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October 4

Explain my credit card statement

What is current vs statement balance? [more inside]
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Examples of pre-20th century surrealist art?

Can you suggest some examples of surreal or magical realist artworks – dreamlike scenes, fantastical animals, enchantments – but from before the 20th century (ie, before Surrealism, and fantasy/magic realist fiction)? For example: Gustave Doré; Bosch; some of the medieval religious art collected on the "Discarding Images" blog.
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Baa baa, black sheep have you any, wait, what is it that I need?

I'm making a winter coat. The instructions for the pattern I found online say to use a "double sided winter coating" and not to use a lining. [more inside]
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What is this symbol? (on a train at a museum)

My mom took this picture of a train at a museum in Maryland today -- is it a rail company logo?
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What are these Germans saying?

By no means do I need a word-for-word translation or anything, but what is generally going on in this video? That is, what is the gist of what the introducer is saying, and when Pit Hartling comes on stage, what is he explaining about the Rubik's Cube before he does the flourish at the end? What, indeed, is this event? Thanks for your help, German speakers!
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Book recommendations for junior fantasy

Another book recommendations question! My son, aged 9, is devouring the Ranger's Apprentice series. What else is in a similar, perhaps a little older, reading ability range, that has strong plotting and imaginative worlds. Also sci-fi...
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October 3

I can taste the fear in their eyes - I love cooked eyes!

I often read about how quickly killing animals makes better-tasting meat. Supposedly the fearful state a hunted animal often dies in releases chemicals (adrenaline? bad juju?) that make the meat less wonderful. True or woo? Science me, please!
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Do you know this cat?

I am wondering if anyone knows anything about these ceramic cats. [more inside]
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Time Budget App Like YNAB?

I've searched the time management questions and answers and can't find a time-management version of You Need A Budget. I've only just started YNAB and think it's perfect for me. I want a time-management version that won't let me overbook my time. Does such a thing exist?
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How did this person find out my address?

Super creeped out how a guy who only had my first name, cell phone number not billed to my address, town I live in, and birth year could have discovered my mailing address. Help me protect my privacy better in the future! [more inside]
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Stereo Help - Recording cd to tape

I need guidance on recording cd to tape on a stereo with connected cd player, tape player, and receiver. [more inside]
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Mixed company: adults + babies

I'm going to be throwing a party soon & many of my friends have babies or toddlers. What can I have on hand to entertain babies and toddlers? [more inside]
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October 2

International Trade issues

I need to write a very long paper in this area but am grasping at straws before I've started. [more inside]
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Tell me what it's like to live with a minivan.

I don't have time to go out on test-drives right now, but I'm stuck on the idea of owning a minivan - tell me what it's like if you own one. [more inside]
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Help me cancel my cable and not pay an extra month

I need to change cable companies and last time I did it, we ended up basically paying an extra month. Help me understand how not to do this again. [more inside]
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Dog in distress. Vet closed. What to do?

My five year old labrador dog seems to be in pain. It's nearly 11pm. The local vet clinic is closed. Ought I wait until morning or call the vets’ emergency number? Details inside. [more inside]
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The Young Doctors

The doctors in NHS hospitals all seem so young. Where are the older doctors? [more inside]
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Never Enough Rhodes

Hello, I'm looking for specific instrumental jazz/soul/hip hop tracks involving drums, rhodes keyboards and bass. THAT'S IT. [more inside]
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Blues Brothers Hat: the real deal

I'd like to dress up as Elwood but am having trouble finding the actual hat. I find lots of fedoras, but none have the right proportions: smaller brim, wide fabric band, and the short crown. I'm not interested in chintzy costume hats that look like crap. [more inside]
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New balls please!

What kind of ball would you reccomend as suitable for playing with in the office? [more inside]
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Best beginner-level books about a) the universe and b) evolution?

My mother was asking me a bunch of questions about life and the universe the other day - how life got started, how organic molecules first developed, how the universe got started, how big the universe is, how stars form, where elements come from, how many solar systems there are, how planets form, etc. [more inside]
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October 1

Choosing an out-of-area credit union

I'm dissatisfied with my local credit union and am interested in taking my business elsewhere. They are the only game in town, so I'm wondering how best to assess my options for online only or at least long distance friendly credit unions. [more inside]
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The Waiting Phase?

Can my virginity be scaring my love interest away? I am currently seeing someone that I really like but I also happen to be really insecure - I'm also slightly scared that me being a virgin is scaring him away. He says he wants to take it slow but is that code for him wanting to fade me out? Any advice/relevant anecdotes for getting through it? [more inside]
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What should I put in my bottles?

