November 18

best apple cider donut recipe?

i’ve been asked to bring a dessert to thanksgiving dinner this year, and i want to try to make apple cider donuts. the recipes from my usual sites have poor reviews, so i came here to see if anyone has a tried and true recipe for me? [more inside]
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Can you get in any trouble for turning down shift not scheduled?

Is it possible to get in trouble for not answering your phone on a scheduled vacation period even though boss admits they did it by mistake? [more inside]
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(When) Do I Go? And How?

I started at this job almost two months ago (despite having major reservations) because I really needed a job. As it turns out, I am not happy for multiple reasons, and I’d like to quit before I have to put it on my resume. Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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What's a good name for PDF rendering app with arXiv integration?

I made an app that renders PDFs more readable on your phone. It also lets you browse the latest articles on the arXiv, specific to your field. This app has a very unusually / non-discoverable name, and so basically no users (according to iTunes Connect, Google Play stores. Except me, I think it's great!). [more inside]
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What's a realistic career direction for me? Mom in 30s w/ MPH, ADHD

I earned a Master's of Public Health (MPH) in my early 20s. It wasn't a good fit for me, and I've struggled to find career direction (see below for details). Now in my early 30s, married, and the mother of a young child, I'm concerned about how to make better career decisions going forward, to help provide stability for my family. What options do you see for me? I appreciate your thoughts! [more inside]
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Tell me about being an independent contractor (US)

I'm thinking of doing some locums work for an agency and would thus become an independent contractor (1099). I understand this means I will have to pay my own social security and Medicare taxes. It sounds like I also have to pay taxes quarterly--how does that work? Is there an additional self-employment tax I'm required to pay? I am married to a non-resident alien so I always file 1040 married separately, can I still do that? What else is there to know, and what else is there to watch out for? [more inside]
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Cheap, safe, cross-country shipping for a single piece of furniture

I'm looking for the best (safe and inexpensive) way to ship one heavy, antique piece of furniture from Berkeley, CA to Cambridge, MA. [more inside]
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How to protect family/self/team during public controversy?

For a long time I've been mulling a campaign to rename a local street and (possibly) a state county. I'd start with the street. It also has a park associated with it which I'd like renamed but feel like the street needs to come first. My hesitation is the negative attention that seems to come with these endeavors and I'm wondering if there are ways to protect myself. [more inside]
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What's an effective feminist organization for holiday donations?

Last year I asked people to donate to the ACLU in my name as my gift. I'd like to do the same this year, but I want to add a feminist organization (for obvious reasons). I'm looking for something that will use money effectively to get women elected to office and/or end harassment. Basically, a respectable way to smash the patriarchy. (I thought of NOW, but I don't know if they've gotten top-heavy and ineffective like so many long-lived organizations.) Thanks!
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How to make alien voices like in 50s/60s radio

I'm curious how radio stations made voices like this and how I might do that today.
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Experimental home chef seeks semi-challenging recipes

I'm a home chef looking for new and different recipes that will challenge my lately-underused cooking skills, or at least encourage my creativity in the kitchen. Intermediate to advanced is OK. I have no dietary restrictions. Anything goes, but bonus points if 1) it's fun to cook [and eat, of course], and/or 2) doesn't require too many expensive ingredients. Doesn't have to be fancy or haute cuisine - could be anything from chicken & waffles to, well, consommé. Prefer direct recipe links online (with photos) over cookbook recommendations. [more inside]
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"Morning Coffee" Firefox Extension - May it rest in peace! Argh!

Until this morning, I used the Morning Coffee firefox extension heavily. You click the button on your toolbar, and all of today's websites load as tabs (different days of the week can be customized). Now that Firefox Quantum is upon us, it doesn't work, and I'd like to switch to Chrome I guess anyway (I should right?). How do I replace this? [more inside]
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Infant/toddler shoe brand that sounds like “robot”?

A random parent yesterday was talking up the brand of shoes their 10-month-old was wearing. They were soft-soles slipper with elastic in the back. The name on the tag looked something like “robot.” Maybe reebo? Rebot? Google is not helping because all I get is Reebok. Any ideas?
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What do "multicore" and "multithreaded" mean?

