May 2

How can I get free PR for my small business doing the right thing?

I'm a small business owner who's recently decided to raise the company's minimum wage to $15 across the board. Sue me, but I'd like to find out if I can translate this into some free press coverage. [more inside]
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How/where do I sell a motorcycle?

I do not know how to drive a motorcycle yet I am the owner of a super cool 1976 BMW R75/6. What is the best venue for selling it and how do I make that happen as a non-driver? [more inside]
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Is My Computer Infected?

Today, I was on my Windows laptop and a command prompt window opened, which changed from red text to green text really quickly, almost too quickly to catch. I wiped and re-installed Windows, and now, the same command prompt popped up again! Screenshot: here. Is my computer infected? How can this be with a full wipe and re-install?
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Later in life to lose my virginity; afraid to sleep with someone new.

I lost my virginity at age 29 to my long-term boyfriend (a little over three years) and we recently broke up. Now that I'm starting to date again, I'm having a hard time imagining being with someone else. And I'm not sure how to sleep with someone who I'm not in a relationship with. Can you give some advice on how to ease into new sexual relationships?
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Magical Unicorn Carrot

So, last year I applied for an internal position for a different department... [more inside]
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SCALP ITCH OF DOOM (but no dandruff)

Can you please recommend a shampoo that will help me with my itchy scalp? No-poo is not an option - reasons why and other hair details inside. [more inside]
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Surviving territorial pissings

I have been put in charge of beautifying a tiny patch of land in nyc, what should I plant in it? [more inside]
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Help me buy a spin bike!

We're in the market for a spin bike for our home for high-intensity interval training. I've started doing research and have come across various reviews and buying guides—brands, flywheel weight, resistance type, belt or chain, etc. I'm looking for help on a few items. [more inside]
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The war on daydreaming

I have been working on meditating. It's definitely helped me in several ways. But now this app is telling me to stop daydreaming. I love daydreaming. I'm conflicted! Can I ignore this? [more inside]
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Help connecting Airport to Internet

Weird situation. I have two Mac computers right next to each other. One recognized the wifi on the Airport and logs in no problem. The other sees the network but can’t log in. I’m usually pretty say with these things but no luck resetting airport, running diagnostic tool or rebooting. I’m stumped. only thing I can think of was I used the utility privacy scan and it might have tossed some Finder cache files. Any help would be hugely appreciated. Thanks
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I got an IRS refund check today, even though I already paid my tax bill

In my mail today was a check from the IRS, made out to myself and my wife, for exactly $4000. The check and additional literature in the envelope said it was our tax refund. The thing is, we owed money this year, and I paid it via electronic check when I filed; the exact amount due came out of my checking account the next day. So what should I do with this thing?
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How To Know if Heating/AC ducts should be replaced?

My place has forced heat. I'm getting quotes to cut in AC. Most reviews I read say the person who quoted the job said they should replace their ducts, and this seems like a typical upsell. Sure enough, at the first quote, the guy suggested replacing my ducts. How do I know if I need to do that or not? [more inside]
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Not another narcissist? (covert)

I recently started dating a guy who seems great in a lot of ways, but a friend recently suggested he might be a "covert narcissist". Both of my previous relationships have been with overt narcissists and ended pretty badly, so naturally I'm not happy to hear this but am willing to consider it a possibility. [more inside]
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Flying with kids, how paranoid do I need to be about safety?

We're flying with two small kids in a month. The younger is barely under two, and we planned on taking her as a lap child because the tickets are $$$, and it'd be nice if the four of us could sit together in a three seat row. And we're driving on the other end, so we had planned to check both kids car seats. The internet is making me feel like this plan is tantamount to letting them play with bottlerockets, matches and switchblades in a highway medium, and that I am an unfit mother who doesn't love her children for even considering it. [more inside]
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How do I deal with my in-laws' rejection of my veganism?

I've been vegetarian for 25 years; mostly vegan for 4-5. I don't claim to be vegan but I don't eat or cook meat (I am our family's homemaker). Almost all of my friends/relatives are not vegetarian or vegan. Most are fairly considerate when sharing a meal. Whenever I share a meal with my in-laws however, there is little consideration of my veganism, and most of the food includes meat. How can I deal with the perceived hostility, and how can I get enough to eat? [more inside]
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Snapchat for olds

I'm getting ready to start busking, and I got a Snapchat account at the advice of a few other buskers. I'm not sure how to use it. [more inside]
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Holocaust museum and water bottles

I'm visiting DC, and visited the Holocaust Museum today. I had an unsealed bottle of water, which I was allowed to bring in. However, the security officer asked me to take a sip of it first. Why is that? A Google search wasn't very insightful. Thanks!
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Staying in Lahaina in June - what are your recommendations?

We'll be there in early June, with access to a car, for about a week. Accommodations are sorted, but we'll be free for most of the days. This thread had lots of great recommendations, but I don't want to miss anything. Two adults in average shape, neither of us are SCUBA certified, but we might like snorkeling. Looking online has my head spinning.
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Please help me find my favorite Inc. trousers (Ladie's edition)

My favorite pants, the ones I'd wear to work every day if I had more than one pair, have seemingly been discontinued. Please help me replace them. [more inside]
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Mindfulness that doesn't make me want to crawl out of my skin?

