Resources for creating an online presence for a consultant
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I want to ramp up my instructional design consultancy practice. I've generally had term contracts with large companies who need extra capacity in their learning and development departments temporarily. I have not needed to market my services beyond a LinkedIn profile but I want to move beyond that.

Googling gives a surfeit of hits, mostly from website development vendors. But I'd like a step-by-step guide, almost a project plan, to marketing/publicizng my expertise, interests, and services. I will probably include a blog or blog-like content. I know what I want to say and to whom I'd like to say it, but not how to get it online. I'm in my 60s and have only the technical knowledge to earn a doctorate in distance education (also earned online), which is not insignificant but is insufficient for this.

I have an incorporated company. I will use the services of a web developer as needed. I have already had some graphic design work done for logos and some basic screen mockups, and can hire more graphic design help, too . I need something to get me started, for example, "Step 1) Decide on a domain name and register it; Step 2) Purchase a hosting package; Step 3) Create email accounts for your domain...."

I prefer text resources, either hard-copy or electronic, but am happy to watch good video resources too. Thanks in advance!
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