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August 31

Help me steal back my assistant!

I’m in a tricky situation at work. I secured an administrative assistant to help me in the office, but a coworker of mine is dominating this woman’s time, leaving me to struggle all by myself. How do I fix this without causing animosity in the office? [more inside]
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Website to support a daily writing habit

There used to be a website that would encourage you to write a set amount (500 words?) every day. This is meant for stream-of-consicouness, just get it on paper writing. The website would store your writings (but not allow public sharing) and remind you to keep up the habit. Now I can't find it. Is it gone? Any other suggestions for how to get a writing habit going?
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I Failed at The Rotor

Remember the carnival/shitty amusement park ride called The Rotor? For anyone who doesn't, people would stand against the wall of this cylinder that would start spinning. After a little while, the floor would drop and everyone everyone would stick in place to the wall... [more inside]
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Mefites answering this question will be paid in exposure

How do artists' unions work? [more inside]
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What's in a name? AKA-- Help me pick my new title!

I'm in a fun/slightly anxiety provoking situation at my work (a small, education non-profit) of getting to pick my own title. I am currently director of programming, but in recognition of the scope of my work and the fact that I functionally co-lead the organization with our ED, I have been offered the title of A) Deputy Director, B) Chief Academic Officer or C) Something Awesome of My Own Invention. What say you, AskMeFi? (Some snowflakes below.) [more inside]
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Bence-Jones Protein Urine Test - How Long Does it Take for Results?

IKYNMD, how long does the Bence-Jones Protein Urine test take before results can be seen? TIA
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wrong emails, with a twist!

A school thinks I'm one of their students and email replies come to me instead of her despite the fact that they are (apparently?) replying to her email address. [more inside]
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How to encourage a budding artist

My 7-year-old loves to draw, and I am, of course, slightly biased, but I think she is pretty good at it. What's the best way to encourage her? If you're an artist, how did your parents help you or encourage you? [more inside]
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Help me identify this painting.

There's this painting of a tree that I know was mass produced because it was at both my grandmother's and my aunt's house and I've seen it at thrift stores. You can see an image here (ignore the closet, it's on the far left). What's the painting/who is it by? And is there a way to find it other than searching through thrift stores?
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August 30

Unintentionally Going on a Date with my TA

I'm a senior in college who recently started talking to "Kyle" on Tinder. We scheduled a coffee date for this weekend and, in the ensuing conversation, we established that he is the TA for a music performance elective I just signed up for. Where do I go from here? [more inside]
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What is the name of this sleeping puppet show?

On a recent trip to Mexico (like, last month), I was watching TV in my hotel room at night (maybe around 10 pm or later) and found a show that seemed to literally just be a puppet sleeping for about three or more hours. I cannot find anything that makes me feel like I'm not crazy for having seen this. [more inside]
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Birthday Nosh?

I'm hosting my young toddler's birthday party in a few weeks and looking for some party food suggestions, especially various finger foods. [more inside]
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Comedians Standing up for Women

What are your favorite comedians that punch up not down really well, and are happy to take on heavy content while lifting up those who need it most instead of getting laughs at their expense? [more inside]
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Certificate of health for the chronically misdiagnosed

I am considering going back to the programme in Japan that I quit three years ago. They need a certificate from a doctor/therapist assuring them I am fit to go back. Things are complicated. [more inside]
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Conspiracy theories about disappearing bees

I've been working on a manuscript of poems about Colony Collapse Disorder. I've done a lot of research on theories in mainstream science. However, I know that some people have suggested UFO's were involved, and there are probably other conspiracy theories out there, and I'm trying to find specifics. However, googling CCD-related words in combination with things like "aliens," "Jesuits," and "illuminati" have yielded nothing. Can anybody track down some actual posts/articles/videos that include fringe theories about the die-off?
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Bed Sheets: Amazon Prime Edition

Looking for any good recommendations on Amazon Prime for bed sheets. I just spent my entire lunch break looking and I feel overwhelmed with fake reviews in a hugely oversaturated market. [more inside]
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Plug for a microphone

I just got a microphone with a cord that has a three-pronged male plug at the end. This won't fit into my amp, and I can't figure out what kind of plug I'd need. "Mic converter" turns up iPhone accessories and "preamp" looks like another, larger piece of equipment. What do I need to plug my mic into my amp?
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I want to trounce my fiance this March Madness.

I am a Canadian who has seen almost no basketball. I want to trounce my fiance in our yearly March Madness bracket in a few months, or, barring that, have lots of fun intelligently talking about predictions/rankings/upsets/games with him in February and March. What sites or books should I read for good, regular, in-depth college basketball analysis (or the history of NCAA, or whatever), either (a) now or (b) after I learn what basketball jargon means? [more inside]
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August 29

Should I get short-term health insurance?

