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April 25

Indian tourist visa from Nepal

I have been planning on heading to India soon, and was going to go through the visa process here in Bulgaria, but I have just found a deal on a multi-city flight, entering Nepal and returning to Bulgaria from New Delhi. Help me sort out my visa situation! [more inside]
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April 24

Looking for a particular type of robe...

Hey hivemind. I saw this video, which starts with a Japanese woman wearing a rather particular type of robe, while at a kotatsu. It's somewhat reminiscent of a kimono, but big, comfy, padded cotton? Sort of like a wearable comforter. Anyone know what these are called / where I might find them? ... or, if necessary, a pattern for them?
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"Get Well" flowers?

A close relative whom I love dearly is having triple bypass surgery soon. He lives too far to drive (USA, on the opposite coast). I'd like to do something nice for him, and my first thought was flowers. It was suggested that this might be morbid, and I can see both sides. I'm seeking opinions and other cheery ideas if you have them. [more inside]
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What are the best resources to help me write better reviews?

I've been writing podcast reviews (link to site in my profile if needed) for the last few months. There's no shortage of resources for improving my writing (which I frequently use) but where can I find sources to help me write better reviews, specifically? [more inside]
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Savory Things to Make with Sweet Pears

My fiance's dad gave us a large amount of homemade sweet canned pears for Christmas last year. I want to get them off the shelf, but I don't like sweets all that much. What can I do with these poor, neglected things? [more inside]
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Travel size toiletries available in France and Italy?

Are travel size toiletries (shampoo, mouthwash, moisturizer, etc.) readily available in France and Italy? [more inside]
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Unauthorized persons are not allowed?

What was that story I read once, in which someone comments to their (military?) supervisor that the sign "Unauthorized personnel are not allowed beyond this point" is redundant, because "unauthorized" means "not allowed"? Challenged to rewrite the message, the storyteller goes through a number of increasingly awkward attempts and finally ends up with "Unauthorized personnel are not allowed beyond this point" as the best phrasing.
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It took two years but she's finally figured out how to watch a video!

I'm looking for youtube videos of people dancing all fancy to share with my grandma. [more inside]
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Is there some human-powered book recommendation system out there?

I find that my biggest problem with reading is finding books that sound interesting to read. MyAnimeList has a recommendation system that really appeals to me. Individual users who like two things say "If you like X, try Y because Z." I think the reasoning is what really makes it useful to me, because it makes me easier to choose on the parts of books that I enjoy. Does something like this exist for books? [more inside]
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Out of morbid curiosity...

A friend tells me that there are few if any family-owned funeral parlors left in the US. Although nearly all funeral parlors appear to be small establishments, they are in fact operated by large corporations. The reason they maintain the family business atmosphere is because people don't want a big company dealing with their loved ones' remains. Is it true?
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How to reduce/alleviate swelling during pregnancy

Pregnancy and swelling: Compression sleeves and other methods to reduce discomfort? [more inside]
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April 23

I'm looking for a specific Peter Singer quote.

Hi. Help me find the story Peter Singer tells in one of his books that says he went over to some couple's house for dinner. The couple were fans of his and excited to meet him, I think. They asked him what his favourite animals were. He says something like it is a common assumption that animal rights people are animal lovers who care about cute and cuddly things. He tells the story to illustrate the point that he defends animals not because they're nice, but because it is a matter of ethics and justice. [more inside]
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Antimicrobial foods?

I have a tendency towards Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR). I've noticed that eating potatoes or bananas dramatically alleviates my LPR. [more inside]
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Searching within The Searchers

In The Searchers, was there a scene where Ethan (John Wayne) finds some freed white women who have been rescued from the Comanche? If so do you know why this scene is not in the DVD (or at least not in all DVDs) of the film? BONUS POINTS for pointing out the time of the scene on youtube. NOTE: I am NOT asking about the rescue of Debbie, but rather of an episode in the middle of Ethan and Marty's search for Debbie. I am also not asking about Scar's wives in the scene with Debbie, nor about Laurie.
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Looking for jazzy, romantic songs

So I really love Sondre Lerche's "You Knocked Me Off My Feet," and I'm looking for something similar to it, with more romantic lyrics and slightly less repetitive, for a wedding first dance. Thank you for any suggestions!
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Thing & Thing & Thing & Thing

This feels unbelievably trivial, but its ungoogleable nature is driving me crazy. What is the origin of the meme-ish thing where there are four or five characters grouped together with ampersands? The one I see most often involves the Game of Thrones direwolves, but I don't think it originated there. I feel like it's making reference to something I don't understand, and I should understand all the references. Help me out?
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How selfish is it OK to be in life?

