October 31

I wasn't vaccinated. Now what?

Which vaccines are most important (and effective) for me to get as an adult, to fulfill the moral imperative of contributing to the herd immunity that I benefit from? [more inside]
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Help me make my musical tastes more pedestrian!

I'm looking for a certain flavor of music—I guess the kids call it indie pop?—with the (often female) vocalist front and center, largely electronic production, relatively sophisticated and grown-up lyrics, and a tendency to borrow freely from dance music (while steadfastly resisting the temptation to go full-on OONSTA OONSTA). [more inside]
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What does this graffiti mean, if anything?

Three pieces of graffiti popped up in our neighborhood last night, on three different garages. I'm wondering if they have any sort of meaning, or if they are local gibberish. [more inside]
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Programming language for CAD

I'd like to find a programming language that compiles to line drawings. [more inside]
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How do I connect RCA cables to a new LED flat screen TV that has only HDMI, RGB, and USB ports? [more inside]
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Soup recipes to use with a stick blender

I recently bought a stick blender and made an amazing butternut squash soup, so now I want to make more blended soups. But apparently I'm kind of picky and disagreeable and don't really know what I want, so googling for recipes has left me cold. It's made a bit worse in that I hate cooking (although I'm more than competent at it), so it takes something good to capture my motivation and get me in the kitchen. But I do love warm creamy soup and I have to eat something, so: what are your prize winning, most amazing, tasty pureed soup recipes to make this winter. [more inside]
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Best practices for freezing food?

Please give me your tips and tricks for insuring any fresh foods you are freezing (meat, bread, etc) remain in the best condition and taste the best when thawed. [more inside]
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How Can I Find A Girlfriend In College, Really?

I’m not entirely sure where to post this on the Internet, because it seems that there are a million different opinions out there. It’s like asking, what’s the best diet to lose weight, when everyone will tell you his or her favorite diet. Regardless, I need some help. I need some guidance, a model to follow. I need to know how to get laid and/or a girlfriend. Preferably, a girlfriend. [more inside]
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Not my email.

Recently got a new iPhone 6 from Sprint. Today I went to the Find My iPhone app for the first time and someone else's email address is in the email field although it is not logged in. Why is that? No one has had access to my phone. The email address in question is if it matters. Maybe I'm dumb and this is standard, but I couldn't find any answers on Google.
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I think I want a child, but don't want to ruin their life

I think I'm ready to begin trying but I'm extremely scared of ruining the child's life or even regretting having one. How do I move forward? [more inside]
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Suggestions for daily humor site geared towards dementia people?

My brother and his wife both have dementia and are currently living in a memory care home and need notes from home. [more inside]
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DC restaurants where grumpy middle aged men can eat meat and drink

I'm part of a group of middle-aged male librarians that get together periodically to talk shop, eat meat, and drink in DC. We're out of touch on the current restaurant explosion, have some specific requirements, and need your help, hivemind. [more inside]
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Do warring cats become friendly after boarding?

I've heard that boarding cats away from home for a time will encourage them to become friendly toward each other when they return. Looking for whether that's true/common, how long to board and other particulars. [more inside]
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Quick and dirty insulation

My mom is in the Boston area, has an uninsulated exterior wall that is under a roof and needs to put something up. Can she just nail up the insulation or should this be handled differently. [more inside]
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Breaking a lease in New Albany, Ohio- Help needed for my mom

My mom needs to break her lease in New Albany. They just bought a new house. I know about tenants right in Chicago, but not in Ohio. Can any one help me with advice. Is there a residential landlord and tenant ordinance? Is there a tenant's union? thanks
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People who liked Rstudio also liked [this Python IDE]

ISO Python IDE. Edit code on one side of the screen. Run code on other. That's it. [more inside]
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FPS games for weak constitutions

I'm looking for recommendations for fun, entertaining, beautiful and immersive FPS games for the PC. Age is mostly immaterial, as long as they're graphically rich, but the one big caveat is that I really don't like horror or bloody violence. [more inside]
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Can you help me find a pdf of a printable Chewbacca mask? used to have free printable star wars masks. Of course I waited last minute to pull a costume together under the assumption that I would print a Chewbacca mask like I have done in the past. Is there a way to retrieve this pdf?
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Can you find the lecture about doxxing and vigilantes?

Circa 2010 I saw a video of a talk on dangers of twitter and hacktivism. The man giving this presentation gave an example of a tweet that angered hacktivists. One of them doxxed the twitter user and found out his/her address. A flash mob of angry people showed up at the doorstep. But the wrong address had been used. Then someone died (the homeowner? someone in the crowd? I can't recall.) [more inside]
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Why does my local library never have the books it says it has?

I have a well-funded local public library. Whenever I go to look for books, the ones that are supposed to be there (according to the online catalog) are not on the shelf. This goes for about half of the books I look for. What gives? [more inside]
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Best way to transfer photos from iOS to a PC?

