February 24

Questions for Health Physicists

I am an engineer looking to switch into a Health Physics career. I have a few questions for any Health Physicists out there. [more inside]
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I, Emote.

Is it scientifically possible to create artificial sentience? [more inside]
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February 23

What kind of herbs, though?

My potential new therapist says she works with an herbalist. What is an herbalist, and is this a red flag? [more inside]
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Improve my cat's litter box experience (and my own...)

I've read such glowing reviews that I'm considering getting a Litter Robot, but I thought I'd ask the experts here whether they think my particular problem with my cat's litter box methodology will be solved by it before shelling out nearly AUD$900. [more inside]
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Is it really that weird that I don't own a microwave?

I had a new friend over to my apartment tonight for the first time, and he noticed I didn't have a microwave and commented on it. He seemed really surprised. Other people have commented on it over the years, as well. Is this really that strange? [more inside]
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Please help me fulfil my destiny (or products sold on the internet).

Our small side-product/project went viral, and our previous international warehousing / mailhouse / fulfilment house isn't cutting it and nobody else is returning our calls or emails. Can anyone recommend any specific businesses that might be able to help - Preferably in Europe or Asia. [more inside]
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Reliable service from Singapore to Legoland in Malaysia?

Family of four staying at a hotel in Singapore is hoping to visit Legoland in Malaysia around March 21 or 22. We would like a reliable method of getting there, and to be able to spend as much time as possible there. We need to return to Singapore the same evening, and are hoping for a hassle free method. What’s the smoothest way to do this? We don’t have a smartphone, if that matters.
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How to get Glossy spray paint mist off carpet?

Sprayed a metal handrail on my steps with glossy spray paint. Looks good, but a fine mist of black paint is covering my light tan carpet. Can anybody recommend a cleaner? I have a steam cleaner. The area is about 10 x 10 plus steps. Ugh
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College Student in my class with MAGA hat

College professor here, at a majority-minority state school. Recently one of my students came to class with a Make America Great Again red baseball cap. It was during an exam so I only saw it and him briefly and had no practical way to react or comment (even if I had wanted to). [more inside]
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Bean Sprouts recipes

Every time I buy beansprouts (usually either for pad thai or summer rolls) I have a massive amount left over, because the asian market only sells them in bigass bags as big as my head. Please give me your favorite recipes that require a WHOLE LOT of mung bean sprouts.
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Charity auctions near Boston

I have been volunteered to be the auctioneer at a charity event. The auction part of the event is low-key enough that I think it will be ok that I am not a professional. But I also think it might be a good idea to scope out some other charity fundraisers and auctions to get some tips. [more inside]
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Heading to Birmingham, AL for a concert, looking for places to dine out

Where to eat in the Avondale neighborhood in Birmingham, AL on a Sunday afternoon in March before a show? [more inside]
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How to use a month's absence from a PhD to recover from depression

I'm working towards a PhD in a foreign country and recently returned to the U.S. as part of my recovery from depression (which was/is largely work related). What are things that I can add to my routine during this downtime to help me on the road to recovery, and how can I best prepare for returning to academia? Special snowflake details inside. [more inside]
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CPA? EA? CFP? Help!

I think my life is finally in a situation where I need to find someone to help with tax planning, but maybe also a financial advisor, or maybe someone else entirely. Please help! [more inside]
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Attaching photos from my mac makes gmail seize up

When I try to attach files from my hard drive to a message in gmail, my browser locks up. How can I fix it? [more inside]
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How do you train a dog to fully empty their bladder on command?

How do you train a dog to fully empty their bladder on command? [more inside]
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Refresher on Gov't & Politics, books and blogs please

I know that this sounds like a silly question. But, can you provide tips on staying abreast of current events and politics? I feel like I need a basic refresher on government and politics, where is a good place to start with the basics?- I believe that Jon Stewart wrote a book a while -thoughts. [more inside]
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Pho Mi

I am not very familiar with Vietnamese cuisine but have noticed local restaurants with names such as below. Is this a deliberate play on words, or oblivious? Is this common in other markets? I do understand that "pho" is pronounced "fuh" Canada, GTA if that helps. Healthy Asian local population obviously.. Pho Mi Pho King Pho Quinn
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Is mute and report enough?

I play a few online games. Before Trump I was happy to just mute gamergate edgelords and go on my way with headshots, last hits, or lynchings. Now I wonder if that's too much tolerance. [more inside]
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New to PR: How to Build a Network?

How appropriate is it to just email trade publication editors to introduce myself? Or how should I go about building a network? [more inside]
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What make and model of car do I want?

I currently drive a 2007 VW Rabbit S-model and love it to bits. But it's got almost 150K miles on it and I am faced with either $4K of expensive repairs, or getting a new car. I am up for a new job which will require the occasional long commute, and if I take the job (and get the associated raise), I am going to go the new (or new-to-me) car route. Given my needs and preferences, what should I get? [more inside]
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Best Mobile WiFi HotSpot Options For A Tiny Business

I run a lunch counter. I need a secured WiFi network for my point-of-sale system. [more inside]
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Optimise my exercise

I could use some help please in figuring out whether my workout routine is good enough. I mostly work out on the weekends and don't do much during the week. Am I in danger from being a "weekend warrior"? I want to lose fat and gain muscle and flexibility. [more inside]
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What have graduate students created?

