September 29

How are generations punctuated?

I had thought generations began after World War II, which "banged the gong" by changing when people were having babies, and we've been in that cycle since. But my googling says generations have gone back to the 19th century, to non birth-wave related events, like social change from industrialization. But if the birth rate was steady, how would you ever define the beginning and end of a generation? Ala, the distribution of age groups would be uniform.
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Best Place to Purchase an Astrological Natal Chart

My girlfriend enjoys horoscopes, and for her birthday I'd like to purchase her a full interpretation of her natal chart, and then have the chart itself converted into an art piece. I've already found an artist to do the art part, but I have no idea how to identify an astrologer. [more inside]
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Ideas/advice for pain-free family visits

I live in a different country than my parents and in-laws, and my wife and kid are able to visit once a year. How can we restructure this annual trip home to maximize quality time without everyone going nuts/bananas? Details inside! [more inside]
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How to get from Seoul to Jinju Lantern Festival?

We'll be visiting Seoul next week, and are keen to get out to the Jinju Lantern festival as it looks amazing. Getting there, however, seems like a royal PITA, with googlemaps telling me 5 hours minumum each way, trains and busses. We can't speak Korean past a few words and don't read Hangol. Do you think this is doable for two tourists with limited to nonexistent language skills, or too much? [more inside]
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My rental car was hit. Now what?

I bought 3rd party insurance when I pricelined my rental car. . This morning I came out of the apartment where I stayed (central St Louis) to find someone had hit the bumper. I was hurrying to get to my mother's bedside (she is dying) and did not file a police report. WHAT DO I DO NOW? [more inside]
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Suggestions for (temporarily) deferring immediate physical grieving?

I need some quick potential solutions for compartmentalizing grief, at least for a little while. More beanplating in the extended. [more inside]
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Need to find a lawyer about a sublet and renter's insurance situation

I need help finding a lawyer. I have a complicated sublet situation, and I have questions about renter's insurance and personal liability. What kind of lawyer should I seek out? Do you have anybody whom you can recommend? I'm in San Francisco, CA. [more inside]
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Laser hair removal in Los Angeles?

I'm ready to jump into laser hair removal. Can you recommend an excellent place in Los Angeles? [more inside]
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Week-long pre-wedding camping/festival practicalities

I'm engaged to my wonderful partner, and we'll be getting married in her country (Sweden) with many of our friends and family travelling from my country (Australia). I'm sure they'll want to be there with us for more than a single night, and we want that too. I'd like to figure out if a collective 'summer camp' style thing is workable. [more inside]
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Packing a lunch: when to heat and when to eat?

This might win me the award for most embarrassing question of the day, but I don't like messing around with bacteria in my food, so I should probably figure this out. [more inside]
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September 28

Orange you glad I didn't say "banana"?

Help me remember all of the jokes I forgot after having a baby. [more inside]
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Waking up with a headache: why does this happen so often?

I get more than my share of headaches; I'm kind of prone to them. I get headaches maybe two or three times a week on average, and I've identified various headache triggers. And there is one clear tendency in my headaches: I'm much more likely to get them in the early morning (and wake up with them) than I am to get one at any other time of day. Why could this be? [more inside]
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Need new noms

I've been doing little cooking challenges for a while. Not every Sunday, but, often, I challenge myself to make something slightly complicated that I've never made before. I've found that I tend toward French/Cajun and, distantly second, Italian. I would like to expand my culinary horizons. [more inside]
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Turning Friends into Best Friends

How do I get a best friend? I'm well-liked in a few circles, and I have lots of friendly acquaintances and a good number of friends. But I don't have that one friend you hang out with several times a week, share clothes with, constantly text with, closer than a romantic partner bff. How do I turn a good friend into a bff? [more inside]
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Looking for books like "The Girl In The Box" ... kind of.

