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May 26

Where's a good place to shop for cabinets, tile, and countertop in NYC?

I know about IKEA, Home Depot, and Lowe's. But what are some other options? And regardless of where you shopped, what was your experience like? [more inside]
posted by the_blizz at 1:39 PM - 6 answers

May 24

waterproof potty training watch

Looking for a waterproof watch on which I can set 8 or 10 daily alarms. [more inside]
posted by gerstle at 2:29 PM - 5 answers

May 22

Engagement gift? What fresh hell is this?

I have an engagement party to attend this weekend. Apparently gifts are expected. What does one give for engagement celebrations, and how do those gifts differ from bridal shower gifts and wedding gifts? [more inside]
posted by xyzzy at 11:22 AM - 20 answers

May 21

Lisbon antique ID?

I bought this shallow dish at a market in Lisbon, Portugal, today. It is about 5 inches wide and features some sort of demon/ram-hybrid head with three old 10-centimo coins and a variety of playing cards. I'm guessing it was intended as a change dish or something? Does it have symbolic meaning beyond guesses regarding gambling? Any additional information about this would be lovely. [more inside]
posted by vegartanipla at 2:46 PM - 8 answers

May 20

Is this Costco laptop a good deal for my gamer son?

I would like to buy my son an inexpensive gaming laptop as a "congratulations" gift for getting a new job. I linked the laptop I had in mind in the extended explanation section. It is $200 off at Costco, but the deal expires tomorrow... I want to know whether this is a great deal or not before I pull the trigger, since Costco will be getting new deals soon. Should I wait for the new deals, or is this laptop a no-brainer to the point where I shouldn't risk waiting? [more inside]
posted by BuddyBoo at 8:11 AM - 14 answers

May 19

20s style dress that doesn't look like a costume?

Where can I find a grey 20s style dress (either actual vintage or 20s inspired) that looks sophisticated, flattering and appropriate for being an attendee in my best friend's wedding (NOT for attending a Halloween party)? [more inside]
posted by ialwayscryatendings at 2:20 PM - 16 answers

May 14

Please recommend a low-profile radio/CD player with style

Looking for a combination radio/CD player that is no more than 6 inches high, and has a bit of design appeal—like a Bose Wave, but not a Bose Wave. [more inside]
posted by sylvanshine at 4:10 PM - 5 answers

May 11

We all had a hand in making you this card.

In search of non-toxic, easily removable ink or paint to put handprints (and pawprints) on a Mother's Day card. What kind do I want, and where do I get it? Snowflake-y details inside. [more inside]
posted by Rush-That-Speaks at 6:58 PM - 7 answers

I want this gift to count

I need an emergency graduation gift for a friend. Her degree is in accounting. Must be orderable on Amazon. More specs inside. [more inside]
posted by anastasiav at 11:40 AM - 9 answers

May 9

Recommend wireless earbuds to me

What secure, non-bulky, strong-signaled wireless earbuds should I upgrade to (for use with my iPhone 6s)? Are there decent completely wireless options that aren't super expensive? [more inside]
posted by catatethebird at 1:09 PM - 12 answers

May 7

Who can receive my package for me?

I found a refurbished laptop on amazon that I want to buy. I am out of the country so I'll have to ship it to my brother or a friend in the US but I'm worried about something so valuable being left on the porch. Is there a service that that will receive and hold the laptop until I can pick it up? [more inside]
posted by saul wright at 7:30 AM - 6 answers

May 4

Hello, I'd like a new bike and I'm cheap.

My son (almost 10) just got his first multispeed bike, and my bike is ancient and on its last legs, er, wheels. It would take on the order of $300ish to fix up according to the local bike shop. For that price -- or even less -- I should be able to get something good enough to ride around town with the kids and sometimes bike the few miles in to work, right? Right? [more inside]
posted by sesquipedalia at 8:29 AM - 32 answers

May 3

Vitamins With 0% USRDA of... Vitamins

Okay, my kid and I have been taking SmartyPants Adult Complete vitamins. They are effing DELICIOUS. So delicious, in fact, that we have trouble limiting ourselves to six vitamins. They are also wicked expensive (like $17 a bottle, egads). We want to know: where can we get gummies that TASTE like these vitamins, but are not, in fact, vitamins? They're softer than normal gummies, coated in tiny sugar crystals, and utterly addictive.
posted by julthumbscrew at 6:47 AM - 8 answers

How do I get extra keyless remotes for a car?

I want to get some extra keyless remotes for my car, with minimum pain and hassle and maximum convenience. If you have gone through this process before, what are your stories? What worked? What didn't? [more inside]
posted by theorique at 3:07 AM - 11 answers

May 2

Help me find a PHYSICAL suncreen for a reasonable price

I been googling and browsing in the drug stores and I can't find a simple zinc oxide sunscreen. I don't even mind if it has chemical protection as well. My friend suggested some but they're all fancy ones for $20 each, like this. I hate to pay that much. Aren't there any big brand versions?
posted by kitcat at 12:38 PM - 31 answers

SLR replacement w/reliable low light shots that isn't an iPhone/Pad?

Lugging around piles of kid crap has forced me to look for a replacement for my much-loved SLR for documentation of those kids. I've been impressed by the speed + reliability of my wife's iPod Touch for everyday photos, esp. in middling light, but have no desire to get locked into Apple's firehose of ewaste and ripoffs. What are some good, light, highly portable point-and-shoot type alternatives to look at? [more inside]
posted by ryanshepard at 7:30 AM - 10 answers

May 1

Star Wars-related birthday gift for a 6-year-old boy

My little friend E is turning six soon, and he absolutely loves Star Wars (as do I). What would make a good birthday gift for him? He already has Star Wars legos and I think some light sabers. Other ideas much appreciated!
posted by Conrad Cornelius o'Donald o'Dell at 9:17 PM - 16 answers

April 30

Where did ModCloth bedding go?

ModCloth used to carry some really quirky interesting bedding. Now they don't. Where can I find stuff like that now? [more inside]
posted by Caravantea at 5:09 PM - 12 answers

April 28

Need that doggie for my girl!

My girls birthday is May 8th. She wants and I quote: "A dog that walks and is on a leash, but not real" We saw one in a park a few months back and she keeps wanting it so I thought I would get it for her. Turns out it is not that easy. [more inside]
posted by silsurf at 3:27 PM - 11 answers

Attractive, well-crafted mobile computer desks?

Looking for a small, rolling computer desk that I could stand to live with and look at every day. Hive mind, can you help me find it? Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
posted by Sublimity at 6:29 AM - 4 answers

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