We have a collection of small bottles in our downstairs bathroom. They're all sort of oddly shaped, some have cork stoppers. They're the sort of thing you might see in a mad scientist's laboratory, your stoner older brother's room, or perhaps in the Oddly Shaped Bottle aisle of your local craft store. I would like to fill them with... things. [more inside]
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Advance voting in the Canadian election while unregistered

For the upcoming Canadian election on Oct. 19, I would like to vote in advance. However, I am not registered to vote, and cannot register through the online system as I do not have an Ontario driver's license. Is it possible for me to vote in advance if I'm not registered?
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Stop RFID cards from interfering with each other

I have a stack of 4 cards, 3 of which have RFID. When I tap this stack of cards on readers, they interfere with each other, and nothing gets read. What can I do to ensure that the card closest to the reader gets read? Can I buy or create some kind of shielding card to put behind the bottom card, in order to prevent interference with the other RFID cards? [more inside]
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Recognition (or lack thereof) at work

I feel like my work is not being recognized in favor of someone else (X) who is on the same project as I am. This does not seem deliberate from my boss, but he is remote, and this other person isn't very good at respecting boundaries. How do I approach this with my boss? [more inside]
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Looking for Reference Images for an Airport (WXX4)

I am trying to find photos or videos of Unnamed Star Mountains Airport (WXX4) in Papua, Indonesia. This is for a hobby-project, so they don't need to be great, but I am hoping for something better than the gray blob I see on Google Earth/Maps. [more inside]
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Can Interior Primer Be Used On The Exterior?

I have a very small, outdoor paint job to do. I am out of exterior primer, but have lots of interior primer. Can I use interior primer for under exterior painting? [more inside]
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Pay attention to the light in the dark.

I've been loving the noise the young kids have been making over the past five years. Kindly share with me your regularly-updated Spotify playlists of cutting-edge Millennial electro, house, trap, PBR&B, indietronica, chillwave, nu-disco, and other such things. [more inside]
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HTPC Software Advice

Looking for some advice on HTPC software. I really have just two requirements: Netflix compatibility and good video library management. [more inside]
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A budget Fujifilm X100?

I'm looking for a camera similar to Fujifilm X100 in spirit but for under $600. [more inside]
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Housewarming gift for a friend in Burlington, VT?

A friend of mine, a woman in her late fifties, just moved from NJ to Burlington VT, post-divorce. What might she like or need in her new home? Should I just get 50 lbs of road salt, or can anyone come up with something better?
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What's the best PC for my mom?

My mom is using my 2006 Core Duo iMac and all is well except that, of course, it's a 32-bit CPU that can't run new versions of MacOS and is no longer receiving security updates. Chrome frequently blocks Flash and it's generally annoying her. It's time for a new machine (probably). [more inside]
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Help me identify this locution

There's a certain phrase that is usually associated with old money Northeastern WASPs of the form "$FIRSTNAME $LASTNAME, of the $LOCATION $LASTNAME[S]". [more inside]
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Need help identifying an un-google-able quote

Who said this: "A friend is better than a dollar. Cuz if you have a dollar, but ain't got a friend, then the money won't spend." [more inside]
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Older car in an accident. No collision insurance. What now?

Got in a car accident last night (in Philadelphia... a block from my house). (Both drivers alone and ok.) Haven't gotten the final adjuster report yet but it looks like it's going to come back mostly my fault (no matter how much I disagree). The car was towed to someplace really annoying to get to because I was suggestible to vulture tow truck operator. Trying to decide between trying to repair and salvage, but it's hard when the car is an hour+ away. [more inside]
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Need recs for packing/sorting services - Burlington, Ontario

A close friend is helping her parents sort their stuff in preparing for an upcoming move from Burlingon to Toronto. The goal: to cut the amount of stuff Parents have by half, as they are moving from a two-bedroom to a one-bedroom apartment that's about half the size of their current place. The challenge: There aren't enough friends/relatives to help. Need recommendations for people or companies who provide this kind of service. [more inside]
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Secret Peas

I'm the cook in my house, and for the most part my husband happily eats whatever I put in front of him. Last night, though, he gave me an impassioned speech about how much he hates peas, and I guess since I'm a good wife I will stop making him eat them. However, we have three and a half pounds of peas in the freezer right now. [more inside]
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Need advice on how to read Bass tabs

I need a method to turn bass tabs into something I can play. [more inside]
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