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July 3

More adobo, less chilis

I've been using a lot of chilis in adobo lately, but I really seem to use the sauce more than the chilis. Most of the time when using the actual chili, you only need 1 or even a half, while the adobo can be use to make Chipotle flavored, well, everything. Is there somewhere I should look to buy just the sauce? Or a way to make it stretch longer without wasting half a can a chilis?
posted by T.D. Strange at 5:35 PM - 9 answers

July 2

Healthy, low-carb work lunches that I can refrigerate for the week

For weight, money, convenience, and taste reasons I want make pre-portioned lunches for the week on Sundays, bring them all to work on Mondays, and keep them in the work refrigerator all week. I need some ideas for low-carb, healthy meals that won’t get soggy or stale being in the refrigerator for 5 or so days. [more inside]
posted by gregoryg at 9:19 AM - 17 answers

July 1

Old cookbook that is just illustrations

I am looking for the name of an old cookbook, perhaps British, that has no text but just illustrations, like the ones from Popular Mechanics that showed you how to make thing with illustrations, or the wordless illustrations that tell you how to evacuate an airplane. Note: This is an older book, so it's not Picture Cook or the IKEA cookbook.
posted by maxsparber at 1:13 PM - 2 answers

Can I eat this? Berry edition

I found a huge brambling thicket of black raspberries the other day. I want to pick them but am worried about where I found them: an old industrial site. What are my next steps? [more inside]
posted by Elly Vortex at 11:49 AM - 22 answers

June 30

Good recipe for a salad with pickled/marinated vegetables?

I have a craving for salads with marinated or quick-pickled vegetables. You know, where the vegetables end of kind of soft and vinegary and yummy. I'm having a hard time finding anything that sounds really good and properly explanatory online. Please give me your recipes, links, or just your pickled-salads-101 if you're in the know!
posted by kitcat at 1:32 PM - 25 answers

What is the best cocktail class in Chicago? (more inside)

I am looking for a basic, but generally sophisticated/creative cocktail class that my girlfriend and I can attend together. [more inside]
posted by toddforbid at 11:09 AM - 2 answers

June 29

How to remove the smell from sealed wooden bowls?

Mundane question, but: I had a couple of wooden bowls made on Etsy, and they were coated with General Finishes' Oil Based Salad Bowl Finish. The bowls are sealed just fine, but they reek of the finish to the point where it overpowers eating anything. Is there anything I can do to get the smell out? [more inside]
posted by gchucky at 7:07 PM - 3 answers

Cooking class in NYC

I would like to give my boyfriend a cooking class as a birthday present. Any suggestions on where in NYC to go? [more inside]
posted by naoko at 9:11 AM - 11 answers

June 25

How do I get tour buses to stop at my restaurant?

We opened a restaurant about a year ago and we have a huge parking area located along a busy tourist highway. I'd like to get tour buses to take advantage of the parking (and, of course, get their business) but don't know where to start. Anyone have experience in this area?
posted by klinefelter at 9:09 AM - 12 answers

Should I eat it filter...

Prepared beef kabob from supermarket. Has been in refrigerator, uncovered since removing from package yesterday, and was purchased yesterday. I'm assuming this would be fine to grill up in a few hours for lunch, but would there be any reason not to?
posted by efalk at 4:42 AM - 11 answers

June 24

Recommend for me a European beer

I've tried many types of American craft brews. Now recommend for me some mainland European beers. [more inside]
posted by Cool Papa Bell at 1:22 PM - 27 answers

So much mayo

I'm going to make a dish using a small amount of mayo. What else can I do with it if I dislike it plain? [more inside]
posted by Aranquis at 8:02 AM - 33 answers

So, how do I make noodles?

I've been stumped by noodles for a long time. I would really like to be able to look in my fridge, see I have extra veggies and some noodles and whip up a delicious, saucey, noodle dish... I love peanut butter, scallions, soy sauce, curries etc. But I have no idea how to put it all together, can you help? Extra points if you know how to work with Konjak noodles as we have 4 packs in the fridge!
posted by pairofshades at 8:00 AM - 14 answers

June 23

Great Caterers in Toronto?

Looking for recommendation of catering companies, private caterers or restaurants that do event catering in Downtown Toronto. [more inside]
posted by SassHat at 11:14 AM - 4 answers

June 22

Wasting a question on soda pop: Snapple Soda "Raspberry Royale"?

I have an amazing memory of a delicious bottled beverage from the 90s but have never been able to verify it's existence. It was Snapple brand but it was carbonated, came in a glass bottle but with a plastic screwtop you'd find a plastic soda bottle. The flavor was raspberry, I think technically "Raspberry Royale," and it was deep magenta. Anyone else remember this or did I dream it all up?
posted by dahliachewswell at 10:36 PM - 4 answers

Dry my gin out

I've recently returned to gin and tonics but in my time off from this old favorite I've quit sugar. Now G+Ts are just too damn sweet. I tried moving over to a better tonic (Fever Tree Tonic Water) and although nicer in general, it's still just too sugary. So gin drinkers of MeFi, what do you mix with your dry gin to keep it dry and refreshing ideally with that bitter quinine type flavor? Is there a less sweet tonic water around? Other mixers? Other simple cocktail recipes with non-obscure ingredients? Thanks!
posted by merocet at 8:54 PM - 30 answers

as-you-go-along refrigerator pickles?

Hi y'all. My garden is at a time when it's making one or two okra a day. Is there a way to pickle these as I go along? All the refrigerator pickle recipes I find start with boiling a brine. Would it be food-safe to fill a Reditainer with brine, then add a couple okras a day, taking the oldest one out when I wanted a pickle? [more inside]
posted by ftm at 4:11 PM - 5 answers

Help me make my favorite curry powder, which I can no longer buy

Hi everyone! I found this Cape Malay curry powder several years ago and was able to order it online until last year but now it seems not to be available. It is my favorite curry powder and I want to figure out how to make it myself. [more inside]
posted by bile and syntax at 7:01 AM - 3 answers

June 19

Brownish liquid in fermenting fennel?

Dig this jar of fermenting fennel in the style of sauerkraut. It's all bubbly and shit! But also the water at the top is all brownish and shit! Is this something I should be concerned about?
posted by kenko at 8:32 PM - 9 answers

Rice Cooker and Frozen Veggies

Will frozen veggies and rice work with higher-end rice cookers? [more inside]
posted by johnnydummkopf at 1:46 PM - 5 answers

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