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Slogans are wisdom written in shorthand

What slogans or sayings have you found particularly helpful in some way in the course of your life? [more inside]
posted by Serene Empress Dork to Grab Bag at 6:32 PM on Jun 20, 2018 - 112 answers [82 favorites]

Advise Me on Advice Columns

I love advice columns. I want more of them to read. Please share your favourites! [more inside]
posted by hepta to Human Relations at 7:00 AM on Jul 16, 2018 - 23 answers [80 favorites]

Help me be kind to my future self!

I really like the concept of "being kind to my future self" to motivate me to do things I don't want to do. (Floss! Finish this memo! Deal with this Big Thing now so your future self doesn't have to!) Now I'm thinking I could use it to tackle small tasks as well. Any ideas? [more inside]
posted by heavenknows to Grab Bag at 11:03 AM on Jul 5, 2018 - 40 answers [77 favorites]

life planning/personal growth/self exploration exercises?

What are some good exercises that can help me figure that out what I want to do with my life? I could go a lot of directions at this particular juncture in my life and I am finding myself paralyzed with ambivalence that comes from an abundance of choices and some definite depression (getting help with that!). Can you think of any life planning exercises that might help me get on with my thinking and maybe help me excite myself out of this rut?
posted by anonymous to Human Relations at 12:09 AM on Jul 1, 2018 - 9 answers [72 favorites]

What else can I clean?

I recently noticed that the grout between my kitchen floor tiles was not actually supposed to be dark (shudder!), but after a good scrub, it's a floor I'm proud to use the five-second rule with. I seem to be nesting and I'm wondering what other hidden yuck I'm missing in my house. Inside and outside chores are welcome--yucky/picky/finicky/forgotten ones especially--but nothing that requires permanently changing the structure of the house, as I rent. Thanks!
posted by stillmoving to Home & Garden at 9:53 AM on Jul 13, 2018 - 41 answers [71 favorites]

How do I improve my flexibility in 10 min. a day?

I'd like to find an easy program or set of uncomplicated stretches to build into my daily routine. Where should I begin? [more inside]
posted by WaspEnterprises to Health at 11:12 AM on Jul 6, 2018 - 11 answers [68 favorites]

What are the leftist proposals for borders and immigration?

I am in agreement with the majority of leftists who think the current situation with ICE and border control in the United States is horrific and inhumane. However, I'm not familiar with realistic alternative approaches to immigration. I want to be able to answer the question "if we don't stop people at the border, or deport them if we find them later, what do we do instead that won't lead to unchecked immigration?" I'm looking for articles and essays; I'll be honest and say I'm not going to read a book. [more inside]
posted by AFABulous to Law & Government at 7:49 PM on Jun 18, 2018 - 20 answers [67 favorites]

I want to read more Native American authors.

Recently read There There by Tommy Orange and LOVED it. I now want to read more Native American voices - old, contemporary, fiction, poetry, non fiction. Anything. PS: I’m familiar with Louise Erdrich and Sherman Alexie. I have Zitkála-Šá’s American Indian Stories on my kindle waiting to be read.
posted by dostoevskygirl to Writing & Language at 4:42 PM on Jul 7, 2018 - 28 answers [58 favorites]

Mystery novels to distract me

Hit me with some well written, page turning mysteries. All sub genres welcome but queer, POC centered, women, or genre bending especially of interest. [more inside]
posted by latkes to Media & Arts at 9:27 PM on Jun 23, 2018 - 24 answers [56 favorites]

gentle movies and TV

Suggestions for media to consume while I am unwell? [more inside]
posted by thereemix to Media & Arts at 2:11 PM on Jul 4, 2018 - 61 answers [53 favorites]

Please suggest recent fiction for me

I read constantly, but am having trouble getting into anything right now. I'm in a reading funk. Please help me by suggesting recent (published since 2015) fiction for me. Preferences inside. [more inside]
posted by OrangeDisk to Grab Bag at 1:29 PM on Jun 25, 2018 - 27 answers [51 favorites]

Investing for the extremely risk-averse

Due to a combination of laziness and anxiety about money, I have what seems to be an excessive amount of money in checking and savings accounts. What should I be doing differently (besides everything)? [more inside]
posted by kat518 to Work & Money at 10:36 AM on Jul 9, 2018 - 13 answers [49 favorites]

Quirky, Indie Greeting Cards

I hate most greeting cards with a passion. So kitschy! So middlebrow! Suppose I've exhausted all my Rifle Paper Company and David Shrigley options over the years. Where else can I find well-designed cards that are not the usual Hallmark schlock?
posted by dis_integration to Shopping at 8:26 AM on Jul 16, 2018 - 22 answers [46 favorites]

Looking for a literary thriller (or sci-fi)

What are some good books I should read that fall in the thriller / suspense genre, but may be highly regarded as literature (for whatever your definition of that is). [more inside]
posted by raheel to Writing & Language at 10:31 PM on Jul 8, 2018 - 23 answers [45 favorites]

How to you hold onto your personal power while falling in love?

When falling in love or developing an infatuation for someone you're dating, how is it possible to maintain your personal power? [more inside]
posted by winterportage to Human Relations at 10:14 AM on Jul 12, 2018 - 17 answers [45 favorites]

When Shoulds are no Good

MeFites who feel reasonably skillful at gentle/compassionate self-talk: What words do you use in your head when you want to evaluate hypothetical future actions that could be healthy/beneficial/morally favorable, but are counter to your existing habits and preferences? In other words, the stuff you feel like you "should" be doing, but for whatever reason, don't want to. [more inside]
posted by space snail to Health at 12:11 PM on Jun 30, 2018 - 17 answers [44 favorites]

Where do you find new SF/F books?

Looking for review sites, blogs, or wherever you find out about new books you’ll probably dig. Bonus if the sites (?) have distinctive tastes and their recs / reviews are actually fun to read. I feel like this is a thing that used to exist more, before Facebook etc swallowed the web. Hoping it still exists somewhere!
posted by schadenfrau to Media & Arts at 5:37 PM on Jul 9, 2018 - 13 answers [44 favorites]

Mental discipline - I want a list of backpocket things to think about

On bad days, I feel like even when I'm busy doing something, about 20% of my brain is engaged in cooking up major anxiety and worse-case scenario stories. I have a propensity to get nervous easily, go down dark thought spirals and go full negativity panic. I realize this is a problem and would like to put together a list of POSITIVE, ENGAGING, somewhat RELAXING things to distract myself / focus on. Any ideas? [more inside]
posted by Crookshanks_Meow to Human Relations at 7:59 AM on Jul 14, 2018 - 16 answers [43 favorites]

Please distract me with YA books

My life is stressful right now and I like to unwind with children‘s or YA literature. I am looking for new-ish books about kids triumphing over trials and tribulations with a big happy payoff (and maybe character development) at the end. Can be wacky (like Mr. Lemoncello’s Library) or serious (like The War That Saved My Life, which contains domestic abuse) but definitely optimistic at the end. Does not actually need to be YA to hit the right note, but it helps! Can you recommend books? Thank you! [more inside]
posted by Omnomnom to Media & Arts at 11:45 AM on Jun 27, 2018 - 25 answers [42 favorites]

Are there any discussion forums left?

I know a lot of forums have migrated onto Facebook or shut down altogether these days, but I still prefer the interface of forums. Can you recommend some forums or other discussion spaces online, such as blogs with lively comment sections, that have intelligent, high-quality conversations? [more inside]
posted by tiger tiger to Grab Bag at 7:59 AM on Jun 18, 2018 - 15 answers [39 favorites]

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