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September 18

ID this old comic

Single issue (I think? Yet it seemed like a full story?) I read in the late 80s. It belonged to my big brother and was kinda over my head. Theme was nuclear holocaust. It was not realist. Art style was simple and uncluttered. Bright colors and clear lines. Not a lot of dialog or words. I remember the image of the sky looking like the old Tide logo. That's all I remember.
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Bikin' bike bike! Is it worth it to overhaul my 1981 Schwinn?

I have a 1981 Schwinn LeTour of which I am extremely fond, Susan. I would like to start using my bike again. Is it worth it to pay for an overhaul of a 36 year old bike? [more inside]
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Relationship between Michelson & Morley (1887) table and figure

I'm trying to understand Michelson & Morley (1887), and as part of this I'm trying to reproduce their figure 6 from the data in the table. I do not understand how they relate. [more inside]
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Can you park in front of an in-line sidewalk ramp in a residential area?

I live in Denver and the city installed these sidewalk access ramps on the curbs in our neighborhood. Great, right? Except our house right at the end of where a street dead ends, so they put in an in-line ramp right in front of our house, like the place where we park our car. Is it illegal to block this? [more inside]
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Student loans still listing as in deferment

I graduated recently. I have some student loans from my master's work 5 years ago, and did exit counseling mandated by the federal government through their site. I noticed that I hadn't received a bill in the mail, so I went to my borrower portal on the lender's site to check on things, and they have me listed as being in deferment for another 4 years. What's the difference between contacting them to set things straight, and just letting them take the time to figure out that they're incorrect? Is a lag like that normal? Is it my responsibility to reach out to them with the proper status? [more inside]
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September 17

Self-contained foods

I like empanadas, hand pies, tamales, burritos, and other food that's encased in something starchy. I shouldn't eat (much) wheat. What else should I try making? [more inside]
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Finding old picture book -- Children's Lives Around the World

I'm trying to find an ilustrated picture book I had sometime around 1990 that showed a day in the life of children and families around the world. [more inside]
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September 16

How do I deal with my body image issues after comments during sex?

A good friend and I hooked up a few times here and there and he didn't try to hide the fact that he doesn't find my body to be that attractive. [more inside]
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What was the name of the lipstick in last month's Sephora Play box?

I believe the brand is Tarte, the tube is a light blue. I loved it, I dropped it in a water fountain at the mall, and I want to buy it! The girls at Sephora said it was Tarte Rum Punch but I tried that one and it looks wrong. Can someone check for me please?
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help me do my D&D homework

D&D 5e tomorrow, last session with these characters, and the DM has said that he's come up with a """"fun""""" and """""really challenging""""" final dungeon. I assume this means he is going to do his level best to murder us all. Help me come up with a legendary-level item to make him work for it. [more inside]
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What's the movie about a depressed professor with a bomb?

What's the movie I watched a few years ago about an old depressed professor who took steps to bring a bomb to school? I believe he taught film and I recall the students mocking him behind his back. Google isn't helping.
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Pick up an iPhone SE now or hold out for a (potential) SE2?

I'm currently getting by with a 4S, but TMobile has dropped support; I now get 2G speeds at best for data, and cell coverage is spotty now, too. I am not a heavy phone user, so I could limp along and make it work for a little while -- I mostly need text/email/music functions -- but since a refresh seems unlikely to happen until at least Spring 2018, am I frustrating myself needlessly? Obviously, I keep phones forever, so being as futureproof as possible is an important consideration.
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Trying to find a bag worn by Chris in the show "I Love Dick"

Looking to buy a bag as a surprise gift for my wife. It's worn by the character Chris in the Amazon show "I Love Dick." You can see it at the start of episode six. A couple of screen caps here and here. Any leads greatly appreciated!
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Best way to share my pixelated farming with others

I'd like to build a budget-range gaming PC capable of Twitch streaming some low-medium fidelity games (more Stardew Valley than PUBG). What's a good target? [more inside]
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I need book recommendations for a teenager

I tutor at a school, and am working with a bright sixteen year old girl who has been out of the habit of reading for pleasure for several years (she says she stopped reading for fun at eleven or so, after switching schools) but is keen to get back to it. I'm looking for books to recommend to her. [more inside]
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September 15

How can I make the most of this family drama situation?

Going through a huge amount of stress with family visit over seemingly small issue and am looking for advice [more inside]
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Why are there so many floss picks littering parking lots?

I keep seeing floss picks in parking lots. Gas station parking lots, supermarket parking lots, strip-mall parking lots... all the parking lots. Why? I don't understand how floss picks are ending up in so many random parking lots. Do people keep and use and discard them in the car? Are there a coterie of dentists who are confetti-ing local parking lots? What the heck in going on?
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How to break in boots that are older than I am?

I picked up some unworn, vintage boots several years back. By all measures, they appear to fit me well (quite well in fact!) but my lack of knowing how to break in boots like this has prevented me from wearing them on the reg. I have many questions about the care and maintenance of these boots. [more inside]
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What to expect, other than being as awkward as always.

