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November 12

Is the world in need of additional copies of The American Mercury?

I have a large collection of cardboard boxes filled with good-condition, chronologically organized American Mercury magazines to deal with. Are there people/institutions in the world who'd actually want them? (If so, how might I go about finding them, besides just calling libraries near me?) My inclination is "no, those've probably all long-since been digitalized and should be treated like National Geographic hoards, i.e. recycled," but maybe one of you knows better? They seem to be from the earlier end of the magazine's publication dates but I haven't opened them all yet.
posted by teremala at 6:39 AM - 5 answers

Identify this piano piece with VERY little information?

On some TV show I was watching, somebody was playing a famous piano piece. But I can't even remember what show it was. I hear a bit of it in my head, mostly this. It sounds like Chopin, but I've listened to lots of Chopin pieces in the last obsessive hours and I can't find it. This snippet I'm singing is a kind of climax of the theme. I really want to know what it is! (and then get the music and try to play it!)
posted by DMelanogaster at 6:24 AM - 2 answers

What are some great movies in color about OLD China?

Village life, peasants, Shanghai, Emperors, Romance - all good. I really liked Raise the Red Lantern, what are some other movies I'd like in that genre? Extra points for them being historically accurate, good acting and splendid backdrops in color? Oh, also have to have English dubbing or at least subtitles. Thanks.
posted by watercarrier at 3:02 AM - 13 answers

Excellent free short stories please!

I'm mentoring a young writer, helping him to write short stories. He's got an excellent grasp of writing basics, but he struggles to understand the demands of the short story format and all his ideas are basically only suitable to develop into a full length novel. The best thing would be for him to just read lots of short stories. [more inside]
posted by Zumbador at 2:56 AM - 23 answers

November 11

listen to an audio clue about a possible cat food jingle from the 70's!

Does what it says! Listen to the whistle - does this sound like a commercial you know? WHAT IS IT?? My spouse thinks it is for cat food but there are too many vintage commercial compilations on youtube to ever go through them all. This has been bedeviling me for years!
posted by 41swans at 1:31 PM - 6 answers

Garage Recording Advice

It's been years, but I'm going to record my band and release an album early next year. We're really a live band, so I think that instead of going into a studio it would be better to record tracks ourselves so we can do a bunch of takes and choose the best. I'm looking for advice on how to use the equipment I have to produce tracks I can then give to someone else who knows what they are doing to mix. [more inside]
posted by InfidelZombie at 9:11 AM - 13 answers

November 10

Help me remember the title of this indie horror movie about a barista

So to the extent I remember correctly, some spoilers ahead for this horror movie that I vaguely remember...also trigger warning if you can't stomach slasher-type films or descriptions thereof. [more inside]
posted by mingodingo at 4:26 PM - 2 answers

How to start _actually_ making music?

I am a perfectly adequate musician--I've played guitar for 20+ years, bass for maybe 7, have dabbled in electronic music production, and have been teaching myself piano during lockdown. I have a fine ear. However, I never actually do much more than plonk along with my favorite recordings--I never write a complete song or record anything. If you've been like me, how did you pivot to doing more? [more inside]
posted by Admiral Haddock at 7:40 AM - 18 answers

November 9

Silent movie involving man frozen in block of ice

I would like to identify one of the first movies I can recall seeing on television. This was a silent movie (b&w) although it may have had some sounds added. There were tittle cards with limited dialogue. This would have been in Canada in the late Seventies, so could be from any time previous. Few facts I can remember are the main character was either newly rich or pretending to be rich, and at one point took a cruise (presumably in the North Atlantic), fell in the water and was recovered inside a block of ice. [more inside]
posted by Short End Of A Wishbone at 7:03 PM - 2 answers

Good Comics/Graphic Novels for Emerging Reader

My 6.5 year old daughter is an emerging reader. She loves adventures and girl heroes and especially loves comics/graphic novels. We have several favorites, but most are a bit advanced for her reading level. It's good to have a stretch, but I also think she's just looking at the pictures. Can you recommend graphic novels that might be a bit shorter and easier to read? [more inside]
posted by Admiral Haddock at 8:52 AM - 26 answers

Songs like this: emotionally charged, full of sad longing?

