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February 27

Looking for a short film about moments of life

I'm looking for a short film that premiered on Vimeo somewhere between 2007 and 2015. It was a film that took you through the cycle of a human life, including birth and death, and it was made primarily/entirely of very short stock footage clips collaged together with, as far as I can remember, natural audio. Ring a bell?
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February 24

Spear maiden, wolf of winter myth?

A bit back, I stumbled down a wikipedia hole of mythological solstice narratives, and one from a linked citation page stuck out: Every year, the wolf of winter chases the spring/sun/dawn maiden, getting closer and closer. The wolf finally starts to swallow the maiden on the fall equinox; the winter solstice is when the spear of the spring/sun/dawn maiden finally starts to pierce the wolf's belly and the vernal equinox is when she's fully out again. I believe it was of Slavic or Baltic origin. There are a lot of similar stories, but this one stuck out and I want to track down the origin and the mythology site I found it on. More on the specific details inside — I've already reread a lot of the Wikipedia pages that I was skimming, but haven't found the exact story again. [more inside]
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February 6

Magyar Bárd Sorsa recording

I'm having trouble finding an online recording of this poem, "Magyar Bárd Sorsa" by Gyóni Géza. Does one exist?
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February 4

Problem with Instagram

I have a FB account, and decided to create an accompanying IG account. Initially, I had trouble connecting account A to FB. So, I created account B with a name I didn't like as much, but it seemed to work. FB also encouraged each account to be connected. I remember connecting the first one, but realized later the second needed to be connected to it too. After I logged into FB from the IG account B, it was. [more inside]
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January 21

US citizen residing outside the US - name change

I'm a dual US-Canadian citizen looking into changing my last name, but not reverting to my maiden name. What are my considerations on the US side? [more inside]
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January 17

Radical chic cartoon

Help me find a cartoon showing a wealthy couple in a convertible carrying home their newly-purchased art: a large hammer & sickle. 15+ years ago. New Yorker-type irony, but I can’t find it there or anywhere.
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December 31, 2020

CIA Cockroaches

Which magazine had the CIA's remote controlled roach on the cover? [more inside]
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December 23, 2020

Call-In Requests Xmas Eve Radio Show

Hello! Where I grew up there was a radio program on Christmas Eve where listeners called in requests for holiday songs all day. It’s still running but it was today and I missed it. Does anyone know of another call-in holiday songs request radio program that will be on tomorrow? Google skills failing!
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December 14, 2020

Recommendations for Qatari activists & resources

I want to pass along some resources (things to read, organizations or people to learn from, etc) regarding Qatar and its poor record regarding homophobia, labor exploitation, women's rights, terrorism, etc. What do you recommend? (Qatar-specific preferred but regional groups are good too; anything focused on LGBTQ rights and/or sports is a plus.) [more inside]
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December 5, 2020

Missing highlights

How do I get back my Kindle Highlights that are appearing inside the book on the cloud reader, but not in the notebook? [more inside]
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December 1, 2020

Seeking personal recommendations for male therapist in Seattle area

A close friend of mine would like to ask the AskMe community for personal recommendations for a male therapist in the Seattle area (Burien/Renton/Tukwila also OK). [more inside]
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November 27, 2020

Android app blocker which allows longer passwords?

I like to lock myself out of apps like Google and Chrome so I can only get into them if I really need to. I used to use one called AppLock from DoMobile Labs, which allowed you to put a really long password in (got the idea from this post). Now it won't work on my phone, and the other apps I find only have 4-digit pins. Are there any other app lock apps which allow at least 16 digit passwords?
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November 16, 2020

Timed Entry For a Cultural Institution: Limit to one per email

We've been using Eventbrite to run a free timed admission system for a cultural institution. One of the things that Eventbrite doesn't do is let us limit reservations by email. We are going to be doing a holiday event over three weeks and want people to only be able to register once per email. [more inside]
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November 3, 2020

Video chat with text chat overlay

I'm looking to video+text chat with friends. Tools like Zoom etc put typed messages in an awkwardly separate pane; I'm looking for a tool where the messages just scroll in front of the video, or at least in the same pane, in a nicely designed way (kind of like this game screenshot, but for videochat with friends rather than gaming). Is there such a thing? Thanks!
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October 31, 2020

Looking for D&D module maker software like Neverwinter Nights

I've written some D&D 5e adventures, and I'm evaluating building them as a third-party (second-party?) video game module. Neverwinter Nights (NWN) from 2002 has the Aurora toolset which allows third-party module creation, but NWN is D&D 3e. Does anyone know of an existing or planned D&D computer game that has a similar module toolset? It doesn't look as if Solasta: Magister or Baldur's Gate 3 has this tool.
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October 24, 2020

Can you recommend a history book from this list?

Has anyone read anything in the New Approaches to America Series, or failing that are you familiar with an author? [more inside]
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October 22, 2020

What therapy study or article was this?

I read a study or an article a few months back that described the efficacy of therapy in terms of years progressed. As in, they asked study participants how many years of growth they had experienced while in therapy. And through this they found some sort of expected ratio like "one year of therapy produces the same amount of personal growth as non-therapy (normal) years" Do you know what this study or article is?
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October 20, 2020

How can you tell if a twitter account is permanently suspended?

As above - how do I tell if these Twitter suspensions are permanent or not? It’s confusing and hard to tell what’s recent 2020 info and also what’s a punitive short term ban for spamming or what have you vs a long term ban for abuse.
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Migrating AntennaPod/gPodder to Pocket Casts

I've been using AntennaPod on my Android phone for a while and syncing to I would like to start using Pocket Casts instead. I know I can do a OPML export/import to move my subscriptions, but is there any automated way to let Pocket Casts know 1) which episodes I've already played 2) which episodes are currently in my queue?
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October 19, 2020

Has anyone ever heard of this cat-hoarding female psychiatrist?

There's a chapter in Randy Frost & Gail Steketee's book "Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and The Meaning of Things" that details an incredible story about a successful female documentary filmmaker in the 1970s who hoards over 200 cats and who works with a female psychiatrist...and the psychiatrist hoards over 600 cats! I'm actually a documentary filmmaker myself and I'm dying to know if any of this story is publicly available so I can track it down. Details about the case and the people involved were changed in the book to protect their identities so I can't even be sure of the most basic details of the story. It says this all happened in NYC but it could just as easily have been another city - maybe LA given the filmmaking connection? Anything you might know about this would be a great starting point for me to dig more. Thank you.
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