So my tweens just worked through The Music of Dolphins and asked for more books written that way - from the protagonist's perspective, simple language, the world growing as they learn, mostly a view from inside their head. I've read one other book like that, The Girl In The Box but with their anxiety issues I wouldn't recommend that one. What do you suggest with a similar conceit / storytelling device that they might enjoy?
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My Tumblr app dashboard will not refresh on iPad

I use the Tumblr app on my iPhone and my iPad. Starting a few days ago, my dashboard wouldn't refresh on the iPad. It works fine on the iPhone, and works fine in browsers on iPad, iPhone, and my MacBook Pro. [more inside]
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Are there tricks to combating lonliness- on your own?

Lonliness is one of the worst feelings I've ever encountered... yet it seems inevitable. The obvious answer is to just hang around more people- but this isn't always so easy. [more inside]
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Push it to MAXIMUM BABY!!!

Question about babies, feelings, and friendships! [more inside]
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Sublime (and unusual) city experiences

Help me find unusual and sublime experiences that others might not think of as 'things to do'. [more inside]
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Given my water pump timing needs, is this the right device for me?

After three water pump failures in 5 years, I need a way to control the behavior of my radiant heat system's water pump during summer and winter months. I think I know what kind of timer device I need, but before I buy something, I'd welcome some advice from plumber MeFites. (Lengthy, possibly unnecessary details inside.) [more inside]
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Mouthwash on denim - blot or wash?

I spilled mouthwash on some jeans and I am traveling. The spot it left is the size of my hand. I want to wear them again in a few days and I have already blotted the area with a wet washcloth. Do I need to wash the spot with soap? The mouthwash (generic blue listerine) has sorbitol in it but the main ingredient is alcohol.
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What is the British "what?"/"wot" closest to in modern American English?

What is the British "what?" or "wot?" closest to in modern American English? [more inside]
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How could we make fossil fuels?

So, fossil fuels were formed over about 300 million years from dead biomass. Could a far-future society make its own over, ideally, somewhat less time? [more inside]
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Can't Seem to Wake Up

I can't seem to get up in the morning. It's affecting my ability to get to my job. [more inside]
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Clinton PWN-age

Clinton Supporter-Filter: I need Clinton Soup For The Soul, and I would like it in the form of reading/watching HRC-haters losing debates. [more inside]
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Tips for Keeping a Jaundiced Eye on Encroaching Depression?

I have a history of depression but am fine for long stretches. How do I manage the swamping of depression that still happens from time to time? [more inside]
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Books best when read out of order

Looking for books (and movies I suppose) that are part of a larger series, but that are more enjoyable when read (or watched) out of order. [more inside]
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Embedding element from one Wordpress site into another

I manage a website hosted on -- which, annoyingly, does not allow uploading plugins. I manage another Wordpress website which is hosted elsewhere, and I can upload plugins there. Taking advantage of this second site, I created an accordion slider using a plugin which I would like to show on the site. Assuming this can be done, what's the best way to achieve it? (You can assume I have some, but not a ton, of experience with both Wordpress and HTML but very little with CSS.)
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Any recommendations for a good, varied set of screwdrivers?

Any recommendations for a nice, varied, good quality set of "screw" drivers of various different types of screw heads that I might find on IDE HDDs? [more inside]
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Tell me about this depiction of Spinal Meningitis in a Stephen King book

In the book and movie Pet Sematary, Stephen King gave a description of Spinal Meningitis that involved deformity (bent back, “face pulled down until it was like a mask”, “hands were like birds’ feet”) and excruciating, long-term pain. Per Web MD and many other sources, Spinal Meningitis can cause many long term effects (mental impairment, hearing loss, loss of limbs due to gangrene) but nothing like King described. And especially nothing like the body seen in the film. Is this at all a realistic depiction of this disease?
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Sartorial Question re: Bridget Jones's Baby

Can anyone identify the plaid-ish button down worn by Patrick Dempsey in the nursery-painting scene of Bridget Jones's Baby? [more inside]
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Editing vocals recorded on iPhone

