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September 18

Shirts with cotton backs for work

Help me find office-appropriate blouses with fronts with flowery or interesting patterns and backs that are plain and majority cotton. [more inside]
posted by joannemerriam at 5:48 PM - 4 answers

shine bright like a

Where can I find 8mm and 10mm gorgeous sparkly shiny AB flatback rhinestones? [more inside]
posted by fairlynearlyready at 5:17 PM - 5 answers

What's worth watching?

My father is in a residential Alzheimer's facility and spends much of his time in a comfortable chair in his room. What engaging, colorful, soothing, or otherwise unusual moving things can we add so he has something interesting to look at? [more inside]
posted by picopebbles at 8:27 AM - 20 answers

What new car should I get?

I am looking for a new car to replace my mercedes compact suv. More inside [more inside]
posted by bookworm4125 at 5:47 AM - 10 answers

September 16

Muslin Coverlet & Lint

I currently have linen bedding, including the coverlet we use over our duvet. It sheds horribly, all the time, and has for years. Will muslin gauze also be horrible for lint? [more inside]
posted by hilaryjade at 9:15 AM - 16 answers

September 14

Which replacement ear pads will fit these discontinued headphones?

I have some SoundPEATS A2* headphones, no longer made. I like the headphones and want to keep using them, but the ear pads are falling apart. Assuming I won’t be able to find actual replacements for this model, which inexpensive pads will be a close enough size, shape, and fitting? [more inside]
posted by staggernation at 8:16 PM - 4 answers

September 13

Quality bluetooth bookshelf speakers?

Hello sound enthusiasts, I recently had to get rid of two older Sonos 5 speakers as they were no longer supported. I really liked the following attributes: I could play to them wirelessly, and they actually had pretty nice sound quality. But I didn't like that Sonos chooses WHAT I can play through them, e.g. not any mp3s or .flac files, or at least not unless I go through an irritating set of hoops. Looking for an alternative. [more inside]
posted by rachelpapers at 4:30 PM - 8 answers

What's a great bird toy for a 2.5 year old?

MUST be a bird or bird-related. Can be any type of gift. Thanks!
posted by tiny frying pan at 4:22 PM - 13 answers

Help me find this exact shower curtain liner

Hi! I'm trying to purchase this precise shower curtain liner (in white), but the only place online that I've found it is a store in Puerto Rico that does not ship. I'm in NYC. Would ideally like to buy online but in-person locally is cool, too. Can you help me sleuth this one out? Thanks!
posted by Conrad Cornelius o'Donald o'Dell at 9:43 AM - 8 answers

Where to go in Toronto for fun wallets?

My current wallet is falling apart and needs to be replaced. Since the pandemic caused the local store where I'd go for pretty wallets to close, I'm at a loss for where to try next. Any suggestions for a large-ish women's wallet that isn't just basic brown or black leather? I'm open to brick and mortar stores in Toronto or online. Thanks!
posted by machine at 7:26 AM - 7 answers

September 12

scholastic book fair - pineapple bag chain

It's Scholastic Book Fair time at my daughter's school, but one of the things she wanted sold out before she could buy it. Is there another way for me to buy this? [more inside]
posted by kevinbelt at 1:08 PM - 10 answers

September 10

Help me decorate my car

I bought a clip-on medal for my car, and the visor is too thick. I'd also like to add a few small charms. How do I do this? [more inside]
posted by FencingGal at 9:38 AM - 6 answers

September 9

Help me find a daypack that won't fall over like a dead beetle

I've been using the Osprey Daylite for hiking and travel and I like almost everything about it except for the fact that it won't stand on its own and the water bottle holders are too big. This has resulted in many spilled/leaking water bottles and I'm ready to find something new. [more inside]
posted by oxisos at 8:46 PM - 5 answers

September 7

$23 in 2023

What are some great gifts under $23?
posted by tiny frying pan at 5:32 PM - 16 answers

How do I post a garage sale to Facebook Marketplace?

I am stumped. I'm a relatively tech-savvy guy, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to post a garage sale to Facebook Marketplace. I see OTHER garage sales listed there under the Classifieds category, but that category isn't an option for me when I try to create an ad of my own. What the heck is going on? Anyone here a FB Marketplace expert who can tell me how to do this? (Online tutorials seem to contain outdated info because I don't have the options that they show.) I feel like a Boomer having to ask this question...
posted by jdroth at 10:05 AM - 7 answers

September 6

How to Pay T-Mobile Prepaid without Interruption of Service

I have T-mobile Prepaid in the USA, which I switched to last month after 19 years with Verizon PostPaid. How do I pay for next month's $35 bill that starts tomorrow? I have added $75 to my prepaid service balance using a card I bought from Target (My undesrtanding I don't have to pay for taxes this way). Will T-mobile automatically deduct $35 on the first day of that month? Or do I need to set up an autopay? website confuses me as there's no option to "Pay bill"
posted by sandmanwv at 12:00 PM - 1 answers

What to buy (and not buy) at Harbor Freight

A Harbor Freight opened up in my town recently. I know they have a reputation for both extremely inexpensive stuff and extremely variable quality. What are your go to items? What do you stay away from? [more inside]
posted by gwint at 7:50 AM - 34 answers

September 5

Looking for lovely bed sheets from a decent company

I'd like to buy some bed sheets as a gift, but they have to be sustainable and ideally made in the US. Any suggestions? [more inside]
posted by silverstatue at 8:37 PM - 8 answers

September 2

Gas cooktop recommendations/experiences/likes/dislikes

We're redoing our kitchen and it's time for appliance selection! I've only ever had a range before, but the new kitchen design requires a separate cooktop and wall oven. I'm definitely sticking with gas, but other than that, I'm pretty open to brands, design, etc. I have some thoughts based on what I've seen so far that I'll share below, but my question is a plea for you to share your experience with specific brands, models, and/or features that were either good or bad to help inform my choice. [more inside]
posted by pupstocks at 11:37 AM - 18 answers

September 1

Any great "of the month" clubs?

I've got a friend who is fascinated with "of the month" clubs, and I'd like to get her one for fun. Any great experiences with a specific such club?
posted by Alex Haist at 6:25 PM - 20 answers

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