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January 16

Welsh translation help: "y barnydd"?

In the context of a piece in the newspaper, specifically Y Drych from the 1880's-1900's, what does "Y Barnydd" mean? It's always followed by a person's name, for example, "Y Barnydd H. M. Edwards." Bonus question: where do I seek Welsh translation help that is not Google translate or helpful people on Metafilter?
posted by blnkfrnk at 8:01 PM - 5 answers

Who should we donate this car to?

We've been charged with donating a family member's 24 year old Toyota Corolla which has reached the point of needing a new transmission. To whom should we donate the car? [more inside]
posted by sciencegeek at 2:58 PM - 10 answers

Identify a thing

A friend is trying to give away this thing, but doesn't know what the thing is so she doesn't know if anyone would want it. Any ideas?
posted by Naib at 2:12 PM - 3 answers

Dick Whitman became Don Draper. I'm looking for more examples.

Literature, TV, movies. One more example with possible spoilers inside. [more inside]
posted by fixedgear at 1:56 PM - 25 answers


A dozen is 12. A "baker's dozen" is 13. In The Fatal Shore, a "dozen" of 40 lashes is mentioned. What other kinds of dozens are there?
posted by the man of twists and turns at 11:28 AM - 14 answers

Stand for weighted keyboard?

I am looking for a solid stand that will fit my CDP-120 Casio weighted keyboard. [more inside]
posted by sockermom at 11:22 AM - 4 answers

Help me to Disneyland, please

Tomorrow I'm planning to go to Disneyland along with five adults and three kids, ages 1 through 5. I haven't been there before. Ideas of how to optimise the experience? [more inside]
posted by forza at 7:53 AM - 24 answers

January 15

What is this big plastic child-related accessory?

When cleaning out the garage, we found this big plastic thing [photos] and would like help figuring out what it is. My best guess is it attaches to a plastic tricycle (already given away), but why would it have the yellow segment?
posted by espertus at 12:04 PM - 3 answers

Good books for a 2 1/2 year old who loves numbers?

Our son is absolutely nuts about numbers (and letters, and other sequences or lists of things). His favorite books are all the kind where the first page has an 1, the second page has a 2, etc. But he needs more than just 10 things to count. Any recommendations? [more inside]
posted by bjrubble at 11:13 AM - 20 answers

January 13

Wanted: Broken Jokes!

In rereading our dearly departed jbickers' obituary from WFPL, I realized we had something in common: a love of broken jokes. Help me find more! [more inside]
posted by bologna on wry at 3:40 PM - 46 answers

A gift for the person who *really* doesn't want or need anything

A relative is joining the armed forces, and is leaving for training soon. I'd like to get him a parting gift. What, though? [more inside]
posted by cotton dress sock at 5:35 AM - 34 answers

January 12

Cab driver parking, and parking, and parking....

A resident in my apartment complex is a cab driver, and when I was walking my dog once I noticed him slowly driving through the parking lot (slower than one normally would), pulling into a space, waiting 2 to 5 seconds and then pulling out to do the same in a different space. Why? [more inside]
posted by polywomp at 7:32 AM - 9 answers

January 11

Lip Balm Squeeze Tubes

I love Carmex. My wife hates it. I like being allow to still kiss her in winter, so I need to replace Carmex with something else. What other lip balms are worth trying that I can get in a small squeeze tube? [more inside]
posted by Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug at 1:22 PM - 38 answers

January 10

Where do I buy weird scents like cut grass or burning rubber?

I want to make weird perfumes for fun. Like those Comme des Garçons colognes that smell like a gas station, or a dive bar, or whatever. Where would I find those types of scents (mown grass, burnt rubber, urine, rotten eggs, cigarette smoke etc)? Unsurprisingly, the essential oil suppliers don't stock them. [more inside]
posted by dontjumplarry at 4:52 PM - 13 answers

Hacks for postpartum work routine and life balance

I'm trying to develop a perfect system for my week, barring illness and other sorts of temporary changes. Routine soothes me. Exercise soothes me. I am still breastfeeding around the clock and I work two jobs out of necessity. I want to fit it all in somehow. Help? [more inside]
posted by crunchy potato at 4:00 PM - 12 answers

Looking for an 80's cartoon with a robot saying "Joan"

Ok, this one has had me searching for years, and no one knows it. A robot going, "joan... joan..." [more inside]
posted by mcascone at 12:24 PM - 5 answers

January 7

Waterproof digital camera suggestions

I am going on a tropical vacation in April and will be snorkeling, etc. I'm looking for recommendations on a solid waterproof digital camera to use while I'm in or around the water. [more inside]
posted by OkTwigs at 4:06 PM - 12 answers

Knut Hesterberg Propeller Table

How can I authenticate a Knut Hesterberg Propeller table? [more inside]
posted by hrhcc at 9:22 AM - 1 answers

January 6

How to promote a resume editing service

I have a knack for cleaning up resumes and making them shine. How do I get the word out online? [more inside]
posted by Michele in California at 8:00 PM - 6 answers

January 5

Into the garbage chute, flyboy!

Give me your favorite PG insults from movies and TV, please! [more inside]
posted by phunniemee at 12:31 PM - 55 answers

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