I've been playing with recording songs or reading my poems as voice memos on my iPhone 5 (iOS 10) lately. I want to clean the audio up before I share it in any capacity. I have a PC running Windows 8.1. I'm hoping to learn the basics of things to specifically do in Audacity or another free program. I cannot afford software or recording equipment, and I have no previous knowledge of sound editing. For a sample here is a PJ Harvey cover I recorded today.
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Recent Non-Fiction Book About Failed New England Utopian Farm

I was listening to an episode of the BBC's "History Extra" Podcast sometime in the last year or two and they interviewed a historian who'd recently written a book about utopias, specifically a failed New England farm in the 1800's started by people with good intentions but who weren't good at farming. Does anyone remember this episode or know the book it was talking about? [more inside]
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Looking for book on Latin and Greek word roots from the 1980s.

I took a class back in the 1980s in public school in Indiana in which I was taught about Latin and Greek word roots found in the English language. [more inside]
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Getting from Newark Airport to northern Manhattan during rush hour.

A relative who is visiting us will be getting into Newark Airport today at 4:30. I'm wondering if it would be easier and faster to take public transportation or just splurge on a taxi, considering it is rush hour. [more inside]
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anyone else remember this one photography blog ...?

Author vanished (I think after some photos were stolen/reposted). I would love to know if any of their work is available elsewhere. Details inside. [more inside]
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What happens when the hospitality runs out but she's your sister?

My sister and my 8yr old niece moved in with me 15 months ago following my sister's divorce. She was only supposed to stay a few months to save some money and then get her own place. Obviously, she's still here and there doesn't seem to be an exiting plan in sight. More snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Help me remember this weird poem

I'm trying to recall a poem which was a long (book-length!) list of sentences that were exactly the same except each one contained a slightly different list of names. It was something like "in [name] [name] and [name] was [name]". [more inside]
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Recommendations for sports documentaries about kids?

I've been enjoying watching sports documentaries about kids and the obscure activities they choose to be good at. Can you recommend any others I should check out? Not limited to sports, just anything kids are good at. [more inside]
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Dress me for a blizzard of snowflakes

My entire adult life I've had trouble dressing myself. If it were up to me we'd all be wearing Star Trek jumpsuits. I hate shopping, I mistrust fashion, and I'm really hard on clothing. Also: not made of money. But right now I need clothes and I don't have the time to scour 8 shopping malls for things I don't hate. Help me find an online retailer that suits my tastes and budget that I can be loyal to and buy all my clothes from. I'm preposterously finicky. [more inside]
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Keeping with the smelly theme... t-shirts!

I recently bought two white t-shirts from jcrew factory. They claim to be 100% cotton on the tag. I have worn each twice now and I swear that half way through the day I smell TERRIBLE. Think onion cheese. (sorry) What the heck is going on? [more inside]
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Smell from down coat

My down jacket was stored with rotting sausage for a while. Not touching it, but in the same closet. It smells. How do I fix that? It's a lot of puffy down under a nylon/poly outer layer.
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Tharr be smells

Do you know a way to get rid of, or at least mitigate (ha) the smell of evening primrose and/or rose hip oil? As moisturizers they're doing wonders for my skin, but the smell ....its..pungent! Or just strong, like a nutty..something something smell. Someone said dry pasta. It's not rancid, but its strong enough to be hard to ignore. Any ideas are welcome! [more inside]
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September 27

overthinking a pot of beans

After I cook soaked dry beans in the pressure cooker and let them cool a bit, a thin semi-solid film forms on the surface of the water. It vanishes when I stir the beans but sometimes reforms. What's it made of? Bean protein? Are there any cool science experiments to be done with it, or practical uses for bean cellophane?
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What's this font?

The font used in titling for the film Listen Up Philip is rad and I want to know what it is.
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I want more music like this. What do you call it?

