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May 4

Is there an Italo Calvino museum or historic site?

I really love Italo Calvino's novels, stories and nonfiction. I'm planning a trip to Europe and was wondering if there is any kind of museum or historic site devoted to him (I was imagining something like the Hemingway Museum). Is there a place that would be especially good to visit for a Calvino fan? I've googled a bit but all I can find is his grave in Castiglione della Pescaia.
posted by oulipian at 5:53 PM - 2 answers

How to promote a Kickstarter for a book about video games?

This is a question for Metafilter users who have run Kickstarter campaigns (successful or unsuccessful) in the past. What worked for you? What didn't? I'm looking to learn as much as I can. [more inside]
posted by smashthegamestate at 1:36 PM - 19 answers

April 30

Paging Tolkien Nerds to the Green

I am trying to find a specific passage from The Return of the King in which Gandalf reassures Pippin about an impending battle by describing death as a passage to peaceful land to include in a memorial service program. [more inside]
posted by jeoc at 12:49 PM - 4 answers

April 25

Anonymously publishing erotica on Amazon

I'm a writer, I've written some erotica that's been well-received in small forums, and I'd like to self-publish it on Amazon. However, it doesn't fit with my "brand" of my more mainstream writing, so I'd like to do so under a pseudonym with a reasonable firewall. Can you give me advice or tips or direction on where to find more information? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:33 PM - 4 answers

April 23

Good books about small scale history

Please suggest pop-history books about day to day life, objects, design and culture. [more inside]
posted by signal at 7:49 AM - 14 answers

April 22

Bertolt Brecht : So where do I start?

Bertolt Brecht : So where do I start? and why do I start where you suggest? Caveat: English language kindle or pdf only as books aren't going to make it through the postal system.
posted by adamvasco at 3:24 PM - 9 answers

Best annotated literary recommendations?

What are some excellent annotated versions of already excellent books? [more inside]
posted by amicamentis at 9:01 AM - 20 answers

April 21

Gregg Reference Manual: 2004 or 2010 edition?

I'd like to buy this for work but I didn't want to spend $50, as I'd never get reimbursed. A used copy circa 2004 is $6. Is there any significant difference between the 2004 and 2010 editions? It's probably a no-brainer to get the 2004 version but I don't want something that's completely obsolete.
posted by onecircleaday at 1:49 PM - 2 answers

April 20

What is the weirdest book in the history of English literature?

It could be a novel, a non-fiction book, a diary, poem or play. Bonus question: how about the weirdest book from other global literary traditions?
posted by dontjumplarry at 7:49 PM - 30 answers

April 19

Copywriters/humorists of AskMe, help me with some pithy phrases?

I need help with some very short phrases for some promotional buttons I need to make. Help me? [more inside]
posted by BlahLaLa at 4:26 PM - 20 answers

April 17

Comic recommendations for 10 yr old girl please

I would like to broaden her mind a little and give her a selection of comics to see which she likes best and see if she takes to reading as a life habit. [more inside]
posted by lapsang at 5:28 PM - 37 answers

April 16

The When Harry Met Sally of Books

Give me your best books featuring a male/female friendship that turns romantic or has romantic undertones. Can be funny or tragic, main plot or subplot, old or new book or characters. Doesn't have to end with them together. It just needs to be a GOOD read. [more inside]
posted by sallybrown at 6:59 AM - 23 answers

April 15

Need help naming a Secular Meditation / Mind Training Centre

Without getting into too much detail, I am part of a group of volunteers trying to establish a NFP centre which offers secular contemplative practices that are grounded in the meditative traditions and tested by science. As the resident marketing/advertising person, I have been tasked with coming up with a name for our project/space, but after spending days in, wordoid, and the free dictionary, I'm coming up short. Can anyone help me throw some ideas into the mix? [more inside]
posted by sxtrumpeto at 10:51 PM - 13 answers

Can someone translate this bizarre, maybe Chinese-language voicemail?

The other day I was lying in bed and my cell phone started ringing. Caller ID showed an out-of-town area code. I picked up, heard a low voice murmuring in an unfamiliar language, and hung up. A few seconds later, my phone rang again. Same number, same murmur, another hangup. Then, a third ring. This time I let it go to voicemail. Then there was another ring, and another voicemail. These voicemails are SO WEIRD. [more inside]
posted by AAAA at 7:31 PM - 10 answers

April 13

Can you spot the "nonstandard gerund"?

In Ben Yagoda's The Sound On the Page, p.62, the following is written: "A nonstandard gerund at the end of sentences is an Elmore Leonard trademark. ('Today he watched from the wicker chair, the green shirt on the stick figure walking toward the road in the rain, still in the yard when Terry called to him.') So, what is he referring to as a "nonstandard gerund"? I don't see anything working gerundively.
posted by jwhite1979 at 6:55 AM - 14 answers

April 12

Best science books for kids

I'd like to buy a few more informative science/technology books for the elementary school library I work at before the year ends, what are some good ones I should get? [more inside]
posted by modesty.blaise at 8:19 PM - 9 answers

Horse racing terminology questions

I’m translating, into English, some slogans to do with gambling on the horses, and I find I need some new terminology. [more inside]
posted by zadcat at 11:54 AM - 13 answers

April 11

Which alphabet is this?

Two of my friends sent a card that they picked out at our local bodega for my birthday. We had a great laugh and now we're obsessed with figuring out the message. But we can't decipher the alphabet! Help? [more inside]
posted by jeanmari at 8:06 AM - 6 answers

April 9

True crime podcast?

I'm looking for dark, true crime podcasts. My ideal would be the content of Sword and Scale with the production of Criminal or Serial. [more inside]
posted by pintapicasso at 6:28 AM - 9 answers

April 8

What was this SF short?

Trying to track down a short science fiction story involving compromised (in the infosec sense) wireless audio implants. [more inside]
posted by attercoppe at 2:40 PM - 0 answers

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