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February 25

Raising a child who has lost a parent

Looking to hear from people who lost a parent at a very young age. What helped you live a normal, happy life? What didn't? [more inside]
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I'm afraid of my new landlord

Odd situation came up in which I thought I asked something reasonable, and now the landlord wants me to consider to dissolve the lease. I want to stay, but also how do I protect myself in the future and how do I best deal with this? [more inside]
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February 24

Is there a way of categorizing a set of words by emotion or tone?

I'm trying to brainstorm something by comparing a set of words together. [more inside]
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Are top-name artists giving their new albums away on

Noticed today that Kate Bush's recent live triple CD Before the Dawn is available for download from, plus there's the 2016 LP from Leonard Cohen, You Want It Darker. Are these legal downloads? Did I miss an announcement from the people?
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Car Wash Undercarriage Wash Question

When you take your car through a typical gas station car wash, and select the undercarriage wash option, does the undercarriage spray last for a set time, or does it go on for as long as your car is over the spray jets? Whenever I get this done, I'm never sure if I should drive over the spray more slowly or more quickly, in order to get the most thorough wash.
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Like a DS, but Bigger

I'm looking for suggestions for (good) games for the Wii U that can be played 100% on the gamepad, without turning on the TV. [more inside]
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Creating simple beats in GarageBand

I am a GarageBand newbie/occasional user looking to create super-simple, sort of lo-fi beats I can then track some acoustic guitar and vocals over. Right now my only option seems to be to select one of the built-in loops, which are all super produced-sounding and complex, and then dragging that beat along the timeline until I get it out to where i want it. What I would like to do is something like I believe you can do in Ableton, where you have 16 little squares and you can assign each a different sound -- kick, snare, etc. -- and once I have that sequence dialed in, drag it into a new track and just select the amount of time I want it to loop for. Is anything like that possible in Garageband, or is the only option to drag the prerecorded loops along the timeline? I am not looking to play my own drum track on the keyboard.
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What charities are directly helping migrant farmworkers?

I want to send money to a place where it can be of direct impact for migrant farmworkers. Is there a great non-profit that is in the fields helping? I don't need it to be union organizing or Congressional lobbying; in fact I'd prefer that it not be. I am thinking day-to-day survival stuff like provision of medical care, food, education for children, housing, direct immigration help, etc. [more inside]
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Summarize good internet security and privacy practices... GO!

I'm fixing to teach a course on extremely basic digital organizing for self-described very non-tech-savvy people. The one thing I'm a bit shaky on is how to briefly and effectively summarize internet privacy issues and internet security best practices for people who may only have a tenuous hold on what the internet even is. [more inside]
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This thing about cities, language and anarchy that is on the tip of my

Ugh, this is on the tip of my brain. I read a blog post reviewing a book that talks about how cities are standardized, or normalized or otherwise legitimized using either policy or language or possibly the land grid system promoted by Jefferson. It may have been an anarchist-anthropologist who was posting about this. I do recall that that the setup for the blog post may have said something like [word x] means literally to "make legitimate" or something like that. It may have had something to do with James C. Scott's Seeing Like a State. I ask because I'm teaching a class on the Introduction to Rhetoric and came across this line: "Important to Pico's philosophy was the conviction that humans employ language to order teh chaotic world of nature." So I guess I'm trying to dig up the original concept of making cities readable through imposing law or language on them. Thanks, smart Mefistianeros.
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What jacket does a cosmopolitan man in black wear?

6' lanky dude seeks black jacket. Dress me, Ask me. [more inside]
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February 23

College Student in my class with MAGA hat

College professor here, at a majority-minority state school. Recently one of my students came to class with a Make America Great Again red baseball cap. It was during an exam so I only saw it and him briefly and had no practical way to react or comment (even if I had wanted to). [more inside]
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How to use a month's absence from a PhD to recover from depression

I'm working towards a PhD in a foreign country and recently returned to the U.S. as part of my recovery from depression (which was/is largely work related). What are things that I can add to my routine during this downtime to help me on the road to recovery, and how can I best prepare for returning to academia? Special snowflake details inside. [more inside]
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Attaching photos from my mac makes gmail seize up

When I try to attach files from my hard drive to a message in gmail, my browser locks up. How can I fix it? [more inside]
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How do you train a dog to fully empty their bladder on command?

How do you train a dog to fully empty their bladder on command? [more inside]
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Pho Mi

I am not very familiar with Vietnamese cuisine but have noticed local restaurants with names such as below. Is this a deliberate play on words, or oblivious? Is this common in other markets? I do understand that "pho" is pronounced "fuh" Canada, GTA if that helps. Healthy Asian local population obviously.. Pho Mi Pho King Pho Quinn
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What make and model of car do I want?

I currently drive a 2007 VW Rabbit S-model and love it to bits. But it's got almost 150K miles on it and I am faced with either $4K of expensive repairs, or getting a new car. I am up for a new job which will require the occasional long commute, and if I take the job (and get the associated raise), I am going to go the new (or new-to-me) car route. Given my needs and preferences, what should I get? [more inside]
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Which Kitchen Witch?

For sentimental / familial reasons, I'm looking for small kitchen witch. However, I am mostly finding cutesy puppets & Halloween knickknacks, and I'm looking for a more stylish alternative. Ideas? [more inside]
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Practical Spiritual Book on Indigenous Cultures & Spiritualism

Recommendations for good practical books and resources on spirituality from indigenous cultures such as Native Americans or Australian Aborigines? Something not academic, but also not light and fluffy - something "useful". Most likely something focusing on one specific culture rather than an overview. I am open to poetry and things if its well done.
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too many walls

I think I over-react when I feel that people are trying to get too close to me or need too much from me; I may be overly vigilant about my boundaries. This means I can get panicky or resentful if I feel that people are demanding too much of me emotionally. Any ideas for self-talk I can use to combat this? [more inside]
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February 22

Is it possible to turn an old iMac into an Ubuntu computer?