I want to be more mindful, in the sense of the general "Mindfulness" ethos. But meditation drives me out of my gourd. What can I do? [more inside]
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Forgot to return the car I am leasing!

I am leasing a car. I just noticed the "maturity date" was yesterday, meaning I forgot to return it on time. Doh! I feel like a total idiot, but then I was under the impression that there would be tons of notice about how to schedule an inspection, etc., so I wasn't expecting to need to pay close attention to when it needed to be returned. I haven't heard anything--no mail, calls, nothing. [more inside]
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How can I keep a white shirt white?

Generally I avoid white clothing, but I recently acquired a few nice blouses--plain white, white with dots, white with stripes--and I'd like to keep them nice. But all I know to do with white things is bleach them. How do you keep your white clothes white, particularly if they're not all white (i.e. patterned)? What actually works? [more inside]
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Does everything have to be so creepy all the time?

A few weeks ago I bought some stuff at an Ann Taylor Factory outlet for the first time in my life. I did not give them my email address. I started receiving marketing emails from them nonetheless later that week, to my main gmail account. [more inside]
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Sporadic or unpredictable payroll?

I've got a web development firm classified as a single-member LLC filing as S-Corp, and as such I pay myself a regular salary. It's just that for the past year I've been on sabbatical, and my salary has dropped to near zero. [more inside]
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So It's Come to This: Selfie Stick Recommendations

I'm going to be doing some solo traveling and I've decided to swallow my pride and buy a selfie stick. I've consulted The Wirecutter, but their recommendation is averaging really low reviews on Amazon, so I'm hesitant. I have an iPhone 6 and I will be using it for photos and videos. Can anyone share their recommendations?
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I want an ebook app (for mac) that does these things.

I've read a lot of reviews of ebook readers, but short of downloading all of them, it's hard to tell if they do what I want them to do. I also have a question about ebook devices. [more inside]
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The Koln Concert by Keith Jarrett (1975)

I am seeking suggestions for music similar to (or would be enjoyed by someone who likes) "The Koln Concert" by Keith Jarrett. [more inside]
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iPad Air 2 Accessories & Advice for a Tech Un-Savvy Senior

I'm seeking advice for the right accessory solutions and ways to remotely help my 80-year-old mom with her new iPad Air 2. [more inside]
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Kid introduced to holocaust history too soon. How do I fix this?

My 7-year-old came home from religious school with a lot of questions about the holocaust, a subject we hadn't talked to him about yet. Now he's freaking out and I don't know how to frame the conversation. Help! [more inside]
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Tattoo inspiration needed please!

I'd like to get a tattoo which expresses the following concepts or mantras; just do it/don't overthink things/say yes to all opportunities and if live gives you lemons - make lemonade/be grateful for what you have. However, I'm having trouble coming up with ideas for how to represent these things graphically. [more inside]
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Required Facebook Malware Scanner?

I have encountered a Facebook "malware scanning checkpoint" that is trying to force me to download something it claims is Kaspersky Malware Scanner. That's got to be a hack, right? How do I get rid of it? [more inside]
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In with the new

In June, I'll be moving out-of-state to take a management/director position. The person who holds the job now is retiring; he has asked me if there's anything he can do to help prepare for my arrival - he wants to make the transition as smooth as possible for me and his staff. If you've experienced something similar, what was helpful for you (or would have been helpful)? [more inside]
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Ikea Warranty

Any experiences with Ikea warranties? We are girding our loins for a return and want to be best armed. [more inside]
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Looking for "horror stories" of computer virus infections

I need to put the fear of God into some foolish, negligent users. I'm looking for examples of organizations that were hit with some kind of horrible malware (like CryptoLocker) or had sensitive data stolen -- all because of a really stupid action by an employee. [more inside]
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"It certainly does suck."

What is the best cordless vacuum money can buy? I hate vacuuming so much and am totally overwhelmed by the market for cleaning machines. Which one will help me tolerate the most loathsome household chore since mopping? [more inside]
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Keeping airtight containers of clothes fresh

So I've purchased some good airtight storage containers to keep my winter clothes in during the warm months. I'm confident they will keep the moths/mold/mildew/dust out. But what's the best way to keep the clothes smelling fresh when I open it next year? [more inside]
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How to grow tender squash

Why are my yellow squash growing tough, leathery skins like a gourd? [more inside]
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Any good non-dairy alternatives to butter for your toast?

My wife has to go non-dairy for health reasons (severe heartburn). She's OK with the non-dairy stuff in baking. But when she spreads it on toast, she said it is awful. So far she has only tried the Country Crock stuff and Smart Balance. Obviously she is not expecting a real butter experience on toast/bagels but she would like something better than awful. Any recommendations?
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New relationship - how can I learn to chill the *&#! out?

So, I'm in a new relationship, we've been together about 2 months. Although I liked him from the beginning, he was slightly keener and always the one arranging dates, etc. I told him I was a slow burner, he was ok with that and happy to go my pace. [more inside]
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How would you update, but keep, kitchen cabinets?

