February 12

Down with the King!

I want some Medieval historical fiction, but with a catch - no royalty! [more inside]
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Vintage Calendars From Doctor's Office

When I was a very young kid in the 60's, doctors' offices often had these detailed calendars with tiny elves or hobbity kind of creatures hanging on the wall. I think they were issued by a drug company, but my Google skills are failing to find them. Anyone remember these and can you supply a link to examples? Cheers.
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Help me help my wife buy a sewing machine

My wife is intermediate level at sewing, mostly making quilts and small simple garments (think pet clothes). Her cheap Singer sewing machine broke, and now she's having "analysis paralysis" trying to decide on a new one. Help! [more inside]
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Snow Blows

What are the most efficient ways for me to keep my driveway and pathways clear of snow in the winter? [more inside]
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Do human hunters appreciably help balance wildlife populations?

I was recently told by an acquaintance that he goes "varmint hunting" because he believes this helps keep down the numbers of animal types he feels are overpopulated. Is this legit? Any research that says yay or nay? Does it depend on locale? My impression of him is that he's a jerk who enjoys killing (he even laughed about it) and rationalizes it after the fact, and thus I plan to have nothing further to do with him, but I'm also interested in whether or to what extent his rationalizations have truth in them. [more inside]
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Popular late-90s club mix sampling or remixing a Tori Amos song?

I'm remembering a club mix that sampled or remixed a Tori Amos song. I think it was pretty ubiquitous, and my best recollection is that it was sampling Raspberry Swirl. But Googling Raspberry Swirl remixes or samples has failed me. Any idea what I'm thinking of?
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Near to last minute vacation ideas needed! (east Asia edition)

I get the bulk of my Lunar New Year vacation two weeks after most people do here--I've got five, maybe six days lined up. Where should I go? [more inside]
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This is why I can't have nice things

I wear things out fast. Things like coats, backpacks, shoes. How do I prolong the lives of my belongings? Also-- is it possible to get a coat with underarm holes mended? [more inside]
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Novels About Being Unemployed, Or With Major Characters Who Are

I'm unemployed - what novels about being unemployed, or featuring major characters who are, can I read to bring me back down to earth and not feel like the only unemployed person in the entire world?
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Potentially working with the littlest auteur...?

I'm working on a bedroom recording project with a friend of mine, and we have a small budget for a video. We've found a director who could potentially make a fun video that fits the mood of the project. Here's the catch: he's 13. [more inside]
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anyone been to Venice recently?

I've gotten great travel help on the Green before, so hoping someone here has been to Venice recently and wants to give recommendations. Specific requests inside! [more inside]
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What causes a closed end bond ETF to drop in net asset value over time?

Looking at closed end high yield bond ETFs, some of them maintain their NAV (net asset value) and some have been continually dropping in net asset value (not market price although that usually happens too) over 1-2 years. What causes this and how can one anticipate a long term drop in NAV? [more inside]
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Have a job offer, waiting for another - how to balance?

I am basically trying to juggle a job offer in hand and waiting for another that I really want, more than the one in hand. Details inside. [more inside]
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pay out of pocket for Holter electrocardiogram monitor?

How do I ask my physician for a (not medically necessary) wearable electrocardiogram study? [more inside]
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Looking for Quality Sappy Fiction

I thoroughly enjoyed this post on the blue -- which explored how characters fall in love in novels. I would like to find new to me fiction that uses this technique in developing love stories. [more inside]
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Homemade Escape-The-Room

I'd like to make an Escape-The-Room type game for some friends and need puzzle / storyline suggestions. [more inside]
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Help me figure out gravitational waves

Now that gravitational waves are all the rage, I'd like to learn about spacetime. Is there a book on this? [more inside]
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Acer's Bad Idea

How can I repair injection molded plastic? [more inside]
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Can't make heads or tails out of this Ikea mattress

Which side of this Ikea Sultan foam mattress is up? [more inside]
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Two strikes on this project, one last chance... Ugh.

Coming to the tail end of a project and am stressed/depressed. Clients are highly critical and my boss isn't providing sufficient support to satisfy their high expectations in a timely fashion. How to deal with the dread of continuing, and grow a thicker skin? [more inside]
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What's your lunchtime gym schedule?

Lunchtime gym-goers with office jobs: How do you make it fit into your workday? I understand this will vary heavily by workplace - I'm interested in hearing a range of experiences! [more inside]
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Post-apocalyptic office instructions

I am looking for a cartoon I saw years ago. It was a long wordless comic, done in the style of in-flight safety cards, for an office environment. I can remember the beginning, where people are smashing up office equipment. Later, they hunt wild game (deer?) through the office building, and raise children there. [more inside]
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Gmail archive clean-up. Difficulty level: Gmail account = 10+ years old.

