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July 22

Best way to sell a high-end grand piano?
Someone close to me has inherited a Yamaha grand piano, appraised by knowledgable tuner around $45,000. The owner needs as much of this money as she can get. How do we sell it? Is Craigslist okay for very-high-price sales? This is in the Washington DC area. [more inside]
posted by LobsterMitten at 12:06 PM - 19 answers

July 21

Fictional characters to arrange key exchange over unsecure channel?
I'm presenting a cryptography demonstration to a small group of nerdy teenagers soon. As part of the fun, I have an activity in which they are spies that need to arrange a key exchange over a unsecure channel without any required prior knowledge of each other. (You can assume the mechanics of the key exchange are sound.) I thought it might be fun if I could refer to different fictional characters that the teens could pretend to be. What are some fictional characters and associated unsecure channels that would fit the scenario above? Examples and further notes inside. [more inside]
posted by wiskunde at 6:29 PM - 11 answers

"Where did you get the idea for your book?"
Please suggest some interesting answers for this question (for a fictional book). [more inside]
posted by cmcmcm at 7:39 AM - 26 answers

July 20

I inherited two nazi era armbands.
I inherited two nazi era armbands. How do I sell them? [more inside]
posted by LoveAndBottleRockets at 9:18 PM - 15 answers

left a ring in my hotel room, already called the hotel
I left a ring with sentimental value in my hotel room in the bathroom this afternoon, checked out of the hotel and didn't remember until now. I've called the hotel lost and found and they said the room was cleaned, nothing was reported found and that they will have housekeeping check tomorrow, the room is occupied already. Is there anything else that I can do about this? [more inside]
posted by tangaroo at 8:35 PM - 9 answers

How flammable is rubbing alcohol?
We made some tie dye tshirts using Sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol. The instructions say to set the ink, put the tshirts in the dryer for 15 minutes--but won't I set the dryer on fire? [more inside]
posted by biscuits at 12:17 PM - 15 answers

Why such problems with weed?
In the last few months, I have started (maybe once every two weeks or so) smoking weed again, after not doing it since college (I'm now 36). When I smoke now, I feel a lot different than I did back then, and I don't like it. Details: [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:52 AM - 20 answers

July 19

Thinking about moving
I am considering moving from where I live now (Madison, WI) for a number of reasons, but I don't know if it's the best idea right now, and I also have no clue where I should go. [more inside]
posted by mermaidcafe at 12:03 PM - 9 answers

What is this logo?
A friend gave me a keychain with this logo on it a few days ago - it has no trademark or info. [more inside]
posted by 41swans at 9:07 AM - 4 answers

July 18

Best storage methods for scratch-and-sniff stickers?
I bought a few packs of Trend scratch and sniff stickers for my students. Can I safely cut them up into individual pieces, and mix them in one bag? Or will that cause a weird, permanent mixture of scents? Parents, teachers, scratch and sniff experts... please advise.
posted by Xere at 1:38 AM - 4 answers

July 16

No one will pay for wheelchair repair, even with Medicaid... now what?
YANM medical billing professional, but I need help in getting my very expensive, recently-out-of-warranty electric wheelchair fixed. I live in NY, have (crappy) private insurance ( Oxford Liberty) through my mother's job and Medicaid due to a cerebral palsy diagnosis. My chair ( an Invacare model) was provided through my previous insurance and OL isn't accepted by the contractor that provided it. They take Medicaid, but refuse to put in a claim and keep passing the buck. I can't leave my house. What do I do? [more inside]
posted by marsbar77 at 5:20 PM - 17 answers

What can I do for the next 5-6 weeks?
I chose not to go on vacation with my family (to their native country that I've been to before) to take summer classes instead. My summer session 2 class filled up and I got screwed out of a seat. Now, I'm stuck here (NYC) with nothing to do for the rest of the summer. Help me not lose my mind and fill this time up. [more inside]
posted by DayTripper at 9:43 AM - 22 answers

July 15

“Get yourself together, man. Move to X, buy a loft…”
New York City has us feeling like a New Yorker cover. Where should we relocate? [more inside]
posted by Spiced Out Calvin Coolidge at 6:51 PM - 42 answers

Appraising old Jewish/Hebrew/Yiddish books/s'forim in the New York area
I'm seeking someone in the New York area (a collector? a store? an auction house?) who can appraise old books in Hebrew and/or Yiddish. Where might I find someone honest who can do this? [more inside]
posted by taltalim at 2:22 PM - 8 answers

July 14

Pregnant with first child, during a chaotic and stressful time
Due to an incredible amount of life changes (including marraige, move, new job and death of a parent) I have barely been able to do all the things you are supposed to do when you are pregnant with your first child. Due date is a little over am month away. On top of that I have gained too much weight and feel very uncomfortable, especially at work. My questions range from how do I make the next six weaks bearable (especially at my desk job) given I've outgrown my maternity clothes and feel really uncomfortable physically, to what are the top three things I must learn and/or have before baby arrives? [more inside]
posted by SanSebastien at 9:46 AM - 52 answers

Visually categorizing people by race/ethnicity and body shape?
I'm tagging a collection of photos of people for artistic inspiration as I learn to draw and I need some guidance on selecting tag names that are both useful and inoffensive. [more inside]
posted by Jacqueline at 8:36 AM - 13 answers

July 12

Infant car seat jammed
Our baby's car seat, a Graco Click Connect 30, will not unlock from its base. I know it's a long shot that anyone else might have experience with this, but any suggestions? Preferably ones that don't destroy the seat, base, or seatbelt, but if necessary... [more inside]
posted by Kriesa at 2:43 PM - 7 answers

July 11

Essentially New Jersey?
In order to block out a new writing thing. I'm looking for things that are essentially or unquiely New Jersian in flavor or references that would ping a lifelong resident of the state- types of stores and houses, idioms, vacation spots, regional foods, etc. I'm also looking for media that has the right feel of the Garden State that aren't Kevin Smith movies. I've read this AskMe about New Jersey books already and I've seen The Sopranos. What are other examples of "Only in NJ" things? [more inside]
posted by The Whelk at 2:05 PM - 73 answers

July 10

Contemporary Devotional Songs for a Family Reunion
I will be attending my annual family reunion this weekend, and have been asked by family members to lead the devotional hymn. I play acoustic guitar and pick up songs by ear fairly easily, but I have no idea what I am looking for. I regularly attend church, and am familiar with many of the traditional hymns, but I am striking out on contemporary devotional songs with a focus on family gathering. It's a long shot, but anyone have suggestions?
posted by Benway at 11:32 AM - 15 answers

July 9

Drunk II: Electic Drunkaloo
As a birthday present, I am taking my husband to the Summertime Brews Festival. We're avoiding the hoi polloi (and giving me ample opportunity to talk to brewers about my desire for more sour beers) with VIP tickets that allow early access to the venue. That means that we'll be coming home endrunkened (via taxi) at about 4:30 or 5:00 PM. What awesome things can we eat and watch that will be fun and/or hangover-mitigating? [more inside]
posted by jeoc at 6:32 PM - 27 answers

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