September 26

Opportunity to Relocate to Europe from the US

I have an opportunity to make a lateral move to Europe from the US. I'll most likely land up in a major German city. I am fluent in English and German (German a bit rusty). The work permitting will be handled by my employer but I will most likely have to carry the relocation expenses. I will eventually return to the US after a stay of about 36-48 months. It's a lateral move because I will be performing the same role but the business landscape will be entirely different - more robust and demanding. My wife and I have two sons (12,14) and I do want them to have the experience. However, it's a big move which would require us to uproot our comfortable and easy life in the US. I am partially convinced that getting "out of the comfort zone" is healthy or at least that it was I keep telling myself. Should I stay or should I go?
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What to do when you're The Friend Who Is Okay and you're not okay

I'm an adult in my 40s and am generally an easy and undemanding friend, despite high-functioning depression. Lately I am not okay, and I want some support from friends who value me as easy and undemanding. How do I navigate this shift in role? [more inside]
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What do I do about the fact that I worked with a terrible person?

Help. I inadvertently worked for a horrible human being. My name is on their project. Now what? [more inside]
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September 25

Hiking along Austria's Semmering Railway

I'm in Vienna for a few more days, and want to ride the best parts of the Semmering railway, hop off the train, hike about 10km back towards Vienna along the Semmering railway hiking route, and then catch a train back to Vienna at a different station. [more inside]
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Has anyone experienced soreness when speaking a new language?

In this case, the language is Mandarin. I've been studying pretty intensely for 2 and a half years (at least an hour of speaking every day), but now I'm in China and am speaking even more. My throat has begun to get sore after I speak... my current theory is that my pitch range is hitting too many low notes and that has strained my vocal cords. That said, I don't really know what to do! Normally, I'd try to find a specialist doctor to take a look, but I'm currently in Guilin, China and don't know how easily I could find a specialist, and beyond that, I don't have great insurance atm (my insurance is more of the "we cover you if you break your leg" variety). That said, if you know of any experts I can talk to, I do have some money I can use to pay for that if it's not too expensive... [more inside]
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Discovered mistake made a year ago.

Should I confess to a mistake at work I discovered that was made a year ago? [more inside]
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identify this song about sailing and saying goodbye

I'm looking for a folk song I heard once about sailing, possibly named "Farewell to (a place in Newfoundland)". Hope me... [more inside]
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Let me mess with your face for free

How do I find people who would be into letting me photoshop their selfies and then post the results to my Instagram account? People who might be willing to take custom selfies (of their face -- no nudity or anything suggestive)? Or even, my highest dream, a band that would let me make them some free cover art? [more inside]
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We all scream for buttercream

Short version: I have a mountain of not-ready-for-prime-time buttercream that I need help repurposing. [more inside]
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Scratch and Dent Fridge-o-rama

Our fridge is on the fritz. It works 80% of the time but we spend 100% of our time fretting about it. We want to replace it at a reasonable cost. We are frugal folk so we went to the local Scratch and Dent Sears Outlet and found a good-looking fridge. It's the Perfect Unicorn of affordable + freezer on bottom + no water dispenser. We're in love with it but need some guidance. Help us decide if this is the way we want to go. [more inside]
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Keep CDs or not?

I have ripped my many, many CDs to audio files, and now I almost exclusively listen to my music digitally music. Should I keep the CDs or get rid of them? [more inside]
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Help with breakfast near Covent Garden/Trafalgar Square

We’re on a plane to London right now, arriving around 8 AM tomorrow morning. Where, near Covent Garden or Trafalgar Square, can we sit down and have a low-key breakfast around 9:30 or 10, that’s tasty and leisurely? No particular food preference, and no dietary restrictions. I know there are a million places around there, but the “leisurely” is hard to narrow down. ££ or £££ out of ££££.
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Shopping districts in Portland

Yes, I've got yet another Portland, OR question! What neighborhood should my girlfriends and I go to on our trip this year to browse and shop? [more inside]
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Period dramas, but not those rich folk

I'm looking for the anti-Downtown Abbey, does it exist? I feel like I'm looking for a unicorn [more inside]
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Help me clandestinely update my work imac

So I work for a company where I’m asked to use a really old MacBook Pro that is on its last legs. I spend too much time looking at the Rainbow Wheel of Death. After much complaining, my boss finagled a desktop iMac from a department that recently downsized. He said I could quietly use it as long as I didn’t let IT know... [more inside]
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Folk horror recs?