Your thoughts requested on what to do with solid but not beautiful cabinets. [more inside]
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Good recent biographies or autobiographies (books preferred)?

For a friend's birthday, we are looking for good recent (last 5 - 10 years) biographies or autobiographies. Books are best (and available as paper rather than ebooks), though if there is an excellent movie available as a dvd that would work also. [more inside]
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How to support my grieving mother when I'm grieving too?

My mother is not coping well with my grandmother's impending death. My mother and I have a complicated and not particularly close relationship, and her coping style is hitting a lot of nerves about the crappier aspects of my childhood and I'm finding it really difficult to support her while keeping my own head above water. Any advice or stories from people who can relate would be appreciated. Wall of snowflakes below the cut. [more inside]
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How to age and not become mentally/socially rigid and cranky?

My husband points out that as people age (40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond), they become cranky and rigid, and previously benign idiosyncrasies become more pronounced. Everyone in my family has died young, so I have little experience with this. What's the science behind this, and how can we avoid this happening?
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Why did you pick a small SUV/CUV or a compact hatchback?

We are looking to buy a new car, and are deciding between a small SUV/CUV (like a Ford Escape) and a small hatchback (like a Ford Focus.) For those who have had to make the same choice, what made you choose one or the other?
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Invasive boundary tree--pruning to death?

There are several established invasive trees on my neighbor's side of our property line. By right, I can have overhanging limbs removed. At least one of the trees has all of its limbs on my side of the line, and I presume removing them all would kill the tree. Am I in my rights to do so? [more inside]
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Done with the rat race?

I've been working in a social work profession with the public for ten years. I'm burned out and ready for a change. My spouse is supportive, we have the $$ to go to one income, but I'm hesitating. [more inside]
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What made your teaching demonstration successful?

What can I do in 30 minutes to demonstrate my teaching skills in an unfamiliar context? [more inside]
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How do I do this next bit? Moving on to a PhD.

I'm near the end of my Master's degree. I have one semester left which will be a research project with a 10k-word paper at the end. I know I want to go on to a PhD next but I dont know how this stuff works. [more inside]
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How do you find a really good professional organizer?

I am a messy, clutter-loving packrat and my partner is a minimalist. And we live in a one-bedroom apartment. Can a professional organizer help me/us? If so, how can I find a good one? (Does anyone have Seattle-area recommendations?) If you've done something like this, how has it worked out for you? [more inside]
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May 1

Free online transcription software?

I have some interviews to transcribe- some audio only, and some video, each about 45 minutes long. Is there any free or cheap app or software that can take the whole file at once and spit out a reasonably accurate transcription?
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Footage of people with bipolar, schizophrenia, & other disorders?

I'm looking for video documentation of bipolar, schizophrenia, and other similar disorders. I don't want interviews but real footage of someone having a manic or delusional episode. Nothing with kids, please.
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What is the deal with that jaw pain I get when eating something sweet?

Every so often when I'm eating something very sweet I'll get a pain at one or both of my jaw joints for ten seconds or so (once in a great while it lasts several minutes). From a recent conversation I discovered that it's pretty common for other people to get this too - or at least the ten-second version of it. But what is this? What is this phenomenon called (surely it has a name), and what causes it?
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Should I bring up an issue of listening skills after one date?

I value listening skills in a partner. I was surprised to find that a man who was responsive, curious and affirming via online message didn't bring the conversational energy I expected when we met in person. Can I communicate this to him after our first date? [more inside]
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Availibility / Reliability of Uber Family in NYC

My wife and I are taking our 17 month old to NYC for Memorial Day weekend. We are flying into and out of LGA, and our plan is to take public transit as much as possible, but to use Uber Family (which provides a car seat) to make a couple of key connections. We are especially concerned about the end of our trip, when must get from Midwood in Brooklyn to LGA. We'd like to use Uber Family, but we don't know how reliable it is in that area. [more inside]
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Am I acting like a child or do I have a legitimate complaint?

I just lost out on the chance to pick up some responsibilities at work that I really wanted and thought I was promised. Now, instead of enjoying my job like I used to, I am mostly am just upset. Are my feelings justified? Should I cut my losses and leave? [more inside]
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Receiving Over the Air Channels in Haiti

How can I watch over the air broadcasts on a projector in Haiti? [more inside]
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unhive me

After 20 something years of never getting hives, I've now had three temporary attacks of hives in the past three or four months. Could you help me work out what is going on? Many details inside. [more inside]
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Adult braces and bad breath

Did you experience a worsened case of bad breath when you got braces (as an adult)? [more inside]
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Validate my itinerary! Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland

My partner and I are flying from the US into Melbourne on the first of July and leaving two weeks later. The arrival and departure flights are booked, and now we're looking to lock down our travel schedule within Australia and between Australia and New Zealand. How ambitious is this itinerary? [more inside]
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Recommended exercises in preparation for Bach Partita in d minor

Violinists of mefi, can you suggest any etudes, scale studies, or other exercises that you have found helpful in preparation for playing the d minor partita? Thanks [more inside]
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