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July 12

Abortion and Criminalization

I keep reading about politicians who are pushing for women who receive abortions to be punished with prison time. However, I can't find anything about whether the male could or would also be punished with prison time. [more inside]
posted by SageTrail at 5:58 PM - 3 answers

Mitigating trump 2.0.

Who is making non-secret plans to mitigate the worst parts of a Trump 2.0 administration? Assume things like the environment, protecting what’s left of democracy, laying groundwork for recovery in 2028, evidence based judgement by govt, corruption of agencies, etc.etc. etc. [more inside]
posted by lalochezia at 8:44 AM - 11 answers

July 7

Project 2025

My wife, while perusing the Internet, came across this plan, to be implemented if Donald Trump is elected for a second term. I have just two questions; is this real? And if the republican nominee wins the presidency, is it likely?
posted by CollectiveMind at 6:26 PM - 25 answers

July 6

Is the name power of attorney?

I'm caretaking for brother with ALS. His speech is getting [more inside]
posted by Czjewel at 4:48 AM - 6 answers

July 4

Help me donate money (without getting on random donor lists)

Inspired by this question below, I'd also like to donate money to candidates I support, but doing this always seems to trigger a flurry of fundraising emails from that candidate and a pile of others. (Just before primaries this year, I was somehow auto-subscribed to the Substack of a candidate I'd never even heard of.) [more inside]
posted by mochapickle at 9:03 AM - 7 answers

Help me donate money

On this patriotic day, I want to donate to help democratic elections in the U.S. My google-fu is failing to find good information about where best I can help. [more inside]
posted by hydra77 at 7:44 AM - 10 answers

July 3

Should I vote tactically to help the Liberal Democrats come second?

I really don't want to vote for Labour in the UK election tomorrow, but I'm in a very marginal constituency and Labour are the only party that can beat the Tories. I was planning to vote Green anyway because if Labour have any chance of winning here, they're not going to lose the election, and I don't think one more seat will make much difference. [more inside]
posted by Chenko at 12:13 PM - 19 answers

US government question - is anything truly reserved to the states?

So in theory many things are reserved to the states, but what if the federal government just...passes a law saying that they are not? [more inside]
posted by Frowner at 10:56 AM - 14 answers

June 28

UK Politics constituency predictions

Hi, I want to vote in the upcoming UK election. I've got a lot of life stuff going on so I haven't been following politics. Can someone point me to any resources that show the predicted voting for each constituency? If it's a close run between two big parties then I need to vote tactically otherwise I want to give a token vote to a minor party.
posted by an opinicus at 4:56 AM - 7 answers

June 27

US filter: Seeking hope after tonight's debate

So I didn't watch the Biden/Trump debate tonight but am now reading pretty much everywhere that it was a disaster for Biden. This is starting to send me into a very serious panic and despair spiral; can you offer any realistic hope? [more inside]
posted by DingoMutt at 10:46 PM - 15 answers

June 26

Legal global precedents on polluted land subdivision

In New Zealand we have a polluted-land planning law called the Hazardous Industries & Activities List /HAIL. A property with a HAIL designation is legally unusable (i.e. you cannot borrow against it or insure it, and you won’t get a food, health or safety certicate for anything). HAIL land has a negative value. 'Normal' resolution means excavating the entire upper one-metre and landfilling it - not a real solution as just exports problem to next generation. I'm working towards using law, and after the legal stage, biological remediation. [more inside]
posted by unearthed at 5:22 PM - 10 answers

June 25

Layoff healthcare rules - is this legal?

Asking for a friend: She just got laid off today from her multiyear part-time job for a largish US retail corporation. Friend was offered X weeks of severance plus a gift card. Today is the last shift for laid-off workers and they were told their healthcare stops tomorrow. Is that legit? [more inside]
posted by BlahLaLa at 11:31 AM - 13 answers

Name change in Massachusetts question - I know YANML

I was born in Rhode Island but reside in Massachusetts; I've been going by, let's say, "Bart Simpson" my whole life (obviously not my real name for privacy's sake). Long story short, my driver's license and pretty much everything under my name are under "Bart Simpson" - however, my birth certificate says the equivalent of "BORT Simpson" (one letter off in my first name). I am trying to get my first name (and nothing else) changed to "BART" to match the name I've used for literally everything else in my life. However, the fact that I've never used my "legal" name "BORT" for anything seems to complicate things... [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:18 AM - 11 answers

June 20

Online conveyancing for transfer of equity

I'm in England with 75% ownership of a freehold home which is let out to a tenant, and my mum is the owner of the other 25%. My mum wants to give the other 25% to me. Does anyone have experience with online conveyancing for transfer of equity, and if so can you recommend it. [more inside]
posted by food of the sock gods at 8:46 AM - 3 answers

June 19

My Bank Scammed Me out of $15,000

I deposited a $15,000 check to a bank. Even thought the check cleared, and the bank has the money, they claim that it was a fraudulent transaction and refuse to allow me to withdraw it from my account. How do I get my money back and ensure that this bank suffers appropriate penalties? [more inside]
posted by chainringtattoo at 3:57 PM - 21 answers

June 18

What counts as income?

YANAL, YANMyL. I have a trust fund, from which I receive monthly payment of my rent and utility bills. Does this count as income when I'm filing my taxes or looking at things like health insurance?
posted by The Almighty Mommy Goddess at 12:42 PM - 5 answers

American death lists

The county of Los Angeles, California runs a website that lets anyone search names, dates, etc. of recent deaths that required a medical examiner to issue a ruling: What other major American administrative units (states, counties, municipalities) especially in the Southwest and Atlantic coastal states have similar free websites?
posted by infinitewindow at 11:49 AM - 0 answers

June 17

Lawyer recommendation for fairly simple living domestic trust?

I am an American married to a Chinese national. We live abroad, she has no TIN, and in the case that I die, I want to set things up so that it will be as easy for her as possible. Looking for a lawyer to help me do so. Any recommendations? [more inside]
posted by wooh at 9:02 PM - 4 answers

Landlord Law

Have any laws been violated by the landlord in this situation? [more inside]
posted by falsedmitri at 2:23 PM - 12 answers

June 11

Does everyone convicted get to appeal.

The thought entered my mind that every convicted criminal [more inside]
posted by Czjewel at 12:17 PM - 7 answers

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