The Wicker Man (1973) is one of my favorite horror movies, and I'm interested in further exploring the genre of "folk horror". What movies/books do you recommend?
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How to be totally Square at the comics convention

I'm looking into setting up a Wifi hotspot at a table at the NYCC to take credit card payments over Square. There will be multiple people taking orders, some with UK phones, so we want to use a dedicated device for this purpose. Oh, and it needs to work well in the Javits Center, and be pay as you go... [more inside]
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Solo Zen

Some Zen monasteries and other meditation centers and will host paying visitors who want to spend time in silent but *independent* retreat (who want to follow the center's general principles but not its schedule or group activities). Do you know one like this that you recommend? [more inside]
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Your favorite fudge recipes, please?

Fudge. It sounds like something I should learn to make. I've seen this previously, and will certainly try the Fannie Farmer version, but I'd love to try YOUR family recipe if you're willing to share it. Thanks!
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Old HP printer on Win7?

I have an old H-P Deskjet 712C printer, which worked well last time I used it. It was hooked up to a WinXP computer in a room on another floor from where we need to use it. We had to start up the XP computer and send any print jobs through that, then go down and collect the output. All the other computers are Win7, and the printer won't work with them. H-P doesn't support the printer any more, so there are no drivers for it. [more inside]
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Should I apply to an MFA program?

I have been daydreaming about applying to creative writing MFA programs. Help me figure out if this is a terrible idea. [more inside]
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Help me find new compression shorts for recreational running

I need to wear compression shorts while running, for medical reasons. These New Balance shorts have served me well (I love them!), but they're literally coming apart at the seams. [more inside]
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Tips for year of US travel before moving to Europe

Howdy. This was me. I have decided that I am going to move to Europe but I've never traveled much in the US. So I am considering taking 6 to 12 months to travel around the US while continuing my modest amount of freelancing. Have you done this? Got any advice? [more inside]
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I Want My 92 year old mom to use my iPad.

How can I best simplifiy my iPad so my elerly mother can watch videos and see pictures stored on the iPad? [more inside]
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Fresh meat for a Halloween 2017 playlist?

Looking for creepy tunes from the last couple years that could be used to add some fresh blood to a rotting Halloween playlist? Nothing that simply has words associated with ghosts or haunted houses, but music with a creepy vibe that are destined to become seasonal classics... stuff normal people don't want to listen to when home alone in the dark... [more inside]
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USPS Letter Pickup - Urban vs Suburban

Whenever I've lived in a big city (my experience has been in New York and Chicago), the USPS has refused to pick up stamped letters from the mailbox in my apartment building lobby, so I have to carry them to a blue collection box. Whenever I've lived in a smaller city, the mail carrier has happily picked up my letters. What is up with that? [more inside]
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Fictional Romances with Happy Endings: Games, Apps, Books, etc

Last week my favorite MMO revealed that my favorite romance companion is going to betray me in the newest round of end game content. (Damn you, Bioware. Damn you!) A few days later I realized that a bunch of my go-to movies and tv shows also involve dissolving romances and/or betrayal. This is leaving me feeling way more devastated than is probably healthy. I need some happy romances that I can pretend I’m a part of. What should I watch, play, read, etc?
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Coolest building to explore in Chicago?

The Chicago Architecture Foundation is opening up 200+ locations for free tours during the annual Open House Chicago event. Out of this list of locations, what are the most rare and beautiful sites I can view? [more inside]
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Solar bots

Yay, we're getting solar! I have a question about the wifi enabled monitoring system. [more inside]
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How to get started with SBIRs?

I would like to explore SBIR funding for a some technology that my small business is developing and hopes to commercialize. I am completely new to this process, and the SBIR websites are very intimidating. Are there online resources that provide a gentler introduction to SBIRs and the application process? [more inside]
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In search of songs with timeline / stories split by chorus. Suggestions?

