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June 28

Help diagnose dead computer

I left town for 10 days with my (home-built, previously-working-fine) desktop computer powered off and the surge protector switched off but not unplugged. I came back and now it won't turn on. Please help me figure out what the problem is. [more inside]
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Alternatives to Facebook events?

What are the best alternatives to Facebook for providing on-line events listings with RSVP, the ability to send out updates, etc.? [more inside]
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What should my SharePoint role be called?

What is my job actually called in the SharePoint world? Am I an IT Pro? Power User? End User? Business? And why is none of this defined on a website? [more inside]
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Help me publish a name-your-price ebook for charity

I have written a book which is being self-published. People can name their own price, from zero on up, but anything they pay will be donated to a charity. Help me figure out the right way to get it online. [more inside]
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June 27

What's this website I saw once and forgot to bookmark?

It was a plain text website that scrolled infinitely in any direction, and all text was editable by visitors to the site in real time. [more inside]
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Help me understand what's happening to my cousin

My cousin has recently made a few semi attempts at suicide (he stopped himself each time and called 911). He's just been committed again. This has all been so sudden and my family is reeling trying understand what is happening. To complicate feelings, we're all still grieving my brother's OD about a year and a half ago. [more inside]
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My friend wants to date a married man...How would you have handled this?

I am a single woman, late 40s, divorced for almost 20 years and dating most of that time. I have a lot of newly single friends, recently divorced, new to dating. Anyway, I met this great girl, in that situation. We have been friends for about 6 months, talk or text almost every day. We have our differences, but we worked those out by just not talking about it at all (we are on opposite sides of the political spectrum, which in this particular day and age is really a big deal as we all know). Here's what I want to talk about - So she started dating after getting divorced from a 25 year marriage. She met a new guy online. He is married and "separated" for 1 year, but per my friend, he has not pursued a divorce at all. The man and his wife share a child. The man is far apart from the wife, in different cities. (Please see the extended explanation for the rest of this. Thanks.) What would you have said or done with this situation/friend? [more inside]
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Self-help books for becoming the calm, collected person I want to be

Everything feels like it's on a deadline, which only exacerbates my anxiety and catastrophizing and threatens any progress I feel I've made. Is there a self-help book for that? [more inside]
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How far can I drive for a job before it becomes not worth it?

My freelance career involves a lot of driving from job to job. I'm curious how far I can drive for a job before I start only breaking even or losing money. [more inside]
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Have you done ketamine infusions for depression? What were they like? [more inside]
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I was unfairly (IMO) forced to resign? What protections do I have?

I am a full-time independent contributor at an enterprise company. My new boss (she joined a few months ago) recently pushed me to resign (alternative being put performance plan), because I wasn't "meeting expectations". She never gave me warning or feedback about my performance beforehand, nor truly explained afterwards. I don't think I really deserved it, and I've worked with many many people across the company and have consistently gotten great reviews from my peers, and the few people I shared my situation with were absolutely shocked. I put in my notice because I had no real choice, but before I sign any final documents, I want to make sure I protect my rights (if I have any, that is). I'm mainly looking at the whether I can petition for unemployment (I'm in CA). I do not want to keep this job anymore nor do I want to cause drama. However, if push comes to shove, what should I do? What protections, rights, or power do I have as an employee? [more inside]
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Really need a safe-ish wood stripping product.

I want a wood stripping product (solvent) that has a comparatively low quantity of methylene chloride (DCM). But these products don't list their ingredients. Do you know of a good product, or can you help me find this information? [more inside]
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Is it possible to leave a toxic workplace with honest, helpful feedback?

This was me wondering if I should leave my toxic workplace for a new opportunity - I made my decision (YES!) but I'm still at my current place for another 1.5 months. [more inside]
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June 26

There is/is not such a thing as a free lunch

My community offers free lunch and snacks for children during the summer. Should I participate in this program? [more inside]
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What are some good places for group therapy in the Tucson area?

What are some places for group therapy in or around Tucson,AZ or places that can help me to find any? I am in my twenties so I guess groups for people around my age would be best but I don't really care much. I just thought I might as well try it since it seems to work better than individual therapy for my friend. [more inside]
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Is either of these an ash tree?

We live in an area where people who have ash trees and don't want them to get cut down to avoid emerald ash borer infestation are being advised to consider having them preventatively treated. The leaves on two of ours don't look like the pictures I've seen of ash trees, but can someone confirm? Tree 1, tree 1 leaves, tree 2, tree 2 leaves.
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The bat doesn't need chopsticks.

How did a white carton become synonymous with Chinese takeout in the U.S.? [more inside]
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Data are Beautiful

A dear colleague is departing my IT shop to go to grad school, and I want to buy or make her a t-shirt that incorporates the phrase "data are...": Data are Beautiful, Data are Important, Data are Plural, something like that. Give me your ideas! [more inside]
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I need help drafting supportive text messages for a friend with cancer

A man who I am casually dating is in treatment for cancer. He was diagnosed after we met. He has a few weeks of treatment left and it has been really hard on him, both physically and emotionally. I've been through cancer treatment myself, so I can empathize, but I was never really sick and had no bad side effects. I send him a text message every day to check in, but asking "how are you today?" is not what I want to continue asking. I'd like things like, "wishing you peace and comfort today", as that takes the burden off of him to be happy or share what's really going on if he doesn't want to. PS He's not religious, so prayers are not an option.
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How to set boundaries with upcoming houseguest

How can I set boundaries with a visiting friend, without coming across as rude or unwelcoming? [more inside]
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Fun/educational/useful magnet sets for a family noticeboard.

