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March 28

Mounting a Cadillac hood ornament now that the car's gone.

My partner's beloved pristine white 1990 Cadillac Fleetwood was recently totaled (and it wasn't his fault-not that it matters). I salvaged the hood ornament and a Cadillac emblem. I'd like to frame it as a surprise birthday gift. Needs to be displayed on a wall because space is limited. The ornament and the emblem are not connected. A shadow box display would be okay but I'd love to find a unique or inventive or even whimsical way to frame and display it. Thanks!
posted by lois1950 at 8:40 PM - 8 answers

March 26

Sending a child off into the world

What did I forget to teach my 19 year old? What will help her adult when she is far, far away? Help me compile a list. [more inside]
posted by momochan at 9:07 AM - 68 answers

March 25

resources for finding someone

My friend's mother has been missing for a month (and may lose her housing) and my friend has a couple questions. [more inside]
posted by aniola at 4:20 PM - 6 answers

Does Donald Trump have a driver's license?

Just that: does Donald Trump have, or did he ever have, a driver's license? Can he even drive anything other than a golf cart? [more inside]
posted by easily confused at 8:30 AM - 5 answers

March 24

Name the Blog - Round 367!

I miss writing a blog - the creative outlet it gives, the community that can develop, and the way I can focus and deepen my ideas by putting pen to paper, so to speak. So time for a new blog with a short, catchy title that is available as a .com! I'm planning on writing a personal/lifestyle blog, with a focus on parenting/relationships (but NOT a mommy blog), minimalism/simplicity, outdoors, adventures, and developing habits to lead a good life (however one defines it). [more inside]
posted by Jaclyn at 1:37 PM - 9 answers

March 23

Name That Music Video

Bits I remember: it was shot and edited so as to jump backwards in time every few seconds/beats, progressively getting further back. It opens with a woman (a jogger?) emerging from some bushes, possibly colliding with someone. And I think it ends with her on the top of a building. [more inside]
posted by zazerr at 7:16 AM - 6 answers

March 21

Do I need a birth certificate to replace my lost driver's license?

I lost my California driver's license and need to replace it as soon as possible, because I'm interviewing for new jobs and may have an offer soon. I actually don't own a car and almost never drive. The license is really just for official ID purposes. [more inside]
posted by Munching Langolier at 7:54 PM - 10 answers

This part can just be open air

Why are windows added in a somewhat haphazard way on skyscraper construction? I've been watching this this as Salesforce Tower is going up in SF, but I've seen it on other skyscraper builds too. [more inside]
posted by brainmouse at 4:02 PM - 6 answers

March 20

I need 11 reasons why turning 65 is a good thing

My dad is turning 65 in a few weeks and my mom has asked all of us to come up with 11 reasons that turning 65 is a good thing. I am drawing a blank beyond "Seniors discounts". Can mefites with more perspective help me out? They can be silly or serious.
posted by torisaur at 3:44 PM - 30 answers

Identify this AA it "that" AA or something else?

Today, and a few times in the recent past, I have seen cars with a bumper sticker with a stylized "AA" in a circle. The logo was red, white, and blue. Unlike the most common variants of the Alcoholics Anonymous logo, however, there was no triangle in it. This looks like it except for the color, though it seems to belong to some sort of German drain company (why this would be on a Honda hatchback in the US is anyone's guess). This generic auto-generated logo almost looks like it. What could it be?
posted by Seeking Direction at 12:26 PM - 3 answers

Tagline help for a maker materials side business

A friend of mine is starting up a side business where he is selling the materials generally used for makers like himself. You know, 3D printing material, bearings, small motors, pulleys, extruders... you know. Maker stuff. Anyway, his business needs a tag line. I KNOW you guys can knock this one out of the park! [more inside]
posted by PuppetMcSockerson at 7:12 AM - 16 answers

March 19

An atmospheric, comfortable place to write for hours with friends

I'm looking for a place in the Bay Area to have a mini-writing-retreat with a few friends. It could be a restaurant or coffeehouse with a private or semi-private room, a reservable workspace, a community center room, an AirBnB, or something I haven't thought of. It should be in the SF Bay Area and easily accessible by BART. Help? [more inside]
posted by wintersweet at 12:45 PM - 6 answers

March 18

Apartment Numbers in Prague

I'm wondering about the conventions of apartment numbering in Prague: whether the individual apartments in a building are typically assigned numbers (or letters? or a different designation?), whether they normally appear on doors or on mailboxes, and anything else that might be of note about them. Anecdotal information from people who have been in a Prague apartment building once or twice but can't speak to overall trends would also be helpful.
posted by Lady Gotohell at 4:12 PM - 4 answers

March 15

This is all very puzzling to me

Turns out my toddler is really into puzzles. I'd like to get him something more challenging. Puzzle-lovers, what is out there? [more inside]
posted by Toddles at 8:22 PM - 17 answers

How do I find a good insurance company?

Currently with State Farm for renters and car insurance, looking to get some new quotes. How do I judge if an insurance company is good or not? Recommendations? [more inside]
posted by needlegrrl at 1:30 PM - 9 answers

Help me memorialize my fuzzy slippers!

Fuzzy slippers => head trophies. Doable? [more inside]
posted by curagea at 1:29 PM - 10 answers

Can't touch this hammer (bench)

Can you identify this toy hammer/pounding bench I had as a child, and if not, can you recommend a close substitute? [more inside]
posted by satoshi at 3:45 AM - 1 answers

March 14

Honoring 50 Years of Fun with Dick and Jane

My parents' golden anniversary is in September, and they want a party. Fortunately they're helping plan it, but I'd love to step up and be Organizing Ninja. One problem - I've never planned a party of this scope and don't know what details to consider. [more inside]
posted by EmpressCallipygos at 5:40 PM - 11 answers

Important Experiences for kid

I’m a grand-uncle to 12 year old boy who is growing up in a relatively poor household that does not value education or hard work. What can I do to make his summer memorable? [more inside]
posted by Martys_Friend at 11:43 AM - 17 answers

Dear Internet detectives, can you help me find this bear?

My son who is on the spectrum has loved this particular Blanky Bear for over ten years. Can you help me find some more copies? Thank you so much in advance for your time and any help you can provide.
posted by 80 Cats in a Dog Suit at 7:48 AM - 5 answers

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