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December 10

A Flatbed Scanner for Photo Negatives?

I need a recommendation on a good flatbed scanner that can handle 35mm slides as well as color and b&w photo negatives of all shapes and sizes. [more inside]
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How to attract younger members to a summer bungalow colony?

I own a bungalow in a three season colony in the Hudson River Valley. It's a lovely, kooky, historic, snowflake of a co-op style community that is run by volunteers. However, the place has unintentionally turned into a NORC. How can we attract younger (under 60) folks to buy bungalows and be participatory members? [more inside]
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Hanukah dinner party tips n tricks

Let us now festivate these lights. [more inside]
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Shit Grad Students Say

Can you think of any tropes that grad students (and tenured professors!) in the humanities like to use? For example, compound words like post-Xism, meta-Xism, ur-X, X-ification, X-ization; clichéd verbs like "let me problematize/queer/deconstruct X"; theoretical clichés like the Panopticon, performativity, the rhizome; hackneyed phrases like "the neoliberal era" or "under late capitalism"; etc.
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December 9

Calm the Hell Down: The Playlist

Looking for songs to listen to while carefully not waiting for the phone to ring. Something that will help regain some of the chill that should already be there. Not looking for pure instrumentals; something that is just subtly supposed to be calm. Nothing romantic, but nothing break-up-themed either. Ideally something that acknowledges and captures this nervous energy and lets it dissipate. [more inside]
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Best practices for working with a 128 GB SSD laptop?

An HP Pavilion was the best (I think) I could do with my budget. It's got a 128 GB SSD. What would I need to buy or do to work with large files or memory-heavy programs? [more inside]
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Gift ideas for a dude who likes weird things

It's come to this, MeFi. My husband is literally impossible to shop for. I need help! [more inside]
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Help me find the origin/artist of this Kraken and ship print?

I recently purchased a tapestry version of an amazing two-color print of a octopus/kraken attacking a ship. But I'm seeing piece of this print used on other homegoods sites so obviously this is not the retailer's original image, and I'd prefer to purchase goods from the original artist. Also the hunt for the source is irresistible. [more inside]
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Please help me format this Japanese address

I have checked online for advice, but the bits in the address I have do not seem to match up with the bits that are mentioned in the how-to article. Help! [more inside]
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Need to acquire a handicap accessible vehicle

Mrs. pjern, for reasons of disability (she had polio as a child and is finding it very difficult to move around), wants to purchase a handicap/power wheelchair accessible vehicle. We know nothing about the process, and searching on line brings much in the was of spamvertising, but precious little real information. [more inside]
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Stretchy pants?

I’d like to ask for some really nice yoga/lounge pants/leggings for Christmas. I’m pretty medium sized, but I often run into the problem, even with stretchy stuff, that if pants fit my thighs then they’re loose/gappy in the waist. They must be machine wash ‘n’ dry. Cost, up to $100. Recommendations? [more inside]
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What was this TV show?

There was a TV show or movie in Britain in the late 90s/early 2000s that was centered around two women (comedians) who played teenage boys. I believe in one of the movies they go to the seaside. What was this show? Who were these comedians? My parents are insisting I made this up.
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December 8

Personal Statement Writer's Block

I've been trying to write my statement of purpose in order to apply for my MLIS for the past few months and I am getting nowhere and the application deadline is lingering closer and closer. How can I get past this writer's block and finish this thing in the next little while? [more inside]
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Managing time with a baby

My baby can stay awake now! Help me fill my time with him optimally. [more inside]
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Happy Twitters!

I need some fun Twitter accounts to follow! Cartoons preferred.... [more inside]
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Does my happy-hour wake me up at 2:11 am?

I do not have sleep apnea. Have done two tests that concluded "Well, this just must be your cycle." I've already read many times the basics covered here: Have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Can't remember many good, long nights of sleep but have been very functional on average of 4-5 hours/night. Now I'm 56 and have begun to spend more hours in bed when I can to make up the sleep-hours my body/mind needs. I have about 2.5 drink per night, usually starting 5ish, ending maybe 7. Come 10:30-11pm I fall asleep generally within 10 min to whatever kind of music, not that i really need it. Typically wake a couple hours later, booze or not, maybe take a sip of water, change positions, go back to sleep, usually putting on some quietish music to drift off to...I call it the lullaby effect. Might sleep another two hours, then wake again, maybe I pee. But on some occasions it's harder to fall back to sleep. In fact many nights, all my life perhaps, I wake every few hours at least to turn over. [more inside]
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A Life on the Ocean Wave

I'm impressed by the freewheeling way people used international shipping to get around in the late 19th century. The lack of modern passport requirements undoubtedly helped. Looking at ships' manifests, however, there often appear to be wide differences between names, ages, etc., that are listed by the shipping company and the actual details of the passengers. In particular, children are often listed as significantly younger than what they actually were. [more inside]
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Weirdest credit card coincidence ever? OR...

I just got a new Visa and a new Discover card each with new numbers but they have the same 3 digit security code. Is that just a massively wild coincidence? [more inside]
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Fantastic Gift for the Entire Family

Mefites, I need your imaginative ideas for a Christmas gift for the whole family! They make their home in the San Francisco penninsula (Redwood City) [more inside]
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What kind of history do I like?

I find myself drawn to a certain time period and focus of history. I'd like to know if there is a specific genre or time period or other way to describe my interest so I can more easily find books that appeal to me. [more inside]
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What happened to boing boing?

When did they turn from a weblog to a glorified store? Did I miss something?
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What is this book that I'm thinking of?

