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March 26

KonMari: How to "develop the instinct for what really inspires joy"?

Practitioners of Marie Kondo's tidying method, can you please help me understand the experience of an object under consideration "sparking joy"? [more inside]
posted by MonkeyToes at 6:38 PM - 11 answers

How do I find an apartment?

I am searching for an apartment for the first time in my life and all I seem to be finding are Craigslist scams or people that don't reply. What's the best way to look for an apartment? [more inside]
posted by lqqieee at 5:17 PM - 12 answers

Home Inspector/Structural Engineer in Madison/Milwaukee area

I am about to purchase a home. The property is located about halfway between Madison and Milwaukee. There is a long horizontal crack in the basement wall, so I know I want a structural engineer specifically, and I also want a more general home inspector. I have no idea how to go about finding and vetting these individuals. Any recommendations for specific individuals, or instructions on how to find them myself? Thanks!
posted by tllaya at 12:45 PM - 5 answers

March 25

Conflict of interest, but what could possibly go wrong?

Our lawyer, who is amazing and awesome, told me this morning she was considering bidding at the same auction we will bid at this weekend. She hadn't realised until we sent her the contract to look over. Obviously this is a conflict of interest, and my first reaction was that we should find a new lawyer, but on more careful reflection I'm failing to think of how it could really matter. What could actually go wrong here? [more inside]
posted by lollusc at 6:10 PM - 11 answers

Advice needed on house heater replacement and NJ clean energy incentive

Share your experiences with heater replacement and home energy audit rebates. We are in the process of vetting contractors to replace our home heater - an oil to gas conversion - and one of them is proposing some home energy remediations, citing saving by taking advantage of NJ's clean energy program. [more inside]
posted by 8dot3 at 2:53 PM - 2 answers

Should you stay or should you go: Lead Pain edition

We bought an antique sideboard for our kitchen a few months ago. It is perfect in form and function. It is very distressed looking and at first we loved it, but now I want to refinish it. Turns out, it was painted with lead paint at some point. Should it stay or should we sell it? [more inside]
posted by MayNicholas at 10:45 AM - 20 answers


First off, a caveat. This is an entirely hypothetical question. I'm not planning on doing this. So, if you got a party popper, (I'm thinking probably of the springloaded ones, but maybe the other kind would work too) emptied it out and filled it with seeds, what kind of seeds would a) cause the most havoc and b) be most pleasant. [more inside]
posted by Just this guy, y'know at 8:47 AM - 13 answers

Cute, fun textiles that won't break the bank

As springtime arrives, I would like to spruce up my house with some cute, inexpensive textiles. Can you help? [more inside]
posted by sutel at 5:03 AM - 17 answers

March 24

How to kill termites without killing my family?

We've got termites and everybody says the place needs to be tented. But we actually want to, like, keep living here and not die. [more inside]
posted by BlahLaLa at 12:50 PM - 8 answers

Moving to Louisville, KY for beginners

Greg Nog and I are moving to Louisville in a few months! We know basically nothing about the city, so please help us find a nice neighborhood to live in, narrow our housing search, and/or manage our expectations. Some desires inside. [more inside]
posted by likeatoaster at 8:11 AM - 9 answers

March 23

Linoleum supply & installation recommendations? San Francisco

I have an estimate from an established San Francisco-based company X for Armstrong linoleum for my kitchen (@14' x 10') and bathroom (@8' x 8'). The estimate is $2400 for the kitchen and $1200 for the bathroom. Which seems high, even in San Francisco dollars. (But I don't really know.) So I'm going to get a couple more estimates. Any specific names of companies/people to ask?
posted by ClaudiaCenter at 9:35 PM - 6 answers

A young family in possession of a back yard must be in want of some toys

We (parents and 2 boys ages 4 and 16 months), recently relocated from an apartment with no outdoor space to a house with a backyard. A couple of months in, the joys of simply running in circles are finally wearing off. What outdoor toys/equipment can we get for the kids that will maximize everyone's fun? [more inside]
posted by The Elusive Architeuthis at 4:54 PM - 36 answers

College Pro Painters. Yea or Nay?

Has anyone hired College Pro Painters to paint their house? [more inside]
posted by Thorzdad at 1:59 PM - 11 answers

DWP billing quagmire

Last July we received notice that the DWP had mistakenly charged us due to the installation of a new meter at our house and that we owed like a thousand dollars in usage. [more inside]
posted by silsurf at 1:14 PM - 17 answers

Remove heavy duty drawer slides

Trying to remove a cabinet drawer attached with a heavy duty sliding rail. [more inside]
posted by hylaride at 9:47 AM - 14 answers

March 22

Help me get a permanent wrinkle out of a sweater

I have a great (100% cotton) sweater that has developed a deep, seemingly permanent crease in the ribbing at the hem (as if it got partially flipped up and set with an iron). I cannot get this thing out. I've washed it, I've tried spraying it with water and smoothing it out and letting it air-dry, I've tried to steam it out with an iron. Does anyone have any other ideas?
posted by elizeh at 9:15 AM - 8 answers

March 21

Divide and Conquer

My Google Fu is failing me. I want a large-ish ornament to act as a divider between two rooms that are open plan. There is a credenza at the dividing point, and I would like the ornament / divider to sit on top of it. Is there a word / phrase for what I am looking for? [more inside]
posted by blue_wardrobe at 6:14 PM - 6 answers

Floor standing adjustable spotlight lamps with multiple heads

I'm looking for a simple solution for lighting up a few pieces of artwork in my home office. In the long run I plan to install ceiling-mounted lighting for this, but until that's done, I'd like to find a reasonable solution. What I'm thinking of is a floor standing lamp with multiple adjustable spotlight heads. Something like this but with 2 or 3 heads instead of 1. Unfortunately I have been unable to find anything along those lines. [more inside]
posted by primethyme at 2:26 PM - 4 answers

Real Cedar Siding - Maintenance?

Bought / Buying my first house and the house has real cedar for siding. I can't find any definite answer to the maintenance requirements and frequency to this; only cedar shake but this is actual wood planks. Anyone have experience with maintaining real wood siding? If you ever had it professionally maintained, what was your cost and est. square footage?
posted by lpcxa0 at 12:06 PM - 3 answers

To realtor or not to realtor, that is the question (for now, anyway)

Part I of many building-a-new-home questions. I've found a vacant lot I'm interested in - do I need a realtor for the transaction, or will a real estate attorney suffice? [more inside]
posted by storminator7 at 8:11 AM - 1 answers

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