February 22

Southern Italy in a week: Naples to Catania — what should we do?

My person and I are flying into Naples a week from Sunday and flying out of Catania (Sicily) the following Sunday. The plan is to rent a car and take a meandering route, but we don't have any fixed plans on where to go. [more inside]
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Would you like franchise with that?

Please tell me everything there is to know about franchise ownership. [more inside]
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Do you recognize this statue? Or who is in it?

Link inside of a man standing statue [more inside]
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Racist statements at work

What would you do if you saw or heard someone at work making racists comments to himself? He wasn't directing those comments at anyone specific, he was sitting by himself talking to himself.
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Has anyone done deep data analysis on the last election results?

Specifically, has anyone done or tried to do an analysis of the latest election results data to determine if there's any correlation between polling places Trump narrowly won in swing states (especially those with Republican governors) and electronic voting systems that don't produce a verifiable paper trail? Or anything similar, looking at discrepancies between exit polls and reported results? [more inside]
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I'm going to go blind? What?

This week my ophthalmologist told me that I have a cataract in my left eye, and she asked me point-blank whether I wanted to be scheduled for surgery ASAP. I've deferred on the surgery for a year. I'm fifty years old. What am I in for, short-term and long-term? [more inside]
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How does one tell if a hot water heater is electrically powered?

I want to know if the landlord is paying for the hot water or if I'm paying for it, however I can't find any obvious indication of how the hot water heater is powered. Is there an easy rule of thumb or specific types of connections I should be looking for around the unit? [more inside]
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Tips for archiving performance of stage play using Canon T3i?

Last time I taped a play it was using an old-fashioned tape-based camcorder with settings controls that were easily accessed for on-the-fly adjustment. I downloaded a user manual for the T3i, but I haven't done much shooting with DSLRs so I could use some tips. [more inside]
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reading list for the revolution

I'm looking to compile texts, stories, etc. that are on the interwebs written by queer people of color. [more inside]
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Just don't lick the flagpoles!

My kids' school has outdoor recess guidelines that I would like to challenge. The kids are kept indoors in weather that I think is perfectly appropriate for outdoor play. A twist is that I think they and other schools may be basing their guidelines on a nonexistent medical association? [more inside]
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Short-term southern Oregon living alternatives.

I'll be living in the Medford, OR area for ~six months (roughly late June - mid December) for an internship (regular day job hours), and then moving back to Portland. Looking for specific research sources on a couple of alternative ideas to traditional rentals. [more inside]
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Dealing with ridiculous COmcast data usage claims

Hi All, Comcast has claimed for the past few months that we are using well over a terabyte of data at an alarming clip. We "exceed," the cap before the month is half over, and are now responsible for overage fees of $150+. I have tried all the recommended steps, changing my wi-fi password, virus scans, etc. No luck, and COmcast is stonewalling and insisting they've done all they can. Any help in dealing with them, or suggestions of whom I can contact with this complaint, would be appreciated. [more inside]
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Buoyancy question

i want to put an inflatable pool in my small backyard. Then I want to fill it with water and lie on its surface on an inflatable chaise/raft thing. [more inside]
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No-solder USB plug adapters / tools?

Is there such a thing as a crimping kit to build USB cables? I am interested in wiring USB lights to USB plugs and would prefer to skip the soldering iron. [more inside]
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Has anyone had experience with Addressable Advertising?

A colleague of mine was telling me that he spends $40/month with AT&T Adworks and says that it brings in a steady client stream for his resume-writing business. I'm curious if other solopreneurs/small businesses have had a similar experience with AT&T Adworks, Comcast Spotlight, DirectTV, etc.
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Recommendations for ready-to-drink mixes of veggies/fruits/grains?

I'm looking for something like Soylent 2.0, only made with whole veggies/fruits/grains/etc. [more inside]
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I need to learn how to make and store a podcast.

I did a radio show for a long time and I have been asked to turn it into a podcast. I have no idea how I should do this. I have a Mac book pro, maybe a smidge of online space, and a lot of time. The radio show is mostly music with me talking a small amount. [more inside]
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"Say what now??!" A Totally Bonkers Android Glitch.

I sent a text message to my Dad. He got a different message than I sent. What's up here? [more inside]
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Detailed Tech Tales!

Based on this amazing comment, I've been hungry for more detailed stories of how (really any) tech stuff was designed, implemented, tested - written in an entertaining fashion. Webdev stuff, hardware stuff, software stuff, anything really, as long as it's well-written and pretty detailed (meaning probably not much from The Daily WTF but links to specific pieces there are ok, like the wonderful MUMPS story.) I especially want stories of a million things going wrong. Thanks!!
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How can I organize books on my Kindle?

