May 28

Recommendation for a reminder WordPress plugin?

I have a milestone coming up. How do I remind them using WordPress? [more inside]
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Cthulhu me

What's the coolest or most beautiful piece of Lovecraft-themed artwork you've come across that's available to purchase on the internet? Prints/replicas ok.
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What to do with strawberry powder?

I have about 6 oz (~2 cups) of dehydrated strawberries that have been crushed into a fine powder. I have been adding it to smoothies but I want to branch out so I'm looking for recipe suggestions. Thanks!
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You're wearing THAT?!?

How have norms around wearing worn-out, damaged, or visibly repaired clothing changed? [more inside]
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Mild anemia, but not mild symptoms

It's a holiday weekend. I am weak, dizzy, exhausted, bleeding, and apparently mildly anemic. Trying to figure out what to do from here. [more inside]
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Botulism and Mason Jar Salad/Greens Storage

Is it safe to store leafy greens and salad in mason jars in the fridge after sealing with Foodsaver Jar sealer if I'm consuming them within 9 days? Should I be worried about botulism? [more inside]
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Looking for the Rap Genius Moby Dick in an alternate universe

So this spring I was looking for the annotated Moby Dick on the Rap Genius site. I remember that the annotations were somewhat anemic, and came across a discussion that indicated that the British rights holder for Moby Dick insisted it be removed. At that point someone had a dump of the original annotations, and there was a forum discussion indicating the whole thing had been moved elsewhere, but when I went to the site the imported annotations didn't really work and it was a big mess. So fast forward a few months, and it appears the annotated Moby Dick is back online: I can't find any trace of the original discussion nor can I find the downloadable annotations on my hard drive or elsewhere. It's starting to feel like that Berenstain Bears alternate universe thing. Can anyone locate a discussion of the removal of Moby Dick from Rap Genius or the downloadable annotations file? I thank you.
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Dishwasher dummy

I have a new dishwasher (new to me) - Frigidaire built-in (model no inside). I was unloading the dishes and found a rubber ring (about the width of an 80s rubber bracelet, but about 6 inches in diameter). It was poking out of the bottom of the washer where the glass-trap is. I pulled it out because it had some hair and grossness on it. Now: how do I put it back properly? [more inside]
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Where to buy (online): art books, unique books, limited pressings, etc

What are some good online stores that sell artist's books, books with unusual bindings, limited/numbered editions of books, broadsides... anything related to 'books as art/objects' I guess. I'm not looking for first editions or signed copies of "normal" books. Thanks!
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HR folks & managers: asking ppl what pronoun they prefer

I've been dropped into the dubious world of personnel management, borderline HR. I'm fumbling along, but one thing I'd like to do early in the company's life is to imbue a respectful adherence to people's pronoun preference. HR folks -- Is this respectful or intrusive? [more inside]
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Mount Roraima

I'm wanting to travel to South America and have a number of places I want to go and can't decided which to go to. This week let's talk about Mount Roraima. [more inside]
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Help me plan a day in Buenos Aires and a day in Montevideo

I'm going to be in Buenos Aires and in Montevideo in July and will have a day in each city. I'd appreciate suggestions about what do see and do during my brief visit. Not a night owl but otherwise open to anything. Highly proficient in Spanish. Thanks!
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Lease termination - what are my obligations to the Realty Company?

[MA Apartment Rental] My lease was through Aug 30. Notified property manager of intention to break lease with 60 days notice, and found a new tenant to take over lease with intention to re-sign for 3-5 years. Realty Company is asking us to pay broker's fee (1/2 months rent) and continue to pay rent until they received first month's rent from new tenant - but June is now technically our last month and they collected first, last, and security 5 years ago during lease signing. What do I have to pay? [more inside]
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Where in Madrid, Seville or Malaga can I get a locally made leather handbag

My handbag had catastrophic failure just before leaving the apt, and I'm about to get on a flight to Madrid, and would like to get a new, locally made leather handbag on either Madrid, Seville or Malaga. This will probably end up being the one souvenir for me on this trip. Any thoughts on what shops, brands or areas to look in? I'll also be passing through Toledo,Cordoba, and Granada if that opens up other options.
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What (poisonous? edible?) berry did my baby just eat?

What berry is this? My (25+ pound) 13 month old just ate a black / ripe one. We think it's solanum nigrum. The berry is between 1/8-1/4". Second opinions? [more inside]
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word in any language, like 'beergoggles'- but for everything?

