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August 17

Architectural Horror?
I love looking at photos of buildings or cityscapes that are so ornate, intricate, or overbuilt as to give me a sense of vertigo and/or looming existential horror. Things like the Kowloon Walled City or aerial views of Shanghai or, to a lesser extent, the new Executive Office building in DC. What else is out there? I'm interested in any or all eras and styles.
posted by capricorn at 5:41 PM - 30 answers
Letting go- failure or quitting? what's the difference?
I am having a hard time letting go of something. I have been told that I have an amazing ability to persevere and I can, unfortunately, keep on trying to make things work- for ever! Needless to say, letting a current bad situation go is proving to be near impossible because I see doing that as outright failure, not to mention a complete waste of 1+ year. My friends say its not failure, and I don't think I understand the difference. So I am hoping that maybe you can explain with personal anecdotes? [more inside]
posted by xm at 2:14 PM - 22 answers

August 16

Bicycle aficionados: Help me ID the logo on this bike part
I've googled all around, but can't find the brand of my triple chainring and pant guard. It's for a Trek hybrid, if that helps. Here's a closeup of the logo. It has an S with a three-point crown. It doesn't appear to be Suntour or Shimano, so I don't know. Thanks!
posted by 4midori at 11:37 AM - 4 answers

Quotes about adventure for a college freshman
Mr. Squirrel and I are taking our lovely nerdy introvert daughter to college tomorrow, and she is very anxious about leaving home. I want to write an encouraging note to leave in her dorm room for her to find after we drop her off. I'd like to include a quote about the ideas of having adventures and trying new things and how you never know what may happen next. [more inside]
posted by SuperSquirrel at 9:34 AM - 21 answers

August 15

Birthday party ideas for about ten 3 and 4-year olds?
We're having our daughter's first kids-only birthday party and we don't know how to do this. I'm looking for advice, especially for games and activities. [more inside]
posted by kitcat at 12:17 PM - 23 answers

Power Outage Preparedness
I live in Atlantic Canada, and in the past year significant, long lasting power outages have become extremely common. We can't afford a generator. What other things would may family and I most benefit from, and what is the best/most reliable ways to power devices? I have a limited budget so we're talking bang for your buck. [more inside]
posted by PuppetMcSockerson at 5:48 AM - 21 answers

August 14

My husband left me this morning. Now what?
My husband and I decided to divorce at 4 o'clock this morning, after I found him in bed with another woman. We've been married for 16 years and have an 11 year old daughter. He is at work, I am at home, and I don't know what to do. [more inside]
posted by Capri at 11:10 AM - 54 answers

Haven't seen my elderly neighbor for a few days. Time to worry?
We have an elderly neighbor on our block that hasn't been seen for 4-5 days. What's the next step? [more inside]
posted by otherwordlyglow at 9:40 AM - 56 answers

August 13

Will this temperature controller work in North America?
I need to purchase a few temperature controllers; I'm interested in this one but I'm not sure if it will work in North America without blowing up or melting something or other adverse and undesirable things. [more inside]
posted by Nyx at 10:37 AM - 4 answers

August 11

Thank-you gift for family moving to France?
I'm trying to think of a gift for a family that has generously offered my spouse and me the use of their house while they are abroad for the coming school year. [more inside]
posted by ms.codex at 4:34 PM - 5 answers

What is the symbol in this geoglyph?
This geoglyph appears in Jiayuguan province, near the western end of the Great Wall of China. It appears to be made out of planted trees. What does it mean?
posted by Johnny Wallflower at 12:01 PM - 4 answers

Finding my ideal climate
I'm trying to find all the areas of the US that have my ideal climate, and I'd like to do so by playing with data. Is there an app, site, or method that can help? (Or can you?) [more inside]
posted by daisyace at 10:00 AM - 17 answers

Inspirational articles about what you do and why you do it
I have been asked to write a 1000 word article for a major trade publication in my artsy area of business. About what I do, why I do it, what we should be doing in this particular artsy area of business, etc. I would love some recommendations of similar articles you may have read to inspire me, give me a bit of a template, or otherwise give me ideas for my own piece. They don't necessarily have to be about anything could be any area of expertise. Thank you!
posted by meerkatty at 7:19 AM - 4 answers

August 9

Help! I'm drowning in the middle of Paris!
Can anyone explain this sign? [more inside]
posted by Joleta at 12:58 PM - 4 answers

August 8

I want to knit... with wire... and soda tabs... please help me...
So, I've seen some knitting techniques that turn pop tops from soda cans into a nice material type substance for wardrobe accessories. I've also seen a chair someone made out of those same pop tops but with zip ties holding them together instead of the knitting yarn used in fashion items. Can you help me combine the two to make an amazing and unique chair? Specifically I need ideas for what type of wire/material to use for the joining of the poptabs but any help is welcome. [more inside]
posted by RolandOfEld at 12:37 PM - 10 answers

August 7

Alarm for parents of a sleepwalker?
My 10 year old sometimes sleepwalks as a side effect of his medication. We recently moved and last night he sleepwalked out of the apartment into the hallway. Fortunately, my husband was awake and was able to guide our kid back to bed. I'm looking for a recommendation for an alarm that I could set up to sound if the front door opens after a certain hour, but that preferably won't wake up all my neighbors.
posted by Nimmie Amee at 3:01 PM - 16 answers

Vladimir Putin, may you...
Help me come up with a humorous, but not crass, toast to Putin at my sister's wedding - she and her fiancé got together because their paths crossed after the Peace Corps evacuated her in 2008 during Russia's invasion of Georgia. Sister has approved the idea, but I need a clever punch line. [more inside]
posted by Terriniski at 2:04 PM - 9 answers

Shipping a Surfboard: Safety and Expense concerns
I'd like to ship a 9 foot longboard from Florida to Arizona. No, I'm not pre-planning for global warming + rising ocean = oceanfront property in Arizona. [more inside]
posted by MansRiot at 1:49 PM - 4 answers

August 6

Stop trying to be smart, switch!
I have this USB DAC/headphone amp (which is great). I just started using the RCA outputs for a pair of powered monitors (also great). The problem is that the DAC switches between the outputs based on whether the headphones are plugged in. This makes sense, but it's annoying. I want to hack it and switch between them manually. Electronics whizzes, check my reasoning. [more inside]
posted by supercres at 12:27 PM - 9 answers

What other authors might I like?
I like Patricia Cornwell. I like Robin Cook. Who else might I like? [more inside]
posted by kathrynm at 10:00 AM - 11 answers

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