We have a new,large (4 x 3ft) magnetic whiteboard in our kitchen. I have found poetry, tetris, butterfly themed magnet sets online. What magnets/sets are on your whiteboard/fridge that are fun, useful, educational or beautiful?
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Looking for a tasty ketogenic dessert. Difficulty factor: No Dairy

My cousin is eating a ketogenic diet due to a cancer diagnosis. He and his wife and another couple are coming to dinner at my house in a few weeks. To add to the fun, with the exception of butter, my cousin’s wife doesn’t eat dairy. [more inside]
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What is this water facility I saw in Italy?

A couple weeks ago, I went to Italy and took a train that passed a few mystery facilities (street view) near Orbetello that looked a little bit like water treatment plants, but different. What were they? [more inside]
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June 25

Great coffee in Edgewater (Chicago)

My sister-in-law and her husband are moving to Chicago next month. I'd like to get them a gift certificate to use when they get there. They'll be living in Edgewater. What's a good coffee shop or coffee roaster in the area? (Other recommendations welcome.)
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Tell me about Buffalo

Moving to Buffalo to attend grad school at UB. I have never spent an extended amount of time in Buffalo and I have many questions, largely about apartments/neighborhoods/commutes/the two (three?) campuses. Please help. [more inside]
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How can I care for my grieving husband from far away?

I moved hundreds of miles away from my husband and his family to participate in an intensive summer class this summer. Someone central to my husband's life has suddenly died and I can't be there to help him through it. I am trying to think of ways to help his family to function during their grieving that I can perform from a distance that will ease their burden and make them feel cared for.
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Stop my Honda Bluetooth/iTunes autoplay!

When I get into my car, my iPhone connects to Bluetooth and begins to play my downloaded songs in alphabetical order. I don't want to hear Lucinda Williams' "Abandoned" ever again. Is there a secret squirrel setting I can change to make it stop?! [more inside]
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What order to do this in?

I live in NYC and want to move back to the (general) area I grew up in, about three hours north in Western MA. I have friends and some family there and I want to be close to them and away from the city, and I want to live someplace quieter, with more green space and less hubbub. I'd like to do it in the next 12 months, hopefully less. In order to do this, I will need to acquire housing and a job. I'm trying to figure out the best way to go about it. What order do I do it in? [more inside]
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How to get the casters on an IKEA desk chair

My husband, who is skilled at assembling furniture and has a lot of experience with IKEA, put together a LÅNGFJÄLL desk chair, and we can't figure out how to get the casters (feet) to stay on. There doesn't seem to be any way for them to lock in. They look like they're staying, and then as soon as you move a tiny bit, one or more fall out. [more inside]
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Whither the word "yeppers"?

Without thinking about it, I used the word "yeppers" (meaning "yes") in an email to my mom. She'd never heard it before, and I can't think of where I might have picked it up. Where did this word come from, and how long has it been circulating?
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Hole in a stucco wall - does it need to be repaired?

We have a low stucco wall that runs along the edge of our property. I noticed recently that it has a large-ish (softball sized) hole in it, about 6" from the end of the wall. The wall appears to be hollow inside. The hole is covered by a hedge, so is virtually invisible unless you're looking for it. This is in a warm, dry climate (Southern California). Structurally speaking, do we need to do something about this, or can we leave the hole as is without risking further issues? [more inside]
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American soldiers dating European women after WWII / relationship steps?

I was at a party yesterday, where the topic came to 'cultural differences'. My conversation partner remembered once hearing about research about American soldiers dating European women after WWII, and their differences in relationship progression. Now I can't find the article.. [more inside]
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Please help me with simple Instant Pot recipes to support bodybuilding

Here's the layout: I recently purchased an Instant Pot. I made a few things with it so far and they came out edible. I'm about to start a fitness program intended for bulking up (i.e., building muscle). To achieve my goals, I'll need a stock of meals with a strong protein bias. See inside for minor constraints and a plea for mercy. [more inside]
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How can I stop being codependent with guy friend?

I apologise for the length, I want to try and include all the relevant details. [more inside]
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London theatre in July

I'll be in London for a couple weeks in July, with most evenings free. What is some great theatre I should check out? [more inside]
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June 24

When does a rash warrant a trip to the doctor?

Yesterday, I finished a three week course of prednisone, prescribed by my neurologist to rule out rebound headaches. About a week ago, I developed a rash on my chest that I thought was heat rash, because that happens to me and I was outside on a hot day. But it's gotten worse. [more inside]
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Delicious, delicious Nyquil

Is it dangerous to cook or eat boiled Nyquil? [more inside]
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New Controller + Steam Summer Sale = Need Game Recs

I haven't played video games with a controller in several years. I've picked up a few PC games that really need one, and I'd like to enjoy them, but I'm terrible at basic activity with the controller itself. I finally picked up a controller - XBox 360 wired - and I'd like some recommendations for fun, probably easy, games with the sole purpose of learning how the controller works. [more inside]
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Am I too old-school for online dating?

After a couple of weeks in the online dating world, I'm pretty disheartened. It just moves too fast. No one wants to invest quality time in written communication. What's a sapiosexual to do? [more inside]
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Wordpress (wp cli) fail

I am trying to update my Wordpress installations via wp cli, which has always worked in the past. Today it is failing. Help me? Details within. [more inside]
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