I just got a new computer and its CPU is described as "four core, eight thread." Can you give me a simple layperson's explanation of what that means? I don't know anything about computer architecture, and all of the Google results seem to assume a base knowledge that I don't have.
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What should I bolt on to my Nashville trip?

I will be going to Nashville in April from London - what else should I add to my itinerary? [more inside]
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'Good stories' for my Mum this Christmas

My Mum has asked for some books (novels) for Christmas. She does not want me to just buy her a Amazon or Waterstone's voucher (I checked). What a nightmare. [more inside]
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May I re-enter the UK with a T2 visa and almost-expired US passport?

I have a tier 2 UK visa (valid for many more years), a biometric residence permit, and a US passport that expires in May (so, in < 6 months). If I visit the US in December, will I be able to re-enter the UK in January or will I get in trouble because my passport is expiring soon? I'm especially looking for recent personal anecdotes or links to government policies/helplines. Thanks!
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November 17

Are these school show costumes cultural appropriation?

My kid's school regularly requests costumes for short shows throughout the year. Usually it's stuff like animals or a snowman. This year my kid's class have been assigned various "national costumes" for their winter term show, and I'm unsure of their appropriateness and am concerned they could be classed as cultural appropriation. [more inside]
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Navigating non-monogamy

I am dipping my toe into the waters of non-monogamy and looking for a little guidance. [more inside]
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I've Got This (don't I?)

A question about how to gracefully keep from having to pick up the tab every single time we eat out with friends and family. Details inside. [more inside]
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Car audio via Bluetooth dongle, plus separate Bluetooth buttons?

My car stereo doesn't have native Bluetooth connectivity. I want to use my phone as a music player to send audio via Bluetooth to a dongle that plugs into the stereo's 3.5mm audio jack, and have a separate Bluetooth media remote (steering wheel buttons). Is such a thing possible? My phone has Bluetooth 5.0, so it theoretically supports connecting to multiple devices simultaneously. [more inside]
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Health insurance in Mawlamyine

My mom took a teaching job in Mawlamyine, awesome! She needs health insurance, less awesome. How can I help her from across the globe? [more inside]
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Eye or brain, or both or neither?

Asking for a friend. Mystery halo seen in eye? [more inside]
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Breaking the devil that is nail chewing

2 year old edition. Recently started chewing fingers and while no blood has been drawn, he is getting close. I know there is something we can paint on his nails, any brand recommendations or other tips and strategies we could try to get ahead of this before it becomes a lasting habit?
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Voice Memo App for Android?

I want an app like the voice memo app on the iphone for android so I can record stuff. [more inside]
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Where can I write personal, blog-style posts for actual readers?

Looking for a place/places to write blog-style posts where there's an actual audience, or a chance to build one? [more inside]
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Would you please share your coping experiences with Firefox Quantum(57)?

My daily productivity has declined since Firefox Chromium installed. Anybody else have the same problem? What are your alternatives, suggestions? More within. [more inside]
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State (WI) Tax Refund Check made out to... estate of me.

My husband passed in January. I filed taxes late this year, and only recently got the refund check. Which is made out to.... "The estate of [my name]". The bank won't cash it. What do I do? [more inside]
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Easy Peasy Responsive Design Question

How do I keep a responsive web page from sliding around horizontally on mobile devices? [more inside]
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Exactly how politicized is the high and tight hairstyle right now?

So, I just got a haircut literally yesterday. I'm not from the USA and am not really aware of style trends there. The haircut I got looks very much like this. It looks good on me and it's not going to raise any eyebrows where I live, but it just came to my attention that this haircut, or ones like it, are now being associated with neonazis in the USA. I am going to the USA in one week to attend a wedding. A Jewish wedding. Is my hair a real problem, or is it just an overblown internet thing? Do I need an emergency head shave?
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What to expect before and after urological surgery

I'm scheduled for surgery next month. I've never had any type of surgery before, so I'm totally in the dark in terms of what to expect, how to prepare, and what questions might be helpful to ask my doctor. Any advice? [more inside]
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My kinda BFF is a flake and I'm kinda over it, or am I?

