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July 31

Is it safe to use a portable air horn inside a house?

I bought a small air horn to use inside my house in the event of a break-in. [more inside]
posted by cyrreb at 10:46 AM - 7 answers

July 30

Help I'm drowning in books!

I am looking for a set of bookcases - one tall one and two short ones. They should be made of wood and of decent quality. [more inside]
posted by silverstatue at 6:54 PM - 13 answers

Self-cleaning carpet cleaner

I've been seeing commercials for a "self-cleaning" carpet cleaner and now google isn't turning it up & none of the ones I'm looking at mention this feature. Is there such a thing? [more inside]
posted by bleep at 2:56 PM - 1 answers

What files do I really need hard copies of?

I am trying to dramatically downsize my filing cabinets by digitizing and shredding paper files. But I do not have a solid understanding of what, if anything, I need to keep an actual hard copy of. [more inside]
posted by primethyme at 1:22 PM - 7 answers

How can I clean more pleasantly and efficiently?

I have been making a lot of progress on mitigating the chaos of my mind/house/life since being diagnosed and medicated for ADHD. However, since I lived all of my adolescence and much of my adult life in a panicked fog, I think I missed some crucial lessons about how to adult and I still feel like I am objectively bad at cleaning, in the sense that I am wasting more time/energy/emotional stress than most people in order to do certain tasks. [more inside]
posted by sparkling at 12:25 PM - 24 answers

I'm obsessed with a chair. Can you help me find it?

In playing real estate scavenger hunt with my sister, I came across these chairs and would love to see about purchasing one or more. But I have no idea where to look for it, or even what search terms to use. Help please?
posted by DrGail at 11:17 AM - 9 answers

What is the best way to achieve a faux concrete look?

I just moved into a loft and I want to go for an industrial modern look. I have two large concrete pillars in the middle of my floor plan that have been painted white by previous owners. How can I best return them to a natural concrete look?
posted by mushtale at 7:22 AM - 8 answers

The wall is rotting. Am I good?

One of my bathrooms is shoddily constructed, and leakage from the shower is causing the corner of a wall to start rotting (there is no way to completely prevent this leakage while still making use of the shower). How urgent of a problem is this? [more inside]
posted by missrachael at 7:03 AM - 16 answers

July 29

Tangled in a web of wiring, who should I call for help?

What kind of service provider can I call to help organize, rationalize, remove and reconfigure the absolute kelp forest of (non-electrical) wiring in our 1920s era house? [more inside]
posted by undercoverhuwaaah at 6:44 AM - 3 answers

How important is a permit for a Chicago roof deck replacement?

We’re about to replace the flat roof on our Chicago home, and we’ll need to remove and replace the roof deck in order to get access to it. The roof replacement is urgent, but the deck replacement requires a long, complex, and expensive permitting process. Would it be a bad idea to just go ahead and do the work without a permit? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:00 AM - 14 answers

July 28

how do I protect wall-to-wall carpeting from dementia and incontinence?

due to some fairly sudden and serious health concerns, my elderly in-laws have had to sell their house and move into a rental apartment. due to their compressed timeline and the current state of the housing market, the only apartment they could find comes with wall-to-wall carpeting. since the health issues in question include dementia and incontinence, we're trying to figure out how to prevent the carpeting from taking too much abuse. [more inside]
posted by Old Kentucky Shark at 8:26 AM - 21 answers

Hanging kitchen heat dividers, trying not to start a fire

The kitchen in my new place has no door and I'd like to keep the cooking heat (and humidity) out of the rest of the house. I was thinking of hanging some beads/curtains in the doorway (example, example) to try and contain the heat. Unfortunately, the stove is within 3 inches of the doorway. Is cotton/linen/wooden beads dangerous to hang next to the gas burners? Any alternative materials or solutions to pursue?
posted by crossswords at 8:23 AM - 9 answers

July 27

New Vent Hood

I need to install a new vent hood. My original 1950s vent hood is both underpowered and hopelessly mucky. I'd like a very good, efficient hood to replace it. Have you shopped for oven hoods? What are your must-haves? What's a great value? Please share your tips for finding the best hood for our needs!
posted by amanda at 12:10 PM - 16 answers

Help me find a replacement for this drinking glass

My kid's favorite drinking glass fell victim to my clumsiness last night. If this is something that can be found online, I want to replace it, but my searches aren't turning up anything. It's one of a pair, with motifs of bees and dragonflies. Photos. [more inside]
posted by qxntpqbbbqxl at 11:05 AM - 8 answers

Tipping etiquette: firewood edition

Do I tip the person that delivers my firewood? If so, how much? [more inside]
posted by transient at 6:57 AM - 17 answers

July 25

Sealing concrete patio

My incontinent dog (see my previous questions) has been peeing on our unsealed concrete patio. It smells now. What can I clean and seal it with? Details after the fold. [more inside]
posted by mrfuga0 at 12:20 PM - 2 answers

July 24

Should I buy a house with a shared driveway?

I'm interested in a house for sale that shares a driveway with the next door neighbor. It's a narrow driveway (one car), and the neighbor has a one-car garage at the end, but the house for sale does not (one could be built). More details inside. [more inside]
posted by pinochiette at 8:56 AM - 26 answers

July 23

Is there a required temperature range for Denver apartments?

Is there a temperature range a landlord is supposed to have their apartments within? My apartment is typically between 40-60 degrees. I have reached out to the landlord and they are shrugging their shoulders and saying that there is nothing they can do. [more inside]
posted by drid9ghots at 3:06 PM - 9 answers

Would this be considered a good roofing job?

I just had part of my roof redone. I noticed the part under my window looks not flush and unfinished. Is this something I should get them to fix? Photo here.
posted by cacofonie at 11:00 AM - 6 answers

Late Mid-Century Modern Sciolari Chandelier Repair Help, Please?

I own a Sciolari Concorde chandelier. I broke said chandelier. Resources help? [more inside]
posted by Tchad at 8:45 AM - 4 answers

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