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January 23

Dad not going home: how to be kind

So my dad’s second stroke, in early December, wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been. But he was already dying of congestive heart failure and is on oxygen constantly. How do I tell him that he won’t get to go home? [more inside]
posted by Bella Donna at 8:33 AM - 15 answers

How can I keep my integrity as my bitter father loses his mind?

Over the last few years my estranged father, late 60s, has been subject to increasingly irrational thinking. He imagines a family conspiracy against himself and his grandkids (characterized further within). It's coming to seem that in order to protect ourselves from him my siblings and I may need to turn him into a social outcast. But he's our dad! [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:37 AM - 15 answers

Bf hasn't contacted me in over two weeks

We had a falling out and I haven't had a peep from him since. I think it's over. When he does contact me, what should I say? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:32 AM - 17 answers

Plumber is overcharging - what to do?

The plumber came yesterday cause my kitchen faucet stopped working. He took a look and said it needed to be replaced. I agreed, and sent him downstairs to the landlord to discuss cost. [more inside]
posted by TheGoodBlood at 5:17 AM - 22 answers

January 22

But I don't want to argue..... teen edition

A teen in my family has fallen into a habit of argumentative debates and pot stirring. I need suggestions and tips on how to gently end or extricate oneself from these lectures. [more inside]
posted by walkinginsunshine at 7:08 AM - 41 answers

What was this non-fiction book I read about dating?

I read it easily 15-20 years ago, so it was probably published around 2000-ish. It was similar to The Year of Yes by Maria Headley, but instead of going out with everyone who asked her, this woman put the word out [more inside]
posted by Zaire at 6:49 AM - 3 answers

January 21

How to move close to parents... but not too close?

We currently live a very long way away: multiple days’ drive, or a full day of flying. We want to be much closer. We would not be completely unopposed to moving back to our hometown, but would need a pretty strong case made for that to happen. Have you moved back to your smallish hometown (or close to it) and loved it? Have you done this and regretted it? [more inside]
posted by ferenjamin at 5:23 PM - 11 answers

something to talk about

People are gossiping about me and a friend. Everyone thinks we're secretly dating. It really bothers me to think that people are talking about me. How do I address this? [more inside]
posted by unicorn chaser at 9:43 AM - 25 answers

Am I being fair in my thinking about an emotional affair

My wife has recently had an emotional affair. The other man was married, but his wife recently threw him out. My wife's reaction was extreme, and she has become obsessed with working out if he returned her feelings, after he sent a text saying he wanted to be friends. I asked her what her reaction would be if he did feel the same way, and she couldn't answer. Help? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 12:02 AM - 14 answers

January 20

Need a mantra for a new decade

So I’m turning 40 in a few weeks and it’s hitting me hard I’m in a pretty good place right now but also life has been kind of shit. Trying to give myself a reminder to aim high (maybe a subtle tattoo) [more inside]
posted by elvissa at 8:54 PM - 17 answers

Good grief

Help me figure out if I'm grieving or wallowing, and how to grieve well. [more inside]
posted by any_name_in_a_storm at 1:37 PM - 17 answers

January 19

Adapting to Ask Culture

Guess Culture members, how have you successfully adapted to relationships (romantic relationships in particular) with Ask Culture members? Askers, how do you help your Guesser friends and family feel at ease? I feel like there is a fair amount of discussion aimed at Askers needing to adapt to inscrutable, passive-aggressive Guessers. Coming from a very Guess family background, I am interested in how to successfully navigate the world of brash, noisily self-imposing Askers. (N.B. Very much not interested in an argument about which of these communication styles is better or worse.)
posted by 4rtemis at 12:18 PM - 15 answers

Letting go

I am having trouble letting go of a brief, intense relationship. It's a new year and I want to leave this hurt in the past. But how? [more inside]
posted by Amy93 at 10:35 AM - 16 answers

Grief support for trans male pregnancy loss

I'm seeking support resources for trans male pregnancy loss, whether that's a community group, an online support group, grief counseling, or other avenues [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:26 AM - 3 answers

You're a genderfluid teenager. How do your parents best support you?

My amazing 13-year-old kid is genderfluid and newly out about it. My spouse and I are both cis and straight. If you're genderfluid: what do you wish your parents had known about that? What did they do wrong? What did they do right?
posted by anonymous at 2:26 AM - 9 answers

January 18

How can I still be in my friends' life when our paths are diverging?

I'm finding it hard to keep doing things with this particular friend. He's a good friend but I feel like he doesn't want to grow up. In short our paths are going in very different and opposite ways. Moreover, he's depressive and I'm not sure how this is affecting the choices he makes. [more inside]
posted by Tarsonis10 at 2:40 PM - 10 answers

Long term relationship issue, doubts, problems

So, I (33 year old girl) am in a long term relationship, almost 12 years with a guy (35) we've been living together for past 8 years. I've started having doubts about our relationship long time ago, the guy had problems with an addiction and for all those years I've been trying to make him quit, yet he couldn't. A year and a half ago we broke up for a few days. [more inside]
posted by arakrual2020 at 10:40 AM - 12 answers

Experiences with changing your life in your 30s

Have you or someone you know gone through a process of self-reinvention in your early thirties? What was your experience, and what do you wish you'd known? [more inside]
posted by derrinyet at 8:32 AM - 14 answers

How to recover from an emotionally abusive relationship

I just realized my relationship was probably abusive last week and ended it, and now I'm reeling. Help [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:25 AM - 5 answers

January 17


My boyfriend has been emotionally abusing me for over a year. Tonight I told him to leave. Help me get through this night, I feel like I am losing my mind. [more inside]
posted by thereemix at 6:49 PM - 36 answers

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