What wouldn't exist now, if not for grad students? I would like to compile a massive list of high-profile or notable creations -- from inventions, to ideas, to works of art -- that were conceptualized or created by Masters/JD/MD/Ph.D seekers during their graduate education. [more inside]
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Paczki in the Bay Area

Help me find Paczki in the Bay Area; Fat Tuesday is coming up and I'd love to find a place to buy a dozen of these jelly-filled fried balls of dough. (Alternatively let me know your best recipe so I can recreate my own if I have to) [more inside]
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Recommendations of awesome blogs/websites for my RSS feed.

I've been introduced to the miracle that is an RSS reader and I could do with some suggestions on what are great sources of information/articles. More inside. [more inside]
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Which Kitchen Witch?

For sentimental / familial reasons, I'm looking for small kitchen witch. However, I am mostly finding cutesy puppets & Halloween knickknacks, and I'm looking for a more stylish alternative. Ideas? [more inside]
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How to be the most well-prepared for a puppy?

We have about two to three months before we bring home a puppy. When you got a puppy what were the most helpful links, books, or resources you found? What is your best new puppy advice? [more inside]
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I'm using Twitter Wrong

My Twitter timeline is out of control. I follow friends, etc., but there are like 7 Twitterers I want to keep 100% up with, and it would be super handy if I had a feed merging them, and....doh...I realize I'm using Twitter all wrong. So....should I create a second (lurker) account following only those 7? Or is there a Twitter client (for ipad) that let's me optionally filter all others? Or...?
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How would you go about finding a mandarin tutor... WITH an accent?

I'm an upper intermediate mandarin speaker, focusing mainly on speaking/listening. Something that I think is really important in any language, but especially mandarin, is getting exposed to a wide range of how people ACTUALLY speak... not just the "neutral" language that a language teacher will strive for. I have a number of teachers from different parts of China, but they are just that: teachers. While their mandarin accents do vary, they all speak fairly neutral mandarin. What I'm looking for is a way to find Skype partners with heavier accents. I think this will really help develop my ear. Any suggestions? I've been using italki with great success, but everyone on the platform does everything they can to convince you their mandarin is standard, and there's no good way to search for people from Xinjiang or other places where an accent is more likely.
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Practical Spiritual Book on Indigenous Cultures & Spiritualism

Recommendations for good practical books and resources on spirituality from indigenous cultures such as Native Americans or Australian Aborigines? Something not academic, but also not light and fluffy - something "useful". Most likely something focusing on one specific culture rather than an overview. I am open to poetry and things if its well done.
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Single traveler in search of trip ideas. Got any good ones?

I need a vacation! I’m looking for some ideas for this summer as a single traveler. [more inside]
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Highway 427 northbound near Pearson airport?

Can anyone tell me what is happening with Hwy 427 (in Mississauga, Ontario) as it goes northbound past Pearson airport? It seems to have been under construction for a very long time. But nothing seems to have happened for a very long time and it looks like there are three or four completed, unused lanes just sitting there to the west of the over-congested lanes. What is the problem??? What are they waiting for?
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What are the best space/astronomy-related activities and events?

I want to do cool, space-themed activities. Observatories, planetariums, date-specific events like the upcoming solar eclipse, incredible nighttime viewing, etc. What are the best ones in the Northeast US area, and what are the amazing, perhaps once-in-a-lifetime ones nationwide and worldwide? [more inside]
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Hellp me plan a safe backyard play area for Toddler

I want to put some play equipment in our back yard for our young toddlers to enjoy this spring (2.5 and 1 year old). Please tell me how you planned a play area, purchased equipment and share any tips and tricks. [more inside]
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Wikileaks emails: how do we know they're authentic?

When Wikileaks releases emails, how do we know they're authentic? Apart from Wikileaks saying they are, or the purported authors of the emails confirming they are?
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Care package for teen in hospital?

Have you been a teen living in a hospital for an extended period of time with no specific known end point due to a very serious medical issue? What would you have liked in a care package? Also would you have appreciated a semi-awkward visit from a relative you don't know all that well, or would rather just have seen the people you love and care about most? [more inside]
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My new boss is a jerk :(

My new manager (let’s call him Kafka) is someone who is outright disrespectful and shows disdain to everybody - except his boss, with whom he is very kind and friendly. Help! [more inside]
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Money or money-like thing to send to India?

I just got back from a trip to India (it was great!) and to my horror I got the rupees conversion mixed up and accidentally way under-reimbursed my host. How can I make it up? [more inside]
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après le déluge

The hose to our magic fridge water dispenser sprang a leak sometime yesterday and then water sprayed out of it all day long while we were at work. The water did not stay long in the kitchen but was quickly drawn into the wall behind and kept following that wall all the way to the floor of the basement and garage. Drywall in the ceiling of the basement/garages and the walls are clearly soaked and discolored, and will need replacement. We are the homeowners, not renters. What do we do first? [more inside]
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too many walls

I think I over-react when I feel that people are trying to get too close to me or need too much from me; I may be overly vigilant about my boundaries. This means I can get panicky or resentful if I feel that people are demanding too much of me emotionally. Any ideas for self-talk I can use to combat this? [more inside]
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February 22

Is it possible to turn an old iMac into an Ubuntu computer?