As the title asks: I'm trying to think of a single word that means "a thing I would not ordinarily do if it were not for this circumstance/situation". English preferred (though I can't think of one I'm readily familiar with), but I will accept any language. : ) Thanks MeFiters.
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What are resources that anti-Trump individuals and groups can use?

What are useful resources for the anti-Trump resistance in New York, Atlanta, LA, and St. Louis? I'm looking for organizations, materials, partners, trainings, guides, resources, apps, calendars, directories, and anything that would be helpful for groups or individuals working against Trump and the Republicans. [more inside]
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How do I patch this hole on the surface of my balcony floor?

There is a hole in the surface of my balcony floor that I would like to patch up. It happened a few summers ago when I rested the edge of a hot metal grill grate on the surface before letting it cool. I'm not sure what the surface is made of but it feels sort of rough and cement-like. Ideas for fixing this? [more inside]
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Jeep Renegade Trailhawk, Nissan Frontier 4WD, or something else?

I will soon be in the market for a (pretty) new vehicle. I need 4WD and something somewhat capable. What can you tell me about these vehicles? Or others that might tick my boxes? [more inside]
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Nose hair hygiene, another thing my mom didn't teach me.

So: middle aged woman with changing hair growth patterns now has rather healthy nose hair growth and doesn't like it one bit. But has no real idea of how to fix it, and current experiments don't seem to be working. Complications include a hands on face habit (that isn't going to change now) that makes me instantly aware of itchiness in and around nose and/or hairs that protrude, and thus leads to lots of figitting and nose rubbing and picking, which probably doesn't help. I've tried nose trimmers but I seem to get bumps, sores or pimples, or whatever.. and plucking them REALLY leads to sores. I've learned to manage the pubic region over the decades but this is new, and I can't be the only one confused...What the heck do other women do? [more inside]
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What is a non-sexist alternative to the term "prima donna"?

I try to avoid using sexist language, but I am finding it difficult to replace the term "prima donna" to refer to "a very temperamental person with an inflated view of their own talent or importance" (per Google). Unfortunately, the synonyms I find are either equally sexist or somewhat esoteric. Any suggestions for an alternative?
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Tech company with great world-wide support?

I travel a lot. I bought a Google Pixel LS laptop in the USA last year. us$1300. This week, while in Canada, it stopped working. Google support admits it's faulty and has offered to replace it. However, refuses to ship replacement to me in Canada and insists on shipping to USA, where I won't be for months, well after the warranty expires. This seems absurd and wrong to me... [more inside]
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French-Language Music Recommendations

I'd like to broaden my French-language music listening, but i don't really know what's current. Metafilter, please recommend some great albums, preferrably from the last few years. [more inside]
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Most affordable way to finish undergraduate college degree? (Bachelor's)

My partner had to leave college many years ago before completing his undergraduate degree. He now works full-time and a few months ago, he was able to start taking classes again at a different, local university. However, he has massive student loans already and this program may double his debt. There must be more affordable ways to do this, right? We are willing to get creative! [more inside]
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Racist terms in historical documents

When posting historical documents online, what’s the best way to deal with their inclusion of a racist slur? [more inside]
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Thanks, Internet

There's the Rihanna/Lupita heist movie that started on Tumblr & Twitter, and this ad-hoc collab between Pat Rothfuss, Chuck Tingle, Neil Gaiman, BPAL, and others that took place on Twitter. What other collaborative projects between seemingly disconnected public figures have come about because of social media? [more inside]
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Was the relative minor scale 'discovered' or 'created'?

So, the major scale is what it is because it's even (well-tempered) tones splitting up a mathematical actuality that exists due to frequencies. Where the hell did the RELATIVE MINOR come from? Why don't we start the relative minor on, say, the fifth or the third and play all the notes in the major scale still? Is it a naturally-occurring thing too? Just the result of piano keys? The natural minor sure isn't very.... melodic (pun intended), so why what caused the focus on the 6th degree of the major scale for the formation of a scale at all? [more inside]
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May 27

Ideas for a mountain getaway near Lake Constance (Bodensee)

We'll be at Lake Constance in July and are looking to spend an extra week exploring ONE mountain region in either Northern Italy or possibly Austria. The main things we're looking for:
  • A variety of easy day hikes with huts or chalets along the way or as a destination.
  • A friendly alpine town (with good restaurants/shops) in which to base ourselves in a hotel and easily go out exploring the local trail systems.
  • Hot springs/spas
  • Accessible by public transport, less than 8 hours from Zurich.
  • Under 2000m (7000') altitude.
[more inside]
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Can I afford to buy this condo?

