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March 7, 2023

Consumerist(?) logo?

Looking for an old logo that I'm 99% certain was on The Consumerist back in its heyday. The logo said "My Call Is Important To You!" with a phone (or maybe a stick figure?) shouting at a tall building. Any idea where it could be? Did I imagine it?
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March 6, 2023

Looking for a TikTok/IG mallsoft artist

A few months ago I found a mallsoft/vaporwave producer and I'm having a hard time finding them again. Help? [more inside]
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March 2, 2023

Private psychoeducational assessment in the GTA, sans ABA

I am looking for a place that can do a private in-person psycho-educational assessment on a pre-adolescent in the Greater Toronto Area. I do not want to go anywhere that does ABA or associated therapies.
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February 6, 2023

Where and how to find more assistant TV/film editing work?

My husband works as an assistant editor in film and TV. He's mostly freelance, based in NYC, and able to work remotely. He's noticed a significant decrease in posted jobs over the past year. Landing a gig has also gotten more competitive. His usual sources are his local network, Facebook groups for editors, and StaffMeUp. He is looking into joining the union, but he's a little early in his career to be eligible. Are there other places where he should be looking for work or networking?
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February 3, 2023

How to create a collaborative custom map (for our sales points)

For my work, I keep a map of our current resellers all over the world, and this (google) map is published on our website. This way, potential retail customers can easily find a reseller near them. Currently, I manually add new resellers to the map when they place their first order. This is .... time-consuming. How do i let resellers add themselves to the map instead? [more inside]
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January 25, 2023

Help me find 2 recent songs/videos, with little information to go on

I occasionally listen to YouTube's Conditions Underground playlist or, more frequently, Left of the Dial. These get updated... periodically? I really have no idea, I just see them on my sidebar and get sick of the usual suspects and click play. Anyway I heard two songs on either of these playlists within the last year and would like to find them again. [more inside]
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January 7, 2023

Seeking a readable book on the early history of Interpol.

For a tabletop role-playing game, I'd like to read up on the early history of Interpol. I'm really only interested in First International Criminal Police Conference of 1914 in Monoco through the 1920s. [more inside]
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January 6, 2023 job portal

I just heard about the '' employment search portal, and no one I know irl knows anything about them. If you are registered (seeking employment) with them, how has your experience been? [more inside]
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January 5, 2023

Short film about three women in a dialogue loop?

I remember seeing a short film on the internet some time ago. I want to say it's comedy horror, or maybe just comedy. [more inside]
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December 21, 2022

Software that makes random movies from photos.

I'm on Mac/iPhone. The Photos apps on both platforms can make movies from specific user created albums or people it recognizes within the Photos app. However, those movies are the exact same, meaning they use the same photos for the movie. Is there a way to force said Photos app to randomize the photos or at least choose some different movies each time it plays the movie? Is there a Mac/iPhone/web based app that can do this? [more inside]
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December 19, 2022

Can I print checks from Quicken for Mac from a file?

I can manually write a check in Quicken. But I have 500 checks I need to write and print. I have an Excel with all the payee details for each check. Can I somehow get Quicken to write and pay all the checks, by importing the Excel in, or something? (If this can be done using .QIF files I am missing it) Thanks!
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December 18, 2022

Need help with Sigma Plot?

Having problems transitioning between versions of Sigma Plot? [more inside]
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December 9, 2022

I’m looking for online CBD product resellers.

I’m looking for recommendations for online CBD product resellers. That is sites that aggregate products from different brands and then resell them through an online store while keeping the brand identity intact. Basically sites like Amazon or Etsy but that will actually sell the product and ideally be less evil. [more inside]
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November 27, 2022

Where did I come across this story?

Looking for the origin of a supposedly true story I either read or saw (I think it was a book, but maybe a TED-type talk / a movie I have otherwise forgotten), although it could also be an urban myth, I guess. It goes something like this: [more inside]
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November 22, 2022

Poem ID time

You have helped me identify poems before. I'm looking to find one about a shopping mall, no more recent than the '90s and probably older. It compared the mall to a cathedral and discussed a family's mall habits. [more inside]
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A Dictator’s Dream, a Squatters Paradise

In the 1950s the Hotel Humboldt was built overlooking Caracas, by the dictator Marcos Jimenez. It was abandoned for many years and finally renovated in 2007 and is now open to the public, in whatever way that means in current Venezuela. In 1994, I stayed there while in Caracas looking for a friend. During that time I was with a couple of companions who would be continuing on to Brazil. We spent a couple of days in the city looking for our friend and realizing it was nearly an impossible task- this being a time when we had no internet or cell phones. I am trying to find more information, images, or history of this place! [more inside]
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November 19, 2022

Please tell me about applying for a U.S. F1 visa from the Middle East

I'm helping a student apply for an F1 visa to enter the U.S. for high school. She's from Syria. She was denied in Beirut, Lebanon, and needs to re-apply, either in Beirut or in Amman, Jordan. Please tell me everything you (or a friend) experienced to broaden my understanding of all the possible experiences she might have. [more inside]
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November 17, 2022

Filmmaking Filter: Looking to add music and sound to our short film!

So in our continuing saga of making a short film, (thanks to all who helped with previous questions!), we are now in post-production and we've used DaVinci Resolve to get a rough cut. Now what about music/sound? [more inside]
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How can I download full-size images from Outlook

When I share photos from my iPhone by emailing them to Outlook, Outlook only makes them available for download as a thumbnail. There used to be a "download" button below the photo in the Outlook message but now the only option seems to be to right click and save, which results in the image being saved as a thumbnail only. This is a recent change. How can I download the full-resolution image after emailing it to myself?
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November 7, 2022

Where can you get a great deal and contribute to Metafilter?

At the Metafilter auction!
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