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January 23

Should I become an LLC?

I've been a sole proprietor for 20 years without legal incident, and I'd love to stay that way. But I'm in the process of renegotiating my contract with my main client, and it has me considering becoming an LLC. My question is, how much protection would I really get as an LLC, and is it worth the PITA accounting? And yes, I will speak to a CPA and a lawyer, too. [more inside]
posted by MelanieMichelle at 10:49 AM - 0 answers

Seeking an NYC housing attorney

Looking for a New York City-based attorney with experience in handling housing matters. Experience with Mitchell-Lama cooperatives a plus. Thanks!
posted by Conrad Cornelius o'Donald o'Dell at 6:40 AM - 1 answers

January 22

Criminal defense legal services for autistic adult in CT

A family member has a long standing personal relationship with an autistic adult male. I know him too. He is in legal trouble and was apparently arrested for "harassment." He needs legal assistance. No family support. No financial means. [more inside]
posted by Gotanda at 6:06 PM - 1 answers

I want to build a house in Sydney, Australia. But I am not an Australian

Can the plans, wall sections etc be done and submitted through a local Architect? Who can sign off on a project? Contractor? Is there an equivalent to an expeditor? What is the process at the local Building Dept./Council? Permits? Inspections?
posted by ebesan at 5:43 AM - 1 answers

January 17

Has Trump gained new supporters since 2016?

And if so, who are they? [more inside]
posted by zeri at 7:19 PM - 20 answers

Ohio Probate Attorney?

I'm looking for attorney recommendations to handle settling my sister-in-laws estate in Southern Ohio (Butler County). [more inside]
posted by aerosolkid at 7:38 AM - 1 answers

January 15

Advice dealing with NYC landlord?

Our landlord has refused to fix a pipe that has been banging all night for months. My roommate can't sleep. Help! What actions can we take? [more inside]
posted by vecchio at 9:12 AM - 6 answers

January 14

Do the royal family have Canadian citizenship?

With all of the fuss about Harry and Meghan possibly moving to Canada, it leads me to wonder if Harry has Canadian citizenship. If he moved here, could he vote in an election? Could he get a passport? Or does he have to apply for citizenship like every other immigrant? [more inside]
posted by Valancy Rachel at 5:22 PM - 9 answers

Have you ever brought in the big guns as a tenant?

I have a complicated set of issues with my rental apartment and I'm wondering if this is a decent landscape (and letter) for getting started resolving them? How do I maximize my power in asking for reasonable things? [more inside]
posted by rhizome at 5:16 PM - 9 answers

January 13

How can I help my grandma?

Grandma married a scammer from another country and is now actively (hopefully unknowingly) taking part in wire/mail fraud. What do we do? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:12 AM - 12 answers

Minneapolis tenants rights attorney recommendation

We are seeking a recommendation for an attorney who is knowledgeable about tenant law in Minneapolis and Minnesota, who can evaluate our situation and help to guide us to a satisfactory resolution. [more inside]
posted by Kwine at 7:26 AM - 2 answers

How hard is it to make DIY Powers of Attorney?

This is a question for UK Mefites. Should my spouse and I pay a solicitor rather a lot to create Powers of Attorney for us, or is it something we could realistically do on our own? [more inside]
posted by kyrademon at 12:58 AM - 7 answers

January 11

Airline bankruptcy: airline claiming I owe them for canceled flight

Last year, I booked a flight ticket with Condor Airlines (a german company) who were owned by Thomas Cook Airways (TCA) who also provided the flights. TCA went bankrupt, my flight (and all TCA flights) were cancelled, no flight or alternate flight was provided by condor, I thus performed a successful chargeback on my credit card. Now Condor claims I owe them for the flight (even though none was provided!) and if I don’t pay they will pass my debt onto a collection agency. [more inside]
posted by lalochezia at 7:56 AM - 27 answers

Can the House subpoena Bolton now?

Can the U.S. House of Representatives subpoena Bolton to testify now? [more inside]
posted by gt2 at 7:50 AM - 5 answers

January 9

Do I REALLY need to write 2020 on everything?

Lots of talk has been going around about how if you abbreviate the date on official paperwork to just "20" then someone can come behind you and change it to 2019 or 2021 to take advantage of you. But what exactly is it they could accomplish by doing that? [more inside]
posted by Mr.Encyclopedia at 1:48 PM - 23 answers

January 3

How much housing leads to affordable housing?

I live in LA. You may have read that we're in a housing crisis many decades in the making. Inside baseball: in the left-liberal circles where I travel, there's a pretty fractious disagreement about whether supply-side solutions, i.e. just building more housing, are more likely to bring housing costs down or just further displacement. Can you point me to any writing (studies, journalism, etc.) that seek to explain just what conditions in the supply side of the housing market lead to increased housing affordability? [more inside]
posted by kensington314 at 10:09 AM - 18 answers

January 1

assessing law firms in salt lake city

In Salt Lake City, there are television ads for 4 accident case law firms. Have you used any of them and what is your opinion of them? [more inside]
posted by ydaltak at 9:12 AM - 1 answers

December 29, 2019

Identity Theft Full Inbox

My wife has apparently had her identity stolen, and they used a trick I had not heard of. What should she do next? [more inside]
posted by bitslayer at 6:13 AM - 8 answers

December 27, 2019

No heat no hot water for 10 days, no end in sight (NYC)

10 days ago, the basement in our NYC apartment building flooded. It was then discovered that 4 of the gas lines to our 8-apartment building have leaks in them (more on that inside). Gas was shut off to the building and there is no end in sight. We just received an email from the landlord asking us to pay January rent. Please help. [more inside]
posted by Sreiny at 4:42 PM - 17 answers

December 24, 2019

Should I proceed with a legal claim or just let it go

Recently brought a house with a very expensive high end refrigerator worth approx $10k included as part of the sale . It appeared to be working and wasn’t disclosed as having a fault (on sellers disclosures), but after we closed the sellers sent us a note that they knew it had a fault and had tried to fix before close but couldn’t and they will get it fixed. Two months later and several repair attempts - no fix. So should we make a legal claim? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 5:55 AM - 13 answers

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