January 17

Need a video editor for 10 hours of raw wedding footage

When we signed the contract for the videography of our wedding, we misunderstood how raw the raw footage would be. We need to find someone who can edit about 10 hours of footage from three cameras down to about two hours. We don't want to work with our videographer because we are unhappy with his turn-around times and price. Does anybody have personal experience with an editor for such a job?
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Son's teeth are braces-free, hurrah! How to celebrate/cheer him up?

My 15-year-old son is getting his braces off. This means he can again indulge in some of his favourite snacks, especially popcorn and chewing gum. I want to celebrate and also cheer him up (he's been a bit glum lately)--already thinking of taking him to the cinema *just* for a big bag of MOVIE THEATRE popcorn, and putting together a care package of various brands of gum for his school locker, but other than that, I got nothing. Any ideas, mefites, for braces-themed jokes or treats, etc., that I can surprise him with for, say, a week? Even mild pranks might work (the equivalent of putting googly eyes on stuff, but braces/teeth themed)? He has a silly sense of humour. Thanks :)
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Looking for a good how to cook and food magazine

I don't know how to cook very well. Cookbooks, even ones that claim to be quick and minimal bore me. Motivator? Maybe a magazine with recipes, credible interesting articles on food and nutrition (even a lttle wine) I read Eating Well magazine and it seems pretty good. Any other suggestions?
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Free yourself from the grind

Who are the best gurus and best resources for "freeing yourself from the 9 to 5 grind"? Everybody and his brother has a book on how to set up an online business and/or multiple streams of income that will allow you to work from anywhere on your own schedule. Who are the best? [more inside]
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Vegetarian cooking projects

My wife and I like to take weekends to engage in more complicated (or just time intensive) cooking projects. The problem is that most of my ideas are very meat heavy. I'd like some ideas for vegetarian or just vegetable focused, cooking projects. [more inside]
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Should I try online dating because I have not met any men being social?

I am 21 and I am going to graduate college soon. I have never had a boyfriend or been asked out before. I am in shape (5'5 and weigh 125 pounds). I feel like guys are not interested in me even when I do try to be social. Should I actually try online dating because I have not met any men being social? [more inside]
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how long does it take to send mail from New York to DC?

How long does it take for a letter mailed from New York to reach the recipient in DC? [more inside]
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Can I run an extension cord behind drywall?

My wife and I finally broke down and bought a modern, flat-screen TV. I would like to hang it and hide the wires behind the wall. I know that I can do this with the low-voltage, HDMI cables, but I am wondering if I can run a good commercial-grade extension cord behind the wall as well so that I can hide the TV's power cord. Is this a dangerous/terrible idea? [more inside]
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Could Brexit be prevented altogether?

British Prime Minister Theresa May confirmed that leaving the EU would mean leaving the single market, and that both Houses of Parliament would get to vote on the deal. If the House of Lords believes it would be bad for Britain to leave the single market, could they prevent Brexit? How likely is this to occur? Could the Commons overrule them in this instance?
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Heading to New York

I've been offered a job at 70k per year (pre tax) located in Manhattan to start in September of this year. I'd like to live as close to midtown as possible, but I'm also aware that rent is very expensive. What are my options for: 1 to 2 roomies, or a studio apartment around 1,200 per month. I'd be fine with up to a 45 minute commute. [more inside]
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How do I move past being an unsuspecting & unwilling wing woman?

I just learned that some people I consider friends only befriended me in order to pursue my best friend romantically. Where do I go from here? A veritable flurry inside. [more inside]
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He seems very attracted to me but is unable to maintain his erection

I have been dating my boyfriend for a few months now. Since the first time we had sex, he kept losing his erection. I thought it was just nerves but things never got better. [more inside]
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January 16

Urgent: Need lawyer for Seattle area for arrest at airport

Asking for a friend: "my friend's aunt has been arrested at the Seattle airport FOR NO REASON while on vacation in the US and we are trying to help her. Does anyone know any immigration lawyers in the Seattle area/hotlines to call for advice/other relevant resources..." Any help I could relay would be great. Thanks!
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Still tasty?

Is there any particular reason why I should upgrade to Delicious Library 3 instead of retaining Delicious Library 2 on my Macbook? [more inside]
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Please help us name our new puppy!

