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August 21

Kids books with intricate illustrations

My 4-year-old daughter and I enjoy reading books with intricate illustrations/photos (examples inside). Can you recommend some more for us to pore over? [more inside]
posted by Admiral Haddock at 8:19 AM - 14 answers

August 20

How to run an expression pedal to multiple other pedals?

Guitar players—what is the best way to run a single expression pedal through 3-4 other pedals simultaneously? [more inside]
posted by deern the headlice at 8:01 PM - 5 answers

Timelines of stage productions

How long do stage productions take to manifest, from the moment there's an idea to when the show gets on stage for the first time? What are some specific examples of production timelines? [more inside]
posted by divabat at 7:26 PM - 8 answers

Name that font: Old timey postcard edition

I'm making an old timey invite out of a postcard and would like to try to match the font the best I can. Post card image is here. I'm specifically looking to match the small font in the stamp square / "THIS SPACE FOR ADDRESSES ONLY." font. Can anyone help me identify this font?
posted by sewellcm at 1:37 PM - 5 answers

I'd rather be in his world...

I have a hazy memory of a comedy sketch that focused on the thoughts of a backing singer as he supports a female singer through a song. In my poor and pock-marked memory, it's Gladys Knight and the Pips singing Midnight Train to Georgia but that might only be because that track prompted this memory and I think I can picture the backing singer making that train whistle pull on the whoo-whoo! [more inside]
posted by humuhumu at 12:30 PM - 4 answers

August 19

Not a single miss

Tell me about bands where every single song is amazing. [more inside]
posted by 256 at 7:30 PM - 79 answers

What actors played (different) title characters on two or more TV shows?

I co-run a trivia night and had the idea for a category when I realized that Bob Denver played both Gilligan in Gilligan's Island and Dobie Gillis in The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis. (It turns out that piece of trivia is false, as he played Maynard G. Krebs, but you get what I was going for...) Ditto Scott Baio as both [Joanie loves] Chachi and Charles [in Charge.] What are some others?
posted by AgentRocket at 11:54 AM - 61 answers

August 18

Late night urgent reader’s advisory

I can’t think of any novels about trans people that aren’t about transitioning. I’d like to read a novel about a trans protagonist with a different central drama, even if it’s not very good. I’d settle for a novella or a short story. Are there any?
posted by blnkfrnk at 7:54 PM - 23 answers

media zooming in on the natural world

what are some interesting films or books (or other media) about tiny worlds? for instance someone living in an atom or leaf. it could also be non-fiction for instance a documentary zooming around inside some molecules. [more inside]
posted by mosswinter at 2:36 PM - 15 answers

Looking for a news reference

The Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights is based in Pittsburgh, PA. It seems to have shut down, though I can find no active link to anything about it currently. It's last FB post was February 2017. Will someone find an active link that gives an update of its status?
posted by CollectiveMind at 2:11 PM - 1 answers

Help me find beautiful depictions of windows

A friend's new workspace has no windows. I'd like to get her a beautiful print depicting a window. Budget $50, so a small poster or something like that. But everything I find online is cheesy, like a generic tropical vista with a window frame around it. That's not her taste at all. I'm hoping for something that stands on its own as beautiful or interesting art, but happens to depict a window. Artistic hivemind, can you help?
posted by Ausamor at 12:56 PM - 14 answers

You are my ultimate Nemesis; too bad we'll never meet.

Looking for films (or heck TV too if the characters put in at least one full season) where the two main opposing characters never meet. [more inside]
posted by Mitheral at 12:46 PM - 21 answers

August 17

Need more high energy hard rock n roll!!

Please help me think of or discover songs along the lines of the following examples so's I can keep on rocking! [more inside]
posted by wats at 9:28 AM - 14 answers

Gimme dem beats! I need similar music to Todrick Hall, Dem Beats.

I am completely obsessed with the Todrick Hall song, Dem Beats (see 52 sec). It literally has my booty shaking anytime I listen to it. Give me some suggestions for fun, sexy music with that bpm and I'm yours.
posted by Sophie1 at 8:37 AM - 7 answers

August 16

Where to rent an Electric Piano in Oregon

Looking to find an electric piano for rent which can be picked up in Portland or Eugene and brought out to MacKenzie Bridge for a weekend. Not local and having trouble finding leads. [more inside]
posted by Navelgazer at 2:38 PM - 3 answers

Where to find grants and foundations for a non-profit literary journal?

Are there any specific grants and foundations that offer a reward towards non-profit literary journals and literary magazines in Texas and US in general? (Some are listed as art organizations, but not always).
posted by RearWindow at 9:23 AM - 3 answers

What are some great comedy music videos?

Yesterday's AskMe about iconic music videos mentioned The Lonely Island's "I'm on a Boat!" which I'd never heard of before. I thought the video was hilarious. What are your favorite comedy music videos?
posted by storybored at 8:42 AM - 62 answers

Cultural memberships/subscriptions in Seattle for college students?

Looking for a cool, cultural gift for my kid who is moving to Seattle. [more inside]
posted by Sublimity at 7:01 AM - 8 answers

August 15

Conserving vintage graph paper

I'm interested in buying and displaying drawings made in pen on vintage paper, typically graph paper. How should I handle them to keep them from deteriorating? [more inside]
posted by serathen at 3:56 PM - 7 answers

What are the best options for using real or fake bullets in artwork?

What is the best way to use bullets (real or fake) in a piece of art? I have questions about cost, safety, and feasibility. Location: New York City, New York. [more inside]
posted by andoatnp at 3:04 PM - 18 answers

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