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September 27

Post-op dog behavior and coyotes

Our dog's attitude has changed post knee surgery, and seems more easily triggered by coyote neighbors - what are some solutions? [more inside]
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Useful iOS Shortcuts/Automation

I just recently figured out how to use shortcuts/Automation on my iPhone (connecting to audio devices and starting up a Spotify playlist) and thought it could simplify my life a bit. Do you all have any great ideas on how to automate/shorten some steps do things? I have no smart home enabled devices.
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Where are Eddy and Lao Yang from "Empire of Dust" (2011) today?

I just saw the documentary "Empire of Dust" (2011) about a Chinese crew building a road in Congo and enjoyed it. (You may have seen the "It's all so tiresome" meme from this movie.) Does anyone know where the two main characters, Eddy and Lao Yang, are today? Is the road they were working on done?
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September 22

Pocketbook Reader App runs very slowly on ipad and phone?

Why does my Pocketbook Reader App now boot so very slowly on my ipad? [more inside]
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September 7

How to choose an online Mass. CSL Class?

I would like to take an online prep course for the Massachusetts Construction Supervisors’ License exam while I am recovering from surgery in November. I’m finding the options difficult to compare because the websites are all about the same and don’t provide info about the actual course material. I own the required books but I need structure for how to use them to study. [more inside]
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August 28

Looking for new video series / vlogs with live-in volunteers & building

I've noticed that a couple of video series I've enjoyed -- Charlotte Church's Dream Build (Discovery+), and Sailing Parlay Revival (YouTube) -- Share the common themes of building/repairing, and volunteers that are provided accomodation. Does anyone know any other video series with these elements?
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August 14

Explain the...theology? of Servant on Apple TV

I have a question about the TV show Servant on Apple TV. This question will contain spoilers, right up until the very last moment of the show. If you have not seen the show and might someday see the show, this might not be the question for you. [more inside]
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August 13

geo-strategic tensions in the Indo-Pacific region - for high schoolers.

Can you recommend a book by a living author about geo-strategic tensions in the Indo-Pacific region that is appropriate for a high school aged audience?
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August 7

Lightweight sales/inventory tracking

I'm looking for a sales/inventory tracking application for a "small-time" sort-of-side-hustle. [more inside]
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July 29

Resources for creating an online presence for a consultant

I want to ramp up my instructional design consultancy practice. I've generally had term contracts with large companies who need extra capacity in their learning and development departments temporarily. I have not needed to market my services beyond a LinkedIn profile but I want to move beyond that. [more inside]
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July 17

Best RSVP/event management solution?

Any recommendations for a service that can integrate with Mailchimp to manage event registrations/RSVPs. I don't need to sell tickets or monetize. Some budget is available to spend on the right solution. [more inside]
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July 10

Who can forge this ancient artifact once more?

Are there any reliable companies/artisans who can create custom body jewelry? Specifically, one who can recreate this now out-of-production Stinger Talon? [more inside]
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July 9

If I want to run a Calckey instance, what do I need?

I have no idea if my friends will ever make the switch, but I want to offer a space. At most I've ever done is shared hosting (my site runs on WordPress). I'm not considering any Mastodon software at all. I might consider Pixelfed as well. What do I need to know, to set up a Calckey (or Pixelfed) instance in terms of: - what to look for in hosting - what technical knowledge do I need to know or find people who know - where are the admins getting their blocklists these days - related, where do admins mingle to communicate all these management stuff - any movements on the legal liability side of things?
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July 5

Story about a guy who trapped opossums and released them near his house?

A few days ago there was a post on the blue about opossums. It made me remember the funny story I saw online in the last few years, sort of a This American Life-type story or maybe a Twitter thread, about a guy who got a job or started a business trapping and releasing unwanted opossums that were in people's yards. [more inside]
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July 1

Processing donations

Do you have experience using Patreon or competitors (Ko-fi, OnlyFans, other?). How did you pick which service to use? How did you research the costs to you? Especially interested in communities/organizations experiences but will take any advice or ideally a link to a side by side comparison around price, ease of use, etc.
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June 21

Paris (Bastille-ish) secure short term bike parking options?

We are taking our bikes to France to ride in the countryside (yay), but first we will be in Paris for a few days. We are not able to store our bikes at our hotel in Bastille. It seems like there are a few bike storage rental options (train stations, private garages), but it is hard to tell how secure they are. If you have experience dealing with Paris bike storage, what was it like?
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ISO a financial planner/accountant specializing in online business

Looking for someone with financial expertise that specializes in online business in Canada. [more inside]
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June 18

E-learning platforms for fun and profit

Mainly profit tbf. There are a lot of different options, which gives most bang for my buck if I want to share my skills and have people pay me for the privilege? [more inside]
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June 15

Current recommendations for SF bay area tattoo artists?

I’m looking for a newbie-friendly tattoo artist/shop in the SF bay area with the following caveats: [more inside]
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June 13

Where to stay for Phoenix-area golf trip?

I've got a foursome going to PHX next Super Bowl weekend for a golf trip. What area of the city should we stay in to maximize ease of access? [more inside]
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