We are adopting a shih tzu puppy, yaaay! We would love some help picking a name for him! [more inside]
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Becoming a teacher in the Clark Country School District

My mother is currently considering becoming a teacher in the Clark Country School District under this Nevada Teachers program, is this program a workable career launcher for an older woman? [more inside]
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Welsh translation help: "y barnydd"?

In the context of a piece in the newspaper, specifically Y Drych from the 1880's-1900's, what does "Y Barnydd" mean? It's always followed by a person's name, for example, "Y Barnydd H. M. Edwards." Bonus question: where do I seek Welsh translation help that is not Google translate or helpful people on Metafilter?
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Neat places to crash in Tokyo and Kyoto?

Looking for nicely situated botique hotels in Kyoto and Tokyo-- can anyone recommend something that would be memorable w/o breaking the bank?
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Renting family cabins in the Poconos this summer

Where is a good place in the Poconos to rent 2-3 adjacent cabins near a lake in the Poconos? Needs to be kid/family friendly with full amenities including AC and kitchens. [more inside]
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Toddler-sized feminist shirts in NYC by Saturday?

Taking toddlers and kids to NYC march, decided we should all wear shirts there, instead of counting on finding some on site. Seen any cool shirts in this size? That I could obtain on such short notice?
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Inauguration & Women's March activities in DC?

Heading to DC this weekend with some friends for the inauguration and the Women's March. We're lefties and would love to plug into activities either on Friday or Saturday night. [more inside]
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Informing my plot: in case of disaster, what would YOU do?

This year, I'm turning 50 and my goal is to finish one post-apocalypse novel before my birthday (given that I started writing in that genre age 12). So, without telling my story here, and thus rendering it unnecessary to write, please tell me... [more inside]
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Trades for a Young Man in the Midwest?

My son is currently working retail, stocking overnights, and he hates it, and wants to get into something else. [more inside]
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How can I paint a large steel planter if I live in a small NYCapartment?

I really like the shape & size of this big steel planter, but not the color, which will look mad cheeks with the rest of my stuff. I'm comfortable with the idea of painting it myself, but I don't know what kind of paint to use, how to prepare the surface, or even where I can do it, since I live in a New York apartment without a garage or tenant-accessible basement. Got any advice for me? [more inside]
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Who should we donate this car to?

We've been charged with donating a family member's 24 year old Toyota Corolla which has reached the point of needing a new transmission. To whom should we donate the car? [more inside]
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Easing a difficult childcare transition: help!

My family has been using the au pair program with great success for three years, since a little after my son Adam was born. We are currently in the midst of the transition to our third au pair, and Adam is not having it. Do you have any strategies to help with this? [more inside]
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Identify a thing

A friend is trying to give away this thing, but doesn't know what the thing is so she doesn't know if anyone would want it. Any ideas?
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Newspaper article clippings

Pure vanity question - if my work was covered in print by the major US newspapers in the last couple of weeks, and I wanted to get my hands on actual newsprint versions of the stories (not print versions from the web), what are some easy and/or creative ways to go about it? Preferably with no more than a postage stamp budget?
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Dick Whitman became Don Draper. I'm looking for more examples.

Literature, TV, movies. One more example with possible spoilers inside. [more inside]
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Diagnosed with heart failure on 12/14/16. What can I expect now?

I am a 36 yo female. Was diagnosed with atypical severe congestive heart failure one month ago. My question is: what now? [more inside]
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Help me find the cool podcasters' table

How do I find podcast producers that need music? [more inside]
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10 PRINT 'Om Mani Padme Hum'; 20 GOTO 10

Are there any cases of the use of electronic/computational prayer wheels, by way of computation? (In real life and/or in literature) [more inside]
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A dozen is 12. A "baker's dozen" is 13. In The Fatal Shore, a "dozen" of 40 lashes is mentioned. What other kinds of dozens are there?
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Stand for weighted keyboard?

I am looking for a solid stand that will fit my CDP-120 Casio weighted keyboard. [more inside]
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South UK / London area with kids in June -- farmstay?

