August 17

North by Northwest, the Novel

I'm in search of stories of ordinary people caught up in espionage, conspiracies, and the like, and somehow managing to pull through despite the forces arrayed against them. I've read most of Robert Ludlum's oeuvre, Six Days of the Condor, among others. [more inside]
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Creative uses for an Amazon IoT Dash

I read somewhere that a guy had programmed his AWS IoT Dash button so that he could press it whenever Drumpf said something hateful and send $5 to the ACLU. Mine was delivered today and I'm seeking creative ideas for what to do with it. Donating money is sadly not in the budget right now nor is shopping in general. [more inside]
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Best Hugo short story anthology?

What's the best anthology of Hugo Award-winning short stories? I'm less interested in Hugo-winning novelletes and novellas, and the collections I'm seeing from a short Amazon search seem to include these rather than just short stories. ('There is no such thing - you're stuck with a mixture of all three' is a totally fine answer.)
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Best co-op Talisman-like board game to play with my kindergartener?

My kindergartener really enjoys playing cooperative second edition Talisman with me. What board game should we try next? [more inside]
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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I've had it it mind to go watch the eclipse. I'm in Maine, have family in Ohio who I could visit, then drive to the tip of Kentucky to view it. Weather is looking a bit iffy, but probably okay. I would have to leave tomorrow morning (Friday), so that I have plenty of driving cushion. I have seen an annular eclipse, very cool. [more inside]
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Why are so many gmail addresses being created and linked to mine?

As one of the earlier gmail adoptees, I have an address that people frequently mistake for their own (basically it's, only with my actual name). I'm used to getting other people's mis-sent emails and erroneous newsletter sign-ups, but lately I've been getting an abnormal number of new gmail addresses being linked to my account, all following the same format. [more inside]
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When the doctor completely blows you off, but might be right, what next?

I've been having strange symptoms that have lasted 10+ days that are reminiscent of mononucleosis or lymphoma. Doc basically shooed me out of his office with "it's a virus" without so much as even touching me. [more inside]
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Eclipse Glasses - the safe, not safe, safe again saga

I purchased Daylight Sky brand eclipse glasses from Amazon. A week ago Amazon refunded my money with a note that they could not verify that the glasses were safe. Sometime in the last four days the AAS has added Daylight Sky as a Reputable Vendor. Would you feel OK offering the Daylight Sky glasses to others? Would you feel OK using them? [more inside]
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Parenting tips for children with a mentally ill parent

I need parenting tips for children who have a parent with severe mental illness. [more inside]
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Resources for a partner unsure about parenthood?

My partner and I are both in our thirties. When we first started dating (mid 20s), I didn't want to have a baby, but I slowly changed my mind over the years. I've been very open about my mind changing. My partner is still on the fence about parenthood but thinks about the possibility and promised to think more about it. Meanwhile, I'm now at the point where I think about having a baby a several times a day, and it's definitely something I want to do in my life. I'm deeply saddened and worried by the fact that my partner is still unsure, and I'm hoping for resources that might help those who are unsure about parenthood (not including therapy, which is an option we're working on). Anecdotes, stories, articles, podcasts, and books are all good. Anything will help. [more inside]
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How real are described experiences to others?

Point me to some research about how well people can understand things that haven't happened to them directly. e.g. If you haven't experienced PMS, how well can you understand and empathize with someone going through PMS? "How well" is pretty hard to quantify, and I don't know what to Google for, so this may be fruitless, but I thought I'd take a shot.
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Help me with a meaninful slogan for a middle school classroom.

For Reasons, staff at my school have been told that we must come up with a ritualized way to end each class before we dismiss kids- think a catchphrase like "return with honor," "be people of integrity" or "be well, do good work, and keep in touch." Help me come up with something. [more inside]
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Looking to wander around some new blogs and sites

I'm looking for some new blogs to lose myself in, to take my mind off of the train wreck that is U.S. politics these days. My current favorites these days are Unfuck Your Habitat (cleaning and tidying), Budget Bytes (cooking), Lifehacker (family of sites that cover gadgets and life tips), Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools (gadgets and new uses for existing products), Apartment Therapy (small home decor), and this Metafilter family of websites. The brain weasels thank you.
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Could you help me pick out a bathroom mirror?