I know you are not my lawyer, accountant or real estate agent. I live in Los Angeles where rents are sky high and buying anything decent is ridiculously expensive. I need some advice about whether I can afford to buy a specific condo. I have made an offer and received a counter offer (along with six others who also made their own offer) and we have until Tuesday to reply. Please give me the benefit of your insight into the real estate and condo-buying experience. [more inside]
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Help me find my perfect ride.

What's the best way to search out my perfect used car, and buy long distance? [more inside]
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Can I Eat This, #50474

Small green peppers stuffed with a hard cheese and some sort of ham. I usually keep it in the refrigerator but forgot to put it away. I bought it Wednesday evening and found it on the counter Saturday morning, where it had enjoyed a fairly constant 72° F. Smells and looks OK. It is sold in an open vat in the store which doesn't seem refrigerated to me, but might be. I don't know where they keep it at night.
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Road trip to Austin

My sister has rented an AirBnb in Austin from June 30/July 6 which coincides with a downtime for me work wise. I am looking to plan a road trip either to Austin or from Austin to a city to be determined (ideally the cheapest flight from BOS/BDL) with multiple stops along the way - plan to either sleep in rented SUV or hotels along the way. [more inside]
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Separation/Healing Separation - your experiences, advice

My partner of 12 years and I split 6 months ago, now were are deciding whether and how to heal our relationship or end it for good. We're considering a "healing separation" - your experiences? Longer details inside. [more inside]
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Good reading about the little process details of painting and art-making

I've been doing a lot of oil painting lately and a fair bit of reading about painting and painters, but haven't so far come up with much stuff that takes a really close, documentary look at artists' step-by-step working processes. Book and blog recommendations? [more inside]
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I just want to leave the city!

I have two free months, some vague ideas/destinations, a bit of money, and a boatload of anxiety. Talk to me about using a travel agent to deal with all of the above. [more inside]
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Stlyish MeFites, please help me wear yellow!

I just bought this dress and am looking for ideas on how to style it. [more inside]
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Keeping the peace at home and at daycare

Our nearly four-year-old has suddenly developed some separation anxiety issues, mostly centered around napping. It's especially bad at daycare, but we're not sure how to help him. [more inside]
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Cars which permit rear facing back seats

I am looking for other cars where you can remove the back seats and reinstall in the opposite direction hat they face backwards. This is for the safety of our children (rear facing baby seats are now widely accepted but it is actually better for older kids to continue facing backwards in booster seats as long as possible). We have a Renault Grand Espace which permits us to do this but we are looking to change for a new model. This is a question for which it is surprisingly hard to find answers via Google and I was hoping that you guys had ideas. Thanks!
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Where did we both start, anyway?

The song I'm trying to identify had lyrics that repeated several times at the end, "I want you right back where we both started." I have failed at Google. Anyone know which band/song this is? [more inside]
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From rockets to rickets?

If we moved to another solar system, could we still make our own vitamin D? [more inside]
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Escape Room - for kids!

Help me come up with an escape room for 15 -20 seven year olds. Themes? Clues? Ideas? [more inside]
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When in Rome...where should we eat?

Mr. just_ducky and I will be in Rome on our wedding anniversary! Can you recommend a restaurant for us to have a nice meal at? [more inside]
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Physical sunscreen to use on chest scars

Please recommend a physical sunscreen to put on chest surgery scars so they won't become more visible. The scars are 17 weeks old. They are noticeable but starting to fade. Does physical sunblock really work to block 100% of the sun? I prefer something I can get in person at Target, Walgreens, etc that doesn't cost much. Bright colors are fine if they work better than clear.
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ID that indie song: Newcastle pub edition

On Monday night, I found myself in a pub in Newcastle that seemed to be playing nothing but classic British indie from the late '90s to mid 2000s. The Coral, Athlete, The Zutrons, a bit of early Coldplay. One of the tracks didn't make that much of an impression on me at the time, but now I have to know what it was. [more inside]
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Webcam for Skype (and others?) direct connection to HDTV?

