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November 30


I tried to plug in my blender and MY POWER STRIP EXPLODED and everything flew in the air and now nothing that is plugged into it has power. There is no fire or smoke. The outlet still has power so the refridgerator is still running. I can't reach my landlord and have no idea how to work the fuse panel. What in the unholy hell do I do?? [more inside]
posted by Amy93 at 5:05 PM - 28 answers

Help me restyle my bedroom!

We didn’t put a lot of effort into styling our bedroom when we moved into our rental place...nine years ago. It’s time. But I don’t have a decorator’s bone in my body, and I’m working with a tight space. Help? [more inside]
posted by Liesl at 3:26 PM - 12 answers

How much should I fear tap water with turbidity levels of 1.7 ntu?

Water company has issued a boil-water notice for my area, which reads, in part: Water samples taken on November 29, 2018 had turbidity levels of 1.7 ntu, which is above the regulatory standard. Because of these high levels of turbidity, there is an increased chance that the water might contain disease-causing organisms. Some quick research shows that European standards allow turbidity up to 4, so do I need to boil everything?
posted by qldaddy at 9:10 AM - 5 answers

November 28

Lit AF this Christmas

Help me find colored lights for our tree that aren't blue. [more inside]
posted by lydhre at 11:01 AM - 18 answers

Amityville Horror (mini)creepout: Why the flies?

So, yesterday evening I walked into the living room and saw that ~15 flies were all gathered on a standing lamp, and I have no idea why or where they came from. Today they are gone. [more inside]
posted by taz at 10:17 AM - 6 answers

Books or websites for basic woodworking projects?

Can you recommend any books or websites with basic to intermediate woodworking projects? [more inside]
posted by saladin at 8:12 AM - 11 answers

Water damage

Breaking News: There was a tremendous crash, and I rushed in my adult son's room to see this (another angle). What do we do? Our landlord has not been responsive in the past. There is no emergency number for him. Wtf??? [more inside]
posted by pH Indicating Socks at 7:33 AM - 17 answers

Help us rent an apartment in San Francisco​

We know it’s extremely expensive and densely populated, and we know about the supply/demand dynamic. But are there other things we should know that will help us find an apartment? Advice on strategies, best listings, viewings/showings, applications, ways to get ahead, etc., would be appreciated. What do you wish you had known? [more inside]
posted by jroybal at 7:12 AM - 7 answers

November 27

Manage my expectations for rodent control

How should an exterminator deal with a mouse in the house? We recently called an established company to come out and deal with a mouse problem in our house. I want to know if the approach they took was standard operating procedure for rodent control. [more inside]
posted by blackjack514 at 11:37 AM - 9 answers

Protecting the goo?

I bought a candle holder that has an extra layer of glass around the candle well, with dried berries and such sandwiched in it as decoration. Turns out the substance the deco is in is a gel, not a resin. Is there any way to top it? I've thought of some kind of ribbon (it would have to stand the heat), but would a layer of powder do? Specifically, of ground cinnamon or nutmeg? [more inside]
posted by likeso at 7:38 AM - 10 answers

November 26

Wouldn't it be De-Ice?

What is the objectively best de-icing agent for a high activity area wherein eaves drip down and freeze and little puppy paws have to traffic? [more inside]
posted by Cold Lurkey at 7:04 PM - 12 answers

So I need a new microwave.

After 20 years of faithful service, our microwave just dramatically died while I was attempting to heat up some leftovers. It was very exciting! It was a wedding gift, and the microwave I owned previously to that was also a gift, which means I have never in my life bought a microwave by myself, and I am wondering if buying a combination microwave is a good idea, or should I just stick to a basic model? Requirements/use case inside. [more inside]
posted by skybluepink at 12:31 PM - 16 answers

Does this bed need a Bunkie Board?

The description of this Dylan Twin bunk bed set says "Box spring not required". Does that mean this 6" spring mattress can be placed directly on the slats, or does it need to have a bunkie board (not included)?
posted by Pig Tail Orchestra at 11:13 AM - 5 answers

November 25

Why is my dryer not drying?

Recently clothes going through my electric dryer have been coming out cold and damp. I cleaned out the ducts--no change. I replaced the heating element, which worked at first, but now the dryer's back to the status quo. What am I missing? Details after the jump. [more inside]
posted by Cash4Lead at 8:41 PM - 14 answers

November 24

Logistics for replacing a wood garden gate with a metal one

I have a splintery but sturdy wooden garden gate which I'd like to replace with a metal gate. The metal gate is heavy wrought iron. Overall size is identical, and the new gate is already pre-hung. Current wood gate is anchored by wood posts sunk in concrete holes. Sturdy, but could be removed. Do I need to remove and replace the concrete to install the metal gate, or can I somehow use the existing infrastructure?
posted by arnicae at 10:55 PM - 4 answers

November 23

Will deer eat olive trees? Bay Area near UC Berkeley...

We just moved to the hills around UC Berkeley and want to plant some olive trees, but are concerned because deer seem to eat everything else we've planted. Besides deer-proofing the entire yard, what are our options? [more inside]
posted by Hermanos at 3:43 PM - 7 answers

Best way to handle this split magnolia tree trunk

An ice storm just split our magnolia tree branch. We cut off the broken branch, but are left with a split section about 20 inches in length on a main trunk. The trunk is about 16" around. What is the best route to handle this to save the tree? Would it be some sort of glue and wrap, or cut off the split portion and seal with something, or something completely different? Thanks for any ideas on how to best handle our favorite tree! Picture here
posted by Mikey51 at 12:55 PM - 3 answers

How to remove old ADT/Brinks alarm system wall keypad?

In the past year I moved into a condo that has hardwired security system keypads (specifically: Brinks model BHS 3000), but the security system itself is defunct, and I don't plan to start it up again (at least, not the same kind of system). I want to remove one or two of the keypads by myself, but they are designed to be hard to remove by a non-specialist. Which is to say, I don't know how to do it. Advice? [more inside]
posted by Get-Go at 11:32 AM - 6 answers

Suggestions for Mental Health Therapist in Columbus, Ohio

Greetings, All I am looking for a Mental Health Therapist in Columbus, Ohio, specializing in PTSD, Stress, and Trauma, and/or CBT. I am looking for a female therapist. I prefer a younger therapist if possible, close to my age,20-30s. Any advance is appreciated. [more inside]
posted by TRUELOTUS at 10:45 AM - 2 answers

November 21

How do people display their cards?

Be it holidays or birthdays or other event, I love getting cards and need a better way to display them. They stay up forever in my abode, but the bulletin board is....boring. [more inside]
posted by mightshould at 4:44 PM - 19 answers

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