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October 30

is it as simple as doubling a recipe?

Semi-newbie knitter question - I want to make this blanket, but I don't want it to be baby blanket-sized; I want it to be twice as big so as to potentially be used by an adult. [more inside]
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Halloween costume for a female with very short blonde hair

I am a female with short dark blonde hair. It suddenly occurs to me that I need a Halloween costume, but I hate wearing wigs and I'm not going to color my hair. What can I dress up as that makes use of this hairstyle? We've already got Claire Underwood, Switch from The Matrix, Twiggy, and Patricia from the movie Breathless on the list--so we don't need those. [more inside]
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Help me keep my boyfriend's head on his neck, please!

Poor boyfriend just started grad school and has already strained his neck. Help me help him, please? [more inside]
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massive percussion / trumpet song.

So a few years back i heard a song and just now went back to my jazzy list on youtube only to find most of the videos deleted.. the tune was as far as I remember very upbeat, featured lots of blow instruments and percussion. and I believe it also was in a commercial at the time, and from what i've been able to research it isnt on any ok-go tune availible on spotify.
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NewLaptopFilter: Which laptop should I buy?

As my current laptop is (literally) falling to bits, I'm in the market for a new one. Very choice. So indecision. Please help me sift through the crazy amount of options out there and choose something awesome. [more inside]
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October 29

How to contact someone from Mars One without sounding like a spammer

I am a researcher at a university and I have an exciting idea for a research project that the Mars One project offers a unique opportunity to carry out, without requiring the mission to carry any extra equipment and that could run during the training stage, on earth, so it isn't a good fit for their "university challenge" competition. Rather I would like to contact someone from the team to discuss it. They say on the website they welcome contact from universities and scientists, but there is no information about how to contact them. [more inside]
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Used car has been in an accident: buy or walk away?

As per previous questions, I continue to be in the market for a used vehicle.. passed on the last two vehicles. Here's another problematic case. Mechanic found accident damage. What to do? [more inside]
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Media without dark themes for 8-year-old?

I'm looking for books, TV shows, and movies that avoid dark or scary themes (especially the subject of death), but would still be interesting for a bright 8-year-old. Specific recommendations and wider resources are all welcome. [more inside]
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What are the current non-offensive terms for these activities?

My kids have asked me how to say a few things in English, but I realize the only terms I know were the racist terms used back when I was a kid. What are the current, non-offensive terms for these activities? [more inside]
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Newly minted e-Learning professional, now what?

I'm a project manager and I'm completing my e-Learning Design and Development certificate. A lot of my projects have included a training component and I want to expand my skills in that area. I'm reaching out to see if any Mefi e-Learning professionals have any advice for a newbie or experiences, good or bad, they'd like share. [more inside]
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Military Tactics in Afghanistan/Iraq

Several years ago, in the vicinity of 2004-2006, I spoke with a former classmate of mine who was just returning from a deployment in Afghanistan or Iraq. He described a technique his unit would employ on foot patrols to disable (he said blow up) cars or trucks. [more inside]
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I don't really want to be this aware of my own blood.

I sometimes like to use earplugs, but I always end up just listening to my blood loudly pulsing around in my head. This is not ideal. Does anyone have recommendations for earplugs that actually make things quiet, instead of just replacing ambient noise with the noise of my heartbeat? [more inside]
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A Bay Area DIY writer's retreat on the cheap?

Help me discover a place in the greater Bay Area I can go for a few days to focus on a writing project. [more inside]
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Private plane

I'm arranging a weekend away next year for about 30 people. It's a big treat for us all, so looking into how much to charter a plane. We'd be flying London to Berlin. Any ideas?
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What's the French Laundry of Paris?

So Mr. Kitty and I are doing a vacation in Paris and want to set up some amazing reservations to look forward to. We will have one big blow, out once in a decade, kind of dinner. Where should we go? [more inside]
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Help me merge 2 PowerPoint presentations please!

I am at a loss for this. I am trying to merge two PowerPoint slides for ease of transition at a conference. Speaker A is using Speaker A's work template that has their work logo burned on each slide, but Speaker B is from a different institution. Is it even possible to merge the two sets of slides without having Speaker A's institution on Speaker B's slides?
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How do I deal with this morass of feelings re: holidays, travel, family

I am the only one that moved away from my extended family. I'm dealing with some built up anger/stress about always being responsible for going "home" to see my family. How did you stop feeling guilty, obligated, or responsible for visiting? [more inside]
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Cars with Takata airbags but not yet subject to recall??

Takata has recalled cars in states that it deems "high humidity," because of the deadly airbag problem. But as often noted, most of the deaths involved were in non-listed states. My state, Tennessee, is just outside the designated area, and my car (old Honda Accord) is one of the troublemakers. [more inside]
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Pants for kid that look like pants and feel like sweatpants/leggings?

