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July 13

Turning the lawn into a meadow or something

Cutting the lawn is annoying, time consuming and doesn't really do anything except sit there and look pretty. I'd like to turn the front lawn into into something like a meadow, with non-edible plants and flowers that stay year round. I'm clueless how to do this, other than presumably ripping up the grass and just planting...stuff. Is there a term for this, something to google for tips? Pointers? The end goal is something that I don't ever have to mow, though obviously there will be pruning and trimming.
posted by Brandon Blatcher at 8:39 AM - 14 answers

What heater should I buy for my deck?

I am lucky to have a little private deck, and I want to be sure that I’ll be able to use it as long as possible this winter. What’s my best option for an outdoor heater? [more inside]
posted by veery at 7:43 AM - 4 answers

July 12

Looking for a non-video doorbell that will connect to Google Home

I'm having a hard time finding what I'm looking for and hoping someone can recommend a solution. Our doorbell recently stopped working and we'd like to get a new one. I am looking for a doorbell that does not have video, but will connect to our Google Home devices and ring a chime through it. I'm in Canada, so I'm looking for something that's available to purchase here (preferably through Amazon or some other online retailer). Thanks!
posted by NoneOfTheAbove at 7:54 PM - 1 answers

Help installing a new ceiling fan. Will this fan fit?

My wife (the handy person in our family) was going to try to install a new ceiling fan yesterday but we quickly ran into trouble with the mounting bracket seemingly not fitting into the old space. Is the new fan incompatible or are we doing something wrong? Pics included. [more inside]
posted by indyjones at 1:41 PM - 5 answers

You are not my HVAC tech...but I don't trust my HVAC tech

We had central AC added last summer. It sucks. I am trying to understand if our expectations are reasonable, and what next steps (if any) might be to improve the cooling of our home. [more inside]
posted by walkinginsunshine at 1:08 PM - 14 answers

Best in the worst or worst in the best?

How much should we care about the school system when buying a home while pregnant? [more inside]
posted by gillianr at 9:23 AM - 20 answers

Getting rid of dead rat smell

Unfortunately a rat seems to have died in our roof cavity or wall. How can we manage the smell? Is this any kind of health risk to me, my partner and our newborn? [more inside]
posted by kinddieserzeit at 1:41 AM - 6 answers

July 11

Cottonwood Blues

I want to be able to use our deck without sweeping inches of cotton off of it every day and having it clog up the screens on the porch. Have you used any common (or uncommon) remedies to eliminate the production of cotton from a Cottonwood tree? [more inside]
posted by SquidLips at 9:13 PM - 0 answers

July 10

How do I deal with spiders coming from a ceiling vent?

Welcome to my nightmare. There are dozens of tiny spiders (and a few full sized ones) that have appeared right near a ceiling vent for the central air system in my bedroom, very near my bed. How do I treat this without poisoning myself? [more inside]
posted by seemoorglass at 9:53 PM - 6 answers

Multiple NEMA 10-30 receptacles on one circuit?

Does the national electrical code permit multiple 30A outlets on one 30A 220V circuit? [more inside]
posted by Wembly at 3:38 PM - 6 answers

What's wrong with my washing machine? (Video included!)

Please help me diagnose the problem with my washing machine. One of the hoses is making a constant drainage noise, even though the machine hasn't been used in ~12 hours. Here's a video. Specifically: (a) how urgently does it need to be addressed (trying to balance COVID risk), (b) can I fix it myself (I am not very handy, but if I can do it with an IKEA fixa toolset, then I could take a stab at it) and (c) is it something that can be fixed or does the machine need to be replaced?
posted by rjacobs at 4:44 AM - 6 answers

July 9

You (might) light up my life

I put these gorgeous T-Trak pendant lights in when I remodeled years ago that of course immediately were discontinued. I was trying to do the green build thing so we put in the fluorescent version, and they've never been anything but problematic, and now only one works. Can these be modified so I can use some sort of more regular bulb style? [more inside]
posted by kitten kaboodle at 8:41 PM - 10 answers

Choosing A Painter

Should I hire a licensed Painter or General Contractor to Paint my house? [more inside]
posted by ljs30 at 2:20 PM - 9 answers

Help me not kill these plants

I've come into possession of some lovely flowering plants (in pots) and I was looking for advice on how to keep them safe over the winter when it arrives. I understand they need to be brought indoors over the winter and I don't have a whole lot of appropriate space. Bonus: what outdoor potted plants can I get that don't need to be brought in over the winter? [more inside]
posted by unicorn chaser at 3:59 AM - 5 answers

July 8

How to split the rent on an NYC apartment?

My bf and I are discussing how to split the rent on an apartment. One of us will be using an office in the apartment. What makes sense? [more inside]
posted by andoatnp at 2:49 PM - 30 answers

viking mixer problem

I have a viking mixer, and I have a problem It is a Viking professional 7 qt, and while using it to mix some pretty stiff dough, the dough mixer attachment snapped off. not only did it snap, it snapped below where I could grab what was left of it and twist it out. I have tried taking it apart, to no avail. Does anyone have an idea, other than send it back to Viking?
posted by rudy26 at 12:36 PM - 14 answers

Asparagus plant yellowing early

I have a few asparagus plants outdoors (actual asparagus, not the fern) and since I didn't manage to harvest any of them this year, they're super tall and fluffy. The odd thing is that some of them are yellowing now, when normally it doesn't happen til fall. They also have a sticky white substance in clumps on the stems. I cut them back since it doesn't look great but should I treat them with anything? All my searching only yielded answers on treating houseplants.
posted by brilliantine at 7:24 AM - 2 answers

July 7

Partial Electricity Loss for No Known Reason

Electricity went out in part of the house, not the whole house. Ok, so likely a blown fuse (yes, it's fuses, not circuit breakers). But why? There was no unusually strong electricity use. The AC is still running. The big things running were the TV and computer, which are both essentially always on. So the reason this makes me nervous is that a few years ago, the house two doors down burned down and our neighbours died. The verdict was that mice had chewed the wires in the kitchen and a fire had smoldered under the floor. Are we possibly hiding a smoldering fire?
posted by If only I had a penguin... at 1:14 PM - 25 answers

July 6

help, I know nothing about lighting!

I have a fairly large basement family room with a low ceiling that gets no natural light, which I hate. I need to figure out what kind of lighting would work best to not make me feel like it's a tomb during the day but not be overwhelming in the evening. Ideas? [more inside]
posted by mkuhnell at 7:43 PM - 15 answers

Attaching cups to bookcase

I want to attach ceramic or porcelain or china cups to the side of a cheap bookcase to use as tiny planters for a little succulents. You don’t have to agree that it’s a good idea. It may be a terrible idea. But I think it would be fun and I want some ideas about how to make it a reality. [more inside]
posted by Bella Donna at 12:38 PM - 25 answers

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