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February 7

Outlook 2010 command line switch ignored?

Outlook 2010 command line switch doesn't seem to be working? [more inside]
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February 2

Parted like the Red Sea

What buyers' guides based on release dates and announcements do as well as MacRumors does for Apple products? I'm specifically interested in GPUs, but I'd be interested to hear about any other product categories covered so helpfully.
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February 1

political cartoon of Bill Clinton pointing at gas & brake pedals

Looking for a political cartoon about a debate over fiscal policy. [more inside]
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January 30

Tenant Lawyer Recommendation, Oakland CA

Looking for recommendations for a lawyer experienced with Oakland's just cause evictions. Our landlords are pursuing an owner move-in in our rent-controlled apartment, which we believe is most likely not in good faith. We would like to get legal advice on our options. [more inside]
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January 29

Best books: Media Strategy 101

What are the best, most current books for total newbies on creating a media strategy for small organizations? [more inside]
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January 28

NYC Real Estate Attorney Needed

Have you lived in NYC and used a real estate attorney that you loved? Can you please pass on his or her info? If not, do you know how I could find a great real estate attorney here? Not sure how specialized they get, but looking for someone experienced in Brooklyn small single and multi-family buildings. TIA
posted by newpotato to Work & Money at 10:04 AM - 1 answer

January 16

I think I might know more about American Dad! than any human alive

Is there a better "lots of niche topics" trivia app than QuizUp available for iPhone? I'm getting frustrated with how shallow the question pool is on some topics on QuizUp but love the gameplay and a lot of the ranking and social aspects to it. Is there any better app for this?
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January 8

Name's bond, hydrogen bond

I'm looking for entertaining, science-review podcasts to prepare for the MCAT! [more inside]
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January 7

Optimal Order Management for magento, with barcode scanner?

We run a little store with lots of SKUs. Looking for the best configuration to manage inventory, accept orders, and generate shipping labels from bar codes. [more inside]
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December 30, 2015

Help my identify these Santa Claus blow molds...

Can the hive elves help me identify information about this Santa Claus blow mold? I have eight matching versions of these, each 10" high. Photo in the extended explanation... [more inside]
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December 20, 2015

Doctor recommendations

I'm seeking recommendations for a great plastic surgeon in New York City. [more inside]
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December 19, 2015

Looking for good plans on the Maryland Health ExchangeMy

My son is currently using NY State health insurance on the A.C.A. (Exchange). He is now staying and working in Maryland and I just went on their Exchange website and I see that the premiums seem to be far lower than they are in New York State... [more inside]
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Hygienic, traditional tattoo in Burma/Myanmar

I'm looking for suggestions of traditional tattoo artists in Myanmar who are hygienic and willing to work on foreigners. We'll be in the country in January (in the major tourist spots), and my SO would like to have a leg piece done. Many thanks for any help.
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December 2, 2015

Is there any known issues with Norton/Symantic and chat clients?

I have a writing forum on proboards, it has the qwebirc chat app on it and a new member can't get it to work, is it an issue with one of them? [more inside]
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November 24, 2015

Girls und Panzer movie

Any Mefite Otaku who live in Japan: have you seen the Girls und Panzer movie that hit the theaters last Saturday? Care to answer some questions about it? [more inside]
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November 20, 2015

Best rig for high quality Periscope broadcasts?

My organization is doing more and more Periscope broadcasting as part of our outreach. We've found some budget to buy a specific setup with which to do this, rather than relying on staff member's personal devices. What's our best bet? [more inside]
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November 19, 2015

Vocabulary Builder: App/hack for iOS

I'm a fan of the vocabulary builder feature on Kindle that stores a list, with definitions, of words looked up while reading. Is there an equivalent for iPhone for web? The vocab builder apps all seem to teach new words; I'm not averse to copying and pasting into the app, as long as it keeps history of searches. Open to any non-app suggestions too. My temporary solution of dumping words + definitions into Notes is not working so well.
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November 15, 2015

Pennsylvania Omnibus Pre-Trial Motion to Suppress Statement and Evidence

Is there an example layout-template of this, including the attached memo to support the motion (I'm assuming that the memo to support a motion is FIRAC, too)?
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November 11, 2015

Turn down Bluetooth 'operator' volume

I just got a pair of these QCY QY8 Bluetooth earbuds. There is a volume control on the right earbud, but it seems to only control the volume of your music and ongoing phone calls. The 'operator' volume, however, is always set to the max--I was just listening to music when someone called, and it basically screamed the announcement into my ears. The startup announcement and jingle are also always maximum volume. I don't see anything about how to control this in the instruction manual (which I can't find online, unfortunately). Any tips?
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November 9, 2015

Google Groups: how to redirect (to another group) a moderated message?

I maintain several related groups. Sometimes people post a message to the general group (which is moderated) and it should really be sent to one of the specialized topic groups. What is the best way to redirect a message while it is in moderation? [more inside]
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