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February 15

Help a snakeophobe learn to live with snakes

I have had a lifelong fear of snakes. For example: just earlier today I googled something about snakes and when a site with a picture of snakes popped up I got so scared I reflexively threw my ipad across the room (no damage). I've just moved to a quiet area with lots of nature (yay!), lots of wildlife (yay, mostly) and, apparently, snakes (!!). Even worse . . . [more inside]
posted by agent99 at 4:08 PM - 25 answers

Container Gardening Phase One

I finally have the space and sunlight for a container garden! Yay! Now I need the know-how... I have a notoriously brown thumb. I'm looking on resources/advice for container gardening (mid-Atlantic), including the set-up of containers and the stand. [more inside]
posted by DoubleLune at 1:13 PM - 6 answers

echo dot + ?? + regular speakers = voice controlled music, etc.

What can I use to power my existing unpowered speakers and give them bluetooth capability to play my amazon prime music from Alexa? [more inside]
posted by mismatchedsock at 12:37 PM - 8 answers

Negotiating bicycle storage in an apartment

My apartment got sold to a new management company. The new lease prohibits storing bicycles inside the apartment. This is a deal breaker for me, but can I negotiate? Have you had luck negotiating this kind of clause? [more inside]
posted by Jeanne at 12:15 PM - 18 answers

I'm sorry my dog broke your apartment

My dog has caused some considerable damages in my apartment, and I'm moving soon. How do I address this with my landlord? [more inside]
posted by anotheraccount at 12:08 PM - 23 answers

February 14

My oak spheres unsanded themselves.

I'm creating some oak spheres as part of a larger project. Last week I got done cutting them and sanded them down to a nice 220 in anticipation of staining them when I have the whole project ready. This morning I went out and touched them and they're basically rough wood again. I'm assuming this is moisture related, but I'd like to hear about people's experience here. Presumably I just need to sand them down again?
posted by Tell Me No Lies at 6:24 PM - 5 answers

Calling all Miami residents, plumbing edition

Miami residents, would you use this plumbing supplier (repute, not price)? [more inside]
posted by bad grammar at 10:11 AM - 2 answers

Electrolysis causing leaks in home water pipes - is this a real thing?

Our plumber thinks our home electrical system (which is grounded to the water pipes) is causing pinhole leaks in our pipes. Our electrician is not so sure. Looking for a high-school chemistry textbook explanation of what might be happening! [more inside]
posted by selfmedicating at 7:27 AM - 12 answers

February 13

Finding home

I've lived a lot of places. Nowhere is "home," nor do I have a specific career path to tie or lead me anywhere. How can I find a place to make my home base for the long term? [more inside]
posted by bizarrenacle at 2:59 AM - 14 answers

February 12

Fitting a home theater into a multipurpose finished attic

Given my family's predilection for older houses, the 40'x20' attic space in our new house may be my best shot ever at having a semi-proper home theater. Its theatre aspect will be at most a weekly use, however, and the room will function as our den the rest of the time. Cross beams in the attic will let me hang both the projector and a screen so they will be out of the way except when needed. [more inside]
posted by blueshammer at 1:24 PM - 7 answers

Great quality/good design is cheaper

After having replaced my coffeemaker(s) (various styles & brands) too many times in too few years, I finally settled on a stainless steel, old-school stovetop percolator and I love it because it just works, there is little waste and the coffee is wonderful and hot. [more inside]
posted by Klaxon Aoooogah at 8:05 AM - 13 answers

What poop is this?

Hubby and I found some strange round black "drips" around the tub this morning, that were not there last night. Neither of them are directly underneath any fixtures, so I'm thinking its animal or bug feces and not something like a rust/mold drip from plumbing. However if its feces, I can't figure out what it's from. [more inside]
posted by kira at 7:07 AM - 15 answers

February 11

50 Shades of Gray

Please help us choose paint colors for a couple rooms in our house! [more inside]
posted by rglass at 8:12 PM - 13 answers

February 10

High CFM Asian-style Kitchen Range Hood

I think I want one. Suggestions? [more inside]
posted by cman at 1:58 PM - 8 answers

February 8

How long does window film really last?

I have some large and wind-exposed windows, and am terrified of glass flying everywhere if they blow in in a storm. [more inside]
posted by superfish at 11:45 PM - 3 answers

Help! My house and everything in it smells like a dirty hippie commune.

You know that aromatic funk that cooperative living spaces have-- a combo of food, spices, body odor, used furniture, and nag champa? MY HOUSE NOW SMELLS LIKE THAT. [more inside]
posted by Mystical Listicle at 9:41 AM - 63 answers

Suck it up!

My beloved elderly Electrolux canister vacuum is in it's final death spiral and I need a replacement. If I could create the perfect vacuum it would look . . . like my Electrolux. Vacuum aficionados of MeFi, what would you suggest? [more inside]
posted by citygirl at 7:33 AM - 16 answers

February 7

Roommate best practices?

An opportunity has come up for me to earn some extra income that is not desperately needed, but would be really nice to have. The opportunity comes in the form of a living breathing human roommate, so I need to tread carefully. Please help! [more inside]
posted by keep it under cover at 3:28 PM - 12 answers

February 6

Tips for Compiling a Voice Style Guide for Writing about Houses?

I have some downtime at my new job and have offered to help build out our voice style guide. Yay! I'm feeling a little unfocused though. We're a real-estate startup that sells low-to-mid range houses in several cities, mostly in the suburbs, mostly built in 1960 or after. I'd love to bone up on reading about suburban homes but I can't seem to find any good reading about middle-of-the road, standard-issue American dwellings. I'm looking for recommendations for compelling writing about non-luxury real estate (books, magazines, websites, and advertising) and links to your favorite voice style guides as a jumping off point. What makes for interesting, original real estate copy? What do you wish real estate listings were better at doing?
posted by macrowave at 1:45 PM - 5 answers

Where should I live in Brooklyn and why?

Hello! My husband and I are planning our move into NYC and have decided to live in Brooklyn. We currently live in the Hudson Valley and previously lived in Chicago (Andersonville to be specific). My question to y'all is what neighborhood in Brooklyn would you recommend and why? [more inside]
posted by maryrosefromthedead at 11:43 AM - 11 answers

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