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April 10

Googling "cult movies" does not help

I really loved "Midsommar" and am now really enjoying a horror novel about a fictional religious cult. Are there other movies/shows/books about "creepy stuff that happens in cults"? (It has to be fiction though. I don't want to watch anything about real people getting hurt.) Thanks!
posted by AngerBoy at 8:35 PM - 40 answers

Want to read more works from poets of colour

What's a poem you love that is written by a poet of colour? [more inside]
posted by pleasebekind at 12:27 AM - 25 answers

April 9

songs about being happy to be alive that SOUND like being happy?

One of my favorite songs like this is Good Day by Luce. What other songs are about just being happy to be alive, that really SOUND like just being happy? [more inside]
posted by kristi at 2:38 PM - 56 answers

April 8

Japanese photographic tradition of leaving a print for someone to find

I remember reading about it in passing a long time ago - a photographer would make a print of his/her work, and would then just leave it in a public space for others to discover and enjoy, or even take for their own. Google has been of no help - does anyone know what this tradition is called/what I'm talking about? [more inside]
posted by rjacobs at 10:15 PM - 5 answers

I like arthouse cinema and my girlfriend is blind. What should we watch?

Last week we watched Before Sunrise, and she liked it enough to be willing to watch the sequels. Before that we watched My Dinner With Andre, and I think she found it daunting but didn't complain. She's very accommodating and watches whatever I put on, but I'd like to find things we can equally enjoy. I know she's interested in those films with alternate audio tracks for the visually impaired. Any thoughts are welcome, and extra points for recommendations I can stream on the Criterion app. Also, she's not 100% blind. She's about 20/240 with glasses and mostly colorblind.
posted by jwhite1979 at 3:57 PM - 5 answers

Book that includes Charles and Mary Lamb

Does anyone know the name of a historical fiction novel in which the main person visits Charles and Mary Lamb frequently?
posted by mcbeitz at 12:51 PM - 4 answers

April 7

Looking for stories where characters talk about hardship

I'm looking for third-person POV stories where a character is telling another character about a difficult experience they've had in the past. [more inside]
posted by holborne at 9:04 PM - 12 answers

How to wean a small boy off Lego Ninjago?

Our nearly 6 year old son is really into Lego Ninjago. We hate it. What can we offer him instead that is ticks all the awesome boxes but isn't racist? [more inside]
posted by EllaEm at 8:05 PM - 33 answers

April 6

service that takes a text playlist and lets anyone listen to the songs?

Is there a service anywhere that will take a text playlist and play the songs, letting anyone can listen, even without an account? [more inside]
posted by kristi at 9:20 AM - 1 answers

April 5

friends who dance together

What are some examples of platonic dance scenes in film and tv? [more inside]
posted by colorblock sock at 4:44 PM - 41 answers

this tiktok but MORE

Looking for the cinematic inspirations / parody source material for this tiktok * heartrending music * father/son poetic emotional confrontation?? * magical realism?? I feel like The Leftovers is a great starting point but I need more. Thanks!
posted by snerson at 4:15 PM - 1 answers

Reunited at the end of the world.

I want a playlist of songs that reference or describe being reunited with a (former) lover at the end of the world. Do you have suggestions? [more inside]
posted by mixedmetaphors at 7:44 AM - 19 answers

Best program(s) for a complete beginner to compose music?

Lately I've been obsessed with the idea of writing music and creating an album, even though I don't play an instrument and don't have any musical background of which to speak. Have been tinkering with Guitar Pro and making a tiny bit of progress but I'm wondering whether it's the best app to invest my time in. Details inside. [more inside]
posted by jzb at 5:53 AM - 13 answers

April 4

Suggestions for Reasonably-Priced Teaching Cameras Needed

I am excited to teach some teens how to make beautiful photographs, but I need the gear to get them started. I'm looking for point-and-shoot cameras that offer "real" controls and quality images, at a price that allows the purchase of multiple units. [more inside]
posted by credible hulk at 4:32 PM - 8 answers

Can a string taken off a guitar be used again?

I'm brand new to the guitar and my first try at restringing didn't go well. I misjudged the thickness of the B and G, and D and A, strings and ended up stringing the guitar E G B A D E. Two questions: 1) Even though the strings are out of order, am I right to assume the guitar can still be tuned properly? In that's the case the strings can just stay where they are, right? 2) If not, can I re-string the guitar with those same 4 strings, or should I buy new ones?
posted by BadgerDoctor at 1:44 PM - 13 answers

April 3

Photoshop: Non-Transparent Ink and Watercolour of Watercolour Wash

I'm trying to make some images in photoshop. I want a watercolour wash and then I want some images on that background, also in watercolour. I don't want the background to bleed through the drawings on top. I want the colour on the top drawings to look like it would look if they were just drawn on a white background. How do I do this? [more inside]
posted by If only I had a penguin... at 8:28 PM - 6 answers

Shorter story about woman wearing an apron to church

I'm trying to remember the name of a short story about the author's mother trying to save a mountain woman named Mrs Hunter from the embarrassment of wearing an apron to church. Possibly a Eudora Weltly story?
posted by mcbeitz at 6:09 PM - 2 answers

Looking for Trevor Noah/Daily Show clip about absentee ballot fraud

Trevor Noah did a bit about the steps one would need to take if one wanted to commit voter fraud via mail-in ballot. [more inside]
posted by TWinbrook8 at 8:22 AM - 1 answers

April 2

Reader's Theater Scripts with multiple girl protagonists?

My niece (7) has started reading voraciously and loves theater, so I've been converting some of her favorite books into ~15 minute plays to act out. Most of the books she reads have a single main protagonist (i.e. the fabulous Princess In Black series) but ideally the play would be at least 2 female or gender-neutral protagonists, so siblings can collaborate and there's not always one "star". Any ideas on children's stories with 2+ female protagonists that could be converted to dramatic scripts, or actual children's plays I could purchase? [more inside]
posted by rogerroger at 6:48 PM - 11 answers

April 1

looking for book titles!

hi mefi! i have a friend who has been trying to find a book that they read as a child but can’t remember the title of: [more inside]
posted by =^.^= at 9:37 PM - 9 answers

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