I'm looking for good or well-known examples in rock, pop, and indie of songs that tell a story (not just a single scene/moment, but songs where there are multiple elements along a timeline: A happens, then B, then C, etc.). Really, any musical genera is fair game, with the exception of songs from movies/musicals. Thanks! :) Strong examples: One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer (George Thorogood); Richard Cory (Simon and Garfunkel); Billy Brown (Mika); He Went to Paris (Jimmy Buffett); My Old School (Steely Dan); Maxwell's Silver Hammer (The Beatles); I am a Can of Tuna (The Chenille Sisters); Major Tom (Peter Schilling); Bullets (Passenger); Sunny Came Home (Shawn Colvin) [more inside]
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Pre-natal brain disorder diagnosis - Corpus Callosum Agenesis

Expecting our second child; went for 20 week ultrasound today, and emerged with a diagnosis of suspected brain abnormality - corpus callosum agenesis or dysgenesis. Just about managed to hold things together picking up no. 1 from daycare and through bedtime; now sat attempting to deal with the brute force impact stress, angst and helplessness of this. Looking for anything people can tell us about this specific condition, in themselves, as parents or professionals, or more generally about dealing with similar bombshells during pregnancy. [more inside]
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Can I make a noise complaint with the cops about a moving motor vehicle?

On the weekends, there are all these motorcyclists who rev their engines and drive around downtown, moving in a circuit. They aren't actually going anywhere. They just drive and rev and often the noise is quite ear-splitting. I know that you can file a noise complaint about a house party, but what about motorcyclists? [more inside]
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Help me find my childhood favourite novel about ancient Egypt

I read this book around 1990. It was a first person account by a fictional female Egyptian ruler, from her earliest memories to her death. I recall she married her brother the pharaoh for formality's sake, but the father of her child was an artist she had an affair with. It was set in one of the earliest dynasties. [more inside]
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Gimme a big smile!

Going back to this question, I have an update, and some questions. [more inside]
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Store recommendations WWII military memorabilia – Toronto area

Where do you recommend shopping for additions to a budding collection, ideally recommendations that won’t break the bank? Websites with up to date listings to browse before going would be a real plus. Willing to drive a bit outside the city, if it’s worth the trip. Clothing, metals, equipment - open to most anything.
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Why does my WiFi seem slow and how can I improve it?

Salient facts below, followed by questions: We have “up to 500 Mbps” downstream residential cable Internet. Alone in the house, on my brand new phone, tells me I get 84 Mbps downstream. It’s behaving more slowly than I’d expect for being the only thing on the network. Plus, at a given time we could have any permutation of Roku, iPad micnis, smartphones and laptops connected. Two adults and two school age kids’ worth of screens. [more inside]
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Is there a material that oxidizes in air but not water? Or vice versa?

Assume normal Earth air and Earth water. "Material" can be an element or a compound or a sheep or whatever.
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How dirty is dirty?: How to dishwasher in 2017

After years of using old/cheap dishwashers, we finally have a new one. I keep reading that modern dishwashers/dishwasher detergent like to have a bit of "dirt" left on the dishes to work efficiently. I'd like to move away from rinsing all the dishes in the sink before loading the dishwasher, but how dirty can I leave the dishes? [more inside]
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Two HDs in one laptop?

I'd like to use two hard drives in my laptop. It only has one HD bay. Please assist. [more inside]
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What is the fastest way to get old W2s?

I need to show a lender W2s from years ago ASAP. I fucked up and didn't keep them well filed and can't find them. What is the best way I can get them quickly? [more inside]
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Ex why?

I've gone out with this guy a few times, and I cannot make out if my general..bemusement with how he talks about his ex is warranted or not. Details follow. [more inside]
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Want *physical* hd activity light for (prebuilt) Windows desktop pc!

So while I managed to get a pre-built system that I really like, with exactly the # of ports and drive bays I needed and wanted, and it works great - it moronically has no disk activity light. Yup. It's dumb that it has no disk access light. But I digress. More on the need for glowy usefulness inside. [more inside]
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Absolute best snow shovel money can buy?

This is my first winter owning a house in a snowy climate. I will have to shovel the walk in front of my house every time it snows, per the city. I hate the cold and I'm a small weakling of a woman. What should I buy to make this job as easy as possible?
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Teaching a 13-year-old he has agency

Nihilism is part of puberty and can be a marker of being "cool." Still, cynicism without hope during this time in history is disconcerting for me. Are there concepts I can discuss with a kiddo who does have some challenges that he would understand and that don't make me seem like a Pollyanna and/or and things we could do or see that might help him, gently, feel agency in his own life? [more inside]
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Seven of Nine as a metaphor for leaving fundamentalism

I'm looking for an essay I read a couple of years ago and my google is failing me. The author was a woman who left fundamentalist Christianity (possibly also homeschooled, possible spiritual abuse). She compared her journey to Seven of Nine's path from separated Borg to human, like getting seemingly basic cultural things embarrassingly wrong, obliviously hurting and angering people who had been harmed by the Borg/fundamentalist Christians, etc. [more inside]
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Only kind of put your load right on me.

