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May 2

Cheap mattress needed with specific need

I waited for a deal and got an expensive Simmons mattress and my partner's main (and frequently repeated) complaint is that they feel like they aren't supported and sink/roll towards the middle of the bed, and that their hips hurt. I was wondering if someone could recommend an affordable mattress for side sleepers that is firm, not painful, and won't make her feel like this. Online reviews are untrustworthy and all over the place. Thank you!
posted by ftm at 4:44 PM - 14 answers

Is damaged invisible fencing a hazard?

Our house has an invisible fence installed. Neighbors dug up part of it. Do I need to remove the rest of it immediately? [more inside]
posted by the primroses were over at 2:32 PM - 5 answers

Wildflower identificaiton

What small yellow wildflower is this? [more inside]
posted by sardonyx at 11:49 AM - 4 answers

May 1

Want to refinish an old Danish chair, do I need to strip or just sand?

I have an old Danish chair with a variety of small nicks and discolorations. I want to refinish it, but don’t know exactly how I should go about it. Do I need to actually use a stripper or can I just sand it? [photos and more inside] [more inside]
posted by blueberry at 1:10 PM - 18 answers

April 30

What is this high-pitched ultrasound??

For the last couple weeks, there's been an intermittent, super-high frequency permeating the two basement bedrooms in my house. What on earth is causing it?? [more inside]
posted by daisystomper at 4:49 PM - 18 answers

What to do with vegetable seedlings when I have no garden

I am not a gardener. I have no garden. I just received a gift of ten different young vegetable plants. Help. [more inside]
posted by bananana at 2:48 PM - 13 answers

First few weeks of care for new bare-root patio roses?

Hello, gardening MeFites! What should I do to care for these new plant pets? I've heard that roses are incredibly fussy, and am worried that I'm either over- or under-watering, primarily because I'm not seeing any evidence of growth after a week, and the canes look dryish. I'd love your advice on getting them off to a good start. [more inside]
posted by rrrrrrrrrt at 1:11 PM - 8 answers

history/map nerds, I need your help

I need a READABLE, reasonably ACCURATE map of the Ottoman Empire, ideally with the 17th century borders, but can be flexible on that. A bigger deal is to have it be readable like a modern map. Has to include all the regions that were Ottoman in the 17th century. [more inside]
posted by fingersandtoes at 10:24 AM - 9 answers

How to replace mailbox key at house

We're located in the US and own the house. The key is unlikely to be found, but the lock does have a three digit code on it. Googling around reveals that there are replacement keys for that series, has anyone had success ordering such a replacement key? Any other suggestions besides call a locksmith?
posted by Brandon Blatcher at 9:54 AM - 5 answers

Indoor Houseplant Planter

Our house has a neato built-in planter in the foyer, but the exposure is north-northwest so there is no direct sunlight. We have complete black thumbs (but I'm learning) and have no knowledge whatsoever of houseplants. What can we plant there that will have some height to fill the space and thrive? Here's an ad from the homebuilder of what it may have looked like in groovy 1960. My partner seriously suggested we plant plastic houseplants. Please help.
posted by hwyengr at 7:50 AM - 18 answers

April 29

Can this cord be repaired?

Due to an unfortunate incident with an extension cord, the plug on my toaster oven has been destroyed. The cord is not detachable from the oven so I can't just order another one. Can this be fixed? What kind of place would fix it - small appliance repair? An electrician? What would be the ballpark cost?
posted by insectosaurus at 2:44 PM - 9 answers

Cowhide how too

I just impulse bought an ikea cowhide rug. I have two dogs, don’t vacuum as much as I should, and am accident prone. How do I not ruin it?
posted by Grandysaur at 10:51 AM - 5 answers

April 28

Choosing a Ductless Mini Split Based on Sound

How do we choose a mini split and make sure it doesn't make any stupid noises that will keep us awake? [more inside]
posted by jmsta at 11:55 AM - 12 answers

Optimize our new dishwasher!

We just got a nice new dishwasher and I'm not sure of the best way to use it. [more inside]
posted by pdb at 10:02 AM - 14 answers

April 27

DIYFilter: what's the best way to make a ceramic mosaic on wood?

I want to stick pieces of ceramic to a wooden frame. What's the best way to do it? [more inside]
posted by greenish at 3:09 PM - 12 answers

April 26

Un-gross my floors

My textured laminate flooring never quite feels clean. What am I doing wrong? [more inside]
posted by Fish, fish, are you doing your duty? at 5:41 PM - 11 answers

Buying a home from a friend

Have you ever purchased (or sold) a house directly from a friend or someone you know? What was the experience like? Did it chance your relationship with the person? Would you do it again, or would you do anything differently? [more inside]
posted by verity kindle at 2:40 PM - 5 answers

April 25

Help me find powder coated colorful metal shelves I saw on Instagram

I used to get ads for specific shelving on Instagram a few months ago. I took a screenshot at one point, but I can't find it. But now I've got a spot in my place one would fit perfectly in. Shelving characteristics: powder coat, millennial colors (dusty pink, red, sky blue, I think a green variant, etc.), maybe a foot deep, 3 or 4 feet long, 30-ish inches tall, rounded edges, thin metal shelves connected by rounded metal pipe pieces, all powder coated. They were often shown with display items or shoes. Anyone remember this brand?
posted by limeonaire at 7:50 PM - 3 answers

Tips for prepping and painting previously painted wooden chairs

I want to paint oak chairs that have several layers of somewhat chipped paint. What would you suggest for filling chips and dings? Also, what's the best paint type for a kitchen chair? I used acrylic latex interior semi-gloss enamel on one, but it hasn't held up well. I need a paint with better coverage and more rub-resistant. Thanks.
posted by sevenstars at 2:44 PM - 3 answers

Shed Life, or Have You Built a Home Office Shed or ADU?

After they sent everyone home for the pandemic, my employer got wise to the cost savings inherent in having a work-from-home workforce, and I expect to be more or less permanently remote. Additionally, my partner just accepted a remote position, and a lot of the potential roles in our fields are remote. However, our home is does not have room for two (2) home offices. We're looking at setting up a shed or 2 as home offices. Has anyone done this? Advice (other than patience, as everyone is trying to do this now) on this? [more inside]
posted by jeoc at 2:20 PM - 17 answers

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