The one scene I remember involved a young man and woman running away from something (an opening portal). As they were running away they were holding hands and their hands starting to morph, meld, blend, combine, fuse into one hand. Everyone else and everything else was also morphing or changing in some way. Things were falling apart. [more inside]
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Job quitting anxiety

I have to tell my boss that I am not going to renew my contract at Awful Inc. and am really nervous about the whole thing and never finding any (better) job ever again. [more inside]
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Carbon transfer paper without the paper...

Years ago someone gave me one package of carbon transfer 'paper' acquired from a thrift store, but rather than being paper it was on a plasticy backing. If I had to guess, the backing was mylar. The backside of the sheet was green with a pattern of gold stylized leaves. The carbon side was also shiny, and if I had to guess the carbon was suspended in wax. My google skills have failed me. Do you know what this stuff was, and better yet whether this exact product or something quite similar still exists?
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I need three operating systems on my MBP, yesterday

The HD in my Macbook Pro from 2011 currently has Lion and Yosemite installed. I need Lion for old Creative Suite apps and Yosemite for current Creative Cloud apps. I need to install Windows to use Livecycle. I need to install it now now now. What has worked for you? [more inside]
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Lowish house offer, whether to push for more?

House offer is welcome but at the lower end of the guide price. Should I try to negotiate for more in these freaky Brexit-y times? Or should I take the money and run? [more inside]
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Help me understand my introverted(?) friends better

Many of my friendships are driven by me — I’ll be the one to suggest the next date. In some of my relationships I do this 100% of the time, according to my calendar. (I'm married, mid-30s.) I realized that people I like often describe themselves as very shy, or introverted, or mention that they have trouble making friends or are “not good at email”. I'm a little insecure so I tend to interpret this as rejection. I’d like to understand my friends a bit better so I don’t do that. [more inside]
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Can you explain to me the ending of Coppola's "The Conversation"?

I don't want to put a spoiler on the front page, but if you've seen this film you probably can guess the question. SPOILER INSIDE. [more inside]
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Name that children's book...

In the 1980s I had a book about a little boy in Australia who sneaks out of bed in the middle of the night and goes exploring. He encounters several Australian animals, and makes it back to bed by the end of the book. The illustrations were in pencil and were of the realistic rather than cartoonish persuasion. The boy is completely naked throughout the book, and the whole thing has a quite eerie feeling. It may have been written in rhyme. What was it called?
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December 7

What was the title and/or author of this young adult novel?

Ok, it could also be a children's novel. All I know is I keep thinking about it off-and-on but the actual title eludes me. I believe I read in the late 1990s or early 2000s, although the book may have been published before that time. It was dystopian, coming of age theme. The basic plot that I can remember is that a virus killed off all adults leaving the children behind. [more inside]
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Angled faucet with narrow portable dishwasher quick connect problems

We recently got a portable dishwasher for our apartment. (We love it!) The thing that we don't love is that on our kitchen faucet the water comes out at an angle, and when combined with the quick connect aerator that came with the dishwasher it tends to spray water over our countertops instead of down into the sink. Is there anything we can do to fix this? [more inside]
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What are some clubs / societies I might be interested in?

I recently plopped down some cash and joined the e-chapter of a niche psychology-related society and have really enjoyed the webinars and opportunities to network with like-minded people. What are some other clubs or societies in which I might be interested? Reasonable membership fees are OK; details inside. [more inside]
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Prepping for software interviews that aren't algorithm heavy

I've been doing a lot of the "big 4" time complexity/algorithm heavy-style software dev interviews lately, but will soon start interviewing with smaller companies. What should I expect/prepare for? [more inside]
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Older article with theme of "reporting on USA as if a foreign country"?

I seem to recall an article some years ago (Possibly about a previous US election?) from a US based news organization where they wrote in the tone and style that's normally used for foreign countries. Does that ring a bell with anyone? I think it was linked on Metafilter but haven't been able to find it.
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How do I report these defective contact lenses?

I want to report faulty contact lenses to someone (I'm in the UK), or to sue the manufacturer. Who do I go to? [more inside]
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Is there a way to recover texts from an LG G4 that won't turn on?

It turns on briefly and shuts right back off, gets stuck in a bootloop, or won't turn on at all. I tried changing the battery and nothing. I was able to get it to turn on long enough to transfer over my pictures back in October, but nothing since then. It will sometimes turn on enough to tell me the battery percentage, and the battery still charges. [more inside]
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bin me the heck up

greetings my fronds i am looking for shelf bin solutions for narrow ikea dark brown billy shelves. [more inside]
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Gift ideas for someone recuperating in Bremen, Germany

I want to get a treat for someone laid up at the moment in Bremen, and I don't live there or know it at all. I'd normally go for an experience gift but they can't do much at the moment. What treat can I order and have delivered, preferably locally to reduce air miles? [more inside]
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US/Canada Dual Citizenship Explainer?

I was born in Canada in 1974 to a Canadian father and American mother. I have a US State Department-issued Birth of US Citizen Abroad and a Canadian birth certificate. In 1977, we all moved to the US, where we have stayed. My dad is a permanent resident alien with a green card. I have a US passport and social security number. I'm married to a US citizen and have a son. What is the process should I want to return to Canada, with my family? [more inside]
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Baby knitting ideas for soft, but crazy hot synthetic yarn

I live in a hot, humid climate. I have bought a 60% acrylic, 40% nylon yarn to make baby presents for friends. It's not the best choice for this climate. What can I make with it? [more inside]
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