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September 24

Teletubbies on the beach?

What is the reality of taking a 2 year old on a beach / pool vacation? [more inside]
posted by kdern at 1:01 PM - 15 answers

September 23

I don't want to be turned away

I have never used Eventbrite before and have a question regarding names on tickets. [more inside]
posted by thereemix at 2:48 PM - 11 answers

September 22

Should we name a kid after a dead guinea pig?

Would it be OK to name the kid after a dead pet? Were you named after a pet? Did you name your kid after a pet? We like the names, but we don't want to weird the kid out when they're older. [more inside]
posted by kendrak at 12:01 PM - 97 answers

September 21

What conference should I go to?

Please give me ideas for (design/creative/freelancer/feminist) conferences in 2017 that meet my requirements below. Anywhere in the world is fine. Your personal anecdotes count double. [more inside]
posted by 100kb at 12:44 PM - 6 answers

September 20

2016 US Presidential Debate viewing options for cable cutters

What are some alternative viewing options for the Presidential debates starting next week? I'd like to watch on our TV, not a browser window, but we don't have a device connected to our basic cable service. We do have an Apple TV and a Fire TV stick. [more inside]
posted by RedOrGreen at 1:57 PM - 18 answers

September 19

A metaphor of increments

Hivemind, please help fill the hole in my mind. I know you're good at this: [more inside]
posted by Dashy at 12:51 PM - 21 answers

September 18

Best structured paper planner?

I'm looking for a more structured, goal-oriented paper planner. Any thoughts? [more inside]
posted by heavenknows at 3:00 PM - 16 answers

Can I post an Orange France prepaid envelope from the UK

I need to return an Orange France identification coupon in the next few weeks. It has a prepaid envelope, but I'm in the UK for the next six weeks. How can I post it from here? [more inside]
posted by Helga-woo at 1:30 PM - 10 answers

September 17

Source of unsolicited Ayn Rand?

I received a copy of Atlas Shrugged in the mail today. Where did this come from? [more inside]
posted by kittydelsol at 1:50 PM - 16 answers

September 16

Can I have it all?

Advice as I enter my 30s... [more inside]
posted by sprezzy at 10:24 AM - 14 answers

term for situation like 'you're not in traffic, you are traffic'

Is there a term for or a turn of phrase describing the situation where someone is complaining about a problem while not recognising that they are a part of the problem? The traffic saying is the obvious one, but also: tourists complaining that somewhere they visited was ruined because it had too many tourists, or that sort of thing. (if not, I'm copyrighting the "precipitate paradox" to cover these scenarios...)
posted by AFII at 4:00 AM - 13 answers

September 15

Carved mystery antique - ID needed before I go nuts

I found this mystery object in a box at an antique/junk shop in Mississauga, Ontario and I'm wondering if anyone out there has any idea it is. Imgur Album [more inside]
posted by bonobothegreat at 7:09 PM - 6 answers

Make making envelopes easier

I've been making envelopes from old books, both for myself to use and to sell in my etsy shop. My current method often inexplicably yields crooked ones, plus I think there's a faster way to do this. Also, I've yet to track down peel-off adhesive strips that I can put on for people to close them. [more inside]
posted by mermaidcafe at 6:43 PM - 9 answers

September 14

Rental car companies which will allow me to rent a car/truck and tow?

What rental car companies will let me rent a pickup truck or SUV and allow me to tow another vehicle behind it in a one-way US move? (Note: many companies rent vehicles with town hitches but do not permit towing, I'd like to do this within policy to avoid insurance issues) [more inside]
posted by arnicae at 4:36 PM - 4 answers

Special pickle-themed anniversary

Remember the engagement BBQ? Well today is my and my husband's third anniversary! WOO! We joked that a third anniversary is probably the pickle anniversary and that they save all the expensive fancy stuff for the fives and tens of anniversaries. So now I want to do something special and pickle themed for him this weekend. I only have a couple days and limited means to pull this together, but in the green I trust... [more inside]
posted by PuppetMcSockerson at 9:46 AM - 22 answers

September 13

What is this odd little figurine?

My best friend was recently helping a relative in New York State clean out an attic, and came across this this odd figurine. It's 2.5 inches tall, the base is 5/8" across, and it feels heavy -- the actual weight is 70 grams. The ring around the neck is loose, not attached. [more inside]
posted by sarcasticah at 6:36 PM - 7 answers

What to do with my home now?

Designed and built my home about forty years ago. Submitted plans to city that were approved. Started building and had several inspections that passed. Got a job offer I couldn't refuse. Took it and moved into home without finals and occupancy permit. Been living there since, working slowly on it in spare time and as health permitted. Getting to the end of my life, what do I do now? No money to finish, health won't allow much activity, don't want to be evicted, fined, jailed.
posted by anonymous at 12:06 PM - 12 answers

Rhymes with this is hard

I need your help naming our (most likely female) baby. We are stuck and looking for a strong, classic name. [more inside]
posted by stormygrey at 9:04 AM - 74 answers

September 12

Winter is Coughing (planning ahead for illness)

I usually get a cold or two each winter, and as a single person try to plan ahead for keeping myself comfortable when ill. What do you do? [more inside]
posted by 2soxy4mypuppet at 9:11 PM - 27 answers

September 10

Let's make moving and packing FUN again

Please help me not crash and burn. Because of reasons, from today until next weekend I will be doing most of the packing and moving into a new place across town. Moving and packing tips are always helpful, but what I really need are tips to keep me motivated, energetic and productive while avoiding burnout. [more inside]
posted by nightrecordings at 7:25 AM - 10 answers

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