May 4

Passing down stuffed animals to your kids - yay or nay?

Husbunny has a few stuffed animals from when he was a kid, well-loved and frankly looking ratty and gross to me, but eye-of-the-beholder and all that, he intends to give them to our kids. [more inside]
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Setting up an iPad for use abroad

Help me (in the US) figure out how best to set up an iPad for my mother (in India.) Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Getting from Munich Airport to Hiohenems (Austria) in a train strike

Simple as that. I fly into Munich Airport at 0700 on Friday morning. I have a rail booking to Hohenems (extreme west of Austria). I am going to a concert in Hohenems at 2000 hrs on Friday night. Back to Munich Airport the following morning to catch a flight at 1100. If Deutsche Bahn is on strike, how do I make this work? [more inside]
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What they say is true: HR is never, ever on your side.

I was fired for what I (and several lawyer friends) believe to be a bogus reason. But what should I tell potential employers, given that I don't trust my former HR department? It's going to be long but the detail is necessary. [more inside]
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Need help with core beliefs and travel anxiety

I'm going to put the TL:DR up here. I have lots of limiting core beliefs involving my worth. Meeting new people causes me great anxiety due to these beliefs, which include not being allowed to have any needs, especially those that might inconvenience, irritate, or anger the other person. I also have panic disorder. I've met someone online that I want to meet in person but it would involve a drive of several hours. Travel = panic = debilitating and anxiety-inducing physical symptoms. Help me meet this person while remaining functional. [more inside]
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Running a Book Club

What should I know about running an online book club? [more inside]
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The grass is always greener on the other side...

A recruiter contacted me on LinkedIn today, and instead of politely responding that I'm not looking to move, this one has me questioning my usual response. I need some help determining if it's worth it to take a peek over the fence or not. [more inside]
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Fiscal Encounters

Is there anything that does with US congressional data the same thing Fatal Encounters does with police data? [more inside]
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Portfolio website for a freelance writer -- what to use?

As a freelance writer/editor, I want to set up a website for several years of clips and a short bio. I want something that is going to be around for a while, so I'm leaning toward Wordpress or Squarespace (can write off cost as a business expense) rather than a more specialized site. I found some previous questions about this but they were from 2006/2010. Good examples of individual freelancers' sites are welcome too.
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I want to smell like Hawaii.

I want to smell like Hawaii. To me, this means a coconut fragrance. Bonus question: if you know of a good coconut lotion, I'll gladly take those answers. [more inside]
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How to do my first dive vacation

I just acquired my PADI Open Water certification. I want to go on a scuba diving vacation in early August. I've never traveled before and don't know the best way to do it, given some complicating factors. [more inside]
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Less Teddy, Less Heady

Where do I shine my UV light to find interesting UV active art? [more inside]
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What foods are fun to fry at home? [more inside]
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Considering contacting an ex...

After 18 months of virtually no-contact, I am considering reaching out to my ex. I think my reasons for doing so are healthy, with an eye towards moving on and letting go (as opposed to courting drama) - but I would like input from others who have found themselves in a similar position. Also, if I do go ahead and reach out, what is the best way to do so? Behold the great wall of text: [more inside]
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Help me buy a hat

I'm looking for a stylish hat with good coverage. I'm not normally a hat-wearer, but I've been spending a lot of time outside and want to keep my face out of the sun. I'm looking for more coverage than one of these straw fedoras but not a big, floppy beach hat. [more inside]
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Pardot? More like ParNot.

I am in marketing, and we've had Pardot and Salesforce for about a year. We're starting to do some lead nurture email campaigns using Pardot. We have many prospects in Pardot who aren't yet MQLs, so they are not yet in Salesforce. If one of these prospects contacts Sales by email or phone, Sales has no information on them. How do we bridge the gap? [more inside]
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It's a Red Letter Day In My Office

Suddenly, in the middle of a print job, the printer stopped printing. And then things got strange. Help? [more inside]
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Losing sleep due to neighbor's toddler

I am this poster's downstairs neighbor (no, not literally), and I haven't gotten a full night's sleep since they moved in. What do? [more inside]
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Going outside and staying outside

I have spent enough time indoors to last the rest of my life, I want to start sleeping outside more. I'm looking for places to wilderness camp near Chicago and I'm having trouble finding any. I've gone camping at a few drive-in type sites and that's not really what I'm looking for. I don't want to be around people watching TV in their RV. I want to be shitting in the woods. I have a hammock and a stove, where should I go within a days drive of Chicago that is actually wild?
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How to beat back ongoing back pain

Me-fites with past back pain experience: if you've experienced multiple episodes of back pain but have managed to conquer it after all, how did you do it? [more inside]
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Solid data on "messages received" increasing over time?

I'm working on something with the sloppy premise that over the gradual shift from print to digital, communications isn't a zero-sum game. The general idea is that the introduction of things like first the Internet and e-mail, and later social media and texting, have increased the total number of messages people receive, and that people are increasingly "messaged at" over time. What sources can help me prove this, or disprove it? [more inside]
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Are hacked and cracked Android apps a thing?