I want to use a Logitech USB webcam to video conference on my living room HDTV (Skype, or perhaps Facebook messenger, or Zoom meetings.) I know that I can do this by connecting the webcam to a computer, and the computer to the TV's HDMI port. But I'm wondering about details... [more inside]
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Help me to Resume

I'm looking for a resume coach - in the Philly area for face-to-face, or online accessible. Some very general areas: academy or industry (tailored to either), and design/requirements for IT/IS. Many thanks! [more inside]
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Acrylic painting tutorials

It seems fairly easy to find interesting intermediate-to-advanced video tutorials for oil painting. However when I look for acrylic painting tutorials I find mostly beginner-level videos and things along the lines of "how to paint a specific object," usually not from life. Lots of things that remind me of the new "paint and sip" classes which aren't about making your own color selections. I'm looking for great acrylic painting tutorials. [more inside]
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National Park for Kids

I would like to take my kids ( 6 and 8 ) to a U.S. National Park this summer. I don't think they are old enough to do any significant hiking nor would I want to put them on any cliffs. What parks could provide them an amazing experience without them getting bored or getting wiped out? [more inside]
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May 26

Dating, immigration, and commitment

This is a question about problems I'm facing dating someone, featuring immigration woes and differing cultural attitudes that have us hurt and fighting with each other. [more inside]
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The quest for the perfect dress

I recently became obsessed with a certain dress that Shoshanna wears in an important episode of Girls (image is a bit of a season 6 spoiler). I've found the original, but it's out of my price range, so I'm looking for a reasonable facsimile. [more inside]
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How do I get a job that I'm totally overqualified for?

I'm a web developer who's been unemployed for three years and has been rejected for every one of the dozens of web dev jobs I've applied to. My mom has been supporting me financially for the last six months and it's a really uncomfortable place to be and she's pressuring me now to get a job - any job - and I'm not sure how. [more inside]
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Forget me, Gmail!

Gmail's new login no longer seems to have the option to completely log me out. How can I fix that? [more inside]
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how to handle severe chest dysphoria

If you experienced dysphoria surrounding having breasts or other intense "get these away from me now!!!" feelings about your body how do you handle it when it gets so intense you would do anything to get away from your body? And how do you handle cis people's platitudes or worse their silence when you try to share that? [more inside]
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I want to cruise to Alaska or the Mediterranean (E or W) help please.

I have never been on a cruise and finally decided to plan one for next year July/August (a time I am now learning is too late to be beginning planning for) for Alaska or the Mediterranean. [more inside]
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Where's a good place to shop for cabinets, tile, and countertop in NYC?

I know about IKEA, Home Depot, and Lowe's. But what are some other options? And regardless of where you shopped, what was your experience like? [more inside]
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Car Stereo Filter

I have a JBL ad6805 and an Alpine CDA-9884. I want to install them in a 1992 Camry XLE. There isn't a stereo in the car now, just the empty console. What do I need to get one of these stereos working? [more inside]
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I feel angry when my partner talks about this specific topic. Help!

I love my boyfriend and think he's wonderful - but his family grew up privileged and when he talks about it in detail, I feel my temperature rising. How can I deal with this? [more inside]
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Thorny subletting question

I'm leaving the country and the landlord is making it difficult for me to sublease. I had subletters lined up, but the landlord is giving them a hard time and has been inconsistent with their responses to the situation. [more inside]
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Where can recent chronologies of latin american events?

This is sort of two questions: Is there a resource that lists books published in the last four years with chronologies and timelines of Latin American and Caribbean history (which do not need to be about recent events, just about the subjects from 1491 to today)? Second, is there a directory anywhere of chronologies and timelines about recent events in Latin America and the Caribbean (e.g., the puerto rico debt crisis from colonialism to 2017)? Anyone who could point me to such things would be greatly appreciated.
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Translation/CAT Tool help - Trados or MemoQ for Excel documents?

I just got my first project, hooray! It's a a doozy of an Excel document (which has already been about 1/10th translated into English), and comes with a significant amount of repeated words and phrases. I learned that most pros use CAT tools to maximize output and efficiency, so downloaded a trial of MemoQ - but nothing is working as it should for me. Is MemoQ a good option for Excel documents? If so, where am I going wrong? If not, should I switch to another tool such as Trados? [more inside]
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