I'm trying to help my parents transfer their photos from their iPhones & iPads to their PC, which runs Windows 8. I want the photos to be transferred and then deleted from their devices (each device has a few thousand photos, so manual deletion is not a realistic option). If this is your setup, what's the best solution you have found? [more inside]
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Subsumed State?

Around the time of the Occupy protests, I read an article that described a concept like "Subsumed State" or "Shadow State" or something. I thought it was by Mike Konczal, but I can't find it his archives and I'm pretty sure he was referring to someone else's ideas about this. [more inside]
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I can talk about polyphenols all day, but names escape me.

I'm a fledging dietitian ready to spread my wings. Please help me think of names for a future nutrition counseling practice and blog! [more inside]
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Anyone have a non-backwashing water softener?

I have conflicting contractor opinions about whether I need to dig a dry well or get a new water softener. Can people who know a lot about water softeners or have recently purchased one help? [more inside]
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What's on your home maintenance calendar?

I have a Google Calendar set up for different home maintenance tasks that benefit from being scheduled out (i.e., things that aren't necessarily visible, like "mow the lawn"). It's been just a few months since I moved in to my house and I haven't filled out the list as much as I'd like. What's on your home maintenance calendars that I might not be thinking about? [more inside]
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What are the French neighbours saying?

Can anyone help me with a spot of French translation? I'm subletting in Paris and I suspect my neighbours are not keen on the idea. [more inside]
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Should I try metronomic chemotherapy for my cat?

You are not my vet. However, I have seen a regular vet and a veterinary oncologist and now have some difficult choices to make and I would be very grateful for first hand accounts from people who have tried metronomic chemotherapy with their pet (especially cats) or other people's pets (if you're a vet or if you're close to someone who has gone through this sort of thing before). I am seeking advice and real-life experiences to supplement any advice regular vets or oncologists may give me. [more inside]
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Is it too late to change careers, nationalities, everything?

I have a masters degree in a relatively obscure field, an even more specialized professional history, a BA in French, no relationship, and lots of consumer and student debt. What is the likelihood that a youngish 30ish woman in that situation could pick up and move to another country? [more inside]
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Bag Me Please oh wise MeFites! For I cannot bag alone!

So I need a new everyday purse and I think i'm sooo special that none of the already answered questions will do. I've spent hours and days searching and am turning to you for help. I am looking for a small bag with a short shoulder strap that is structured enough to bring to a nice dinner but not too fancy to be dropped on the floor. obnoxious branding need not apply. More details inside! [more inside]
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NYC Dinner for two, tonight near Metropolitan Opera

Two people have tickets for Die Zauberflöte at 7:30 tonight and have no plans for dinner. These two people want to eat a meal before the opera and did not make reservations. Where can they go? [more inside]
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Buying a low-end Macbook?

I'm looking at buying a low-end Macbook for web browsing and MS Office (primarily Powerpoint). Basically, it's coming down to a 2009 or 2010 Macbook, as I'd prefer to run Yosemite, but I want to keep my budget below $500. I have used a friend's 2009 Macbook fairly regularly and I'm happy with its general performance, but I have a few specific questions. [more inside]
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Has my phone been hacked? What next?

My (never rooted) Samsung Galaxy S4 has been exhibiting some strange behavior. How can I tell if I have a virus or if there's a more innocuous explanation? [more inside]
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Washington State Adoptee Original Birth Certificate

Washington state recently enacted a law that allows adoptees to request and receive a copy of their original birth certificate. I was adopted from Washington state, I know my birth name and my birth mother's name but I was still surprised by a couple things that were not on the copy I received. [more inside]
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Roadtrip to see the Day of the Dead in Baja?

This Halloween weekend, I would like to surprise my wife with a daytrip to Mexico to see a traditional Día de Muertos observance (we live in San Diego county). I would like your help, MetaFilter. What are some good places, within a couple hours drive, for us to do so, and is there a specific time that would be best? Is this even an appropriate thing to visit as (visibly non-mexican) tourists? Help me plan this.
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Recommend an obscure podcast

I'm looking for some good podcasts to fill up my podcast app, but I'm not interested in the popular ones that are routinely recommended. I'm looking for hidden gems -- well-crafted, entertaining podcasts that are homemade, not affiliated with any company or organization, purely individual labors of love. They can be on any topic, so long as they're truly obscure podcasts that you can't imagine more than a hundred people subscribing to. Thanks for any suggestions!
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What percentage of trans individuals are gay/queer?

