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June 27

So soft, so cool

I'm getting a new mattress and I want one that is cool and soft. Suggestions? Also snowflake details... [more inside]
posted by catquas at 11:00 AM - 7 answers

June 26

Can you recommend some scented candles?

I enjoy a nice scented candle. Some of my favorites have amber or oakmoss scents, but that's not a requirement. I've had great luck with Edgewater Candles, Ouro Hermetica and Big White Yeti, but I love trying new ones. I don't like candles that smell like food; no strong fruit smells and no vanilla. Do you have any favorites you can recommend? Bonus points for smaller shops, but also not a requirement.
posted by Charity Garfein at 4:50 PM - 10 answers

Buying an Evening Gown in Canada

I'm in Canada (GTA region) and need to buy a formal evening gown for a wedding at the end of July. My budget is $350 (USD) or less. Most sites I have looked at only ship from overseas (or they have to make the dress before shipping), which means more delays/there's no guarantee it will be here in time for July 29. Where should I be shopping online? [more inside]
posted by nightrecordings at 6:11 AM - 12 answers

June 23

I need sandals.. It's summer. It's hot.

Comfortable durable men's sandals? I can't go through summer in socks... [more inside]
posted by downtohisturtles at 8:14 PM - 12 answers

Please help me find an understated but sentimental wedding cake topper

We are getting married next month and I would like a wedding cake topper that fits our courthouse ceremony and backyard reception, but that I can also treasure as a sentimental keepsake. Did you love your wedding cake topper? What was it and where did you get it? What did you do with it after the wedding?
posted by rue72 at 12:37 PM - 21 answers

June 22

Where should I buy ebooks for my Kindle?

I want to not buy my books from Amazon, but I would like to keep using my kindle. Where should I buy my books? [more inside]
posted by skewed at 10:06 AM - 13 answers

Finding a receipt for an Amazon Marketplace order?

I ordered a piece of fitness equipment from Amazon Marketplace in 2018 or 2019. The equipment has developed a fault and the vendor wants a copy of the receipt for repair or replacement. [more inside]
posted by jacobean at 9:19 AM - 7 answers

June 20

Help me find my picture frame

I would like to find a well-made frame for hanging photographs that is likely to be available in the future. [more inside]
posted by medusa at 3:08 PM - 3 answers

Looking for Skateboard and/or Longboard recommendations

My kid has graduated from the excellent boards from SkateXS (I recommend them heartedly for 12 and under kids) and is ready for adult sized board (a street board or a longboard) and I'd like to get one for an upcoming birthday. Recommendations please! Caveats inside... [more inside]
posted by Ashwagandha at 2:20 PM - 5 answers

June 18

I want to give a granny a cart

A granny needs a cart to carry groceries several blocks. She has to walk across a lawn, but mostly will be on sidewalks with curb cuts, the sidewalks can be a bit uneven, and there is a low step at the threshold. I found this older question, but it was asked in 2015. Is the Rolser with 4 wheels, including 2 that swivel, still a good bet? [more inside]
posted by SandiBeech at 11:57 AM - 7 answers

June 16

Where can one purchase cheap raw land

I'd like to purchase a small amount of undeveloped land to build a cabin with my children using the trees on the land. Anyone have any suggestions where i could do this for cheap! Like really cheap....
posted by MrAsk at 11:46 PM - 20 answers

June 14

Gifts for a catastrophe

You are my friend and everything is just the worst. Truly catastrophic outcomes on many fronts. Things are shockingly, numbingly bad and there isn’t anything anyone can do to change outcomes. You otherwise have a good support structure and practical needs met, so I send you a token of my affection. This token nods to how truly awful the situation is, but conveys love instead of pure horror and with any luck elicits a wry smile. It requires absolutely nothing of you. So friend, what did I send you and where did I buy it?
posted by this-apoptosis at 6:18 PM - 29 answers

Who can make this thingiverse thing for me in wood? (Ideally in Seattle)

I want this Can't Stop board game board I found from from Thingiverse out of wood but I don't know who to be asking. [more inside]
posted by carpyful at 12:56 PM - 9 answers

Ergonomic WFH chair with playroom vibes

Now that I've been working from home for 2+ years, perhaps it's time to get a comfortable chair. Bonus: I'm moving my workspace into our about-to-be-completed basement that will be a combo workspace/playroom/hangout room, and would like a chair that fits the vibe. [more inside]
posted by DoubleLune at 8:02 AM - 7 answers

June 11

Help me find a rotational cipher (aka “secret decoder”) ring

I’m looking for a simple rotational cipher “secret decoder ring”. This would be a piece of jewelry that goes on a finger (as opposed to a flat disk) and has two sets of all the letters of the English alphabet (in alphabetical order), with one or both sets being able to rotate. This is intended as every day jewelry, so not wood or plastic. Stainless steel is a great price point, but I’m willing to spend more money on the right piece of jewelry. [more inside]
posted by ellenaim at 6:20 PM - 9 answers

June 10

Gifts that come in pairs

Somehow it will soon be my 20th wedding anniversary!?! On our 10th, she got me 10 presents. I want to return the favor this time around by getting her 10 pairs of presents. [more inside]
posted by steveminutillo at 7:34 AM - 40 answers

Best products that smell like the ocean?

Looking for the best quality perfumes, shampoo, and other products that smell like the ocean.
posted by cda at 5:11 AM - 19 answers

June 9

Sleep Number beds and 3rd party adjustable bedframes?

Can you use a third-party adjustable bed frame with a Sleep Number bed? Do any of you have experience with such a setup? [more inside]
posted by Aleyn at 8:49 PM - 2 answers

Should I buy a new car from a dealer out of my area?

If the car I want, Brand X is sold 50, 100, 1000 miles distant, is there a downside? Do all dealers Brand X have to respect warranties?
posted by ebesan at 8:34 AM - 11 answers

Help me find this specific rocks glass

I'm trying to find this exact glass, but would happily settle for anything relatively close. It's a normal sized rocks glass, and I remember once looking at the bottom and noticing a logo that looked like a simple crown, something like this, but maybe with 5 points. It feels impossible to search etsy/ebay for rocks glasses, as 9 out of 10 results are the personalized/engraved type, and I haven't seen anything just like it browsing the web... [more inside]
posted by DynamiteToast at 8:20 AM - 10 answers

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