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November 27

Budget-friendly collective gifts for family members?

I'm in a situation where I have a largeish family that resists the idea of Secret Santa or Kid Presents Only. The idea of getting everyone individual presents has irked me for several years already, and I'm super broke this year and am struggling with gift ideas for my siblings and their families. Can I improve upon previous collective gifts for 2017? I've got a budget of about $150 for 15 people this year. [more inside]
posted by TwoStride at 12:05 PM - 28 answers

The Ethics of Electronics Returns

I've always been burdened by the question: is it ethical to buy electronic devices with the expectation that you'll return (some) of them once you've tried them out? Or are returns meant to be for exceptional cases where the product just doesn't fit your needs? [more inside]
posted by archagon at 10:21 AM - 16 answers

Christmas Gift Shipping

Do any major E-Commerce companies ship to UPS Box numbers without a street address? [more inside]
posted by leafwoman at 8:44 AM - 5 answers

November 23

G'day Melbournians. Arriving soon. Must buy shorts.

I'd buy shorts before the trip, but here (Thailand) there are 2 choices: 1) Too much polyester, or 2) 100% Cotton and expensive. Both have poor construction quality. Seeking mid-range quality and price, 100% cotton. Far enough out of fashion that teens or 20-somethings wouldn't wear, but it's what their dads wear. Seeking store names. Bonus points for easy access by public transportation and proximity to the CBD. Just to be clear, I need outerwear, not underwear.
posted by Homer42 at 9:48 PM - 6 answers

November 22

Budget Subscription Boxes

What are subscription boxes that are under $30 and preferrably under $20 a month that you find are worth it even at that price as gifts? [more inside]
posted by Aranquis at 8:02 AM - 23 answers

November 21

What do I want?

My parents have asked me for a Christmas list this year, and they do a format of something you need, something you want, something to wear, and something to read. I have no trouble filling out small, reasonable gifts for need, wear, and read, but I absolutely cannot figure out something I 'want'. My mom really likes this format, so I'd like to stick with it, but I can't figure anything out this year. Small details after the jump, but without all too much detail to try and get a lot of ideas. [more inside]
posted by codacorolla at 1:34 PM - 26 answers

November 20

Nontoy gift ideas for kids

I am seeking nontoy gift ideas for kids in the 7- to 11-year-old range. [more inside]
posted by rabidsegue at 12:33 PM - 18 answers

Last minute non-factory turkey suggestions, Central Los Angeles

I have taken on the task, last minute, of making a Thanksgiving turkey for just two. I live in Echo Park, Los Angeles - on this late date, where should I get a turkey that isn't just a big old ball of hormones and antibiotics? [more inside]
posted by kensington314 at 9:59 AM - 16 answers

Looking for a bath caddy

I am looking for a bath caddy with specific features. [more inside]
posted by drunkonthemoon at 4:33 AM - 1 answers

find this toy (transformer)!

My 4 year old son has become transfixed on a particular toy he wants. Problem is, I can't find it. Can you? [more inside]
posted by Cannon Fodder at 12:47 AM - 9 answers

November 19

Cruelty free, organic, quality makeup... that makes a great gift?

My sister has requested cruelty free makeup for Christmas, and I'm at a loss.... I know I can just google "cruelty free brands" but can you recommend a great one that is also organic, sustainable, maybe that donates to a good cause, etc? And even better - recommend a nice palate or collection from said brand, that would make a good Christmas gift? [more inside]
posted by silverstatue at 3:16 PM - 16 answers

November 18

I can't find this damned Christmas tree...

Last year, when it was too late to buy a Christmas tree, I saw a beautiful, pre-lit artificial Christmas tree on a blog, and now I can't find it again. [more inside]
posted by ersatzkat at 6:06 PM - 12 answers

Small Items to Gift in Advent Calendar

For the last ten years, my hubby and I have exchanged an Advent Calendar with our long time friends. This year it is our turn to fill up the stand-up rustic holiday house (aka The Adventure Calendar) and gift it to them. I am asking jolly Mefites to suggest new ideas to fill up the calendar. [more inside]
posted by narancia at 12:29 PM - 16 answers

What's an effective feminist organization for holiday donations?

Last year I asked people to donate to the ACLU in my name as my gift. I'd like to do the same this year, but I want to add a feminist organization (for obvious reasons). I'm looking for something that will use money effectively to get women elected to office and/or end harassment. Basically, a respectable way to smash the patriarchy. (I thought of NOW, but I don't know if they've gotten top-heavy and ineffective like so many long-lived organizations.) Thanks!
posted by languagehat at 9:23 AM - 8 answers

November 17

Stuff This: Stocking Stuffer Suggestions

My family and I usually each buy some stocking stuffers for each other. Any recommendations? [more inside]
posted by kat518 at 6:26 AM - 26 answers

November 16

Alice in Stickerland

Where are all the brick-and-mortar stores that sell stickers? Difficulty level: UK, not Paperchase. Minor snowflake flurry inside. [more inside]
posted by sailoreagle at 1:35 PM - 6 answers

November 15

Trying not to channel flannel

Help me find a very specific out-of-season bathrobe. [more inside]
posted by Toddles at 6:59 PM - 6 answers

November 13

I am a terrible musician. Help me be terrible on a new instrument.

Do you have experience with electric cellos? What would you let someone know looking to purchase one? Any recommendations for a specific instrument? [more inside]
posted by munchingzombie at 3:00 PM - 6 answers

November 12

Where should I go to buy a diamond engagement ring [New Jersey]?

I'm unsure about where to buy a diamond engagement ring. [more inside]
posted by Carius at 9:20 AM - 9 answers

Where can I rent a laptop? (UK edition)

Over this Christmas period, I've got a fair amount of time off from work, and although I'll be seeing friends and family, I'm going to have a large amount of time by myself with not a great deal of money or anything to do..... I'm going to be living by myself for the first time in a while, without a TV and want to be able to rent a laptop for this period, primarily to watch films via streaming on, and re-play an old cracked copy of Half Life 2 I've got. [more inside]
posted by inner_frustration at 7:54 AM - 6 answers

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