I am familiar with the dark underside of PC software. Finding cracked and hacked versions of whatever you want is a trivial exercise. Is it like that in the Android app ecosystem too? [more inside]
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Is the cloud the cloud?

Is there a reason for me to pay $11.99/year for 5GB of cloud storage on Amazon when 5GB of storage is free on iCloud? Is there something I'm missing?
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What book about BASIC programming did I read as a child?

I'm trying to remember a book I read about BASIC game programming when I was a child. I don't know the exact publication date, but it would have been in the late 1980s or early 1990s that I borrowed it from the library. It was about how to write a text adventure game set under the ocean. Can you help me? [more inside]
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Identity without erasure?

I'm planning to change my name, but I'm a little uncomfortable with removing the clear marker of latina identity that my surname provided in the past. How do I still represent my Mexican heritage and avoiding unintended erasure of ethnicity, as a white-passing individual? [more inside]
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Let's play ID the plant!

I'm a gardening dummy and bought and potted an herb without really confirming what it is. I originally thought it was thyme but it's obviously not thyme. Here is a photograph of said plant. 1. What is this plant? 2. Is it safe if my cat nibbles it? 3. Any advice on how to avoid killing it?
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What do I do with someone else’s memories?

I have in my possession my dead stepmother’s baby photos, photos of her beloved mother, her lovingly constructed scrapbook of awards, school reports, diplomas, etc. She has no one left behind to whom I can give these items, not a single family member, not a single friend. While her items have no intrinsic sentimental value for me, I also feel really weird about just throwing them away. What do I do? [more inside]
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Name Those Actors

Who are the 4 actors playing the boy band members in Amy Schumer's "Girl, You Don't Need Makeup" video?
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Name my animation-focused non-profit

Hello everybody! I am starting an independent animation-focused non-profit. Our mission statement is 'a not for profit organization that supports independent, non-commerical animated film through education, grants, and distribution.' And we need a name! [more inside]
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How can I be more patient with my career trajectory?

I'm very new into my career and I'm finding it difficult to be patient with my career development. I spend too much time worrying about my career and it's honestly negatively affecting my life, at this point. [more inside]
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Spraying our yard for ticks: yea or nay? And chemical or organic?

We have a small back yard that backs up into some woods. I’ve seen deer in the neighborhood (not in our yard though), and there are definitely mice, bunnies, chipmunks, squirrels, and neighborhood cats and dogs that can be seen roaming our property. We’re thinking of getting the back sprayed for ticks, esp. for the sake of our one year old. Is that overkill? And if we spray, do organics work, or do we need to go chemical? [more inside]
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A better weather balloon, safer for sea-snacking seaturtles?

How would we release a weather balloon and get it back without its exploding? [more inside]
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Pretty sure our house was just cased, now what?

My wife, currently disabled and at home, texted the following encounter that occurred a short whle ago: [more inside]
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Recommend to me similar poppy bands...

a friend recently turned me on to bleachers and the drums (totally new to me, i'm a punk kid) and i am in LOVE. who else should i check out?
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Calling all residents of Dallas County

It's possible that, sometime in the next five years, we may have to leave Jacksonville, FL for Mrs. Mosley's career. I had always thought that if I did move out of my hometown of 41 years, it would be (a) somewhere somewhat cooler and (b) somewhere somewhat more liberal. Dallas doesn't strike me as either of those. Can someone who lives there give me their impression of the city?
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New job, new phone system, not working

So I'm at my new job. The main thing I'm supposed to be doing is calling people. Thing is, my phone isn't working and the tech support person's wife just had a baby, so he's incommunicado. A little help? [more inside]
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My new favorite way to entertain is what we're affectionately calling cocktail club—a casual drop-in thing with a cocktail of the night and snacks. The cover charge is limes and lemons. Usually 4-6 people are present at any given time. We do it every week, sometimes a couple times a week, and it is the best. I need more ideas for cocktails, foods, and making it THE BEST EVER! [more inside]
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I want to copy my dress.

Can you recommend a tailor/seamstress/dressmaker in New York who can make an exact copy of a beloved, though not at all high-fashion, dress that has seen better days? [more inside]
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What's a relaxing way to the Dales, and what do I do when I get there?

A trip to England is in our future, help us with itineraries to the North. [more inside]
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Banana pests

Can you help me identify these flat white bugs on my bananas? Google gives me a wide range of food pests, but nothing that looks like these critters. [more inside]
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Who Were Those Guys?

Mr. K and I are interested in the history of the Oregon Trail. He's good at research, but is coming up blank on papers or discussions to help understand who went, and WHY they decided to spend six months on an incredibly difficult trek in order to try to carve out a living in Oregon. [more inside]
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Danish people, I have questions

My partner and I potentially have the opportunity to relocate to the Aarhus area of Denmark for six months. This would be part of an exchange program based at VIA University College in Horsens for me and potentially a little more ad-hoc for her. We have a whole bunch of questions about Denmark, Jutland, Aarhus, accomodation, commuting and other things. [more inside]
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"Savage Wildlife" or something.