We're renovating our bathroom, and I'm looking for a mirror to put above the sink. I've been having trouble finding something I like. I sort of like the look of this mirror from Restoration Hardware, but I'm not sure about the $650 price tag. Could you help me find something similar but less expensive? Or suggest something else entirely? [more inside]
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Top social science journalism you've ever read-- go!

What are your favorite long magazine features (or books) on topics related to psychology, sociology, economics, anthropology? Looking for work that blends serious reporting with excellent writing.
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What kind of professional will help this Canadian get new ID?

Asking for a friend of a friend, a Canadian citizen (living in British Columbia, if that's applicable), who is wondering what kind of professional (legal or otherwise) might help him sort out a complicated situation regarding proof of citizenship. [more inside]
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Photographing people during the eclipse?

I won't be spending the eclipse snapping away instead of enjoying it, but I'd like to get a quick picture of our family. The eclipse photography guides seem to focus on the sun itself. I have an SLR and a couple of lenses to choose from. [more inside]
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What have your experiences been with antidepressants and alcohol?

The manufacturer's leaflet says to avoid alcohol altogether with citalopram; the UK NHS website says you can consume alcohol with it. What are your experiences? Including people who had not very many side-effects, please. [more inside]
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(Literally) Crying Over Spilled Milk...

In the past two weeks, two drinks with large amounts of milk have been spilled in my car. It's past my personal DIY comfort level to clean, but I'm getting conflicting recommendations from the professionals. More details inside! [more inside]
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Advice for Amorgos?

I'm going to Amorgos! I know nothing about Amorgos! Any advice? [more inside]
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Is This Bathroom Occupied?

The other week there was a puzzle on FiveThirtyEight about the probability of the sign on a bathroom being correct given the behavior of different people in an office (solution). Can you help me figure out why my approach doesn't work? [more inside]
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What fitness tracking armb..wat.. THING is right for me?

I'm shopping for a fitness and health tracking device, but I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the choices available, and having a hard time finding which one has the features I want, will do a decent job, and won't cost an arm and a leg. [more inside]
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Thank god we didn't meet before we were 30

I'd love to hear stories of people who met and fell in love after 30, especially if they're still going strong years later. And especially if they've experienced isolation and other adverse life experiences that make it hard to believe you'll find that kind of love. Did you meet your long term partner after 30, and maybe some struggles? And do you think you're better off because of that timing? [more inside]
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How to respond to Whataboutism?

In the wake of Charlottesville, the right is ramping up its use of whataboutism. I'm actually finding that it's an oddly difficult rhetorical move to effectively counter, and I'd like to hear some potential strategies. [more inside]
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How to convert a pdf to an image

I have a pdf document that I'd like to convert into an image. The document contains a lot of text, so I think .png would be the best format. I've tried a few online services (like, but the fonts seem to get messed up in the conversion. Is there some way to do this that will reliably convert the document?
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Moisturize me!

I am in the process of overhauling my skincare game and the one missing piece is a lightweight, mid-price moisturizer for hot weather. It doesn't need to have SPF, as I have a separate sunscreen. Fragile orchid skin details within. [more inside]
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New Orleans recs please!

I will be in New Orleans in October for a family wedding. I haven't been since 2006, when a lot of stuff was still closed. I am hoping Mefites can recommend some restaurants and shops and things bc I will have a bit of free time. [more inside]
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Help stop my keys from jingling

I absolutely hate when my keys jingle. [more inside]
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How can I be more open to friendships?

I've found that as I've gotten "older" (I'm only 29) my friendship-making skills have diminished! Through work and the grad school program I'll be entering this fall I'll have the opportunity to meet tons of new people (classmates, other people in the field, etc.). I really want to try to make an effort at making new friends, but... I'm not sure how to sharpen my friendship skills! Any advice? [more inside]
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Is my dog depressed?

My dog is a four year old Rhodesian Ridgeback. He has so little energy that I worry he is depressed. Should I pursue this with the vet or is it just the way he is? [more inside]
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Can I wind PLA filament onto a different spool to fit my Flashforge?