I have an old and problematic OSX iMac that Apple no longer support so there is no way to fix it unless spending big money somewhere. Besides I can get into safemode and do and see stuff fine there, nothing is working right (frozen startup and weird display). Back to my question, since the hardware seems working so I am thinking about turning it into a Ubuntu computer. Is it possible? [more inside]
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Southern Italy in a week: Naples to Catania — what should we do?

My person and I are flying into Naples a week from Sunday and flying out of Catania (Sicily) the following Sunday. The plan is to rent a car and take a meandering route, but we don't have any fixed plans on where to go. [more inside]
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Would you like franchise with that?

Please tell me everything there is to know about franchise ownership. [more inside]
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How does one tell if a hot water heater is electrically powered?

I want to know if the landlord is paying for the hot water or if I'm paying for it, however I can't find any obvious indication of how the hot water heater is powered. Is there an easy rule of thumb or specific types of connections I should be looking for around the unit? [more inside]
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Tips for archiving performance of stage play using Canon T3i?

Last time I taped a play it was using an old-fashioned tape-based camcorder with settings controls that were easily accessed for on-the-fly adjustment. I downloaded a user manual for the T3i, but I haven't done much shooting with DSLRs so I could use some tips. [more inside]
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Just don't lick the flagpoles!

My kids' school has outdoor recess guidelines that I would like to challenge. The kids are kept indoors in weather that I think is perfectly appropriate for outdoor play. A twist is that I think they and other schools may be basing their guidelines on a nonexistent medical association? [more inside]
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Dealing with ridiculous COmcast data usage claims

Hi All, Comcast has claimed for the past few months that we are using well over a terabyte of data at an alarming clip. We "exceed," the cap before the month is half over, and are now responsible for overage fees of $150+. I have tried all the recommended steps, changing my wi-fi password, virus scans, etc. No luck, and COmcast is stonewalling and insisting they've done all they can. Any help in dealing with them, or suggestions of whom I can contact with this complaint, would be appreciated. [more inside]
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Tutorial for Making Fishing Nets

I have this marvelous vest (sadly no longer made) and saw this marvelous ancient Egyptian dress. The vest is knotted ribbon in a wide fishing net pattern and the dresses appear to be the same (with beads). It has come into my mind that I could make a whole tank dress out of the 3M ribbon like my vest. Anyone know a good source (book, online, or other) for knotting nets like this? because I totally have time to do this, too [more inside]
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What is this waistcoat called en Francaise?

Reviewing a series of mugshots of French Anarchists from the 1890's, I noticed that a very large percentage of them are wearing what appears to be the same style of knitted double-breasted waistcoat. I have questions: [more inside]
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How thick is light bulb glass?

I'm modeling a standard, incandescent light bulb (the A60, here). Assume 60 watts, if that makes a difference. I'm pleased with the general result, but would like the glass thickness to mirror reality. I've visually estimated it, but oddly can't find any reference online to how thick it is by standard. I'm currently using 0.2 mm. What should it be?
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Fancy dresses for UK plus size women

I'm looking for a formal dress for a wedding and don't seem to be inspired by my usual shops. [more inside]
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February 21

What's the original text of Marlowe's devils?

My question is from "The Third Man", written by Green. "He's never grown up.Marlowe's devils wore squibs attached to their tails;" I'd like to check the original text. I know that it's from "The Doctor Faustus", but I can't find exact act(and scene) number. Can I read them on the internet?
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Accessible tutorial activities for students with disabilities

This semester I have a lot of students with disabilities in my classes (university, third year undergraduate, primarily discussion-based humanities subject). Two of them in particular have challenges that mean I can't do a lot of the usual stuff in my teaching "bag of tricks". One is severely visually impaired, and the other is non-verbal (uses an electric wheelchair, limited use of hands, uses nose to tap out sentences on an iPad that are spoken electronically). Can anyone suggest some engaging interactive teaching and learning practices that will still work for these students? [more inside]
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Can I eat it, super old Costco cheese edition

Costco brand Manchego cheese with sell by date of 10/25/2016. Still vacuum sealed, no visible spoilage. Sadly forgotten in the back of the fridge. [more inside]
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First time home buyer, first time landlord?

The plan: Buy an older home in the pricey liberal College Town in our area. Rent it out for a couple of years while we live for free with extended family out in the country (40 minutes away). Pocket savings from living for free while the rent pays our mortgage, then remodel and live in the new house a few years down the road once kids are school-age and we want into the better school district. The numbers are as follows... [more inside]
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How is ABBA formed?

Who influenced ABBA? [more inside]
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Need help finding the guilty ingredient in a body wash.

My little girl tried Trader Joe's Formula No. 3 "All For One, One For All" shampoo/conditioner/body wash last night. Almost immediately, her skin started itching. Can you help me narrow down the suspect ingredients? [more inside]
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Can you identify this action figure toy?

I would like to know more about this toy and bonus points where I could possibly get one? Two Headed Action Figure. I have limited background, but basically a toy collector friend spotted (and took this photo) at a toy convention. He wants one. The owner had no details on the figure. Thanks.
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How did you get in? I'm sorry, but you're not on the list.

The Music app on my iPhone plays songs that aren't on the playlist I selected. Can I fix this? [more inside]
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Graphs of book sales on Amazon

How do I find the sales ranking, say, for the past 3 or 6 months, of specific books on Amazon. I'd prefer not to spend a bunch of money on an app if possible, but I am willing to spend a bit of money, if necessary.
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