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January 24

Jump on the tiger

Who is this photo of, on the inside sleeve of Dio's "Holy Diver"? [more inside]
posted by Rube R. Nekker at 8:54 PM - 4 answers

Stay very still for three months.

How can I keep a friend who can't move her neck or shoulders as she's recovering from surgery from going stir-crazy? [more inside]
posted by Mizu at 3:11 PM - 12 answers

I want to learn to enunciate like Christine Baranski.

I want to learn to enunciate better. What exercises, books, websites, or other resources will help me acquire cut glass pronunciation?
posted by orange swan at 12:13 PM - 4 answers

Student Housing in downtown Portland

My eldest will be heading off to Portland this summer, with plans of attending the Paul Mitchell School downtown. I'm trying to get a sense of what our housing options are, so I can budget and she can plan (she really likes things to be planned out). My ideal would be something as dorm-like as possible-in the sense that there are staff onsite, or available much of the time, other students around, and perhaps some of the extra costs are already rolled into your rent (utilities, internet, etc). [more inside]
posted by purenitrous at 11:18 AM - 4 answers

January 23

Looking for info on the impact of having children on happiness

Does having children impact men and women's happiness differently? [more inside]
posted by orsonet at 2:40 PM - 5 answers

Give me your car battery anecdata, please.

Dead six-year-old car battery last night. Replace? [more inside]
posted by Sheydem-tants at 5:29 AM - 14 answers

January 22

Just say No!

Expecting #2 this summer! Help me rock my NUVBAC in a hospital. Teach me the magical 'No' phrases that won't tick off the medical staff but allow me to have the birth I want (emergencies/ extenuating circumstances aside). [more inside]
posted by MayNicholas at 8:12 AM - 31 answers

Who made this flowchart?

I'd like to know who originally created this flowchart on asking a question after a speaker's presentation.
posted by zamboni at 8:04 AM - 1 answers

January 21

Comic / diagram about arguing groups and selection bias

I think I saw this somewhere, it may have been XKCD, SMBC, The Oatmeal, or something else, that made an argument with illustrations. Basically it argued if you have two groups who disagree, the moderates of group A would disproportionately interact with the most argumentative people from group B and vice versa, leading each to get a skewed impression of the other.
posted by RobotHero at 10:11 PM - 1 answers

January 20

White elephant in the yard, not in the room.

Asking for a friend: How do I get rid of a large, locked trailer (full of tools and what not) that doesn't belong to me but is sitting on my property? [more inside]
posted by tipsyBumblebee at 9:47 PM - 15 answers

Lifehacker replacement - tips for improving everyday life

Now that Lifehacker requires you to watch a video every time you want to read an article (and most of the articles don't have enough content to make it worthwhile) I am looking for a new source on the web for generally cool ideas for everyday life. I'm not especially tech-y so I prefer hacks for every day life rather than news about nifty high-tech gear. [more inside]
posted by metahawk at 4:18 PM - 9 answers

Is there a good way to keep a non-changing to-do list?

There are a few things I want to make sure I do every day -- like make my bed, wash dishes before going to bed, take my vitamin, etc. Is there any way to keep track of this? I've thought of just a piece of paper tacked up on the wall, but wondered if there's a better way to keep track on paper or electronically.
posted by caoimhe at 2:42 AM - 30 answers

January 19

When Amy leaves the room, Lily sneezes and Bob spawns a copy of himself.

So assume there is a set containing unique elements a, b, c, d, etc. Does saying "each element of the set is unique" imply that each element of the set does not (or cannot?) affect the other elements? [more inside]
posted by Munching Langolier at 7:57 PM - 10 answers

What do you do with those nice little drawstring gift bags?

My dad got me a little Ganesh statue that came in a lovely drawstring gift bag. Does anyone have any creative ideas for what I could use this bag and similar bags for, other than using them to give other people gifts?
posted by capricorn at 8:42 AM - 18 answers

January 17

Statistics are hard.

How do you calculate the probability of something when it's not as simple as "do it a bunch of times"? Specifics inside. [more inside]
posted by Dilligas at 8:40 PM - 9 answers

A heavenly wooden deck padded with Kilims...

When vacationing in Turkey a few years ago, I came upon outdoor wooden terraces/decks for lounging and sipping tea, outfit with rugs or upholstery and lowish tables. They seemed to be very common in the area (seaside southwest of Antalya), both in restaurants/caf├ęs and in private yards, and were perfect for lounging and chatting for hours. Is there a name for this kind of thing? Picture I found on a blog. [more inside]
posted by The Toad at 5:20 PM - 5 answers

It's a bug, except when I use it as a feature!

I am looking for movies, personal anecdotes, and what not where a disadvantage is turned into an advantage. [more inside]
posted by Michele in California at 4:48 PM - 27 answers

How to identify and articulate life goals

My partner always says he doesn't have any particular goals in life, but it's clear that he does. He just hasn't identified or articulated them. Do you know a book, essay, website, etc. that could help him elucidate his image of what he wants for the future? [more inside]
posted by kutsushita nyanko at 4:38 PM - 6 answers

FontFilter: Help Identify This Font?

Does anyone know the script font used on these invitations? Thanks
posted by heavyp08 at 5:10 AM - 5 answers

January 16

Sideswiped in a parking lot

I switched cars with a friend because they needed to borrow mine. I parked their car in a parking lot. Came back to find that their car had been sideswiped and no note left. Parking attendant didn't see anything. What are my next steps? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:53 AM - 13 answers

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