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March 4

wireless lights

If I get different brands of wireless lights, do they operate on different frequencies, or will all of them turn on using a single remote? [more inside]
posted by Jacen at 6:55 PM - 0 answers

Any thoughts on more Bass?

I have a Bose 28 series home theater system. Before anyone starts jabbing me lets just know it was a gift and I am tryin gto work with it as best as possible. [more inside]
posted by silsurf at 5:52 PM - 3 answers

Why has this blog been entirely copied? What's botd2?

So, my boyfriend operates a blog for a research project as part of his work. It's here. Today, he discovered that someone has apparently set up what appears to be a complete duplicate (with more default formatting) of the whole thing here (probably at the end of October, judging by the dates). Help us work out why? [more inside]
posted by Dysk at 8:09 AM - 18 answers

March 3

Like Skype, but easier

I'm looking for something (probably a website) that allows video conferencing similarly to Skype, but does not require installing any software and is very easy to use. [more inside]
posted by wansac at 1:40 PM - 15 answers

Airplay and Apple TV Not Cooperating

My friend's wi-fi signal drops when she turns on Airplay. Help? [more inside]
posted by xenization at 5:34 AM - 2 answers

March 2

Where can I buy a nice iPad case?

I'm desperately in need of a new iPad case! My current case is from Fossil and while it's cute, it's started to fall apart and I've had it for a little less than a year. The only requirements I really have are 1) for the case to be well made (so it won't fall apart like my current one) and 2) It has to be bright/have some sort of pattern (nothing boring like brown leather). That's it. And it's an iPad 4. Where should I start looking for a cute case?
posted by modesty.blaise at 7:52 PM - 5 answers

I don't undertand the WWII Enigma code

Can someone explain in a clear way what German Enigma machines were exactly and why this code was so hard to break? [more inside]
posted by dgaicun at 6:41 PM - 29 answers

March 1

What are these weird "crosshair" video screens I have seen at airports?

In the terminals of a few airports I've been to (CLT, BOS, maybe YYZ?), I have seen screens playing video advertisements on the walls of the terminals that don't look like the typical LCD or plasma TV. They seem to consist of four rectangles arranged 2x2, essentially forming one "screen", with a small gap between each panel. There is no "frame" around each panel like a normal TV - I just appears to be four screens by themselves. Also, the panels appeared unusually bright. The image did not appear to be projected from elsewhere. What are these devices called?
posted by Seeking Direction at 6:05 PM - 3 answers

What do all the Western Union telegram signs mean?

Every time I've seen pictures of old Western Union telegrams, there are usually 4-6 Signs in the upper right hand corner, like DL=day letter and NL=night letter. Those I know (a night letter was cheaper than a day letter), but I'm wondering about the rest? Like how is "night letter" different from "night message", what were the different costs, etc.? [more inside]
posted by Fortran at 9:41 AM - 2 answers

February 28

Google Groups user selective post views

Can a Google Groups user (Member) select to view only posts from a Owner/Manager? We are trialing use of Google Groups as an e-mail discussion forum, but would like an option for users to opt out of receiving e-mails from anyone other than an Owner or Manager if they don't want to participate. Does anyone know if this is possible and what the settings should be? I can only view the group as an Owner so I don't know what a Member would see as their options.
posted by ccalgreen at 7:18 PM - 2 answers

February 27

Best Personal Blog Design, 2015 Edition

I'm redesigning my food blog, and am looking for inspiration! I read a lot of food blogs but almost all of them have verrrry similar setups: 2 columns, header, menu across the top, a variety of ads and widgets in one sidebar, yawn. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, but I also think that there is a lot more that could be done with the genre. Inspire me! [more inside]
posted by Bella Sebastian at 11:21 AM - 2 answers

How to catalog my personal library? And do I really have to use Zotero?

What's the best way and least time consuming way to catalog my gazillions of books? And is Zotero really the greatest thing since sliced bread? [more inside]
posted by pleasant_confusion at 9:49 AM - 13 answers

February 26

Trade in iPhone 4S for $53 or unlock for travel?

I just got a new iPhone and am left with an old Verizon iPhone 4S with no contract that I can either trade in for ~$50 or use as a travel phone. What's my best option? [more inside]
posted by yellowcandy at 12:03 PM - 7 answers

Promiscuous iOS Bluetooth

Is there a way to prevent an iPhone running iOS 8.1.2 from automatically pairing with known bluetooth devices? The phone is jailbroken if that helps. [more inside]
posted by exogenous at 10:57 AM - 1 answers

Today's best technology news sites with active, engaged communities?

What news and breaking news technology sites do you visit daily? [more inside]
posted by kinsey at 5:50 AM - 7 answers

February 25

Nutrition app with customizable target macros

Looking for a diet tracker app or website with the following functionality: [more inside]
posted by emkelley at 6:00 AM - 3 answers

February 24

Remind me to remind everyone

At work I use Gmail and Google calendar. For meetings that I run, I want to be automatically reminded to send out agendas and reminders to the rest of the attendees. [more inside]
posted by ashworth at 10:33 AM - 6 answers

SMS announcement service?

I am looking for a way to send SMS texts to a small group of employees (200-250 people) in case of weather delays & emergency closures (3-4 times a year). If I can set this up by tomorrow, I will be a superhero. [more inside]
posted by wearyaswater at 9:29 AM - 13 answers

February 23

How to best upgrade my 2006 MacBook Pro?

I have a 2006 MacBook Pro and can no longer upgrade the OS. What do I need to do to get it to run Yosemite? [more inside]
posted by fozzie_bear at 8:57 PM - 20 answers

February 22

"Sleep time" is coming.

I have an Alcatel One Touch. I had it for a few months, and then suddenly it started asking me every night at 10PM "Sleep time is coming, the phone will switch to Sleep mode. Do you want to change?" I must have accidentally activated this feature, and I want to turn it off. I've read the manual and Googled, but haven't been able to figure out a solution. Thanks!
posted by Enchanting Grasshopper at 8:11 AM - 4 answers

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