I just used the Unroll.me free service to unsubscribe from a ton of newsletters and clean up my inbox. It was awesome, but it's only for subscribed newsletters. I want to clean All Of The Email, not just Inbox email, and for the most part delete it. What else can I use to spring-clean my archive? [more inside]
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Learn to code or...what?

I'm a liberal-arts-ish woman who has some experience with computer programming (HTML, CSS and PHP) and a ton of graphics/design experience. I hear about code bootcamps and lots of people changing careers to CS, and I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to try and develop my programming skills. But I'm worried I'm not geeky enough to hack it. [more inside]
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postapocalypse insect farming

After reading about the benefits of using insects as a food supply, I'm wondering why insect farming isn't used in the post apocalyptic fiction I've read (or maybe it is, and I have a bad memory). It seems like insect farming would work really well depending on the scenario! Recommend me some stories.
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Where to go in Wales?

We're going to Wales in May. Where should we go? [more inside]
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Can a CT Scan Determine Cancerous Node?

Asking for panicking friend who has had a painful swollen lymph node on one side of her neck for a few weeks. Antibiotics didn't help, so last week she had a CAT scan done and the doctor wants her in today for a follow up. [more inside]
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What's a good present for a coworker backpacking through Europe?

Our receptionist/admin assistant is leaving us next month. Her plan is to backpack across Europe for three months. She deserves a great going-away present, but I don't want to give her stuff she can't travel with/will only end up going in storage. Help! [more inside]
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Should I attend a coding bootcamp?

Apparently there are people who enter coding bootcamps with no programming experience and waltz into software jobs 6 months later. Meanwhile, 30 years with a CS degree and I'm working in retail. I'm thinking of going to bootcamp to modernize my skills, but I fear that at the end of it, no one will want to hire a 50-something has-been/never-was over some young whippersnapper. [more inside]
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What is a meaningful "years of service" award for a programmer?

I'm in a big company that just sends me PDFs to print and give to people when they get to various years of service. I want to give them something a bit more fun. They are web developers and QA. Some sort of geeky trophy maybe? I'd be paying out of my own pocket so the focus is on meaningfulness, not cash value.
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Help decoding 1958 Russian brochure

Russian speakers of Metafilter: What can you tell me about this Russian brochure from 1958? [more inside]
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Tool for rearranging a list of 400 or so items.

We have a list of about 400 single line items in a Word Document, which are in 7 seven different sections/categories. We need to drastically rearrange that list, sometimes moving items from one section/category to other and other times just keeping them in a the same section. Then we need to be able to export the finished list back into Word (or some text app). What's the best Application for doing this on a PC? Free or cheap is preferred, but willing to kick out a little money.
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I'm tired of trudging up to the nonfiction section

Why are comics and graphic novels catalogued as nonfiction in libraries? [more inside]
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You got a TIGHT PAIR, how did it get that way?

I know nothing about recording or making music. How is something like Tight Pair by LIPPS, Inc recorded? When Cynthia Johnson comes in @ ~30 secs, she sounds like she is singing really loudly. At the same time, she sounds further away from the front of the music than the instruments. I'm curious how this effect is achieved, what volume Ms. Johnson was actually singing at in studio, and any other interesting things I don't know to ask about.
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taxi or uber from LAX - very tight schedule for funeral

I got very short notice for a funeral. I can fly into LAX tomorrow, Saturday, and arrive 11:45 am. The service is at the USC Campus chapel and starts at 2 pm I've been told this may not be enough time. [more inside]
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A rock, a hard place, and OKCupid.

We've been together for a long time and long distance might open us up. [more inside]
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Valentines Day gift ideas for new LDR?

I'm in a new and wonderfully exciting long distance relationship. I think I want to send (her) a Valentine's day gift. What should I send? [more inside]
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How do I find out how this person feels about me?

I am confused about how someone is feeling towards me, and don't know how to get out of this ambiguous situation, but desperately need to. Please help. [more inside]
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Hope me design a poster ...

The poster will in essence be a giant electrical engineering cheat sheet ... [more inside]
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The golden hour

Can we tell the difference between sunrise and sunset by sight alone? [more inside]
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Need books and movies based in the 1960s

My dad was the principle of a school in the '60s during desegregation. He was a good man and managed it peacefully. I have his stories but I think that his experiences were the exception and not the norm. I would like to read fiction and nonfiction of others' experiences during that time. Movie recommendations are also welcome. [more inside]
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Starting a Movie Night

My Canadian town doesn't have a repertory cinema. I'd like to start a regular movie night and publicly screen classic movies. What do I need to know? I'm not interested in making a profit, but I'd like it to be an event that's open to the public and charge enough to cover the costs of licensing, venue rental etc. [more inside]
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Cake, meet Stuff. Yum!

