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July 3

What is the best Portable battery charger for Nimh cells

I have an old wall wart charger that seems to run all the time-I think it is about worn out,, I read reviews about better chargers and batteries- like on amazon the eneloop battery and charger sets look great. Looking to get the most bang for my recharging of aa,aaa,-with the option to charge 1 at a time or more, any feedback on batteries and charger kits will be appreciated,thanks
posted by Upon Further Review at 9:44 PM - 5 answers

Optimal speaker set up for a computer playing Spotify?

What is the optimal speaker set up for a computer playing iTunes and Spotify primarily (quality ~320 kbps)? I primarily listen to music on Spotify, and am looking for a new office speaker setup to connect to my iMac, but I'm not sure what the optimal plan is. Bookshelf speakers? Sonos? Computer speakers? DAC? Receiver? I'd prefer speakers to headphones, and am looking for the best sound out of those files.
posted by quickasfoxes at 6:06 PM - 12 answers

Are there rules for coin choice in returning change from machines?

A person on FaceBook has pondered why self-service checkouts always return two 20p and one 10p coin (UK obviously) as opposed to a single 50P coin. Which led me to wonder - is there a general approach for choice of returned coins in programming coin-operated machines? Do you get rid of the lower-value shrapnel first? Or do you try to strike a balance somehow to ensure availability of most combinations of returned values?
posted by GallonOfAlan at 9:28 AM - 6 answers

July 2

What should I do with my Gmail account and other people sharing my name?

There's at least one other person in the USA who shares my firstname, lastname combo. I signed up for my Gmail account 10+ years ago. It's firstname.lastname so it also works with out the ".". I've lately been getting more email intended for this other person. [more inside]
posted by ericales at 4:05 PM - 22 answers

Trouble with conditional formatting with excel 2013

Hello, I have control data with thresholds. Data within the accepted limits gets a green background, under is red and over has blue. My problem--- [more inside]
posted by notned at 9:24 AM - 12 answers

July 1

MIDI controller question

Question posted on behalf of Mr. Killian. My husband is using a MIDI controller (ART X-15 Ultrafoot) to control a multi-effects signal processor (ART SGX2000) for his guitar. But he can't seem to figure out how to make the expression pedal perform an octave sweep. He can get it to turn on/off the effect, but no luck trying to get it to sweep (a la Tom Morello in Killing In The name Of and Like a Stone). Any MIDI masters out there can help?
posted by PussKillian at 5:01 PM - 6 answers

Car stereo upgrade

So I just made the decision to keep my old 2002 Subaru Outback rather than buy a new (to me) car. It's a great car and runs well, so I should be able to get another few years out of it. But it occurred to me that one thing that would significantly improve my enjoyment of the car is if I upgraded the audio system. Problem is, I don't even know what possibilities are out there. Can you look at my list of wants and tell me which are possible/what I should buy? [more inside]
posted by MsMolly at 2:49 PM - 6 answers

June 30

ISO software to organize vendor registration for street festivals

The organization I work for puts on a couple of large-scale events every year that involve a lot of moving parts. I’m looking for some kind of software/web-based solution to help us manage some of those moving parts, particularly the registration process for vendors (merchandise & food) and possibly also volunteers. Specifics within! [more inside]
posted by hansbrough at 8:58 PM - 3 answers

Hard shell v. soft

Is a hard-shelled case for a glass-fronted tablet such as an iPad more likely to lead to shattering, when the thing is dropped at its corner, than a thick padded fabric case? Asking because of bad recent experiences.
posted by Countess Elena at 11:08 AM - 7 answers

An app that will give me directions but route me past interesting things

Apple Maps and the Google Maps app will give me directions. Apple Maps and the Google Maps app will give me restaurant reviews. With either of these apps, is there any way to combine these functions-- as in, "Google, get me to Piccadilly Circus and tell me the highest-rated restaurant along the way?" Or "Get me to Piccadilly Circus and route me past a good French restaurant?" If not, is there any app that will do this? [more inside]
posted by yankeefog at 8:38 AM - 2 answers

June 29

Can I make a separate, secondary WiFi network?

I would like to figure out how to make a wireless network inside my house that doesn't interfere/interact with my regular cable modem/wifi. Details to follow ... [more inside]
posted by mccxxiii at 12:44 PM - 8 answers

How to Warehouse.

The company I work for is in need of some medium-scale (i think?) inventory tracking, shipping and receiving is a bit outside my wheelhouse; I need to be schooled on best practices, and what to shop for. [more inside]
posted by furnace.heart at 9:03 AM - 3 answers

June 28

Please help me pick out a new camera!

I'm in the market for my first nice camera, as my iPhone is no longer cutting it. I am thinking to purchase a mirrorless, but the possibilities seem endless! Please guide my decision. [more inside]
posted by masters2010 at 9:27 PM - 12 answers

Does a landscape mode iPhone neckstrap exist?

Does anyone make a neck strap that suspends an iPhone from the neck in landscape mode? I'm looking for a way to shoot some very basic hands-free video while avoiding "vertical video syndrome". I tried searching Amazon and couldn't seem to find such a thing.
posted by crapmatic at 9:05 PM - 4 answers

June 27

Let's bring down Comcast…con't

Follow-up to this question I posted last spring regarding cutting the cable TV cord. I was surprised to learn that although set-top boxes and sticks provide access to a lot of content available for free via the internet, they don't actually provide access to the net--and, therefore, to any website that is not built in. So, I'm wondering if a stick computer is a reasonable alternative. [more inside]
posted by she's not there at 7:49 PM - 9 answers

June 26

What's The Deal With Cigarette Lighter Jump Starter Devices?

I've had a couple dead battery incidents (left the lights on, etc), so I decided to start looking for some jumper cables or something for the inevitable "next time" this sort of thing happens... and I was wondering -- are the smallish portable devices that connect via the cigarette lighter a good option? [more inside]
posted by mhh5 at 3:28 PM - 11 answers

Home Automation Resources

I'm looking for blogs, articles, YouTube Channels, and other resources focused on Home Automation. What are your go to resources for keeping up to date on Home Automation?
posted by backwards guitar at 1:14 PM - 0 answers

Can I safely include once musty-smelling labels in my label collection?

I have a collection of unused labels (ca. 1830 on), which I store in archival-quality sheets with mostly top-loading pockets. I just purchased about 40 labels that were taken from a printer’s archive. The labels are spotless and appear to be in perfect condition, but they smell musty. They are not moist and do not show any water stains. [more inside]
posted by kirsti at 11:20 AM - 4 answers

I want my house to be alive with the sound of music

How can I get music from my computer to play all over my house? [more inside]
posted by NoraCharles at 6:33 AM - 12 answers

June 25

Monochrome phone with text messages sorted by person?

Does there exist a monochrome phone (one whose display gets clearer the brighter the sun gets) which can/does organize texts by person and/or conversation? I'd also be hoping for that other standard feature of monochrome phones, which is a couple of weeks between recharges.
posted by clawsoon at 10:41 AM - 11 answers

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