I can't stop listening to this song. What other songs do I need to make a whole playlist that conveys a similar feeling of heartache and longing? [more inside]
posted by keep it under cover at 12:12 AM - 29 answers

November 8

Novels set after Christmas/New Year's

I just read An Unnecessary Woman, which starts right after New Year's. It made me realize how much I love books set either after New Year's or in the "dead week" between Christmas and New Year's. The feeling of anticipation and quietness after holiday bustle. Can you recommend other novels with that setting and atmosphere?
posted by estlin at 7:24 PM - 4 answers

Old-timey novelty song about friendship?

I heard this song flipping through the radio, on a "crooners and big band" hour. It had that novelty, almost children's-song type feel and was basically just a string of stock phrases and expressions like "if you ever get in a pickle", "if you find yourself in a rut", etc. The two lyrics I remember are something like "If you ever go to jail, I will pay the bail" and "If they put a bullet in your brain, I would complain" (!). I think there may have been different people singing different verses. Thanks!
posted by dusty potato at 2:30 PM - 7 answers

Audiobook recommendations please

I'm looking for immersive audiobooks with people focused on accomplishing, building, finding, doing something -- especially books focused on survival tasks, setting up a civilization, that sort of thing (i.e., "survival" in a mundane sense, rather than the dramatic sense of "survival" when being stalked by a bad guy). Good examples are The Martian (trying to get off the planet) and The Dirty Life (trying to start a farm and not go broke). Looking back at my old questions, I realize that this is essentially a reboot of this question if that question's context is also helpful. Thanks!
posted by slidell at 2:22 PM - 9 answers

Major Movie/TV studio wants to film in my building

My husband and i own a building in Chicago where we run our respective businesses on the first floor. What is a reasonable anticipated reimbursement from a major studio wanting to rent out the first floor for filming (I assume it will be for several days, but not sure yet of the proposed duration). [more inside]
posted by Lylo at 7:05 AM - 10 answers

November 7

folk horror recs

hey all, looking for horror recommendations with these criteria: 1. Horror 2. Largeish group of humans isolated from others 3. This group of humans is culty or there is an actual monster about - bonus if both? Some examples of this: The Village (2004) (pre-twist), The Wicker Man, Alma Katsu's The Hunger, Midsommar, The Other Lamb. This has a lot of overlap with folk horror, but I seem to have exhausted all of the folk horror rec lists I can find around the web. Thanks!
posted by snerson at 2:02 PM - 17 answers

What's the U.S. equivalent of Japanese variety shows?

There are lots of Japanese variety shows on TV: usually, there's a famous(-ish) emcee, 5-15 panel guests (minor stars & starlets), and a parade of bits (trivia questions, man-on-the-street interviews, etc.) Is there anything comparable on US TV? (Or other countries, for that matter?) [more inside]
posted by spacewrench at 8:08 AM - 10 answers

Figuring out pseudonyms, posthumously?

This question reminds me that my mother's father, who had a career as a PR bureaucrat for the US Atomic Energy Commission (and later, nuclear energy companies), released a novel in the mid-90s under a pseudonym. I'm unsure if it was self-published or not. How might I identify the book today, given that he passed away 15 years ago and I'm not on speaking terms with that side of my family? Where would one start? [more inside]
posted by Alterscape at 6:52 AM - 6 answers

Is there any research on the diff between physical and audio books?

Pretty simple question...I'm curious if there is anything known about the difference in "impact" of reading the same book in different ways. Given research is thin, also open to just hearing about your experiences [more inside]
posted by wooh at 6:13 AM - 15 answers

November 6

Why is boylove media so much more popular than girllove media? Also, rec

At least in asia, boylove media seems to be having its hey day. But it seems like girllove media is still very niche. Why? Alternative: recommend girllove media? [more inside]
posted by wooh at 10:13 PM - 6 answers

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