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December 14

Could a hiking staff live a second life as a cane?

I'm looking at this staff to serve as both an everyday cane and, later in my recovery and past it, as a hiking staff. Bone-breaking snowflakes inside. [more inside]
posted by tr33hggr at 7:28 AM - 5 answers

Labia itch after period

Labia itching after period and I would like it to stop, please. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:04 AM - 7 answers

Special Kid-Friendly Sleep/Activity Tracker?

We (the caregivers of an epileptic, developmentally-delayed six year old) are looking for recommendations for a consumer-grade wearable that might help monitor the kid's day-to-day sleep outcomes and certain physiological responses at school. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:03 AM - 1 answers

December 13

Cross-Border Medical Care, Holiday Edition

Dual Canadian-U.S. citizen paying for Medicare needs crucial medical tests but also wants to spend the holidays in the U.S.. What is the possibility of them getting those tests done here? Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
posted by Miss T.Horn at 7:24 PM - 6 answers

I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes

YANMD, and MDs have no idea why I’ve had periodic numbness and tingling in various body parts for months. Wanna brainstorm? Medical details below. [more inside]
posted by fast ein Maedchen at 8:32 AM - 18 answers

Psychiatrist outside the box

My psychiatrist is leaving in six months and her replacement just backed out. My region is very very bad for mental health care, and the other options are awful or not accepting new patients or don’t take Medicare. I want to explore options like telemedicine, traveling, and other options. Please share your experiences and tips for finding a psychiatrist in mental health wasteland [more inside]
posted by mermaidcafe at 7:57 AM - 1 answers

December 12

Medical care in Tokyo

I need an English speaking medical provider who can diagnose my possible strep throat in Tokyo. Today. (I am in akihabara until noon and shinjuku after that until Saturday morning). I can figure out the trains and I have travel insurance. Who should I see? [more inside]
posted by bilabial at 1:17 PM - 6 answers

Tons of anxiety about finding a family doctor

Growing up, my family never had a family doctor. For some reason my dad always said "we never get sick, so we don't need one," which... turned out to be incorrect. I whenever I got sick, we'd just go to the local medicentre. I would like to find a family doctor, but I have tons of anxiety about it. Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:51 AM - 17 answers

December 11

Pain in side of my face when I eat

AS we all know... yanmd. When I chew I experience discomfort (2/3 on the pain scale) from the top jaw along the side of face up to my left temple. [more inside]
posted by elf27 at 5:28 PM - 9 answers

first, do no harm

After several years of exhausting, anxiety-provoking medical workup, I finally found the solution to my medical issue and am improving on my own. I feel well. Is it okay to not see the doctor if I just don't feel like it? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 3:01 PM - 9 answers

Really weird leg pain

My legs are in very very bad pain. A highly unusual pain for me. Can you help? Waiting for my dr to email back but I'm traveling. [more inside]
posted by bookworm4125 at 12:56 PM - 12 answers

Dentist Recommendation in Greater Boston Area

Looking for recommendations for an awesome, trustworthy, nonjudgemental dentist in the Greater Boston area. [more inside]
posted by litera scripta manet at 10:59 AM - 10 answers

Thinking calmly about anxiety medication

I think I'd like to give medication a go, after years of trying to manage my mental health issues in other ways (yes, including therapy). I'm apprehensive, to say the least. I know the key is a good psychiatrist, but I have no idea how to evaluate psychiatrists. My prior experience with mental health professionals has ranged from actively negative to merely okay. How do I, a layman, discern whether or not a psychiatrist is competent and to be trusted? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:57 AM - 12 answers

Why am I so wet?

IKYANMD, and I'll see a dr if there's reason to. I've had a Mirena IUD for over four years now, so haven't ovulated in that time. Suddenly I'm very very wet for no apparent reason (no sex or recent masturbation) and I wonder what's causing this. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:56 AM - 5 answers

Is vitamin D supplementation a good idea for me?

Recently had bloodwork done as part of a routine physical, which included a vitamin D test because my doctor recommended it. It came back as 26 ng/mL, which is within the range the results sheet says is "normal" (20-80 ng/mL). My doctor is nevertheless recommending supplements (2000 IU of vitamin D per day), which seems weird to me, since it's "normal," and pretty close to what Wikipedia suggests is the optimum level of 30. [more inside]
posted by Spathe Cadet at 8:32 AM - 21 answers

December 10

Allergy shot advice, please.

I'm getting allergy shots, and get a huge welt of a reaction. It lasts a day or two, my allergist knows about it, nobody is medically concerned, etc. I'm wondering if you have any techniques for dealing with the lump that I might not have considered. [more inside]
posted by The corpse in the library at 2:33 PM - 12 answers

estrogen level for surgical menopause HRT under 40 years old

YANMD. I have my estradiol level lab results, but my surgeon is on vacation, and the reference ranges do not cover my specific situation. [more inside]
posted by Ruki at 11:24 AM - 9 answers

How to distinguish between superimposed pre-e and severe pre-e?

My doctors aren't sure whether my pre-eclampsia presentation should count as "pre-eclampsia with severe features." They're also discounting some symptoms because they don't happen at the exact same time as a high blood pressure. Because of this confusion, I'm struggling to make the right choice about when to push for early delivery. [more inside]
posted by terilou at 9:37 AM - 11 answers

December 9

Get this word outta my head!

I have an embarrassing problem: a very offensive word which is constantly popping up in my head whenever I see a person for whom it is a horrendous insult. I need help making it stop. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 4:20 PM - 28 answers

Hormonal birth control — cystic acne and migraine auras

I used to take birth control (tri sprintec/tri linyah) and it was great for a long time. I have always struggled with cystic acne and it is the only thing to ever clear it up long term. For a few years I had wonderfully cyst-free skin, until I started getting a ton of migraine auras. [more inside]
posted by caitcadieux at 1:10 PM - 18 answers

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