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February 24

Neurosurgeons required to have proficiency in outside interest?

In When Breath Becomes Air, the author mentions that the field of neurosurgery is unique in that it requires students to become proficient at something other than neurosurgery. He said people often choose writing or research since they complement the field. But is this really a thing? Are students actually required to do this to become a neurosurgeon? I am having a hard time Googling this.
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February 23

Charity auctions near Boston

I have been volunteered to be the auctioneer at a charity event. The auction part of the event is low-key enough that I think it will be ok that I am not a professional. But I also think it might be a good idea to scope out some other charity fundraisers and auctions to get some tips. [more inside]
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February 22

Has anyone had experience with Addressable Advertising?

A colleague of mine was telling me that he spends $40/month with AT&T Adworks and says that it brings in a steady client stream for his resume-writing business. I'm curious if other solopreneurs/small businesses have had a similar experience with AT&T Adworks, Comcast Spotlight, DirectTV, etc.
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February 21

breaking up the day productively and making my dog happy with me :)

Pomodoro or other customizable timer: I have been using BeFocused Pro which I like a lot. However, I use Toodledo for my tasks. What I would like is a Pomodoro or other interval timer that can remind what to do on the breaks... yoga, train dog, go for a walk etc. And i want to specify them depending on short or long break. [more inside]
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February 16

Taylor Negron "Oratorical Contest" Sketch?

Does anybody remember a Taylor Negron sketch in which he reminisces about an oratorical contest he entered as a child. It was a produced piece that I'm pretty sure aired on Michael Nesmith's TV series, "Television Parts," that aired on NBC in the summer of 1985. . [more inside]
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February 2

It's processed, but it's not processed

A few years ago, I saw a video in which a woman was talking about the different ways in which food is "processed". Please help me find this video! [more inside]
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Find immigration/terror attack commentary video clip.

I can't find a video clip I saw re: immigration/terror attacks/syrian refugees/something similar where a man (Senator? Governor? former General?) was commenting somewhere along these lines: Nobody said holding our values would be easy. Nobody said doing the right thing would be easy, or completely safe. People might need to endanger themselves or even die to do what we consider to be the right thing. Help me find this video clip please. [more inside]
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January 20

Holly Near fans, I need your help.

My google fu has failed me. I trying to find a online video or recording or a specific Holly Near story and/or song about protesting [more inside]
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January 18

High Velocity AC Tips?

We intend to have high velocity air conditioning installed in our small (ca. 1900sqft) house. If you've had such a system installed, can you share any tips/perspectives? [more inside]
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January 13

UK citizen changing name abroad

I am a UK citizen living in Switzerland and I want to legally change my name. If I were resident in the UK, I could just make my own deed poll and have it signed by two witnesses. As I live abroad, it has to be notarised.* I have a few questions. [more inside]
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January 12

Fur Coat Repair in Chicago?

I have a vintage mink that requires extensive repairs, and after watching the Migos T-Shirt video I'm ready to drop maybe $200-$300 on it. What's a good spot in Chicago for affordable fur repair/restoration? [more inside]
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January 10

Listening to pandora stations while remaining on the "my stations" page?

I use Pandora when I run and I like to switch stations a lot. This means hitting the back arrow, choosing another station, waiting to hear if I like the song, repeat ad nauseum. But one time a magical thing happened... [more inside]
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December 29, 2016

Magnetic clasp watch band, 24mm width.

Where to find a magnetic-clasp watch band to fit a watch with 24mm wide spring bars/pins? Can find magnetic in smaller sizes, or non-magnetic in that size, but am failing to find both at once...
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December 23, 2016

Looking for Gemba Academy video that starts with "I love lean!!"

I'm looking for a specific video from the Gemba Academy that starts with the speaker - i think he's the president or ceo of GA? - yelling, "I LOVE LEAN!". It's an awkward start but it gets a lot better. Can anyone provide a link?
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December 20, 2016

iCal/OS X Calendar/Fantastical help - copying items from read only Cal

Mac OSX - Using Fantastical and/or Calendar (or even through Google Cal), I'd like to automatically copy past events to a separate (archive) calendar. [more inside]
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December 15, 2016

Can't connect to spotify over wifi on phones (both Android & Apple)

Our family is unable to connect our phones to Spotify over wifi at our home We can both connect over data. My search has given me the answer that this is issue with our router settings. But from there I am lost.... [more inside]
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December 9, 2016

Looking for a comic about Maslow's Hierarchy.

I'm looking for a thing I once read. It was a comic or other illustrated story on the internet in the mid-2000s. It starred a girl (I think) who was exploring a strange, largely empty world. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs was a motif throughout; it might have been intended as a teaching tool. I remember there being a city, and a train. It might have been colored with colored pencils. The Hierarchy appeared in the illustrations as it was being explained, perhaps with one layer of the pyramid highlighted, or others grayed out.
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December 8, 2016

Yet another children's book identification question

I was born in 1959. In the late sixties or early seventies (so I would have been 10-12) I read a book about a family who lived on a remote island (which I think was off the coast of Canada). [more inside]
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December 5, 2016

Adobe Acrobat X Pro Forms

I need to get Adobe Acrobat X Pro import text data into a form (this part is not an issue) and then get a bunch of PDFs with the text data in the proper fields. I've done this with no plugins/scripting/etc. whatsoever before and just can't remember how. [more inside]
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December 4, 2016

Help us have a cheerful Christmas in the Northwest!

We are looking for a video that used to be floating around of a couple lip-syncing to the song Christmas in the Northwest. We can't find it online anywhere, and it's driving us crazy!! [more inside]
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