Nostalgia time: I can't remember the title of a series of direct-mail nature videos advertised on TV. [more inside]
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Chromebook/netbook for on-train work, does Storybook work?

I want a very light laptop/netbook/chromebook/ultrabook to work during my commute, can anyone help me out, please? [more inside]
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Culture Change in a High Power Distance Culture?

I'm tasked with creating more career options for coworkers in an Asian establishment of a large European brand. I am having trouble attracting coworkers into these new roles despite competitive salaries and freely available training. I know it is because of cultural differences and would like to hear stories of others who may have worked with this kind of change. [more inside]
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Smaller photo file size, without changing the date

Is there any way to resize photos without changing the date on the file? [more inside]
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May 3

Safe DIY seatbelt replacement? Difficulty level: pretensioner

Dog chewed partway through the seat belts on a 2000 Toyota Corolla. I got original Toyota replacement seat belts shipped from a salvage yard across the country. I know I can replace the belt assembly, but I'm wondering about the pretensioner. The replacement belts came with an intact pretensioner, with the wires cut off. Can I safely swap out the pretensioner connection? (that photo is of my exact replacement part). It's a yellow connector that seems held in place. What is it connected to? Can I just pull it out and shove my car's existing connector in? I'm planning to disconnect the battery before doing this work, but I know the pretensioner is an explosive device and I want to be cautious.
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Mother's Day and Father's Day for parents-to-be?

Is it normal to celebrate these holidays before you have a baby? Partner and I are expecting. We're excited but this was a surprise. Baby is due in July. Would it be normal or customary to celebrate a partner on Mother's Day or Father's Day in these circumstances? We won't really be a mother or father until next year. Am I likely to disappoint my partner if I don't get a gift or card or something this year? What have you done or seen done? I could ask them, but this seems like one of those things that would lose its luster if I have to ask. I'd rather just get it right.
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Why am I so fat?

I am a 40 year old woman. I'm 5'6" and weigh about 200lbs. I know why I am so fat; I eat a lot and never exercise. But what I don't know is why I don't look after my body the way I do the rest of my life. I have read and heard lots of times that a lot of weight issues are related to emotional issues but I'm happy. I don't have any major issues. If you were like this, how did you finally motivate yourself to lose weight and get healthy? [more inside]
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Recommend a cereal dispenser / container?

I was recently awarded backpay for raises I was contractually owed, and I want to spent a portion of it on decor. I'm looking at 4 boxes of Cheerios and am slightly embarrassed -- I appear to regularly open new boxes before the unopened ones are finished. I'm thinking a cereal dispenser would help me unclutter my counterspace and reduce spoilage. Does anyone have a dispenser they really like? [more inside]
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Decorative style of a tea set

Not knowing botany I have to ask - what flowers are these supposed to be [more inside]
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Examples of coercive rules that spread by imitation?

HIVEMIND! Does anyone know any examples of rules or institutions imposed by powerful individuals that other powerful individuals then copied, with the rule eventually spreading through a population? I imagine that someone might impose a rule and that someone else might think, "woah, that's a good idea - I'm gonna impose that, too," and then it spreads. Possible examples might include the origins of Jim Crow laws, or the development of norms of respect (like bowing to old people). I'm especially looking for examples that are discussed in the academic literature, but any thoughts or suggestions are welcome. THANKS!!
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Forced Rental Payment Fees - Is this allowed?

My landlord just sent out a notice saying that we're going to be required to pay our rent online, through a service that will charge a fee. Is this allowed? [more inside]
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It looked me square in the eye and said, "I AM GROOT!" Now what?

Need a little advice about snaking out a drain. It's draining now, but am I done done. [more inside]
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How did Fritz Zwicky appear in Cosmos?

In the last episode of the new Cosmos series, (someone portraying) Fritz Zwicky appears briefly, to sort of stare and blink and then make a gesture like this. He died in 1974. What is the source of this footage? Is it an actor (with an oddly non-speaking role, and no acknowledgment yet on IMDB), some sort of CGI magic from photos, or archival footage? Our household is unreasonably curious about this.
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booking sex-related work as a woman

How does one navigate sex work or sexological bodywork as a female client in the United States? [more inside]
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How to get a complete list of my traffic tickets from the past 21 years?

I'm applying to the bar in Virginia, and just realized I need a list of all traffic violations I've ever committed. My regular DMV record doesn't go back that far. I need this information in the next 7 days. Where to go? [more inside]
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Not Getting Distracted by a Work Crush

How do I not get distracted by, and keep in perspective, a work crush? [more inside]
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How to convert text of an essay into a bunch of images?

A strange request, perhaps: I have a relatively long essay (in PDF form), and for various reasons, I'd like to convert each word of the essay into an individual image, preferably PNG. How? [more inside]
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How Do You Work For A Canadian Company?

Are there any Mefites that have worked in the US (as a US citizen) for a Canadian company? How does it work with taxes, benefits, etc? This is going to become a very relevant issue for my wife tomorrow, and Google has not been a lot of help in finding authoritative information. [more inside]
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