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January 23

New Neighbor

Gift for neighbors with newborn? [more inside]
posted by greta simone at 7:46 AM - 30 answers

January 22

Gift suggestions for somebody who enjoys soldering and radio electronics

I need to buy a gift for someone who enjoys soldering and radio electronics. Price range is $100 to $200. Can you please give me some suggestions?
posted by panama joe at 7:09 AM - 10 answers

January 19

Help onforwarding an internet purchase from the USA to Australia

I know there are onforwarding services that will receive parcels from backwards American companies that only ship to the USA / NAFTA, but would prefer to help out a fellow MeFite first, if that appeals... [more inside]
posted by UbuRoivas at 1:04 AM - 8 answers

January 16

Looking for a customer service service

Is there a service that will call customer service numbers for me, deal with all their crap, and let me know the results? Maps through IVR menus only solve a small part (<5%) of my problem. Details below the fold. [more inside]
posted by tellumo at 7:54 PM - 6 answers

Help me upgrade the quality of my life for 100 bucks?

What could I buy with 100 USD that would improve my happiness and quality of life? [more inside]
posted by whitelotus at 7:19 PM - 48 answers

January 14

To sleep, perchance to save space...

For primarily lack-of-space reasons, need a solution that is of the sleeper sofa ilk but will be far and away used as a bed more than a sofa/seating option for anyone. So comfort for sleeping, long-term, is the #1 priority. [more inside]
posted by I_Love_Bananas at 4:38 AM - 17 answers

January 11

D&D/gaming baby gear/presents

One of the guys in our D&D group is expecting a baby with his wife next month and we’d like to get him some presents! [more inside]
posted by skycrashesdown at 1:53 PM - 11 answers

January 10

No-iron shirts for men, in solid colors.

I love Banana Republic's non-iron shirts, I will never go back to wearing non-non-iron shirts no matter how much formaldehyde they put in wrinkle-free shirts, but Banana Republic seems to hate solid-color shirts so options are very limited. I love Express's solid-color shirts, but last time I checked they don't have any wrinkle-free shirts. Where else should I look to find non-iron shirts in single colors?
posted by Tehhund at 7:04 AM - 14 answers

January 7

Care package for touring singer

I'm dating a professional singer who's about to go on a long tour, and I'd like to make a small tour care package for her. I already have Thayer's lozenges and a book- other general ideas from touring singers would be really helpful! She mentioned some sort of herbal remedy that singers use for vocal chord health that has, I think, a tiger as part of the brand, so leads on that in particular would be welcomed.
posted by deus ex machina at 11:18 AM - 14 answers

January 4

Best of shopping in Japan

I'll be living in Japan for almost the next three years. I have run across cool things for my kid that I've never seen in the States, but I know there is more that I haven't even thought about. Help me find great things to buy that I'll love forever and just wouldn't even know about in America. [more inside]
posted by stormygrey at 9:18 PM - 13 answers

eBay personal shopper/concierge - does something like this exist?

Does such thing as an eBay concierge or personal shopper exist - helping you find specific items you're looking for? Or, other interesting things like the now-defunct Apartment Therapy Craigslist Scavenger? [more inside]
posted by arnicae at 11:47 AM - 1 answers

January 3

I need cheap books, and I mean REALLY cheap

I work in Psych and was tasked to replenish activity items for 7 units. After buying all of these items, it was brought to my attention that all of the units are low on reading materials as well. [more inside]
posted by Fullofcrazy at 6:48 AM - 38 answers

December 30, 2017

Help me find a cool stone mousepad

I'm thinking about buying one of these tiles to use as a mousepad, because I love the way black galaxy granite looks, and I want a stone mousepad. That said, it's a little thick and heavy (3/8 inch thick and 6 pounds!), and I'm waiting to hear back about how sharp or rough the edges are. Can you recommend anything similar that has rounded edges, is available as a one-off, doesn't have anything glued onto it, and isn't prohibitively expensive? [more inside]
posted by limeonaire at 7:04 PM - 15 answers

December 29, 2017

American needs advice about where to buy a present for a British friend

I am American and I would like to buy a present for an English friend. It is a Presto Heat Dish, a kind of space heater. There is a listing for this product on Amazon UK, but it is out of stock. What British online retail outlet do you recommend that I buy this product from? I see that it is available on eBay, and I'm willing to buy there if there is no other choice, but I would prefer a more conventional retailer.
posted by Surprised By Bees at 9:46 PM - 11 answers

How do I bed?

So, I'm thinking of buying a bed. I'd use it for sleep and lounging around on any time I'm at home. Budget is probably under 500$. I have... No idea what I'm doing! [more inside]
posted by Jacen at 8:47 PM - 13 answers

How to find comfortable ankle boots?

I'm having trouble finding comfortable women's ankle boots. Any suggestions? Any shopping tips? Am I doomed to discomfort if i continue hoping for one with a small heel? [more inside]
posted by slidell at 4:50 PM - 30 answers

December 27, 2017

Giftfilter: small lovely portable *thing* for departing climbing partner

My climbing partner of the last 5 years is finally jumping ship and leaving the UK for Australia. I'm gonna miss him, and I want to get him something tremendous. Suggestions needed, hivemind! Thoughts within: [more inside]
posted by Joeruckus at 1:46 PM - 14 answers

December 23, 2017

Girl seeks wishlist app to end all wishlist apps

I'm looking for a wishlist app that has two things: a Chrome extension for desktop and the ability to be integrated into the 'activities' menu on my iPhone so that I can add items from various shopping apps. Does such a wonder exist?
posted by youcancallmeal at 1:07 PM - 4 answers

December 22, 2017

Lead-Free Crystal

I need to find a *lead-free* crystal decanter for liquor (bourbon/cognac/etc, not wine) storage. Help me navigate through all of the BS/deceptive labeling and find a decanter that is legitimately lead free. [more inside]
posted by nightrecordings at 12:53 PM - 5 answers

tchotchkes to watch out for

Looking for stocking stuffer ideas for hipster queer women. **Ignore this thread if you are a hipster queer woman who is related to me.** [more inside]
posted by roger ackroyd at 10:05 AM - 16 answers

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