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September 19

Obscure academic paper on social instability from successive shocks

I read an abstract / short news article about ten years ago on the concept of successive shocks to any social system (marriage, village, church/group, town, the nation-state) leading to collapse of that system. The main context was societal instability arising from several shocks. I've 'searched high and low for and come up with nothing useful. TW: This uncovers some nasty stuff so unless your area is war / conflict proceed with caution as my question goes down the conflict wormhole. I have three links below to military, terrorism and crisis events studies. [more inside]
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September 2

Looking for a particular Golden Balls episode

Beverly and Jane are splitting a pot of £11,210. Used to be on YouTube but... I won't give spoilers, but if you know where I can find it.... Also, more generally, is there an archive of Golden Ball episodes anywhere?
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August 31

Newsfeed Screensaver

Looking for help finding an rss screensaver for win 10 [more inside]
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August 27

Help me find a specific piece of lit crit about Dante

I'm looking for a specific passage, likely written in the introduction or footnotes in a mass market edition of Inferno or Purgatory. Can anyone help me? [more inside]
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August 10

Digital microscope for iPad mini or iPad

What are good digital microscope options out there for iOS devices? [more inside]
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August 5

Keying with Adobe Premiere Elements

I have a 2013 version of Adobe Premiere Elements 12. There are a number of tutorials for what seems to be Adobe Premiere Elements Pro, but the setup screens are much more complex than then setup screens for my version. Although it seems to have a function for blue and green screen keying under FX Effects, I can't figure out how to make it work. Understandably, it is a less advanced version. but the option seems to be there as well as ten other mattes and luminance keying. Is there a tutorial for my version?
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July 28

Add photos to tumblr with a single click

I want a Windows 10 compatible application that will allow me to post pictures to tumblr with a single click. I will pay for the software, but I don't want an ongoing fee. A few more requirements below. [more inside]
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July 8

Self-help and personal development in other cultural contexts

I'm interesting in reading (or reading about) self-help/personal development/wellness/family relationship books or essays written from a non-North American, non-individualist perspective. [more inside]
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July 7

Alternate firmware for my network camera so I can dump CloudEdge app?

I have a network camera that requires an iPhone app (called CloudEdge) and a web service to use. How can I tell whether there is alternate firmware -- like Open IP Camera -- for it? I would like to do RTSP streaming on my home network, and not require this app. [more inside]
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June 23

Wireless headsets with mics for Nintendo Switch

Google is confusing me: what are some good wireless headset options or setups for streaming with audio (and maybe video) commentary from a Nintendo Switch? [more inside]
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June 20

Any way to send mp3s from PC to Hi-Res Walkman via bluetooth?

I have a Sony Hi-Res Walkman that can receive files from other bluetooth devices, but I can't find any information in the Sony documentation that indicates whether this can be done from a Windows PC with bluetooth capability. (In some cases it would be useful for me to transfer files this way instead of plugging in the Walkman and recharging.) Does anyone know if it's possible to do this, and if any third-party software is required (though I know there is nothing from Sony itself to facilitate bluetooth file transfer)?
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June 18

What is this poorly remembered and vaguely described horror novel?

I was recently talking to someone about books we bailed on as kids because we encountered something too troubling to deal with at the time. I could only think of one example, a psychological horror(?) novel from the late 1990s or very early 2000s. It was pretty much the only book I didn't finish back in the days when I finished everything, and I'd like to try reading it again if I can find it. WARNING: Mentions of fictional sexual abuse below the fold. [more inside]
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June 4

Android Bibliography and Screenshots App

I've been taking screenshots of public social media posts that I'd like to reference for later use. The screenshot is useful for sharing but I also like to track the original URL. Is there any sort of Android app that could track the URL I have for each image, almost like tagging images in an image gallery? The fewer clicks needed to add, and then copy back out, the better.
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May 27

Using Wix, I want to show smaller automatically playing videos of my app

How can I achieve the following? I want to be able to keep the videos small (in pixel size, not data size) and have no ugly borders (see IMAGE 1). I want to keep the videos auto-playing. I want to put it in a box off to the side, and have a box next to it with supporting text, (see IMAGE 2). In the mobile view (see IMAGE 3), I want to keep the video small and maintain the box system. (I'll provide links to images below). [more inside]
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May 18

Professional software for check printing on Linux or Mac

I'm looking for professional check printing software that runs under either Linux (preferred) or Mac. This is for business printing of checks, so the software should be somewhat robust. [more inside]
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May 14

Need to make online animation of business process flow.

I'm working on an online business process dashboard. We need to make animations of business processes, showing the flow of each purchase from one node to the next, visualizing time/resources spent at each node and bottlenecks. [more inside]
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May 5

Best video of cleaning a window AC unit

Hi there - I'd like to show my landlord how easy it is to clean a window AC unit (when you have access to a hose, and strong people to carry it, which I don't). There are a lot of videos showing how to do this - what's the best one? [more inside]
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April 11

Trying to find a 00s era comics about "how to move to a new city"

I'm looking for, what, in my memory is a 2000s era (maybe late 1990s) independent comic about "how to move to a new city" and was hoping my favorite 00s era website could help me find it (that's you). [more inside]
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April 5

Video conferencing with password/PIN protected breakout rooms

I'm looking for almost the opposite of this query - our organisation would like to set up videoconferences where the participants aren't completely free to move between breakout rooms, but can only do so via a password or PIN so as to allow some level of self-management. [more inside]
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March 28

Etsy seamstress?

Have you worked with anyone who does custom sewing through Etsy or some other online platform? I want a set of jersey knit women's pajamas with piping made from fabric I designed at Spoonflower, and I don't know where to start. Thanks for any suggestions!
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