Hi all -- Looking for recommendations as we put together a trip for 10-12 days, starting and departing London. Our party is 2 adults and 2 kids (3.5 years and 1.5 years). We've had great success with farmstays in the past. Train rides are also fun. Any thoughts on places to visit or farmstays? We'll want to do a few days in London but also get out -- seaside or country or both in the time we have. Ideally we'll travel by rail (trains are fun!) but we could drive. Looking for less-touristy, more funky or strange kind of stuff. Walking treks, or renting bikes, etc. Thanks!
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We Are All Going To Die: 2017 Inauguration Playlist

I'm putting together a playlist to get me through this weekend. The theme is: we are all going to die/everything is terrible/this is a disaster/the end of civilization as we know it. Connections can be tenuous, lyrical/topical fit less important than the one moment of "HA! This song! Perfect!" Songs so far include REM's "It's the End of the World As We Know It," The Homeless Gospel Choir's "Armageddon," Def Leppard's "Armageddon It." Not interested in generic depressing/downbeat songs or overly sincere songs or even hopeful ones. Bitter laughs preferred.
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how to leave job without screwing anyone over?

I've recently realised that it would be in my best interest to leave my current job. I actually feel quite passionate about the projects I'm working on, and I am aware leaving now would put a lot of people in terrible positions. Is there any way to minimize the damage if I leave this post? [more inside]
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Antique Sewn Toy Restoration in Pacific Northwest USA

Looking for recommendations for a place (preferably near Seattle) that can do some cleaning/restoration on antique sewn toys (cloth dolls and a teddy bear). The items in question are at least 70-90 years old, and have been stored reasonably well, but could use some love to make them shine. Any experience with antique toy/doll consignment or sales would be useful too.
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Which sci-fi authors best predicted the present?

As we now seem to be living in a dystopian science-fiction movie, I am wondering if there are books or movies that were particularly close in their predictions of what life would be live coming up to 2020. A lot of cyberpunk seems to have been short of the mark, but my vague memories of their precursors (like John Brunner) lead me to think that there were creators in the 1960s and 1970s who were better at looking forward.
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Help me remember an early 90s computer game!

I have a very VERY hazy recollection of a children's computer game involving currency that I'd like to know more about. [more inside]
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Help me remember a half-forgotten quote about crickets and silence

I've been trying to remember both the wording and the source of a quote I once heard to the effect of "If you want to make a loud noise, be so quiet you can hear the crickets, then take away the crickets." I heard (or read?) this in the context of writing poetry, and I feel like it may have been connected to Basho in some way--but I might be thinking that just because he wrote about crickets a lot. I have googled to no avail, but I may just suck at googling.
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Ethics of workplace disclosure of medical condition

My sister was recently diagnosed with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), with several open lesions. She is NOT planning to disclose this at work, but the nature of her job requires frequent contact with a vulnerable population. Is there something I need to do? [more inside]
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Help me to Disneyland, please

Tomorrow I'm planning to go to Disneyland along with five adults and three kids, ages 1 through 5. I haven't been there before. Ideas of how to optimise the experience? [more inside]
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Ceiling mounted sliding door lemma

I have recently moved into a studio apartment and would like to install a ceiling mounted sliding doors to separate the "bedroom" from the "living room". Snowflakes below the fold. [more inside]
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I need to make a PDF directory of magazines.

I have been given a long run of magazines to put online as PDFs. I'm currently scanning them and want to create a clean directory structure where I have the covers of the magazines as nice thumbnails, clicking on them gives you a modal with the cover and the table of contents and a download pdf button, and then you can download the individual issue if you click. Is there a free solution to this that doesn't require a larger brain than I possess? [more inside]
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How can I be a better, more productive advocate for my mom?

My mother is 74 years old, and last June she unexpectedly needed open-heart, single-bypass surgery after a routine heart catheterization found a significant blockage. See inside for more details, but basically more than seven months later she is in continual debilitating pain and we are getting nowhere with doctors in terms of finding out why and doing anything to address or resolve it. I need advice on how to proceed, because I am at my wits end. [more inside]
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Please help me not be sick all the time

I have a clusterfuck of ENT/asthma-type issues and I'm wondering if getting my tonsils removed would help. Please help. [more inside]
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Retail management boot camp?