I use a Kindle Paperwhite for reading. Thanks to sites like Bookbub I own many books, all of which currently reside on the Kindle, and I want to read them in the order purchased. Sounds simple, right? But I can't figure out how to organize them that way on the Kindle. [more inside]
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Spread(sheet) 'em

I'm absolutely, positively, completely new at using spreadsheets. I need to keep track of freelance jobs, how much time I'm spending on them, how much each one pays, how much I've been paid in total, and average hourly wage per gig, per freelance site, and overall. Please explain to me how to do these things in Google Sheets in the simplest possible language. [more inside]
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Lost Basset Hound on the Run! Where do they go?

Last night our 5 year old female Basset Hound took off. Breed owners or experts, where do they go? Do they wander off forever? Do they find their way back home? Straight line or circles? More below the fold. [more inside]
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Tutorial for Making Fishing Nets

I have this marvelous vest (sadly no longer made) and saw this marvelous ancient Egyptian dress. The vest is knotted ribbon in a wide fishing net pattern and the dresses appear to be the same (with beads). It has come into my mind that I could make a whole tank dress out of the 3M ribbon like my vest. Anyone know a good source (book, online, or other) for knotting nets like this? because I totally have time to do this, too [more inside]
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how to find a therapist in Chevy Chase or Bethesda, MD

Greetings, How do I go about finding a therapist in Chevy Chase or Bethesda, MD? I am looking for someone for uses CBT? Thank you!
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What is this waistcoat called en Francaise?

Reviewing a series of mugshots of French Anarchists from the 1890's, I noticed that a very large percentage of them are wearing what appears to be the same style of knitted double-breasted waistcoat. I have questions: [more inside]
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Pop music with a brass section?

Help me find pop music with a brass section [more inside]
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Used car shopping, ugh

A car needs to be replaced. The target budget is ~$6000. This seems like it should be do-able, but it's been hard to find good candidates. The shopper does not have a lot of experience with car shopping. [more inside]
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Names of real institutions + shops ok for student portfolio pieces?

Could I use the names of real institutions (i.e local museums and libraries) and local shops in a student illustration project I'm designing for my class? [more inside]
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Canadian Warranty Law between distributor and dealers

Fair and Reasonable VS Established Rates for Shop Labor Refunds [more inside]
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Help us raise funds for the pups!

Im a volunteer with a dog rescue group (501c3) and I'm trying to figure out the best online donation portal. [more inside]
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Pinball games with nonstandard scoring

I'm looking for traditional pinball machines that use nonstandard scoring systems. [more inside]
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Sliding glass door replacement

I want to replace a shabby patio door that is old, cold-air leaky, and has a margin around it that blocks light (like a six inch frame around the glass). It only opens on one side, via a hinge, so the door swings into the room. I want to replace it with a nicer door that slides rather than swings, has a smaller 'frame' around it so it lets in more light, is well-insulated, and comes with (?) a screen door. [more inside]
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Help us choose a new kitchen sink

Old sink=stained and ugly. Want a nice, low maintenance new sink. Oh, and not too spendy! [more inside]
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How thick is light bulb glass?

I'm modeling a standard, incandescent light bulb (the A60, here). Assume 60 watts, if that makes a difference. I'm pleased with the general result, but would like the glass thickness to mirror reality. I've visually estimated it, but oddly can't find any reference online to how thick it is by standard. I'm currently using 0.2 mm. What should it be?
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n00b question about the actual procedure for refugees, please advise

One of my former students in Malaysia, from Yemen, has asked for my help. I do not know what to do. [more inside]
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NYC shop that sells crochet yarn?

I'm looking for a brick-and-mortar shop (ideally in Manhattan, but am fine with Brooklyn or Queens) that sells a good selection of #8 cotton crochet thread, like this. Doesn't need to be DMC brand, just need that size and (hopefully) enough colors that I can find what I need. I have tried Michael's and my local yarn shops on the Upper West Side, and apparently they're too much of a niche item to carry anymore. Have you seen these balls? I am not looking for embroidery floss.
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So are you running late for a dentist appointment?

I need a script/strategy for dealing with this sex situation that keeps popping up with men around age 30. [more inside]
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Fancy dresses for UK plus size women

I'm looking for a formal dress for a wedding and don't seem to be inspired by my usual shops. [more inside]
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help, I'm teaching prejudiced children.

How do I deal with racist attitudes expressed by 12 year olds that I teach? [more inside]
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Help an ex-Christian navigate her 25 year reunion

I was a pretty active evangelical Christian at university (UK). How do I navigate my reunion with grace and charm? I don't have major regrets or animosity towards Christians, but equally I don't want to buy into the 'backslider' narrative. More details below. [more inside]
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February 21

How to talk to someone about their anger and negativity?

My boyfriend reacts badly to very common everyday frustrations. I'm a sensitive person and his negativity really weighs on me. His hot temper also makes me very uncomfortable. How do I talk to him about this? [more inside]
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Landlord woes

I am looking for some advice on dealing with tenants as a new landlord. [more inside]
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SF NYC real estate: Asset allocation for a (barely) millionaire

I am a single, 40-year-old man and have about $1.1 million in assets. (About 35% is in pre-tax retirement accounts.) I also have a mortgage of $350k on an apartment in NYC and about $150k in equity in the apartment (not counted among my assets). But I would like to move to the Bay Area and buy a house. [more inside]
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Institutional affiliation for a paper where I worked as a consultant?

