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August 17

Places to eat near Vaughan, Ontario

We're visiting the Toronto area and staying in a hotel near the Vaughan IKEA. For lunches we'll be in Toronto, but for dinners we'd like to stay within a 10-15 minute drive of our hotel (we've got a 1 y.o. so we're on his schedule). What are some good places to eat in this area? Thanks!
posted by Tehhund at 7:13 AM - 8 answers

August 16

Forgot 106 year-old fruitcake, help me make edible fruitcake

The whole interest in the Antarctica fruitcake (Mefi link) made me realize I've never made fruitcake and don't know if I've ever had a good one. The last ask me on this is 7 years old, so what's the best fruitcake recipes today and your tips and tricks? [more inside]
posted by Carillon at 11:53 PM - 22 answers

Espresso Patronum!

We have an espresso machine that we use constantly for lattes. What are some good espresso beans for us to order? [more inside]
posted by Suffocating Kitty at 7:54 PM - 7 answers

August 14

Oyster Bar in Vancouver BC

What are your personal recommendations? I'm probably the only person in my traveling party who is looking forward to this, so bonus if the place has a good cocktail/wine list or a nice view. But I want to know which is your recommendation for its oysters alone. Thanks!
posted by crush at 10:13 AM - 5 answers

Need suggestions for high-protein breakfasts

Dear god am I sick of Greek yogurt. TL; DR: I've been aiming to eat more protein lately; getting between 30-50g at breakfast would be ideal. I feel I'm in a bit of a rut, however --- I have been switching up between greek yogurt w fruit, smoothies w protein powder, and omelettes. I need more ideas. Any help? [more inside]
posted by Diablevert at 8:51 AM - 32 answers

August 13

Fun, "medium-fiddly" recipes that take less than 2 hours, all in?

I've been having a rough couple days, need to get off the internet, and would love to immerse myself in an engaging, fun, new dinner recipe that won't leave me frustrated and hungry. [more inside]
posted by functionequalsform at 2:21 PM - 9 answers

August 12

Going nutty for nutty butters

Please recommend all your delicious nut and seed butter combinations (but not Almond, ew). Some ones I’ve tried that I love: Soom's chocolate tahini, Earth Balance’s coconut + peanut, Peanut Butter & Co’s White Chocolate Wonderful, and Manna’s cashew coconut. And obviously, Gianduia. [more inside]
posted by raztaj at 9:52 AM - 7 answers

August 11

Not unlike Jim Carrey in The Mask

Looking for the best indoor smoker recipes. [more inside]
posted by Diskeater at 5:36 PM - 3 answers

August 10

Can this pulled pork be saved?

Help! I was slow-cooking a chunk of "pork picnic roast" in my crockpot all day, 7 hours on low, but it's so tough I feel like I'm trying to rip apart phone books. How can I salvage this? [more inside]
posted by TWinbrook8 at 4:42 PM - 19 answers

August 9

Hack me Da Secret Sauce

While vacationing in Hawaii, I tasted and fell in love with Da Secret Sauce. It's "Hawaiian chili pepper water." Can you help me replicate the recipe at home? [more inside]
posted by Triumphant Muzak at 12:40 PM - 3 answers

August 8

This ground turkey smells very strongly of turkey

I have cooked with ground turkey for years. Tonight, we went to make tacos using the usual ground turkey I buy. I opened the raw meat package, which looked fine and wasn't expired, and immediately I noticed that it smelled more like turkey than usual. I didn't think much of it, but upon cooking, the house became filled with an intense turkey smell, and the tacos tasted REALLY like turkey. What does this mean? Am I going to get sick? [more inside]
posted by bananana at 5:39 PM - 13 answers

Remote casserole delivery service

DC Mefites! I have a friend with two young kids whose husband passed away last week after short illness. We can't get there (and, quite frankly, they don't need us right now with the amount of local/family support on-hand), but we'd like to do something for them to ease some of day-to-day burden at some point, without being an impersonal fruit basket. [more inside]
posted by liquado at 3:28 PM - 6 answers

In search of the origin of a breakfast quirk

Growing up, I've always put ketchup on my eggs & omelettes. Is this just some habit unique to my family or are their wider cultural origins? [more inside]
posted by queeroid at 7:01 AM - 86 answers

August 7

Spice racks without noses?

I've never been able to smell things - not toilets, not food, not smoke, nothing. So when it comes to cooking, I don't have a good idea of what different spices do. Is there anyone that can advise on which spices I should keep around, and how to use them? [more inside]
posted by lazugod at 11:14 PM - 9 answers

Too much in my crockpot -safe to eat?

I packed two whole chickens in a crock pot and cooked it overnight. I know the chicken took a long time to get hot, and chose not to risk eating it the next day. Was I wise or too did I throw away good food?
posted by Metzbower at 2:17 PM - 10 answers

Teach me to defeat my baking nemesis

Please share your best sponge cake recipes, tips and tricks. [more inside]
posted by sardonyx at 12:15 PM - 25 answers

Favorite cold noodle salads

I want all of your recipes for cold noodle salads! [more inside]
posted by skycrashesdown at 11:48 AM - 22 answers

How to Purchase 400 Conejos Mezcal in the US

I'm trying to purchase this brand of mezcal for my BF's birthday later this month. We had it when we were in Mexico and he liked it a lot. I'm not finding much options online and not seeing anything that would ship to the US. Anyone know any other ways? I'm in Texas.
posted by monologish at 8:24 AM - 4 answers

August 6

High-concept vegan baking / pâtisserie recipes?

Looking for tried-and-tested recipes that are vegan, delicious, posh, and look impressive/elegant. [more inside]
posted by runincircles at 4:59 PM - 13 answers

Waiter, there's a fly in my soup!

The other night, I went to a restaurant and ordered a dish that was served inedibly salty. Well, when I say "inedibly," I speak figuratively, because we ate it. We didn't enjoy it, but we ate it. Which raised the question: when is it acceptable to send something back as a restaurant and ask for a replacement not because it's actually defective, but because it's just plain bad? [more inside]
posted by holborne at 4:10 PM - 18 answers

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