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November 30

Treat yo'self!

Looking for the most luxurious, pampering gifts... [more inside]
posted by sprezzy at 5:42 PM - 32 answers

Cell Phone Options for Recent Immigrant

I have a good friend who recently immigrated to the United States from Albania. We are looking for the best first cell phone option while they are trying to settle down in their new country. [more inside]
posted by Rage-chel at 8:38 AM - 4 answers

Help me plan a cracker surprise

Every year I have a small christmas party with friends. I like Christmas Crackers, but find the contents boring, so I generally produce a set of crackers which are a bit more interesting. Help me plan something for this year. [more inside]
posted by Just this guy, y'know at 3:41 AM - 4 answers

"You did your nails? It looks very... noticeable."

I am a wimp who shies away from changing things about my appearance (even when I want to) because I get so self-conscious about comments I get from people. What are some good ways to respond and how do I work through this ridiculous hang-up? [more inside]
posted by Ziggy500 at 3:06 AM - 28 answers

November 29

Method of Sorting a List By Comparing Two Items at a Time?

There's a method of sorting -- I've seen it on a website and in a shell script -- wherein you give it a list and the site or script shows you only two options from that list, making you choose between the two. [more inside]
posted by WCityMike at 2:34 PM - 12 answers

November 28

Help us find entertainment the whole family can enjoy

My parents are staying with me for approximately six weeks while my dad undergoes treatment for cancer. We don't always get along especially well, and he's starting to feel a little bit bored/stir-crazy. We're looking for activities/entertainment we can enjoy as a family, especially movies and TV shows that tick all the right boxes. [more inside]
posted by Pizzarina Sbarro at 11:57 PM - 39 answers

Help me find a YA/Children's book series

I am trying to remember a series of books I read as a child, as I want to buy some of them for my niece. Can anyone help me find this supernatural, colonial themed book series? [more inside]
posted by coreywilliam at 8:16 PM - 7 answers

outside of the everyday life experiences?

I'm short on resources this year, so instead of gifts for the holiday, I'm trying to come up with a list of unexpected/fun/silly/special/uncommon experiences-- which I will then attach a small gift card to with instructions to use it on something from the list. However, I need help coming up with more than the handful I've thought up... (MA locals are especially encouraged to respond.) [more inside]
posted by elleyebeebeewhy at 8:01 PM - 22 answers

Good genealogy websites for wildcard name searching?

I'm trying to compute all the variations of my family last names in hoping of finding more leads to my family tree. [more inside]
posted by Calzephyr at 10:22 AM - 7 answers

November 26

I'm just a pregnant dirtbag, baby.

As a Colorado resident, what legal/custodial consequences may I face after brief, light usage of marijuana for management of extreme pain from approximately 20-21 weeks gestation? Please be honest but gentle if you can... [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 12:45 AM - 15 answers

November 25

DIY Gift ideas for engineer employees?

Hi all! I am a start-up founder and engineer, and am looking for some ideas to build/make something for my awesome and hardworking engineer employees for the holidays. My google-fu fails to find what I need. [more inside]
posted by TessaGal at 2:59 PM - 23 answers

November 24

Becoming okay with the slow pace of change

In my quest for instant gratification, I lose patience with the fact that projects, goals, and behavioral changes often take a long time and require boring, repetitive actions. Positive change can seem imperceptible in the moment. [more inside]
posted by delight at 7:03 PM - 11 answers

When that I relax into a mood, my eyes do smart at thoughts of blood.

I have.."unwanted thoughts syndrome", or something and it seems to come up mainly when I am trying to relax or meditate. I am trying to understand why. [more inside]
posted by bird internet at 4:43 PM - 11 answers

November 23

What's a bad-ass estuarial animal

I need a bad-ass estuarial animal to compare a character to. The animal should be of the give zero fucks, will totally fuck you up variety. It should hang out in North American estuarial settings. I wanted to do crocodile but it turns out those dudes are timid. Give me your estuarial bad-assery! [more inside]
posted by angrycat at 3:48 PM - 40 answers

How do I research a person's time in Iran?

My Armenian great-uncle lived in Iran 1918(ish) to 1952(ish) and I'd like to find out more about his time there. [more inside]
posted by jdl at 2:20 PM - 1 answers

How can I do a background check on someone? (arrest & conviction record)

I run a nonprofit and believe there is a need to learn the arrest and conviction record of one of our volunteers, including misdemeanors that occurred in another state. So, I'm trying to learn how to do an inexpensive background check on him. There are number of online services and I'd like to know which one is the best or if there's a better way. [more inside]
posted by someonesomewhere at 8:39 AM - 9 answers

November 21


Why is Doctor Doom the greatest Marvel villain? [more inside]
posted by the man of twists and turns at 8:27 PM - 19 answers

How to take advantage of my middle-of-the night insomnia?

I've been having trouble staying asleep. I would like to know how to take advantage of this. [more inside]
posted by Enchanting Grasshopper at 4:14 PM - 23 answers

November 20

I can't DIY Everything Forever...

I have tremendous anxiety around situations where I have to Call In The Professionals. Unfortunately for me, I'm not particularly crafty or technical or really, skilled in any way, so these sorts of situations happen in my life a lot, and they never seem to get any easier. If anything, they're getting harder to deal with as I age. Is this you? Was it? What are your tried-and-true tips for making this less of a horrifying prospect? [more inside]
posted by We put our faith in Blast Hardcheese at 4:05 PM - 44 answers

What is this?

The one local thrift shop has this and no one knows what it is: [more inside]
posted by SuzySmith at 9:52 AM - 18 answers

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