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January 25

Two kittens have gotten off to a bad start; can we go back?

If you introduce two kittens and it doesn't work well (ie one attacking and overpowering the other till they both have to separated), is there any way to re-set? I'm worried they're never going to get along after such a bad start! [more inside]
posted by flimflamflop at 1:30 PM - 6 answers

January 24

Miss Maxine’s Identity Crisis

We got our cat from the Humane Society on Dec. 21. We named her “Maxine”, but she doesn’t recognize her name or any words yet. Are there any tricks to helping a cat learn her name? Or do you have an estimate on how long it might take? [more inside]
posted by furtheryet at 3:44 PM - 23 answers

Is it time to euthanize my cat?

My cat is old (not totally sure how old). She doesn't have any painful maladies but howls a lot and seems uncomfortable. I could use some insights from other cat people who have made end-of-life calls for their pets. Details within... [more inside]
posted by dry white toast at 10:28 AM - 20 answers

January 23

Train the dog or train the human?

Friend's boyfriend's dog regularly licks her feet. She doesn't like it. [more inside]
posted by SageTrail at 12:03 PM - 24 answers

How often to deep clean my dog's teeth?

YANMV, but does my dog need to get his teeth deep cleaned every year? (deep clean = full dental cleaning, x rays, possible extractions, while under anaesthesia). He's had it this the last 2 years in a row (the second year they had to pull two teeth), and our vet brought up doing it again this year. 5 year old dog, no underlying health problems besides allergies, no mouth pain. This year the vet said he had "moderate plaque buildup." Could we skip this year, actually start brushing his teeth, and get this done every 2 - 3 years or so? [more inside]
posted by Geameade at 8:28 AM - 18 answers

January 21

Seeking input about an unwell stray cat

We've acquired a cat and he doesn't seem quite right. [more inside]
posted by Joan Rivers of Babylon at 12:33 PM - 17 answers

ISO best cat litter for senior, long-haired cat

Our cat litter needs an upgrade! Can you recommend a good product for a senior, long haired cat? [more inside]
posted by Space Kitty at 8:42 AM - 15 answers

January 20

Juvenile snake ID help?

There was what I assume is a baby snake outside when I got home. It's still there. Any idea what kind it might be? Picture here I wouldn't think it was the time of year for baby snakes (January in Virginia).
posted by one4themoment at 3:25 PM - 8 answers

January 19

Oldish dog suddenly nipping: cause for concern?

First-time dog owner seeking advice from the more experienced on whether a vet visit's in order [more inside]
posted by troywestfield at 6:15 PM - 14 answers

Animals to represent East and West

For a craft project, I'm trying to think up animals that could represent "East" and "West". (For context, "North" and "South" are going to be polar bears and penguins). I would need to find fabric with these animals, so nothing super specific please. Any ideas?
posted by ReadNTravel at 7:28 AM - 31 answers

January 18

How to handle a non-housebroken dog's first night at home?

We're bringing a shelter dog home tomorrow. I'm so excited! We're planning on crate-training, but I feel like I'm coming across conflicting advice. What would you do? [more inside]
posted by Merricat Blackwood at 6:28 PM - 14 answers

January 17

Help despairing multi-cat household find peace before new baby arrives

We’ve got 3 cats, and 2 of them are in relentless violent conflict. We’ve tried so many solutions (including recommendations from a consult with a cat behavioralist), and we’re at the end of our rope. We also have a baby coming in about 4 months, and can’t imagine continuing on this way with a newborn. Something needs to change — what is it? [more inside]
posted by pants at 6:40 PM - 21 answers

Cat allergies, did I do the right thing?

Gave my cat to my daughter, well it was her cat originally, am feeling sad and guilty...will the cat be okay? [more inside]
posted by irish01 at 8:10 AM - 10 answers

January 16

Is getting a puppy the safest choice with a toddler?

Our home is dogless for the first time in 16 years. I think we have to get a puppy for safety reasons as we have a toddler. [more inside]
posted by disaster77 at 9:57 PM - 22 answers

Where have all the cats gone? Adopter in need of an adoptee!

My parents are looking to adopt a cat, ideally yesterday. Their much loved and extremely senior cat passed a month ago, and there's a huge cat-shaped hole in their hearts. My mom has never ever not had at at least one cat her entire life. They are really good, loving cat owners! But they cannot find a cat! Looking for ideas or avenues to chase down. [more inside]
posted by cgg at 11:11 AM - 16 answers

Microgreens query for kitty

In summer my cat nibbles on grass. For some reason I haven't had much luck growing oatgrass for my cat this winter so she's taken to nibbling on houseplants best left alone. The food delivery service I use offers some growing microgreens. Which one do I get for kitty? [more inside]
posted by zadcat at 7:47 AM - 9 answers

January 12

Carbs for Cats

Here’s me and my BFF Dart. He’s a senior cat, hyperthyroid but on medicine, and having some early kidney disease markers. All numbers are good. I really want him to put on weight. My vet said to experiment with carbs; mashed potato has worked a little. Anyone have ideas for giving a cat carbs? Or other ways to help him gain a little more? [more inside]
posted by mermaidcafe at 8:45 PM - 8 answers

Help me give my senior cat a happy retirement

I would like my energetic and playful new cat to be nice to my sweet senior cat. How do I foster this? [more inside]
posted by *s at 1:15 PM - 9 answers

rick rick rick, I need a laugh, rick

Metafilter introduced me to two of my favorite websites of all time: Louis v. Rick and Animals Talking in All Caps. What other talking animals would make me laugh? Twitter accounts, Instagram follows are welcome plus sites that update. [more inside]
posted by gladly at 11:36 AM - 5 answers

January 11

I need creative solutions for my cats' litter box

I am at my wit's end trying to find a good litter box solution for my 2 cats. My current problem is primarily scatter - no matter what I try, I end up with litter all over my house and I'm over it. Help! [more inside]
posted by tryniti at 6:44 AM - 21 answers

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