I am interested in learning to what extent individuals who identify as transexual also identify as queer or homosexual. Have there been any good studies of this? I googled but could not find much - please link me to any studies/findings about the issue.
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iPad water damage

After my water bottle spilled in my bag two days ago, my iPad was functioning normally, but had water spots on the screen. So I spared you folks and asked Google what to do. It's been sitting in a bag of rice for almost 24 hours. Now, the screen turns on (via both the power and home buttons) but doesn't respond to touch. And there's rice lodged in the headphone jack. I don't have any warranty or insurance on it. What do I do now?!
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Making the permeable impermeable

I'm going to ditch our many-times-washed-and-bleached,-now-crusty shower curtain liner. I no longer want to use a liner. Here's our outer shower curtain. What can I do to make it, if not waterproof, less likely to allow water to seep through? Share your tricks, trick'r treaters.
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Page turner recommendations for iOS/iPad

I use GoodReader for reading sheet music on an iPad (3). What wireless page turners work well with iOS (particularly with GoodReader)? I am not so much looking for Google search results that I can find on my own — but if you have experience with a page turner device and how well it works with "standard" or "common" reader apps, I'd like to hear about your positive or negative experiences!
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Calling all Frontier Psychiatrists

Hey, hip mefi-ites, what, according to you, constitutes the cutting edge of music today? [more inside]
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Books for Serial fans

What are some books that superfans of the podcast Serial (the first season) will thoroughly enjoy?
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How do I become better at giving people gifts?

I feel great gift givers are not always the ones who devote the most time or money to this art - so what are their secrets? I'm happy to consider wisdom derived from science, literature or anecdote. Likewise I am interested in advice centred on observation, triage, shopping, timing, wrapping and so on. What makes a ninja gift giver?
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Do all nurseries charge you for going on holiday?

We have recently discovered that we have to book our son into nursery at least once a week or we lose our place. If this standard? [more inside]
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How much success have you had with electrolysis?

With the post 30 oestrogen slump :( I noticed I was beginning to get self conscious re: small patches (2) of increased hair growth on my face. My inner feminist barfed at going for electrolysis but I thought if I could just get it permanently sorted that would be that. [more inside]
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Is it okay to walk my dog in the cemetery?

That's it really. I live near a large, park-like cemetery and I'm wondering about the etiquette of walking my dog there. It's a modern, suburban cemetery which is quite, um, active. If I were to take my dog there, he would be leashed at all times and if I saw a funeral actually occurring I would keep far away. Would if be upsetting if a person was at the cemetery to visit the grave of a loved one and they saw me casually walking the dog as if it were any other place?
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October 30

How do make peace with my career anxieties so I can update my C.V.?

I am going to defend my Ph.D. in a few months. That means I really need to be applying for jobs. But I haven't touched my C.V. in months--years, probably--because every time I think about it I get overwhelmed by waves of anxiety and despair and impostor syndrome. How do I get past that and update the damn thing so I can start sending it out? [more inside]
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hurting from co-worker's joke

How would you have handled this from a co-worker? [more inside]
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About to negotiate my first business contract. Help me get it right.

I have been offered a possible role to manage a section of a start up company. I have expertise in the area I would be managing, but I have never negotiated a contract or anything like it in business and I have no idea how it goes. I don't want to work for free, but I don't want to be inappropriately stingy with my contribution, prior to having a formal contract. [more inside]
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Contact lenses in California

Is a lens fitting a requirement in California? If so, how much does one typically cost? [more inside]
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Can I use whey to replace soured milk for fried chicken?

Can I use whey to replace soured milk for fried chicken? [more inside]
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Out-of-series movies?

The Rock is a Bond movie. Galaxy Quest is a Star Trek movie. What other movies 'fit' into series, but not on purpose?
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I fumbled the phone!

Crap! I dropped the tablet to my (fairly) new Asus Padfone X face down on the tile in the kitchen. Where do I find the parts to replace the pieces? [more inside]
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Are there guides on ending a protest? (for the protesters)

I was talking about the HK protests recently, and it seems like, much like Occupy/other movements, that there's not much expectation or plan for an endgame, at least in public discussion. [more inside]
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Seeking resources re: decades-long student loan despair.

I currently pay one full week's pay each month, $600, toward my current student loan balance of $97,000+. Though I usually just pay it and try to move on, I know it will follow me to my death and if I can't be rid of it I hope some of you can provide some kind of advice or coping strategies. I have read through a fair number of related questions. [more inside]
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Brainwashing recovery resources

I'm looking for some resources for my experiences. The best term I've come up with is brainwashing. My therapists do not know of any, but had experience with working with it to an extent. [more inside]
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Who played the "It's a Fact" girl?

Who's the actress that played the "It's a Fact" girl on the Kids In the Hall TV show?
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How to clean out the "Other" storage in my iPhone 5S?

My iPhone 5S has a ton of stuff in "Other" storage (iTunes screenshot); I don't even have disk space to do the latest iOS update. I see this is a common problem, surely some of you have a solution? [more inside]
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Should I reach out to people I have let down?

Over the last two years, I abandoned many of my commitments due to not being able to cope with anxiety and depression. Now that I'm receiving treatment and my symptoms have almost entirely disappeared, I feel the need to reach out to some people I may have let down. What is the best way to reach out to them and apologize for letting them down, and for practically disappearing for months or years? Or should I even bother? [more inside]
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Please recommend a tax accountant in Adelaide, Australia.

Can you recommend a good accountant in Adelaide? In particular, one who may have experience with foreign income and owning a small business. [more inside]
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How can I explain why street harassment is wrong?

My friend does not understand what is wrong with street harassment and I am looking for some resources to direct him towards that may help enlighten him. [more inside]
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