How to be empathic about anxiety without giving myself anxiety at the same time? [more inside]
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If only I could perform an ex-orcism...

[I'M BROKEN FIX MEEE filter] I'm always worrying that my SOs are holding a torch for an ex - and that I'm a figurative waiting room - what's the best response? [more inside]
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Automated self-reconstructing table?

A friend has been telling me about an automated restaurant / conference table that changes who your neighbours are and we can't find anything like it online. [more inside]
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Can I get a re-make for this beloved vintage mug?

I have a mug that I am very attached to. It is possibly old enough to be considered vintage? Unfortunately is very faded after years of being run through the dishwasher. I would love to find another one in better condition, and also for the day that clumsy ol' me drops my current one. Are there sites I don't know of that could aid me in my search? Or is there a company, individual artist, etc. who can re-create it? [more inside]
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September 24

How do I even children's book?

Can you point me to resources for children's book writing? How-tos, what-tos, etc.? I'm thinking about turning this little story into something submittable because a few people have asked me (and my own kids love it), but I haven't the foggiest idea where to begin. [more inside]
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Stormwater runoff: a failing grade

What is the quickest and easiest way to keep water from pooling near our house when it rains without using heavy machinery or hauling away huge piles of dirt? Three sides are pretty manageable, but the fourth slopes down from the alley toward the house and looks like this.
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How should I use up all these cracked tomatoes?

I have 20-some tomato plants. I went away on vacation. It was dry and hot. Now it's cooled off and rained heavily. Many ripe tomatoes have cracked. I've harvested lots of cracked and uncracked tomatoes, and I'll give away the uncracked ones. How should I use the ones that have split? [more inside]
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Advice for better book club sessions?

6 meetings into a newly formed local history book club, and while we've got good material and smart members, our discussions have been a little rambling, formless, and scattershot. I am looking for suggestions (either full sets of guidelines or just tidbits of practical advice) from seasoned book club members that will get us to more satisfying and comprehensive discussions.
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Ex restarts things, but gets cold feet?

An ex-girlfriend of mine initiated a return to romance I reciprocated. She still seems interested, but seems to have cold feet about committing. I’m happy to do things slowly if that’s what she needs— but how do I tell when ’not ready for a committed relationship right now’ means ‘not ready ever’, and how do I effectively discuss my concerns about this? Extended snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Which KitchenAid Stand Mixer should I get?

I'm getting a KitchenAid stand mixer as a generous gift, and need to figure out which one I want. I think I'm comfortable with the bowl-lift rather than the head-tilt models (unless I can be convinced otherwise). But should I get the 5 quart or 6 quart model? [more inside]
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Should I trade in my iMac for this PC?

For the last 8 years I have used Mac; but due to the age of my iMac (2009), it's decreasing performance, etc., and that my wife bought a refurbished PC that is equally as good, if not better, than my Mac for 1/6th the price, I am thinking of getting a PC. [more inside]
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Where is this dress from?

I screencapped this photo from a vintage repro website. Now I want to/have money for the dress and I can't find it online. [more inside]
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I need this thunk emoticon and Google won't give me anything

I first saw this one emoticon on Something Awful forums. It is composed of a thinking face emoji (either the normal variant or the thonk, or the goofy one). however, the thinking face is superimposed upon an equally yellow body. That yellow body is a capable facsimile of The Thinker, by Rodin. It's a large image, so not actually an emoticon. Maybe a sticker? Something like that. [more inside]
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I'm a time-traveller making first contact with modern dentistery

and I need your help to make a first contact with a dentist, for starters. After a depressive episode during my teens and young adulthood which at my lowest point left me locked up in my room for years, made me neglect my dental health and totally prevented me from doing normal stuff like using the phone to make appointments, I have issues with my teeth and when I say issues, I don't mean that I'm afraid that I might have a cavity, but rather that I have whole missing teeth already half-buried in my gum, blackened stumps, and abscess(es?); this is truly something from the Middle Ages rather than the teeth of an office worker living in a big city in a First World country with socialized medicine and heck, even people from the Middle Ages probably had better teeth because there was no soda back then. I fucked up, I know. But how does one go about fixing it? [more inside]
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