I have an old and problematic OSX iMac that Apple no longer support so there is no way to fix it unless spending big money somewhere. Besides I can get into safemode and do and see stuff fine there, nothing is working right (frozen startup and weird display). Back to my question, since the hardware seems working so I am thinking about turning it into a Ubuntu computer. Is it possible? [more inside]
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How do chemical reactions in the brain create feelings?

Dopamine floating around in your synapses will make you feel g<ood. But how? [more inside]
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Fraud in a bidding process for a Construction Contract

Our community centre is doing extensive renovations. We are going to hire a General Contractor via a bid process. We asked companies to submit material for a Pre-Qualifying round. Twenty companies submitted their materials and we are now winnowing the list from 20 down to six. We will then ask the six finalists to bid. We have not decided on the six yet. The problem is one of the prospective companies is being sued by a reputable client for fraud. [more inside]
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Cheap Los Angeles (or California-y) food to welcome guests

We have an cheap- uh, affordable, airbnb in LA. We'd like to have a cheap Los Angeles/California preserved food to welcome guests with. Given that fish tacos don't keep well, we're struggling for good options that aren't $$$. Any advice? [more inside]
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Southern Italy in a week: Naples to Catania — what should we do?

My person and I are flying into Naples a week from Sunday and flying out of Catania (Sicily) the following Sunday. The plan is to rent a car and take a meandering route, but we don't have any fixed plans on where to go. [more inside]
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Would you like franchise with that?

Please tell me everything there is to know about franchise ownership. [more inside]
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Do you recognize this statue? Or who is in it?

Link inside of a man standing statue [more inside]
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Racist statements at work

What would you do if you saw or heard someone at work making racists comments to himself? He wasn't directing those comments at anyone specific, he was sitting by himself talking to himself.
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Has anyone done deep data analysis on the last election results?

Specifically, has anyone done or tried to do an analysis of the latest election results data to determine if there's any correlation between polling places Trump narrowly won in swing states (especially those with Republican governors) and electronic voting systems that don't produce a verifiable paper trail? Or anything similar, looking at discrepancies between exit polls and reported results? [more inside]
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I'm going to go blind? What?

This week my ophthalmologist told me that I have a cataract in my left eye, and she asked me point-blank whether I wanted to be scheduled for surgery ASAP. I've deferred on the surgery for a year. I'm fifty years old. What am I in for, short-term and long-term? [more inside]
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How does one tell if a hot water heater is electrically powered?

I want to know if the landlord is paying for the hot water or if I'm paying for it, however I can't find any obvious indication of how the hot water heater is powered. Is there an easy rule of thumb or specific types of connections I should be looking for around the unit? [more inside]
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Tips for archiving performance of stage play using Canon T3i?

Last time I taped a play it was using an old-fashioned tape-based camcorder with settings controls that were easily accessed for on-the-fly adjustment. I downloaded a user manual for the T3i, but I haven't done much shooting with DSLRs so I could use some tips. [more inside]
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reading list for the revolution

I'm looking to compile texts, stories, etc. that are on the interwebs written by queer people of color. [more inside]
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Just don't lick the flagpoles!

My kids' school has outdoor recess guidelines that I would like to challenge. The kids are kept indoors in weather that I think is perfectly appropriate for outdoor play. A twist is that I think they and other schools may be basing their guidelines on a nonexistent medical association? [more inside]
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Short-term southern Oregon living alternatives.

I'll be living in the Medford, OR area for ~six months (roughly late June - mid December) for an internship (regular day job hours), and then moving back to Portland. Looking for specific research sources on a couple of alternative ideas to traditional rentals. [more inside]
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Dealing with ridiculous COmcast data usage claims

Hi All, Comcast has claimed for the past few months that we are using well over a terabyte of data at an alarming clip. We "exceed," the cap before the month is half over, and are now responsible for overage fees of $150+. I have tried all the recommended steps, changing my wi-fi password, virus scans, etc. No luck, and COmcast is stonewalling and insisting they've done all they can. Any help in dealing with them, or suggestions of whom I can contact with this complaint, would be appreciated. [more inside]
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Buoyancy question

i want to put an inflatable pool in my small backyard. Then I want to fill it with water and lie on its surface on an inflatable chaise/raft thing. [more inside]
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No-solder USB plug adapters / tools?

Is there such a thing as a crimping kit to build USB cables? I am interested in wiring USB lights to USB plugs and would prefer to skip the soldering iron. [more inside]
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Has anyone had experience with Addressable Advertising?

A colleague of mine was telling me that he spends $40/month with AT&T Adworks and says that it brings in a steady client stream for his resume-writing business. I'm curious if other solopreneurs/small businesses have had a similar experience with AT&T Adworks, Comcast Spotlight, DirectTV, etc.
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