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August 4

Which car seat should I buy?

I'm in car seat research hell. Help! More specifically, Chicco Next Fit or Clek Fllo? [more inside]
posted by caoimhe at 7:17 AM - 15 answers

August 3

help me find a midsized waterproof mat with a lip

We're putting a standard sized vertical refrigerator on top of carpet at my workplace and we'd like to put it on top of some kind of waterproof mat with a raised edge or lip to it, in case some day the fridge breaks down and leaks. What would be the right search term for this kind of item? [more inside]
posted by tangaroo at 3:27 PM - 5 answers

Quick glasses for astigmatic eyes in London?

I have an order in for some new ones, but they'll take up to a week to be delivered. And I just can't deal with the blinding headache and blurriness until then. The issue: my prescription is stronger than the lenses opticians have in stock. [more inside]
posted by harperpitt at 2:02 AM - 6 answers

August 2

rock collecting gift for a 10-year-old

Hi All, I could not find the answer to this in the archives; apologies if I am overlooking something. I would like to buy a gift [either in a brick-and-mortar store (I live in a large, American city) or online]. I need the gift by Aug 7. It is for a 10-year-old child who loves rock collecting. [more inside]
posted by bookworm4125 at 7:07 PM - 15 answers

August 1

Buying a car for the first time — what to look for / look out for?

I'm in my 30s and finally learning to drive. My wife drives, but doesn't own a car, and we think it might make sense to buy a cheap-ish vehicle for me to practice on and for occasional trips etc. We are thinking of getting something cheap, under $2K. My question is: what the heck do I look for? [more inside]
posted by saltykmurks at 6:27 AM - 19 answers

July 30

Convection Oven - Yes orNo?

Do you have a convection oven, or a convection/conventional oven? What are the pros? What are the cons? Do you use the convection part of the oven for everything, or just some things? Do you have a specific model you would recommend?
posted by wittgenstein at 5:06 PM - 17 answers

July 27

Which Dominion expansions are the best?

My girlfriend and I love playing Dominion together, and we want to take the experience to the next level by adding some expansions to the base game. Dominion players, which expansions are your favorites? Is there a reliable source for reviews? Thanks!
posted by Fister Roboto at 2:49 PM - 20 answers

Brick-and-mortar stores that carry replacement locks for file cabinets?

Are there any bricks-and-mortar stores that carry replacement locks for file cabinets? I've tried two stores, one from a chain that used to carry them, without success. I would prefer a lock such that the replacement key couldn't be ordered by a cashier reading the sales receipt, or by someone looking at the outside of the installed lock, but these days that might be asking too much.
posted by Baeria at 9:23 AM - 8 answers

July 26

What's the best / earliest way to buy Studio Ghibli Museum tickets?

I am an idiot who cannot count to three or read a calendar. As a result, I completely missed the July window to buy international tickets for the Studio Ghibli Museum for a date in early October. I know I can buy through bridge.jpn, who will grab tickets for me from Lawson. However, they only sell October tickets starting from 1 September. Is this the earliest October tickets are available from Lawson? [more inside]
posted by obiwanwasabi at 11:00 PM - 2 answers

Best camera for £400 ($620, €560)

What's the best camera I can buy for around £400? [more inside]
posted by alby at 11:26 AM - 12 answers

A paper planner for the natural world

I am looking for a paper daily or weekly planner that includes information about natural phenomena - astronomical events, solstices, animal migrations, moon phase, average time of sun/moon rise and set, traditional activities associated with the seasons, etc. I live in DC, so something semi-regionally specific would be ideal, but I realize that's unlikely.
posted by ryanshepard at 6:53 AM - 6 answers

July 24

Fat-bottomed boy shorts that make the rockin' world go round?

This is a follow-up to to this question about high-quality cotton boy shorts underwear for women. I would like exactly that, but with the caveat that they must accomodate a rather large ass (since many of the answers in the original question mentioned that the recommended undies ran small). [more inside]
posted by missrachael at 9:20 AM - 11 answers

July 23

The perfect grad school bag?

I'll be starting a 2-year master's program in August, and I want the perfect school bag! Requirements: 1) stylish, 2) fits a 14" laptop and a couple of textbooks, 3) made of soft leather or sturdy canvas, 4) not a backpack, and 5) reasonably comfortable to carry. [more inside]
posted by Ragini at 12:21 PM - 21 answers

What's a good US naturalization present?

My brother-in-law got naturalized on Tuesday and my wife and I want to get him a present. I'm thinking something tied to America, nice quality and perhaps something he can hang or display, though I'm flexible on that last requirement. [more inside]
posted by adrianb at 11:15 AM - 15 answers

Gift-Filter: 10-year anniversary next week. Halp.

Next week it'll be ten years since Mr Bookish and I started dating. Somehow it feels like my go-to gift ideas are not an option for this momentous event - and I am notoriously bad at thinking of gifts anyway. Help me out here. [more inside]
posted by kariebookish at 2:00 AM - 19 answers

July 22

What's the safest way to buy something remotely on craigslist?

I'd like to do what craigslist clearly says not to do: buy something remotely without meeting the person, or seeing the item in person. I live in Austin, and I found an item I'm very interested in… but it's in Omaha. What's the best way to do something like this, ensuring safety for both buyer and seller? [more inside]
posted by jeffxl at 9:51 AM - 23 answers

July 21

Noise insulating headphones for my mutant ears

Noise attenuating headphones needed. Difficulty level: broad-brimmed hats and mutant ears. [more inside]
posted by Dreadnought at 5:53 PM - 11 answers

Car kill stickers for bike

WWII fighters had little icons / emblems reflecting each enemy "kill". It seems like there should be an equivalent to stick on my bike for each collision with a car that I survive. But I can't work out a good google query. Do such things exist? [more inside]
posted by andrewcooke at 6:38 AM - 11 answers

July 20

Recommendation for a safety razor for leg-shaving?

If you're a woman and use a metal-handle, old-fashioned safety razor for shaving your legs, give me your recs! [more inside]
posted by joseph conrad is fully awesome at 8:21 AM - 11 answers

July 19

Under $75 Headphones with Removable Cord

Ask Mefi helped me buy my last pair of headphones, but they broke, so I'd like some suggestions for a replacement. I am not interested in modifying headphones, and I would like over-ear headphones with a replaceable cord that plugs in. [more inside]
posted by shoyu at 4:31 PM - 7 answers

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