Best RSVP/event management solution?
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Any recommendations for a service that can integrate with Mailchimp to manage event registrations/RSVPs. I don't need to sell tickets or monetize. Some budget is available to spend on the right solution.

Looking for event management software that can help manage RSVPs for trainings and a few larger symposiums. The guest lists aren't large--max 180 or so invitees. I am willing to dedicate some budget to this. I'd like:

Mailchimp integration or easy data uploads and email flow management
RSVP tracking/management
Ability to create custom landing page for event
Ability to sign up for subevents, e.g. choosing conference seminar sessions
Ability to cap registrations, especially for subevents
Ability to track attendance (this is nice to have, not essential)
Ability to send post-event messages or surveys

This is for free trainings. I don't need to sell tickets, I don't need to raise money or brand awareness, I just need to manage sign-ups and comms flow easily for a few different groups/audience segments. There are so many solutions out there, but so many seem focused on marketing or ticket sales. I'm willing to do some demos, but would love to start with a somewhat winnowed list. Thanks!
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