I'm in the odd position of needing to run and grow a year-old and still-struggling retail store...without any real retail experience to speak of. SO much more inside? [more inside]
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Explain like I’m 5: Etsy Utah sales tax & business registration

I sell on Etsy and will be switching my inventory and hopefully making more money. I want to do it all right as I expand. But all of this is making my head spin! Do I need to register as a business too? A DBA? How? [more inside]
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January 15

What should we write on our signs?

I'm attending the women's march in LA with my four year old daughter and a number of other family members. The problem I'm having is that there is so much WTF and everything is infuriating at this point I don't have the mental energy left to condense it all into something short and pithy. I think I'm stumped because I'm naturally an optimist but I can't find that part of me right now. Any advice? What will your signs say?
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Trying to help a Japanese student apply for American colleges

A student of mine just asked me to help her with applying to American colleges and universities. I'm essentially looking for recommendations for, schools with good musical theater programs, advice and best practices for applying to universities from overseas, and applying for financial aid for non-US students. [more inside]
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Grad school - advice for when the program is cancelled after acceptance

Asking for your ideas about what it'd be smart and reasonable to ask for from the program director if your chosen graduate school cancelled a program after sending out acceptances. I got word less than a month from when the program would have begun. There is the potential that this program would start two semesters from now. A phone conversation with their team confirmed that my acceptance would carry over, but I am not confident that this program will start on that timeline, and am applying to other programs, mostly for a fall start. [more inside]
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Prevent a Burn From Scarring

Long story short, I set my hand on a metal fire ring, and got a pretty nasty burn. I think it's past the point of infection, but I'd love to not have another scar on my hand (I am kind of a serial klutz). Thoughts? [more inside]
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Dancing in the Dark

I would love some advice on adding light to a challenging corner of our living room (photos after the jump). [more inside]
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How can I make YouTube constantly display in-video time during playback?

I'm going to show a YouTube video to a bunch of people in a context (DIY MST3K) where we need to have constant access to the accurate playback clock for the movie. I.e., I want to show the timeline bar that appears at the bottom of the screen when you wiggle your mouse, constantly, but without constantly having to wiggle the mouse. Is there a way to do this? Bonus if it can work with Chromecast.
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Returned to my old team in a new role but it's going badly. What's next?

I joined a temp agency in January 2016 and was given a six week-long assignment at a foreign consulate. Six weeks turned into six months following several extensions. I left in July on great terms and in October, my former manager offered me a new assignment from November to April, covering some of a departing colleague's responsibilities. Unfortunately, things just aren't going as well as they did the first time. How should I discuss my concerns? I'm not even sure if I should stick it out until April... [more inside]
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Guest with bedbugs.

A friend stayed overnight, went home and then found out they had bedbugs at their place. Should we be worried, and what should we be doing? [more inside]
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Accounting help needed - Accounting Software Categories

I'm currently purchasing parts and packaging materials for a product I'm producting and I have a few questions about categorizing expenses. All of the items below are being purchased from different vendors and I'm packaging everything together. I'll give you a few examples and if you could, please recommend a proper way to categorize the expense. 1) The product itself 2) Screws 3) Zippered poly bags to contain the screws 4) A printed insert with instructions 5) Poly bag to contain everything 6) A printed cardboard bag topper stapled to the poly bag packaging. That's really about it. I'd like to start entering in my invoices into my accounting program, but I really don't know the best way to organize these expenses. Thanks for your assistance. I really appreciate it.
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What to wear in NOLA in winter?

Hello! I will be visiting New Orleans in a week, and have never been. What should I plan to wear, both from a climate and a culture perspective? [more inside]
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How do you tell the difference between diamonds, cubic zirconia, etc.?

How can I lean to tell the difference between cubic zirconia, diamond, and other stones? According to my internet research, cubic zirconia has more "dispersiveness" and "fire" than diamond, but diamonds have more "brilliance" than cubic zirconia. Can I train my eye to tell the stones apart with those properties? What does the "brilliance" look like, and how does that differ from "dispersiveness" and "fire"? Any other tips for differentiating stones used in jewelry would also be welcome. For example, if you have tips related to rubies, emeralds, or pearls, please share!
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