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January 25

Help me find 2 recent songs/videos, with little information to go on

I occasionally listen to YouTube's Conditions Underground playlist or, more frequently, Left of the Dial. These get updated... periodically? I really have no idea, I just see them on my sidebar and get sick of the usual suspects and click play. Anyway I heard two songs on either of these playlists within the last year and would like to find them again. [more inside]
posted by jabes at 12:59 PM - 1 answers

I would like my sword fighting movie with extra sword fighting

This is for the purposes of a recurring movie night: What are some films that contain quite a lot of sword fighting action? The mere presence of swords isn't enough; we want dozens of minutes of fight scenes. Gladiator met our needs, as did the recent live-action Rurouni Kenshin: The Beginning. The 1998 The Man In The Iron Mask was a notable disappointment, lacking sword fighting almost entirely. The Princess Bride would not be suitable for similar reasons; people don't sword fight nearly often enough.
posted by 4th number at 11:45 AM - 33 answers

Packing for an Open Studio Painting Class

I have signed up for an Open Studio Painting Class in acrylics. What should I take with me? And what do I put it in? [more inside]
posted by OrangeDisk at 9:02 AM - 6 answers

Contemporary artists influenced by 10,000 Maniacs

I’m working on an article about the 10,000 Maniacs archive and I’m looking for a contemporary band (as opposed to their peers) who has cited 10,000 Maniacs as an influence and could serve as a secondary source to speak about how influential they were and still could be for up-and-coming artists. [more inside]
posted by pxe2000 at 8:45 AM - 9 answers

App for keeping track of movies

Is there a good app for keeping track of movies I want to watch? I use Goodreads for books and would like something similar for movies.
posted by emd3737 at 5:51 AM - 17 answers

January 24

Indie flick about a man who walks the length of manhattan

There's this film I remember reading about in the Village Voice a couple of decades ago . . [more inside]
posted by the hot hot side of randy at 5:50 PM - 4 answers

In Search of Short Horror Collections

What are your very favorite collections of short horror fiction? Multiple authors only, please! [more inside]
posted by showbiz_liz at 4:20 PM - 19 answers

NSFW. Looking for the name of a film.

Looking for a movie. NSFW. [more inside]
posted by Bambi_Ether at 3:25 PM - 8 answers

How to find where an artist’s work is on display. All work.

I am looking for a place where I can go online and plug in the name of an artist whose work is on public display and have a list generated that shows me where. A comprehensive list. [more inside]
posted by desert exile at 2:50 PM - 3 answers

Help my understanding of sharps in music notation?

I know the basics of notation, but I don't get something in a piece of sheet music I'm looking at now. It's in E major, so I know that F, G, C and D are all sharps in this key. But at certain points in the melody, some G notes are marked as sharps. What gives? [more inside]
posted by Beverley Westwood at 12:18 PM - 8 answers

January 23

how is painting formed?

I want to paint and I don't know how or where to start. [more inside]
posted by nayantara at 8:17 PM - 15 answers

Can I watch this show that's scaring me?

The first episode of the new HBO TV show The Last of Us creeped me out for hours. I started the second episode last night, but I was so stressed, I ended up turning it off. Is there any way to make it easier for me to watch it and other similar things? [Spoilers for this and likely other media within probably] [more inside]
posted by bluedaisy at 4:03 PM - 20 answers

Slinky contemporary burlesque songs

I need to find a song for a new burlesque act to be performed in a sexy cocktail lounge atmosphere. Base criteria: slinky vibe, mid-tempo, 4-5 minutes in length. [more inside]
posted by merriment at 11:33 AM - 15 answers

Trying to recall a Picasso quote

It goes something like this: Being around other people makes me tired, but working energizes me. [more inside]
posted by zenpop at 11:11 AM - 3 answers

Trying to find a book from a Barnes and Noble email

I can't remember the name of a book from a Barnes & Noble promo email and I'm attempting to find it. [more inside]
posted by christiehawk at 11:04 AM - 2 answers

Which publishers still pay for good copy editing?

This post on the blue has spurred me to ask something I’ve wondered for a while. It seems like a number of publishers (of books, newspapers or other media) skimp on copy editing these days. As a former newspaper copy editor, I see many problems in writing that I didn’t see years ago, even in supposedly quality publications. So, where can I still find writing where copy editing is taken seriously?
posted by NotLost at 6:43 AM - 13 answers

January 21

Libraries in EASTERN MASSACHUSETTS with live music programs

I’m planning a tour of libraries in Eastern Massachusetts. Which libraries in Eastern Massachusetts have live music programs? [more inside]
posted by pxe2000 at 9:07 AM - 5 answers

January 20

Ultimate treadmill movie list!

It’s deep winter and I’m spending a lot of time on the treadmill. Please help me maintain interest in this activity by expanding my list of perfect (by my definition) treadmill movies. [more inside]
posted by chuke at 8:27 PM - 18 answers

Standup Comedy Recommendations

My New Year’s resolution was to watch more standup as it brings me joy! Please recommend me your favourite standup comedy specials, I like feminist, pro LGBTQ+, no punching down comedians, below are specials some I’ve watched and enjoyed recently. Thanks! [more inside]
posted by ellieBOA at 8:31 AM - 62 answers


I'm writing some lyrics. I have this line: It's not here now 'cause it wasn't there then [more inside]
posted by allelopath at 4:55 AM - 26 answers

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