One of my oldest, dearest friends is a flake and pretty introverted and has been as long as I've known him (20 years). Last week he and his family flaked on my kid's 1st birthday party and I realized that I'm not cool with this anymore. Do I need to just move on or should I try saving this friendship? [more inside]
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Dr. weight loss advice not following laws of physics e.g., prison camps

Thought experiment: two conflicting concepts regarding weight loss where the math doesn't add up and is completely contrary to real life conditions. [more inside]
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What part of speech are mathematic operands?

I just heard a colleague mumble a change order number in Spanish, his native language. He said, "Numbers are the one thing I still have to do in Spanish - I learned tres mas cuatro es siete, not three plus four." Which got me to thinking, what part of speech are math operands? They're telling you to do something (verb) but they don't conjugate. Are they a conjunction? Something weird?
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Who is Brode, what is he?

My grandfather had a habit in correspondence using last names only. Thus, in 1931, he was in Berlin, attending a gathering of the International Women's League for Peace, where spoke: "The Ohioan (we should guess Czech) Brode [who] propounded the program of his own city society – a league emphasizing the word “progress” - and tried to get a Berlin branch started." And so forth. Who he, what his proposed program? (A half dozen other mystery guests after the jump, if Brode is unfamiliar, and if the upcoming Christmas Challenge questions are too easy for you) [more inside]
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Where to get facsimile maps?

I am interested in building a collection of historic facsimile maps, ideally full-scale and in color. Do you have any suggestions about where to buy these? I have heard that sometimes a facsimile map will be included along with a book about the map. Do you know what publishers do this regularly? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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Bedroom music making (not that kind of bedroom music)

I'm looking to make some DIY, teenage-y/college student music. Like the stuff people make in their bedroom alone by themselves. Particularly dreamy/slightly twee/electronic pop. Some bands I'm interested in are Crying and Stars. I don't know anything about music theory. I don't want to do anything complicated until I understand this stuff better. Where do I start? Should I buy a mini synthesizer? Toy piano?
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It's not a funeral, but it just might feel like one

We've had a newborn living with us for the last 6 months or so (previously), and the time is quickly approaching for him to transition to living with his birth family. This is all being handled by an Organization who does These Things and we're working with a team there that has been really great throughout this process. The transition should go smoothly, but we're at a bit of a loss of what to do when we come home that first time without the boy who has been (and will always be considered) our son. [more inside]
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What ages is the Adam West Batman series appropriate for?

Is this appropriate for kids? What ages? I remember watching it on TV as a kid and it seemed fine to me and my parents but that was in the 80s.
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Looking for "Laura Ingalls Wilder Goes to the City" historic books

Hello librarians and historians and researchers and all-around readers! I'm researching a novel and am looking for books (ideally non-fiction) about women born in the prairie/western states that then move to a larger city. More details inside! [more inside]
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Is this a flu?

This may seem a bit silly but I've never had the flu before that I know of. Two nights ago around 8pm I felt a sudden very sore throat with some swelling and closed-throat feeling, plus significant muscle/joint pain. I took a sleeping pill and slept all night and most of the next day, by last night I felt 90% better and am back at work today. The weird part is the exact same thing happened three weeks ago. Is this what a flu is? Something else? I do tend to be a worrier.
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Best Inspiring Movies About Middle-Age/Midlife Crisis/50 and Now What?

Discovering that I'm not exactly dealing with turning 50 in April in the most harmonious fashion. Looking for movies featuring characters facing midlife with lingering doubts/questions, but are inspired to move ahead anyway. Nothing major here - just a hideous combination of political despair, existential angst, and I'm in need of a cinematic pat on the back as 2018 approaches. [more inside]
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How do you get things done in your office?

I strongly suspect that the marketing department that I belong to is more dysfunctional than average. Please tell me about the workflow, best practices, software solutions, meeting frequency, etc. that make your office (marketing or otherwise) work so I might have a better idea of how far off the mark we are. Blizzard within. [more inside]
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Upwork alternatives?

