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April 25

Underground Coffee Shops in London?

Way back in 1999, I was lucky enough to stumble on a full, real, "coffee shop" in Central London. A tiny and illicit slice of Amsterdam. Do such places still exist? [more inside]
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April 24

Looking for an article about songbird tracking

I read an article online in the last 12-18 months about the tracking of songbirds. The article was written in the first person by a man, he was a ranger or similar official working in a park in the was unexpectedly engaging. I can't find it now.. [more inside]
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April 16

Retrotransposon documentaries?

Retrotransposons tell us a lot of interesting things about evolution. Are there any great documentaries about them? Ideally it would talk about pufferfish genomes (hardly any retrotransposon content), the phylogeny of mammals and plants (lots of retrotransposon content in genomes that can help us trace family trees), the phylogeny of retrotransposons themselves (how are the different retrotransposons related to each other?) and the junk DNA vs. biologically active vs. evolutionarily active debate about retrotransposon content in genomes. Ideally, it would be aimed at a lay audience - Attenborough sort of stuff.
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April 14

Search alerts still available on Facebook Marketplace?

I'm new to Facebook Marketplace. I would like to set up an alert for one of my searches on it, so I get a notification when a new listing is created that meets those search criteria. From Googling this I see that this rather obvious feature at least USED to exist, but it's proven so impossible for me to actually put in place for me that I wonder if it still exists. Does it exist, and if so, how do I do it?
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April 10

Detroit-area fibromyalgia doctors or resources?

My wife suffers from fibromyalgia and needs a new doctor. We are moving to Detroit in two weeks, and we'll be staying in Midtown, Rosedale Park, or Bagley. One of the toughest things to leave behind is her care team. We'd like to find the right doctor: one who is engaged, supportive, focused on solutions, and doesn't over-perscribe. One with training in fibro and PTSD is better. One who is all of the above and connected to a research-level institution is the best. Detroiters, who do you or your friends see for primary care or specialty care ? Thanks so much!
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April 8

Recommend me a psychiatrist in Melbourne, Australia

Does what is says on the box. Looking for recommendations of a solid Psychiatrist in Melbourne. Either in the inner north or south eastern suburbs ideally, but will travel if needed. [more inside]
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March 31

Recommendations for a textbook on orchestral instruments?

Recommendations for a textbook on orchestral instruments to prepare for the ABRSM music theory exam (Grade 4 / Grade 5) ? This would be used to prepare specifically for the questions on orchestral instruments and orchestral scores, as a supplement to the Eric Taylor textbooks. [more inside]
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March 24

Do All The Things: Video Edition

YouTube or TV shows where the host tries a new challenge each episode: what goes into the planning and production of these videos? [more inside]
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March 19

Is this normal with Lemi Shine?

I've been using Lemi Shine in my dishwasher for a while now but only recently have I begun noticing that some items are coming out literally squeaky clean. [more inside]
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March 14

Try identifying the origin of a random guy in an old YouTube video

Video Tell me if you know the source of guy in the above video
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March 13

Partnership LLC with no income and no expenses, what tax forms a needed?

My husband formed a partnership LLC in Nov 2018. The LLC is incorporated in Delaware, but all the members reside in California, and this is where all meetings occur. The LLC had no business activity in 2018 (no income, no expenses). Which tax forms are required? [more inside]
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March 11

BuzzfeedU in my news suggestions?

Suddenly my google discover news feed is filling up with recommendations from buzzfeedu (.com), though from the news feed it looks like regular Buzzfeed. When I click on it, I get all sorts of crap trying to take over my phone. If I try to block fake-BuzzfeedU as a source, will it also block real-Buzzfeed? Is there a way to block only fake-BuzzfeedU? I'll block both if I have to but would prefer not to.
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March 7

Recommendations for UK- based website developers

I've recently been handed the responsibility for overhauling the website of a small healthcare-related association. Would anyone have any recommendations of a website developer that would do good work and be reasonably-priced? Ideally UK-based - I'm around Bristol/Birmingham so it might be easier if they were local, but not essential. Google brings up lots of options, but it would be great to get some word-of-mouth recommendations. [more inside]
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March 6

What chair is this?

This chair can be seen in the Black Mirror episode Playtest. Any ideas as to the name of either the chair or the manufacturer?
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February 28

Yahoo Finance charts won't retain date range

I have been using Yahoo Finance stock charts ever since Google Finance dropped their excellent charting system. Yahoo has worked fine until recently, when they stopped retaining the date range, which I had previously bookmarked as 5 days. [more inside]
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February 2

Birthday dinner in buzios

My lovely wife, our 11 yo and myself will be in B├║zios, Brazil for her birthday. Where should we go for dinner? [more inside]
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January 16

Can I block someone on a 3rd party iCloud shared album?

I have gone NC (no contact) with a member of my family. He participates in commenting/liking photos on another family member's shared iCloud album. Is it possible to block him so I don't see his comments and he doesn't see mine, without asking the photo album owner to make any changes? I have googled and it looks like no, but thought I'd ask the hive mind here. He is blocked in my iPhone contacts already which seems to make no difference to iCloud album permissions.
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January 8

Help me find this quote I came across about the mark of a good book

It goes something like this: The hallmark of a good book is measured by how fast you read in the beginning and how much you slow down by the end. Thank you!
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December 17, 2018

Where can we watch the newest episode of RuPauls Drag Race in Munich?

Allstars S4e2 comes out in the states on December 21. We're in Munich at that time and would like to watch it with a friendly crowd. Where should we go?
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December 15, 2018

Best books about same sex parenting

I'm looking for some good books about same sex parenting to give to a lesbian couple with an adorable baby boy. They say they want something to prepare them to address the good, the bad and the ugly (ex: bullying, homophobic slurs, etc). Same sex marriage and parenting are legal in our country, if that makes any difference. Could you give some recs? Thanks in advance!
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