I struggle with thinking I "should" do a lot of things, and feel guilty about not doing more for charity and for other people. How can I find a good balance between doing what I want to do for myself, and doing my duty as a good person?
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Which should I do first, refinance a mortgage or buy a car?

Can I refinance my mortgage and buy a new (used) car at the same time? I’m not sure which to do first or if I need time in between, and it’s complicated by the fact that my husband will be seasonally unemployed for the summer, starting in about three weeks. He has employment history going back three years showing this seasonality. I’d like to do the refinance first because the savings from that will almost cover the car payment, but afraid that the closing will fall through if it takes more than a month and they do employment verification later. Anyone have experience with this?
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where are my Leslie Knopes

So there's a lot of research that demonstrates the myriad ways that our political system incentivizes politicians to be corrupt, to assent to constituent whims even if it leads to the greater detriment of a system, to follow the money and so on. Are there any modernish examples where this was not the case? [more inside]
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Am I doing compound interest wrong?

I'm hoping Metafilter can help me with a stupid math question, but one that's bothering me about how I was taught to compound interest versus some numbers I'm reading/hearing online about a Supreme Court case. [more inside]
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Moving phone service to Ting - What is 2G?

We are looking at moving to Ting. This will drop my husband's phone down from 3G to 2G. I don't know what that means. Is it capacity and, if so, for what? Speed? I just have no idea. He uses his phone primarily for texting. Phone calls and data usage happen but are pretty rare. Any help understanding this is much appreciated.
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Can I get these movies from iTunes to a Kindle Fire?

I bought some bluray+DVD+download discs of some movies for my kids. When we're traveling, it's nice for them to be able to watch on their tablet - a Kindle Fire - but when I try to use the download code that came with the DVDs, it only gives the option to download to iTunes. Is there a way to get these onto a Kindle Fire? [more inside]
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When you actually have time to cook, what do you cook?

I'm about to have a week off while in-between jobs and one thing I'd like to do with that time is make some amazing dinners for myself and my husband. I like cooking, but as my husband and I are both full time we usually stick to recipes that take 30 mins or less. But if you had, let's say, 4 hours to dedicate to dinner what would you make? Details within... [more inside]
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Is going no-contact my only choice here?

I'm a trans woman, and my mom is completely unaccepting of my transition, and I feel like I need to cut her out of my life entirely. Is that my only option? [more inside]
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Which software should I use to create an interactive map?

I've been working on an urban renewal history project with some high school students. I've got a bunch of content (Photos, video, documents, etc.) that I'd like to link to a map. [more inside]
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covering buyer's closing costs

I am finally selling this long-suffering house, to a buyer with a VA loan. How mandatory is it that I cover her closing costs? She is moving from a state with way, way higher housing costs than this location; she loooves the house, and upped the asking price by $6K to beat out another offer within 5 days of listing. My agent was adamant that I agree to cover her closing costs, somewhat over $5K, because it's routine. [more inside]
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What Bug Is This? Fuzzy Cocoon, Florida Edition, No Wilfred Brimley.

The exterior of our house has been overrun by these furry little cocoons. I need help identifying the little rascals and also advice on how to KEEL them and keep them from coming back. [more inside]
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Why are there colors? Explain like I'm six.

My six-year-old son asked me a question I'm stumped by (one of many). He asked "Why are there different colors?" I half-attempted an explanation about light wavelengths and light reflecting off surfaces and soon realized I was a) over his head and b) over my own head. How would you explain the concept of color--of what color really is--to a six-year-old? Obviously very simple language is needed here.
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April 22

Empower my iPhone 5c!