Hi AskMe! :) Related to my previous question, I'm trying to offer myself as a freelance accessibility tester to folks who might not be in the market for a larger company. Upwork seems like a decent place to do this, but has… let's just say a variety of accessibility issues itself. I can't even get an account created there yet, so am looking for alternatives. [more inside]
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Sun for my birthday

Every year I get Seasonal Affective Disorder (the appropriately acronymed SAD) in the winter. This year I'd like to get out of Minnesota around my birthday - February 15th - to find the sun and some (relative) warmth. Our requirements are under the fold. [more inside]
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French Workbook for Reading?

I need to read French in order to read secondary academic historical works. I have some books that are quite good, but they are just reading passages and teaching the grammar, etc. They aren't interactive. I would like a workbook where I write things down/fill things out, etc, and isn't aimed a high school students. Thanks.
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No really, nitrogen carbon and phosphorus don't have feelings

Is there a name for the logical fallacy that "the purpose of life is to pass on your genes?" I see this all over the place. [more inside]
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The Crocodile, Seattle, 11/19

My teenage daughter wants to see a show at the Crocodile in Seattle on 11/19, a Sunday night. We live 3 hours away, and I don't want to drive home afterwards. Lodging, parking questions below. [more inside]
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How do I Confess if I've Harassed People in the Past?

I'm a straight white man who is in my thirties. When I was younger, I didn't always treat people well. I had "nice guy" tendencies, and while I never subscribed to their ideology, I did internalize that same grievance. Because of this I didn't always treat women well. [more inside]
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A possible employer praised my work but I can't say I did it. What now?

I wrote copy for a web project a few months ago. A potential employer praised in on LinkedIn. I'd like to raise my hand and try to get a job with his company. But the work was under NDA. I REALLY need a job. How do I handle this? [more inside]
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Stuff This: Stocking Stuffer Suggestions

My family and I usually each buy some stocking stuffers for each other. Any recommendations? [more inside]
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Considering going to France for a year with kids -- crazy?

I just learned that I can take a sabbatical (yay!), which would allow me to spend a year in France with my two kids and partner. Trying to think through whether this is a good idea. [more inside]
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Mystery TV for my mother?

My mom loves mystery TV. She's seen every season of Midsomer Murders and I can only assume she's seen every mystery TV series on (Canadian) Netflix (Miss Fisher, etc.). She especially loves the Cumberbatch Sherlock, and is periodically obsessed with Jack the Ripper. What hasn't she seen that she might like?
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A coffee table novel?

I just woke up from a dream in which I was sitting in a used bookstore, absorbed in a novel that was printed like a coffee table art book - a big heavy hardback in which more than half the pages were printed with beautiful reproductions of colorful 19th through 21st century paintings; but instead of text about the paintings, the text was a contemporary novel. Has a book like that ever really existed?
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"Hi micro friends!!"

What can I do to keep my gut microbiota healthy? [more inside]
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Hold both my hands and look into my eyes

I'm trying to work out the cultural/ethnic origin of the classic greeting of my mum's aunts. They do a single (sometimes double) kiss, followed by holding hands (one in each) while greeting you and brief conversation. Cultural details inside. [more inside]
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November 16

Thanksgiving recipes? Difficulty: recently removed gallbladder

We're used to creating Thanksgiving dinners that accommodate a wide number of dietary issues, but this year presents a challenge we're not quite prepared for: one of our guests had their gallbladder removed a few weeks ago. Do you have any yummy, ultra-low-fat recipes for just such a scenario? [more inside]
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Cataract surgery: Pros and cons of correcting for near vision

I'm having cataract surgery soon in both eyes. I'm getting monofocal lenses. I'm trying to decide whether to have the correction set to favor near vision (no glasses needed for reading, but glasses required for driving) vs. distance vision (will need glasses for reading). [more inside]
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Thanksgiving for Two

Normally, my partner and I would be spending this Thanksgiving with our three teenage children from our previous marriages, our parents, our friends, or a combination thereof -- but we just discovered today that a last-minute change of plans means that this year for the first time ever, it's gonna be just the two of us. Help us figure out what to do? [more inside]
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How to setup a clubhouse wifi

I may or may not have been volunteered to help setup wifi for the neighborhood pool/clubhouse, halp me. [more inside]
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