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May 22

Name of NYC soca club in 1985

Where would I have seen soca music (in particular Arrow or The Mighty Sparrow) in Manhattan in 1985?
posted by donpardo at 8:26 AM - 4 answers

May 21

Poem by Afanasy Fet used in Sofia Gubaidulina's Concerto for Orchestra

Earlier this year I attended a wonderful concert that included this music. What is the name of this poem? (Full name of work is Concerto for Symphony Orchestra and Jazz Band).
posted by WantOyster at 1:44 PM - 2 answers

May 20

More gorgeous period costumes and murder

I loved watching tv shows Medici and Versailles, and just binged The Great (excellent). What else should I watch? [more inside]
posted by pumpkinlatte at 3:12 PM - 34 answers

Top Gear episode about "The Italian Job"?

While watching "The Italian Job" last night (the original version) my fellow viewers and I all thought that we'd seen Top Gear episodes done in tribute, but I can't find any. Can anyone think of what segments it might be? [more inside]
posted by The corpse in the library at 1:13 PM - 2 answers

Can you help me with this aphorism and attribution?

It's something like "When you have health, you can want anything and everything. When you don’t have health, you only want one thing" -- but that's not exactly it. Where does it come from? Thanks!
posted by Roy Batty at 11:27 AM - 5 answers

May 19


What was this ghost movie from the 80's? [more inside]
posted by Toddles at 10:34 PM - 10 answers

Kinetic Sculpture work with pandemic access

I've been trying to work on a kinetic art piece that would be arduino to servo powered, however I am unable to access the welding facility i was working out of due to the pandemic. Anyone have any construction advice? [more inside]
posted by keame at 11:47 AM - 4 answers

Is Mario the most diverse gaming character/IP?

What are some other video game examples of characters/IP that have as much variety as Mario. Examples: Mario in outer space (Super Mario Galaxy), Mario as a sticker or piece of paper (Super Mario Paper series), Mario as an athlete (Mario Tennis, Mario Golf, Baseball), Mario as a driver (Mario Kart), Mario as a fighter (Super Smash Bros.), Mario as a puzzle (Dr. Mario, Picross), Mario as education (Paint, Mario Teaches Typing) etc. The Zelda franchise is another character/IP that fits this mold. But I am wanting others, thinking in terms of genre, gameplay, occupation, location, etc.
posted by Fizz at 10:54 AM - 7 answers

Why are some life experiences not trendy in high-brow literature?

I recently had a child, and it's struck me how little "good" literature there is about this transformative, sublime experience of becoming and being a parent (and even less so about motherhood). Same with music. Is there a theory for why some experiences are so underrepresented? [more inside]
posted by redlines at 10:14 AM - 17 answers

Name This Movie

I remember this quote, from a woman, about parenting. It was something along the lines of "We all damage them somehow. You just hope it's not too bad." What was this from? [more inside]
posted by monologish at 8:37 AM - 7 answers

Places other than Etsy to find independent artists?

In particular I'm looking for pots and planters. I'll also take recommendations of specific artists if you have any. Specifics inside. [more inside]
posted by unannihilated at 5:58 AM - 5 answers

What is this book? [mouse emoji] [rainbow emoji]

What is this black-and-white children's picture book about a mouse who makes music in colors? [more inside]
posted by colorblock sock at 3:58 AM - 5 answers

May 18

Help me find a photograph

I saw a photograph (well, maybe a collage) a while ago and suddenly I want to find it again. It is a portrait of a famous woman (a designer maybe?), but there are several photographs put together, like one of her face, one of her shoes, one of her bag? I really can't remember exactly. I have no idea who took the picture or who the subject is. [more inside]
posted by Literaryhero at 8:03 PM - 4 answers

Rambling gentle stories with no plot?

I love listening to the Sleepcasts on Headspace -- they are basically shuffled up bits of nothing stories set against a soundscape. Where can I find more of this? [more inside]
posted by k8lin at 7:48 PM - 4 answers

Find that poem

For years I've been looking for a poem I read in high school. Google is failing me. Help! [more inside]
posted by sonmi at 9:40 AM - 6 answers

May 17

Relentlessly positive shows and comics?

I just finished She-Ra (2018), Steven Universe, and Princess Jellyfish. Can you recommend some other stuff? [more inside]
posted by marfa, texas at 3:23 PM - 42 answers

Classical singers, what is a good "my first lieder' book for mezzos?

We're not sure when we'll get to be in choirs again, so I'd like a book to work through for possible audition pieces. I would prefer German as it's my best language, but I will take other suggestions for standards. [more inside]
posted by nakedmolerats at 3:05 PM - 8 answers

Under-the-Radar Comedy Reqs: Less ruminating, more laughing.

I'd love to compile a list of shows to keep me company that are absurd and tickle that hard to reach funny spot. What are your lesser known comedy favorites? Tv or movies mostly......or really stand-out books. [more inside]
posted by pdxhiker at 2:16 PM - 34 answers

Help finding a techno music video involving big pork

The video I'm looking for is for a techno track (no vocals) showing a corporate board room for a pork production operation. The board members have graphs announcing things like, "bigger pigs = more pork!" while they caress each other creepily under the table. The big plot twist comes at the end when one board member goes rogue, and the last scene shows said board member on the cover of a popular magazine holding a pig with the proclamation, "Pigs: Our new best friends!" Please help me find this! [more inside]
posted by ldjflut at 2:50 AM - 4 answers

May 16

Where to publicize Club meetings?

I am a member of a niche club, a subset of photography. Looking for publicity ideas to find new members. [more inside]
posted by Sophont at 4:08 PM - 8 answers

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