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June 13

Who are the women on this billboard?

Who are the women on this billboard? [more inside]
posted by kirkaracha at 12:27 PM - 8 answers

How do I separate these two metal poles?

I have a hammock frame that I'm taking apart with the hopes of bringing it with me on a trip. The last two pieces don't want to separate and I'm out of ideas. I have tried: - standing on it and pulling - standing on it and twisting (can't get leverage) - applying an ice pack to the place where the rods are connected (it doesn't seem to help) [more inside]
posted by LSK at 11:42 AM - 8 answers

Some guy made a website fifteen years ago about cultural assumptions

There was a website I first enjoyed around 1998. I am pretty sure it was still around circa 2010. Here's what I remember: [more inside]
posted by blnkfrnk at 8:49 AM - 2 answers

June 12

Liquidating Barbie

How can I sell a collection of Holiday Christmas Barbies that no one seems to want? [more inside]
posted by Coyote at the Dog Show at 2:33 PM - 7 answers

Is this a 4 or an 11?

DH got an estimate for an upcoming medical procedure and the handwriting is unclear whether the amount due is $422.13 or $1,122.13. [more inside]
posted by morganannie at 9:31 AM - 60 answers

June 10

Gift for a Polish doctor going back to school?

I've been working with a Polish MD for a few years (as a secretary) and he is now going a different way, I am hoping to give him a gift to remind him of me, or at least leave him with a good impression. [more inside]
posted by the uncomplicated soups of my childhood at 6:09 PM - 10 answers

Can I find out how many LGBT youth there are in my metro area?

Any ideas on where I can find a reasonably accurate estimate of the LGBT Youth population in the St. Louis metropolitan area? I've tried several things (listed inside) but keep coming up empty. [more inside]
posted by Ufez Jones at 4:18 PM - 6 answers

How are helium tanks filled?

Just something I was wondering about. Are helium tanks vacuum-pumped before filling, or are they just full of air? If the latter, how does the air escape? Are they suspended valve-side downward so that the helium goes up past the air and pushes it out or something like that?
posted by baf at 1:13 PM - 3 answers

June 9

What Am I Doing Wrong?

I have inadvertently become a nomad without a cause, and I'm kinda tired of not having a home, but I don't really have a place to go back to now either. If I just stay where I currently am (where I don't actually know anyone) simply because I don't have the energy to go to the next place (wherever that may be), then is that OK? [more inside]
posted by my log does not judge at 5:49 PM - 15 answers

Mediate my baby-naming debate :-)

We are having a unique disagreement over a potential baby name. I'm looking for some tie-breaking feedback. [more inside]
posted by JoannaC at 5:36 PM - 61 answers

Construction for spectators?

My 3-year old son is obsessed with construction sites and trucks, to the extent that he will just randomly close his eyes and scream with glee at the things he sees in his imagination. How can I get him some live action safely and without being too weird? [more inside]
posted by Ignatius J. Reilly at 9:30 AM - 39 answers

Car backed into, the driver wants to handle without insurance

I left my car on the street in front of a friend's and it was backed into by one of their neighbors while I was out of town. My friend took the guy's info, but the driver wants to handle without involving insurance. What should I do? [more inside]
posted by entropicamericana at 8:04 AM - 29 answers

June 8

These boots are made for... stinking?

So I have these shoes, and I really like them. However, after the first few months, they began to smell like feet (naturally). [more inside]
posted by madonna of the unloved at 5:21 PM - 21 answers

June 7

Giving up the boob tube

I'd like to give up watching tv. I watch 1 to 2 hours a day now and it's a huge waste of time. What are your hacks for giving it up? [more inside]
posted by Kalmya at 9:19 PM - 38 answers

Identify round metal whatsit thingamabobber?

It's mostly flat, and short metal sticks come out of the edges when you turn the top knob. [more inside]
posted by Edna Million at 5:19 PM - 5 answers

Can I lease a car? How does it work?

I own a huge truck currently and live in the city. I'd like to get something smaller. I currently own ~13k in a loan on the truck. How does this work? Does the leasing company pay my loan and then charge me for a lease? Help me understand this? [more inside]
posted by Draccy at 4:04 PM - 7 answers

What do you do about a love triangle?

I'm finding myself in a very complicated love triangle between my partner and our mutual friend (his best friend of many years). My boyfriend and I are in an open sexual relationship, but I believe I'm emotionally cheating on him. I have no idea what to do, or where to even begin in trying to fix this. [more inside]
posted by chocolatespaghetti at 6:48 AM - 41 answers

June 6

Where should I live in the US?

I'm lucky enough to have a job that I can work 100% remotely. I'm currently living in the Los Angeles area and looking for a change. Where in the US should I move? Details inside. [more inside]
posted by allseeingabstract at 9:57 PM - 27 answers

June 5

Help me compile a list of locations from fantasy/sci fi series?

I am making a gift for a couple and I need your help! Part of the gift will contain a list of fantasy locations (i.e. LOTR - Mordor) from different sci-fi and fantasy franchises/worlds, with the overall theme being "Home is whereever I'm with you". My list only has three locations on it so far, and I'm struggling to come up with more. Don't constrain yourself--it doesn't matter if the locations are from movies, TV, books, anime, or something else. The couple is in their mid to late 20s, so contemporary-ish is probably best, but I'll take anything you've got! If it helps, I know they love Game of Thrones, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Star Wars, and other shows/movies in that vein. Thanks!
posted by lucy.jakobs at 5:32 PM - 24 answers

Should I give my baby a middle name?

Just had a beautiful and healthy baby boy a bit earlier than expected, and my husband and I are still trying to decide IF we'd like to give him a middle name. Thoughts on if? (Followup extra credit question: if yes, then what?) [more inside]
posted by Jaclyn at 8:09 AM - 69 answers

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