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September 23

¿Haya una autora como Tana French en español?

Please recommend me great crime novels by women or nonbinary people ... in Spanish! [more inside]
posted by Sheydem-tants at 5:45 AM - 0 answers

September 22

Gripping, suspenseful podcasts that have a definite resolution

I'm tired of listening to podcasts that end with an unsatisfying conclusion. I want something that has lots of surprising twists & turns, but concludes with all the loose ends tied up. [more inside]
posted by alex1965 at 8:35 PM - 9 answers

Help Needed Identifying a Hip Hop Song

My wife has spent the last decade trying to identify a hip hop song that was on a mixed tape that her older sister's best friend made her back in the late 90s. Unfortunately, she only remembers the chorus and we've had no luck finding it through Google or Genius. [more inside]
posted by Parasite Unseen at 1:53 PM - 3 answers

September 21

Can anyone read/identify this inscribed tablet, Arabic maybe?

This mystery museum artifact appears to be some kind of stone tablet with an inscription in what looks like Arabic writing?? Can anyone read this to help us identify what it might be or where it might be from? Any clues or hints would be more information than we have now, which is absolutely nothing. (Thanks, and I know this is a longshot!)
posted by gudrun at 12:57 PM - 6 answers

Show or book about videos left for kid from dying dad?

I've been trying to remember this TV show or book or short story that was about videotapes left for a kid from a dying dad. I googled it and it's a bit of a trope: it's definitely not the Michael Keaton one for example. Some details I remember:
  • Some videos were marked for every year
  • Some were for different events like getting married or having a fight at school
  • One of them the dad confesses he messed around
Does anyone know what this story is? It's been bugging me. Thanks!
posted by ScrubsKip at 8:57 AM - 7 answers

Songs that mention viaducts or Frank Lloyd Wright?

Do any songs you like mention viaducts and/or Frank Lloyd Wright? [more inside]
posted by ferret branca at 8:06 AM - 8 answers

Audiobooks that are collections of essays read by the author

I'm looking for recommendations of good audiobooks, but with some specific criteria: collections of essays that are read/narrated by the author. Books like this that I've enjoyed: Lindy West's book Shrill, Scaachi Koul's One Day We'll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter, Kimberly Dark's The Daddies, and various David Sedaris books. I like these for content (often, memoir mixed with social commentary) but also because the authors are expressive/good performers. (Other topics are OK too, but I'd like to stick to nonfiction.)
posted by needs more cowbell at 6:06 AM - 13 answers

September 20

A scene in which a woman has an orgasm with the universe

I remember vaguely a scene in literature in which a woman goes out into the night alone and has a no-touch orgasm with the universe. Where does this scene appear? [more inside]
posted by gold bridges at 9:53 AM - 2 answers

Keith Haring’s New York

Apart from the locations for his murals, what were some important NYC locations for Keith Haring?
posted by pxe2000 at 9:08 AM - 9 answers

Hope me find 2 specific comics with life/figure modeling/drawing themes!

1) Dragon wakes up in the city, does his morning routine, puts on a long coat, takes a subway, arrives at a drawing class, removes his coat, and strikes a pose on the model stand. 2) Artist painting a portrait (just the head) of a nude woman. He's asking "Why do you always take off your clothes when you come here? [more inside]
posted by ZenMasterThis at 6:35 AM - 5 answers

September 18

Bring Me A Higher Love

In a little over a week I am starting a spiritual challenge which requires me, among many other things, to only listen to music that "lifts my soul to God." Problem is I don't like listening to religious music very much. Help me find eclectic, brilliant, and interesting music from diverse secular sources that will make up my "Lift my soul to God" playlist. [more inside]
posted by cross_impact at 9:25 PM - 83 answers

What's the Value Proposition of TPM Prime?

Really simple: Do you have a Prime membership? Is it worth it? [more inside]
posted by j_curiouser at 9:25 PM - 11 answers

Who sounds like “The Band’s Visit”?

I just saw The Band’s Visit and now I’m hungry for a lot more music in the same style. [more inside]
posted by Calibandage at 11:43 AM - 3 answers

September 17

What Was The Subprime Mortgage Crisis Song On NPR's Marketplace?

About a decade ago, a radio show presented a catchy song, to explain to the layman what caused the sub-prime mortgage crisis. I distinctly remember "Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac couldn't get their money back." But that's all I remember of the lyrics. The show was probably NPR's Marketplace, but it may have been another similar radio show. The song was posted online, but now I can no longer find any record of it. Can you help me find it?
posted by matt_arnold at 3:53 PM - 2 answers

EU audio art project & intellectual property - how to navigate?

What obligations do I have with respect to copyrighted works included in an audio art project that will be submitted to festivals or broadcast in the EU? [more inside]
posted by jpziller at 10:54 AM - 5 answers

No Soup For Moon

I have a very strong childhood memory of a song/video/poem that features the following couplet: Animal crackers in the sky / Moon nibbles one, and so do I. It is not the Shirley Temple song "Animal Crackers in my Soup." The melodies are similar, but the one I am thinking of is almost lullaby-like - gentle and light - whereas "Soup" has a sort of galumph to it. It is also associated with an illustration of a mouse, just black lines on a white background, with a simple efficient style, like Boynton, Silverstein or Lear. Leads and possibilities inside. [more inside]
posted by Rock Steady at 5:08 AM - 10 answers

September 16

Learn to Read Music, Online?

Mr. McGee has joined a community choir, but does not read music. He would like to learn to read music. Can you point us to an good (free) online course that he could work his way through? A book would also be okay, but I feel like there's probably a great web-based course with YouTube videos out there somewhere so he could see it AND hear it. [more inside]
posted by Eyebrows McGee at 9:17 PM - 13 answers

Women artists with characteristics I like about Steely Dan?

Lately I've been binge-listening to Steely Dan, even though my usual taste in music runs more toward spare, angular post-punk. Are there any women artists with qualities similar to the ones I admire in their music -- the obsessive perfectionism, the complex arrangements, the cold, sardonic feel with an occasional hard-earned bit of warmth underneath? In any genre -- doesn't have to be jazz-influenced pop/rock at all.
posted by Ralston McTodd at 3:02 PM - 39 answers

like the acapella app, but on Windoze....

How can I make multitrack synced video collages (like the acapella app) on my windows computer? [more inside]
posted by sully75 at 3:01 PM - 0 answers

Help me learn about these my grandma's antique peasant statues.

Who ARE these odd little hobbits that my grandmother loved so much? [more inside]
posted by letahl at 2:13 PM - 6 answers

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