dog?

My dog got into a scuffle with a former neighbor's dog 3 years ago and I've kept my dog away from other dogs since that time. New neighbor moved in 2 weeks ago, has been letting his dog run around off leash, and has made it pretty clear he has no intention to leash his dog. What do I do? [more inside]
posted by zug at 10:14 PM - 20 answers

Name that Cat!

Yup, another cat naming question. We adopted a new little cutie today and I could use some naming brainstorming. [more inside]
posted by hilaryjade at 12:27 PM - 64 answers

February 15

Come here you ridiculous beast.

I need to train my mother's dog to walk up onto the porch on command to be let into the house (vs. just standing at the foot of the stairs staring at you). I understand slightly more than the basics of dog training, but I'm fearful I'm doing this wrong. What tips do you have for me? [more inside]
posted by anastasiav at 7:09 AM - 18 answers

February 12

How can I encourage my stinky cat to wash more?

We adopted an adult cat who had been under stress at his home. I thought the smell was a result of stress. A month later, he is still pretty stinky. I gave him a bath, hoping to encourage him (figured he'd wash himself to dry the fur), but no luck. I brush him daily, which he likes. But aside from licking his paws, and washing his face, not much is happening. [more inside]
posted by Enid Lareg at 12:47 PM - 15 answers

Let's talk about doggie dementia.

In just a few short months, my 14 year old good boy Caye's eyesight and deafness has gotten worse. Now he's exhibiting classic Canine Cognitive Disorder symptoms - pacing, panting, quietly whining, random yelping, what people refer to as Sundowners as it typically happens after dinner time. It's heartbreaking to watch. I've been treating him with CBD oil and melatonin which help at night, but now his symptoms are starting to occur in the morning and throughout the day too. I'm going to try Cholodin too, which others have recommended. [more inside]
posted by HeyAllie at 10:39 AM - 9 answers

February 11

Why does my cat want marshmallows?

My cat usually has no interest in human food - even cat-friendly stuff like shrimp. But if she catches a whiff of marshmallows, she WANTS them. BAD. Even after taking a lick. But...cats don't even have sweet receptors, so what's the attraction? [more inside]
posted by Caravantea at 6:42 PM - 21 answers

Acute Renal Failure in 18 month old cat? What to do?

I have a beautiful 18 month old calico with the emergency referral vet at the moment who's suffering from acute renal failure. The vets put her on IV fluids but her kidney numbers have only gotten worse. Is there anything that this indicates? They're just going to stay the course but does anyone have any more info on younger cats and kidney disease?
posted by Talez at 5:17 PM - 13 answers

February 9

Give me your best hacks to help a barking, anxious dog.

My mom recently had a stroke, and I am taking care of her dog until she comes home. He's generally a great dog, but my living situation is proving to be a real challenge for him (and me). He is used to a quiet home life in the suburbs with a yard and no other pets, people, sounds etc. I live in the city with 2 cats, no yard, and endless noises. He barks. At. Everything. All day and night, and will not stop. Halp! [more inside]
posted by tryniti at 7:02 AM - 16 answers

February 8

I want my pup to whine at me, yes!

I have a very wonderful little doggo who doesn't know how to communicate when he needs to be let outside. How can I teach him how to do this, for the sake of his potty training? [more inside]
posted by meese at 8:20 AM - 10 answers

my son wants a dog

My son, 9 years old, would very much like a dog. At his school, they occasionally have visits by dogs (they visit with their handler and are trained to visit schools), and some of his class mates have dogs and so does his favourite teacher. [more inside]
posted by 15L06 at 2:59 AM - 20 answers

February 6

Loud cat owners, how do you live with your cat?

I work at home, in an apartment. My cat meows, loudly. So much loudly. I think he's bored and seeking play time, but I have to work and at the moment I have an eye tic and several more pages of work to get done. How do I make my cat happier and quieter? [more inside]
posted by wakannai at 3:46 AM - 22 answers

February 4

What do I do about dog peeing on own leg?

What do I do about my dog peeing on his own leg? [more inside]
posted by mortaddams at 6:04 AM - 5 answers

January 29

Dog sitting/boarding reco's needed - Toronto

I am having difficulty finding suitable dog boarding for our two large-ish mutts. Mutt A tends to play to rowdy, and is best separated from most dogs. Mutt B has some mobility challenges, and needs an environment where there aren’t a lot of stairs or long distances to walk to get outside. They are content to share a large kennel, but separating them is not a problem either. Any kennel recommendations within or just outside of Toronto? Happy to consider having someone come and stay in our home to watch them. We have done this in the past with success, but our sitter has transitioned jobs. seems complicated? Not sure where else to look online. Where have you had luck online? As info: We tend to take a few long weekend trips, and one week long trip a year. Last minute booking availability to accommodate ie. a funeral in another city or some other unforeseen trip, would be a plus.
posted by walkinginsunshine at 11:52 AM - 6 answers

January 27

Recommendations for cat-sitter in West Philadelphia

I'm going to be traveling in early March, and am looking for recommendations for someone to feed and play with my cat at my apartment in West Philly. [more inside]
posted by kalimac at 11:03 AM - 5 answers

January 25

Cat treat similar to toothpaste

My cat loves toothpaste and mouthwash so much I have to frantically clean the sink after I spit so that she doesn't lick it up. What can I give her as a treat that she will like as much? Just plain mint leaves? [more inside]
posted by Emmy Rae at 10:58 AM - 13 answers

January 24

How to survive saying goodbye

My husband and I agreed that the quality of life for our sweet 14 year old puppy is getting pretty bad and we need to put her to sleep. My rational brain knows this is the right thing. As the date gets closer, I feel like a prisoner in the Tower waiting for the gallows. How do I even do this? [more inside]
posted by Tandem Affinity at 7:08 PM - 23 answers

Is my puppy too mean to my older dog?

Sparky is 4 and Pearl is almost 5 months. We have had her since she was 8 weeks old. She is a VERY happy and confident puppy and loves to play all day with spark. Before Pearl he was very sedentary and now he is much more active and has gained muscle and eats more. Most of their play seems healthy - bouncing around together; sitting side by side with their mouths open and whining at each other while snapping their jaws; sparky "dropping" a toy so pearl can take it away and then stealing it back, etc. The problem is that I worry that pearl is too rough with sparky and he is too submissive to assert himself. [more inside]
posted by pintapicasso at 3:38 PM - 14 answers

It's a drinking bowl, not a cat bath

My 9-month-old kitten Dashi has recently discovered that removing the water from the cats' water dish, methodically and with her paws, brings her unbridled joy. This means that by the end of the day there is about 2 inches of dirty foot water left in the bowl. Please help me. [more inside]
posted by mudpuppie at 12:58 PM - 25 answers

January 23

Assistance with Australian Shepard having seizures

One of our dogs seems to have seizures during walks specifically. Has anyone else had this happen? [more inside]
posted by o0dano0o at 1:14 PM - 12 answers

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