I, mid-30s, fat, incredibly introverted, and completely not at all cool, have been invited to a concert tonight for a group I'm really excited to see, with some people I know who're a few years younger than me. Problem: I have never before been to a concert at a bar like this, and I'm incredibly nervous about it because I have no idea what to expect. So how do events like this actually work? [more inside]
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For want of a nail and a cobbler

We lost m'ladie's extra-narrow or 4A width golf shoes during a move. Despite hours searching I am no closer to finding any shoe even close (despite the misleading help banners). Is there any business that sells ladies golf shoes in an extra-narrow or (US) 4A width? Who and where are they? I am desperate enough to consider custom made but prior experiences have not been good.
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CapitalOne360 alternatives?

Ever since ING turned in to CapitalOne360 I have been less and less pleased with it. I'm looking for a new online savings account, one that's not with my regular bank (PNC) so it's harder to get at the money. No minimum deposit or account balance.
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What do I need to know about piercing/stretching my earlobes?

While I can find all sorts of information about all sorts of piercings on the Internet, I can't find any descriptions of the particular situation I'm considering. Ultimately, I need to know: What is the smallest size tunnel plug that will accommodate regular earring posts? [more inside]
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Help me pivot my pizza sauce!

A few years ago I perfected my pizza sauce. Now I am getting a sensation of... Spaghetti. Help me tweak my recipe! [more inside]
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Stupid Excel question...

Hi. I'm not sure how to Google this one. Let's say that I have three Excel sheets, each one being a dictionary of a different language, each sheet being about 1500 words apiece. [more inside]
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Workstation vs gaming PC

Help me buy a computer. I'm looking for a box for video work (After Effects and Premiere.) Which secondhand computer would suit me best? [more inside]
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How To Get My Right On?

I feel trapped in my left brain and have been since birth, basically. But I’m tired of it. Are there effective ways to achieve better lateralization of my brain hemispheres so that I can unlock some (hopefully latent) creativity? [more inside]
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How do you cut a toddler's nails safely when she won't let you?

Our precious kraken is a fourteen-month-old bundle of energy. How do I cut her nails when she won't stay still? [more inside]
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Recycling/re-using the contents of airline amenity kits?

I travel a lot, and sometimes I can fly business class, so I've collected quite a few airline amenity kits. I seldom use the contents. Ideas for what I could do with them, instead of simply junking them? Difficulty level: UK, southern England. [more inside]
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What state taxes am I responsible for?

I just got a remote programming job. The company is headquartered in Illinois (and IL state taxes are being withdrawn from my paycheck). I live in NYC (which means both NY state tax and NYC resident tax but those are not being withdrawn from my paycheck). Does anyone out there have experience with this situation? Especially the part about living in NY state or even NYC (because NY state has particularly strong ideas about who pays taxes).
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Work wardrobe, roof style.

I'm looking for the perfect pants and shoes for work. However, my requirements are a little different than most work-clothing questions around here: abrasion resistance and grip. [more inside]
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September 14

Make a map with multiple locations labeled?

How can I input several addresses into a web form, with titles, and get a google map with their locations and perhaps a list below? Does anyone let you do this for free?
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I need to find an image of the corny romantic leading man

Who has a twirly starburst at the corner of his smile and eyes. I'm thinking of Tony Curtis maybe? [more inside]
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iPhone repair question

iPhone 6 was completely soaked (in the rain outside at a concert) - we dried it out, but didn't do the silica, and it was on when the damage happened and left on / used. Now, it randomly powers off, the power button on the right no longer works (so when it powers off, it has to be plugged in to get it back on). Is this fixable, or should we look at another phone? [more inside]
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How do you listen to music?

Ever since Spotify and Google Play became the way to listen to music, I have stopped listening to music because it feels like too much work (aka I don't understand the new way of picking songs and I don't want to spend my whole dinner party scrolling through my phone). Can you help me figure out how to put on some good music without a lot of fuss? I used to listen to music all the time and now it seems too hard. Because I am old? or because it is just complicated now? help! [more inside]
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Is this insurance any good?

Can you help me figure out why a job offer seems to include health insurance that's more expensive and has less coverage than my current individual plan? If so, what might be my negotiating options might be with this? (And if someone can explain how a national retailer has worse insurance than I do, that'd be interesting too!) [more inside]
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Need to get my old Flickr shut down, not connected to ANY of my emails

For my own personal safety, I need to get my old Flickr account shut down. I own the account but I cannot access it and I don't have either a Yahoo account or any recovery email or phone number connected to it. I need to log it in and either turn it private or shut it down. [more inside]
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Is there an English word that means "object of my desires"?

More specifically, is there a word that means "the person (or thing) that someone thinks about when they are masturbating." [more inside]
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How to Handle Hurricane Irma Repairs - HALP

My 72-year-old mother and I are trying to sort out what needs to be done after our home took a direct hit from Irma. My dad always handled this stuff, but he passed away in May, and we don't know what we're doing. We're losing our minds -- help! [more inside]
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Can you identify this piece of classical music?

I heard this piece of classical music as the background to a video on Vimeo. It's uncredited. Anyone know what it is?
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September 13

This Feels Sketchy. A Little Advice for a "Non Business Man"?

Is this a good idea for getting out of a vehicle purchase that I can barely afford? Explanation inside: [more inside]
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