I'm an author on an academic paper. My involvement with the paper was as a paid data analysis consultant to the first author (who's based at a university). Half of this (part-time) consulting was while I was unemployed, the other half was as a side gig while I had an unrelated full-time job. How should I list my institutional affiliation on our submission? [more inside]
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What's the original text of Marlowe's devils?

My question is from "The Third Man", written by Green. "He's never grown up.Marlowe's devils wore squibs attached to their tails;" I'd like to check the original text. I know that it's from "The Doctor Faustus", but I can't find exact act(and scene) number. Can I read them on the internet?
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How can I remove strong cooking smells from wooden furniture?

Yesterday, I bought a used Ikea bed frame that turns out to be permeated with very strong smells of spices from cooking. Do you have any tips for odor removal, or is this just going to be unsalvageable? [more inside]
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Accessible tutorial activities for students with disabilities

This semester I have a lot of students with disabilities in my classes (university, third year undergraduate, primarily discussion-based humanities subject). Two of them in particular have challenges that mean I can't do a lot of the usual stuff in my teaching "bag of tricks". One is severely visually impaired, and the other is non-verbal (uses an electric wheelchair, limited use of hands, uses nose to tap out sentences on an iPad that are spoken electronically). Can anyone suggest some engaging interactive teaching and learning practices that will still work for these students? [more inside]
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Can I eat it, super old Costco cheese edition

Costco brand Manchego cheese with sell by date of 10/25/2016. Still vacuum sealed, no visible spoilage. Sadly forgotten in the back of the fridge. [more inside]
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Should we move from SF to Berkeley?

We're outdoorsy introverts who live in the Mission. We want to move. Should we move to Berkeley for the space and quiet? Or is a short commute worth less space, even if it restricts our ability to use our free time? We're made of special details, but we're interested in opinions from anyone who works in SF and lives in the East Bay; we're also interested in other people's guidelines and heuristics for balancing cost, commute, and space. [more inside]
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I wanna get good. Where to start?

I feel like I am a decent enough programmer, but I want to really rekindle my passion for the craft and work towards becoming great - a sort of Renaissance (wo)man developer. Book, blog, and online resource recommendations would be appreciated. [more inside]
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First time home buyer, first time landlord?

The plan: Buy an older home in the pricey liberal College Town in our area. Rent it out for a couple of years while we live for free with extended family out in the country (40 minutes away). Pocket savings from living for free while the rent pays our mortgage, then remodel and live in the new house a few years down the road once kids are school-age and we want into the better school district. The numbers are as follows... [more inside]
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How much Throat Coat can I safely drink?

I have had a sore throat for a few days, and I'm drinking around 24 oz of strong Throat Coat tea every day. I'd like to drink even more, but I don't want to damage my health. [more inside]
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Rural internet

Help me decide which crappy internet option to go for... [more inside]
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Give me your easiest, tastiest, healthy meals!

I need to start cooking more and I want your best recipes! [more inside]
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Suggestions on food/snacks to pack when travelling with celiac to Japan

My husband and I are traveling to Japan in a few months. He has celiac disease. Due to the prevalence of gluten in Japanese food, we anticipate not being able to eat out much, if at all. What are some food items that are easy to bring along and eat, assuming we have access to very basic cooking facilities? [more inside]
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Best books on modern or recent civil wars?

Looking for good books, both fiction and narrative nonfiction, set in or ostensibly about civil wars in the modern era. Google keeps turning up American Civil War results, but I'd like a window into what happens and what it looks like in the modern era when a society tears itself apart. Double bonus points if the book deals with ethnic cleansing or genocide. Here is a picture of a one-eyed, three-legged rescue dog as a palate cleanser. Thank you in advance!
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How is ABBA formed?

Who influenced ABBA? [more inside]
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Cerebral Science Fiction movies?

I'm not sure if there is a term for the category of movie I'm looking for, but I've lately been on a kick of thinking-person's science fiction movies, and I'm looking for more that fit the bill. Movies like the Martian, Contact, 2001, Interstellar, Solaris and I was especially moved by Arrival. Thoughtful, sort of technical, lyric, and slow. Limited violence and no sexual violence. Any suggestions?
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Advice for a father of a 13yo gay girl?

Simply put... My 13 year old daughter is gay. I really want to support her in anyway I can. She goes to a religion-based, private school where she is very happy with lots of friends. I feel a conflict between the anti-gay official position of the school and the actual reality of the students. So... should I keep my daughter in a "Christian" school vs. ?
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Best lavender-scented shampoo/conditioner

I recently got some California Baby Calming Shampoo, and I love the smell. Sadly, the shampoo itself isn't my favorite. So do you know of any other awesome lavender-scented shampoos and conditioners? [more inside]
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