My iPhone 5c has a defective battery that dies quickly. Help me find an external battery/case that will keep it alive longer. [more inside]
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1920x1080 LCD. Laptop graphics max 1366x768. Black bars top and sides.

New 1920x1080 HD LCD -- great. Can't wait to use it for my monitor. But -- INTEL graphics card tops out 1366x768, leaving *big* black bars top and bottom of screen, smaller black bars on sides but still annoying. Adjusted graphics using horizontal and vertical scaling from 0% out to 100%, worked great, filled the screen -- all better. Worked great, that is, until I rebooted the puter -- [more inside]
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Exorcizing the devil from the details

I'm currently studying undergraduate math and though the concepts are clear, I lose a lot of marks through carelessness or small errors. Please help me pick up on/avoid these better. [more inside]
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Help me design a cheap timecard solution for a classroom

I am looking for a sub $100 way to keep track of the attendance of 20-30 students [more inside]
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I am suffering from a stupid, stupid work crush

There's a guy at work. I wrote about him in one of my previous questions. He is extremely handsome, extremely well-dressed, very professional and work-savvy, very smooth and seems like a genuinely kind guy. He's also incredibly closed off and hard to read and is generally unapproachable most of the time. He's unpredictable in a lot of ways. I know he's flirty, he's extremely charming, very confident...all these things. We all are 20 somethings working in a stressful, fast-paced, pressure-fueled sales environment where we often spend a ton of time in the same vicinity. We are also NOT allowed to date each other. [more inside]
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What is the name of the drugstore fragrance in this ad?

In the early 90s, Bonne Bell had a line of fragrances aimed at teenagers that you could find at drugstores. The line was called Bottle Emotion and I remember a lot of ads for it in Teen and YM magazines. Here's an example. What was the name of the yellow fragrance pictured in the ad? They all had names like daring, sassy, crazy, shy, etc. I could find all of those easily (mostly through eBay and Makeupalley reviews), but the yellow one (with what I think is a couch on it?) is impossible to find. Does anyone remember the name of it, or have any other information about it?
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What is this strum?

I am trying to learn "I Apologize" by Husker Du on the ukulele. I'm working with this tab, and the chords sound right. The strums for the verses (down/up, down/up, down/up, down) and for the first half of the chorus (down down/UP ad nauseum) were easy enough to learn, but I can't figure out the strums for the pre-chorus ("and you get tight-lipped…") or the second half of the chorus ("said I'm sorry…") I've watched videos of Bob solo and Husker Du back in the day, but I haven't figured out what Bob's doing with his left hand. Anyone want to hazard a guess? [more inside]
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How much does it cost to own and maintain a horse?

Curiosity, more than anything, compels me to ask this question. Hop over the fence for details. [more inside]
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What should I send in a care package for my Spanish friend?

A good friend of mine lives in the Dominican Republic (but is from Spain) and I want to send her a care package. I want to know what fun things I can send her that she can't get there. Things she might miss from the US (where she has lived as well) or Spain. Foods, gifts, etc. Any ideas welcome!
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Sarcastic celebration in in Baltimore area

I was going to go sky diving to "celebrate" my job being eliminated (I like the symbolism), but weigh too much. Instead, I'm trying to think of something in the Baltimore area to do that I haven't done before to start my forced unemployment. [more inside]
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The jewel is India.

My boyfriend and I have watched the full run of The Jewel in the Crown (minus the last episode, which is next week) on our local PBS affiliate, and we are entranced. We tried to get the "flavor" of the show by watching other adventure films with similar themes-- Out of Africa was a bust, though The Constant Gardener was pretty good. Maybe what we're looking for is more period British drama, or miniseries with romance and gorgeous locations but also a sense of weight and seriousness? [more inside]
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Most effective way to build political will?

I started volunteering for a group that advocates for a revenue neutral carbon tax. Their main strategies for trying to achieve this goal are: 1) develop relationships with members of congress ("we're betting the ranch on relationships" is one of their unofficial slogans) 2) write letters to the editor and 3) get lots of people to write letters to their congressmen. Is this an effective approach? If not what else could we be doing? Thanks everybody and happy Earth Day! [more inside]
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