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PSA: Like a lot of MeFites, I keep up with the site via RSS -- specifically Feedly. In fact, their stats show there are nearly 2,000 subscribers to the same Ask MetaFilter feed I use on Feedly alone. Unfortunately, this feed is hosted on Google's aging Feedburner platform, which is increasingly unreliable as a service. This manifested last month when Feedly was unable to update the AskMe feed for over a week. If Google eventually shuts down the service, then anyone depending on that feed to stay engaged with MeFi may lose contact with the site without even realizing it. The good news is that the site has a new set of self-hosted feeds that should remain active no matter what Google does. So, if you read the site using an RSS reader, please take a moment to update your reader to the new feeds -- and check inside for a list of questions you might have missed during the outage.

Click each day for the list of posts you might have missed during the RSS outage (there were a lot):

February 1st
Best project management software
my least favorite question: what's that smell
Android connected blood glucose monitors (not CGMs)?
Wall Award
Who can really help with my taxes
What to ask your elderly parents about what's next
Mystery hoodie and/or sweatpants!
Costume Party Playlist
Thinking of ending a one-sided friendship, but not sure?
ID Japanese song at the end of 'Tokyo Story'?
What is the state of MSPs today?
Reusable bottle with soda-pop-style thread?
Is this a common phenomenon and what is it called?
Staying with a friend while they recover from top surgery?
Three part trivia brain teasers
WIN11: Why are my taskbar icons jumbled?
CFL bulb broken & tracked through out house - help
Help me take these sundried tomatoes from dry and sad to delicious.

February 2nd
How normal is it not to be passionate about/a fan of anything?
How do I find BBC show about African music and taxation?
Occupational therapy assessment for a kid
Separation anxiety, chicken wings edition
Totaled car sale to auto auction using REG262 in CA - seems fishy
Outlook insanity
Recommend me shows!
How to track how next week's SoCal storm may affect my flight into LAX
Improving the experience of a fear-facing habit
No, Genius.com does not have the answer to this lyrics question
How to retrieve missing Google Profiles for gmail
Auto-focus with a Nikkor 85mm 1:1.8 and a D7200?
North Bay Day Trip from San Francisco
How can i block most websites for focus purposes?
Smart Radio Alternatives?
How can I lend my iPhone for a few hours without sharing texts/photos?
Princess Me Up
What sort of glasses do I want?
Arts and crafts camp for grownups
IPhone Physical Buttons Unresponsive
How to make a complaint about a hotel room in hopes of getting a credit

February 3rd
Is this uni claim reasonable, it doesn't sound so to me
Physically (but digitially) find a wifi-connected device?
Indianapolis in February
GI Bill $; ROTC $ - What does it cover?
Help me find the lyrics to Labour Song?
Books/Resources/Advice on Dealing with Homophobic Family
Find name of match three game
Wool cycle on washing machine
Learning About Illuminated Manuscripts and Calligraphy
ELI5: what photographs am I allowed post in my online newsletter?
Apple Photos (on Mac) : how to move one to an album then stop seeing it
Is something going on with Fjallraven?
Vancouver BC restaurants for birthday celebration
Bogotá advice
will a publicist work with a no-name niche creator on a single project?

February 4th
Seeking fiction books with labyrinths and other interminable buildings
What are the best new music playlists on Spotify?
MacOS - restricting use of an app to certain users
Sexual response to nonsexual stimuli
Give me your mid tempo dance songs with good feels!
Writing to a kids author
How can I retrain the algorithms to stop trying to scam my mom?
How to use metal (??) wall studs?
Book ID: mid-century kids' historical fiction about the Hanseatic League
What makes some kinds of cotton attract cat-fur so strongly?
The Perfect Dining Chairs
How to make burnt chili taste less gross
Eight days in Mexico City
France in February for a week
Life, Liberty and Cheesesteaks
Base makeup for combo skin
Inexpensive product to remove scratches from acrylic crystal watches?

February 5th
Toddler friendly dishes with shredded chicken
What is the liquid that they often use in Japanese AV?
Getting a disabled adult help in Minnesota
Where is this movie/photoshoot set?
Correcting scanned slides in 2024
Dog with lymphoma and necessary travel
Celebrating in Berlin
Resurrecting seemingly-dead LiFePo4 cells.
The "evil" stepmother
Food and relaxation recs for very short trip to Miami
What Kind of Lawyer Do We Need?
What song does this song remind me of?
Bach Invention No. 4: About that long trill...
Which laptop should I get?
What are my best options for selling good condition used legal books?
Safely traveling in South America, or learning to parent adult children
The philsophy and mechanisms of segregation, othering, and geography
How to make things easier for surviving dog after death of littermate?
Blood Pressure Hijinx
Can I make and sell t-shirts completely anonymously?
Missing Text in LibreOffice Writer Document
How to live handsfree
what tune is this?
Wanted: Site or mag that reviews True Crime books.

February 6th
Como se dice "Podcast"?
Weed warning signs?
French and Spanish Audio books?
Is there any great information on stereotypes in animated films?
Manhattan nap spot (free or museum admission)
Do you have a shampoo bar that you love?
was this an 'accident'? help with health insurance form
What to expect at a worldcon?
Not drycleaning, not fluff and fold, but ... launder and press?
Loss with Grief
Is Lenscrafters a good substitute for MyEyeDr?
Account instantly deleted by Instagram - no way to appeal?
French Trance?
Caring for angry facial skin
Returning to Canada: Form BSF 186
How to set conditions for successful self-study?
Masks of Nyarlathotep & Other Non-Fantasy Actual Play Podcasts
Best water heater type?
Just how unsafe is my very temporary xfinitywifi hotspot connection?
Chili Filter: how to reduce the tomato-y taste
Keep consulting or go back to full-time work?
What is the name of this Short Lived Recent Sci-Fi TV Series?

February 7th
Alexa in a group space
1 day until presentation, panicking
Help me be a less anxious pet-owner
Men's mid- or high-waist trousers, UK
Trying to find a comic strip about two inventors talking on the road
What short note should accompany a plushy donated to sick kids?
Fun in Phoenix/Scottsdale?
Realistic law school GPA for the long-graduated
Sea creature illustrators on Instagram
Blog post on obesity and secret causes
My Windows laptop touch pad is not working at all?
How do you practise body acceptance while improving your health?
Career crossroads at almost 40.
Selling SRECs in NJ
Where do I search for ~month long rental for a family in Mexico?
Best shape of your life in your 40s?
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And 9000+ Feedly subscribers to the main MeFi feed. Thanks for the reminder, Rhaomi! Just switched myself over.
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