Hello. Thank you in advance for your help. I have had Kaiser insurance for many years for me and my son. I have been on auto-pay and I guess my auto pay expired and I never re signed up for auto pay so my insurance was canceled. Totally my fault, I get it. I suspect they sent me a million letters but I tend to throw mail away in a haste and probably thought it was junk or just a THIS IS NOT A BILL statement thing. But now what? [more inside]
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For lovers of history and their elderly relatives

Was "Fighting the Nazis/Japanese was a mistake" really a thing in the post-war years? Details inside. [more inside]
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Advice on urgent care situation

Should I bother to follow up with a receptionist at an urgent care about how I was treated today? [more inside]
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Strangest Thingsest

My girlfriend and I both really like Halloween and we both really like the Netflix show Stranger Things. So much so that we're throwing a Stranger Things themed Halloween party. Help us do that! (all of the spoilers inside, but if you haven't seen Stranger Things, just go ahead and fix that and come back) [more inside]
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Take this job and shove it?

How do I decline a job offer, be polite and make a statement in the same breath? [more inside]
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Identify this doo-wop

What's the name of the song that Richard Tee demonstrates here? [more inside]
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How do I sell a friend's car in AZ when friend is out of country?

Friend is in Saudi Arabia. His car and title is here in Phoenix. He is asking for my help in selling his car. If I find a buyer, how do I transfer title to new buyer without him not being here? I have the title for his car but he has not signed it. He is not scheduled to return anytime soon. What do I do? Ship him the title and have him get a notary there in Saudi Arabia? Is there something else that the MVD in Maricopa county will accept for this sale to proceed? My google-fu is failing me in finding an answer. Thank you!
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Best way to record intermittent streaming music

I am wanting to record the Internet stream of a radio broadcast for a certain dusty event happening now in Nevada. I'm finding it problematic to get a good recording as the stream cuts out frequently. [more inside]
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Best Bar Cookie Recipe needed

I'm entertaining a big group this weekend and would like to make some bar cookies. I don't have the time or patience to make drop cookies, so I thought I would ask for your best bar cookie recipes.
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I would rather blow them up, but I'll settle for catching them on camera

A spate of burglaries and prowlers on my block has me outraged and concerned about the safety of my family and property. My attorney and my wife have convinced me that booby-trapping the perimeter of the property is not wise. Let's design a security camera setup! [more inside]
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1TB+ Online Storage

I just filled up my $10/month Google Drive 1TB plan. The next step up is $100/month 10TB plan, which I can't afford. Is there a way to get 2TB or maybe 1¢/gb on Google Drive? I really love Google Drive, but maybe there other services that offer 1TB+ for a reasonable amount of money? Dropbox seems to max out at 1TB? [more inside]
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What is this grammatical thing called?

20ish years ago there was a one-page essay in the (maybe? Last page?) New Yorker that featured many uses of words that had no such root or form. I can't think of any specific words in the essay, but even what the words or practice are called and a list would be nice. Things like "rambunction" for rambunctious, or "consternating" for consternation. Is this mere coinage, or is there a wider practice at work? [more inside]
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What are my best options for hanging posters nicely?

I mistakenly got the last poster I hung custom framed, which cost way more than the poster did. So what are my best options for hanging a poster nicely? [more inside]
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A ? from a ? in a zoot suit

Trying to ID a kids' LP from my childhood as neither my mother or I can remember enough detail. It was probably 70s or early 80s in origin and had a fairly psychedelic cover involving cartoon animals. It was either called 'us adibals and fings' (although googling that has not helped) or had a song that included that as a lyric. It definitely had a song/spoken word thing that ended with a line 'a (unknown - possibly kiss?) from a (unknown) in a zoot suit'. [more inside]
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Need therapist in Ballard, Seattle. How?

I'm looking for recommendations for therapists who have offices in Ballard and see patients outside of 8-6 working hours. [more inside]
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August 28

Advice about gay culture?

I now identify as gay, and want to learn more about what it means to be gay in a broader, cultural sense. [more inside]
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My friend needs a new kettle

My friend is looking for a glass kettle, not a plastic job from a supermarket, something pretty. I wondered if you had any suggestions?
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What was this compilation of children's poems and stories?

When I was younger, I had a book that was poetry and stories for children. Poetry included poems and illustrations by Edward Lear; the stories included "The Carp in the Bathtub," a Pecos Pete? story and possibly an excerpt from "Anne of Green Gables." The stories were illustrated. I have Googled this to death, tried looking up books via Library of Congress online, no luck. Any ideas? Thanks.
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Helping a teenager escape abusive finances

Where can I find information and resources for a teenager trying to make first steps toward financial independence from controlling/unstable/abusive parents? Particularly parental identity theft prevention. [more inside]
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Hunt the Nocturne

Can you help me find this piano piece my Mum used to play? [more inside]
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Will driving my car with this error message damage my car?

Car is a 2009 Toyota Matrix with 67,000 miles. Check Engine light came on two days ago, went off after oil change, came on again. Diagnostic at auto store today said P0354 Ignition Coil D Primary / Secondary Circuit. Light went off again after restarting after diagnostic, but I've only drive 5 miles since. It will difficult to get car to shop this week; might put another 50 miles on the car in the meantime. Is this just a performance issue, or might I damage the engine by driving with this issue? Thanks.
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H&M Blouse Size-mergency

I know H&M runs small but I don't own any of their clothes. Do I order the shirt I love 1 or 2 sizes up? (Link inside - Women's edition!) [more inside]
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