I like elaborate cakes, with complicated and/or interesting combinations of flavored fillings, icing and other add-ins-- the sort of thing one sees all the time at restaurants, but that seems to turn up surprisingly infrequently in cookbooks. Thus, two questions: first, what especially yummy, original cake flavor or texture combinations have you encountered in the wild, or in restaurants, etc.? And second, anybody have any excellent recipes for flavored fillings, or similar interesting stuff to add to a cake? [more inside]
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90s arcade space combat simulator

I've got a memory from when I was 11 or 12 or so, around 1990-1993. An arcade game that was in the Sydney, Australia Miranda Fair Arcade. It was a space combat simulator. It was very immersive. You'd sit in a cockpit, and when the game started you'd be launched down a railgun-like entry system into a space battle. [more inside]
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Service to clean up Google Alert URLs using Regex

I want to clean up the URLS of a Google Alerts RSS Feed. I used to use a Yahoo Pipes REGEX to to do this, but that service is now dead. What are my (simple + free + preferably online) alternatives? [more inside]
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Painting a wooden table set and color combos

We want to paint a table and chair set - what type of paint do I need for our needs for this project? Also color combo suggestions welcome. [more inside]
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Science-fiction books from India?

Hi guys, does anyone have recommendations for titles or authors to discover Indian "sci-fi" books or authors? [more inside]
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February 11

I want to be the princess who doesn't give a crap about the pea

I am very easily irritated, physically. I've been this way since infancy and I hate it. I don't know what the cause of it is. I've run it past my doctors before, once I got over the embarrassment of announcing that I think I have Special Snowflake Disease, and it was dismissed as a side effect of anxiety or as a migraineur thing. Anybody out there with a similar problem and tips to offer? I don't want to end up BubbleWoman. [more inside]
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Does this sound like Attention Deficit Disorder?

Does this sound like Attention Deficit Disorder? Am I likely to benefit from ADD meds? [more inside]
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A javascript Inline Editor to edit "plain old ASCII" text ?

I'm looking for an "inline editor" to be part of a web-application. Something like TinyMCE or CKeditor (both of which I've used before) but for blobs of text which are just plain old ASCII . Can you suggest one ? Details inside ... [more inside]
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Should I sell furniture to my new supervisor?

At work, my supervisor told me that he was in the market to buy an iconic piece of furniture. As it happens, I am currently attempting to sell that exact iconic piece of furniture, and, without much forethought, I told him as much. [more inside]
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Moving to St Louis vs. Nashville in your mid 20s: pros and cons?

My roommate is looking at St. Louis and Nashville for a first-job-after-school move - he has job opportunities in both. Can anyone speak to the pros and cons of either or both cities? [more inside]
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A mom, a grandma, an aunt. What do you call her in a sympathy note?

Angelica Smith has passed away. Albert was her son. You were her niece. You want to write a note to the Smith Family, but what to call aunt Angelica in the letter? "I'm sorry for the loss of your mother/grandmother" doesn't quite convey the love you feel. [more inside]
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wall-mounted kitchen "instant hot water dispenser"

I know it's a longshot, but I've seen miracles performed here before. Does anybody happen to know of an "instant hot water dispenser" (similar to the ones shown here), but are mounted to the backsplash above the sink instead of in the counter-top itself? I know that it would probably be possible to rig up something wall-mounted on my own using a standard counter-mounted version, but would rather pay for something ready to go out of the box. thank you.
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Fiction about the absurdities of academia?

I seem to greatly enjoy fiction about the absurd, ridiculous, or obnoxious aspects of an academic or research environment. Examples that I really liked include PhD Comics (mostly the early years), Bellwether by Connie Willis, and especially Dear Committee Members by Julie Schumacher. MetaFilter, can you recommend any similarly absurd books about stressed academics? [more inside]
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Help finding a venue for a series of essays

I've come up with a series of essays, one a week. Unfortunately, I stopped writing 5 years ago so I'm unsure how I should proceed finding a platform for these essays. [more inside]
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Can my friend switch from SSI to social Security?

My friend, on SSI disability, is approaching retirement. She thinks, why don't I just drop one for the other? I have earned benefits; that I will soon be eligible for; why not accept? Aren't they based on the same numbers? Wouldn't my SS benefits be based on the same earnings that the SSI were? Given that I was unable to work after being disabled?
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Looking for an 80s Letterman episode for a friend.

My friend's father was on Late Night in the 80s and was featured in a pretty long audience segment. We're trying to find the footage for him. [more inside]
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48 hrs since I turned in my lease application. No word. What going on?

I applied for a lease for an apartment that I really like. The landlord seemed to really like me. I viewed the place last Sunday, thanked the landlord, said I was very interested and emailed her for an application. She emailed me back with the application and said that she thinks I would really like the neighbors. [more inside]
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Music to go with reading Holleran's "Dancer From The Dance"

I'm reading Andrew Holleran's classic gay novel "Dancer From The Dance." It's set in New York in the very early years of disco. (1972-74?) I'd like to build up a playlist of some tunes that set the mood, because most of the disco music I know is the later stuff (Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder, etc.) [more inside]
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