What search term would I use to get these three songs and others like them? Ballad of a Prodigal Son by Lincoln Durham (esp. that guitar part at 1:50); Ain't No Rest For The Wicked by Cage the Elephant; Lost in a Crowd by Fantastic Negrito [more inside]
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Hey (hey) Cloud (Cloud) get off of my phone

I didn't ask it to, but my iPhone lately keeps trying to download more music to its library. Any clues? [more inside]
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Zombie Sex? Help me remember this movie

I remember a movie where there was some supernatural, evil being. Maybe a zombie, maybe a demon? He would have sex with women and midway through the women tried to protest, but he continued. Afterward, the women were almost catatonic, very cold and distant. Also maybe under his control? Anyone remember what movie this was?
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Ideal dating city?

So I started dating again recently and have realized I have a "type" that, as far as I can tell, is uncommon in my area. If I could go anywhere in the country, where should I go to increase my dating prospects? [more inside]
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Dealing with old camera lenses

A neighbor showed me her deceased father's extensive collection of old camera lenses and doesn't have time to catalog, research, value and dispose of them. Apparently they number in the dozens (maybe more?). Would like to help guide her. Any thoughts welcome.
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Bad coworker question #842

I live in the U.S. in a fairly progressive city. I have an ethnic sounding last name, an ethnicity which happens to be uncommon to this area and so it makes my name easily identifiable and, apparently, memorable. My co-worker feels the need to sing my full name, at random, in an accented voice that is characteristic of my ethnicity. This is loud enough for all of my cube neighbors to hear. Yeah, awkward. [more inside]
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Dog toys for the texture snob

I need help finding glow in the dark or light-up balls with a tennis ball texture or a floppy, sturdy glow in the dark or lighted frisbee (or good ideas for to manufacturing the same at home). [more inside]
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HRFilter: To whom...should I address the cover letter to?

I was taught "Dear Sir or Madam" was acceptable for cold job applications, but in my recent round of job searching, I'm seeing multiple blog posts talking about cover letters saying that this is no longer acceptable and shows a lack of initiative on the side of the job seeker. Is this so, HR professionals of MetaFilter? [more inside]
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please help identify houseplant

I was given this plant [pics] by someone who I'm not in contact with anymore. Is it a Philodendron? Species? [more inside]
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stretches for lower back pain after running?

I'm a fledging runner, a little over halfway through the C25K program. Now that the runs are getting more strenuous, I'm beginning to notice some nagging lower back pain after runs (also some annoying heartburn, but I think I can fix that on my own). I've been generally very lazy about stretching before runs (read: I don't stretch before runs), but surely there must be a good targeted stretch I can do to help my back. Please tell me what that stretch is! [more inside]
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Weird feeling eating chocolate?

I've started getting this weird hot/puckery/irritated feeling eating chocolate. Allergy testing results suggest it's not an allergy, though. What else could it be? [more inside]
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Universal Streaming TV Watch List?

So now that CW has cut ties with Hulu in favor of Netflix (full seasons will be available 8 days after the season finale), I have three places to keep track of current TV: Hulu for NBC, Fox and ABC; for CW; and for CBS shows. Halp! [more inside]
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Where should we live in Pittsburgh?

We would like to relocate to Pittsburgh, in the next two to three years. Help me find a neighborhood in the Steel City similar to our current (awesome) one in Buffalo! [more inside]
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Bag filter: Packable, convertible backpack?

Dear Mefites, I'm looking for a new travel-shoulder-backpack-tote bag. I really like the Patagonia Lightweight Travel Tote but the price is a bit high and I'd like to have a couple more inside pockets. I do like the size, weight, foldability, water bottle pockets, and convertible backpack stylings. I have heard that this bag is also quite durable. Do you know of a similar bag that offers more interior pockets and organization, at a similar (or lower!) price point?
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Why can't people start IVs in my veins and can I help them somehow?

This is the third time I've gone to get a contrast IV for either an MRI or CT scan and the tech was unable to start the IV. What, if anything, can I do to fix this? [more inside]
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