My comfort-loving preschooler (boy) only likes to wear sweatpants and leggings. I am of the opinion that sweatpants should never be worn in public, and most leggings are probably not warm enough for winter. Can you help me find comfy, warm pants that also look good? [more inside]
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Can you recommend a sewing pattern similar to this vintage one?

I absolutely love everything about this suit pattern. Could you help me find a modern day equivalent? [more inside]
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Insulating a double bricked house

Is it a bad idea to fill the air gap in between double brick walls? Our 100 year old house is in need of some insulation so we had a couple of companies give us a quote. One company recommended spraying Air Krete (a kind of foam insulation) in the gap between our double brick walls. The other company said this was a horrible idea and could damage our house! They said to rip out the plaster & lathe and install interior insulation. [more inside]
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How do you arrange long layovers?

Planning a trip to middle-of-nowhere Sweden, and am flying through Stockholm. I'd like to organize a day or two layover in the city before heading to nowheresville. How do you do this? Does it have to involve phone calls, or is it possible to organize online? Would you expect it to be more or less expensive that a regular itinerary?
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Letting the Gini out of the lamp...

Somewhere in the murky corridors of the internet I once read an article about how certain societal problems (HIV rates, road death rates, homicide rates) are higher in countries with greater income inequality (a higher Gini coefficient) than in countries that are poor but with more equally distributed wealth. Where can I read more about this? Well-written, accessible-for-a-layman book recommendations particularly gratefully received. (I'm currently reading Alain de Botton's 'Status Anxiety'.)
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Please tell me I can still eat this.

I made some vegetarian sloppy Joes for dinner. They were SO. GOOD. Then I left them out on the for 8 hours….Help. [more inside]
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October 28

Give me your MCU fanfic recs!

I am excited about the new announced expansions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Please shower me with your best fanfic recommendations for the MCU's Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy! [more inside]
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Shanghai and Seoul in December

This December I'm going to Shanghai and possibly Seoul. I'd love your tips for museums, restaurants, hotels, and more! [more inside]
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Train from NYC to Quebec City/Montreal--would like tips and ideas

Hi, my SO and I are taking the train from NYC to Quebec City and/or Montreal between Christmas and New Year's. I have never been to Montreal or QC or taken such a long train ride, and I would welcome general tips and suggestions about the trip. We will not be renting a car, but we are savvy transit-users and walkers. More questions inside: [more inside]
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Name that Quebecois pop song

In August of this year, I heard a French (presumably Quebecois) song in a karaoke bar in Montreal and for some reason it's been bugging me that I can't remember at all what it was. Can someone help me identify it based on the following sketchy and probably mis-remembered details? [more inside]
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Should my kitchen sink be generating heat when it's turned off?

This morning when I went to use the kitchen sink, the floor around the sink was warm to the touch. I opened the cabinet under the sink and the air inside it was hot, and the bottles of household cleaners I store beneath the sink had condensation bubbles on the insides. The surrounding cabinets are warm too. This is is not normal. Before I email my landlord, is there any non-negative reason this could be happening? [more inside]
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Why do I regret turning down this job opportunity?

Four months ago I was laid off from a company where I had worked for almost 15 years. I received a severance equivalent to 30 weeks of pay. About half of that was paid to me in bi-weekly paychecks while I could still technically be called an employee of the company. The other half will be paid in a heavily taxed lump sum check in the next week or so. more inside... [more inside]
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Credit impacts of renting a second apartment in another state

How do I apply for an apartment as a student when I need my husband's income to be considered? [more inside]
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How crazy will this book signing be?

I'm thinking about going to this John Cleese book signing at a midtown NYC Barnes & Noble. Is this going to be Black-Friday crazy, or merely annoying? [more inside]
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Tattoo filter

I want to get a tattoo! I know almost nothing about tattoos. I need some help picking out a design based on some very specific parameters. [more inside]
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Wedding gift for children in new blended family?

My son is creating a new little family and grandma wants to give a small, sentimental gift to the children to help them remember and celebrate the day. [more inside]
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I recently adopted a cat. He is infested with fleas. I asked the vet for suggestions and need to confirm if this combination of treatments is safe. [more inside]
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Fitbit flex overcounting steps?

Does anyone else's fitbit show what appears to be a wildly inflated number of steps per day? [more inside]
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Winning the lottery

Is there any country, besides the US, which has a lottery for a permanent resident visa? I'm coming up short, but wondering if there are any countries that I'm missing. Thanks.
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October 27

If I had a photograph or two: Fair use of product photos on review sites

I've had an idea for a product review site and am trying to discern whether product photographs can be legally reproduced on the website, from where fair-use photographs should be obtained and how, if at all, they should be attributed. [more inside]
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How to go about getting a college degree part-time as a hobby

Could an adult will a full time career, but a few hours a week to dedicate to the purpose, pursue getting an undergraduate degree from a university just for the fun of it? And if so how? [more inside]
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Stimulated by bad touch? How?

Our bodies can respond to stimulation even if we don't consent to it. How? (tw:abuse) [more inside]
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