I recently purchased PLA filament for a Flashforge Finder printer. After extensive research I ordered some spools, but didn't think about the width of the spools and how that would relate to the internal width that my small printer can hold. [more inside]
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Magical, Offbeat Chicago

I will be visiting Chicago in the fall. Please tell me what gives Chicago its own unique sense of place. Bonus points for places you would take a special person, places with a strong sense of place, things that are highly typical of or unique to Chicago, restaurants with wonderful food, striking or unusual architecture, neighborhoods to explore [more inside]
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Another Honda Fit question

I test drove a 2015 Honda Fit yesterday (30k miles), and it was kind of terrible. Do I try again with a new (2017 or 2018) Fit, or look for a different subcompact (and if so, which one)? [more inside]
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Sturdy, cheap queen bed platform in Fairfax Co. VA pick up tonight??

After spending a night on the couch, I'd like to replace our cheap broken Ikea platform frame with something sturdier (but still cheap)...that I could pick up on the way home tonight. [more inside]
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Places to eat near Vaughan, Ontario

We're visiting the Toronto area and staying in a hotel near the Vaughan IKEA. For lunches we'll be in Toronto, but for dinners we'd like to stay within a 10-15 minute drive of our hotel (we've got a 1 y.o. so we're on his schedule). What are some good places to eat in this area? Thanks!
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Zucchini plant problems

My zucchini plants aren't producing male flowers. How do I solve this? [more inside]
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Trailer and trailer hitch basics

We have a 2013 Subaru Forester, and I would like to get a little utility trailer to transport small equipment (mower, snow blower), take stuff to the dump, and to take home bulky purchase from Home Depot (e.g., insulation batts, mulch, plywood sheets). If I'm buying a trailer, I'd likely get an open bed and stay off highways, but I'd like the ability to rent a trailer I might vacation with. A bike rack is also possible. I know absolutely nothing else about trailers and hitches. Help? [more inside]
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Testing eclipse sunglasses

Purchased 'fake' eclipse sunglasses on Amazon. Amazon sent alert, and refunded my money. However it's hard to get hold of eclipse glasses now so soon to the eclipse. The seller claims they are 'ISO certified.' Is there any way to test this? The glasses are plastic, manufactured in China, and seller (who is replying to other Amazon purchasers and does not have english as a native language) does not make much sense.
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What has 2 player split screen mode been removed from most modern games?

Back in the day most games used to have a 2 player split screen mode. Playing IRL with friends was one of my fondest childhood memories. However, these days finding a split screen mode on a game is super rare. Why?
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Overwhelmed with options. Laptop me?

I've determined that there approximately a basquillion and three PC laptop options available for purchase at this time. I only need one. I'm completely overwhelmed, don't know what I need, don't know where to start, don't know much about history, don't know much biology..... wait. That's not right. Anyway, details of what I want to do with the thing inside. Please tell me where to shop, or what to search for, or (in a perfect world!) what specific laptop and where the best price for it is. Thanks! [more inside]
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Word --> PDF Help - crappy image conversion

I have a Word document (Word 2016) with a simple company logo in the header. The logo is a jpg (150 dpi). I converted the word document to PDF using "save as". [more inside]
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August 16

Forgot 106 year-old fruitcake, help me make edible fruitcake

The whole interest in the Antarctica fruitcake (Mefi link) made me realize I've never made fruitcake and don't know if I've ever had a good one. The last ask me on this is 7 years old, so what's the best fruitcake recipes today and your tips and tricks? [more inside]
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Rental and Reasonable Expectation

My land lord wants things to be quiet from 11 pm to 6 am which is fine. She claims that she gets migraines and is an incredibly light sleeper, and any noise can wake her up. [more inside]
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Bad dreams: Is it the trauma or the drug to treat the trauma

I have bad dreams, a lot. They usually revolve around trauma I experienced when I was younger and my family's reaction = woefully inadequate, hurtful, not something I can stop thinking about really. Well, all of the trauma took place within the family. So I take 20mg of Lexapro a day. I have heard that Lexapro can in fact cause bad dreams, or is really just stuff sticking around in my head that I haven't fully processed, despite having several years of therapy. [more inside]
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Leave job after a month? - not meeting (my wrong) expectations

Hi metafilter, what would you do? Been in new job for a month full-time equivalent, and it matches job description but not my interpretation of said job description. Other positions that match what I thought I'd be doing have been advertised. Current job is contract till end of year and isn't critical to current project, while advertised are contracts till mid or late next year (so no difference in stability). It's a small industry. Apply or not? [more inside]
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Espresso Patronum!

We have an espresso machine that we use constantly for lattes. What are some good espresso beans for us to order? [more inside]
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Crafty people of metafilter please help!!

I bought these jeggings. The fit is great so i'm keeping them but I want to get rid of the "two tone" look. How do I make them one uniform shade of dark blue? Should I bleach them first? Or dye them as they are? The fabric is 64% Cotton, 34% Polyester, 2% Elastane.
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Sad thermos

I have this thermos and lost the inner stopper, so it is unsusable. I have contacted Alfi, they do not have replacement parts. Any ideas about where to go for this or ideas for similar replacement? I loved this thermos. I have looked on eBay as well. Maybe someone has better eBay-foo. Thank you.
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Obstructed Seating at Radio City Music Hall

Hello! I bought tickets to see Dave Chappelle at Radio City next week and then noticed after the fact that they say OBSTRUCTED VIEWS on them. [more inside]
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Chemistry Filter: How did this happen?

I bought my daughter a cheap rubber (?) ball at Michael's a while ago. Last night it ended up wedged up against our cabinets all night. This morning the lacquer seems to have become liquid where it was in contact with the ball. [more inside]
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Help me avoid a panic attic/crisis

I just ended my job of nearly a decade. I am freelancing with a very large and prestigious firm that has a real possibility of turning in to a permanent job. I have a lot of experience in my field of expertise, close to 20 but the new place works at a much faster pace. I am prone to anxiety and panic attacks... [more inside]
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What was your life coaching experience like?

I'm trying to get an idea of what people have experienced as clients of life coaches. What was the problem you wanted to work on, what did you do to work on it, and how did it work? Where did you do it (online, in person, via email, etc.), how much did it cost, and would you do it again? Anything else you'd like to share is welcome. Any kind of life coaching (no matter the system) is OK. Thanks!
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How can I become sexually healthy again?

I am suffering from sexual burn out – physically and mentally. Help!!! [more inside]
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Which Jiu Jitsu? Why Aikido?

I'm interested in studying martial arts with the girlfriend, but we're at a loss for a discipline that would satisfy both of our interests. More details beneath the fold! [more inside]
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Can I turn a phone into a kid friendly mini tablet?

I want to turn an old phone into a kid friendly mini tablet fun thing. Is it possible? [more inside]
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It's a two-parter!

My partner is out of town for a week and I need some downtime suggestions. Namely, what movies should I watch and can you name the best San Francisco bars/restaurants to read a book alone in? Specifics and preferences inside. [more inside]
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My jeans, they're not hip enough..

I have a bunch of kinda baggy Levis with the right color (no distressing and comfort). Since I bought them (well just 3 years ago), styles have changed and I've moved to Brooklyn. I'd like to tailor these so that they're less baggy and don't scrunch up (I'm not opposed to rolling, but doesn't seem to work). Is a original hem jean tailor make sense?
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Advice for daytime privacy with light?

We just moved to a ground-level apartment with lots of foot traffic close by. I want ALL the light I can get and if possible the ability to see out, but also privacy from casual viewers. I'm considering making curtains from cheesecloth. Will low-grade (e.g. grade 10) cheesecloth work for this, or would I need to get a denser weave? Any other suggestions welcome. [more inside]
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Help me be a better informed opponent of Islamophobia.

I encounter Islamophobia either in media or in actual conversations with people on occasion, and I feel out of my depth in responding. I understand that practicing Muslims are a diverse group across many dozens of countries, cultures, and political viewpoints, but beyond that I need some help. What are some sources for learning? [more inside]
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Help me learn more about Robert E. Lee...

The recent controversies regarding the Confederate statues has caused me to re-examine what I know about the Civil War. What are the best books that critically examine Robert E. Lee's life (both good and bad), and specifically his life before he was the leader of the Confederate Army. [more inside]
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